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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. the democrats debate in the desert. hillary, center stage pulling no punches. >> so i'm not taking a backseat to anybody on my value, my principles and the results that i get. >> we break down the defining moments. >> all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. >> and the biggest surprises. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. >> donald trump live tweets the whole event. he's here this morning live. complete coverage right now on "gma." breaking news, a jet forced to abort takeoff at l.a.x. a car making a wrong turn onto the runway at one of the busiest airports in the country.
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the faa is investigating. details coming in right now. fighting for his life. former nba champ lamar odom found unresponsive in a brothel. rushed to the hospital. his ex-wife khloe kardashian and her family reportedly by his side. we have his condition right now. ♪ i'm on top of the world and baby on board. new details about that miracle at 30,000 feet. the flight crew helping make a much different delivery and the doctor who jumped into action. we hear from her for the first time this morning. and good morning, america. democrats took over las vegas last night and after their first debate, here was the scene at hillary's party. >> all: hillary, hillary, hillary. >> good reviews coming in for the democratic front-runner. her team called it the best day of the campaign. >> bernie sanders also very happy this morning. hillary's main rival won the
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night on social media. the most mentioned candidate on facebook and twitter and take a look at this. he picked up the most followers on twitter. hillary was a distant second but you know who picked up the most? donald trump. he had 60,000 new followers. >> why is that not shocking? >> he'll be here in a second. >> he will. our political team will break it down for us and begin with abc's cecilia vega who was there for all of the action in las vegas. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, what a night. george said it. hillary clinton's campaign is calling it the best day. bernie sanders broke fund-raising records. those predictions that last night would be boring, they were so wrong. >> please welcome the democratic candidates -- >> reporter: there were five candidates but this was the hillary versus bernie show. >> secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. >> but i can tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do
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what all of us i hope want, that is, keep guns out of the hands of people that should not have those guns and end this horrible violence we are seeing. >> reporter: hillary clinton center stage but when it came to being on the hot seat over those e-mails. >> with all due respect it's a little hard -- isn't it hard for you to call this a partisan issue. >> i want to talk about what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> senator sanders. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders the opponent chipping away at her lead coming to her defense. >> let me say something that may not be great politics, but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. thank you. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: clinton tried to hold on to her front-runner status defending herself against accusations of flip-flopping on trade and immigration. >> so i'm not taking a backseat to anybody on my values, my principles, and the results that i get. >> reporter: sanders trying to convince america that a self-described socialist can win the white house. >> i'm a progressive but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >> so we'll explain what democratic socialism is and what democratic socialism is about is saying that it is immoral and wrong that the top 0.1% in this country own almost 90%. >> reporter: jim webb, lincoln chafee and martin o'malley on that stage too. >> i've been waiting for ten minutes. >> reporter: just waiting, hoping, trying to get noticed. >> first of all -- >> this discussion at some point -- >> yes, you'll be coming in next. >> i've been standing over here for ten minutes. trying. >> reporter: getting a jump on the front-runners prove be to be tough. no matter the topic. >> any time someone is running
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to be our leader and a world leader which the american president is credibility is an issue. out there with the world and we have repair work to be done. i think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. that's how i feel. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> governor. >> reporter: the most buzz worthy moment online is the most controversy thing. take a look at this. that's bill clinton tweeting a picture of himself watching the debate on tv. he was not in the hall last night. he said his wife's performance proved she should be president. >> i think you would expect him to say that. cecilia, thanks very much. from the republican front-runner, donald trump. he live tweeted the whole debate. here was one of them. said sorry there is no star on the stage tonight. he's on the phone with us right now. so no star on the stage, mr. trump. who won? >> well, she did what she had to do. she got through it. she got through it fine.
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i thought the others were not strong. they were not going after her. it was a very kind debate, very gentle. and she got through the debate. she's got a substantial lead in the polls so they had to hit her hard and decided not to do that. i think bernie gave up for a good sound bite. it was a wonderful sound bite but you have an fbi investigation going on. he gave up the e-mail situation right then and there and i think that's a mistake. i think that he's losing quite a bit -- he's losing by so much that he really should not have done that, although it was a nice moment for him. >> yeah. >> and a nice moment for her. actually a much better moment for her. >> puts the issue away. you said it was a good move by bernie sanders. he also took on casino capitalists, bernie sanders did, sounds like a preview of a possible attack on you. who wins between the casino capitalist and democratic socialist? >> we'll see. it is a race. i don't think he'll get there. his performance was okay but he had to be much better. had to come out the clear winner and he didn't. she came out not the winner but,
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yeah, probably if you think about it, george, she came out the winner. she did what she had to do and they were extremely gentle. the other three, it's not going to happen. >> at the same time there is a new fox poll out that shows ben carson catching up with you, almost even with you, you're at 24. he's at 23. how do you explain that and are you ready to take him on? >> i can't explain it. i've been number one for a long time and i'm number one in every poll in most cases by very big numbers in double-digit numbers. this was one that came out yesterday. he's been getting a lot of ink on the muslims and other things and i guess people look at that and they probably like it. some people thought they wouldn't like it but they probably do. it's interesting, but, you know, he's a good guy, a nice guy, we get along well. we'll see if that continues but as you see i'm still in the lead and -- and i've actually gone up a little and he's gone up and other people have gone down. so many of the others are way down it's really amazing. it looks like a two-man race.
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>> right now you guys are at the top. will you have to take him on and take the gloves off? >> probably at some point, yes. which i actually look forward to doing. i can't do it, though. he's been so nice to me, george. i can't do it. >> what's the number one issue for you to take him on? >> i think there's a lot of issues but one of them would be experience. i mean, ben is a doctor and he's -- that's what he's been doing and the question is, is he capable of negotiating with china and russia and iran and all of the things you have to do and, you know, there will be a lot of things but i think at this moment i won't go into them but there will be a lot of things having to do with capacity and experience. >> donald trump, thanks for joining us again this morning. >> thank you very much, george. >> we're joined now by jon karl and matthew dowd so you just heard donald trump right there. hillary won. >> this was the best day of the campaign for her. she was confident. she was forceful. she was prepared without seeming overly prepared, even seemed authentic. the most striking thing we were all wondering was hillary clinton going to come under attack.
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instead she came on the attack and went right at bernie sanders. >> well, i think she had a very good night. i think she was very competent in her answers but debates are about how do you solve liabilities you have. she came in with the two big liability, authenticity and likability. i think she comes away still with those two liabilities. i thought the most disciplined person was bernie sanders from the get-go from the sound at the beginning to the very end knew exactly where he stood and can repeat exactly where he stands and i think bernie sanders gets a bump from this. >> yeah, a lot of the focus groups coming out show he did quite well. did he put the e-mail issue away at least for the primaries? >> i think he did. i don't think it existed in the primary. i think that he did that. i actually think it benefited him more than her and made him look strong and made him look like even those he is against her but likes her. and he defended her on it. >> this was never going to be an issue in the democratic primary. one week from now on tuesday she will go before the special benghazi committee and face, george, ten hours of questioning.
