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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. >> protest rally tonight against police violence at the site of fatal shooting involving app oakland police officer. >> tonight demonstration a witness shared cell phone video showing the moments right after the confrontation that left the officer hurt and her accused attacker dead. cell phone video shows the chaotic moments after oakland police officer shot and mortally wounded man investigators say had just hit her in the head multiple times with a metal bic khaichbility he can be seen moving his head and arms at times. still alive after being shotment bystander can be heard calling for help. if officer the keeps her gun trained on the man. she radios
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for help. oakland police chief said it was very dangerous. >> metal chain swung at an individual is a weapon. no doubt. >>reporter: neighbors tell the 7 news the man was regular in the naichbilityd often sleeping wherever he could. sometimes being combative with those who tried to get him to moveal. they questioned whether officer needed to open faivrment instead of shooting him they could have taser him or mace him. i don't think what he did was worth his life being taken just by knowing him personally. >> police say the incident was recorded bit officer body camera and theory have you gone that as part of the investigation. officer suffered injuries to her head and face. she's expected to be okay. she's placed on paid administrative leave. >> prisoner at san quentin in the hospital with leem nairs disease. we were at the state prison in marin couldn't tonight where all running water has been shut off to housing
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area t.legionnaires spread through plumbing and ventilation symptoms similar to pneumonia until the sources found prisoners drinking bottled water and using port a potty. >> lap lord will you suit against deplorable living conditions. apartment complex on rex ford way near city college. katie shows us what the tenants deal with. >> if if walking into if hernandez san jose apartment make the skin itch. >> cock roach. >> the stove is warm even though not open. 10 apartment say it randomly heats up the entire apartment. pg&e has inspected it app fix gas leak associated witness. the stove is old and need to be replaced. >> fernandez and 3 other families filed a lawsuit against landlord of 2 125 reck
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ford way. >> the this advertise taking advantage of poor or im front with subsidy. >> the senior attorney at the law foundaiton of silicon valley. she says the landlord won't work with her and retall yates against people who complain. >> he fought an eviction notice after macking a complaint to the city of san jose code enforcements. >> ben sky minilives under if this balcony. >> i don't know where to start. it's like if l mold and long-term health e.will you suit asks for punitive damages and problems to be abited. continue be reached for comment tonight. this is 7 news. >> pilot of single engine plane you could away unhurt this evening after crashing the plane nose first, you will from late plane went down shortly after the pilot taking off from the airport just after 5:00 o'clock. we were overhead right after the crash single seater went did you know a
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couple block away from the airport. nose diving as i said natural ground. again no one was hurt. >> muni service become to normal in san francisco after a street car and pickup truck collided. sky 7 hd over embarcadero and washington street about 6:00 o'clock this evening. witnesses the truck driver ran red light and turned in front of the train. license was blocked for about an hour. nobody injured. state regulators approved mainly investigation into pg&e corporate culture and how utility handle safety issues. media partner at the news group report public utility commission will look into pg&e open rigs and safety culture. this comes 5 years after deadly pipe line explosion in san bruno caused by sub standard weld that failed. >> 2 east bay womenen credible survival story to tell tonight 5 day lost in the will dear fez with barely anything to wear. financially rescued 20 males forth of sonora. only on 7
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news we spoke with them about an experience they are lucky to have lived through. >> for 5 day if his 57-year-old laura sherman of oakland and 56-year-old denise diaz wandered through thorn brush and high dry conditions. >> changed my perspective on everything because we could have died. >>reporter: 2 friend were driving up highway 108 to coyote springs on friday when they read about a beautiful lake along the immigrant they turned off the road for a quick day trip. >> he went without prepping. didn't tell anybody that we were going there. we couldn't have a mp. >>reporter: they 2 bolts of water. granola and towel. they were only wearing swim suits and t-shirt when the trail began to fade. they were lost. >> ty just said to lawyer awe know what we have to be grandmother. we have grpd kid this is going to happen. we are not going to difficult now ix after today of wandering in the heat and sleeping in the cold they ran out of wait a minute i read somewhere that if
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you drink your urine that's what you have to do in dire straits. >> we did and we suck on grass ate huckleberry. >> financially on the fifth day they spotted 2 cowboy tend to go their herd. >> i was so exited was like a mirror annual. >> incredible. >>reporter: county sheriff's chopper plucked them out of the wilderness and/or deal over. women took the photo after they flew back to civilizations. in the east bay, abc 7 news. >> the wow! what a story the the t.glad they are okay. still to come at 11:00. disgraced real stat tycoon in san francisco gives first interview from jail. abc 7 news night team. >> he's called lucky luke and now in jail. convicted 11 million dollar art scam. tonight what has done with one very expensive statue. >> tropical storm erica if has a path across the caribbean.
