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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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whose life was cut short too soon. mady middleton was found strangled last month. tonight hundreds gathered to pay respects to her and support her family. sergio has more. >> reporter: the program wrapped up a couple of hours ago, but the venue just emptied out a few minutes ago because people stayed inside to enjoy a few of mady's favorite things. she liked snacks and pop music. this turn out to be more 0 receive operation of her life an it was a -- celebration of her life rather than a memorial. the service began with the traditional bagpipe progression that included her mother and close friend. but the vent tumor into a tribute of the girl mose people called maddy. >> i do hereby proclaim
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october 5, 2015, as mady middleton day. >> her mother thanked those whoship. >> i'd like to thank all of you for your kindness and support. i also want to share with you two things from mady so you can get to know my daughter allege better. >> she went on to read an entry from mady's die and i then showed a segment from her daughter's video blog. she suffered several stab wound asks died of asphyxiation. 15-year-old adrian gonzalez has been charged with her death. he lived in the same community. along with the music today there were also speakers who mentioned several times forgiveness. reporting live in santa cruz,
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abc7 news. >> the three americans hailed as heroes after taking down a gunman in a trine in france were reunited today. sacramento state university student anthony sadler, u.s. airman spencer stone and u.s. arm in national guardsman alek skarlatos were taking the train from amsterdam to paris when a gun went off. >> alek said, let's go. >> stone tackled the gunman. the gunman is accused of pulling out a box cutter, cutting stone's neck and serving up his thumb. stone's friends hell el~khazzani do you, then stopped the victim's gunshot wound from bleeding. >> i didn't feel any of my other injuries. i enough i was bleeding. i just went over, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. >> france put al cass san any on a terrorist watch lives in 20 14. his lawyer says he only planned to rob people on the train. ten years ago today the most
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destructive hurricane in u.s. history developed in the care bone. hurricane katrina and its ensuing floods killed more than 1800 people and did $108 billion worth of property damage. tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes. cal state east bay took in dozens of students. some remain in the bay area today. lilian kim is live in fairfield where she talked to a former student about her new life in the bay area. >> kelly says it's hard to believe it's been ten years. she says it seems like yesterday when she left new orleans matterson was a sophomore at xavier university during hurricane katrina, one of 30 colleges forced to shut down. 100,000 students either took the semester off or enrolled in other schools. patterson was among 74 katrina evacees who enrolled at cal state east bay. in fact the campus in hayward took the in the biggest number
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of evacuees in the system. they took in 300. patterson remembers how a semester's worth of housing-tuition and meals were covered. >> a greet relief, because we weren't sure, are we still paying and this or what's happening? and no one could answer that because no one was sure, are you going back? is it forgiven? cal state had counselors to talk to in case we needed just counseling. >> reporter: patterson is one of 14 katrina students at cal state east bay who chose not to go back to the gulf coast. she graduated from cal state east bay in 2008 and now works as a mental health specialist. we'll have more on the story tonight at 11:00. live in fairfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. tonight abc news anchor robin property and other guests return to new orleans to remember the devastating aftermath of hurricane katrina and give us a progress report on the
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rebuilding effort. tonight at 10:00. let's take a live look outside from the emeryville camera. a beautiful night tonight, a beautiful weekend. the warm weather should continue into the early work week, meteorologist drew tuma has more with live doppler 7hd. what a view, drew. >> seriously, matt. started off the weekend so beautifully and ending on an equally nice note. here's the bay water, the bay bridge, a lying chop, and high clouds out there, and what a weekend it was. temperature-wise, no intense heat. temperatures really at or just slightly below normal this time of year. san jose, 77. 7 , oakland. san francisco, 74. napa, 79. concord, cool at 81. now, the new work and school week, i'm tracking warmer changes. we'll have the full forecast in a few minutes. >> a fire that burned 2700-acres near livermore is now fully
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contained. the tesla fire started wednesday afternoon and exploded to size of 2800 acres by wednesday night. crews were able to keep it from reaching the lawrence livermore lab. things are back normal at sfo after a toy grenade shut down terminal 2. tsa security screeners found the toy inside a passenger's back at the checkpoint thought it looked suspicious. bomb squad came in to check things out. one passenger's video shows large crowds walking out of terminal 2, working towards screening at terminal 1, leading to long lines inside. authorities cleared the suspicious item and re-opened the terminal just after 2:00 this afternoon. they are questioning the man whos on the luggage. scientist one step closer to cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch, an area of the pacific ocean between the west coast and hawai'i where tons of plastics pollute the water. we were at pier 32 in san francisco where crews returned
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from a 30-day expedition. the mapped and measureed the garbage to help them build a barrier to clean it up. >> the goal was to take more samples in three weeks time than in the past 40 years combined. >> we can already say the expedition has been a tremendous success. >> crews found hundreds of times more plastics than marine life. the collected bottles, fishing bowies and discarded fishing gear. cleanup will begin in 2020. ahead at 6:00, why apple is replace something iphones free of charge. why tesla is teaming up with air bers b to install chargers at rental properties. >> abc7 news will be broadcasting live from napa tomorrow as we mark the anniversary at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. dan ashley will be in the heart of downtown napa to show us how things changed. we have uploaded to snapshots. you can visit our web site to see for yourself what a
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difference the year has
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some iphone owners may notice their phones are taking pleasurey pictures. apple is aware and may replace your phone for free.