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it'll be a much different tone. >> one name that did not come up surprising joe biden, what does this do to his calculations? >> you know, on one hand biden had to look at this and go, wow, the competition for hillary clinton is weak. i mean she doesn't have a forceful competitor on there outside of bernie sanders. he must have seen an opening there. but, you know, he didn't come up at all. there is a sense his moment has passed. she was forceful. she did not look vulnerable. >> it brings him into the race, i think. bernie sanders gets a bump because he was the most disciplined. he watches that and goes we can't nominate a socialist in the democratic party and brings him in and probably fairly quickly. >> clear difference between the two. >> it will have to be quick one way or the other. >> let's go to robin. that breaking news. the delta jet forced to abort takeoff at l.a.x. when a car drove onto the runway. abc david kerley has the lately. good morning. >>reporter: this close call at lax caught by a system which
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detected the vehicle driving toward this commuter jet as it's taken off. with 76 passengers was rolling for takeoff when an alarm goes off. a vehicle is on the runway driving toward the jet. the tower controller frantically tries to stop the jet. the pilot hits the brakes. take off aborted. the plane exits the runway. it's a system like this that saw the vehicle on the runway and sounded that alarm. authorities stopped the driver who was not listening to the tower radio. escorted off the airfield and authorization rescinded. the jet took off for kansas city. now to a major lawsuit that could have big implications for gun control. jurors finding a store liable for the sale of a weapon that was later used in the shooting of two milwaukee police officers.
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abc's pierre thomas has that story. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the gun store owners get to appeal the case but this verdict could have far-reaching implications putting gun dealers across the nation on notice they may have to be more careful about who they sell to. you're watching an illegal gun sale. that man at the counter is actually buying the gun for this suspect, julius bergeronen who at the time was 18, too young to make the purchase. roughly a month later julius gets into an altercation with two police officers, it's caught on tape. he shoots them in the face. scarring them for life physically and mentally. >> felt like i didn't deserve to live anymore. actually considered committing suicide. >> reporter: the officers sued the gun store claiming it was a rogue dealer looking the other way while criminals illegally bought weapons. the lawsuit claims badger guns approved the sale despite a number of irregularities including that the man filling out the form first noted that the gun was not even for him.
7:13 am
milwaukee authorities say that between 2006 and 2009, more than 1800 firearms from badger guns were used in crimes. >> got a store with a bad track record, you got victims who are police officers, and you have a phony sale, if that can't win, nothing will win. >> reporter: but during trial gun store officials argued they never intentionally sold to criminals. >> the last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody's hands that has -- that's going to commit a crime. >> reporter: the jury did not buy it awarding the officers $5 million in damages. after deliberating just nine hour, robin. >> pierre, as you know, many are asking is this going to have any sort of impact on gun purchases moving forward? >> reporter: a lot depends on what happens on appeal, robin. a legal scholar told me yesterday holding a gun store liable was a rare event and virtually everyone in the gun control debate was watching so this could have broad implications. robin.
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>> we'll wait and see. pierre, thanks. millions of americans getting an early taste of winter. cold blast across much of the country. what is going on? >> frost, freeze and flakes. they're all in my forecast from the great lakes to the northeast. this morning reasonably cool, 40s in the great lakes, 50s along the east coast but that was just cold front number one. number two will push through this weekend and drop everyone in the northern plains, great lakes into the 20s and then look at the 20s up in parts of the poconos even. a few snowflakes mixing in as it comes through saturday night, sunday morning. 1 degree above freezing in washington, d.c. by sunday morning. >> thanks very much. to amy with the morning's other top stories. small plane crash in florida. >> dramatic video showing the moments after a small plane crashed into this mobile home park in south florida. you see the flames shooting into the air. witnesses say the plane just fell suddenly out of the sky. three bodies have been found in that wreckage. overseas, israel's military is enforcing strict new security measures to prevent more attacks
7:15 am
like this one when a palestinian rammed his car into a bus stop and began stabbing people. dozens of people have been killed in recent days, israeli forces have sealed off parts of jerusalem. president obama is reportedly rethinking the planned pullout of u.s. forces in afghanistan amid growing pressure to keep more troops in place. meanwhile, after a 15-day battle, the taliban is finally withdrawing from the city of konduz. the scene of that deadly u.s. air strike on a hospital. a man in fresno was browsing the aisles of an antique store when he found old photos in the box. he liked them and bought them for 2 bucks. he had no idea that one of them shows william bonney playing croquet with his buddies in 1878. if you're asking who is william bonney, well, you may know him from another name. he was an outlaw also known as billy the kid. this is just one of only two known photos of him worth $5 million.
7:16 am
>> wow. >> he's your guy. >> i am so jealous. oh, my god. where is that thrift shop? >> the holy grail of photography. >> that's phenomenal. >> yet another reason -- >> see, robin. this weekend, baby. thank you, amy. up first in baseball history, cubs fans are celebrating this morning. we'll have that story for you in just 30 seconds. we are back. coming up on 7:17 with a live
7:17 am
look at wrigley field. cub fans, whoo, waking up very happy this morning. they were dancing in the streets after their team made it into the national league championship series while the metz and dodgers will play one more game for a chance to face those cubbies. abc's t.j. holmes is at citi field. you did get a ticket to the game last night, t.j. good to see. >> reporter: well, i got a ticket to the game, yes, but at the same time, though, really, robin, let me be honest, i was on the couch because i just about wore the remote out going back and forth between the political debate and playoff baseball. and nothing disappointed -- well, mets fans might have been a little disappointed but in chicago, cubs fans, they were treated to something that no cubs fan dead or alive has ever seen before. chicago has waited 100 years for this celebration. fans taking to the streets after their beloved cubs did something they've never done before, win a playoff series at wrigley field. >> they got him.
7:18 am
a strikeout. the cubs win! >> reporter: the cubs knocked off the st. louis cardinals to clinch the national league division series. the win, only the second time the team's won a playoff series since 1908. >> it's been a fun experience so far. hopefully we can keep it going. >> reporter: the cubs now heading to the national league championship series. >> cubs win world series. >> reporter: one step closer to breaking the curse and making that "back to the future ii" prediction come true. now the dodgers/mets series. now tied 2-2 after the dodgers struck back tuesday night. >> we are heading to game five in los angeles. >> reporter: but l.a. winning without chase utley who sat out for the second day in a row. still hasn't seen action since that slide seen around the world broke the leg of mets shortstop ruben tejada. he was suspended for the controversial play but is eligible to play pending the outcome of his appeal now expected to be heard monday. >> he broke the man's leg. he's not playing right now so he shouldn't be playing right now.
7:19 am
>> reporter: all right, guys, so with this win last night, the cubs, they have now beaten the two teams who had the best records in all of baseball, once again, guy, raising hopes that maybe, maybe this is the year the curse is finally broken. >> it could be and how about you? he had a ticket but yet you were doing your job watching -- >> yep, that's our guy. >> couldn't miss the debate. >> much more ahead this morning. nba and reality star lamar odom hospitalized. we'll tell you why and his condition next.
