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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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straight day. >> and an arrest for the man who was the highest american at the vatican is accused of this morning. >> change to the commute on southbound san jose when the metering lights will flip on and how it will impact the drivers. >> i am kristen sze and i am eric thomas. we will tell you about the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, we will start off by alonging at what could were what the next three hours, drizzle will fall over the coast and we talk about the lack of clouds this morning. check it out, east bay hills and valleys mostly cloudy at 7:00, and cooler this morning if you are headed out, dress for that with a thicker sweat third. 68 at noon, and warmer temperatures this afternoon, 68 at the coast and 90 inland. in the evening, 64 at coast, and, still, 80 inland.
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the bay bridge toll plaza has a couple of we trouble spots including one, which is very slow, a 15-minute drive to make it from the macarthur maze into san francisco. as we move over to walnut creek, southbound, 680, check out the brake lights, amazing. we have 14 minutes away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. in san jose, the drive is easing and we have delays away from tully road because of a four car crash. you can see it does ease from there as you move over to southbound with an accident blocking a lane and no delays. we have developing news this morning. we are talking about stock markets opening in 30 minutes and the wild ride on wall street may not be over after a 10 length night for changes in china. outside the new york stock exchange in lower manhattan.
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we saw the force of katrina is a message on the board and company want to see how investors will react to the china's central bank cutting interest rates for the economy. overnight, chinese stocks did tumble for the 4th datum bowling big time, hit the lowest int in eight months, and european markets have rebounded somewhat after a day heavy losses and stock futures are rising so word of a positive sign of several hundred points up before the opening people. stay with us as we follow park coats at 630 and tack you to the stock exchange and a full report at the nasdaq from jane king and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we will have instant alerts. >> former san francisco ambassador bill lavada is arrested for drunk driving, the cardinal was arrest on thursday driving on the big island. the mug shot courtesy of the hawaii remember unit -- tribune
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herald. he was on vacation, the 79-year-old was archbishop of san francisco increase 15 years until 2005 and once he was the highest rank american at vat cap. >> breaking news, san francisco firefighters are watching for hotspots after a fire damage two build evening including a senior care felt in the anything district of the you are looking at a picture of the scene, the destruction left behind, and the red cross is helping more then a dozen people find a place to stay. a lot of them are elderly folks with special needs. the place broke out after 11 o'clock near 0th street. everyone get out safely and that is the good news. one person is expected to be fine. our reporter, jab et cetera o is at the scene with a report at 6:30. southbound at san jose will look different after the afternoon rush turning on 20 ramp metering lights, to smooth the traffic
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flow. melanie woodrow has more on that story. >> this is good news for drivers because it is all about easing congestion and making the highway safer for those drive the lines are greet so drives can get used to the change. caltran will turn on 20 ramp meters on interstate 680 from highway 101 in san jose to scott creek road over the county line. the southbound meeters are activated this afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 people the height of rush hour. this morning, a couple of minutes ago, the northbound side were turn on. they are green from 6:00 am on to 10:00 a.m. to help drivers get used to the change. the lights are fully operational on september 1 so they will be both red and green and same areas from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. if the morning commute much metering lights do not have cameras attached to them.
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>> motorists are encouraged to follow the signals. when it is red, stop, if you go through the signal, that can happen but c.h.p. monitoring the area so be careful. adhere to the red and green signature -- >> caltrain said they have to wait tore all of the electronics to be operational before they can turn on the lights. they have to do it at once to avoid battle necking. >> the san jose city council is expected to sign on, on a pay and pension settlement agreement with the police and fire department. this is a contentious issue that has divided city for three year when voters approve pension benefit cut taxpayer led to 400 officers leaving the force. the deal calls for 8 percent ongoing raises and bonuses of 5 percent. a new plan to hold down the pentagon costs will go to the voters in november.
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>> the san jose police department is trying to be more transparent launching a when that resolution don'ts could have on how officer involved shootings are investigated and the procedures of the department for the shootings are part of the content. this is a week after two officer involved shootings. >> the contra costa county board of board of supervisors will okay the pay raise they gave themselves. the board voted a 33 percent raise that led to an outcry from public employee unions would launched a referendum petition to reverify the vote. the board get a base salary of over $104,000 and this will bring it to >> a former recreational leader is accused of sexually abusing a teen girl. detectives arrested the 25-year-old mark joe southwest west last month. they believe he developed a
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relationship with a 15-year-old girl after meeting her on social media in january. west remains in jail. a spokesman claims he passed all background checks. potential victims are urged to contact san jose police. >> new details emerge of the theft of a gun and badge from a uc berkeley police officer's unmarked department s.u.v. on friday morning. the items belong to the chief bennett. someone broke into her car as she went for a run on the bay shoreline in richmond. along with the badge and gun they took an ipad, self, diamond ring, and this shows break-ins can happen if anyone. >> the athletic department of cal faces alleges of discrimination by women on field hockey team. this video was posted of the bears playing field hockey and now the team will not play at home until a construction roth is finished in october.
