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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> good amp afternoon and thank you for joining us today. >> it is a major shake-up for the 49ers. colin kaepernick has been benched. the move coming at a bad time for the quarterback. this happens to be his birthday. abc 7 news sports anchor mike schuman joins us with details for the move and what it means for this franchise moving forward. >> reporter: this is no what colin kaepernick want today do on his 29th birthday. but when i think about it, his quarterback for the 49ers only equals by his stupendous fall from grace. >> he took over in 2012 and led the 49ers to the superbowl with
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a loss to baltimore. kaepernick's play has deteriorated. >> he was jim's guy. he probably does, at some point. in some ways. >> today, after the team's sixth loss, the sales are down from 10,000 a day to 1,000. and they equated to the team's play, namely kaepernick. fans are not surprised at the benching. >> i'm glad he's getting benched. he wasn't doing nothing. i feel it's not only him. >> i honestly feel they're a little more upset with ownership in general. i just feel there is the teams in turmoil. they're going downhill real quick. i just don't see them coming out of it any time soon. >> 95.7 the gain got an earful today. >> he slowly began to lose his tactic. i was not a harbaugh fan at the
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end. i blamed him and his coaching staff for whatever reason that they were not able to develop this guy. alrea >> reporter: former 49ers quarterback who replaced steve young went 5-0 understands the 49ers move. >> i know it feels awful. unfortunately, i've been in that position, too. he struggled. and peters is struggling. everybody else needs to step it up. they've got way more issues than the quarterback, let's face it. >> well, i think like steve bono, this would be good to silt back and watch and kind of see the big picture. i think we'll see him start again at some point this year. but the 49ers have to take a look and we'll talk a little bit more about blaine and what he has to bring to the table coming up at 6:00. >> kap is a convenient scapegoat.
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he certainly deserves some responsibility. the 49ers, they've drafted horribly the past few years. you've got anthony davis, which was enormous. their departures have hurt, as well. this looks like a team in need of a complete overhaul, would you agree? >> well, i don't think there's any question. and all the fans we talked to say the same thing. they think it's the front office. they're not blaming colin kaepernick, yet, they think he needs to sit down for a game. they see what's going on here. i think he might be using kap as a scapegoat. >> as hugh mentioned, who knows how long this will last. he was at the university of missouri, drafted with the tenth overall pick by the jacksonville jaguars who are a terrible franchise. so he was the scapegoat there. was actually slerkted ahead of kaepernick. gabber played almost immediately
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for the jags. won just five of his 27 starts. traded to the niners in 2014 and played in just one game for the team last year. >> well, we have new details now on the effort to bimd a warrior's arena in san francisco's mission bay. it has cleared another hurdle. the city agency that oversees land use and redevelopment has unanimo unanimously passed the report. it's an important milestone to bring the warriors to san francisco. it faces additional regulatory reviews in the coming weeks. >> now it is your voice, your vote in election day in several bay areas and counties. voters are dropping off their ballots or not dropping off their ballot, as the case may be. officials are expecting an overall turnout of 42%, as to be expected. mayor ed lee is on the ballot running for his second full term
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as his former sheriff. >> one of the most controversial platforms opponents have raised millions to defeat it. cities nationwide and around the world are interested in how san francisco deals with this e americaning issue. >> a big change in san mateo county. voters will be casting their ballots by mail only. two are considering sales tax measures. it would ask the city's skpising quarter cent sales tax for 30 years and a new half cent sales tax. there are several locations where voters can drop off completed ballots. >> do stay with abc 7 news for complete election coverage. we'll have election results as soon as the polls close at 8:00 tonight. >> san hoe psi city leaders
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introduce the new independent police auditor today. >> waterer katz worked for the l.a. county office of the inspect xx general. the committee who hired him was impressed with his attention to detail and preparation. he hopes to give a voice to those. >> that makes the job of the police easier. >> katz repolice stations former auditor kredell who will lead a commission. >> a man will serve three years for killing his wife. he pleaded no contest on friday in the death of his 72-year-old wife who was suffering from dementia. police say he shot her in the head and then placed roses by her body and turned himself into police.
