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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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san francisco. the new video of the dramatic encounter. >> it is a if thing she did not have a tennis racket in her hand. a different result. >> thank you for joining us. >> i am eric thomas and something also mike said, you could neat a jacket. >> it is cold, and the big story is the potential for the first property across our north bay valley through 8:00 and keep the pets in if you can, maybe, do not let them stay out so long and keep the plans inside and covered until 8:00 and another area that is seeing freezing temperatures inland east bay neighborhood, colorful sunrise at #abc7now. 34-52. 60 to 64 at noon. breezy at times but nothing like yesterday. 62 to 68 and cold weather, again, in the evening at 54 to 58 by 7:00. and the toll plaza is stacking
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away from the macarthur maze and we had a plat tire again and this is off of the bay bridge at fremont street, westbound side, causing some delays. it is partly blocking a lane. on correct yes, the commute is moving along but we do have much more company as you make the drive out of pleasanton hill to highway 24. a look at drive time traffic, tracy to dublin is not too bad, 44 americans and highway 4, 33 minutes from antioch to concord and the north bay is building. >> kristen is eric? >> fires tackle a huge fire and this is video of flails coming from the pool at the park. the roof over the pool collapsed. no one was hurt. officials say the homeless usually frequent this facility with no word on a cause. >> temporary relief for renters
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in alameda, the city council passed a 55 day moratorium on resident hike after a heated meeting and our reporter is in alameda with the details. this is a major issue, what to do about rising represent. so many wanted their voices heard last night at the alameda city council meeting that it lasted until past 1:30 in the morning. 24 landlords have spoken and four renters. >> tempers flared where the city council was considers stopping rent increases while they examine the possibility of residents control. a man tried to rush into the city council chambers and dragged down assistant city manager would tried to stop him. police picked the man out of the crowd and threw him to 9 floor if front protesters' tom a
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cameras. part of the population are looking for help from city leaders but other say the rent increases are needed to off society maintenance cost. >> i have b, 300 increase and asking me to leave in 60 days. next month during the holiday. >> any restriction on my ability to rent is like anyone here getting a restriction on what they would earn in income. >> the mayor and city council unanimously passed 65-day moratorium on no fault eviction and resident officers above 8 percent while they work on a long-term policy. >> 6:03. although uc merced re-opens tomorrow, many will take a long weekend to process the stabbing spree that has shaken the campus, when a male student stabbed four, two students, a student add requires and a
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construction worker were rushed to the hospital all expected to recover. the construction worker byron price is called a hero for stepping in and preventing one from being injured more seriously. the suspect was shot and killed by police. the f.b.i. is investigating. we will have summer on that and what a stabbing victim is saying this morning at 6:30. >> foothill college in los altos hills is holding a one hour training session to help students prepare for a situation like year's stabbing at uc merced or the recent mass campus shooting in oregon. 40 constitutes are signed town participate in the 1:00 o'clock p.m. run high defend training session to help students prepare mentally and physically. >> one of the most wanted has been arrested in kansas city, missouri, the 21-year-old shot
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and kills charles hill in 2012, they knew each other but not related. 17 at the time of shooting, the alameda county d.a. plans to prosecute hill as an adult. >> two boys are expected to refer after being hit by an s.u.v. walking to school if in san francisco. a man was arrested on d.u.i. after the crash at the intersection of bay and buchanan a delivery truck was stopped for the boys and the suspect on left plowed interest them. >> i have to wore about my boys' safety in the morning when the cars speed off to work. >> an article in the "san francisco chronicle" named the francisco chronicle" named the suspect as a 2004
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from university of san francisco and has been an elementary school teacher in the city. >> police and great america are asking for then with pictures or video of a weekend attack at the park to come forward. the trouble began when a brother and sister objected to people cutting ahead of them in line on halloween. the line cutters cussed at the johnson group and sheriffed them and -- shoved them and attacked hell. >> i was punched in the head i blacked out. >> they tackled my. >> they tackled my. punchd֖ if you have any information on the story e-mail us at
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sure rain williams is calling herself center serena after stopping a thief from stealing the cell phone. we explained this video showing what happened to the champion tuesday night. you can see the man lingering by her table before he smashed the phone and walked out. the 34-year-old realized what happened and chased hill down the he said he accidentally took the wrong phone. she receive add standing ovation . later the tennis start posted a photo dressed in super girl, super woman outfit open facebook and explained the ordeal to her fans. >> a move by governor brown involving family owned land is raising eyebrows. records obtained by the associated press show he had state oil and gas regulators investigate the oil and gas potential of the family ranch near williams an hour north of