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however, the school's person's team is not impacted. the department of education is launching an investigation looking to see if the lack of a field is a case of gender discrimination. >> napa valley wine train apologized to black women forced off the train, 11 members of the book club much escorted off the train. they say they were not louder than any other group and corn fuse -- and confused why they were moved. a facebook post said they were physically abusive and loud. >> it was removed. >> it was not accurate and was taken down immediately. we want to apologize in person and set things straight. >> the story has taken off through so media with thousands of people using # #laughingwhileblack. >> we are still marking the one your anniversary of the south
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napa earthquake and the instagram pick was snapped by investigative report during the coverage last year. it is a moment he will never forget. share your earthquake tribute with us on social media by posting with #abc7now. it shows how the vine yards are coming back, the sign saying our "wines are shaken not stirred." >> check out our instagram gallery online at bay area. >> california lawmakers will be on the verge of passing a bill to close the gap between men and women. the act will pass the assembly when it goes up for a vote on thursday and it will make it difficult tore employees to justify paying men more than women for similar work and prohibit the employeeers penalizing women would complain. it would hold to the governor's deck for signature. >> facebook sheryl sandberg
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has a new term she hopes to catch on an movement that is intended to expert women working in science, technology, and math fields started by facebook engineers and said it looks to break the programmer stereotype that emoteds the technical sector dominated by males. >> it has to be a combination of women and programmers, wo-grammer. >> lending a new word, we hope to hear it in the future for our girls to become scientists. >> and the word is sunshine today. >> yes. we will start with cooler, orinda is at veteran and berkeley is 59 and we have richmond-san rafael at 60. hayward and oakland is 61. 62 in union city. fremont is at 60.
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we have 59 in san francisco and 55 in novato. in san rafael you can see it is cloudy with temperatures about 59. we will top out at 72 in san francisco. peninsula is 82 the south bay where high clouds, at 81. east bay 88, inland east bay, 94, and north bay at 85. more on the waxing trend all ahead. >> 280 near 880 if travels take you from 101 up to cupertino it will take you approximately to minutes. we are seeing more traffic as we move over to walnut creek, that is a slow drive, take a look how sluggish the cars are moving pushing from pleasanton hill to highway 24, that, now, is stepped to 15 minutes, and to the south we have an accident that is blocking one lane involving one car waiting for a tow truck to get it. look at westbound 580, busy there, and, now, it will take
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you an hour and 20 minutes away from dublin or from tracy to dublin. >> joining the force with c.h.p. with rolls the agency is looking to fill and you can put your name in the mix. >> a push for back-to-school rush with a karl for help in caldecott area to make sure kids are ready area to make sure kids are ready for class. my name is peter tran. i'm a gas service representative. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in,
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santa clara, san francisco, east and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay. >> senator boxer will call for the need to protect the karl coast using santa barbara as the background. in may a corroded oil pipeline owned by a texas company burst near a beach and 100,000 gallons of oil spilled with 21,000 flowing into the pacific creating tarballs and an oil sheen. boxer who chairs the senate's
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environmental committee has been harshly credit calf clean up by the texas company. >> on the peninsula, the office of emergency services is alerting hikers and joggers to look out for a mountain lion this morning. a cat was spotted near west ridge drive at 8:00 last night and officials say mountain lions are most active at night. avoid outdoor activities at dawn and dust. if you see one, pick up small children, make noise, try to look bigger and throw things at to scare it. >> c.h.p. wants to get the word out, they are hiring, looking to recruit 600 cadets around california. the c.h.p. recently changed the hiring process. it used to test three times a year. now they test continuously in open enrollment. a captain working with this class of recruits in sacramento said that the change came because they did not want to miss on top applicants ready to jump in career but could seek out another agency because the