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he agreed he would end her life if an illness left her in constant pain. >> investigators are trying to determine if this big rig accident in san jose was related to another accident that killed another motorcyclist. cars spun out and struck other vehiclings on southbound lane 880 arnoound 3:30 this morning. the motorcyclist was killed 20 minutes later just north of highway 237. lanes were closed for more than three hours. >> the chp is investigating the death of a bicyclist along the palo alto border this morning. this is how it looked from sky 7 hd. investigators say he was 63 years old. the 19-year-old driver stayed at
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the scene and investigators say neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor. >> a car hit just south of todd road. this tag indicates his name is mr. man. he's recovering at an animal hospital. he has a chip linking him to nevada. >> all right. let's get to our mr. man. >> moving from the foothills down toward the central valley now. we're seeing more lightning asoeszuated with it. some other showers scattered south of sonora and a few light
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showers north of there. a frost advisory in effect from interior sonoma county and then farther north to the east, a freeze warning from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. cooler weather has arrivedment. snow on the ground and some clouds in the skies. back here, san francisco right now, mid 60s somountain view. check out the view of blue sky over san francisco and the bay of currently 67 degrees. mid 60s in livermr and a look over the golden gate bridge. clear and cool, sunny, cool, breezy on the coast tomorrow. i'll show you weekend changes in just a moment. >> well, the california capitol christmas tree arrived in sacramento. the tree was grown in shasta
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county, 61 feet high and weighs more than 5,000 pounds. it was donated and would cost anywhere from $10-15,000 to buy a tree this size. it's traditionally lit by the governor during the first week of december. >> still ahead, it's the lawsuit that has out raged parents all across the country. now, the parents of an 11-year-old autistic boy is talking about the suit that forced them out of their neighborhood. >> plus, seven people kicked out of blight in los angeles. >> why you could be paying for all of those tributes at nfl games. >> michael finey will answer your questions live a little bit later. >> at 4:10, a live look at the afternoon commute, this is traffic in 101 and san rafel.
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usually, the heavier commute this hour, right side going back to san francisco. that's moving quite nicely at this hour. back with more
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firefighters on the scene of a mobile home fire. this happened around 3:30 at a location just off highway 87 northeaster near highway 85. >> flames did not spread. fortunately, no reports of injuries. for breaking news alerts, any
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time, follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we're learning more about that local ground breaking lawsuit. a family is being sued. neighbors say the family's 11-year-old autistic boy is a public nuisance and a threat to other children. here's the reporter with the latest. >> reporter: that his parents didn't do enough to control their son. >> my son, on his fourth birthday was riding his bike and the child threw him to the ground, grabbed with both hands his hair and shook him violently. >> the neighbors say the case is not about autism. >> it's about the safety of our children.
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they were attacked by multiple occasions. >> they have been slapped, hit, kicked, basically terrorized. >> but a judge is now weighing in, saying the lawsuit should go to a judicial settlement conference where both parties mediate and end the lit gags. >> every day we have to go through the lawsuit. it takes our focus away from helping our child. it has taken a lot of hours away that we would be supporting him. >> the legal action calls the family at the center of the suit to move out of their homes. hope now is that the mediation will. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> they discussed the accusations against his son. >> your neighbor said he just couldn't control your son. >> this is absolutely untrue. >> not at all. >> not at all. do you hope to move back to that
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neighborhood sn. >> if the case is satisfactory resolved, yes, absolutely. >> the man's attorney says this case is the first in california state his ri where somebody has fwon into a courtroom to say that a child with a disability is a public nuisance. >> seven passengers were kicked off of a plane. he got upset when he noticed his seat was double booked. the flooigt attendant called police. police say other passengers, all black, became unruly and were kicked off the flight as well. >> all the people that got kicked off the aircraft. it just lets me know that it was discrimination. >> those passengers claim a white flight attendant kplamed the group was a threat. >> some changes today on twitter. the san francisco bay social
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media company has replaced the star icon under messages with a heart. twitter says it made the change because the star was kind of confusing for new users. now, clicking on the heart means that you like a tweet. new tools will write out responses for you. it's trying to teach machines to take over the task typically handled by humans. if you're looking for a job, we have some help for you. check out the free silicon hire event tomorrow from noon until 4:00 p.m. mountain resort in southern california tweeted this picture. they say it had 12-30 inches of fresh snow and plan to open on thursday. in this tweet, it looks like it's straight out of the ice age. it's the view of half from
