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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. at 5:00 a.m., we thank you for the company. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> it is friday evening, that sounds so good. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> frigid. we have high clouds on live doppler hd they came in late to
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keep some of us from dropping down into the 30's and 40s. if breeze at the golden gate bridge and no fog, 34-52 is the temperature at 7:00. by noon we are 60 to 64 and 4:00 we are 62 at the coast and 68 and this evening, 54 to 58 with high clouds and sunshine and not is breezy. all day. >> the only commute is officially underway as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the eastern span of the bay bridge it eight minutes to get between the macarthur maze and interest san francisco. we have a bart delay recovering from an early track record if you are leaving san francisco to the pittsburg and appoint and dublin/pleasanton there is a ten-minute delay and no delays on ace train one is a few minutes early and no delays on a.c. transit. >> rising prices are hot topic but in alameda it was so heated
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some folks were led away if handcuffs. matt? >> this meeting about resident control ended less than four hours ago. it was loud. it was passionate. at one point it appeared to get violence. >> the temperatures were hot but it was worse after a majority of landlords arrived early and monopolized the seats. a man tried to rush into the chambers and dragged down assistant city manager who tried to stop him. the man was then to the floor in front of a protester's camera. he was arrested along with another man handcuffed outside of the city council chambers. the heated meeting was about to limit increases while they examine rent control. >> i had $300 increase and then asking me to leave in 60 days.
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next month. during the holidays. >> restrictions on my ability to rent is like anyone here getting a restriction on what they would earn as income. >> according to an attendee at 1:35 the mayor and city council passed a 6 a-day moratorium on no fault eviction and rent increases above 8 percent while they work were a long-term policy. although uc merced re-opens tomorrow many will take a long weekend to process the stabbing. panic erupted when a male student stabbed four people, two students, a student advisor and a construction worker. all were expected to recover the at hospital. the construction worker is called a hero for stepping in and preventing a victim from being injured more seriously. the suspect was shot can killed by police.
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the f.b.i. is investigating and looking for a motive. we will have more on that and what the suspect's roommate is saying at the to which the hour. >> foothill college is homing a one hour training session to help prepare for a situation lake yesterday's stabbing at uc merced or the recent mass kansas shooting in oregon with 40 students signed town participate in the 1:00 o'clock people run high defend training session to republic mentally and physically in the event after an active assailant. >> two boys are recovering after being hit by an s.u.v. walking to school in san francisco's marina district. the driver was arrested on suspicion of d.u.i. she was a teacher and a long-time resident of the city. katie marzullo has details. >> this is 30-year-old at scene of the collision at the driver side door her s.u.v.
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san francisco police suspect she was drive under the influence. they took her away to handcuffs. school supplies littered the intersection only a bloke from marina middle school where the two, 12-year-old boys were headed after 8:00 a.m. police say the delivery truck was stopped at crosswalk for the brings but she passed the truck on left and loued into them. >> i have two boys and i have to worry about their safety particularly in the morning when the cars are speeding off to work. >> this street is dangerous. i feel horrible. i see kids going by all the time. i have almost been hit. >> her name appears on the mailbox after an apartment in the marina. no one answered. an article in the "san francisco chronicle" named her as a 2004 debutante. the "san francisco chronicle" reports he has a master's degree from the university of san francisco and has worked as an elementary schoolteacher in the city. the brings are expected to
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recover. the middle school is providing counselors for the students. >> police and great america are asking for anyone with pictures or video of a weekend attack at the park to come forward. it is a story you will see only here. the trouble began when a girl and her brother objected to people cutting ahead of them in line on halloween. the line cuters cursed at their group and shoved them and attacked them. >> suddenly i was punched in the head. i blacked out. >> they tackled me and punched me in the face and dragged me to the floor, one was kicking me. >> she needed treatment at a hospital for injuries in the pictures you can see. the familiar said great america should have taken more action to detain the attackers for police. great perk said that it is assisting police in the investigation. a viewer tipped it off to the story. if you have a story mail us or go to click on "contact us." >> a off by governor brown