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end but plenty hot back in the deserts too. that's the big picture. let's get your local abc station's weather. as we head into the afternoon, no records. look how warm it is. 80s and 90s inland. 70s and 80s around the bay. a chance of a storm, san jose southward. another chance across the north bay saturday, the big scorer, yeah, going to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler this weekend. matt? >> thank you, mike, for that update. now to the developing news out of san jose. police say three people are dead after a car involved in a street race slammed into a tree near evening santa clara and south 22nd street. four teenagers were inside the honda accord that crashed. a male and female pronounced dead at the scene, a second
7:25 am
diped at the hospital and a third male in critical condition. the describer of the second car took off and is presumed okay. police are searching for that driver to help determine exactly what happened. accused of killing a canadian backpacker will be arraigned. expected to make their first court appearance today. the victim, steve carter and audrey carey found last week. prosecutors say lampley was the actual gunman in the case. the death penalty is a possibility. stay with us, and leyla gulen will ♪
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wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. answers welcome back. a look at traffic now on the san
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mateo bridge, a pain. get out of the way to see the slow going commuter as they make their drive away from the east bay towards the peninsula. now that drive from 880 to 101 is going to take you 30 minutes. observer to the richmond san rafael plaza, wroeranother if b spot approaching the toll plaza pb look at delays head in the direction 4 miles per hour. matt? coming up, protecting your iphones. "good morning america" is on the
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we welcome you back to "gma." you're looking live at los angeles international airport, l.a.x. we're following that developing story. a delta jet forced to abort takeoff when a car took a wrong turn onto the runway. the faa is investigating. as we say good morning, america, here are some of the other big stories we're following. good night for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. democrats faced off in las vegas for their first debate. clinton's officials called it the best day of the campaign. sanders won the night on social media. your cable bill is skyrocketing. the average bill is nearly $42 higher than it was just five years ago. also this wednesday morning another story for you here, lara, the thrift shop buy that could change the game for one lucky lady. michael has that for us.
7:31 am
he's in the social square. >> lara may be on to something. look at these photos. are these original from matt groening, the creator of "the simpsons." if so they could be worth a lot of money. one lady found them at a thrift shop. we'll hear all about it in "the speed feed." >> thanks very much. a lot this morning. the former nba star, lamar odom fighting for his life after he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel. abc's kayna whitworth has the latest. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. so many of you know odom and khloe kardashian are currently in divorce proceedings but word is this morning that she along with some of her other family members have rushed to this las vegas hospital to be by his side. reports are right now the 35-year-old is unconscious with damage to his heart, liver and kidneys. >> i, khloe, give you this ring. >> i, khloe, give you this ring. >> it was a match made in reality tv heaven. >> my love and commitment to you. >> my love and commitment to you. >> reporter: nba star lamar odom
7:32 am
marrying khloe kardashian after a month-long courtship in 2009. >> you are husband and wife. >> reporter: this morning, two years after khloe first filed for divorce amidst allegations of lamar's drug use and infidelity, the kardashian clan rallying around the 35-year-old former laker rushing to his bedside in this las vegas hospital after he was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel. tmz who took this video of his ambulance says he's in critical condition unable to breathe on his own after suffering damage to his heart, lungs and kidneys. the county sheriff reports odom couldn't be air-lifted to the hospital because he was too big for the chopper. >> lamar called the love ranch brothel on saturday, came out there to have a good time, disappeared like a lot of celebrities do. >> reporter: the owner dennis hof who said he checked in and ingested several herbal viagras. during his four-day stay. >> still alive. ambulance came, police came and
7:33 am
said this is not looking good. >> reporter: despite lamar and khloe's troubles the two have kept in touch as seen on the most recent episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> i'm on high alert with lamar because anything will set him to spiral. >> reporter: this morning desperate for an update on his condition nba players tweeting out messages of support. miami heat's dwyane wade writing prayers all the way up for my brother lamar odom. overnight his former teammate kobe bryant reportedly arriving at the hospital to pay him a visit. now, there's been no official response from the kardashians but certainly we'll learn a lot more as this day progresses. robin and george. >> wishing him all the very best going forward, my goodness. now to actress jennifer lawrence, blasting hollywood's sexism and wage inequality. in a new essay the oscar winner says she just wants her pay to be equal to her male colleagues. abc's linsey davis is here with that story for us. good morning. linsey. >> reporter: it was the subject
7:34 am
of patricia arquette's oscar acceptance speech this year, just last week it was part of the dialogue on "grey's anatomy" and jennifer lawrence who is well paid but still seen as a poster child for unequal pay in hollywood circles is adding her two cents about previously been short-changed. >> those guys over there, they don't scare me. >> reporter: "american hustle" star jennifer lawrence silent no more blaming herself for being hustled by sony studio executives after hackers revealed she earned less than her male "american hustle" co-stars. lawrence penning an essay for lena dunham's newsletter saying why do i make less than my male co-stars? the 25-year-old who earned an oscar nomination for her role in the movie received a smaller percentage of the profits for the film than bradley cooper, jeremy renner and christian bale. lawrence is worth a reported $52 million thanks to two major
7:35 am
franchises, "the hunger games" and "x-men," and while she admits her problems aren't exactly relatable, lawrence says she didn't want to seem difficult or spoiled during her negotiations. things she says her male co-stars definitely didn't worry about. >> oftentimes when it comes to women no matter what position she's in, she worries more about being nice an well liked than getting what she's worth. >> reporter: women earn about 84% of what their male counterparts earn, that means women have to work about 40 extra days a year to bring home the same salary as men. >> remove the emotion. negotiating is it's not so personal. remember that life is too expensive not to speak up. >> reporter: and now other female celebrities are speaking up. emma watson tweeting, "o, jennifer lawrence, i love you so." she along with elizabeth banks and sienna miller are voicing their support for lawrence and women at large. the oscar winning actress is
7:36 am
also getting support from bradley cooper, her "american hustle" co-star who said if you only think you deserve a certain amount and it's not correct it's about changing that mind-set and sticking up for yourself, something we're sure jennifer lawrence will do in the future. >> we can all learn something from that. i how she said, yes, she knows it's not relatable to some people because she does make a lot of people but it's the principle of the matter and it's what we're seeing across the world and enough is enough, equal work equal pay. >> she is fighting for it. she's getting it now. >> hear, hear. >> thank you. now to that plane which landed with one more passenger than it took off with. baby born during midflight. fortunately there was a doctor on board. this morning we're hearing from her and neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: the fact that the youngest passenger in row 49 didn't have a ticket wasn't stopping her. right there in the middle of the plane just look at the expression on that flight attendant, a brand-new healthy baby girl born at 30,000 feet.
7:37 am
>> once in a lifetime thing. >> reporter: this woman was in the middle of a long flight home and couldn't believe her eyes. >> they're disinfecting cy sorries, collecting buckets and blankets and whatever things they can find on the airplane. >> reporter: the china air flight was headed from taiwan to los angeles, but you can see on radar where it made a huge course change steering towards alaska for an emergency landing. a young doctor returning home from her honeymoon was on board and jumped in to help delivering the baby less than 30 minutes before landing. >> the flight crew was very helpful bringing me any medical equipment i needed, helping me out with the patient. they were basically like my stand-in nurses. >> reporter: but will the baby be a u.s. citizen? the law says if you're born within a 12-mile radius of american soil you are but we don't know yet. only that the plane landed in anchorage with one more passenger than it started with and both she and her very surprised mother are doing just fine.
7:38 am
for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> a lot of happiness on that flight. >> i wonder what it will say on her birth certificate. birthplace, over the atlantic ocean. pacific ocean. >> free flights for her whole life. >> we're in for that. coming up, do you or someone you know constantly break your phone? well, help is on the way. gio is here with that. >> we put new iphones to the test putting them up against keys and so much more. we'll shake it all up to tell you how to protect your phones. that's coming up. are you ready to protect some phones? whoo! stick around.
