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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> now at 6:00, two journalists were killed live on tv and tributes are pouring in. >> breaking news a suspicious fire in alameda. investigators say they may know what sparked the fire that left a thousand people without power. >> a manhunt in the south bay for a hit-and-run accident driver blamed for causing a gas explosion with the details people are making public so you can look out. >> thanks for joining us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. now a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> nice to see both of you. we will look at what is going to happen the next three hours. it is thursday. nothing is happening. no marine layer. we have a few high clouds. we have haze. it is not a "spare the air" day. it will be uncomfortable because of the heat. we start off warmer this morning, 58 to 66, the day planner is already hot inland by noon at 88 and warm at the coast at 74, staying 74th at coast
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at 4:00, we will warm to nearly 100 inland and stuffy this evening, 70 at the coast because sunset with a few high clouds. we can see the high clouds over the bay bridge toll plaza in the east bay and right new we have a 20-minute wait to head between the macarthur maze to get into san francisco. we have a problem approaching treasure island, westbound 80, i am looking at c.h.p. and they are saying one lane is blocked with possible accident or a stalled vehicle. we are still trying to find out more information but it looks slow entering treasure island. as i take you over to the east bay, though, we have an accident with lanes blocked with debris southbound 880, at dakota road. more on that ahead.
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a virginia tv station is marching on a day after one of its reporters and a trafficker were -- and gunned down. the deaths of allison parker and adam ward captured national attention. the tributes are pouring in. amy hollyfield is in the newsroom with more. >> they to do a newscast this morning. the crew did focus on allison parker and adam ward. there were moments when the teen struggle -- team struggled to get through the show. >> i don't know how to do the weather on day like this. adam would say, what is the weather, almost e-o, for the live shots and i would say how do i know, and we would laugh and we who go on his way so that is a change. >> they held hands and paused for a moment silence at 6:45 eastern time when allison parker and adam were killed. the male anchor is from wdbj sister station in springfield,
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missouri, one of a few employees would flew in to help the greening station. allison's father is speak out saying the grief is unbear an. >> everyone she touched loved her and she loved everyone back. >> the community is reaching out to support wdbj and people gathered in front of the station last night for a vigil. her father said he will turn his pain into activism whatever it takes to get gun legislation passed. >> thank you, more details are coming out about the gunman in the shooting who spent part of his life growing up in the bay area, vester lee flanagan took his own life after being confronted by police. he grew up in oakland, many of the relatives live in vallejo and worked with the victims as a tv rot are under the name bryce williams. he was described as being
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disgruntled which surprised a fellow graduate of skyline while. he was doing great work in virginia and it is sad. owe hearts go out to the victims and his family because their liveses are changed. >> he graduated from san francisco state university with a degree in broadcasting in 1995. the career in tv began as an intend in san francisco. he went to work at other stations across america. >> we are getting our first look at the cover of the roanoke times, the local newspaper in virginia, you can see the headline "state of shock," showing people hanging their heads in somber tribute to the victims. >> journalists across the united states and around the world are posting tributes to parker and ward with #westandwithwdbj. reporters and photographers and news teams have been sharing photo with hashtag created immediately after shooting by a reporter in texas calling on her colleagues to stand in
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solidarity. you can see they are, with stations as far as away as canada and europe joining the effort. >> as the story continues to develop, stay with abc7 for complete coverage on air and on-line and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. also on >> users on a social media site are getting perspective on the mass shooting since the start of the year they have kept a running tally and we have seen 247 mass shootings in america. today is day 239 in 2015 so we are averaging more than one mass shooting a day. it is defined as incident where four or more people are shot. >> breaking overnight, authorities in alameda are looking into what they say is a suspicious fire that broke out before 4:00 this morning at a business near ferry point and westland tick avenue. officials say the fire is suspicious because it started on