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involving family-owned land is raising eyebrows. records obtained by the associated press show governor brown has state oil and gas regulators investigate the oil and natural gas potential of the family's ranch near williams an hour north of sacramento. the state law prohibits elected officials from using public resources for personal purposes but officials say all they did was a public records search and that is legal. >> a san rafael lawmaker is working to permanently ban offshore drilling on the pacific coast. according to the press democrat, congressman huffman introduced the west coast ocean protection act with the backing of west coast lawmakers. the sort gaining urgency because moratoriums on drilling in federal waters ended in 2008 leaving half of the california coast open to energy development. >> serena williams is calling herself center serena after
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stopping a thief from stealing her cell phone in san francisco. this is what happened on tuesday night. the man is lingering by her table before he allegedly snatched the phone and walked out. the 34-year-old relied what happened and chased him. he said he accidentally took the wrong phone. withs received a standing ovation when she got back to the restaurant. later the star posted a photo of herself dressed in a super woman outfit on facebook and explained the ordeal to her fans >> this is always and, accidentally took the wrong phone. he accidentally took the wrong phone from the wrong person. >> in doubt. >> i want to check on weather and traffic starting with opinion -- meteorologist mike nicco. >> to the north frost advisory in the valley starting at 3:00 this morning through 8:00
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she serves at 120 miles per hour and you could see heads rolling down the street. 35 in rohnert park, the cool spot to the north, petaluma and novato at 36, and american canyon, 77 and guerneville at 38 and everyone else in the 40s until tiburon at 52 and san francisco is 51 and check out san ramon at 37, and newark at 45 and same in san carlos and half moon bay and cupertino at 40 and san jose at 43 degrees and from our roof camera you can seat flags on the lower left of the screen, barely moving and high clouds and sunshine today, temperatures ranging from 64 to 68 degrees. sfo, no need to worry about delays, no clouds and 48 degrees at sfo. we it will be mostly sunny tomorrow and temperature a degree or two warmer today and same on saturday, and look at rain developing on sunday, temperatures in the 60.
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leyla? >> good morning, the north bay and northbound side of 101 is southbound side and tail lights are light, indeed; we do not have any traffic coming in from marin to san francisco and the zip are truck made its way to the north end and we new have four lanes that have re-opened to make the drive smoother this morning coming to san francisco. speaking of san francisco we have a big project starting tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. with a closure at king street between barry and king and closures eastbound king between 5th and third. this is connected to third line with the central subway station so there is a lot jackhammering and a lot of signs and it be loud. it will be a loud protect.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a local san francisco company is one of three finalists for an all paid 30-second ad in super bowl, named chubby's a contest, small business, big game and the other two are from new york. keep your fingers crossed. the weapon certificate announced in january. >> more groups ask caltran to stop spraying herbicides along the highway. this is an open house to explain the plans to spray on state route 84 in woodside part of the vegetation management program. farmers and ranchers and people in the area are urging caltran to consider nontoxic methods to get job done. >> california could decide next year whether to require actors
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in important graphic films to wear condoms qualifying for the november 2016 ballot after supporters gathered 366,000 signatures for a petition. the measure would require actors to wear condoms when filming scenes. the issue has long term consequences for the multi-billion dollar adult film industry which in the past has threat everyoned to pick up and move production out of the state. >> pressure is mounting on nbc to cancel item truck's scheduled appearance on "saturday night live." a coalition of advocacy groups protested outside the network headquarters in new york last night. he drew fire early when he described some mexicans in the united states illegally as criminals and rapists. nbc is accused of endorsing truck's hate speech. >> and it was chilly this morning. >> yes, mike, what did you have? >> and areas feels like they could do this. that is a beautiful picture.
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june lake received heavy snow fall and it is gorgeous job of capturing the fall colors and the fresh fallen snow. right enjoy on live doppler hd you can see pretty much quietness, the freezes from yesterday, again. you may notice the chill in the house this morning if you did not turn on the heater before you went to bed. this is how it looks from sutro tower, how clean the air is. it is ben dry. again. my lips look like they have lipstick, just chapstick. >> filtered sun and dry and warming through saturday and our next storm arrives on sunday and promises healthy rain. temperatures today look like yesterday. definitely. will it feel like yesterday? no, it will feel warmer because we will not have the breezes.
