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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 23, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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what both sides are
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> very heart broken. >> i just feel like they -- like we didn't matter. >> a book club booted from the napa valley wine train. they say they were humiliated. wine train officials say it was these satisfactory. now the whole incident is blowing up on social media with the hash tag laughing while black. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. abc news reporter sergio quintana is here with more. >> the napa valley wine train is one of the most popular attractions in the area. but a black woman's book club are not happy. they say this were -- they say they were unfairly ejected from the train. >> the women aboard said they were being humiliated for being handed over to police officers who were waiting. >> we were paraded through
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with the passengers looking at us and coming up with assumptions as to why this group of 11 african-american women were being escorted from this train. >> 11 women in total were aboard the napa valley wine train on saturday. they are members of a book club. they were planning it since last year and excited to be aboard. >> we are respectful and we have been together for years. we go to fine dining establishments which some call the napa wine train. >> thisy said a manager came by a couple times to ask the group to pipe down, but didn't think they were being disruptive to other passengers, so they were more than surprised when they pulled into the saint huh lena station and police were waiting outside. according to a spokesperson for the train the napa valley wine train's standard policy is to remove guests who are being disruptive. "we do not enjoy asking guests to depart early, but we take these issues seriously to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. unfortunately we have to
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remove guests from our train about once a month.." the women said they were refunded their money and everyone was pleasant. but then they saw this post, following physical and verbal abuse to other staff we had to get police involved. that touched a nerve. >> that's untrue. we never touched anybody. >> a wine train spokesperson said train managers will make sure all of their procedures were followed. abc7 news. investigators in san francisco are trying to figure out why a para-glider slammed into a hillside. a witness recorded the whole thing on periscopy. he fell 15 feet after the impact. we are told there is a possibility he had a heart attack. the wind speeds are normal for the area at the time.
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a man survived a crash and is going to be okay. his accident knocked out power to a hundred people for more than 10 hours. new information today if the train attack in france. we are learning more about the gunman and just what happened on the train. david wright is in paris with the latest. >> it feels like a dream. >> airman first class spencer stone speaking for the first time since the train take down. his arm in a sling, he and his friends were traveling by train from amsterdam to paris when they heard a gunshot. >> he hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> stone ran in first tackling the gunman and keeping him in a chokehold. even as the man fought back. >> it seemed like he kept pulling more weapons out left and right. he pulled out a handgun. i took out a box cuter. >> the box cuter nearly severed stone's thumb.
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that injury didn't stop him from saving another life. this cell phone video shows the 22-year-old shirtless and tending to a passenger bleeding from a gunshot wound. >> other than my fenger i didn't feel any other injuries. i knew i was bleeding, but i didn't know it was that bad. >> he is seen here hog tied and beside him his ak47 assault rifle. >> i saw him caulking the ak-47. it was either do something or die. >> he was known as a potential threat. france put him on a terrorist watch list in february of 2014. he says the 25-year-old is stunned by the talk of terrorism saying he only planned to rob people on the train. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end.