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sental dome in yosemite. share it with us using the hash tag abc 7 knew. >> spenlser is back talking about the clean, crisp air. >> very clean and crisp in that view. >> absolutely right about that. chris, this morning, we have morning lows dropping down into the upper 30s and low 40s. that's going to be a pattern for the remainder of the week. here's a look showing you how clear it is right now across all of the bay area. a little spot of light showers moving down into the si, rra foothills. as you can see here from sfo, looking out over clear skies, these are forecast features seeing patchy frost, possibly, there the north bay tonight. our next chance of rain will be around the end of the weekend. here's the satellite radar come poz sit image. a little bit of a dry pattern
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through saturday although it will become a little bit cloudier. let's start our forecast saturday night at 11:00 at which point we'll see a little system moving in from the north west that will bring us a chance of lane rate sunday into early monday. it doesn't look like it's a vigorous system. it will be chilly morning lows using santa rosa as our gauge here of morning lows in the north bay valleys. notice, upper 30s will be the lows through saturday with temperatures, bouncing back up the mid 40s. tuesday, other locations will be just about as chilly as well. places like napa and maybe up in cloverdale. mainly clear skies with temperatures in the low to mid 40s for most of the bay area. but mid to upper 30s in places like the north bay. on we go to highs tomorrow. sunny skies once again, clean, crisp, fresh air with highs
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ranging from mid to upper 60s in the bay. here's the 5:00 ewewet ere seven-day forecast. not much change in the weather except we'll have a few more clouds around thursday, friday and saturday. but not enough to call them cloudy days. and then sunday, it becomes cloudier with a chance of rain late sunday and basically sunday night into early monday, continuing a chance of rain into monday with some partial clearing late in the day. and then partly cloudy on tuesday. not a lot of change expected in the high temperature range. once again, bundle up or get ready for a chilly early morning temperature over the next few days. >> all right. thank you. up next, a star wars fan's dying wish. >> and then new, after 4:30, robin william's (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done. but when it came to medicare, i was glad i could get a little help.
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daniel fleetwood has been a fan since he was eight or nine years old. doctors believe he's hanging on just to see the movie. fle fleetwood is in hospice care at home. >> it's a commitment. and he still has that commitment and that drive. i think it's a beautiful thing. even if it's just a movie. that's magic. for a lot of people. >> i really don't think that i'm going to make it. please do what you can. help me. >> fleetwood's online campaign is getting support from some of the franchise's stars they've tweeted their support from daniel. the force awakens will premier on december 18th. disney is the parent company of abc 7. let's hope he makes it. >> now, for today's gma hot
4:24 pm
list, the biggest and best moments from our friends at good morning america. >> here's laura spencer. >> here's your 60 second hot list from gma today. hit it. >> welcome to the studio. >> how do you handle ben carson. i think that ben just dunt have the experience. you say that hillary clinton doesn't want to run against you. but here's what he's saying on the stop. >> if he emerged, i would love to debate him. >> she's bluffing? >> yes, she's bluffing. >> an abc news exclusive. robin william's widow speaking out for the first time. >> most people think your husband killed himself because he was depressed. was he losing his mind? >> yes, absolutely. he was keeping it together as best as he could. but the last month, he could not. >> look what we have here. a little loophole.
4:25 pm
>> one of these dogs will go home with a very special friend. >> who did amber pick? show us? and that's today's gma hot list. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> hard to say no to puppies. >> yeah, that's true. >> tonight, you can go back to the '80s, a time of sex, drugs, rock and roll and serial killers in the new abc thriller, "wicked city kwts city" a murderer is just as sadistic. >> what do you think it's about your character that draws erica's character to you? >> they have the ability to manipulate possibly throughout. but offer her something that she needs, a sense of empowerment,
4:26 pm
safety, he makes her feel sexy. you have all of those desires, all of those attitudes come alive. >> abc 7 news, you can watch wicked city tonight on abc 7 the so he could episode of this new show airs at 10:00. that's followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> abc 7 knew at 4:00 continues with a question, are you ready for el nino. >> plus, the state election that the nation is keeping an eye on what's happen today in ohio. >> and paying for patriotism. the inv
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checking the headlines now as we approach 4:30. it's election day for many communities across the bay area. san francisco's mayor and sheriff are up for re-election. there's also a -- voters will consider sales tax increases. a new independent auditor tweeted this photo of walter katz who arrives in san jose. katz specializes in collecting an reviewing data related to police use of force.