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filtered sunshine and 63 to 6 degrees. this could be low clouds around the bay and inland tonight but notice our temperatures are falling into the 30's in the deepest valley and 40s for the rest of us so if you have not turn on the heater you may need it tonight. check the filters before you turn it on. we will have 50 in oakland and richmond and san francisco. here is the area high pressure the cold front will not come near us but with the slow around the high, it will be counter-clockwise, you can see the high clouds are rolling in and here is our next storm on sunday, we will see what it does as far as precipitation: it increases our clouds to saturday and then you can see by sunday we are starting to look at some light showers developing and you can see at 3:00, as we head to monday our best chance of steady rain is dug the morning commute again and scattered showers and
5:18 am
clearing by 11 o'clock. my seven-day outlook shows small baby steps, more sunshine, most of us in the 70's by saturday but the coast and 60s because of the lack of sunshine on sunday and look at the 50s and 60s with the rains turning to showers on monday and more sunshine tuesday and wednesday, but, still, 50s and sick. how is the commute? >> it is going to rain so we do not have accidents to report. we see clear conditions with the, exception of congestion if you are traveling southbound on 680 a few more cars made it to the roads and out of pleasant hill to highway 24, northbound traffic, no delays, and we will take you to the altamont pass where traffic is growing as we speak so from tracy from 205 to 580, 24 miles per hour is the top somebody and at greenville road the traffic will dissipate but it will be heavy as the morning wears on, continuing through livermore and to the
5:19 am
dublin interchange, a clear drive. 680, southbound, no delays. highway 84, the pocket of slowing that builds, and drive time traffic from tracy to dublin is 38 minutes and that is not too bad. 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard southbound 16 minutes and the south bay, highway 85, all green, posted speeds. >> a comment from the fed chair is causing a ripple effect in the global markets. >> good morning, top america's money higher interest rates could be an the corner. >> the fed chair said an increase before the end of the year is a possibility making it harder to afford a house or a car. investors are not bothered bit news, the stock futures are up. >> whole foods suffering from slumping sales posting the first decline in six years. it is facing more competition as traditional super markets offer more organic food at low are
5:20 am
prices. >> some parts of the country the girl scouts are raising the rice of cookies to $5 a box up from $4. >> this means troops get 30 cent more each box and it was her $5 a box in california and hawaii. >> that is america's money. >> i am sure you are counting the days, christmas is 50 days away. a holiday tradition to give back is underway in the bay area. >> san francisco area toys 'r us stores welcome united states marines to kickoff the 2015 toys for tots who otherwise have nothing to unwrap on christmas morning. customers can donate new unwrapped toys at toys 'r us or babies are us. >> a big night for country music fans but not the winners getting
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wait... wait... perfect. at del monte, corn is packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else. so it's all-natural and delicious. here are seven things to know before you go. the alameda city council voted for a 65-day moratorium on rent increases after a dramatic meeting that ended a few hours ago. many renters were upset at rising costs including two men who were arrested. tenants demand administrator inform while the city council examines rent criminal possibilities. >> new developments in the stabbing rampage as uc merced.
5:24 am
we are hearing from a victim who said the attacker lunged at him with 8-10" knife. we are learning more about the suspect with new details in a few minutes. >> state officials are scheduled to decide in a few hours whether to delay the start of the dungness crab season. a toxic algae is infacting the crab making it dangerous to heat. crab now sold in stores should be safe because it is from identified of our area. >> everyone is cooler this morning and, in fact, the frost possibly forming in the north bay valleys will hang and until 8:00 if you are thing of doing governing or golfing, you have to wait in the frost fades away. we will talk about the chilly morning ahead with warmer afternoon and a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> it is an accident-free start to the morning commute across the bay area looking to san jose and 87 near the shark tank and it is a safe swim coming into
5:25 am
downtown san jose with traffic in the southbound direction very empty. >> investigators are trying to figure what caused power lines to catch fire in a san mateo maybe. it happened last night burned dangerously close to trees and knocked down power to 200 homes. >> police are looking for whoever left an injured chihuahua in a dumpster on the santa rosa junior check campus on tuesday. an employee found the dog with both front legs broken. animal services shelter is hoping the little dog is on the road to recovery. >> the "give where you live," thanksgiving day food drive is underway your opportunity to help our neighbors in need. >> you will see weather anchor spencer christian reporting from bay area food banks for the next few weeks. text "feed," to 80077 for $10 donation to help those in need.