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it's 7:42. time for "gma on the lookout." a quick poll among us, who here as a broken iphone, raise your hand? all right. gio is here to rescue us with the best way to protect your phone. gio, take it away. >> i need rescuing too. i just broke mine. so many of us are phone obsessed
7:43 am
and sometimes it's our window to the world and when they fall or come head-to-head with sharp objects we could have some problems so we put two new iphone cases to the test and this morning, we are bringing you the results. one costs 50 bucks, the other just 10. right now "gma" is on the lookout. "gma on the lookout" putting two new iphone cases through a series of tests with the new iphone 6s inside. the otterbox defender for 49.95 and anker for 9.99. the companies making similar claims among other safeguards protection against dropping and dust. malarie gokey and jeremy kaplan from digital trends here to help us with our experiment to see if the cases hold up against even more. >> usually when we test case we go through a couple of different things you might encounter in real life. >> reporter: first up, dirt. the otterbox -- >> got a ton of dirt in the speaker part which could be
7:44 am
really bad. >> reporter: and the anker covered in dirt. with lots of dirt in the speakers. but none ending up in the phone. we used new cases for each category of testing. now on to the gravel test. iphones everywhere are screaming right now. looks like it's definitely dusty but no scratches at all. looks like this is perfectly protected. >> reporter: bring in the keys. >> a real torture test. my keys, incredibly crazy set of keys. the case hasn't even been scratched. this looks like a success to me. >> reporter: the drop test, once again with new case, remember, both companies claim protection against drops, we didn't see a mention on their websites of how far it could fall and still be protected. first eight feet. on a new york city rooftop and i'm going just a little bit higher. it's painful to drop an iphone. here we go, eight feet. both phones undamaged. now we take the phones even higher.
7:45 am
here's the death defying climb. let's see what happens. even from 15 feet, both phones, fine. bottom line, both cases pass the series of tests, so the only difference, the price. otterbox tells us it provides premium durable protection and you get what you pay for. the true test is time because drops and dings aren't just a one-time occurrence. and anker says its case is designed and engineered for those who demand serious protection for their iphone without sacrificing the iphone's slim and lightweight feel. so, really the choice is yours. both cases held up really well, again, the only difference right now we saw in the test is one costs nearly 50 bucks and the other nearly 10 and, amy, what's this? >> well, it's a pretty one. i bought it because i liked how it looked. it didn't protect, though. >> i did the same thing. i have a pretty case but my phone is wrecked. i've had to replace three or four screens.
7:46 am
where were you at before? >> i'm here now. >> thank you, gio. hey, everybody, coming up the big "simpsons" mystery, are these drawings worth big money? michael will tell us on "gma." stay with us. to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. this is our promise. farmers of fairlife, we bring you richly indulgent chocolate milk that's ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and only half the sugar. and never any artificial growth hormones. at fairlife, we believe in better.
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7:50 am
you hear that song. "thrift shop" and one woman with quite a find at the thrift shop, michael, you got that for us. >> yes, i do, robin. "the speed feed" this morning is all about "the simpsons." a washington woman named gwendolyn atwood might have found a pot of gold at a local thrift shop. look at what she believes are early sketches of "the simpsons." here they are side by side with the current look of the characters, there could be something to it. >> wow. >> that's what she found and that's the current look of the characters. of all matt groening went to nearby evergreen college which is where she found these in that area and we checked with the creator of the show and there was no comment about it. they asked her to donate it and she said eat my shorts in the words of bart simpson. we'll be right back. >> we'll have a cow. coming up, "gma's" "real money" brought to you by voya financial, changing the way you think of retirement.
7:51 am
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oh, my friends in southern california, that welcome rain is just on your doorstep. you'll see the cloud, showers, even storms and even debris flow and mudslides in the higher elevations. 1 to 2 inches is what you'll get at best. that brought to you by las vegas. your local weather after this.
7:55 am
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good morning. i'm matt keller. france police are investigating a suicide and assault at a downtown hotel and related incident. a 26-year-old committed suicide sunday at the marriott marquee. hours later a worker found in a penthouse suffering from life-threatening injuries. evidence was found linking the assault to the suicide. and mike nicco has your forecast. >> look at high clouds. this will be a mainstay today. may be a little thicker down to the south where we could have a scattered storm from san jose southward. record high in san jose yesterday. livermore, seven to ten degrees cooler. the cooling trend through the weekend. slight chance of a shower saturday. a motorcycle crash in east palo alto. the blocking at least three
7:57 am
lanes at willow road. a look off the drive 680 southbound way from pleasant hill into walnut creek. matt? coming up, the latest on actress payton pen thierry ♪shining, shimmering, splendid ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers, visit or call your travel agent.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new overnight, hayden panettiere being treated for postpartum depression, the struggles the new mom has been facing. doctor jen ashton joins us live with the latest on the symptoms and the risk factors. ♪ we are family take a look at this. is this the ultimate sleep pad? why these parents took co-sleeping with their kids to a whole new level. the remarkable setup this gets everyone a good night sleep all together from "a" to zs. ♪ this one's for the girls fear of failure. why your daughters have a harder time dealing with failure than your sons. the research revealing why girls take things a little harder than boys and how to help them feel stronger. ♪ i know now and what makes your top five list when it comes to cult tv shows?
8:01 am
whoopi is here to reveal one of the all time favorites. plus her new book, dishing on life and when to run from love as we say -- >> good morning, america. i'm here. and we're very happy to have whoopi goldberg here with us at "good morning america" before she heads off to "the view." >> hey. >> fun as always with whoopi. >> yeah. also, a little taste of something to come. young youtube sensation here with us this morning. roomie. he does all kinds of impersonations and there he is with michael. ♪ i think i found -- ♪ we're halfway there whoa livin' on a prayer ♪ ♪ take my hand >> he got you going, michael. >> for those out there, i didn't have my warm tea before i sang.
8:02 am
>> oh, okay, all right. >> don't judge me when you see it. >> no judgment. as you said, that's just a taste of it. >> a lot more coming up. the morning rundown with amy. good morning, everybody. reaction pouring in after the democratic debate in las vegas. hillary clinton controlled the first face-off between the candidates but she wasn't the only winner last night. abc's cecilia vega joins us with the key moments. cecilia, good morning. >> hi, amy, good morning to you. what a night here it was in las vegas. the democrats facing off face-to-face for the very first time, five candidates on that stage but really there were two stars at this show, hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders stealing all the attention last night. there were others on that stage too, but they spent most of the debate just trying to get noticed. but the most buzzed about moment online was clinton and sanders actually agreeing about the most controversial issue of this entire campaign, those e-mails. take a listen. >> that is that the american people are sick and tired of
8:03 am
hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> reporter: both sides this morning are claiming victory. clinton's camp said this was the best day of the entire campaign so far and, amy, bernie sanders broke fund-raising records during this debate last night. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. breaking news. police in jerusalem foiled an attack on the streetd killing the suspect. israel deployed troops to stop a wave of recent palestinian attacks blamed for dozens of death. and the faa is warning you not to pack spare lithium batteries in your checked luggage. they could start a fire. one caused an emergency landing this week. well, the nation's air traffic controllers are warning widespread airline delays are likely in the near future. their union says the number of traffic controllers on the job is now the lowest in 27 years and one-third of that force is eligible to retire.
8:04 am
they are calling this shortage a crisis. well, some terrifying morning commute moments on a highway near boston. this large piece of scrap metal flew off a truck. look at that, crashing through the windshield of a woman's suv. but you can see, thankfully, it came through on the passenger side where no one was and she was not injured. well a former new york dwkttive in the nypd has died. robert lucci put his life on the line. his service was honored in the movie "prince of the city." he emerged from witness protection and devoted his life to teaching and his family including his daughter. a top producer here at abc news bob lucci was 75 and hour thoughts, prayers and love are with santini and her family this morning.