4:30 pm
sports anchor tweeted out the 49ers new starting quarterback saying he had to see what they had before this season ends. they will start sunday and then the niners have a bye week to make a decision on what to do next. forecasters expect a strong el spsz nino through the winter. >> today, pg and e shared its plan for dooeling with winter storms. abc "newsroom" reporter joins us live in emoryvolle.
4:31 pm
. today's nice, but yesterday is a dose ofwet ere. i think everyone needs to be on high alert. >> at a round table, emergency officials discuss the best way to be prepared. >> have a container that you can put this on. it's oozily accessible. >> do not go anything until i tell you to, do you understand? >> i do. >> pg&e walk a woman through a demonstration. >> a person should not get out of their vehicle if they find themselves with an electrical line. they should remain in place. >> call 9-1-1 and wait for utility crews to deenergize the line. as a very last resort, like if your car is on fire. jump from the car with your feet together. shuffle or bunny hop away. now to the growing mystery of what brought down that
4:32 pm
russian passenger plane. all 242 people were killed. >> officials say american satellite officials detected heat around the plane before it crashed. investigators don't believe a surface to air missile brought down the aircraft. >> tlfgs a bomb that went off. that bomb will be very clearly heard. if the airplane came apart, the investigators will get something out of that voice recorder that will tell us what happened in those last seconds. >> both russian and egyptian officials insist terrorism was not involved. >> looking ahead to 2016. republican candidate ben carson is pulling ahead in a new poll. and the donald is going on the attack. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: ripping into his republican rivals once again, gop presidential candidate donald trump exclusively on good morning america says contender
4:33 pm
ben carson duntd haoesn't have experience to be president. >> ben can't do those things. >> here's what ben is doing. inching his way up in the polls. a new nbc wall street journal poll shows retired carson now has front runner status. and these new numbers come as the gop candidates battle it out over upcoming debate rules. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> overnight, president obama everyone weighed in on the republican presidential candidates and their debate demands. >> if you can't handle those guys, you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> the gop team seemingly falling apart with many saying they won't sign onto a plan that everyone reportedly agreed to last minute for structuring the dewait going forward. >> look, i just want to answer the questions and be done with it.
4:34 pm
>> also refusing to sign on, john kasich, chris christie and carly fiorina. >> we may be about a year away from voting for president. the gop ppt shl candidate donald trump says he's considering a few of his republican contenders. trump says he won't say who he's eyeing until he wins the nomination. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> ohio went to vote on the polls today. it's the first time whether to aprooef recreational and medicinal marijuana at the same time. under the measures, growing four plants for commercial use. and commercial pot plants would be allowed, which are specifically identified on the ballot. some legislation reporters some legalization letter supporters call that a money grab. >> the nfl is launching an
4:35 pm
independent audit into whether teams are accepting money in the penalty gone for displays of patriotism during games. reports surfaced last spring that teams were paid $5 million to allow members of the armed forces to perform various acts reich singing the national anthem. an effort is underway in congress to banal the spending of taxpayer dollars. >> anesthesia teams do a lot of good work. the problem is when activities like this are paid for by the taxpayer, it cheapens everything educational they do. >>. >> major league baseball and national hockey league teams also allegedly received taxpayer dollars. coming up at 5:30 on world news tonight, the investigation and what the leagues and the teams are saying about those payments. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, plans to imploed part of the old bay bridge delayed. when it's going to happen and what you can expect. push. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead.
4:36 pm
i'm still taking your questions on factbook. i'll annals your questions here live a little later. >> here's the view from our eastern hills camera. oh, we've got some schilly mornings coming our way. i'll have the forecast coming up in just a moment. >> and a live look now at the situation at the mcarthur maiz. and it is brutal. this is traffic heading eastbound on interstate 80. that's the oncoming traffic. really backed up there. also slow going on the right-hand side of your screen for folks making the turn back toward san francisco.
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proof once again that some parents do not like lying to their children on national television. last night, jimmy kim el broadcast his annual halloween where they pretend to eat all of their kid's candy. >> last night, after you guys went to bed, you got it. i ate all of your candy. >> really? our candy? i wanted it. >> i ate allover your halloween candy while you were at school. >> how? >> what do you mean how? i ate it.
