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  This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  September 20, 2015 8:03am-8:13am PDT

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>> some other polls came out where i went up, very substantially. others are coming out, likewise where that went up. so, generally speaking i've gone up since the debate. but we'll see what happens. i think those polls are all coming out today and tomorrow. >> let's get into this controversy over the last couple of days. i saw your tweets yesterday, you said you didn't have a morally responsibility when that question came up about president obama. but this is getting a lot of attention in part because you have raised questions like this in the past. so, for the record, was president obama born in the united states? >> well, you know, i don't get into, george, i'm talking about jobs, military, i don't get into it. they asked the questions. frankly, it's no longer an interest to me. it's something i don't want to talk about. i want to talk about the vets and the military. i want to talk about jobs. i don't get into that, george.
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>> the way to get behind it is answer yes or no -- >> that's possible, but i don't talk about it. >> even though you raised questions and you investigated this in the past -- >> well, people thought i should have defended the president in terms of the question that was asked the other night. my attitude is, would he have done that for me? he's been very capable of defending himself, believe me. so, we'll see what happens. but i think the tweets really covered it cell. i actually was very interested because i got in hot water for not saying anything. first time it's ever happened to me. this is something where i didn't even say anything. >> i take that point. but you raised these questions so often in the past, why can't you say definitively yes or not? you raised it many times. and he's not a muslim. >> george, you have raised the
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question. i haven't raised the question. i don't talk about it. but i don't talk other people's faith. not appropriate for me to talk about somebody else's faith. >> the other big premise of that question, he said, muslims are a problem many this country, do you agree? >> in some cases, george, we can say no, and you can be politically correct and say everything's wonderful. certainly it's a problem. and there's a problem -- >> what is the problem specifically? >> at the same time, we have fabulous people living here, muslims, and they have done fantastically well, but certainly it's a problem. you look around the world, it's a problem. if i said no, not at all, people would laugh at me. now, it might be the right thing to say. i don't care what the right thing to say is, but certainly what's happening with
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some muslims and, you know, terrorism and everything else, it seems pretty much confined there. it's a problem. we can say no, but it is. >> what are the specific problems with the muslims that you want to address? >> a certain extent, most are fabulous, i say that number one point, most are fabulous. i have friends that are muslims. by the way, they say there's a problem with certain militants that obviously you report on every night on your newscasts. but there's a problem with militancy. and it is something that's going to have to be solved. this is a worldwide problem. >> let's get to that worldwide problem, we also learned over this week, russia has now moved combat aircraft and surface-to-air missiles into syria, what do you think putin is up to? >> he's trying to take over parts of the world that -- he was there long ago, now he's trying to go back, and the
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problem is, we have a president that he does not respect, he has absolutely no respect for the president and maybe he has no fear of the united states any longer because we're letting things go, our military isn't the same as it was, obviously it's being depleted. i'm seeing it in real estate. they're selling so many things and so many places. i say to myself, what's going on? >> if president putin decided it's in his national interest to move into syria, ukraine, what could you say to him? >> it's all about leadership. it's about getting along with people. i gave answer that i thought was very good in the debate. lot of people loved that answer and they agreed with that answer. you get along with people. it's called respect. he has no respect for the president. he doesn't talk to the president. they have absolutely no relationship. you see the body language when they're together. the body language is absolutely horrible.
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now, as far as syria is concerned, it looks like he's trying to build up in syria and, you know, it's very interesting, because with isis -- we're fighting isis, yet isis is fighting assad, and assad is saying, isn't it nice that the united states came in and they're take caring of your enemy. isis now is fighting us -- instead of fighting assad. >> i'm trying to figure out -- >> we're the best thing that ever happened to assad. >> are you saying that president putin would actually do something against his national interest, pull out of syria just belongs he gets along with you. >> the word is respect. he has no respect for our country and our leadership at the moment. frankly, he's doing things that are very aggressive, and the reason he's doing them is because he doesn't have respect.
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>> what's the first thing you would do to respect him? %-p. there's no communication. they have no communication whatsoever. i get along with people and frankly there are some people, george, that i don't get along with, no chemistry, whatever it may, you find the people you get along with -- it's a chess game, life is a very high-level chess match. you have to know what you're doing. you don't want to start world war iii over syria. lot of people said we want to confront them. i'm not sure you want to start world war iii over syria. that's for sure. >> i want to move on to more politics, carly fiorina surging. in the cnn poll, up to 15%. you had some exchanges with her the other night, did you underestimate her? >> look, she did a terrible job at hewlett packard, at lucent. dhoez companies are just a
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disaster. she destroyed hewlett packard. 25,000 additional people were let go. that was because of the remnants that she did. compaq computers deal was a terrible deal. she destroyed the company that she was at before there. she's been terrible. she's got a good pitter patter. if you listen to her for more than five minutes straight, you get a headache. i'm not concerned with that. i'd like to see her do well. but frankly, you know, i didn't see the poll. i think i'm still way in -- >> you're still ahead. you're at 24%. she's at 15% right now. >> is she in second place? >> ben carson is in second place. marco rubio -- fiorina is in second place, then ben carson. marco rubio moved up a lot. you had an exchange with jeb bush about casino gambling in florida, you said it was totally false that you tried to get
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casino gambling -- >> i never spoke to him. i never called him and said, would you do it? in fact, the governor that was after him ultimately approved it. but i never spoke to jeb. i never called up jeb and said, jeb, would you do me a favor -- >> you're saying, you were accepting trying to get casino gambling there. >> we're looking at deals all over the world. i'm doing deals all over the world. yeah, we were looking at the florida, but ultimately, charlie crist, the next governor, approved casino gambling. i never called jeb. the question was, did i call jeb? it was very premature. it was very early. there were other steps they would have to take. i would have called jeb and i think he might have done it for me, because i did help him. but i never called him and therefore i think i was 100% accurate in my answer. >> donald trump, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. let's go to marco rubio,
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from florida, good morning, senator, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> talking to donald trump about that new poll coming out on cnn showing a big move for you, as well, do you think this is your breakout moment? >> these polls don't really mean anything at this stage. you're a veteran of campaigns. i'm not sure mid-september winners is where you want to be. you want to do well and they're relevant because they're deciding who gets on the stage. they're not going to decide this election. obviously, everybody's happy when there's a poll that shows some movement. >> you still got these outsider candidates in the top three positions, donald trump, ben carson and carly fiorina. what do you do about it? >> it's about the fact that the disconnect between washington and our people has never been larger than it is right now. people feel like political leaders in both political parties are completely out of touch with their lives. you saw some of it reflected in the debate the other day. it's not l