8:05 am
well, finally, a surprising sight for divers off the coast of portugal. they came upon this. yeah, what is that? that's a gigantic sunfish dwarfing everything in the surrounding waters. these fish can grow to be ten feet across and weigh up to 5,000 pounds, and they don't seem to be bothered at all by those divers. in fact, they kind of look like fish food, right? like look how small they are in relativity to the fish. >> oh, my gosh. >> i've never seen that before. >> yeah, me neither. >> isn't that incredible? >> that was weird. >> not coming to an aquarium near you. >> no, we're not going there but we're going to michael in the social square. >> all right, thank you, george. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." actress hayden panettiere tackling postpartum depression head on. dr. ashton is here with the signs to look out for and treatment. and would you co-sleep with your kids? one family built a bed to fit seven. could it work for you? it wouldn't work for me because i'm kind of big. i need my room. plus, kids and failure. why girls take it harder than boys. what you can do about it right
8:06 am
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8:08 am
we have a lot ahead. whoopi goldberg is here. you're taking over times square. did you know that? >> i'm happy about that. >> all right, she's getting candid about relationships, dishing out some of her best advice coming up including run! out some of her best advice coming up including run! r from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
this morning's hot button, actress hayden panettiere, the star of abc's "nashville" suffering from postpartum depression and has now checked herself into a treatment center. abc's juju chang is here with her story. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know the former child star is a talented actress and singer and model with a picture perfect engagement to a champion heavyweight boxer, but hayden has been so candid, so open about her struggles with depression after her baby was born, she's a stark reminder that postpartum issues can affect anyone. >> this damn baby. >> reporter: it may be a case of life imitating art, "nashville" star hayden panettiere's rep telling abc news tuesday that the actress is voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center as she is currently battling postpartum depression. >> help me get my life back. >> reporter: panettiere whose character juliette on the abc show "nashville" has struggled
8:12 am
with postpartum depression opening up about the anguish she shares with her counterpart on "live with kelly and michael" two weeks ago. >> you don't realize how broad of a spectrum you can experience that on. it's really painful, and it's really scary. >> reporter: the first time mom to 10-month-old daughter kaia is 1 of 600,000 moms across the country diagnosed with this form of depression each year with common symptoms like difficulty sleeping, high anxiety and frequent crying. the condition can easily take a toll on what is supposedly one of the happiest times in a woman's life. >> and, no, i don't have that postpartum whatever the hell you call it. >> reporter: panettiere has acknowledged the physical changes that come with motherhood posting this photo with the caption, "feeling like i'm finally coming back into my own body." this morning panettiere in treatment facing the condition head on and addressing the shame and stigma that are usually attached to it. >> there's a lot of people out
8:13 am
there who think it's not real. women need a lot of support. >> and, you know, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about postpartum, which can be deeply hurtful. people brushing it off saying, oh, it's just hormones or a matter of will power and hayden said it best herself. it is so painful, so scary and people do need that support. robin. >> yes, juju, thank you. joining us now abc news senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton. i saw you watching that piece, jen. juju touched upon the symptoms. elaborate for us, please. >> you know, after delivering over a thousand babies, i've seen my share of moms dealing with this and all i can tell you is it is not subtle. these women are desperate. they feel disconnected. they feel completely overwhelmed. there is profound sadness and fear and that social stigma on top of it. and we do hear the things that juju mentioned. we hear people saying, you're just tired. you know, you're just adjusting. you just need some rest.
8:14 am
this is way beyond this. this is a medical emergency and in extreme cases when that woman feels like she might hurt herself or has thoughts of possibly her baby, she needs in-hospital treatment. this is a medical emergency. >> get help right away. >> absolutely. >> so causes, risk factors here. >> well, you know what, we know some risk factors, obviously a woman who has had depression or suffered with postpartum depression is at increased risk and in terms of why women experience this, we don't totally understand. yes, there are profound hormonal changes in the brain that occur in pregnancy and postpartum, but this is also biochemical and i really encourage people think of this like blood pressure. if you had high blood pressure, you would treat it. this is no different. this requires aggressive treatment. >> so, talk about the treatments. what are the treatments? >> look, the mainstay in a situation like this is psychotropic medication or antidepressant medication. there is also some exciting research that still is really in its infancy about hormonal therapy thinking possibly estrogen supplementation can help.
8:15 am
psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy. a range of complementary therapies, acupuncture, exercise, light therapy, dietary supplements, but to be clear, you need all hands on deck here. we need social support. we need medical support. because, remember, there are two lives at stake in obstetrics always, there's a mom and a baby and they both need to get better. >> i can see how this is really impacting you and how important it is. >> big deal. we have to give her props. this is a situation where she would like her privacy but she's helping so many women with this awareness. >> discussion is so important. get the help, and dr. ashton will be online. she'll be on twitter with any questions that you have, please reach out to her. michael. >> all right. thank you, robin. and next in "heat index," you have probably heard of co-sleeping when a child sleeps in the same bed with their parents. >> we've just heard of that. >> yes, just heard of it. >> what is this co-sleeping you talk of? >> but there's one texas family that's taking it to the extreme. they've got mom, dad and five
8:16 am
kids all in the same bed. >> wow. >> and they designed the bed themselves so they must have really wanted this. here we go. abc's melissa rycroft has the story. >> reporter: meet the boyce family from plano, texas. they have a lot in common, a love of video games, the outdoors and their bed? that's right. parents tom and elizabeth turned to co-sleeping with five of their kids, ages 1 to 11 when bedtime became less about winding down and more of an uphill battle. you said this came because you guys always traveled together. >> i mean, we've been on the road and so we're in one hotel room or one camper and so it's been a matter of everybody just sleeping in the same room, so we come home and there are blankets and pillows all over my floor every single night and i'm tripping over kids waking them up. no one sleeping great. >> reporter: to make the new situation work, elizabeth came up with the ultimate bed hatch. >> i kind of feel silly because it's so simple. i mean i basically just took the
8:17 am
ikea kura beds, yeah, and wanted to make sure that each kid had some space of their own so hung little curtains and did little mood lighting and, you know, made it fun. >> reporter: they say since they started co-sleeping about six months ago, the family has gone from 0 to 40 winks in no time and sleep experts say co-sleeping can work as long as everybody is catching enough shut-eye each night. >> i do think it's important for a family who's co-sleeping to have a reassessment every couple of months to make sure that it's really still working for you, to make sure everybody is sleeping well, that you're getting your couple connect time. >> reporter: for those wondering, now, i have to ask don't want to get too personal, mom and dad time is really important. >> yes. >> private time, quiet time. obviously when you have five children in your bed, you lose a lot of that. >> so we just say there's always plenty of other rooms. >> there are other rooms in the house. >> reporter: elizabeth and tom say they're flexible and if it stops working, they'll make a change. >> i honestly don't see it lasting that long, which is
8:18 am
partly why i assembled it the way we did because i wanted to be able to break the bed as apart. >> reporter: for now they've got it figured out from "a" to zs. >> they can come and go any time they want as long as it's working well and they're getting the sleep they need, we're not going to change it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, plano, texas. >> that looks like the opposite of heaven. i tell you, i guess you're getting your kids ready for college when they go out and have dorm rooms. >> no judgment zone. >> to each their own. >> but they were able to still have five children? >> yes. >> oh. >> i mean -- >> i didn't think we were going to go there. >> we were all thinking it. >> yeah. >> they're making it work for them. >> to each their own. >> going to go from co-parenting to "modern parenting," that's our series and today we'll have a look at how kids handle failure. it turns out the girls take it much harder than boys. >> no, i don't. >> now, that is something we have to address as parents when they're so young, lara.