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>> david wright, abc news, paris. france says it will award all three americans the legion of honor tomorrow. that's france's highest honor. a few hundred people came together today in santa cruz to remember maddie middleton, the 8-year-old girl found strangled to death last month. >> i do here by proclaim october 5th, 2015, as maddie middleton day. >> that day would have been mad mad -- maddie's 9th birthday. people got to enjoy some of her favorite things, pop music and snacks. >> i want to thank all of you for your kindness and support. >> maddie's mom shared an entry from her diary. police found her body at the tanery art center. she died of asphyxiation and suffered stab wounds. 15-year-old adrian gonzalez faces felony murder. firefighters made progress
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battling the peterson fire that has been burning near kelseyville in lake county. rocky and steep terrain is making it tough to battle the flames. the wildfire has burned 1500 acres and is 30% contained. the fire officials are investigating what started it. the u.s. forest phs is officials have forced the evacuation of homes in the san bernadino mountains. a wildfire broke out near the snow summit ski resort. it burned 85 acres and it is 10% contained. ?oi no relief in sight in washington state. firefighters are waging a major battle dwens a massive complex of wildfires that covers nearly 400 square miles of the more than 200 homes were destroyed and thousandses threatened. it is 10% contained. we are just a few hours away from reaching the anniversary of the napa earthquake. the region and the city have come a long way since then. they also have a long way to go. wayne freedman reports and in one case it is simply a matter
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of choice. >> at the first presbyterian church in napa, this is what he describes as the most important mission. feeding the needy five days a week, a table ministry. and like a fine cloth, napa's needy can count on this. even after the quake, they never missed a meal. the devil is in the details. that crook cede weather vane was a landmark. >> it is a constant reminder to the city of napa. >> if you add it up the damage is $1.5 million. that's what it will take to restore this church that hadn't missed a sunday service in 140 years until the quake. >> were you disheartened? >> the church is the people. it is not the building. >> it is on the national register of historic places and no wonder tourists visit
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every day. where they once marveled at the architecture they see glass shattered and bones lay bare. >> it is much more than i expected. >> it is the kind of damage that napa no longer hears. mike gibson lead me into the steeple whereas of last week the historic 800-pound bell remained where it fell on august 24th. getting that bell in place and ringable again is symbolic. or maybe it is a rebirth celebrating new ones of the true, a church is its people and not the building. >> this is the priority. >> but the members certainly miss their sundays spent in this wonderful place to preach. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> we will be broadcasting live from napa tomorrow as we mark the anniversary of the earthquake of the at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. dan ashley will be in the heart of downtown napa
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to show us how things have changed. today marks the 10-year anniversary of hurricane caw -- katrina. survivorssurvivors who moved to the bay area. >> and a big slow down for travelers at sfo today. the toy that lead to an evacuation. and cleaning up the great garbage patch. the trash mapping expedition and what it has accomplished when abc7 news at 11:00 continues. pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game,
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and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a man with a toy grenade shutdown terminal two at sfo today. the tsa security screeners found it in a passenger's bag
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at the check point and thought it looked suspicious. the bomb squads checked things out and agents questioned the man. after an hour and a half the authorities cleared the area and things were back to normal. the closures caused long lines and a few flight delays. the smoke caused major delays on bart in san francisco. they president ared smoke between the glen park and balboa stations. they were not able to find the source, but they suspect it was either burning paper or trash. the trains were back up and running in an hour. 10 years ago today hurricane katrina was forming over the caribbean. it would be days later before it made its way to the gulf coast and left disaster in its wake. lilian kim spoke to a former new orleans student who credits cal state east bay for helping put katrina behind her. >> kelly patterson is a full time working mom. a decade ago she was a katrina refugee. a term she hated. >> i felt like we didn't belong and was a refugee.
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>> her school, xavier you have university, was one of those expulse who had to shutdown. >> you can still see the writing from the emergency personnel. how many people and how many animals and how many people are dead and 8 live? we are seeing that months later. it was traumatic. >> among the cal state university campuses, cal state east bay took in the most number of students displaced by the hurricanes. 74 out of 300. housing, few -- tuition, books and meals all covered. >> to have your college underwater or damaged and in some cases damaged so they are never able to return, it really was important to have a stable environment that allowed them to regain their footing. >> patterson could have gone back.
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she graduated in 2008 and now works in mental health in concord. >> they are supportive. the teachers knew we were, quote, unquote, katrina students. >> it helped shape the person she is today and helped put katrina behind her. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> scientists are closer to cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch. tons of plastics pollute the water. abc7 news was at pier32 in san francisco where the crews returned from a 30-day expedition. they mapped the area to help clean it up. >> there is two em -- empire state buildings worth of plastic. it damages ecosystems and damages ecologies and it ends up in the food chain and there by damaging us. >> the crews collected things like bottles, fishing by wees and fishing gear.