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6 plus devices -- there's a problem with the esight on the back of the phone. it's not the lens, it's the other one. apple with replace defective phones for free if qualify. >> tesla will stall charging stations also high-end air b & b places for free. property openers will receive a free charger but will have to pay nor hookup themselves. tesla hopes the chargers will geoff electric car owners the confidence to travel farer. right now a dozen air b & b properties have them on the web site. up next at 6:00, a lot of hundredhard work from hundreds of vanities make back-to-school time easier for thousands of bay area students. if you thought this was a great beach day?
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>> college football right round the corner. where stanford ranks in the top 25. the sunday red doesn't have the effect it once did. one
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thousands of children in the east bay will start school on the right foot. thanks to some volunteers. we were at the international house in berkeley as volunteers put together school supplies and dental kits. this the fifth year the nonprofit group pitched in to help homeless and low income kids. the program has expanded to every county in california. >> ages five to 70, that says how much these people care before the community. >> how do you feel about volunteering? >> i like it. >> what do you like about it? >> that i get to help other people. >> starting them young. that's great. volunteers put together 3500 school supplies and 6,000 dental kits this year. very cool to see. and, yeah, people enjoying their first couple of days of school last week, and the weather has been nice, drew. >> the time of the year, students heading back. tomorrow you will be greeted with morning clouds.
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the marine layer will shrink. live doppler 7hd showing you high clouds. we'll take you outside. a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. right now temperature, san francisco, 66. 69 in oakland. mountain view, 71. san jose, 72. morgan hill, 81. half moon bay, 66. through the day just high clouds indicative of some moisture streaming in from the south. plenty of sunshine throughout the weekend. 71 season rosa. 73 napa. fairfield, 80. concord, 78. livermore, 79 here's live doppler 7hd. the reason why for the high clouds today, there's an area of low pressure spinning 800 miles off the coast. it's bringing us a southerly surge of high clouds and keeping the marine layer hugged against the coast. what we're tracking for the week ahead, high pressure around new mexico is going to back itself to the west. that's going to help to shrink the marine layer, and also warm
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up temperatures inland over the next couple of days. future weather, fog and clouds around the bay. the fog pulps back and afternoon sunshine for most areas and average temperatures to start off the week tomorrow. livermore, for example, the week laid shows you were in the mid to upper 80s, which is average. high pressure moves in and we move back into the 90s for mid-week and next week. tropical pacific. a tropical depression at 34 miles-per-hour, and it does become a hurricane, cart gore 1 storm. watch as it tracks to the west and stays away from hawai'i next week. overnight lows tonight. mid-50s north bay. partly cloudy skies. 61 oakland. 60 concord. highs for monday, starting the south bay. 82, san jose, 80, milpitas.
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67, half moon bay. 70 the high in millbrae. san francisco tomorrow, afternoon sunshine, 69. 66 sunset district. north bay, 79 santa rosa. 78 the high in vallejo. east bay, 78 in fremont tomorrow. 71 richmond. inland, 80s and 90s. 89 pittsburg. livermore, 89 tomorrow afternoon. hoarse the accuweather seven-day forecast, back to average tomorrow. warmer inland compared to the weekend. by tuesday, partly cloudy. wednesday, we could be tracking some morning drizzle, light showers around here. otherwise, thursday and friday, it's sunny and nice, and all indications are next weekend, saturday and sunday, we go back down below normal for the final weekend in august. >> mid-80s here, looking nice. thank you, drew. >> sure. >> this sports report is brought to you by bank of the west. >> we have a stanford former stanford student in the pga tour now.