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sacramento. state law prohibits officials from using public resources for personal purposes but state oil and gas officials say all they does was a public records search and that is legal. >> a san rafael lawmaker is working to permanently ban offshore drill on the pacific coast. according to the "resolution democrat," the congressman introduce add bill cause the west coast ocean prevention act which is not expected to advance in the country congress but is gaining urgency because moratoriums on drilling in federal waters has lapsed leaving half of the cost open to development. >> california congressman wants to put brakes on the high-speed rail system and use the money on drought. high has been a vocal opponent of the project that is under construction. he made the proposal yesterday after the system contractor said the cost to build the initial segment would be 31 percent higher than expected. the rail authority told the "los angeles times" that the number
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is not correct. experts say unlocking the fans for other projects is impossible because the funding can only be spent on this project. >> now a check on weather and traffic. inland east bay is as cool as the north bay where we have the forecast advisory at 37 in san ramon and dublin and pleasanton and danville at 38, and 39 in livermore, and pleasanton hill, lafayette at 40, and 41 at walnut creek. we are mid-40s around the bay store and san jose, and san francisco is the warm spot at june. color will sunrise. right now. the high clouds are a mainstay in the forecast hanging out in the mid-to-upper 60. clear in san jose right new. we are going to see a slit increase in temperature through saturday. rain on sunday and monday. details and timetables coming up. >> we are looking in san jose at
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101 pulling away from 880 with traffic moving along fine. you would never necessity there is an accident which is causing heavy slowing. at great america parkway off of highway 101 you will see the delays. ten miles per hour is the speed and it is looking slow and beyond great america everything else is running on time and the rest the south by is looking clear and accident free. >> coming up the toy that could enter the toy hall of fame. >> former president george h.w. bush causes political controversy in a through book and some members of his son's and some members of his son's administration are not happy.
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san rafael be south bay,
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pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this morning, a new book by former president george herbert walker bush is raising eyebrows. he is breaking a silence of the son's presidency keeping scathing critiques of former vice president dick cheney and defense secretary rumer willis saying cheney asserted too much influence over george bush and called bush bush arrogant and said both served his son poorly. >> pressure is mounting on nbc to cancel donald trump's schedule appearance on "saturday night live," with a coalition of groups protesting in front of network headquarters in new york last night, trump grew fire early in the presidential campaign when he described some mexicans in the united states illegally as criminals and ists. >> a san francisco company is one of three finalist for one of
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the all expenses paid 30-second ad in the super bowl, ch part of a contest called "small business, big gain." the other two finalists are from new york. keep your fingers crossed. the final winner is announced in john a month before super bowl 50 in levi stadium. >> 50 days away is 50 days away to christmas. a holiday tradition to give backs gets underway and toys 'r us stores welcome marines to kickoff the 2015 toys for tots campaign given to kid who may have nothing to unwrap on christmas morning. you can donate new and unwrapped toys at toys 'r us on sunday. >> national toy hall of fame is ready to welcome a new class of classics with flee toys inducted into the museum in new york
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picked from among 12 finals including the spinning top, coloring back, american girl dolls and battleship and teen mutant turtles and "ist -- "twister," and i vote for twister. physical fitness. >> we are available on the new app that features on demand local newscast for 100 tv stations in the united states in a single app so you can watch video at the town of a button on mobile devices and connected tvs because so many us have family in other parts of the country this app is a great way to stay connected. it is free. it is available new for iphone and ipad and droid and tablets and the roku platform. >> leyla is right there and she looked great. any time and the best way is
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skipping to the part you can get to. >> and it is free. >> free. >> and you can schedule whatever you want. appointment viewing. >> 6:17. and how about an appointment with quarterback frost in the north bay through 8:00 this or with damage to the sensitive plants are possible. in san rafael south on 101 the traffic is picking up. napa and santa rosa are 35 and the cool of the spot is in the not bay but inland east bay cool and walnut creek at 36. here is reason, check out our wind, nonexitent and the born dry air is cooling quickly but new we have high clouds, probably at our height of cooling but, notice, the warmer-looking rays of sunshine taking over or undercutting the cool blue clouds of the overnight hours.