5:26 am
>> a beloved crow is back home because of san jose woman, shirley jones. she said she noticed the bird in her backyard and thought he was injured. she called animal control on tuesday and the bird was marley who was bird napped a weekend ago from the wildlife center in silicon valley. security measures have been put in place at the wildlife center and the center said marley lost weight but is expected to be okay. >> we are coming back with 90 minutes of news including the next step for the warriors' new arena if san francisco. >> nurses the walk off the job in the bay area today. in the bay area today. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> it is chilly. mike? >> it is. we will look at live doppler hd and show high clouds and limited visibility keeping the fog at a minimum. here is a look from sutro tower. you can see how clear it is this morning. temperatures are in the mid-30's to mid-40s up to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. colorful sunrise because of high clouds, #abc7. we would love to see them. low-to-mid 60s at noon and low-to-upper 60s by 4:00 and the clouds fade away and temperatures drop into the 40s. >> we start off with the bay bridge toll plaza and it is busy. the cash-paying lanes were really stacking and packing. from the get go. now we just have more cars flowing contract east bay to san
5:30 am
francisco and looking closer to ten minutes to get you cross but the metering lights have not been turned on officially. i wake you to the south bay check out the drive along 101 if you make it up to mineta san jose international airport you are at top speeds, 280, for delays, headed to cupertino, and highway 85 and 17 and 87, all are clear. crossing over from the east bay to the peninsula, whether it is dumbarton or san mateo bridge to the north, all is looking fine. >> the last 90 minutes new developments in the violent rampage at uc merced where a student towns a hinting knife on fellow classmates stabbing four before being shot and killed by police. here is the latest on the investigation can now centers around a backpack. >> the investigators are start ing and learning they detonated the backpack and are testing a substance found inside of it. we hearing from the suspect's roommate who described the suspect as "antisocial," saying
5:31 am
when he would say something the roommate would ignore him. >> did not talk much. i for saw him walk with anyone walking to class, never. >> 0 minute of horror werened by bullets from police. the suspect is dead. all four injured people are expected to survive. the campus is shut down as the community tries to weapon. the students and faculty have been invited to come to a football game tonight for free. we are hearing from a stab victims ahead as her row for luring the attacker out of the class room and kick him in the head, describing moment he was stabbed with the 8-10" hunting knife. we will bring that to you at 6:30. >> thank you. it is 5:31. fish fish officials are holding an emergency meeting this morning to discuss delaying the start of crab season in california. a tax ice algae bloom sin facting crab up and down the cost making it dangerous to eat. the recreational dungeness cbs
5:32 am
season starting on saturday. health officials say the crab should be safe because it is from outside the area. the emergency meeting begins at 8:00 a.m. in sacramento. >> if you take caltrain to get around you may have to pay a little more. caltrain is continuing raiding adult fares by 50en whys, daily parking goes up from $5 to $5.50 a day and monthly parking from $50 to $55 a month. meeting starts today at 10:00 a.m. in caltrain headquarters in san carlos. >> huge lines outside the h&m closing story in union square over a new line being unveiled by a popular designer. >> still if line in san francisco but the stores on east coast have already opened and i
5:33 am
am finding the items inside the store are on ebay a dress marked up $300 and committing twitter, they say shoters tore up the stores on the east coast when they opened at 8:00 a.m. still in line in san francisco waiting for the 8:00 opening, the behind wraps around the block at powell and a woman is at the front of line and got more at 9:00 yesterday morning ask they all here to by pieces from the collection the high end designer that is won by the kardashians and other celebrities. people will only be allowed in the store in small groups for a limited amount of time. shoppers say they have mapped out a strategy. divide and concord. we only get 15 minutes toship so we have to know what we want for go for. we are going to grab as many sizes as we can and help each
5:34 am
other out. i am glad i have friends. >> look at h&m website, it is not functioning. the line went live 30 minutes ago at 5:00 am and i kept getting this scene and people complaining on twitter. the site has completely crashed. coming out here to stand if line robbed to be the smart move, you can go in and get the items, try them on, the store opens at 8:00 a.m. which is early start for the store which usually opens at 9:30. the warriors new arena in san francisco's mission bay is a step closer to reality. the landing commission is set to vote on the design today and to allocate 600,000 square feet of commercial space to develop next to the arena. the commission members signed off on the final environmental impact report and gave the green light for further planning. a group called the mission bay
5:35 am