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>> latest open the storm and look at our system that could produce showers this weekend. details coming up. >> weighs couple tonight the right after if her. >> thanks. here's sampling of the none accepts we have in store for you in. my spwroyd to go guy with the snapy chatter and the joke. >> turn out to be the opposite
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>> fugitive on the run. these san francisco real estate tycoon lucky luke escaping from federal detention early this year as he faced charges in an 11 million dollar art scam. eventually recap toured, convicted, sentenced next month. >> now he has begin his first
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interview from jill to the 7 news i-team and dan is here with an exclusive report. what's he saying. >> believe it or not he says he's innocent. federal are just out to get him. he acted as his own attorney during the trillion and put on quite a show. no camera allowed and i can now show you amazing wrist and full of lucky luke. >> luke was home i don't know san francisco success. grew up in the sun set. went to the san diego state and at the able of 28 rate after the savings & loan crisis he bought his first commercial office building at big discount. 9:39 market street. >> i went pretty much from zero to maybe 500, 600 million dollar net worth in a mother of 5 years. >> that's how he got the nickname lucky luke. he bought a slew of office buildings
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across san francisco sky license and this sea cliff mansion one of the few with stair to private beach for wife and 4 children. >> lucky look has new address. county jail number 4 top there are of the hall of justice. >> i'm completely innocent of the claims against me. happy to speak to anyone about the truth. >> you have been con vehicleed and you are still incision you have done nothing wrong. >> i have done nothing wrong. >> 2010 he pleaded guilty to filing false tax return failure to report 45 million dollars in capitol gains and trout in gilroy. st instant to 30 mont months in prison. jury found him guilty of wire mail fraud and escape and contempt in an art fraud case. >> the nightmare waiting for it to end. >> court exhibit show exactly what he did. in even males to dealer last year he agreed to purchase will have million
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dollars worth of art including paintings by the these 2 and evenings by picasso and bronze casting the little daerns. arrived if 5 crate at sea cliff mansion but he refused to pay. his cell phone still had power when i found it among the exhibits. he texted the art dealer you gave me these items as a gift. month litter fbi ridded mansion but one crate was mission. the the stt you worth 3 million dollars still hasn't been found. >> they think that you are hide that go statue. where is the statue? >> probably back in the closet with the guy who is at the time puppet of the entire scheme. >> he says the art dealers tried to rip him off but he made moves not to help his case fechlt met his attorney here and lawyer lounge on the the floor and how he absconded. he
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and his attorney go total have itor but only lock gets on. walk tlawt lobby past the marshall and make a run for it. spotted duck ing into a british motor car dealer tell. tells me had he to escape to seek st dropping 100 pounds on jill food. >> i absconded. my whole body was literally shaking. physically shaping. i got medical attention from a nurse. >>reporter: he was arrested sixtys before trial. prosecutors oppose the russian mistress days before the advice a expires. >> the do you want for my child. >>reporter: the this woman testified she has a baby boy with tell luke and helped derail part of the defense. that all those pieces of art are worth nothing the defer tell you that any of it was
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fake or not real. >> no. >>reporter: for the trial she decided to act as his own attorney. and put on a show for the jury. >> screaming tirade. slamming fist down. making threatening jess terse. >>reporter: maria never seep anything like it. he interrupted the trial repeatedly calling the prosecutors a nazi at one point and addressing the judge. >> you orchestrated this. get the news just hang me right here the. we'll use my belt. >> judge gave him 4 71 days for contempt served in addition to what he gets next month. he faces 70 years. luke says it's not over. he's already planning an appeal and it's next deal. >> right now my corporate entity are in the process of closing 150 million dollar l shopping plaza development that i will do if i am getting a new
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trial. this is 15 round fight here. we are only probably in the tenth or 11th round. okay snishtion courtroom staff tell me as word of his antic spread the crowds grew day by take and finally wind up guest. court documents show he has no money left. >> st not lucky lately. >> he has not. >> thank you dan. >> at least 4:00 p.m. have died in land slide brought on by tropical storm erica. island of dominica in the eastern caribbean is definite stated. these photo were 17 inches of written have fallen over the last 2 days. storm head fog for puerto rico, dominican republic and florida. >> what pictures. >> let's turn your attention to the forecast and chance of rain. >> sandhya has what is in stor store. >> little chance of rain. more