8:19 am
abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: failure, it can hit kids especially hard. >> i know i missed one. i'm not an idiot! >> reporter: some experts say girls can be affected most of all having a harder time coping with failure than their male classmates. why? we sat down with a group of 12-year-olds to find out. one thing they all noticed, the boys seem to simply brush it off. what do you see from boys when they fail? how do they react to it? >> i think boys just shrug it off and think it's fine. >> guys just don't really care as much as girls do with some things. >> reporter: next up, they say girls tend to be more emotional. >> i think girls are a little more like dramatic about things. >> reporter: and then there's the social aspect. one study finding 74% of girls surveyed felt they were under pressure to please everyone. >> once you start overachieving people expect things from you. >> reporter: that can make
8:20 am
public failures especially difficult. >> i felt more embarrassed and like self-conscious. >> i felt disappointed and actually felt judged by other people. >> reporter: and judged how? >> now in their minds they're like, oh, she can't do anything. >> reporter: the silver lining, social circles can also be a great source of comfort. >> it can be supportive to you and if someone else tells you that they feel disappointed in themselves or something, you should be supportive to them. >> reporter: girls helping each other up after one of life's inevitable many falls. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> let's talk about this with our friend rachel simmons, author of "odd girl out." co-founder of girls leadership. this is such a big problem for these girls as they head into adolescence. >> it really is and starts at a young age. girls get these messages from society like be liked by everyone, please others, so that's going to make failure so much harder because it's not just that they're messing up they're worrying what do people think of me? do people not like me anymore.
8:21 am
>> you start to see these signs, what do you do? >> one of the first things you do is you have to work with your daughter on not personalizing failure. you don't want her to see failing as a sign that people don't like me anymore. so you say, look, this is the job that you did, don't worry about what other people are thinking of you. because when you focus on your performance, you can bounce back so much easier. >> and you have to let them fail. >> you really, really do. i mean, failure is a muscle. it's a skill, and the only way your daughter will learn how to do it is if you let her struggle so you've got to back off. you've got to just let them fall and they're going to look to you for support after that. that's when you step in. >> you've also heard about something called the stereotype threat. explain that. >> when girls believe that the stereotype that they're bad at math or science is true, that's going to make failure even harder because when a girl fails at math and thinks to herself, oh, girls are terrible at math, they're not going to think they can fix it. they'll just think, oh, my ability is what needs to be changed and i can't. >> they give up. >> they totally give up and done for them. >> rachel simmons, thanks very much. let's go outside to ginger.
8:22 am
>> there we are. we're talking. we're way busy talking. aren't we? we got conversations going. look at the wings. they flew here, these little young ladies from new jersey, flew all the way from jersey. let's take a look real quick at what's happening out in the pacific ocean. the remnants of nora could cause some high surf on the east-facing island there on the big island. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. more high clouds today. still going to be warm. just no records. a possibility of a shower from san jose southward. another chance across the north bay mainly saturday, even cooler weather this weekend, above average highs next week. 70s along the coast into san francisco. 80s around the bay and 80s and 90s inland. tonight another mild one. mid-50s and 60s. accuweather forecas >> what a great crowd out here. all right. let's get in and get some "pop" from lara.
8:23 am
>> live from new york, it's donald trump. robin, you're fired. fired up, that is, for november 7th, the donald gearing up, everybody, to host "saturday night live." the night is sure to be huge. >> it's going to be number one, lara. >> it's going to be huge. alongside taran killam's killer impression of the businessman turned politician, the presidential candidate will hit the big stage for the second time. he previously hosted the show back in 2004. i forgot he did that. i have to look that up. things might get hairy on stage with musical guest sia. maybe she can give the donald some pointers on how to spruce up his signature 'do. they had to put those together. we will be watching. >> what about equal time? how does that work? >> well, hillary clinton did it. >> true. how about the other candidates? >> i'm sure they're all going to ask. >> with your host, lincoln chafee. all right. next up -- >> i had to ask. >> a "pop news" crime investigation.
8:24 am
perhaps we should say, a disturbing -- i'm sorry. i can't even read this. listen, a family was robbed in a manner we've never seen before. a user on reddit left a note on the front door for his parents that said, dear parents i accidentally left the garage door open. when i got back home the whole place was robbed. i'm sorry. upon entering their home they found 168 cutouts of rob lowe's face plastered on all of their precious family photos, wedding photos, school photo, baby picture, yeah, the son -- >> it's a little creepy? >> what? >> what a day for "pop news." >> well, rob lowe responded to the crime on reddit saying, "in today's world being part of a cultural internet trend is more significant than winning an oscar, so i'd like to thank my family, my agent, my managers, this is for you." >> i agree. weird but good response from rob. and then finally, back by popular demand, from yesterday, if you're struggling to get up
8:25 am
and at them on this hump day we have some great inspiration from this creative gal. >> who is holding it? >> eye on the prize. her friend wearing a bikini for some unknown reason. as i wanted to say yesterday sometimes wining is just fine. and that's "pop news," everybody. >> that's a glass of wine. >> right. >> for me it would be a twinkie. for her it's a glass of wine. whatever it takes. >> it beats a carrot. >> that's right. >> it beats a carrot. >> does it work? >> oh, we do have time for one more. i'm so excited, everybody. all right, so, this guy that you're about to see, he is no bark seat driver. thank you very much, george. he's right there in the front seat. watch, though. he's trying to get frisky with his -- with the driver. >> he wants to hold her hand. >> that's sweet. >> he can't keep her paws off her obviously and that now is "pop news." thank you. >> ah. >> thank you, lara. >> we cut you short yesterday. you got bonus time.
8:26 am
>> so exciting. keeps me on my toes. >> you keep us on our toes. coming up, whoopi goldberg is here live sharing her candid relationship advice. and wait for michael and roomie. tomorrow these two sisters love cupcakes and hate the word diet. so, how did they lose 100 pounds without giving up what they love to eat most? you've got to see this, plus you asked for it, you got it. super fun "deals & steals" all under 20 bucks on abc's "good morning america." asked for it, you got it. super fun "deals & steals" all under 20 bucks on abc's "good morning america." bucks on abc's "good morning america."
8:27 am
jrnlgs good morning. i'm mart keller. developing news. three people are dead after a car involved in a street race slammed into a tree in san jose near east santa clara and south 22nd street. four teenagers were inside the car. a male and female pronounced dead at the scene. a second died at the hospital. a third in critical condition. the driver of the second car left the scene and police are searching for him to find out what happened. and leyla gulen with the traffic. >> an accident reported earlier just cleared as a major accident involving a motorcycle, southbound side of 101 at willow road. all lanes reopened, still heavy delays away from 92. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:28 am
gaps in the vehicles here pulls away from 880. quite you few car, coming in from the maze. and meteorologist
8:29 am
hey, we're back. thanks for sticking around. high clouds rolling in making for a gorgeous sunrise. pictures, abc news 7, 50s up north. clouds haven't arrived yet. they will. the big story.
8:30 am
dropping temperatures 7 to 10 degree, record highs gone. right now it's time to count down the "top 5." >> welcome back to "gma." we count down every morning, the biggest, best, buzziest things going on. what is the list? >> the top five classic cult shows from the 1980s compiled. starting with number five that children's show that adults loved, "pee-wee's playhouse." that should be number one. >> the word of the day. the word of the day. >> who could forget that. number four on our list, "quantum leap" featuring scott bakula. >> i agree. i'm with you. >> coming in at number three, "dr. who." who watched "dr. who"? >> i did. >> apparently a lot other than the four of us.