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all right well thousand it is time to check in withdrew touma. things are pretty nice this weekend. >> thousand we are tracking the arrival of warmer air as we head back to work and school. live doppler 7hd is showing you it is quiet. we have seen this shot and the clouds are rolling back in. one of the changes you will notice the next couple days, the marine layer will shrink and bring back warmer air. out there right now, not bad. currently 63 in oakland. 59 in novato. the same in san jose and downtown san francisco is at 61 degrees. along with satellites the marine layer and the area of low pressure 700 miles off the coast. what it did brought in moisture from the south and came in the form of high clouds and low clouds this evening. changes that are coming are to the east. it will slowly move to the west, and what it will do the
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next couple days will shrink and compress our marine layer and allow warmer air to move inland the next couple days. the future weather has you covered hour by hour. a pretty summer-like set up. you notice the low clouds and the fog is there. the clouds will pull back to the coast. the farther you are away from the coast the more in the way of sunshine you will see. livermore, the week ahead, the average this time of year is 89 degrees. the high pressure moves in and bumps the inland areas to the row 90s. watch what happens next week and into the weekend. we cool off with temperatures going some 10 degrees below normal for the people weekend of august. winds of 35 miles per hour. it is moving to the west, northwest at 10 miles per hour. it will strengthen to a category 1 storm. you notice the track keeps it well away from hawaii throughout the week as she weakens and moves to the pacific. overnight tonight, pretty nice sleeping weather out there.
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mid50s in the north bay. upper 50s to lower 60s across the bay. and it is back to school for students in oakland unified school district. school is back in session. sunrise up at 6:32 a.m. by 7:00 in the morning mainly cloudy skies. by 3:00 in the afternoon, the temperature is mild at 72. highs are starting in the south bay tomorrow. sunshine 82 san jose, 80 santa clara and 78 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 78 redwood city and 80 in loss altos. downtown san francisco 69 degrees. 65 for daly city. to the north bay, 79 santa rosa and 76 san rafael. 64 in bodega bay. oakland 72 tomorrow. 77 union city. up to 78 in fremont. inland in the 80s and 90s. 91 antioch and up to 85 tomorrow for walnut creek. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. warmer inland tomorrow. partly cloudy on tuesday. the chance on wednesday midweek is there for morning drizzle.
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but thursday and friday is sunny and thighs and by next weekend it is much cooler for august. saturday and sunday are temperatures will be 10 degrees below normal. >> better than triple digits. >> thank you, drew. smie still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, new controversy surrounding caitlyn jenner. the group that says they are honoring her, while another says they are making
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devices sold between january 14th of this year. apple will replace the defective phones for free if you qualify. head to apple's website to find out if you do. new controversy after a popular halloween store announced the lean up. spirit halloween store will carry a caitlyn jenner costumes. they consider jenner to be the most important superhero of
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the year and proud to carry the costumes that celebrates her. transgender activists are not so sure. they say halloween costumes are often mockeries and twisted depictions. the rock is showing off his dance moves. duane johnson posted this showing off his favorite cardio workout. dancing. well thousand it is time to join colin who will give us his best impersonation of the rock's dance. >> of course, he is in the gym, right? that's what he does. >> he's always in the gym. look at those muscles. >> me impersonating "the rock." we are so similar. dodgers keep losing. problem for the giants. and jarod hanes having his way with the
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brought to you by xfinity. >> two games into the exhibition schedule and you would think he is the real deal yet? hosting the cowboys on the first play of scrimmage. welcome back. he takes down darrin mcfaden and he was in on the three plays. great to see him bagging the mix. he stood out in the opener against houston and a great grab with a booming punt. he turns it into a 27-yard return. he is elusive. like i said, the vision is uncanny. 34 yards on this one. he doesn't go down easy. three punt returns. it is a rush for 54. second quarter and picked by mike pursell.
11:29 pm
he is flashing the breakaway speeds. going to block the punt and gather it in an end zone. at three field goals to that. let's hear from the two guys who impressed them the most. >> had a lot of doubts. people are surprised by the way we are going. >> if i keep growing every week. i can be effect -- effective. >> i was emotional getting out there. the dodgers are begging the giants to overtake them in the top of the division.
11:30 pm
he hit two home runs yesterday. you want to be careful, but not this careful. the bases were loaded and in comes a run. base hit to right. the runner on first and one out and buster posey and big league pop up. little league fielding matt duffy advances on the throwing error. a chopper to third. ramirez with the throw, but it is dropped by alvarez. giants get within a run and 3-2. the pirates take three out of four. the giants have lost five of 7 and they host the cubs at home on tuesday. come on, kids. show some excitement, will you? the a's and rays. seven is the magic number. the seventh inning and trailing 2-1 they explode for seven runs. it is a half hour to play the bottom half of the inning.
