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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 1, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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he said the right wheel was damaged and smoking. it all start the in the sunset district with an armed robbery at a local business. >> it could have been worse with a lot of people being in downtown san francisco in that populated area. >> halloween and a lot of people on the street. >> police say they are happy that the chase ended with only minor injuries. in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> a driver in oakland is charged with a crash that killed a man and seriously injured a woman. neighbors near macarthur boulevard and 106th avenue heard a loud crash around midnight saturday morning. police say the driver of a speeding convertible ran a red light, slamming into another car, sheering off its front end
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and went airborne, landing on someone's front lawn. a 19-year-old man was tossed from the convertible and killed. a woman in the other car went to the hospital. neighbors say they see drivers running red lights all the time. >> you have to be cautious when you are in this area. very cautious. >> especially at night. it's really, really bad around here. >> you said you almost got hit once? >> yes, i did. and actually it happened yesterday around 5:00. >> the driver and hang in the convertible ran from the crash, but officers quickly found and arrested them. new video this morning of a crash in los angeles that injured 8 people. three are in critical condition. a truck plowed into a crowded downtown sidewalk just after 12:00 this morning. witnesses say a car was making a left turn when a speeding u-haul hit the car before it barreled on to the sidewalk, taking out a hydrant and a light post. horrifying news out of new york.
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a speeding car went airborne, plowing into a group of trick-or-treaters yesterday. three people died, including a ten-year old girl. four others were injured. the youngest, a three-year-old girl, is in critical condition this morning. body parts were scattered on the sidewalk. neighbors thought they were halloween perhaps. all of a sudden a car -- the car literally like jumped over a parked car and went toward the gate, hitting a bunch of people. >> the driver is a 53-year-old man. he's in the hospital. police still don't know what caused that crash. in colorado police are trying to figure out what motivate add man to shoot and kill three people in what witnesses industry as a shooting spree. it happened saturday morning across several blocks in
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downtown. it ended when the suspected gunman got into a shootout with the police. after the man fired at them, they shot and killed him. here in the bay area, san francisco's last remaining gun shop is now closed. the highbridge arms had only gun accessories left on the shelves after selling off most merchandise yesterday. it had been open more than six decades. the manager made the decision to close partly because of a new law that requires every gun sale and ammunition sale to be recorded on camera and then sent directly to police. supporters say that footage could be used to investigate gun crimes in the future. now to the east bay where a two-alarm fire that tore through a house is being called suspicious by the san ramon valley fire chief. fire investigators say it started around 8:30 last night on linda mesa avenue behind mont
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-- montare elementary school. that home is badly damaged, as you can see there. the police say a hoarder lives there and it was hard to get under control because of all the stuff inside. no one was hurt. happening today, ultima winds plans to shut down their turbines because they are killing birds. our media partner, the contra costa times, reported that the company told u.s. fish and wildlife the reduction of avian impacts is the primary for discontinuing its operations. environmental groups have fought for years to bring awareness of the large number of golden eagles, raptors, burying owls and other birds killed by the turbines. sal maida county officials estie at least 4500 birds are killed every year. and also today new limits on woodburning kick in with the start of winter spare the air season. when alerts are issued this season, bay area residents, as you know, will be banned from burning wood or any solid hit
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fuel indoors or outdoors. and they said be aware, we will likely see more spare the air alerts this winter. it's because they are going to start issuing them in advance. and that's to try to avoid smoke buildup. also take note if you burn wood as your sole source of heat, you now must use a device that is epa certified. winter spare the air season goes through the end of february. and maybe it's going to finally feel like winter with some rain. lisa is here. it is. we have the sunshine, some of you in your neighborhood. here's the golden gate bridge where fog has moved in quickly. it's been raining around clear lake, lake port, santa rosa. but it's going to take its time sinking south. now it's really appear overnight rain event. we will talk about it coming up. >> plus, did you forget to fall back with the time change? well, it seems one famous san francisco landmark did. and a special honor for a very
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special high-schooler in pleasanton. why a varsity letter jacket means even more to this
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 9:13 on this sunday morning. the first in november. thank you for waking up and joining us for the abc7 sunday
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morning news. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. you can expect some light rain today. is there more in the forecast? well, you have to wait. lisa has the answer coming up. >> new video this morning of flatting in baton rouge, louisiana. residents say they have never seen this kind of high water below. this the second weekend in a row they have had to push cars out of the water. heavy rain has caused road closers in the area. officials say a street near louisiana state university is impassable due to the high water. chances are you are waking up a little more rested this morning after falling back with the time change overnight. daylight savings time has ended and we are back on standard time. it seems san francisco's ferry building did not get the memo. this video from ourrov cam shows the clock striking 2:00 a.m. and then when it should have turned back an hour, it did not.
