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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 25, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. breaking tonight, wall street losing streak. down again after the worst three-day point loss in history. 401(k)s take a new hit and new fears tonight about how low it can go. developing now, high school hostages, police respond to a 14-year-old with a gun holding a roomful of students and his teacher. what happened next. the train attack terror suspect in court today blind folded and barefoot. prosecutors reveal his intent to kill and what he did moments before the american heros stopped him. trump attack. the g.o.p. front-runner unleashes a new twitter tirade, hitting his opponents, taking aim at fox news. what will he say to thousands gathered in iowa right now. and nightmare at the museum, the 350-year-old masterpiece worth more than $1 million, no match for the 12-year-old who stumbled right into it.
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good evening. i'm george stephanopoulos in for david. let's get right to that breaking news. another white knuckle day on wall street. it began with signs of a comeback after those rough three days but it ended badly, down another 200 points, the longest losing streak in three years. millions of americans watching their 401(k)s, wondering if the worst is over, and abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis starts us off. >> reporter: tonight, wall street whiplash. what looked like a turnaround tuesday. i've been talking to traders on the floor and they expect this to be a volatile day ahead. now we're up as much as 300 points on the dow. with stocks clawing back 441 points after monday's dramatic decline, this now today means it was the worst day of the year for stocks, the worst day in four years.
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turning instead into a tumultuous tuesday. the dow plunging to close down more than 200 points. the continuation of a global selloff that has wiped out $3 trillion in wealth and new questions about how low the market can go. >> what does that tell you? >> the selling's not over. that's my impression. >> reporter: the market now lower for a sixth straight day. the typical 401(k) down $10,000. what's driving the volatility? >> the big picture you have to keep in mind is that the world stock markets are re-pricing the chinese economy. >> reporter: which is slowing chinese demand for everything from american cars to electronics to airplanes, a ripple effect that could even eventually hit american jobs and is already hitting oil prices. the silver lining tonight, oil's drop has set gas prices below $2 a gallon at over 1,000 stations in 15 states. >> rebecca, that's the good news right there but this is all sparking a new debate. should the fed stick with their plans to raise interest rates?
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>> reporter: that's the key question for everyone out there. it touches you whether you own a stock or not. interest rates have been zero percent for the last six years. many expect the fed would be hiking them for the first time in september, but now a number of people are thinking this might not come as soon as we thought and that would impact how you pay for your mortgage, car loans, your credit cards. >> prominent voices calling for a delay. thanks very much. now to a developing story out of west virginia. police reporting a hostage situation at a high school. a student holding a classroom captive, the rest of the school on lockdown. students filing out to the track. tonight that student in custody, thank goodness everyone is safe. abc's pierre thomas is tracking the case. >> reporter: today at west virginia phillip barber high school, the call no parent wants to hear, reports of a possible gunman. as students are rushed out of the school, police are called in. >> principal is advising there is a weapon at the school. >> reporter: and the news kept getting scarier. >> we have a hostage situation.
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second floor. hostage situation, barricade. >> reporter: a 14-year-old male from the school holding numerous students and a teacher hostage with a pistol. authorities able to get all 800 students out of the building safely and to take the suspect into custody after negotiations without anyone getting hurt. the suspect was transported to a local hospital for evaluation while police try to establish a motive. george, i can tell you, everyone there tonight is breathing a sigh of relief. >> i'll bet they are. thanks, pierre. we move overseas to new developments in a massacre prevented on a french train, the gunman tackled by american heros, hog tied and later carried away by police. tonight a chilling revelation. what the shooter watched on his phone moments before opening fire and why authorities now believe he may not have been acting alone. abc's david wright in paris for us again tonight. >> reporter: barefoot and blindfolded, terror suspect ayoub el khazzani arrived at the courthouse today, escorted by a special anti-terrorism squad. their faces hidden behind ski masks to protect their identities.