11:31 pm
the businesses clearing triple. four r.b.i and they are hitting the cover off the ball. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. tiger woods is so close, yet still so far away. how one hole did him in in north carolina. >> it was fun to see him in the hunt. >> he was in the hunt and in contention for a longtime. >> thank you, colin. losing the battle over student loans. the record number of defaults and no end in sight. and a small sunday school class is making national news tonight. we will be right back.
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm matt keller. in tonight's headlines, breaking news from the east bay. the ash -- dash ashby avenue exit is closed after a pedestrian was hit by a car. the chp says a 78-year-old man was putting gas in his stalled car when he was hit. paramedics are on the scene attending to him. a para-glider is dead after he flew into a hillside in san francisco this afternoon. he fell 15 feet after the impact. the victim was in his 50s. investigators are looking into whether he had a heart attack. hundreds of family and friends came together in santa cruz to remember maddie middleton. she was strangled by a 15-year-old neighbor allegedly. her parents thanked the community for support. the mayor declared october 5th, maddie middleton day. firefighters firefighters are making progress on the latest wildfire. it is now 30% contained. it has burned 215 acres.
11:36 pm
a louisiana state trooper is in the hospital after a driver so the him in the head. the senior trooper has severe neurological damage. supporters held a candlelight vigil. it happened in lake charles in southwest, louisiana. the suspected it drunk driver shot the trooper with a sawed off shotgun. another wrestled it away from the suspect and handcuffed him after other officers arrived. two men suspected of making threats at the pokeman world championships are being held on gun charges. the threats found on social media and the suspects were stopped as they were about to enter the event hours later. vice president joe biden delivers a surprise in the race for president, and he is not even a candidate yet. devon dwyer was in washington with the big developments. >> new signs that joe biden is railroading a run for president. he met with elizabeth warren.
11:37 pm
a last-minute huddle he was fueling support. martin o'malley says the more the mer ri er. >> he was a good and decent man. it would be nice to have one more life long democrat in the race. >> and then there is this. abc news obtained a memo from a grues root group of supporters. he urges democrats to keep an open mind about a biden candidacy. he supported a candidate richardson against a biden run. >> i don't think he gets in. >> the situation he is going through. >> donald trump also weighed in on the vice president. >> would he be a tougher opponent than hillary? >> i don't think so. i think they are the same. >> trump dom neated his gop rival using issues like illegal immigration to electric fie supporters. >> how will you round them all
11:38 pm
up. where will you get the money? where will you get the forces this. >> it is called management. it is the first thing we have to do to secure the border. >> do you expect any bores to start turning in neighbors? >> i don't know what will happen. >> a summer of intrigue and uncertainty on both sides of the political aisle. abc news, washington. >> former president jimmy carter taught sunday school in his georgia hometown. >> i am really in trouble. i ask for you to give me strength. >> that was the first time the 90-year-old has given a lesson since disclosing on thursday his cancer has spread to his brain. >> just felt like i wanted to come and see him one more time. >> it feels like an honor to be here. >> carter has taught sunday school classes here about 40 times a year, but today's turnout was the church's biggest ever. many traveled hundreds of miles to be part of today's congregation. stocks are setting up for another volatile week.
11:39 pm
the dow had its biggest drop at 530 points. there are now two main concerns. one is global dwroat is slowing down and the second, the federal reserve and see if it affects car loans and mortgages and credit cards. >> with many students heading back to school, we are seeing many reasons they are defaulting on school loans in record numbers. in some cases it is affecting their parents as well. >> the number of graduates defaulting on their loan payments sharply rising. >> she got her degree, but thought the job she wanted. 10 years later maria makes 10:50 an hour. >> i have to keep food on the table so student loans wasn't a priority. >> maria was not alone. it is now up to seven million. nearly a fifth of all barrowers.