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an outside wall and there was a dumpster fire. firefighters knocked down the flames with no injury reported and only minor damage. >> 1,200 pg&e customs have no power after a transformer blew sparking a grass fire. firefighters want down a steep hill to reach the dry brush but they put it out before it video. no one was hurt. pg&e hopes to have power restored by 6:45 to the customers. >> the search continues for a driver who caused an explosion at a santa clara strip mall that sparked a fire that destroyed five brings yesterday. two people suffered minor injuries and one was a firefighters officials are looking for a woman would left scene in a white two door honda accord. they believe she may have caused the explosion by driving into a gas meter. >> an ex-49er player and team maybe face sexual assault
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charges from nine months ago. ray mcdonald is accused of raping an intoxicate the woman. the grand jury intoxicated we brooks on misdemeanor sexual battery. it is believed both crimes took place on the same night against the same victim inside mcdonald's home in san jose. >> it seems like a long time but the truth is when it comes to cases of this nature it is not particularly long investigation. >> 49ers general manager said we take any champion against a member of the organization seriously and are in communication with the nfl. brooks is running home to california and will not participate in saturday's game. mcdonald is due in court next week. no court date is set for brooks. >> preliminary hearing for the accuse killer of kate steinle will wrap up with new details in the investigation surfaced during yesterday's proceeding and an expert said the bullet fired by francisco sanchez in
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july on pier 14 lit the ground 15' away from kate steinle and ricocheted and hit her in the back. >> it appears to have been a death resulting from the accidental discharge of a firearm. >> we believe the charging decision is procedure and the defendant has been charged with murder for that republican. >> -- for that reason. >> only one round was fired and an expert said it could be fired only by pilling the trigger eliminating the possibility of firing accidentally. >> a student at santa rosa junior college said show was rained on campus by a picked man. it happened in a women's restroom on barnett hall at 9:00 last thursday night. the victim said the man wearing a black mask confronted her and forced her again the wall and assaulted her. the attacker is said to an white man. night patrols are beefed up.
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>> researchers have to find a way to remove a dead whale in alameda which is floating in the oakland estuary. researchers say they cannot identify the species because the head remains submerged. you can see the 36' long male lodged under the pier and an employee discovered it yesterday and as you can imagine it is leaving behind a strong aroma. they are looking for a way to dispose of it. >> two communities are among those poised to see the next wave of gentrification. marin city and san rafael will see low income residents uprooted in the next few years along with chinatown, and concord's monument corridor and near the transit hub because
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they are near transit and shopping and jobs. >> now a check on the forecast. >> it will be warmer. how much? >> that is the big story and a good question to ask. we warmer on the peninsula. menlo park is at 57. san mateo and foster city and redwood city at sick, and belmont is 62 and san carlos is 63, and same along the east bay shore to the south bay and san jose is 64 and los gatos is 70 in the hills and low-to-mid 60s inland east bay and half moon bay is comfortable at 54 and same this santa rosa at 55. no delays. no clouds. peninsula tops out at 93 south bay is 93 and east bay is 90, north bay is 94 and inhappened topping out -- inland top out at 99. 60 crossing the phone and as hot tomorrow and drizzle on saturday, breezy and cooler this
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weekend. >> looking at traffic, from emeryville, you can look to the eastern span of the bay bridge you can see how slow the traffic is, that is where we had an early report of a stalled vehicle or two blocking the right lane is as you come in to treasure island, that is where we find the traffic was moving over to the left hand side and that was slowing things down. this is what it has done to the toll plaza, it is heavy traffic. we are looking at more than 20 minutes away from the maze and to san francisco. as we take you to the east bay southbound 880 headed into fremont, it is further beyond dakota road and closer to thornton where we have a multiple vehicle crash blocking several lanes with debliss if the lanes and heavy backup away from highway 92. >> shedding pounds after having a baby, a new tip for new moms to get back in shape in no time. >> a new skip on student success with steps for ensure peak
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performance. performance. stay tuned.