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tiger woods. seems like he is trying to rebound a little bit. familiar with that name? >> i am familiar, yay, yeah, yeah, tiger woodses, sure, sure, and davis love, comes back frock foot surgery. tiger woods, said he was supposed to win today. i said yesterday. at the age of 51 davis love iii was supposed to be a sunday nonfactor at the pga championship -- or the wyndham championship. supposes to, those are the beauty sports. tiger wearing his signature red, in contention for the fir time all year. this is an indication it wouldn't be his day. this playing partner, scott browne, the a's to get -- the ace to get to 15-under. tiger becomes a short game hack like the rest of us. rallied if birds on four of the lost six, needed to win or solo second to advance to next week's fedex cup playoffs. love, the next rye -- ryder cup
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captain. jason governor can force a playoff if he can drain this birdie putt. no, at 5 1, love, the old toast win a pga tour event. wins have spanned decades, 18992, 2006, and now 2015. >> come back from two big surgeries surgeries and everybody helping me with my golf game, and general webber hanging me in. people ask why jeff hasn't got a young guy, and i don't know why he hasn't. he hung in with me. fun to keep kole beating on the tour. >> amazing story. a few days ago it was carolina losing their star wide without kelvin benjamin to an arl. may have happened to jordy nelson. here's the play. two and a half minutes in against the steelers. makes the catch. looks like he kind of tweaks the knee. the initial port is a torn acl. he will undergo an mri. the coach says tomorrow. a tough break for broken grebe,
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the favorite in vegas to win the super bowl. niners and dallas right now. mike purcell, an interception return. niners lead 13-0 late second quarter. the college football season kicks off in less then two weeks and once again stanford opens with the top 25 rankings. the cardinal ranked 21st when they tart the season at northwestern. this is familiar territory for david shaw. all five years at the helm, stanford started the year ranked in the ap top 25. the five years in a row a school record. the top five look like these, ohio state, all 61 first-place votes. the buckeyes followed by tuck thank you, alabama, baylor, michigan state, auburn. the pac-12 well-repped. cal, they send run vote. bears open at home september 5th.
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the top half over the feign looked like the a's would suffer their 30th one-run loss of the season. fortunately didn't see the bottom half of the inning. trailing 2-1 in at the seven inch. great lawry up the middle. valencia scores. vogt behind him. gunned down. fortunately the decision to send vogt wasn't costly. billy butler, 4-2 a's. bottom seventh. took 30 minutes to play because 12 oakland players batted. they scored seven runs on it's hits. a bases-clearing triple. a's avoid a sweep with a win of the rays. giants and pirates. kong hit two home runs yesterday for pittsburgh. don't give him anything to hit, flying don't want to walk him either. ryan vogelsong did just that. neil walker, base hit to right. three runs in the first for pittsburgh. right now currently, 3 or pirates in the third.
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the giants can really for the win they'll pull within half gail of the dodgers in the west. astros sweeping dodgers today. the walkoff homer in the tenth for houston. l.a., the first five-game losing streak in two years, this sports report brought you by bank of the west. niners looking pretty good, jarred hasn't, the real deal. >> next at 6:00, the west coast invasion on the big screen. movie about l.a.'s most popular
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv 20. vice-president joe biden and donald trump faces tough questions. then at 11 on channel 7, one year after the napa earthquake the recovery effort still underway and a church still picking up the pieces-tonight at 11:00 our. >> "straight outta compton" dominating the box office. it has now topped $111 million in less than two weeks. "straight outta compton" took the top spot with $26 million. "mission impossible: rogue nation" mission came in second with 11 million. two new movies, money hit man
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agent 47 "was in fourth place, "man from u.n.c.l.e." rounded out the top five. see you at 9:00 and 11:00, you can watch your favorite abc shows live on demand on the watch app. fable on the xbox, tablet, smartphone or computer, have a great night. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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