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slower breezes and filtering subshine and easy forecast. dry and warming. through saturday. our next storm arrives on sunday. our highs today are from 63 at half moon bay. to santa rosa and san rafael at 68. in between napa and oakland and concord and antioch and fremont and palo alto at 67. livermore and san jose and san mateo and vallejo and fairfield at 66 degrees. patchy fog around and temperatures in the 50's at san francisco and oakland and 40s elsewhere, and north by our deepest valley in the 30's again. the area of high pressure and the high clouds are spilling over it today and tomorrow and our next storm is coming from the gulf of alaska so it does not have so much moisture. saturday we will watch the clouds increasing and it should be a color sunset and you can see sunday in the afternoon hours, a chance of light rain. better to be outside on saturday
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than sunday. post frontal we get unsubstantially air mass and it could be a wet commute for all of us on monday morning and showers as we head to monday afternoon. the same unfolding as the last system just with .1" in south bay to half an inch in the north bay so significantly dry and 60s and 70s until saturday and 60 on sunday, and 50s and 60s on monday through wednesday although we will see the sunshine late in the forecast. >> we are taking a look at mobile 360 on i-80 the water is to our left so we are traveling in the eastbound direction out of emeryville and into berkeley. as you can see in our other view of the same camera, how clear it was and now that is the backup so slow going approaching great america parkway we have issues. an accident is blocking one lane and it will take time to clear
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that. that is not the only accident in san jose as we take you to the northbound highway 85 at saratoga avenue we have a crash and possibly blocking a lane with four vehicles. slading up to hayward southbound 88012 miles per hour away from 238 because of a crash blocking one lane. which chihuahua is covering after being left in a dumpster at santa rosa junior college when it was found by an employee. it is on the road to recovery as you can see it has 151 "likes but hopefully he will find a from home. share your pictures on solve media with #abc7now. chet out our photo gallery on instagram. >> america's shoplifting habits increase and the items topping the list of most stolen.
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take a look at this spotted skunk caught on a wildlife camera showing off the hand stand skills. it happened in arizona over the summer. this week the national park service shared the video for viewers. it is part of the animal's defense mechanism. like other types of skunks, spotted skunks spray a nasty scent at predators but the park service said before spraying they will did a handstand to intimidate the aggressor. >> shoplifting is rise across the united states and we are looking at what items theives want. >> according to a new report sunglasses are the 5th most common followed by victim wear and fashion accessories like bolts. makeup was second on the list and experts say the top four items are all easy to steal. >> the number one most stolen
6:25 am
item from united states stores? we wine and spirits. you would think it is hard to hide a budget will under the jacket. >> you would think. >> now a check with amy hollyfield and what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> amie? yes, coming up on "good morning america" next, security footage capturing the moment tennis star serena williams chase add thief would tried to steal her cell phone. we have obtained exclusive video of the incident. the story is on "good morning america" next. >> 500 nurses will walk picket lines today at marin general hospital. the walkout starts at 7:00 and is expected to last a day, expected. the senators association accuses the hospital of endangering patients and employees by understaffing. the hospital said they have received the highest possible grade for patient safety. >> the first in california was
6:26 am
killed by the flu. because of privacy laws officials can only say the person is an adult but they add that the opinion was at high are risk due to pre-existing condition. doctors urge everyone to get a flu shot if you suffer from asthma, diabetes or weakened immune systems. >> the warriors new arena if san francisco facing another major hurdle today with the vote that could move the team's plan forward. >> how you can voice your opinion today about a plan to raise fares on caltrain. >> people have camp out all night long on the sidewalk and all of these people hoping to buy designer clothes at a discount. >> leyla and mike are back with traffic and weather together with our exploritorium showing with our exploritorium showing the bay and
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odysseo by cavalia with our exploritorium showing the bay and opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste?