4:40 pm
>> i don't want to see you ever again. >> oh, ouch. >> oh, snap. >> yeah. you are in big trouble, young lady. squl the kids actually handled it pretty well, though. they broke down in tears. >> those parents are cruel. jimmy says this year, parents sent more videos than they ever have since they issued the challenge. you can catch jimmy kimmel live right here on abc 7. >> that kid looked like he was in dispair. he was like, how, i ate it? >> he wumpblt buying it at first. >> yeah, i know. spencer christian would never deny his kid candy now, would he? >> well. >> he ate it. >> but nothing like myself. >> i'm not a candy eater. por kmu gnatly, my kids weren't crazy about it, either. but there you go, no problem, right? >> no. >> you're good. let's take another look at live
4:41 pm
doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the bay area. cool, crisp, autumn-like conditions. but we have a wide range, though. notice santa rosa is at a puny 23% of rainfall since october 1st, moffet field is almost at 200 percent. nearly 150 at livermoral. you can see since october 1st, most of the north bay central parts of the bay area have been well below the average rainfall totals with much, much higher. >> okay. showers and thundershowers, south atlantic coast, parts of montana and wyoming, arizona and new mexico, mainly sunny and dry but some light showers south of yosemite. here in the bay area, much like today. sunny, crisp, low 60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s in the bay.
4:42 pm
mid and upper 60s, inland. larry and alma. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, robin williams' wid widow breaks her silence. >> i'm 7 on your side, michael finney. should you cancel your credit cads when you stop using them. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. > robin williams' wid cole do breaking her silence. it was more than a year ago the comedian stunned the world by taking his life. now, much more pain in his life than many of us ever knew. . >> reporter: >> it's 0600. what's the o stand for? oh, my god. >> actually, movies like good morning vietnam. robin williams, the actor, was brilliant. off screen, as father, and husband susan williams says robin was extraordinary. >> just honor, love, respect. >> reporter: but their loving and very private three-year marriage ending tragically on
4:46 pm
august 11th, last year. >> in an emotional interview, her husband was secretly fig fighting depression, anxiety and paranoia. >> it was like this endless parade of symptoms. >> robin was ultimately diagnosed with early stages of parkinson's disease. he was also suffering from body dement dementia, a brain disorder. >> it's a complex disorder with many different presentations. you can see very dramatic effects in thinking, emotions and behavior. >> it killed robin. it's what took his life. >> turns out, the same week the 63 yeermd took his own life, doctors wanted to check him into a facility with neurocognitive testing. >> was this robin's way of taking control back? >> in my opinion? oh, yeah. i think he was just saying no. and i don't blame him one bit. >> and coming up tomorrow on good morning america, more from
4:47 pm
susan williams and her legal battle with robin ice children. >> san jose's police union is joining a growing effort urging the boycott of quinti quintin tarantin,'s upcoming movie. he said he was on the side of the murder herbed. tarantino says he will not be intimidated. it's called the hateful 8 and is set to be released on christmas. >> turning to health news now, kids are seeing more unhealthy snack ads. >> and a new wireless device that may help stop snoring. jane king with today's well nns report. >> researchers wanted to find out houchb children 6-11 saw smack ashtabulas. it's 97 times in 2014. the product the children saw the most aump advertised were betty
4:48 pm
crocker fruit ads, like fruit roll-ups. this device listens for snorers and then gives a nudge to the snorer to get them to stop. it's below the sensitivity of a partner sho the snoring doesn't wake up the other person in the bed. one in five pediatricians reject unvax nated. doctors were the most likely to take that stance. more doctors have refused the outbreak this year. death rates for every other racial group are going down. two prings ton economists say the deaths are being driven by suicide and substance abuse.
4:49 pm
>> if uf a little sagging, don't sweat it. you can freeze it. >> once the fat is gone, it's gone. so 56 you complete the treatment, it's permanent. sd sdpl. >> coming you will up tonight, how it works and what you can expect. >> does it work everywhere? it's time now for ask finney. >> look, let me start off by felling you you're probably not going to have a problem at all. people really worry about those. but, generally, that stuff probably went nowhere. it may have bounced back to you and went into your juk file. there's probably not an issue. however, here's what you need to do. you need to call one of the three major credit reporting agencies.