8:31 am
number two where everybody knows their name. ♪ everybody knows your name >> "cheers," norm. then now for the number one favorite cult tv show of the '80s, drum roll, please. "the simpsons." >> oh, yes. >> by the way, you know the funny thing, that show came on in december of 1989 so it had one month to make it to the '80s and it's still on the air today and, of course, it was the cult favorite number one. now, we have a number six to do because we have one of the stars of that show with us, so, whoopi, i want to give you the honors. >> "star trek: the next generation" where i played guynan in my own bar. >> yes. you were the civilian lounge hostess. who could forget that. look at whoopi. i love that. whoopi, we'll be talking to you in a second. we want to know what you think about all this. i have to say i was upset "dallas" -- >> yeah, "dallas." >> "laverne and shirley." "alf."
8:32 am
america, what are you thinking? >> "perfect strangers." >> what about "love boat." i loved "love boat". >> "fantasy island." zee plane, zee plane. >> can you tell we're children of the '80s? tell us your top five. in the meantime, let's go back inside to whoopi and robin. >> thank you, amy. we love her on the big screen, the stage and, of course, on abc's "the view" but now whoopi is dishing out some relationship advice opening up about her own love life in her new book, it's really funny. you got to pick it up. "if someone says 'you complete me, run!" great line in a movie but run. >> yeah. >> hey, whoop. >> hey, baby. >> what's going on? >> you know, just trying to keep up with you. >> living the dream. >> that's it. that's it. >> love how you dedicate the book to your brother clyde and you said he was so cool, that his personal soundtrack would be the theme from "shaft." >> yes. >> what inspired him -- inspired you to dedicate it to him? >> well, you know, he passed very suddenly earlier this year
8:33 am
and he and i used to have conversations about relationships because neither one of us could actually figure out why we couldn't get it together, and then i actually did figure out why i couldn't do it. and so, you know, he and i had many, many conversations late into the night. >> oh. >> so, you know, he didn't get to see the book finish but he heard a lot of the themes in it. >> because you do not -- you're known for this. you don't mince words. you get right to it. and you said you have to know what you want. >> well, i just -- you know, i listen to people talk about relationships in life and, you know, you have to know where your line of demarcation is. because we all see the red flags. you see the red flag with the person you're with and you say, no, no, no, it is not really a red flag. it is a red flag. if you see it and it's like this, it's a red flag so maybe paying attention to it is a smarter way to go if you want longevity in your relationship. >> sometimes others see the red flag.
8:34 am
you talk about your mom, one of your weddings. >> right. she said, you know you don't want to do this. i have the keys to the car. let's go, and my excuse was, i don't want to embarrass this person because, you know, we sent all these invitations out and you don't want to leave them looking bad, but perhaps before you get to that place, maybe you want to say, do i actually want to do this? and for me i came to understand that, you know, relationships require a day-to-day, a minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day give and take. i'm not interested in that. i don't want to do it. and so i can't be in a relationship because unless you're going to do that, it's really -- you have to do the work and i don't want to. i have a cat. i'll do it with him. >> yeah, you have a cat and you have a hit show too. you got "the view" that you're busy with right now. >> yeah. >> and you're never short on hot topics. >> apparently not.
8:35 am
>> what do you look forward to most when you see something happen during the day and you're like, oh, we're going to talk about this in the morning. >> well, you know, because there are 45 of us now on the panel, we have to -- everybody has something that happens during the day. so it's really hoping that it's meritous enough that we will be able to talk about it and that someone else is not coming in with something even more interesting. because sometimes, you know, again in a relationship -- because i talk about this in the book too, you have give and take and have to give and take in a relationship so sometimes you have to say, that's actually better than what i wanted to do so let's do that. >> there are all types of relationships. that's what you deal with in the book but you find time, the new movie that you have out with ashley judd. >> "big stone gap." sweet, wonderful, adrianna who wrote it, it took her about 15 years to get the money, and she -- you know, people always say, yeah, yeah, i wrote this for you. you'll be able to do it and realize, oh, they went on to somebody else.
8:36 am
she never wavered. she waited -- we got to make it and it's a lovely movie. >> one of our viewers asks this when it comes to movies, this is from renee, would you ever think about doing a "sister act 3"? >> well, you know, the hardest thing about doing a "sister act 3" is so many of the nuns are not with us that it would be hard to do it without mary wicks because we'd have to -- anything is possible, anything is doable and, you know, it was a good and wonderful film and we had fun. >> it was just on cable again. and it's one of those movies wherever it is you sit down and you watch it. >> and it's playing always somewhere in the world. it's kind of freaky. >> why don't we have a couch for you because we have a special guest. your beautiful daughter alex is here with you. >> hey, hey. >> yeah, come on in, alex because you're working on a documentary. first of all, you learned some things about her and her relationship and her hub -- her husband. >> my husband. >> and she's married the same
8:37 am
man three times. >> three times. >> we hung at the super bowl. >> yeah, he loves you. >> yeah, and so, you know, saying what's the deal? how does that work and realizing that people, you know, you have to pay attention. you have to pay attention from the beginning. so they were smart enough to realize that it is the two of them, which i love. >> and i appreciate that you share that but you also have a documentary. tell us about that. >> yeah, well, we have a new reality show called "according to alex" and it's really just -- it's the family. it's very interesting. >> it's the family. >> and it's us. >> it's them. there's her husband that she married three times. >> yes. >> three times. >> i love him to death so it's all -- it's fun. >> and so it's really two women who have raised their children together. she and her best friend, her best friend's called lisa weaver, and her dad was lee weaver who you've seen in lots of movies. >> yeah. >> you know, and so the two of them bonded because they were both children of famous parents. her mom was also on "room 222"
8:38 am
so it's -- >> yeah. >> so, they raised their kids now. they're of a certain age, and it's like so what do we do now? and -- >> it's very coming of age but for a 40-year-old. >> i didn't want to say the number. you said it. i didn't want you -- >> she's older so it's okay. it doesn't matter. >> this is their relationship. they're funny and they are the loudest women i know, and they are the women who don't hurt each other's feelings. >> good. you don't have to go there. you don't have to go there. i was going to ask that. alex, thanks for stopping by. thank you. whoopi, it's always good to see you. see you a little bit later with the ladies of "the view." keep it going. if somebody says you complete me -- i love that line in the movie. "if someone says 'you complete me, run!" is on sale now. let's go back outside to ginger. gives us something to think about. >> robin, you complete me. hey, my new friends from houston, just a happy birthday to her daughters chelsea and christina. >> we love you. >> we want to get this out there. but we also wanted to get this out there, if you haven't had a
8:39 am
chance to see fall color we thought we'd bring you to massachusetts. so pretty and it will feel like fall and beyond as we freeze this weekend. actually freeze from green bay to parts of chicago just outside the city. oh, it's going to be cold. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. san francisco, top out at 77 just about everywhere, mid-80s. east bay, still 90s. last day for a while. a cooling tren >> all that weather brought to you by mercedes-benz. george. >> thank you, ginger. time for "gma's" real money and a new study showing that women are more unsure and anxious about retirement than men. our economics correspondent rebecca jarvis has some ideas to jump start your savings. >> reporter: nancy camerota says not much scares her, not much except retirement. >> what scares me the most about retirement is did i financially
8:40 am
plan enough? do i have enough saved? >> reporter: the 54-year-old single mom says retirement has taken a backseat to her top priority, her daughter. >> i would give up anything to make sure that she has the best. so could i save more money? i think i've done a decent job. i'm worried that a decent job isn't enough anymore. >> reporter: nancy is hardly alone. according to a study conducted by research firm gfk women are more pessimistic about retirement than men with 60% reporting they feel unsure or lacking in financial confidence. fortunately we knew just who to call. financial expert and author nicole lapin. first order of business, for nancy, says nicole, start focusing less on her daughter's future and more on hers. nancy says she wants to finance her daughter's college education which she expects to cost around $250,000 but nicole says
8:41 am
considering asking nancy's daughter to take out more student loans. >> the last thing you want to do is show up at your child's door when you can't pay for your own retirement so like they say on an airplane put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. >> reporter: second, take advantage of roth i.r.a.s, the advantages of a roth i.r.a. are that your contributions grow tax-free and that you can generally make withdrawals tax and penalty-free after you reach age 59 1/2. >> don't panic. it's never too late to start saving for retirement. >> reporter: it's never too late but the very best time to start is right now, today. and here's why. we want to say if you start adding $1,000 a year at age 25 to a roth i.r.a., by the time you are 65, you will have put $40,000 into that account but thanks to compounding, the account will be worth $213,000, now, if you wait to start putting money into that very same account until you're 45,
8:42 am
you put the same amount in, your investment will only be worth $87,000, that's because you don't give it the same amount of time to grow so anybody out there who is young thinking i can't start saving today, $25 goes a long way. >> that compound interest is almost magical. >> it does the trick. >> it does, rebecca, thanks very much. and coming up a musical open, mike internet superstar who can impersonate almost anyone. ♪ born in the usa >> he's going to perform next. ♪ i think i found myself a cheerleader ♪ "gma's" "real money" brought to you b
8:43 am
♪ ♪
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it's open mike time and when joel berghult gets in front of a mike he does amazing things with his voice. this impressionist from sweden known as roomie to his fans has racked up over 150 million views of his uncanny impressions of dozens of rock stars. let's take a look. ♪ won't you stay with me ♪ 'cause you're all i need ♪ fire up that loud another round of shots turn down for what ♪ ♪ you're too sexy beautiful and everybody wants a taste that's why ♪ >> man. hey, what's up? welcome, roomie, everybody. how did you know you had this talent?