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today, moving day for students at st. mary's, starting at 9:00, new and running students will unpack and move into their resident halls. the college said volunteers are on hand to unload cars and welcome all the new faces to campus. >> a study published in journal of obesity suggests drinking water before eating can-you drop pounds. people who drank 16 owns of water before each meal lost about nine pounds over 12 weeks. the more they drink, the better the results. experts say the reason is obvious. water makes you feel fuller. you eat less. >> now to a problem a lot of moms know all too well. the belly fight after babies, no matter how much you exercise and
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diet the belly we rolls do not go away long after giving birth. it is a medical condition with more women turning to surgery and getting tucks but experts say women have other options. the right exercise can help new moms bounce back. we will have a report on the right and wrong way to exercise on "good morning america" at 7:00. i will be tuning in and watching that. >> from baby fat to baby names the top names in america for 2014 just release the. >> boys, noal was top for the second year and then mason and jacob and william. >> the girls, emma returned to the stop first time since 2008 the stop first time since 2008 and then olivia, >> they all end in "a," and some
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of the names belong to movie stars from the past. >> mike is popular. >> not so much anymore as when i was younger. but that is okay. >> good morning, ross valley school district, student and faculty headed to school open hot are day, at 59 and sunshine and up to 88 at 3:00. be careful. we have san bruno you are going back-to-school, the school district starting off at 612 and warming up to 79. it will not be so breezy as normal. walnut creek shows it is clear at 64 degrees right now and we are going to be warm to hot the next two days and the nights are going to follow with temperatures in the 60s and not so comfortable as the last
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several weeks with drizzle marking the transition saturday to a cooler weekend. 101 and 880 starting off hazy but full of sunshine and san jose is topping out at 92 nine degrees warmer-than-average and hayward and oakland and san francisco, 82 degrees. that is 12 degrees warmer than we should be. no marine layer and visibility is unlimited. 90 in milpitas and santa clara and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy, santa cruz, even reaching mine with total sunshine. redwood city south, watch out for the heat, low-to-mid 90s today and money 80s from millbrae and san mateo and at the cost, mid-70s on the peninsula coast with low-to-mid 60 water temperatures and 82 in downtown and sausalito warmer at
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84, and low-to-mid 90 through the north bay valley and petaluma and vallejo at 91 and santa rosa at 9420 degrees cooler and warm at bodega bay and along the east bay more from berkeley to 83, oakland is 85 and nearly 90 in castro valley. hottest temperatures inland east bay at 95 in san ramon. up to 100 in brentwood. football practice, what, watch the kids this afternoon. cubs and giants, 80 togethers is where we top out at at&t park, watch out for the strong sunshine and it feels 10- or 15-degrees warmer in the shade that the sun. >> my seven-day forecast shows we are nearly ten or 20 degrees cooler by sunday and it will be breezy and below average throughout next week. have a great day.
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any hotspots? >> using mobile 360 we are stuck if heavy traffic southbound nimitz approaching dakota road a multiple vehicle crash with five cars and middle lanes are blocked and debliss is everywhere causing quite the headache. i will show you exactly the extent of traffic and show you walnut creek, southbound 680 pushing away from highway 4 through pleasant hill ahelping highway 24, the drive will take you approximately 17 minutes and if the drive continues into the san ramon valley you are in good shape with clear conditions not is clear is mobile 360 southbound 880 at authority tan avenue at 10 miles per hour the top speed and zero miles per hour with heavy delays away from highway moot and the drive will take you 25 minutes. >> helping students make the grade, the new plan mountain
6:21 am
view schools will would out to boost student success. >> bay area lobbies where the clock is running out to get your fix on a starbucks spinoff. >> our view looking to the east is mount diabolo in the back ground and a golden sky in the east bay.
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the abc news app that lives where you live on your schedule. >> good morning, at 6:24. it is thursday. a look at the picture. it will be warm. it could be a nice day to be at the marina. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco in a second. >> the school board in mountain view is doing more for students planning to hire a cutting firm to conduct on-site performance assessment this school year. the goal is to get a better understand, of what conditions are currently like in classrooms and figure out what needs to change to boost the student performance costing $275,000. the project is funded by unnamed private donor.
