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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, benghazi testimony. hillary clinton is set to face a congressional panel again answering questions about the attacks that killed four americans. we're live in washington with what could be the biggest day in clinton's presidential campaign. breaking overnight, a confession in the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl. the new picture of the suspect and what he told police. new this morning, left alone and locked inside a day-care center, police bust through the door finding the crying baby inside a dark room. so how did it happen? and world series bound. the mets derail the cubs' quest. all the highlights and celebrations well into the night. >> on their way back.
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well, good thursday morning to you. hillary clinton hours away from a showdown on capitol hill. >> benghazi and e-mails have been buzzwords surrounding the democratic front-runner's campaign. clinton is hoping to put that to rest today when she testifies again about the attack in benghazi, libya, in 2012. >> clinton was secretary of state at the time. four americans died in the attack including ambassador christopher stevens. abc's stephanie ramos is live in washington with the controversy surrounding today's hearing. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning to you, reena and phillip. it'll be a big event on capitol hill this morning. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will once again answer questions on the benghazi attacks. her mission is to come away untouched. this morning hillary clinton will once again testify before a special house committee investigating the september 11th, 2012, benghazi attacks. the assault by islamic militants on the state department's
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diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya, left four americans dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened. >> reporter: that was former secretary of state clinton nearly three years ago. testimony was supposed to be definitive on the attack, but republicans leading the probe want more answers. clinton's private e-mail server may even come up if related to benghazi. >> if you want a window into libya and what was happening in the weeks and months before these four were killed, why would you not look at the ambassador's e-mails? >> reporter: in all there have been seven congressional investigations into that attack. it's time for the next round, and this one is expected to go for eight hours or more, not including breaks. >> i don't know that i have very much to add. >> reporter: clinton will face tough questions from seven
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republicans and five democrats. this latest round of testimony comes in the wake of house republicans acknowledging that the investigation's been an exercise in trying to bring down clinton's poll numbers. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> reporter: republicans on the benghazi committee deny the investigation has anything to do with politics. all eyes will be on this testimony which starts at 10:00 this morning and could go well into the night. reena, phillip, back to you. >> stephanie ramos live in washington. stephanie, thank you. well, hillary clinton is walking into that hearing with higher poll numbers after vice president joe biden decided against another run for the white house. biden said he and his family were prepared for him to run. he weighed his options until the night before the announcement, even using president obama as a sounding board, but after mourning the loss of his son beau, biden concluded that there simply was not enough time. >> what i've said time and again to others, that it may very well be that that process by the time
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we get through it closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president, that it might close. i've concluded it has closed. >> biden also took a few veiled jabs at hillary clinton, but she called him after the announcement, and she also released a statement praising him as a good man and great vice president. also in washington, congressman paul ryan is getting support from a key group of conservatives in his bid for speaker. two-thirds of the freedom caucus agreed last night to back ryan. that's just short of an outright endorsement, and while that is good news for ryan, it's still not enough to ensure that he will be elected when the vote is taken next week. wikileaks has appeared to publish what seems to be hacked information from the personal e-mail account of cia director john brennan. the cia is calling the postings a crime. they apparently include
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brennan's security clearance application when he was seeking a job as white house counterterrorism adviser. the hacker claims to be a teenager protesting u.s. foreign policy. no indication if information is classified. some severe weather rolling across the southwest. hail was the problem in el paso, texas, along with strong winds and plenty of rain. it was much the same in parts of new mexico where some areas were pounded with hail the size of eggs. and here's a look at the radar for that area. plenty more rain coming to texas between now and saturday. accuweather meteorologist justin povick is tracking all of it. justin, good morning. reena and phillip, thanks and good morning to you. once again we're tracking the tropics, and the latest on patricia has it moving off to the north and the west, and, again, this could cause some major flash flooding throughout mexico. eventually some of the rain is getting pulled off to the north into the gulf of mexico, and even before that happens we are concerned about major flash
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flooding from dallas north and westbound thursday through saturday. reena and phillip, back to you. >> thank you, justin. breaking news from st. louis where fire crews are battling flames at a church rectory, the seventh in a series of similar fires set this month. crews on the scene at st. joseph's shrine rectory say that the fire was fairly small. they were able to put it out quickly, and although it's not in the same neighborhood as the other six church fires, arson investigators are calling this latest one very disturbing. more breaking news in that case of deadly road rage in albuquerque, new mexico. police arrested and charged tony torrez with murder after he confessed to shooting 4-year-old lilly garcia. she was in the backseat of her dad's truck when he was forced out of his lane by another driver. the two argued then police say torrez fired into garcia's pickup truck hitting the little girl. the los angeles area is likely to be hit by an earthquake measuring at least a magnitude 5 sometime in the next three years. that's at least according to
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nasa scientists. their calculations were based on changes in the earth's crust after a 5.1 quake in that same area last march. the u.s. geological survey has done its own analysis and says the probability is more like 85%. well, here in new york world series plans are under way, and that's because the mets scored four runs in the first inning last night against the cubs on the way to a national league championship series sweep. then the party was on. champagne flying in the locker room as the mets look forward to their first series in 15 years. more highlights including some postseason history. that's coming up later from espn. >> looks fun. >> it does. well, new this morning, it appears being on your phone can distract you even behind the wheel even after you hang up. plus, a teenager surviving a plane crash. her dramatic 911 call for help just released. and day care drama. employees forgetting a baby. police busting in and find her
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inside in the dark.