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it kept right on continuing away the minutes after 2:00 a.m. and get this. hey, it's still on wrong. check this out as we take a look from our abc7 roof cam. you see it is showing 10:15. it is one hour ahead. it's 9:15. 9:15. >> you shouldn't point out our flaws. but then again, we all make mistakes. >> sure. >> the ring is pushed back. so hats still happening. it's going to take some time to get here. in fact, it has been raining in the north bay for the past couple of hours. in fact occasional light rain. and live doppler 7hd shows you the green and wet picture we've got through blue canyon, where 50 degrees, light rain. and back through sacramento, cloverdale. our live sweet on top of mount st. helena detecting rain around heels berg and guerneville. this will continue throughout
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the morning hour and overall through tomorrow perhaps a third of an inch up hear. we are still looking at a quarter of an inch in other parts of the bay area and maybe more. this has been it so far. straight off the ocean. the cold front is well to the north. that's getting hung up a bit. the area of low pressure north, as well. this is all going to sweep through the bay area by early morning tomorrow. so the rain, the heaviest rain looks to occur from midnight to about 4 :00 a.m. we had show that to you in a moment. right now the exploratorium camera, the scattered clouds and beautiful start to the day, 65. 63 mountain view, 61 half moon bay. and sfo right now you can see some clouds scattered about. overall it's going to be a dry day for most of you. temperatures much cooler than yesterday. we had records yesterday. one, anyway. san jose 85 degrees. 67 concord right now. pretty warm for you. don't worry. and finally lake tahoe a winter storm warning is in effect. and a winter weather advisory
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for the sierra nevada in general around lake tahoe. partly cloudy this morning. showers for south overnight and blustery conditions tomorrow with northwest winds up to 20 miles an hour and a chance of a thunderstorm. so here's why. radar and satellite imagery shows the high pressure hanging on for southern california. it will give way and allow for the cold front and the low to push on through overnight. as we time it out for you, talk about the rain mainly north throughout the early hours. 1:00, still cloverdale, ukiah. by 3:00, not much going on. cloudy skies and in fact maybe a sprinkle or two. here's from the front comes through. then as we head south 3:00, not too shabby, right? from the east bay to the south bay. we have some rain and here comes the cold air, which will usher in the blustery winds and scattered showers. so put it all together, rainfall amounts vary widely from a couple hundreds. this forecast model paint about
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a quarter inch. think we can see more than that. about 2 inches or so lake level. and snow levels are going to stay quite high until after midnight. then they are lower and here's when the snow comes. up to a foot of snow around kirkwood, perhaps, and 9 inches south lake. that's still on tap for the first winter storm of the season in the mountains. 72 san jose. 70 oakland today. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and showers late tonight. scattered showers in the north bay throughout the day. a possible thunderstorm, breezy winds and 60s tomorrow. a slow recovery each and every day with dry conditions. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc news weather app. and we have more information at everybody is so anxious for the rain. it's coming. >> can you believe it's november already? >> i can't. >> thank you, lisa.
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. >> the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for a debate summit tonight in northern virginia after frustration after the third debate last week. several gop campaigns say the republican in a the committee chairman has let them down. now the candidates themselves want a bigger role in the process of debates. for tonight's summit the campaigns are being asked to accepted no more than two representatives to discuss how they can make changes. republican presidential hopeful ben carson is spearheading tonight's session. on "this week" with george stephanopoulos, carson discussed why he and his fell show although candidates are so upset with the questions and tone of the last debate. carson is calling for several changes, including tighter guidelines when answering questions. >> you know, some people just pretty much ignore what the time constraints are. others are very careful to stay within them. i think that creates inequality.