6:25 am
>> palo alto is cracking down on noise pollution. the city council voted to analyze planes' night pattern out of sfo to see how bad it is. complaintses from residents grew tenfold after the f.a.a. implement add plan to streamline air traffic control to a satellite system to deal with the influx in traffic. palo alto leaders will share rules in december and see if they need to try and change night patterns. now a preview on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good thursday morning. coming up next on "good morning america" we have the latest developments on the deadly shooting in virginia with new details of the man who killed allison parker and adam ward on live television. he faxed an angry manifest oh hours after the attack and allison parker's boyfriend joins us this morning on "good morning
6:26 am
america" next. >> criminal farms are -- criminal farms -- california farms are taking in record revenues and firing more worker because they have switched to higher value crops like almonds and wine grapes. the change comes with a price using up ground water to irrigate the crimes faster than it can be replaced and the result is drops in water tables and sinkholes and wells that are drying up. >> tomorrow, starbucks is closing all 23 stand alone bakeries starting with the columbus avenue location tomorrow. starbucks bought the small change three years the food offerings but have say it is a distraction and are shutting them down. the owner could figure baking up
6:27 am
something new so stay tuned if you are a fan. >> hear from the dad of the virginia television reporter whose live was cut short at only whose live was cut short at only 24 years of are still keeping watch on a strip mall destroyed by fire. coming up in a report we will tell you who police are looking pore this morning. >> as we head though break we leave you with a beautiful shot looking to the east with the glow reflecting off the clouds from the sun with weather and traffic through the entire traffic through the entire commercial break so you do
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening right now, another day of trading kicks off on wall street with a positive outlook for investors bringing the opening bell. >> stocks that climbed in japan and hong kong and australia after positive day for the dow yesterday are seeing an upward
6:31 am
climb. >> we will keep an cry on trading this morning and put numbers on our scene every commercial break and stay tuned for more coverage at 6:45 when we check on the nasdaq with jane king in the money report. >> 6:31 on thursday. hope you had a great night. we start a trash day and i am kristen sze. >> the color shoulding calibrated from the color bars and we will check with mike and the both. >> a lot of colors outside with high clouds through the sky. but look at visibility: though marine layer. this is how it looks from the berkeley marina because of the photojournalist who is taking a picture across the calm morning. we starting off warmer this morning. do not be surprised when you step outside. 56 to 66. by noon, we will have quick warmth nearly 90 inland and 80 around the bay and 74 at coast.
6:32 am
hit mid-80s at bay and upper 90s inland. 88 inland this evening, still stuffy. >> ten minutes ago i did the last report and we were on 880 and now we are just approaching da coat road where we have an accident blocking middle lanes. you can see how heavy the traffic is, just practically at a standstill. moving 360 around you can see in the northbound direction traffic is moving nicely and all traffic that is stacking up behind us and on our map i will show you what we are look at, from highway 92, ten miles per hour, even lower at thornton avenue we have an accident and highway nato is 37 miles per hour and down to 11 at niles so highway 92 and south of the accident, the terrorism will take you ply -- 35
6:33 am
>> if santa clara several businesses are in ruin after a fierce fire at a strip mall. the fire sparks from an explosion caused by a driver would slammed into a gas meter. according to the police the driver took off prompting a map hunt still underway this morning. matt is in santa clara with more. >> the sun is coming up and you can get a look at the destruction last behind by the explosion and fire at the strip mall. firefighters are still on watch this morning keeping an cry on hotspots and are expected to be here all morning. a video was shot after the fire began yesterday, the clip on instagrams with sent to abc7, a woman is running near a white car close to the flames and seconds later the car last the paing lot driving away. a short time later, we were over the fire as lamed quickly enguffed a small strip mall taking five long time businesses with it. a family narrowly escaped the
6:34 am
salvadoran restaurant they have owned for 15 years and took the cash register with they will. everything else is gone. >> horrible. depressing. a lot of years of our work. >> fires say the cause of the fire is clear. they blame it on the vehicle that hit the gas meter. santa clara police are looking for the driver, a white two door honda accord. if you have information of the if you have information of the car or driver, call >> tributes are pouring into a virginia tv station and the families of to members of the team, a day after they were gunned down on live tv. wdbj morning news reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward both died if a shooting during their morning show yesterday. parker and ward's grieving colleagues went on air with heavy hearts. >> we have condolences in all forms of throughout worries and
6:35 am
notes and facebook messages and social media offering thoughts and prayers. we appreciate each of those. >> other t stays have sent employees to help wdbj keep the newsroom going following the tragedy, vicki gardner the woman being interviewed at the time of shooting survived the attack and her husband said she had a good night and is recovering from surgery. >> allison parker's father is remembering his daughter as the light of his life. he said he has been crying sin getting the terrible news. the anger is starting to creep in and described 24-year-old daughter as ambitious and smart. >> everyone she touched loves her and she loved everyone back. >> parker just moved in with her boyfriend one of wdbj's evening anchors and cameraman adam ward planned to move in with his fiance to north carolina, a producer at wdbj, would was working behind the scenes yesterday and saw the shooting unfold in the criminal --
6:36 am
control room. >> more detail on the suspected gunman, vester lee flanagan who want by bryce williams weapon working as a tv reporter and fired from wdbj in 2013. his boss called him angry man who had to be escorted from the station. that description skyed his official schoolmates. he was' particular and named to the hop coming court in 1991. >> in high school we never saw that, he was happy and positive. everyone loved him. >> he graduated from sf state with a degree in broadcasting in 1995 and began the contrary as a journalist at kpix in san francisco. >> can you over condolences for virginia victims by sharing this badge on social media posted open instagram page and our facebook page. look for us on instagram using #
6:37 am
virginiashooting. >> the story continues to develop, stay with abc for cop meet coverage onair and on-line and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. ought man accused in a kidnapping that police called a hoax will be in court. muller is charged with kidnapping denise husband kins and -- huskins and her boyfriend in march. the police called it a home but the f.b.i. got a break when he tried a similar kidnap, in dublin three months later. he was tracked down after he left his cell phone. muller wants to suppress the next on the self.