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ar music pla) - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops )
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but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ you're looking at new images of endangered killer whales in puget sound. drones are being used to capture the striking pictures of the 81 orcas. federal researchers say they look pretty healthy. there are five new babies, and several whales appear to be pregnant. new questions about the career criminal suspected of killing a new york city police officer. tyrone howard still limping from a bullet to the leg was arraigned in a courtroom packed with police. after an arrest last year, a judge sent howard to a drug rehab program instead of years in prison.
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the empire state building went blue overnight in officer randolph holder's memory. hands-free technology is apparently not the ultimate solution for distracted driving. a new study found it can take 27 seconds for a driver using voice commands to regain full alertness. aaa researchers say people blew through stop signs, had close calls and traveled the length of three football fields all because their texts or call was still on their mind. well, u.p.s. has agreed to return more than $4 million to settle a lawsuit. customers claim that they paid premium prices for overnight deliveries that did not arrive on time. the suit also charged that u.p.s. employees falsified delivery records preventing customers from getting refunds. if you are thinking of giving a lego gift this holiday season, you might want to consider purchasing it very soon. that's because lego says it's going to run short of its own bricks this year. the company says that means it won't be able to make enough of its famous sets during the shopping season.
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oh, they should get used to this in colorado, the first significant mountain snow of the season. up to ten inches in higher elevations. the snow brought plows out for the very first time. checking the morning road conditions, some more snow there in the mountains. flooding is possible across texas and wet conditions are expected all the way to the dakotas. wet also around the eastern great lakes. >> despite all that if you're flying today not too bad. the only weather related airport delays in denver. well, new this morning the bravery of a young girl on display following a horribly traumatic experience now hearing the 911 calls that the 14-year-old made after surviving a plane crash. >> she was flying with her father last week in idaho when their plane went down. despite that and an injured wrist she made a call for help. >> i was with my dad and we crashed in a plane. >> in a plane ask. >> he's not breathing and i
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don't know where we are. >> she stayed on the line while a search plane located them and directed a rescue team on the ground. during that time the girl tried cpr on her father four times. but despite her efforts he passed away. a day-care center in chicago is under investigation after closing for the night with a baby still inside. police broke down the doors to find the 1-year-old alone in the dark crawling on the floor. her dad had called 911 when he arrived to pick his daughter up. found the doors locked and heard her crying. the child was not hurt. so far no comment from the day-care center. khloe kardashian and lamar odom have decided to call off their divorce at least while he's continuing recovering after he was found unconscious last week. the pair had filed for divorce in 2013 but was never finalized. he was in a coma for four days but since regained consciousness. he is reportedly on dialysis and has trouble standing on his own. a stunning new study about
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the use of mar juan in in our country. nearly 10% of u.s. adults that's more than 22 million people say they use pot. those numbers represent a doubling in the number of users in the last decade. researchers say the trend reflects an increasingly permissive view about the drug which is legal for medical purposes in 23 states. recreational pot use is legal in four states. new science is revealing why so many of us just can't seem to get our fill of cheese. researchers say cheese is just as addictive as some drugs and it affects the same areas of our brain. one scientist calls dairy crack. he says a protein component is concentrated during the cheesemaking process and the brain treats it like morphine. >> dairy crack, huh? well, houston police are on the lookout for a couple of guys who left behind an important clue while trying to rip off a sports bar. after breaking in, they tried to get into the atm but couldn't. one of them falling over in the attempt.