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testing because not available. c.h.p. has positions available for road and k-9 and air operations units. if you would like to apply go to >> a volunteer team is issuing the call for help to make sure students are ready to head back to class is in need of desperate needs of backpacks. they have filled 1,000 requests but they have on more requests. the drive run through the end of the month. to donate check out the drop off sites we have posted on puck up an extra backpack while you are shopping. >> can you do that at 6:17. is the weather cooperating? >> it is nice. it will be a changeable days with a hoodie and short sleeves and above-average temperatures. albany unified school district, going back-to-school today. mostly cloudy and 60 at 7:00,
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mostly sunny and 69 at 3:00, we will go through three different school districts, including clouds and 61 at 7:00 and a comfortable 75 at 3:00. we will head inland to the east bay and this should be the pleasanton unify schooled district serving pleasanton, with clouds at 57 and watch out for the warm sunshine and 86 this afternoon. check out sfo, broken deck of clouds means no delays right new and we are going to have a sightly warmer air mass over the to us through thursday with showers possible north of us often saturday and we could have drizzle in the morning. that cooler pattern will begin on friday and last through saturday and sunday. no fog to contend with this morning, and we will move on and talk about temperatures. we are close to average in san jose at 82 and the warmest is leg leg and pushing upper 80s to low 90s and only upper 70's
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from sunnyvale and topping out at 82 in redwood city, and palo alto is 85 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper notice on the peninsula with mid-to-upper 60s along the coast and sun will set 5967 and warmer than average, downtown, south san francisco, 72, sausalito at 74, and vallejo is 79 and low-to-mid 80s for the rest of our north bay valley and oakland is 76, and well be nearly 88 at union city and castro valley and fremont and upper 80s in san ramon and pleasanton, and everyone else inland getting hot and low-to-mid 90s the at the game this evening, 65 at 7 15 dropping down to 62 so comfortable and cubs are this town take on the world series chasms, the -- giants. and mendocino north, oregon and washington, that is the best for our camping -- tamping down the fire.
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can you see the smoke. look at oregon and washington and idaho and montana, that is why we need the rain. my seven-day forecast shows warmer tomorrow, holding steady on thursday and the cooling is on friday but we are below average saturday, sunday and monday. leyla? you would never know by looking at it but we are in the thick of traffic that is an improvement from earlier. as we look at westbound 580 you are pushing in through livermore and it is approaching livermore and traffic is bumper-to-bumper traffic. the traffic behind us is busy. between tracy to dublin it will take you more than an hour. about 63 minutes. it was much worse earlier because of an early sig-alert. on our other parts of the bay area, walnut creek, southbound, to north main, we have an accident that pushed over to the shoulder and possible injury involved and loosens as you get
6:21 am
closer to highway 24. as we take you to highway 4, through antioch the pocket of slow between 160 is 11 miles per hour and it eases and you are back on the breakthrough pittsburgh and concord. >> the next chapter for tinder how the popular dadeing app -- dating app is moving beyond love connections. >> new detail on the subway pitch man sex scandal and wrong doing could take down a slew others linked to the sandwich chain. chain. stay tuned.
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>> new detailses of the sex scandal involving jared fogle with subway and it is being investigated where the managers knew of his interest in minors years ago. this morning, "usa today" is reporting that jared fogle's to fight childhood obesity never issued a single grant and spent 60s percent of the budget on the salary of the executive director. >> the c.e.o. of the dating app
6:25 am
tinder has met with people with have used this as a way to find strengths when they travel and women who wanted just to meet other people and not the romance aspect the evolution from date app to social discovery could on the potential as an advertising platform. >> blue bell ice cream will be back on the shelves for the first time since the outbreak in may. the really out starts next next where but me is made and continue to 2 other states including california. the f.d.a. pulled the ice cream from stores after learning the company knew in was listeria in a plant as far back as march of 2013. >> people living near the marin headlands are wanted not to drink water without boiling it after the war was tested and came back positive for e. coli. first are looking for the source of the contamination but you
6:26 am
have to bill the water before drinking it. >> enjoy, a preview of "good morning america" at 7:00. amy? >> good tuesday morning. next on "good morning america" wall street is on edge after the free fall on monday. it plummeting a thousand points and china's markets are taking a plunge this morning. what to expect and what it means for your money. >> thanks. >> mill valley teen has won $36,000 for his community work. the 16-year-old is one of the 15 teens and the nation who was honored in san francisco by the charity foundation using a community garden to breakdown barriers between the white and black communities in marin county and others taught english to immigrants, raised funds for schools and developed educational programs for exercises in rwanda. >> all eyes are on wall street