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in a moment and other storms in the pacific and it was hot today. 102 in can't i don't care livermore. gilroy you know it was warm day even if plates like san jose 92. 99 concord, napa san are are fell 89 oakland san francisco 79. 73 degrees in half moon bay this afternoon. the temperatures are going to start to come down tomorrow. the we see just passing high cloud not an issue tonight it's still warm. many areas in the 60's and 70's look at this san francisco still 70 degrees exploratorium visibility loo looking terrific from our sutro towercam. look at the forecast heech mark shiite chance of showers saturday morning. satellite radar show you what is going to bring the showers hurry treating meaning the heat will start to go away but we are really watching this system here. clouds will increase as the trough approaches. notice it throughout the day tomorrow
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that the sun will get filtered by the clouds and then saturday morning 6:00 a.m. slight chance of showers in the north bay and chance even in other areas as we head towards saturday 8 to 9 okay in the morning. can't rule out drizzle other parts to have this pattern. not screws this weekend that you notice the changes. by con takes the warmer waters of the pacific ocean really causing things to heat up so we look at jiminez and hurricane ignacio. jiminez expected to strengthen into category 4 hurricane. powerful 1 by sunday nature as we look at the other system here expected to strengthen to category 1 passing near the hawaiian island chain monday nature into tuesday. surf heavy rain could be a problem if you have nrons travel there. if you head the east coast tropical storm just hammering the leeward islands. this one is expected to continue toward
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florida monday morning l topical story could be east boast of florida into tuesday. business plans keep that in mind. tomorrow starting out mild for most of you. 60's. few 50's. patchy cloud at the coast. south bay 80 san jose. 85 sunnyvale redwood city 68 pacifica so cooler 76 downtown san francisco. 70 daly city. 88 in the north bay and santa rose 86 napa east bay 80 in oakland. 8743 mont. inland spots you are hot not as hot as today. 92 with nut creek. accu-weather 7 day forecast the big drop in the temperatures this weekend. mid 60's to mid 80's for the weekend and afternoon and the cool down continues next week he when 80 is the warm spot. you will notice the difference next week. >> thanks sandhya. >> just ahead here. andre
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takes his nba championship hardware to jap
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>> unusual sign on the golden gate bridge today. the it was part of tribute driver justin wilson would died during a race sunday. the marco drove number 25 car across the bridge. he and other drivers will rest in the grpd pre-in sonoma sunday. >> warrior star andre the made new friend in toke yeah today he met pepper the row about th the. first art firmly who reads emotion and show mvp trophy. hoping they didn't teach to it my basketball. >> right. take this. let's talk giants when you are a kid
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>> madison has been good all season. he's been world series great in the month of august. 5 start 5 win after dominating the cubs this afternoon. strike out the side in the first then in the third no way. covering first throw from bell behind hip. this gets the fat down. kaley former advertise out. giants a lead in the third. low angle view. bird take dan to deep center and ou out. this is a 3 run shot at
11:29 pm
the game. cruise control for him. anthony last of the 12 k. 11 after 61 run allowed win no. 16 for mad bum. tomlinson go did you know and get it young fellow. first mainly league homer grand slam. check out the spill on the face as he hits home plate. giants take 2 of 3 from the red hot cub. 50 in the last 18 at home. zack front runner fought the cy young award whipper. against the red 7 innings 4 hits no run improve to 14 and 3. dodgers scored wins in the second inning. that was enough in a 1 nothing win. couple key injuries. if reaggravate the right hamstring. giants remain 2 and a half back in the west. colorado day 2 of the nineer joint practice with the bronco broncos. team play saturday night. john elway and gm these day saying afterward he's always like kaepernick and a special player. all this gushing and joe says the
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offense was left today. >> the we'll watch it. training camp practice are for this learn from it and get better. >> first of 4 tournament to decide a champ chron start dad at the barkley in new jersey. watson spieth open with 5 under 65. he tied the lead with 3 others. spieth kailtd the first round in years. 4 over 74. >> championship in beijing. bolt beats him again. edge him in the 100 few days ago. 19.55 second. immediately after look at this. camera dude on segue takes him down. luckily bolt was fine. hop to his feet. right here. played it cool. this could have been really, really bad. we could have been talking about this for difficulties as one of the worst sport stories of the yea
11:31 pm
year. this is brought to you by the ex fen. >> he's fine. >> so odd. >> poor guy on the segue think about that for a listening time. not living that down thanks. >> about appreciate it. >> 7 news does 10 now on line on twitter on facebook and mobile did he vase with our 7 news app. >> check it out when you can 4:30 tomorrow morning but hang leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise
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>> thanks so much for the company tonight we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us right now in jimmy kimmel leif pierce brosnan. >> james bond.
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>> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. >>night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, pierce brosnan, from "fear the walking dead," alycia debnam-carey. "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from lamb of god. with cleto and the cletones. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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