11:40 pm
>> unless you are okay with living with this for a decade after decade after decade until you die, this is going to be a problem that lingers. >> many dropped out of school before earning that income boosting degree. and some of those who attempted a payment plan found it impossible to catch up with the spiraling interest. >> when i got something from the student loan place it pretty much went to the garbage. >> what are the consequences of defaulting. >> when you default on a student loan you can represent an apartment and get a mortgage and secure an auto loan. >> parents should be aware that if they cosine their child -- co-sign their loan they are equally responsible if their child defaults. it is important to ask for all monthly statements. after a period of time you can ask for a co-signer release which will remove your name
11:41 pm
and liability from the loan. abc news, new york. >> thousands of children in the east bay will be starting off school on the right foot. abc7 news was at the international house in berkeley today. volunteers of all ages put together school supplies and dental kits. this is the fifth year the group pitched in to help homeless and low income kids. volunteers put together 3500 school supplies and 6,000 dental kits this year. still to come on abc news at 11:00, a bay area company that wants to be the air b and b for recreational vehicles. how you can hit the road in someone else's rv. >> i am meteorologist drew tuma. temperatures are at or slightly below normal. now i am tracking warmer weather. when it arrives in the
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gatos and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. you can go on-line to rent out your house, car or spare bedroom, and now you can rent out the rv that is sitting in your driveway. abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom has more on the new service. >> when jeff and jennifer decided to start a business they hit the road. >> as we were traveling the country we were meeting with people in the camping industry and the rv industry. >> they learn the process of buying a trailer was every bit as retro. >> lots of paperwork, lots of checks you can put in the mail. it felt like doing business in
11:45 pm
the 1970s. >> but rv camping is on the rise especially with young people. >> taking a camper van down the coast and going to the np paw valley to -- going to the napa valley. >> they are launching outdoorsy .co. >> people can rent them from the local rv owner. >> call it air b and b. >> airstream and folding trailers and the fifth wheels. >> outdoorsy could help solve a problem they know all too well in the rv industry. the owners of the storage lot will tell you some corners of the property are starting to look a little like a graveyard. >> flat tires, no plates. >> dust on the windshield and moss on the roof. >> i grew up you in this place. i see rv's that have been here since i was a little kid. >> in fact, outdoorsy says it sits idle 11 months of the year. but in changing that they are competing with the other business. >> this folds into a bed. >> traditional rentals. >> i don't think it will affect us that much.
11:46 pm
>> she says rv's are come complicated. theirs are meant to be rented with labels for everything and a detailed manual and there is clean up. >> when we used to rent them out many years ago for people they came back in very bad shape. wrecked, messy, dirty. >> but jeff and jen think their idea is a winner. they sold their home and plan to travel in one of these meeting customers. >> you can work with the high speed internet from virtually anywhere except the northern rim of the grand canyon. tesla is teaming up with air b and b to make traveling easier for electric car owners. tesla will install charging stations. they will have to pay for the hookup themselves. they hope the charges will give them the confidence to travel farther. a lot of people are staying in the bay area this weekend because it was so beautiful. >> why go anywhere else?
11:47 pm
>> it will get a touch warmer for tomorrow on our monday. live doppler 7hd is showing the high clouds are pushing in. we will have the clouds to start off on monday morning. the lower 48 is a quiet pattern across the nation. just some showers around the great lakes. 67 in minneapolis. 76 the high in chicago. and the showers are moving into boston tomorrow afternoon as well. it is comfortable and a lot of sunshine. 91 in denver and 107 in phoenix and seattle is comfortable at 77 degrees. we'll zoom into california tomorrow. lots of sunshine on the way. a bit of a warming trend. especially in southern california first. l.a. up to 83 tomorrow. palm springs at 111. 100 in fresno. sacramento tomorrow 94. we will duplicate that in chico. we will have clouds first thing and afternoon sunshine and inland areas are warming up. 89 in livermore and 87 concord. 72 in oakland. 69 in downtown san francisco and afternoon sunshine. 82 san jose. 79 in santa rosa.