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we need to just tighten it up a little bit and do it more like a professional type of debate. >> carson also wants all candidates to be able to have one minute opening and closing statements in future debates. this is a tradition that high school athletes who excel at sports get, a varsity letter often worn on a jacket or sweater. but now that honor is being extended to a special olympian at foothills high school. as abc7 news reporter laura anthony found out, that young man is wearing it very proudly. >> 18-year-old andrew brum just man jacket makes him feel really good. >> i feel like it's meant to be on me. i have worked six years so hard doing it. it makes me feel happy. and a better part of me. [cheering]
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>> go, andrew! >> brum has been competing as a special olympian in basketball and bowling since he was 12. but at foothill and most high schools, varsity letters were given only to those students who achieved certain standards at their respective sports at school. >> and one day i was driving in my car and i thought why can't he have one? >> that's when andrew's mother decided to make a suggestion to foothills high school principal. >> i was thinking about the pictures and how families take pictures of their seniors with their letterman jackets. >> in this case we have a young man who a committed and played the whole season, and he is deserving to represent foothill athletes everywhere. >> the letter obviously means a lot to andrew and sends a message to the larger student body. >> it's all about meaningful inclusion, and when you are playing sports in your community, for a student it's their school, and to be recognized by that entity is very, very important. >> he's so proud. yeah, he loves it. he wants to wear it all the
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time. even if it's 95 degrees out. >> it makes me feel happy to start this for all special olympians in all different cases. now other schools in the area plan to follow foothill's lead and award letters to the students who made their mark in the special olympics. in pleasanton, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> love that! up next, wrist bands gone wrong. one woman's effort to honor her sister's memory turns into a disappointing experience. "7 on your side" michael finney gets involved and proves the power of persistence. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... why settle for this? enter sleep number.
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silicone-based bands are a great way to show support for a person or a cause. one woman created a wristband to memorialize her sister when she died. however, it wasn't the fitting tribute that she wanted. michael finney has her story. >> we were alike in a lot of ways. >> raquel is still grieving the lost of her twin sister, vicki. >> like any siblings, you talk every day and you miss that. >> raquel holds on to the memories. >> she loved the giants and elvis. >> vicki was a big fan of the san francisco giants. practically a fixture at at&t park. >> first she had to greet all the ushers because she knew them all by name and they knew her.
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>> so raquel organized a memorial gathering to reflect her sister's passions. >> everybody came decked-out in giants gear. >> and she ordered commemorative wristbands but that didn't go so smoothly. >> there was a flashing sign that said 80% off. >> she found the promotions here. for $150 she would get 250 wristbands, with her name, age and dates in bold print. >> the letters weren't filled in all the way and they were very flimsy and this is supposed to honor her, not degrade her. >> she asked them to redo them. >> they said there's nothing wrong with the wrist bands. you are stuck. >> wb promotions said she would have to pay extra to get new bands. but the company refused the
9:27 am
refund that she requested. >> it wasn't a huge amount, it was the principle. >> she contacted "7 on your side." we found several similar complaints online about wb promotions. so we contacted the company. wb eventually agreed to a refund, but nothing came. we kept asking. and months later the credit appeared on her account, i couldn't believe it. >> wb promotions did not provide a statement for this story. raquel wound up ordering wrist bands from another company. her sister properly remembered. >> i said this is for you, vic. raquel said do some research before you buy from a little-known online retailer. websites may look appealing, but you should read the reviews first and check it out with the better business bureau. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> still to come on the abc7 sunday morning news, why some parents say they will not let their children walk home from school alone after an attack near a north bay school.
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welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning to you. we have some rain in the north bay early this morning and that's where it remains. in fact, around santa rosa, cloverdale, middletown lacking at some scattered light shower activity. we will look for this to continue on and off. it should be kind of damp out there and the clouds will invade the rest of the bay area. notice the ring is moving from west to east through the sacramento valley, into the canyon. we are waiting the cold frontal passage overnight tonight that will drop the temperatures and brings a chance after thunderstorm. we will look at some rain. it will take some time getting here. 1:00 we have partly sunny conditions. even by 4:00 things are pretty quiet. 8:00, 10:00 the front is slowly