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today the chief prosecutor in paris said el khazzani activated a new cell phone the day of the attack. his phone records show that while he was on the train, he watched extremist videos calling for violent acts in the name of radical islam. french authorities now believe el khazzani may not have been acting alone. someone with access to his facebook password disabled the account the day after the attack when he was already in custody. el khazzani also gave no credible explanation how he obtained his weapons, including a kalashnikov, a luger pistol, plus nearly 300 rounds of ammunition. also in his bag, a half liter of gasoline. authorities say el khazzani initially told them he just wanted to rob the train, having found a bag full of weapons in the park. the three americans who tackled him enjoying the fruits of their fame. last night anthony sadler spotted on the red carpet at the paris premiere of "straight outta compton."
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>> this is unreal. two days ago we were on the train and two days later all this has happened. it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: his two friends now in germany receiving medical treatment at a u.s. military hospital but still haunted by that dramatic confrontation on the train. tonight the fourth american hero, mark mooglian, is still in intensive care. as for the case against el khazzani, it's still in its early stages but if convicted he could face life in prison. george? >> david, thanks very much. another story developing right now, caroline kennedy facing questions. the u.s. ambassador to japan criticized for using a private e-mail for public business, echos of hillary clinton's recent troubles. our white house correspondent jon karl here with all the details. >> reporter: this comes in an inspector general report looking at a u.s. embassy in tokyo. the report finds that senior embassy staff, including ambassador kennedy used personal e-mail accounts to send and receive messages containing official business, including some information labeled sensitive but unclassified.
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sending or receiving sensitive government information with private e-mail would appear to be a clear violation of government policy, but today the state department said it has seen no indication that ambassador kennedy violated the rules with respect to her e-mail. as for caroline kennedy, george, there's been no response. >> we'll see if that quiets the questions. jon, thanks very much. there's another battle royale brewing in politics. no surprise donald trump right at the center of it, picking a new fight with megyn kelly who confronted trump during that g.o.p. debate. this time trump's tweets anger a powerful opponent, roger als and his forces at fox news, saying it's time for trump to apologize or else. tom llamas has the blow by blow. >> reporter: he's battling 16 challengers but tonight donald trump's new fight is with fox news. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> reporter: trump, possibly still sore from that question, and when megyn kelly returned from vacation yesterday -- >> welcome to the "kelly file." >> reporter: trump firing off a
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series of late night tweets. megyn kelly must have had a terrible vacation, she's really off her game. and, i like the "kelly file" much better without megyn kelly. the republican front-runner also retweeted someone else's comment, calling the anchor a bimbo. today fox news chairman roger ailes calling trump's surprised and unprovoked attack as unacceptable as it is disturbing and ailes demanding an apology. >> it's a very small element in my life, megyn kelly. i don't care about megyn kelly, but no, i would not apologize. she should probably apologize to me but i just don't care. >> reporter: in iowa tonight, trump clashing with one of the country ae most influential latin journalist. this is what happened. >> excuse me, sit down, you weren't called. sit down, sit down, sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't.
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you haven't been called. >> i have the right to ask the question. >> go back to univision. >> reporter: security guards escorting ram mows away. ram mows as later allowed back in and asked about the wall on the mexican border. >> very easy. i'm a builder. can i tell you what's more complicated? building a building that's 95 stories tall, okay? >> reporter: here in iowa for voters like mary horton who made her own t-shirt, his talk is striking a chord. >> reporter: but here in iowa, for voters like mary horton who made her own trump t-shirt, his talk is striking a chord. >> i believe he tells the truth and he says it like it is. >> who would you rather have against anybody, jeb bush, hillary clinton, or trump? i think so, i think so. belief me. . >> reporter: george, some republican leaders feel that donald trump may launch an independent bid to run for
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president. today the republican party of south carolina trying to force trump's hand saying that anybody who wants to be on the primary ballot has to sign a pledge that they will support the republican nominee. george? >> he's not done it yet. tom, thanks very much. to the west now where we've been reporting on the outbreak of wildfires. 65 major ones burning right now, one monster fire in washington state shattering records. tonight something we rarely see, straight from the front lines, firefighters in fresno up against impossible conditions. abc's kendis gibson is on the scene. >> reporter: tonight frightening video shot by firefighters themselves from the front lines, orange flames, flash lights, chaos. a large tree just crashed within inches of these firefighters battling flames in southern california. 65 major fires burning in the west tonight. washington's okanogan complex fires now the state's largest in history growing even more overnight. >> today's weather is going to be a challenge yet again. >> reporter: this large home seen before the flames, drone footage showing the charred rubble aftermath. resources stretched to the brink.