6:27 am
as the markets are minute from opening and we are standing by for a special report from abc with the latest on the market and what is expected for today after the wild ride yesterday. >> domino affect of the slide and what is happening on wall street is impacting how star pushes is serving up your daily pushes is serving up your daily cup of joe. i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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>> it is raping on wall street and stops are shooting out of the gate, up 100 points off the pat. coming after a very volatile several days in the stock market losing 10 percent of value over the last week. and we are on the trading floor. what a difference a day makes? yesterday there was a thousand-point drop. >> george, what a difference. the traders are running around trying to get the orders in. as stocks open, as you mention they are point higher now. yesterday, it was historic because of how far they were
6:31 am
falling at this moment in time. they are continuing to chime. we were looking this morning just ahead of the open as stocks opened up 600 points and i have a feel they are going to keep climbing from here because what tends to happen when market opens a lost buy orders come in and as they get filled that is where you see the stocks climbing. >> the market lost huff points year, and 200 points on friday. but china has another big lost but some as of the chinese government could be helping our market today. >> yes, chinese market is looking like it could also see a buns on this. here is what happened. the chinese authorities stepped in overnight with emergency action. this is why we care in the united states. we do $120 billion of trade with china. as china slows down, all of a sudden their demand for our products, things we make here -- cars, manufacturing, materials -- that goes down.
6:32 am
that can happen have a ripple effect on jobs. the fact they stepped in could mean some of the fear comes out of the market. i have been talking to traders and they expect this to be a volatile day ahead. we up 300 points on the dow. >> just two americans into the trading and you will be staying on the day all day and back now to our regular ramming, and a wrap 100 on "world news." >> this has been a special report from >> you have been wanting a special report as the markets open in the united states. as you heard they are soaring right new after china cut interest rates making people more relieved. we will see if there is a continued recovery after the 600 help point tumble. >> you heard of buy orders coming in, people trying to pick up bargains as stocks were down but now they are coming back.
6:33 am
well continue our coverage of the market threw the newscast and give you updates throughout the morning and coming up at 6:45, a check on markets with jane king at nasdaq. >> we meteorologist mike nicco. >> the market is up 325 points. wow. visibility notices there is no fog and the marine layer slight, with a lot of traffic inland east bay with the forecast coming up. now, the day planner is up to six degrees cooler this morning add mid-50s to low 60s and in the noon, upper 70s from the cost inland and in the upper 60s to nearly 90 so summer to start the school day. leyla? >> we are now heading westbound on 580 with traffic up. we are get closer to the dublin
6:34 am
entrepreneur. you can see the brake lights closer to 80 but nothing hike what we had early this morning, a signature aleader causing major delays. it now has regulated themselves. like the stock market. now we will see what is happening in the bay area going back to our bay area bridge the drive here shows cars trickling in to san francisco and to the north, however, we have a serious accident westbound 80 at north texas street the car flipped with build positive injuries involved and a lane or two a blocked. >> breaking news, firefighters are still mopping up after a fire burned two residential buildings in san francisco's mission district the january it o is at the scene with the latest. janet? >> kristen, the fire started on the third floor of the sign your care facility and quickly spread for the building next door displacing a dozen people this morning. now, crews continue to watch the
6:35 am
building for any hotspots that have put a few of them out. check out the video of a viewer showing the fire first looked like weapon it erupted witnesses reporting seeing a lot of blames and heavy smoke coming from the area and the to alarm fire was contained shortly thereafter but not before causing major damage. the good news is that much made it out safely and one person was treated for smoke inhalation but doing fine. red cross has been on the scene all morning to help those without a home to find a temporary place to stay. there is a residential care facility so there are six residents and two caregivers and that was...that is showing heavy damage. it is traumatic for the people living there, some them are special needs and i am sure it is confusing and stubbing for them.
