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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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increasing target. >> obviously, there are robberies that occur in the city. tourists are a target. but there's no up tick in that. >> we got told areas we couldn't go in at nighttime because it was quite dangerous. >> really scary. >> reporter: what ensued after the shooting is unprecedented. the suspects, san francisco police went looking for them. spotted the red car before it got on the bay bridge up interstate 80 to emeryville and ecland. the car crashed into front of a house on 60th street in oakland. police arrested one suspect immediately. the second took off right in front of jana moultrie who had been in that yard with her 6-year-old son. what the suspect next did frightened her. >> he was being chased by the police. drove his car to 60th and drove it into the pole and then jumped
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out. there were two guys. and this guy jumps the fence. >> any time that someone chooses to do that, that would be kidnapping. that would be false imprisonment. and these people committed a felony crime and chose to shoot somebody. this is somebody that we do not want on our streets. >> reporter: whether the suspect did grab that little boy still unconfirmed. the little boy is all right according to his mother, though he was a little shaken. they and everyone else around here watched the manhadn dltman continued for almost three hours. police formed a perimeter three blocks in every direction and told residents to lock their doors and windows. they went house to house before they found the suspect. a police dog found the suspect. the dog sniffed him out and bit him, nonthreatening injuries. a police chase that started there that came to san francisco
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that's involved so many police agency. san francisco pd, highway patrol, oakland police, a neighborhood locked don for close to three hours. finally people automobible to g outside tonight. wayne freedman, abc 7. >> so scary, mike. the driver of a black porsche tried to leave the scene after seriously injuring a pedestrian in san francisco this morning. it happened at 6th and stevenson streets. bystanders prevented the driver from leaving by throwing a trash can at the wndshield. the victim was in an unmarked portion near a crosswalk. and a motorcycle police officer heading to the scene of that pedestrian accident was struck by a car this morning. it look place near leavenworth street and golden gate avenue. a silver volvo hit the motorcycle officer as the driver attempted to change lanes. the officer was taken to the hospital.
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he appears to be okay. taxi drivers in san francisco may soon have to take drug tests. municipal transportation board could vote in october on annual drug testing. the draft does not make an exception for medical marijuana. advocates worry if it does pass, the industrial industry could lose drivers to uber or lift. this has become a national story. kate steinle's accused killer is an illegal immigrant. key witnesses testified about what they saw and heard on pier 14 in san francisco. vic lee joins us with the story. vic? >> reporter: the judge allowed cameras to shoot francisco sanchez lopez in court. just luke his july court appearances, he looked thinner than when he was arraigned on murder charges. three san francisco police sergeants testified today.
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one interviewed kate soon teinl father. he heard a pop and his daughter went down yelling dad, help me, help me. i thought her phone blew up in her hand. steinle did not see who fired the shot. an out-of-town tourist thought she saw the killer. marina was staying at a hotel. she heard a gunshot and a man dressed in black walk awei, suspicious because everyone else was rushing toward the shooting. she took a photo of him which prosecutors showed in court. she later identified sanchez when police arrested him at embarcadero later that evening. the most important witness may have been the person who in the words of another investigator said he heard a loud bang and turned around and saw an object land off the pier into the water with a big plunk. she led police to that area and
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the next day police divers foud the gun in those waters. a third police sergeant testified he interviewed sanchez at homicide that evening and told sanchez five witnesses saw him. they have the gun and gunshot residue but admitted on the stand, i lied to him. it worked because sanchez confessed. tomorrow, more testimony and cross-examination. vic lee, abc 7 news. b.a.r.t. is on a blitz to warn riders about a second shutdown over labor day weekend. the agency showed off the new steel rails that will be installed during this shutdown. no trains will travel between san francisco and the east bay from friday, september 5th through monday, september 7th. extra buses and ferries will be in service but riders should expect delays. >> if people have to -- don't have any other alternatives and
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they have to take -- make use of the bus shuttle, they should plan for delays of up to one hour. >> we have a list of all the transit alternatives on turning to the heated presidential campaign, a lot of outrage in both the latino and asian communities over a term used by donald trump and jeb bash. san francisco mayor ed lee said he condemns bush and trump for ignorant, offensive comments. you will never become president by attacking ashian and other immigrant communities. carolyn tyler joins us with more. >> reporter: babies born in this country have automatic citizenship, whether their mothers are here illegally. donald trump used the phrase anchor babies to talk about latinos. jeb bush said, frankly, it's more related to asian people, sh setting off the latest
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controversy. jeb bush started a firestorm on the campaign trail after using the term anchor baby to describe children born in the u.s. to undocumented parents for the purpose of helping their families gain a foot hold in america. mike honda is among those condemning him. >> that basically is a slur. >> the gop presidential candidate may not feel it's insulting but reaction from critucs on social media has been swift. this one from a bay area resident using #my asian american story, anchor baby not. >> paint all children who are born here who are of a different ethnic background, latino, asians, to paint them with one brush is not right. >> reporter: immigration consultant and jeb bush supporter said there's nothing derogatory about the term. >> who has used it politically incorrect to say anchor baby.