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for the first time in seven years foreign fighters are on u.s. soil battling flames. this group arriving from australia and new zealand. >> everybody wants to come on these deployments. it's seen as sort of a highlight of your career. >> reporter: the emotional toll of fighting these stubborn flames captured by this father/son duo, fighting on the front lines together. >> it's been a hard adventure but one that i will look back for the rest of my life fondly. >> reporter: the fires so widespread and devastating. officials say it will be several weeks before they know how many properties were lost here in washington. george? >> kendis, thanks. meteorologist rob marciano is in california with the forecast. more heat in the west. we're tracking a new tropical storm, erika. >> reporter: they're bracing for more heat out west, especially in southern california and across the northwest, gusty winds. red flag warnings remaining and heavy smoke will fill the air. especially away from the coastline. temperatures into the 80s across
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oregon, 90s, plus in california. tropical storm erika in the atlantic strengthening, should become a hurricane. here's the fast track across the northern caribbean islands and by sunday somewhere near the u.s. coastline. our computer models not showing a lot of confidence towards the end of the forecast period. this could go just about anywhere next week. >> i know you'll be tracking it. rob, thanks very much. overseas now to syria. last night we told you about those priceless ruins 2,000 years old destroyed by isis. tonight isis posting new images, this roman temple rigged with explosives, ancient columns leveled. abc's alex marquardt reports tonight from syria. >> reporter: the temple that stood for 2,000 years, tonight, a pile of rubble. here, chilling new images of what isis claims are its fighters placing barrels filled with explosives around the temple of baalshamin, wiring bombs to its pillars. in an instant, this archeological treasure in the ancient city of palmyra erased. earlier this month in damascus
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we were shown a palmyran tomb by the man in charge of rescuing syria's historic artifacts, devastated by the reckless destruction. >> we've preserved palmyran art but we cannot preserve the palmyran site. >> reporter: a site that until now was protected by an 82-year-old archaeologist, reportedly accused by isis of refusing to give up hidden antiquities, before he was beheaded just last week. isis has looted and sold what they can, often destroying what they can't. calling it sacrilegious. the u.n. calls the temple's destruction a war crime, and it certainly won't be the last. alex marquardt, abc news, damascus. tonight a passing to note. justin wilson, the indy car racer we told you about struck by debris on the race track over the weekend suffering a severe head wound, he died last night. tonight we learn from his family that wilson known for his generosity had one final act of extraordinary kindness. here's abc's david kerley.
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>> reporter: indy car driver justin wilson who left behind two daughters and a wife may have given the gift of life to six others. sunday, traveling at 200 miles an hour, wilson was hit in the head by debris from a crashed car. he never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead yesterday. but today some of his organs donated to six patients all thought to be here in the u.s. according to his brother stefan, also a race car driver. >> makes you feel even prouder to be his brother and just sort of exemplifies the life that he led and always giving and thinking of other people. this is just another case of that. >> reporter: stefan shared the news on twitter, saying, justin wilson saved six lives today. wilson was known as a generous man. his final gift lives on tonight in others. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> remarkable, six lives saved. much more ahead tonight on "world news" this tuesday.