6:38 am
>> raymond "shrimp boy" chow want as judge to dismiss the case saying their client was singled out and not challenging others faces accusations of laundering millions for selling illegal drugs and weapons. former state senator has pleaded guilty from charges and raymond "shrimp boy" chow said other city leaders took bribes but they were not charged. >> next, fighting fires on back burner and what is teaing back burner and what is teaing priority for firefighters. save your family. stay tuned.
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>> check out this beautiful picture from our exploritorium, the bay is quiet this morning, with the winds are light and that will lead to warm weather and a lot of sunshine. nearly 80 at at&t park and during the middle of the game southwest wind at 8 to it will miles per hour not much of a relief and you know it feels warmer in the sun so have the sunglasses and the sunscreen. triple digits sacramento and fresno and palm springs and 83 in lake tahoe, and yosemite is
6:42 am
97 and sunny and 77 in monterey, and hurricane ignacio is headed to hawaii and by monday it will be near the big island. >> the trouble spot in the bay area is if fremont and mobile 360 is move loan at four miles per hour stuck in heavy traffic which is extending for miles. i will show you how long we have a new accident reported involving a big rig be so two lanes are blocked and ahead, we have another crash at thornton avenue. on the maps, i will show you exactly how far back the backup is and we have slow traffic away from 237 and out castro valley along 238 but bumper-to-bumper is continue miles an hour it will take you an hour to get between highway 92 and trying to make it to dumbarton to san mateo bridge, we have clear
6:43 am
conditions. >> firefighters spent majority of the time on the job battling flames, is what you think, right? but a spot light on a san francisco firehouse shows that is not the case according to the "new york times" focusing on fire station one ranked the business of the station in the entire united states last year. it turns out less than 2 psychiatrics of the runs actually involved fires. "new york times" report said that first responders spend all of their time helping the homeless, this is just a day after a report that the mayor wants to clear the homeless out ahead of super bowl 50. >> a lot of medical calls. >> big buzz surrounding apple a move though are making that has silicon valley talking about a major amountment. -- announcement. >> you can cash in if you love clothes. we are looking at san mateo bridge with tail lights stabbing up and traffic and weather during the entire commercial
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6:47 am
the "san francisco chronicle" report they are representing the the building is being rented in september which is larger than what they normally use. steve jobs unveiled the apple 2 in 1977. >> we have more coverage on wall street. stocks are trying to end or extend yesterday's monster rally. jane king has the money report. after days of decline, something to be happy about. >> yes, many more days like this, we will erase the losses and the do you is up 212 points and we are sighing the major indices higher, and the nasdaq is the strong of the and gross domestic product measures the economy is. coming in strong are than expected giving us a boost. consumers spend on average three hours and 40 minutes each day on the mobile devices an increase of 35 percent from a year ago
6:48 am
and the time spent continues to some are we. globally there are 280 million add decks would use apps more than 60 type as day. the average user uses apps 16 times a day. >> you will not score a sweet deal on a hot day flight or weekend trip but fur going to certain cities during off-peak travel times such as middle of the week you could get a low airfare on a discount airlines. we are keeping an high on h and h offering $1 million for the best clothes recycling ideas >> what kind of clothing do you need today? we could need warmer or cooler
6:49 am
clothe are for warmer temperatures. >> yes, yes, kids helpfully sporting new short sleeves and may not need that. sauce lady, marin school district starting school today, 60 with high clouds and sunshine and total sunshine and 84 this afternoon and they claim to be the first-in-the-nation to serve 100 percent organic and non-g.m.o. foods prepared in the kitchen. >> and newark unified school district back-to-school at 63 and nearly 90 this afternoon. it will get uncomfortable in the classrooms. hopefully the kids are not too fidgety. >> sutro tower showing the marin headlands, mount tamalpais shows lack of marine layer with heat peaking and milder tonight and saturday morning we will see the