alliance composed of the stakeholders and concerned citizens you haves to continue fighting. >> warriors players are preparing now have hold coach steve kerr return for a few more months. one player said the team would not be surprised if steve kerr did not return until after the all-star break after an indefinite leave from the team five weeks ago after complications from back surgery. >> warriors are still undefeated without steve kerr on the side lines and the dubs trailed by continue points but barnes brought them back and steph curry got hot hitting three, flee-pointers in the final six might bees and finished with 31 points and the warriors beat the clippers 112-108. they are only the 5th team to start 5-0 in back-to-back seasons. three of the previous four went on to win the nab title in both
5:36 am
seasons. >> 500 measures are walking picket lips to at marin general hospital in greenbrae which is expected technology last a day. the california nurses association accusedded hospital of understaffing departments. they claim they have received the highest possible grade for patient safety from a national group. santa clara county has the first flu-related death in california. because of privacy laws officials can only say the person is an adult but they add the person was at a higher risk because of a pre-existing condition. doctors urge everyone to get a flu shop especially if you suffer from asthma, diabetes, or weakened immunity nonsystems. >> a vision rig is held in pleasanton hill for two classmate whose died. the 16-year-old marley heim on the left and 15-year-old lauren smith on the right were riding in a friend's car that hit a tree in martinez.
5:37 am
the only survivor was the 16-year-old driver would said show fell asleep at the >> happening today, hillary clinton runs to the bay area for a fundraising event in sonoma county. the democratic presidential front runner is on a two day fundraising trip to california and attend an event yesterday before going on to los angeles. according to lit coe she has two more fundraisers in los angeles today before taping a segment on jimmy kimmel. the former first lady and secretary of state will head to sonoma county for an vent near st. helena with tickets from $2 into to $50,000. >> we will see if we have a million dollar forecast in store. mike? >> wish i had that much money. i have a lot of cool weather to talk about. northwest castro valley. 42 in fremont.
5:38 am
union city and hayward at 45. downtown oakland is 44. richmond and el sobrante at 46. alameda at 48. the hills, orinda is 43. berkeley is 50 degrees, a warm spot. mid-40s at san carlos and san jose at 43 and check out pleasanton at 38 degrees and antioch and livermore 40, and pacifica 48, and mid-to-upper 30's throughout the north bay with napa at 37. in the east bay hills camera looking back down on emeryville and berkeley and oakland you can see filtered sunshine at 66 to 68 and not so breezy at the coast and it will feel like 60 to 63 degrees when you step identified unlike yesterday with the baiting breeze, 64 to 70s high clouds and sunshine around the bay and a lack of fog south on 101 in san rafael in the mid-to-upper 60s san francisco and peninsula and everyone else in the 70s for friday and most of saturday and sunday, the rain is coming in, and so is cooler
5:39 am
weather. i have the details and timetable in the seven-day outlook now a check on the commute. >> i am watching the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights were turned on with 12 minutes to get around from the macarthur maze into san francisco so it is going to be longer of a drive and you want to get your head start. golden gate bridge is different if you come in from marin to san francisco it is light, it is airy, it is beautiful, coming in to san francisco not going to be much time whatever. at highway we have a couple pockets of slowing for no other reason just congestion as you make the drive from antioch to pittsburg at 25 miles per hour continuing to bay point and concord and another pocket of slowing before you reach 242 and if you travel out of concord and pleasanton hill to walnut creek you are in good explain with a little bit of congestion build ing. >> 5:39, a twist in the russian
5:40 am
plane crash in egypt. next, new evidence suggesting a bomb blew the flight out of the sky. >> another honor for levi stadium the major college champion game it will hospital. >> looking at sfo san francisco international airport this morning. no rain. hopefully the flights are on hopefully the flights are on ti alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning. it is thursday. from sutro tower look at the beautiful downtown san francisco, is it cold? how is the weekend looking? that with meteorologist mike nicco coming up. >> metro jets entire airbus 321 fleet is grouped for safety checks following the deadly crash in egypt. today, both russia and egypt dismiss suggestions by britain and the united states that a bomb brought down the plane on saturday killing all 224 people. the bed are now examined for shrapnel. the uk has grounded passenger flights for security fears but thousands of british people have been rescued starting tomorrow. >> the mother of air force hero spencer stone is praising sacramento police for arresting the man suspected of attacking her son. officers arrested james tran
5:44 am
during a traffic stop on wednesday morning. he stabbed stone during a fight outside a sacramento bar last month. you can see it there. stone had to have surgery but is fortunate to be able to walk away from two life-threatening attacks in a matter of months. >> i am walking away with just scars and a clean bill of health. >> stone and two other friends stopped a terrorist attack on a paris-bound train in late august. he was recently promoted to staff sergeant. tran is expected to be arraign on friday on attempted murder. >> san jose police are asking for help in identifying an armed robber. look at this video which clearly shows the man police are looking for, walking to the counter of the six to late liquor store with the items and pull out a handgun and difficult maps -- demands money. anyone was hurt.