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the real estate warning, an agent threatened by an anonymous caller, the company that pulled brokers off the street. news tonight about a popular supplement used to boost memory, the new study casting doubt on the claims. and nightmare at the museum, the 17th century masterpiece more than $1 million, no match for a 12-year-old boy who forgot to watch his step. we'll tell you what happened next. out. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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estate agents. one broker in iowa received calls so threatening her company pulled employees off the streets. abc's linsey davis reveals the big risk to agents who often work alone. >> reporter: realtors on high alert tonight after an agent in des moines received a terrifying threat. >> there's no commission check that's worth putting yourself in a dangerous position. >> reporter: managers at this firm say someone called one of their agents from a blocked number. the caller telling her that her name was picked at random out of a hat as part of a gang initiation, reportedly telling the agent they intended to bring harm to her, and that they'd see her later that day. after hanging up, that agent called police, and her company shut down all scheduled open houses and pulled their agents off the street. that call is being taken very seriously in light of recent events. just last year, arkansas realtor beverly carter was found dead, after being kidnapped from an open house she was hosting. >> i'm a realtor and i was showing homes and someone just robbed me. >> reporter: and in florida, two
5:49 pm
realtors robbed at gunpoint while showing homes to a burglar. >> is there something that in the back of your mind you're thinking if something happens this is what i'm going to do? >> i always have my cell phone on me and i generally have my hand always on the emergency button. >> reporter: realtors agree in this business known for its open door policy, safety is key. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thanks to linsey for that. when we come back, the supplement used by millions to boost memory questioned by a new report. does it really work. and forget the zombie invasion, the startled bike rider suddenly surrounded by an eery kangaroo apocalypse. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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in tonight's index, a reality check on one of america's most popular dietary supplements. omega three fatty acid, fish oil, long believed to boost memory and keep us sharp as we age, but tonight a new study by the national institutes of health is casting doubt, concluding that fish oil supplements on their own are not enough to prevent cognitive decline in older adults.
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there's a new study tonight that finds scientific proof that a good cry actually does some good. here's the catch. it takes 90 minutes. participants were shown sad movies. those who cried started out feeling worse than those who didn't. an hour and a half later they were happier than everyone else. researchers believe the act of crying actually helps release endorphins in the brain. you got to see this. a man in australia out for a bike ride when he encounters some locals. a hoard of kangaroos. they stop motionless, just staring at him before they scatter away. the cyclist wondered if it was a kangaroo apocalypse. when we come back, watch your step, caught on camera. the 12-year-old boy leaves his mark on a million dollar masterpiece. have you touched the stuff?. it's evil. and ladders.
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finally tonight, nightmare at the museum. abc's nick watt introduces us to the 12-year-old boy who took a fall he may be living down for a long time. >> reporter: keep your eye on the kid in the shorts. oh boy. a $1.5 million, 350-year-old canvas. "flowers" by paolo porpora now has a 12-year-old's fist-sized hole. imagine what's going through his mind. and the feeling in his stomach. the clumsy kid's only solace, he's not alone. three ancient vases worth 750 grand smashed at a museum in england by a guy who tripped on his shoelace.
5:58 pm
an american tourist accidently snapped off the virgin mary's finger at this florence museum. and super rich steve wynn once put his elbow through his own picasso, fixed up and later sold for $155 million. and don't worry, this isn't coming out of the kid's pocket money. insurance will cover the damaged canvas. but not the wounded pride. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> he didn't drop the drink. that's all for us tonight. have a good evening and thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." >>. tonight an arrest of an illegal immigrant in the kate steinle murder. a three-year battle over police pensions is nearing an end. tonight, what will override a vote of the people in san jose. a vision for oakland's dream of holding onto the raiders. tonight, how it could be paid
5:59 pm
for without risk to the city. the casino money earmarked for a project that has hundreds of people furious tonight in sonoma county. we begin with testimony against an undocumented immigrant charged in a san francisco murder ace that made national headlines. the suspect is charged with the death of kate steinle and witnesses say he was easy to spot. vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, dan, the preliminary hearing is expected to last two days, possibly three. it started this morning here at the all of justice. the prosecution is trying to make a case to the judge that francisco lopez sanchez ought to be tried for murder. the judge allowed cameras in court from the back. but just like his july court
6:00 pm
appearances sanchez looked thinner than when arraigned on murder charges. three san francisco police sargeants testified today. maria loreno was staying at the griffin hotel. her room looked out on pier 14. she heard a gunshot and a man dressed in black walking away from the pier, suspicious because everyone else was running towards the shooting. she took a photo of him and later identified sanchez when police arrested him that evening. but the important witness may have been the person, who in the words of another investigator said she heard a loud bang, and turned around, she saw an object land off the pier into the water with a big plunk. she led police to the area. divers the next day found the gun in the waters. a third testified he


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