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what major authority? >> reporter: and in his work as an immigration consultant, he's aware of crackdons like this one earlier this year in southern california. the feds investigating whether pregnant chinese women were charged thousands to come to america to give birth. >> it's a big business. >> reporter: donald trump was the first to use the phrase during this presidential cycle tacking about undocumented latinos. now they say the remarks by the republican candidates might awaken what political observers call the sleeping giant. latino and asian voters. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. one firefighter was injured in the east bay working a small brush fire that began at a shooting range. it started just after 1:30 on valley vista drive in walnut creek. a bomb squad was called to the shooting range to take care of a device they'd located. authorities have not released
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the firefighters condition or type of device they had to detonate. crews contained the fire at about 3:15. still ahead -- one of the most contentious issues in the south bay. san jose decide whether to approve a pay and pension for first responders. some of the worst and best companies are right here in the bay area. a local company cannot call its mayonnaise mayo. we'll explain why. plus, the dirtiest part of a plane is revealed and it is not what you mig so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal?
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terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. happening now in phoenix, a huge dust storm is sweeping over
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the city. this huge wall of dust is called a haboob. they are often accompanied by thunderstorms. we've seen these in the phoenix area before. they can cause power outages, flight delays, traffic trouble and problems for your sinuses, i imagine. >> dramatic to watch. a new deal approved by san jose city council may usher in labor peace with the police department. it's a wage and bonus package that may bring back some of the officers who left the city for higher paying jobs elsewhere. david louie is live with the story tonight. david? >> reporter: dan, san jose is don about 450 officers because of pay cuts and a controversial pension reform bill passed by 70% of voters three years ago. costly litigation followed while the city council approved a tentative peace pact. it's the first time in years police and fire union leaders and city leaders have sat on the
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same side of the table. >> we were once the premier department. and because of this agreement we're hopeful to get there again. >> reporter: it ends what's been a tough time for the police department as pay cuts, layoffs and voter approved pension pressure caused the force to dwindle to 951 officers. in 2012, then mayor chuck ride warned the city was forcing bankruptcy and unfunded pension liablities and took a tough stance against employee benefit costs. >> my job is to make sure people understand the risks we're facing and we're taking action to avoid those risks. >> reporter: officers will get an 8% raise. police takehome pay was about $105,000. now it will increase to just over $113,000. that puts them ahead of san francisco police but behind concord police. in all, the city expects the new
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deal to save taxpayers $1.7 billion. >> so we're protecting taxpayers, achieving financial stability in our pension retirement funds. >> reporter: the parties will need a court to replace it with the new agreement. they say it's a good compromise. we reached him by phone on vacation. >> in order to get a better deal you'd have to take the case to the california supreme court, perhaps the city might win. perhaps the city might lose. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. if you have geico auto insurance, listen to this. geico agreed to pay $6 million to settle a complaint it overcharges certain customers. according to consumer federation of california, geico would set higher costs for women, unmarried. they'd avoid ensuring people seen as undesirable drivers.
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>> we'd change someone's gender, marital status, whether they had a college degree or not. and we found the prices would go up, the prices would go down based on whether geico wants you or doesn't wanteico is careful in selecting a rate quote from geico. mayonnaise alternative just mayo cannot be called mayonnaise enemy. hellmans sued for false advertising saug its sandwich spread just may io does not mee the definition of mayonnaise because it doesn't contain eggs. this is video. the product is vegan and uses canola oil instead of eggs. they've asked hampton creek to clair few the claim that just mayo is cholesterol free.
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today they announced a tax beginning october 1st. city leaders in paris want to even the playing field. air b & b already collects taxes in popular cities around the world, including in the bay area, san francisco, and san jose. tomorrow youtube will launch its first gaming video channel in hopes of competing with twitch tv. they have 100 million visitors a month who watch e sports and video related content. google tried to purchase twitch last year but lost out to amazon. youtube gate be will be a separate page from youtube. tomorrow it will go live on the web and most mobile devices. your credit score can make a huge difference to your wallet. >> how accurate is your score? >> michael finley is here with
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that. >> an accurate credit reporting tops the list of complaints received by federal regulators. they say three out of the four most complained about companies in july were credit reporting agencies. equifax and experian head the list followed by bank of america and another credit agency. trans union. 77% of complaints about credit reporting companies involve inaccurate information on their reports. tubes that have overheated are being recalled by sylvania. they've received 34 points about the osram sylvania tubes. no injuries have been reported. the company has agreed to voluntarily recall 55,000 of them. anyone who has one is urged to stop using it and contact sylvania. huggies found no evidence that its diaper wipes contain glass shards.
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several moms 'lanc s launched a campaign to recall the diaper wipes. one mom released video of tiny particles of glass on the wipes. the testing shows they are not a health risk. the shiny substance is microfibers and a sparkle in the reflecting light. the dirtiest most germ-riddled place on an airplane is not the bathroom. the dirtiest place is the arm rest. a study by auburn university found the tray table was the second highest carrier of e. coli. flight attendants say it's because some passengers use the trays as baby changing stations. bring those wipes with you. protect yourself. >> that's all comforting to know.