5:45 am
you can get a cash reward if you recognize the man. call san jose police. >> faculty at california state university have voted in fair of authorizing a strange. >> more than 94 percent of the faculty approve add measure giving union leaders the power to call a strike. the fag ultimate -- the faculty union are demanding a 5 percent raise and the state offered 2 percent. 9 strike could happen in the spring if the union rejects the administration's last best contract offer. >> levi stadium will take center stage in february for super bowl 50. it will also host another huge football title game. >> officials have announced the college football national championship game is played at levee stall on january 7, 20 unanimous. ohio state defeated oregon to win the national championship after the first college football
5:46 am
playoffs. 49ers officials say 9 game has the potential to have a huge economic impact similar to $139 million brought in by wrestlemania this year. >> mike will explain why it is chilly this morning. >> looking at the story quickly, .09" is the agency amount of rain on that day so it proposal will not rain. >> want to know why the heater kicked on? my house the imagine, number is 63. i am tired to putting on more clothes. you have to give the heater a run to make sure it is working the change the filters and all of that. to the north, keep the laboratories inside until 8:00 and the pets have fresh water. we are end a frost advisory until 8:00. have not soon anyone get below 35 but it is possible. even with the high clouds in the sky. we could dip another degree or
5:47 am
two by 8:00. now, at look at live doppler hd, remember the winds from yesterday? again. high pressure is take over. it is sunny in san jose and 280 with low 40's. murky sun because it will be filtered by the sunshine and lower breezes feel warmer. minor warming and higher humidity through saturday and our next storms coming in on sunday and hanging and on monday. low is pulling away and it is evertopped by the jet stream with the high clouds. we will have let humidity where we are and high clouds around, say, 35,000 or up to 40,000' because the atmosphere is shrinking. temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60s from 63 at half moon bay to santa rosa at 68 and san rafael is the warm spot and oakland and napa and fremont and palo alto and concord and antioch at 67 and livermore, san jose, and san mateo at 66.
5:48 am
to, there could be fog around the bay shoreline and that is it. another born dry morning with temperatures in the 30 and 40s . on saturday you can see the cold front rolling in and the high clouds, we will wake up with rain in the north bay and light rain for the rest of us headed through sunday and the best day tore outdoor activities are saturday and post front am we will rain for monday morning commute and that will change over to showers and mobile a thunderstorm through the afternoon hours. it sounds like what we dealt with this weekend at ." in the south bay. we are in the 60 and 70s by saturday and back in the 60s on sunday with the light rain and it feels pore like autumn on monday and tuesday and wednesday next week in the 50s and 60. >> from emeryville to the eastern span of the bay bridge, the traffic is looking slower right now and according to our waze app we are seeing wazers
5:49 am
reporting a possible car that is stalled on the road and when you get into san francisco traffic is moving and hopefully this is not a repeat of what we experienced yesterday but we still have slow traffic as folks are trying to get around whatever it is when you are off of the bridge. a possible d.u.i. driver and they have likely been pulled over. as we move over to richmond camera or richmond san francisco toll plaza remark is building and i will tack about mass transit and bart and action transit all running on time, but muni has a delay and it is switch from inbound to outbound at 19th avenue. >> country music's biggest night with stars creating performances to remember last night.