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they also tried to take down a tv but ultimately failed. that clue, one guy, yep, you see him there he looks straight into the security camera. in all they got away with nothing and caused about $15,000 in damages. >> well, week seven in the nfl gets under way tonight with the sdaelt seahawks facing the 49ers. and we promised you more baseball highlights and get those from our guys at espn. >> this is the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan. i'm neil. we're sportscasters doing baseball highlights. >> national league first. nlcs, mets up 3-0 on the cubs trying to finish the sweep. the faithful were there. didn't like what they saw. daniel murphy did it again, first player in major league history though homer in six consecutive postseason games. they don't want any part of that home run ball and the mets complete the sweep. and the power of murphy once again. they take game four, 8-3 waiting for the royals or the blue jays.
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>> oh, i see what you did there. royals or blue jays because if the royals win, the wait is over. this is in toronto and kansas city's going to have to wait. volquez walks edwin encarnacion that brings in the tying run or makes it 2-0, excuse me then two batters later, not a blue jays highlight because troy tulowitzki isn't in it and troy tulowitzki is in it off kelvin herrera, the blue jays -- i mean, this is serious, back and forth. back and forth. back to kansas city, blue jays win this one, 7-1. >> so, mets have got some time. set the rotation, deal with bumps and bruises while they wait for the a.l. champ. >> i didn't shave. >> just hope the mets don't get cold waiting for the winner. >> you never know. >> we'll see. up next in "the pulse," a new face on "sesame street" why
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walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ topping "the pulse," a new muppet taking up residence on "sesame street." >> yeah, meet julia, the show's first character with autism. julia is a preschooler who does things a little differently than elmo, grover and her other friends but things they also have in common are highlighted as well. >> for now julia will only appear on "sesame street"'s digital platform part of a new initiative to help destigmatize autism that promotes the belief that we are all different but all the same. >> looking forward to that. and looking to boost sagging ratings. academy awards producer turned to a new face to be the face of
4:23 am
it, chris rock. >> 11 years ago chris rock last led the oscar ceremonies and it was hilarious and criticism of his usual caustic style. the show scored well with viewers. the oscars will be broadcast february 28th right here on abc. >> what a great pick. so funny, always on point. looking forward. >> best comedian alive in nye opinion. so yesterday was "back to the future" day and they made a big production out of it on the jimmy kimmel show. >> michael j. fox and christopher lloyd arrived. look at that, in character and in the delorean time machine and they talked with kimmel on stage about what's been going on in those decades since 1985 and some thoroughly modern parts of today world left the visitors bewildered and confused. >> apparently the tesla is a cultural achievement of this era.
4:24 am
>> smile. >> what is this? >> this is -- i'm taking a selfie with you guys. this is how we document important life events now. >> what is a hashtag, marty? before he left to go back to the past, kimmel asked doc if he knew how kimmel would die and doc told him that he would be torn to shreds next week by little kids who are upset that kimmel told their parents to take away their halloween candy. >> oh, it's a famous jimmy kimmel segment every halloween although he's a dad now. i wonder if he'll keep it going. >> yes, he will. he loves jabbing. also on jimmy's show the debut of nike's futuristic one based on michael j.'s character. >> mags and self-lacing. tightened or loosened by the push of a button.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. it 6:-- 4:28. i am christian. >> i am eric thomas. >> we have weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have fog around petaluma as less than quarter-mile, and rohnert park, and santa rosa, quarter-mile, 12, 101, with nicaragua but not in san rafael. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we hang out in the mid 60s and mid-70s from the coast to inland by noon. a few passing high clouds. 60s at the coast today and the rest of us in the 70s and 80s. leyla? >> eight bart trains are on time. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cars that are waiting to pay the car particularly in the left hand lane.
4:29 am
do not get stuck. maybe spread the love. moving over to the east bay, we are headed through walnut creek up to highway 24 and the drive southbound along 680 moving along fine with no delays. a friendship over the altamont pass to castro valley, 38 minutes along the westbound 580 freeway, 101 northbound 85 to san jose airport, looking clear and wonderful here through daly city. we have breaking news. a heavy police presence at an east bay home following reports a couple may have walked in on intruders. matt keller is in san lorenzo. >> we have an active scene. there are several deputies from alameda county sheriff on the scene. the cross street is rafael rodriguez. you can see several deputy cars on the street and several inside, several deputies inside doing an investigation video we
4:30 am
shot early shows laboratories inside. not sure if the marijuana plants are connected to the case. and what exactly is involved in the investigation, we are not sure. we are asking for the sergeant to speak with us and give us more details what is happening. the road is open. we expect the crime scene to be up for a while. >> still developing in san lorenzo, a sword attack in sweden left a teacher dead and four injured. a masked man went on a rampage before being shot. several students were taken to local hospitals. officers scouring campus to make sure no one else was hurt. we will have new developments athey come in at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. friends and


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