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tell them that you have this problem and then report it. all three will send you a letter and say we got it. and they will put a fraud alert, which lasts 90 days. it doesn't stop anybody from looking at your credit report, but it tells everybody you have this issue. if you want to go one step further, you can pay $10 and put a freeze on your account. the problem is nobody can look at your account. you have to pay $10 to take it off and then $10 to put it back on. that's a little bit extreme. you're probably not at that point yet. >> well, cheri asked will it hurt my credit to cancel a credit card. >> it will. and that's because the way credit scores are set up, they look at how much debt you owe across all of your credit cards. so if you have a $1,000 card three times, you've got $3,000.
4:51 pm
if you're only using $1,000 worth of credit, that's 33% of what you have available unless you cancel one of them. now you're using half. 50%. and that will lower your credit score quite a bit. they look at how much you owe and what you owe across all the cardings. and then fieblly, never get rid of the card you've had the longest. that says how long you've had credit. >> that's a good tip. >> an airline lost my bag. they're not covering everything in it because they're saying some of the things in it are excluded. >> they can. but fight them. fight them like a dog. a lot of it is the squeaky wheel gets it. it's going to say cash, they won't insure cash, musical instruments sometimes, even cds, jewelry almost never. same with photography equipment. so all of that kind of stuff you really need to carry with you. >> fight them like a dog. >> yeah.
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>> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues next. the plan to blow up part of the old bay bridge. what's ahead and dan with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, the showdown at ooegs bay park and the new state law that has ha a gun club underfire. >> plus.
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tonight on abc 7. at 8:00, it's the muppets. at 10:00, weaken city followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> cal trans has moved back.
4:56 pm
wayne friedman was there. >> the first question is why delay it for a week. we asked them and they skept saying it's technical problems with the explosives. we said what kind of technical problems? they said it was the covering of the explosives. they wanted it to be yun fompl because this is a first time and they're very interested in seeing what happens. >>. >> on november 14th, standby for six seconds. i would call it a test. >> though the rest of us would call it a series of controlled implosions, kind of like these, though not nearly as jaw dropping because they'll happen beneath the surface of san francisco bay as caltrans turns a pile into rubble. >> we see we have a cellular structure that goes counsel hundreds of feet. let's place that material right there.
4:57 pm
efficiently and below the mud line where it's not a hazard to anybody. >> though nearby birds, marine mammals and especially fish may not see it that way. it's a foregone estimation that 11,000 smelt plus other species will perish in the shock wave. >> we know that individual fish will be killed. the question that our commissioners really had to way is whether it is preferable to have six seconds worth of impact. for the record, there are 20 of them.
4:58 pm
>> thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4 krok. i'm alma dates. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> that it is protected political speech. >> turning the secret ballot into a social ballot. tonight, the local lawmaker who wants to unban the ballot box. plus. >> opinions fly like bullets over the future of a bay area gun club. what could pull the trigger on the shooting range. >> plus the, the vatican's point man comes to town. and -- >> making a big splash, bringing swimming back to a local school for the first time in 25 years. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> trying to get out to vote on election day, 2015. despite millions of dollars, turnout is low. so, now, there a state where
4:59 pm
selfies are a way of life, one california lawmaker says it's time to free the voting masses. >> thanks so much for joining us. lots of folks are so proud of voting on election day and taking selfies with social media. but did you know that is against the law here in california. one legislator wants to change that. 42% in san francisco, 48% in morinne, 26% in san mateo county. >> we've seen a pretty steady stream of folks dropping off their mail-in ballots here. but i've got to tell you, a cell phone camera inside a polling place in california is not welcomed. one lawmaker says that's pretty ri doing louse. election day is something that should be shared with the world and with social media. >> hugh gregory just snapped
5:00 pm
this selfie moments after he voted. >> i've been voting ever since i was 18. yeah, i've been voting for quite a number of years now. >> others want more than just an ivoted sticker. some are documenting the event taking selfies. >> it seems like a relatety simple thing taking a selfie with your ballot. that's illegal in california. >> north bay assembly man says the law is rarely enforced, but a law he wants to change. in fact, he's been posting selfies for years with his kids. casting a vote for himself. the real motive? getting voters to the polls. >> voter participation is at historic lows. a selfie can really help promote that it is election day. >> the stroeters are posting proud ballot selfies today.


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