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sliding out of the north bay and then the rain will push through the rest of the bay area. it looks decent. we will talk about it and talk about rain totals coming up. >> look forward to it. thank you, lisa. rohnert park police want any witness to come forward to build their case against a man they accuse of trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl while walking home from school. and while grabbing her he sexually assaulted the girl. that man is in jail this morning. katie has the details. >> people who live near adrian drive and southwest boulevard in rohnert are experiencing shock and relief. >> oh, no, i'm not letting my daughter walk home alone. >> the 53-year-old man, joseph, likely followed a 13-year-old girl as she walked home from technology middle school many he may have been hanging around the school for the past few weeks. >> she saw him and she fell. and he at one point grabbed her and hung on to her and actually moved her. >> the teen fought back, ran
9:32 am
home, and her parents called 911. police arrested the man on attempted kidnapping and sexual battery charges. >> people like that should not be around here. >> miguel lopez has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years. >> kids are always pretty safe with their parents. it's amazing that that happened and i'm glad they caught him. >> since it happened around 3:15 in the afternoon, investigators hope witnesses will come forward. >> yes, this is very bold, broad daylight time of day. there were a lot of people around. police say his mental capacity may be a factor in the assault. in rohnert park, abc7 news. new this morning, north carolina police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a person and injured another at a university late last night. that shooting happened just before 11:00 p.m. it was at winston salem state university. the campus was on lockdown
9:33 am
before officials lifted it at 2:00 this morning local time. the suspected gunman, police say, is not believed to be a current student. new details this morning on the russian passenger jet crash that killed more than 200 people on board. the international officials expect the first bodies to begin arriving in st. petersburg today. the cause of the crash is still unknown. but investigators are leaning toward a technical failure. russia's transport minister has dismissed claims isis brought down the plane. officials say of the 224 people aboard the plane, there are no survivors. forensics experts have started the first autopsies of the 27 victims of friday's nightclub fire in romania. romania's president laid flowers and lit a candle outside the collective nightclub. he believes safety regulations were ignored. a heavy metal band was performing a free show in the basement club when there was a problem with pyrotechnics.
9:34 am
in addition to those dead, 180 others were hurt. some in critical condition with burns and smoke inhalation. the nightclub had as many as 400 young people inside. new this morning the national transportation safety board said a navy search team has found the wreckage of a vessel they believe to be the cargo ship alfaro. crews found the debris last night. it was in about 15,000 feet of water. that ship went missing october 1st during hurricane joaquin. 33 people were on board. the navy is sending an underwatercraft to investigate the wreckage today but it could take up to 15 days to complete that operation. an investigation is underway after an e. coli scare forced chipotle to close 42 restaurants in two states. the restaurants are in seattle and oregon. 19 people in washington and another 3 in portland became sick after eating at the mexican food chain, according to oregon health officials.
9:35 am
eight people are in the hospital. chipotle said safety is its first priority and they have shut down dozens of restaurants as a precaution after being notified of the potential e. coli outbreak. up next, the warning from auto safety experts about those cars google is testing and why they might want to consider putting the roll-out on hold. you see the clouds there building. there is rain right now in the north bay, but clouds for the rest of us right now. but still chance of rain tonight. lisa argen is tracking the showers. she will have a full accuweather forecast in just a few.
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>> welcome back, everybody. a to it is 9:38 on this sunday morning. hope you remembered to set your clock back so you canet the extra hour of sleep. this is a look from the north camera. there's showers in the north bay. a bit of rain to splash the rest of us later on today and tonight. lisa argen will be along to tell you how much she's tracking the storm when we come back. new this morning, it seems developers of those self-driving cars have more work to do before they really hit the road. a new study finds the self-driving cars are five times more likely to be involved in a crash than a more conventional
9:39 am
crash. that the according to research done at the university of michigan transportation research institute. it shows not only are autonomous cars, like the ones developed by google, are more likely to crash, but the injury rate is also four times higher. you might want to keep in mind, though, the pool of self-driving cars is significantly smaller than that of traditional cars on the road. today marks exactly two years since a man went on a shooting rampage at los angeles international airport. >> i heard shots and i immediately hit the ground. >> meet the tsa agent who came face-to-face with the killer and survived. he is talking for the first time tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. right here right now, lisa argen tracking some showers in the forecast. >> yeah. they develop in the north bay. as we look around san jose this morning, it's pretty nice. partly sunny, 63 degrees. we set a record yesterday, 85.