11:48 pm
the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows warming inland and tuesday is partly cloudy and perhaps the morning drizzle on wednesday. sunny and nice on thursday into friday. cool for august to start off much of next week. >> cool. loving it. >> thank you, drew. well, we are talking about tiger woods. he was hot over the weekend, but it seemed like he cooled off. >> you have to follow-up the early rounds. he was 9 under on thursday and friday and then the final two rounds -- actually 11 under, two under for the weekend. that's not gonna get it done. tiger woods is unable to piece four rounds together. that opened the door to shock the youngsters in greensboro. his you -- hussein bolt the fastest man on the planet or does the title belong to justin gatlin. >> it was so loud. >> we have a 6.0 earthquake in the napa area. >> i want to show you some of the latest individual yoy we are getting. >> we are seeing this all over the streets. >> look at this crack.
11:49 pm
>> the facade is starting to pull away from the church. >> you can see the toe tall tee of the damage here. >> we got here quickly, and it is a mess in downtown napa. >> this is what we are seeing in vallejo. >> people are being treated behind me. >> 7 on your side is in napa. we are all connected. >> abc7 is where you live as people begin to clean up from this earthquake. >> there is a lot of god work to be done and we'll -- a lot of good work to be done and we'll do it together. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am.
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take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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brought to you by xfinity. >> tiger woods was supposed to have the great final round. not davis love, the third. he hasn't won on the tour since 2008. four months ago davis love had foot surgery. the guy had no business thinking he could win the wyndham championship. that's the beauty. he did and ultimately tiger wearing his signature sunday red didn't. the ace to get the 15 under and the tie for the lead. he is a short game hack like the rest of us on 11. takes a triple bogey 7. four birdies on the last six
11:53 pm
holes to finish 13 under and a tie for 10th. he drains the eagle putt to get to 17 under and into the lead. the third round leader can force a playoff. love is the third oldest to win a pga tour event. it is the third win in greensboro. 1992, 2006 and now in 2015. >> have i had a lot of -- i have had a lot of people helping me. a lot of people saying why he got a young guy. he hung in there with me too. a lot of great support. >> well, i gave myself a chance. i had all of the opportunity in the world today to do it. i have lots of soccer games and practice to go to. i will be doing that and working out and training and trying to get more fit.
11:54 pm
they shot a 5 under 67 including two birdies to force a playoff with lidia coe. very average day. even par 72 on sunday, but good for her third day of the year. carolina losing their star wideout, it appears the same thing has happened to aaron rodgers' go to guy. here is the play just two and a half minutes in against the steelers and makes the catch and then looks to tweak the knee as he plants up field, the initial report is a torn acl. he will undergo an mri according to coach mike mccarthy. green bay were the odds on favorite to win the super bowl. the steelers won the game 24-19. titans and m rays -- titans and rams, 27 yards the other way. 7-0 tennessee. met 10 burger trying to hold off marcus mariota for the
11:55 pm
starting job. college football season kicks off in less than two weeks. once again stanford open when they start the season on september 5th at northwestern. 24 is familiar territory for head coach david shaw. all five years he was at the helm. those five years in a row with the school record. ohio state receives all first place votes. the buckeyes followed by tcu, alabama, baylor and auburn. the pac-12 well represented. lead by oregon at number seven. as for cal they received just one vote. the bears opened on september 5th. the racing world holding their breath after a freak accident has justin wilson battling for his life. 21 laps to go. he loses control in turn one.
11:56 pm
the debris from his collision with the wall hits wilson in the head. you can see it here. wilson is unconscious when the medical units arrive. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. he is now in a coma and listed in critical condition with a severe head injury. it comes to saw foe ma raceway this week. the grand prix of sonoma is a week away. tennis in the finals of the western and southern open. serena williams bringing the heat. she takes the first set 6-3 of the the second set tiebreaker and serena rallies the match point. the drop shot will find the net. serena is victorious for a second straight year. the u.s. open where she will go for the calendar grand slam. the two are meeting for the first time this their careers. both at 20 wins. each coming in. how do you hit a forehand slice like this? 7-6, 6-3 and federer beats the joker in straight sets. hussein bolt sighting.
11:57 pm
american justin gatlin on the win streak and bolt in his most impressive race ever. gets gatlin at the line by .01 of a second. 9.79 seconds as bolt retains his world 100 meter title. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. he is still getting it done. >> his last name is bolt. >> he has to be fast. he is amazing. >> that's it for us. the news continues tomorrow morning at tour:30. thanks for joining us. have a great night, bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce.
11:58 pm
it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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