6:36 am
>> no word on the estimated damage caused by the fire or when the residential building will re-open. right now, power has been shut off at both properties with a lost water damage. firefighter investigators are trying to figure how this trying to figure how this automatic starts last night. sergeant scott lunger is back in court charged with murder with three special circumstance clauses. he is supposed to enter a plea. he shot lunger during a traffic stop last month. the sergeant was a 15-year veteran of the department. he left behind two daughters. >> a judge will determine if there is enough evidence to try this mannings francisco sanchez for the murder of kate steinle killed at pier 14 on july 1. sanchez admitted to abc in an interview that he fired the deadly shot but he heeded not guilty to crime. the death of kate steinle has triggered a national debate open
6:37 am
exact wary cities. the sheriff released sanchez from jail's the shooting would firm immigration officials wanted him kept in custody. >> developing now, train trading is underway on wall street and the dow was up and still rising up 345 points. >> a fell of conception that is gaining steam: egg harvesting. does it hurt fertility? that is ahead. well, now the southbound tail lights are bunking up. lights are bunking up. we will check
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>> trading is underway on wall street and we have watched the e dow rising up 375 points after losing more than 580 points yesterday. >> we will continue to follow the market. we want to talk about what is going on with the weather. those numbers are creeping you. >> ing for like shooting up like the market but we are going to climb the next couple of days. good morning, here is a look from the east bay hills camera, you can see the sunshine is out there. san jose is going to be one degree of the average high, redwood city, right on both at 82. hayward and napa and oakland and san francisco and livermore at one to three degrees warmer-than-average. our warmest day is thursday.
6:41 am
to the game tomorrow, a stretch of very good team the giants are playing, the cubs, drop down to 62 during the game. more than 100 in fresno and palm springs not so hazy around lake tahoe 5984 and yosemite is 97. >> head be westbound 580 to the connection road, this is closed early this on because of a sig-alert and it looks like it is open now and we are starting to track the traffic headed in the southbound direction along 680. you can see where the metering lights are we have been talking about am morning, and melanie will have more information on that. looking right now at other parts of the bay area including walnut creek, that is 680, further to the north, coming out of pleasant hill with an early accident at main street, and that is pushed over to the shoulder, and 24 minutes, that gets you between highway 4 and the 24 junction in serious act involving a flipped vehicle and 14 miles per hour is the top speed as you approach north
6:42 am
texas street. >> :42. a new report is taking a look at egg harvesting. the past 37 years, invitro fertilization and egg donations have resulted from five mill healthy children. however, one egg donor's post on buzzfeed is drawing national attention to some of the possible down sides to donation. a. on was 25 and she first became a donor and was unprepared for the possible side effects including a painfully bloated abdomen, fainting spells and swell ovaries. >> i had such painful periods i had scar tissue all over my tubes and it has gotten worse. >> one experience does not make a fact. large studies need to be done. there have been a lot safety studies and there erics to assisted reproduction but they are minimal. >> we will look at both sides of
6:43 am
the issue in a full report on egg donations on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> we are continuing to watch wall street with the dow soaring right out of gay up 340 points and now, after yesterday's massive tumble people are in a buying mood with a report from the nasdaq up next. >> and san mateo bridge is moving along between hayward and moving along between hayward and fo
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santa rose, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. nervous eyes on wall street right now to see what happens with the market today. >> because of the recent stock slides, starbucks is telling workers to "take it easy," on the customers. jane king has the money report. >> good morning, i could have used it take it easy yesterday, because we are off to a solid start today at the market up 321 points. the nasa tax is up 100, the biggest gape so far for the nasdaq, one day game since 2013 and china did sell off and wall street is not following china, and the chinese government lowered interest rates and loosened up the bang restricts so it will be interesting to see how china opens tonight.