9:40 am
just going to 73 today. and your showers will arrive by the early morning hours. we will track it for you come up. >> thank you, lisa. and in sports a scare for stanford on the road. how the cardinals escaped by the skin of their teeth in a big
9:41 am
9:42 am
the 49ers and the raiders are in action today. at 10:00 this morning the niners battle the division rival rams
9:43 am
in st. louis. and the raiders will try to get to 4-3 when they may the new york jets. kick-off at 1:05. in college football, the stanford cardinals got a real run for its money when they took on washington state. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, stanford head coach david shaw warned his team all week that washington state would be a real challenge. the cougars were just that after three quarters before the eighth-ranked cardinals came alive. six field goals in the first half, the team started getting into the end zone? the second. 21-10, cougars. they found a weakness in the defense. hogan ran the ball. breaks loose for a 59-yard touchdown round. hogan ran for 122 yards on the night. 22-20. after a false pick, he started the fourth with a 6-yard touchdown run. stanford comes from behind. takes the lead. the 15-play, 81 yards makes it
9:44 am
28-27. quinton makes this pick, led to a field goal, 30-28 cardinals. one last shot for the cougars. fourth down, 23-yard completion. eric powell made five field goals in the game. 43 yards for the win, and he misses! stanford survives a scare on the road. 30-28 your final. cal and usc in berkeley. cal got on the board in the first quarter. jerad goff dumps it off. six yards out. he catches, 85 yards. 7-0 bears. but the trojan defense shut cal out in the second. scored 10 points on their own. ronald jones, 13 yards, 10-7 trojans at the half. third quarter, trey madden found his way into the end zone. six more. 17-7, ucs. and after the kickoff. goff two touchdowns. also had 2 interceptions. underthrows his receiver jackson with the pick. blocker in front. 46-yard to the house, 2 touchdowns in 23 seconds.
9:45 am
24-7 trojans. cal makes it a game in the fourth. goff, 9 yards to steph anderson. cal down 6. third and one. if cal gets the stop, they can go for the win. trey maddon was stopped. bounces for a first down icing the game. cal lost three straight, falling to 5-3, 27-21, that final. just three games in and steph curry already making history with his third career 50-plus game. only two others have done that, wilt claimerlan and barry. pretty simple, give it to steph. third quarter, all curry. amazing no-look, over the head to harrison barns for the jam and foul. off the steal. seth around luke babbitt. two different ways for the lay-up. next possession. curry goes by four for the lay-up. warriors trailed at halftime. now a twelve-point lead. then the topper. launches from deep. it goes. he's fouled.
9:46 am
steph with the move on the floor. oh, yeah. why shouldn't he? career high 28 points in the fourth quarter. the most in the nba since klay went for 37 last year. he breaks 50. finishes with 53. warriors win. they will host the grizzlies monday night. >> sharks back on the road, hosted by dallas. they faced off against a former teammate, antti niemi. he spent five years in san jose. the battle on the boards. redirecting the short-handed goal. 2-0, stars. sharks still on the power play when they get the goal back. joe pavelski tipped it in from the point. 2-1 game. still in the second. stars on the power play. snaps it home. shorty ties it at two. five goals in the second period. sharks now down 3-2. joel ward, his sixth of the year. 3-3 after two. niemi with 26 saves. stalock only 20. antawn roussel knocked in the game winner. sharks have lost five of six.
9:47 am
5-3, your final. royals beat the mets 5-3 last night. they can clinch today in new york. 49ers take on the rams. raiders and jets. we will have that tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> well, if you have been listening to lisa this morning, you know a change to the weather is coming today. but the bay area sure had perfect weather for halloween. families in san francisco's millie valley were trick-or-treating. one block had special games to win prizes. it turned into a family-friendly dance party. check out those moves. you know, the castros is always a popular party spot on halloween. party-goers going all out from wigs to face paint to masks and more. it's a good thing halloween was last night and not tonight. >> that's true. although the rain will be really overnight so that's some good news. maybe you will sleep through it and maybe not. we expect some heavy downpours through the overnight hours
9:48 am
anywhere from about 11:00 to 4:00 a.m. right now the live doppler hd showing the rain. it's been scattered light shower activity all the way over to blue canyon and now getting into truckee. it's raining throughout the northern sacramento valley. be careful if you are headed out. you see the narrow moisture of moving in. points just north. scattered showers. but if we go way north, yesterday was a wild day in seattle. over an inch and a third in rain, making it the rainiest halloween on record and still 30 to 40 miles per hour winds. we won't see winds like that, but breezy northwesterly winds as the low travels overhead tomorrow. sutro you see a mix of the clouds and sunshine. pretty mild. 64 half moon bay, 63 san jose. no records today. we saw one yesterday. we will look for temperatures today to be more in line of
9:49 am
where they should be. 59 santa rosa. it's the rain, the clouds, the cooler air. the big range in temperatures and sky cover across the region. 68 concord. livermore 66 degrees. it's sunny where you folks are. we have a winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada. in fact, lake tahoe is in that advisory and a winter storm warning for the west slopes of the sierra. you see the clouds thickening and they will belowering. showers spread south overnight. we look for the blustery winds come monday and still with the chance of a thunderstorm as the unstable air is right overhead. high pressure is hanging on. it's still hot in southern california. we will get some snow and cooler air. it will take another day for that to happen. overnight to want is when we will get into the rain event. so as we go through the morning hour, it's in the north bay right through 1:00 and even through 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon cloudy skies and maybe some scattered sprinkles. but 1:00 in the morning the