5:50 am
♪ i got a crush >> crush winning song and vocal group of the year, and repeat for best new artist chris stapleton and "album of the year." and entertainer of the year went to luke bryant. blake shelton confirmed he is part of a couple. >> at 6:00 an investigation is underway after an overnight fire in the east bay. >> a warning to dog owners that chewing gum could be deadly to your pet. a chance from nasa to take your a chance from nasa to take your life to a whole new world ♪ ♪
5:51 am
it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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5:53 am
the ice news app on the go on roar schedule news that lives without licht. >> be careful where you store your chewing gum, it could be a danger to your pet. veterinarians are seeing an uptick in accidental dog poisoning from an ingredient in sugar last government. the "wall street journal" reports that it is 100 times as tuxes ice as make chocolate to dogs causing a sudden insulin increase from dogs. keep it away with your dog and if your dog ingests the sweetner get it to the vet quickly. >> temporary quick at a crumbling dam hopefully can prevent a major disaster. engineers declared the 99-year-old jackson jack was unsound this year. crews are installing type
5:54 am
new pipes to protect downtown jackson. the dam is holding back toxic materials from gold mines of the site. the state is, on a permanent fix for the dam. warriors superstar iguodala will be encouraging kids to succeed in schooling. the mvp will be at the space science center part of the nba north and happens program to help at risk students learn if a non-extra tell -- nontraditional way. iguodala said to he was not a professional basketball player he would have become a math teacher. >> admission from warriors owner he and his fiance slept with the trophy if their bed the night the tomb won the champion. he said that he made a promise to himself he would sleep with the trophy if hand
5:55 am
>> not as soft as a teddy bear. >> time to check the weather and traffic it is cold. >> i am sure they had the blanket tucked and swaddleed. >> 45 at lake tahoe today. high clouds. the me storm is over for now. mid-to-upper 60s through the central valley and monterey at low-to-mid 70s if southern california and all of us dealing with a few high clouds. fast forwarding to sunday and monday, 1-5" around the lake as you are south of lake it is 6-10" and we hope it comes to fruition. heading outside today, a slower breeze is at the beach and it will be chilly with 60 and running is good but chilly and same walking the dogs. >> 14 minutes across the san mateo bridge from 880 to highway 101 on the peninsula, and a look from emeryville cam that to the bay bridge where traffic is looking sluggish and as i suspected what we have is someone a plat tire at fremont
5:56 am
street and they are in the lanes off to the shoulder but they still slowing a flat tire is possible. it is safer than trying to change a tire like this person is with traffic rushing by. >> thank you. >> if you have had dreams of going to out are space, get your resume ready, nasa said it will be accepting elections for the next round of astronaut training starting in december. applications will be accepted from mid-december to mid-february. the new senates have the chance of making the crew for nasa's long awaited trip to mars the you must be a united states citizen and for longer age requirements, although you have to pass the physical and be physically fit along with a bachelor's degree. >> you no long verify to have 20/20 vision but correctable to 20/20.
5:57 am
>> a california lawmaker wants to scrap high-speed rail for drought relief. >> new video of serena williams taking on a cell phone thief in san francisco. san francisco. stay tuned.
5:58 am
san francisco. stay tuned. with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> just in the newsroom firefighters are searching for clues at early morning fire in the east bay and what we are learning. >> a meeting over rent control in alameda ends up with two people under arrest. the decision that could mean some relief for renters. >> tennis star serena williams caught on camera chasing down a suspect would stole her phone in
6:00 am
san francisco. the new video of the dramatic encounter. >> it is a if thing she did not have a tennis racket in her hand. a different result. >> thank you for joining us. >> i am eric thomas and something also mike said, you could neat a jacket. >> it is cold, and the big story is the potential for the first property across our north bay valley through 8:00 and keep the pets in if you can, maybe, do not let them stay out so long and keep the plans inside and covered until 8:00 and another area that is seeing freezing temperatures inland east bay neighborhood, colorful sunrise at #abc7now. 34-52. 60 to 64 at noon. breezy at times but nothing like yesterday. 62 to 68 and cold weather, again, in the evening at 54 to 58 by 7:00. and the toll


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