6:50 am
drizzle and the cooler weather coming in which is the transition to the cooler weekend. to the south, the hills of los gatos at 70. san jose all at 65 including milpitas. redwood city and alameda and lafayette at 64. danville is 65. brentwood is 66. san francisco and novato at 61. cool spot is half moon bay at 52. winds are 13 at sfo and everyone else nonexist. or less than 15 miles per hour as the high pressure keeps us calm and keeps pumping heat to us today and tomorrow. now, in the south bay, we will start around 90 in milpitas and santa clara and san jose and mid-to-upper 90s in los gatos and gilroy. on the peninsula, hope you can find a pool this afternoon of mid-to-upper 80s and millbrae and san mateo and mid-70s
6:51 am
along the coast and mid-60s water temperature and downtown san francisco at 82 degrees. leave the coat in the office when you head out for lunch. low-to-mid knights through the north bay and mid-80s to upper 80s through east bay neighborhoods and nearly 90 at present and the hottest temperatures, the post dangerous weather inland east bay mid-90 to 100 and on the fields the kids are practicing and it is warmer. a lost water breaks. tomorrow, five degrees cooler and look at that, ten or 20 and look at that, ten or 20 degrees cooler and is smooth sailing 880 southbound and remark is good beyond thornton avenue but not before this. look at in, it is terrible traffic southbound 880 away from 238 and away from highway 92, you can see where we have a one
6:52 am
hour commute. it usually only takes 12 minutes. seven miles per hour is the top speed, with two separate accidents one at authority tan -- at da katie -- dakota and one thornton. 880 did have some slow because of three cars on the left side. one vehicle, in the front is possibly c.h.p. this are two vehicles. it is possible it is an accident but there are delays from 880 to the 280/680 split. >> and back with seven things to know before you go. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is >> the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up into the
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here seven things to know. a virginia tv station is awaying two downlives killed while doing a live report yesterday. the team at wdbj remembers allison parker and photographer adam ward with a moment silence. >> former colleagues say the suspect vester lee flanagan never fit in at the tv station and had trouble getting along with co-workers. he grew up in the bay area. he went to high school in oakland. he graduated from sacramento state. those would knew him are shocked
6:55 am
by what happened. >> police are looking for a driver who crashed into a strip mall sparking a fire. a woman would caught on cell phone video driving a white honda from the john. two suffered injuries including a firefighter. >> four, we are off to a sunny start. nine to 12 degrees warmer-than-average from where you live today and that puts us in the my 70s to low 80s the cost and san francisco, and upper 90 inland east bay >> 22 minutes through walnut creek at highway with significant slowing because of northbound 101 at 880 and this is the jamup southbound 880 away from 238 an how to get here. >> 49ers linebacker will turn himself in over sexual assault charges after being indicted in
6:56 am
an incident from last september. >> researchers are trying to figure out what to do with the 36' long dead whale float under a dock in alameda. coast guard will find a way to dispose of it. >> we continue online and twitter and facebook and all the mole devices -- the mobile devices. we will see you in 25 minutes. >> a beautiful shot from the marina looking at san francisco. be safe. see you tomorrow.
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good morning, america. deadly shooting. new details this morning about the reporter and photographer killed live on air. stunning the nation. police searching the shooter's apartment overnight. >> we knew he had anger. we did not know he had violent anger. >> the killer's terrifying tweets while on the run. his chilling 23-page manifesto. claims of racism and sexual harassment. what pushed him over the edge? and the promising lives he cut short. >> she loved what she did and she was going to go so far in this field. >> the search for answers right now as a city mourns a senseless tragedy. also this morning, bearing down. tropical storm erika taking aim at puerto rico. the island's on alert right now and new path that has it heading to florida. >> dramatic testimony as that former prep school student


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