9:50 am
front is marching through marin county, clogging the golden gate bridge. decent rain from the east ba i to the south bay, the peninsula, and still through 8:00 in the morning that's when the convective showers, instability will be with us and the possibility of a thunderstorm right through the late morning hours. so this forecast model paints a couple of hundredth to a third of an inch. we could see a little more than that. it's a significant one, a decent one. there are some weather advisories. the heavy snow tomorrow morning, a foot above 8500 feet. and around kirkwood, 11 inches. and as well as donner. highs today underneath the clouds, and 60s and 70s. the seven-day forecast, overnight rain gives way to a cool, breezy partly cloudy day, maybe a thunderstorm. we are back to sunshine tuesday and temperatures a little below average but it looks dry into
9:51 am
early next weekend. >> i was just going to ask about the temperatures. so they are below? >> yes. >> thank you, lisa. and if you see rain where you live today, even tomorrow, take a photo or video and share it with us online at connecting a device to the internet usually means wi-fi or 4g cellular but in fran there's a third appears. jonathan bloom has a look. >> samsung's hottest new gadgets have one thing in common. they are connected. >> you connect your phone to tablet, tablet to watch and watch to tv. >> over in korea, samsung has connected washing machines and other things. they aren't streaming movies, they are just sending tiny bits of data, whispering rather than shouting data. maybe, hey, you left the door open. they can be sensed in little bits. >> for those devices called the
9:52 am
internet of things the city of san francisco unveiled a totally new network. >> can you see this? this is a sig-fox radio. >> already white spread in europe, san francisco will be home to the first sig fox network in the u.s. >> so it isn't cellular or wi-fi, what is it? >> well, it's the thing in between. >> it's cheap. >> it's also long-range. it's a low speed connection but it's also very low powered. the network is live as of right now. >> talking about whispers of data. what better place to whisper than the library? and that's where they put the antennas for the new wireless network, on top of public libraries all over the city. >> because of the way libraries are designed to be distributed in every neighborhood. >> the city gave sig fox a one year lease on the roof space. city government could be one of the first users replacing sensor service for things like parking meters. moisture sensors so we know when to water the parks or should want be. or we can think about
9:53 am
intelligent lighting systems that let us know when they aren't coming. >> and consumer uses are coming. imagine a smartwatch with weeks of battery life and no need to pair with your phone. >> samsung is an investor in sig fox. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> up next, getting covered for healthcare starting today. what you need to know about obamacare open enrollment so
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9:55 am
. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $127 million power ball draw.
9:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $11 million super lotto plus. no one got all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot increases to $12 million. >> happening today, obamacare's open enrollment period begins for health insurance coverage. you can sign up today through january 1st. enrolling early means you will be covered sooner rather than later. the department of health and human services says last year's monthly average price was $364. if you wait until the end of open enrollment your coverage won't start until march 1st. >> happening today, more than 50,000 runners are wrapping up their run at the new york city marathon. this is video from last year's
9:57 am
race. mary from kep yeah won this race and she defended her title today in less than 2 1/2 hours. and kenya's -- is the men's champion. you can watch it on our sister network espn. let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast. there's some rain there. >> yes, there is. we are going to show it to you right now. from santa rosa, heelsburg. scattered light rain showers for you the rest of the day. its all the way up toward the sierra nevada. it will take the rest of the day until it reaches us. the overnight hours is when the cold front sweeps through. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers left over tomorrow morning and possibility of a thunderstorm too. >> looking good. that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. for lisa argen and i'm caroline tyler. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m.
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(applause) well god bless you! it's always a joy to come into your homes. if you're ever in our area, pleasere stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. but thanks so much for tuning in and thank you again for coming out today. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this pastor. he parked in the no-parking zone downtown in a large city. he left a note on the windshield, said, "officer, i've circled this block ten times. if i don't park here, i'll miss my appointment." in big letters he wrote, "forgive us our trespasses." he returned to his car and had a ticket. the officer had written him a note. it said, "sir, i've circled this block for 10 years. if i don't give


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