6:47 am
the crude oil rebounded today, as well, which has been selling off. starbucks c.e.o. told baristas to be patient with the customers who could be upset over the stock exchange sell off, and to make the exchange as pleasant at possibility. google is testing a new map feature for restaurants and establishment's location, for those who have contributed more than 50 reviews for the local guides program. eric and kristen? >> this or, a question for warriors star steph curry? you can ask it on facebook. >> steph curry will answer questions at 8:00 this morning, with the question-and-answering taking place in san francisco during a commercial shoot of
6:48 am
steph curry with a network connection for those act reports and athletes and musicians would want to conclusion with fans through a special app. >> a lot of school districts are going back including inland east bay neighborhood including mount diabolo and serving clayton and concord, sunny and 58 at 7:00, warming up to 87 by 3:00, and that is after spiking around 91 around 1:00 o'clock to 3:00 and menlo park city school districts serving menlo park with clouds at 59. comfortable, sunshine, 78 at 3:00, and the san ramon valley, unified school district is serving alamo, danville and san ramon and cloud cover and 57 which should not affect the sunrise services for the seniors and 90 at 3:00. want out as you switch your
6:49 am
schedule from practicing in the morning to the afternoon hours. your body will be more taxed. we have a low 60s through the south bay, sunnyvale and los altos, and milpitas in the upper 50s. enjoy a comfortable morning. we are 60 at redwood city and alameda and 56 in lafayette speaking of danville and 58 and same in san pablo and san francisco and san carlos and half moon bay at 59. this is how it looks in san jose, mostly cloudy this morning but we are going to have quick sunshine and the minor warming from yesterday will continue through thursday and showers will bring relief in the fires to the north and we. get drizzle possible friday night into saturday morning and we are going to really feel the below agency highs this weekend. notice the winds are light but fairfield at 22 and that is one of differences from year, faster sunshine, lighter breezes and we will hit the upper 60 to low 70s along the coast in san francisco and warmer-than-average and mid-70s and nearly 80 around
6:50 am
the bay warmer-than-average and close to average, low 80s in the south bay, and mid-80s in the north bay and 90s inland east bay. tonight is comfortable. there are a few high clouds across the sky, today, and as the cool front comes in, that is going to bring us showers from help dough send and lake county north friday night into saturday morning and it will take the steam out of our forecast, and we will be anywhere from 5- to 10-degrees cooler on saturday, and, even, cooler than that on sunday. have a great day. leyla? good morning, everyone, at 6:50 we are taking mobile 360 southbound heading into the thick traffic that is slowing down as we make it up to the sunol grade. heading along in the northbound direction, that is not going to be a problem through pleasanton and the parts of the bay area we
6:51 am
have our troubles out there certainly in solano with an accident involving a car that has flipped. it is 10 miles per hour out vacaville with three lanes open but that is an improvement from earlier and it looks like they are cleaning things up and there is a delay until further notice. drive time traffic is 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin, and 15 minutes 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is more than an hour and highway 17 is loading up. kristen and eric? >> bart and caltrain officials will announce details today of a labor day weekend should down. federal be similar to what happened earlier this month. the transbay tube was closed and the west oakland station so work crews could install steel rails and maintenance. they provided continuous bus service from the east bay to san francisco and ferry service was increased. the shutdown dates are september 5 through september 7.
6:52 am
5 through september 7. stay tuned binor b.e.d. disorder isn't just over-eating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain
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>> here are seven things to know before you go, the market is 50 and running and in a big way. the new york stock exchange shows the dow has climbed 323 points this morning since the markets opened at 6:30. many are starting the day with anxiety avenue china's stock markets plunged but they decided it is a time to buy. >> in san francisco, the red cross is helping a dozen people find a place to stay after a fire broke out in the mission district. it damned two willings including a senior care facility on shotwell near 20th street no one was seriously hurt. >> former san francisco archbishop lavada has been arrested for drunk driving, pulled over while vacationing in hawaii last thursday. he returned to court next month. >> something new for commuters traveling southbound on 680 in the south bay. this afternoon, caltrain will turn on on ramp meters from highway 101 in san jose to scott crime road over the a made
6:55 am
county line and northbound meters are turned on september 1st. >> not so new, all the traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza is normal at 15 minutes to get you between the macarthur maze and san francisco and we are beginning to take you to solano county where it is 45 minutes away from 505 because of the serious act involving westbound 80 at north texas street. >> our remaining trend continues today and late arriving clouds triggered flight arrival delays into sfo of 46 minutes and 72 at san francisco and peninsula were toll out at 82 and south bay 81 with high clouds this afternoon and east bay, 80, inland east bay, 94 and north bay is 85. >> the sacramento heroes who foiled the train attack are getting rest and heading back-to-school. spencer stone is at a element in germany with alek skarlatos at his side. anthony sadler is heading back to california today to start his senior year at sacramento state on monday.
6:56 am
>> we continue now on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. we will see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic while we watch the dow and the markets. the dow now is up 284 points and it has been close to 400 points before it dialed back a little bit. we will let you know. >> america america -- "good morning america" will be covering the markets, too. stick around.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. wall street whiplash. stocks opening sharply higher this morning following the worts day for markets in year. fears about an economic slowdown spreading around the world. what it means for 401(k)s right now. also breaking. tropical storm erika forms overnight. taking aim at the islands. could this hit the u.s.? caught on camera wrong way. an out-of-control driver leading police on a wild chase. >> i don't know what she's doing, still going the wrong way, traffic's down to a standstill. >> weaving in and out of oncoming traffic. the quick-thinking officer who stopped her. lost in the woods. scary night for a 10-year-old boy who wandered off in the row mote mountains alone.


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