8:46 am
>> well, i started out being a singer and learning singing techniques and stuff and i soon realized that my voice was very flexible. i did things like i could sound like an old man or distorting my voice and it just, you know, went on and then i realized i could make it sound like actually specific singers like just pretty recently like last year. >> just last year. you just started doing this. >> but i've been developing my voice for a long time. >> is there anybody who's been particularly hard to get down. >> yeah, definitely. i think that, you know, i've done a lot of voices but the one that i had the most trouble with i haven't actually done an impression of him yet is ed sheeran. his voice changes so much over every song. ♪ people fall in love. >> we have kind of the same voice when i sing too and we have this open mike wheel. i want to hit the wheel. it'll spin and land on an artist. we'll hear a little bit of then and then we want to hear you do their song. here we go. let's hit it. what do we have?
8:47 am
>> we have "one more night" by maroon 5 so let's take a look at maroon 5, everybody. ♪ in my heart and i hope to die ♪ ♪ that i only stay with you one more night ♪ >> all right, roomie. ♪ so i cross my heart and i hope to die ♪ ♪ that i only stay with you one more night ♪ >> whoo. all right. there we go. spin it. "never gonna give you up" by rick astley. >> video. >> here we go. ♪ never going to give you up never going to let you down never going to run around and desert you ♪ >> all right, roomie. ♪ never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you ♪ >> all right. we got one more. let's keep it going.
8:48 am
spin that wheel. oh, one of my favorites. ♪ livin' on a prayer bon jovi. ♪ halfway there oh livin' on a prayer ♪ >> all yours. >> free to join in if you want. >> okay. ♪ oh we're halfway there whoa livin' on a prayer ♪ ♪ take my hand we'll make it i swear whoa livin' on a prayer ♪ >> all right. we're free for weddings. just give us a call, all right. hey, thank you, roomie, appreciate it. joel berghult, everybody. coming up, "the knick" star clive owen here. ♪ livin' on a prayer "the knick" star clive owen here.
8:49 am
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welcome back to "good morning america."
8:51 am
we have with clive owen who stars in the hit tv series "the knick." it is brilliant and it's about a brilliant but tortured sushlgen and the chaotic new york city scene of 1900. welcome back to "gma." >> thank you. >> i love this combination, you and steven soderbergh and both said about each other, you are fearless and that's what this show feels like. it's a look back. it's a period drama but it's not nostalgic at all. >> no, i think that's one of the things that steven said at the beginning of making it. he didn't want anyone to feel nostalgic about living in new york in 1900. >> your character is tough. when we last left your doctor he was suffering from a little bit of an addiction problem. >> yep. >> as season two opens, quite shocking that he's treating a cocaine addiction with heroin. >> which apparently they did, yeah. i mean at the time cocaine was legal and took seven or eight years to realize there were problems associated with it and treatment for people who developed this thing called cocaine frenzy was to give them heroin to calm them down, yeah.
8:52 am
>> why do you love this show? >> i think it's the most original brilliant look at a period drama really, you know, we're looking at the world of medicine but a brilliant overview of what was happening in new york at the time and it sort of feels very kind of edgy and visceral and unlike any other period thing i've ever seen. >> i agree. i watched it and the binge-watch is a real thing. it's a real problem. it's fantastic. if you haven't seen it, it is so good. in the meantime, you're also very busy making your broadway debut. >> i am. >> congratulations. >> oh, yeah. >> harold pin they're old times. what made you decide that would be the play. >> i mean, i did a lot of theater when i was young. i haven't done a play for 14 years and i've been thinking about it and then this came along and i loved the play and love the part and decided this was the right thing. >> one review that i read said you're very sexy, that there's a lot of chemistry. do you feel that? >> it's what the play is about. it's about memory but it's very
8:53 am
much about sexual jealousy, as well, yeah. >> so what's more fun, shooting "the knick" or being a broadway star here in new york city. >> i love doing it all. >> life is good and when you're not doing that you're playing tennis. >> i do. we were just talking about that. >> i love that. >> listen, we love having you. best of luck. everybody, see clive on broadway. also "the knick," season two premieres on friday on cinemax and thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by quaker. off you go. ♪ we're halfway there whoa ♪ livin' on a prayer >> michael swears if he had his hot tea that would have been perfect. >> gets you every time. have a great wednesday, everyone.
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snack a little bigger. good morning. i'm matt keller. arraignment set to get under way in minutes for the trio accuses of killing a yoeg georgia instructor and canadian backpacker. sean angold, morrison lampley and lila allgood are said to appear in court. lampley was the actual gunman in the killings. all three could face the death penalty. and mike nicco has your bay area forecast. >> good morning, everybody. high clouds streaming in, taking the sting out of it. no more records today. still warmer than average seven to ten degrees. accuweather forecast, scattered chance of a storm south today and north saturday. leyla? >> b.a.r.t. riders, listen up. police activity just clearing. give yourself extra time to get
9:00 am
to where you need to be ad construction leaves san francisco, wraps up at 2:00. ma michael: it may look a little different to you, but today is wednesday, october 14, 2015. and on monday, kelly ripa was honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame, everybody. [applause] yes. it was very well-deserved and we are so proud of her. and i can't wait to bring her out. so, let's give her the introduction she deserves. please welcome walk of famer, our very own, kelly ripa! [cheers and applause] ♪ [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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