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>> let's has outside to somebody beautiful. >> gorgeous outside. sandhya patel has the forecast. >> you see a smile on my face. it's stunning out here. not much of a breeze. lots of sun. a few wispy clouds. live doppler 7 hd. we'll talk about what's ahead. temperatures in the low 60s to low 90s. most areas warmer, except near the coast where it cooled a bit. some fog lingering. in southern california, tracking light rain. it's nothing to write home about. in though ple middle of this dg good to see some monsoonal moisture. some recent burn areas could see debris flows as they are expecting more rain. a beautiful view of san francisco. haze in the background and fog in the foreground. low 70s for oakland, mountain
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view. 63 in half moon bay. sun and high clouds from san jose cameras. they reached 80 degrees. very little change from yesterday's highs. upper 70s santa rosa, napa. lfrmore, 90 degrees. a gorgeous view from the exploratorium camera. warm pattern. inland warmth eases on friday. you'll notice the difference in the air mass. high pressure over the desert southwest is drying up that monsoonal moisture, subtropical moisture. that will continue to be the case tomorrow which is why they are looking at more rain in southern california. cool air mass to our northwest will remain there for a few more days. temperatures will continue to rise the next few days. showers expected with that low friday night into saturday for the northwestern portion of the united states including
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northwe northwestern california. this will help to chlear out th air with all those wildfires there and bring much-needed rain. models keep backing off on our possibility of rain. a slight chance fromseeno. six to ten-day outlook, cooler than normal for the northwestern u.s. including the bay area. central california as well. and warmer for next week for much of the central and eastern united states. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. tomorrow afternoon, a nice day in the south bay but warmer than today. 86 san jose. cupertino, 84. 82 in sunnyvale. 80 in san mateo. it's a beach dey. half moon bay 71. san francisco 72. daley city, upper 60s. mid-90s around ukiah.
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santa rosa 86. vallejo, 79. east bay, 76 degrees in oakland. fremont 82 with castro valley. inland, on the warm side. 93 in livermore. 91 concord. 92 in walnut creek. the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures come up more on thursday. low 70s to mid-90s. numbers drop on friday. a much cooler pattern. from 94 to 84 on saturday inland, you'll notice a difference. sunday, even cooler than that. and just in case you did a little shopping for back-to-school, perhaps grabbed a sweatero long-sleeved shirt. it might come in handy. i'll be looking for that possibility of light showers for saturday morning. computer models keep flip-flopping. cheryl, dan? >> thanks so much.
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or purchase with 0% apr financing. a new effort to save the bees. 10,000 healthy honeybees around the world. backback-like sensors are using a frequency to record the bees' movements sending it to two-inch receivers at various beehives. bee populations have plummeted. a lot of crops are at risk without bees to pollinate them. a special hiring event for
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members of the military and their spouses today. the hiring our heroes event. more than 100 employers were there. both veterans and those still serving were excited about a chance to meet with potential employers. >> opportunities like this don't come a lot. companies out here willing to hire heroes and veterans and military personnel. honored. it's grateful. >> the san francisco giants hope to make this an annual event. they'll honor military members and their families at tonight's game. glass door released a new report that focused on the wage gap in 2014. the report found a ceo earns almost 204 times the wage of his or her workers. companies with the largest pay gap include oracle where the ceo makes more than $67 million. that's 573 times the average
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worker who makes $117 thos a year. yahoo!'s ceo makes more than $42 million. app apple, $9 million. hewlett-packard, $19 million. companies with the smallest pay ratio, facebook and that's only four times more than his workers. google where the ceo takes just $1. they are earning millions more each year in stock. still ahead here -- >> a boy walks along and then stumbles. >> coming up, the
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[extracurricular activitiessands help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00 -- charges of a back room deal. tonight the agreement between politicians and an indian tribe that has north bay residents feeling ploo ining blindsided. and what happened to a pilot who was instructed to land his
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plane on a runway that didn't exist coming up at 6:00. >> ama, thanks. the grateful dead isn't done just yet. the band announced a ten-day tour with john mayer. they kicked off its fare thee well tour back in june. the new tour has two performances in december in san francisco. museum curators were in shock after this visitor tumbled into a centuries old painting. >> a 12-year-old boy tripped over the rope area and tried to catch his balance. he accidentally punched a hole in to a $1.5 million painting of flowers. >> the painting is undergoing restoration. the cost of repairs will be covered by insurance. can you imagine? >> they graciously blurred his face. >> yikes. that's the news.
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we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. breaking tonight, wall street losing streak. down again after the worst three-day point loss in history. 401(k)s take a new hit and new fears tonight about how low it can go. developing now, high school hostages, police respond to a 14-year-old with a gun holding a roomful of students and his teacher. what happened next. the train attack terror suspect in court today blind folded and barefoot. prosecutors reveal his intent to kill and what he did moments before the american heros stopped him. trump attack. the g.o.p. front-runner unleashes a new twitter tirade, hitting his opponents, taking aim at fox news. what will he say to thousands gathered in iowa right now. and nightmare at the museum, the 350-year-old masterpiece worth more than $1 million, no match for the 12-year-old who stumbled right into it.


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