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is thursday morning and it is beautiful. we are talking about the
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sunrise. the clouds. it is great. >> a nice way to wake up and a night way to get into friday evening. >> and meteorologist mike nicco tell us about the weather. it is pretty. pretty cold. and we have a frost advisory in the north bay valley until 8:00. keep the tender vegetation inside or cover it until then. you can see gorgeous showers. you can see how to dress this morning at mid-30's to mid-40's and throughout the afternoon hours, we have low-to-mid 60s at noon and low-to-upper 60s coast inland by 4:00 and the clouds will fade and the temperatures drop into the 50s at the sun will set at through berkeley to emeryville, westbound 80, you can see the traffic is heavy.
6:31 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza it will look heavier than usual with a long wait between the macarthur maze and san francisco at 20 minutes. other parts of the bay area looking worse and worse and northbound highway 101 beyond 880 as you can see the traffic is coming to a complete stop because of an accident at great america parkway and headed away from the 2 bathe and 680 split you are on the breaks. very solid traffic beyond the accident, though, you are clear to go. breaking developments in the stabbing rampage at uc merced. abc7 news anchor is here with what she has learned. >> the new details come down not last few minutes of who this young man was who slashed his own classmates.
6:32 am
according to 9 "sun star," he just became an adult in october. his name has just been confirmed. he is 18. he was a freshman from santa clara. a victim is speaking out this morning and he is recovering with nine staples in his side and called a horror four lugging him out of the classroom. he thought it was a fistfight. the suspect lurchinged at him with 8-10" myself and it went to the boat. >> it was hot. really warm. it did not hurt because there was so much going on. >> with the injury, he kicked the stabbing suspect in the head and got away driving himself to the hospital. this morning, we are learning more about who the suspect was, his roommates describe him an antisocial. 20 minutes end with dull lets
6:33 am
from pet. all fur people injured are expected to survive. the investigation could be focusing on the backpack the suspect wore. we learned police detonated the backpack and are testing a substance found need. there will an news conference at there will an news conference at 9:00 this morning. classmate whose died in a weekend crash, lauren smith and marley heim were riding in a car that hit a tree. the only survivor was the 16-year-old driver who told first responders she felt asleep at the wheel. the candlelight vigil is tonight in the requested area of the high school. >> fish and wildlife hold an emergency meeting to discuss the delaying of the start of crab season in california because of a toxic algae bloom making
6:34 am
crab dangerous to eat. the dungs season starts on saturday with the commercial season starting a week later. the crab now being sold in stores should be okay because it is from outside of the area. the emergency meeting begins at 8:00 a.m. you may have more to take caltrain raising adult by 50ent whys. daily parking goes up from $5 to $5.50 a day and you can sound off at a public meeting that starts at 10:00 a.m. at headquarters in san carlos. >> this are huge lines outside the h&m m clothing store in san francisco union square over a new line being unveiled by a popular designer and here is how foes are selling their new clothes before the store even opens. my goodness, amy. >> the countdown is on, only an
6:35 am
hour and a half to go which is nothing consider they have been if line since yesterday. they are now get on their feet out of their coe -- comfortable chairs hoping to get designer clothes at a discount. line started at 9:00 a.m. yesterday. some of the people work here. they are in line to get into their own workplace. i could not believe that. the collection is from a high end designer, the kardashians and kanye west are then known wear. it is cheaper than the usual cost so people are excited to address like a celebrity. shops have an idea of what they want to buy. >> two dresses and jewelry and the whole lane is worth it because request have to pay full price. that is why i am here. >> that is my first time doing
6:36 am
this but it is quite an experience. it is fun. i have never pulled an all nighter but, yes, it is an expense. >> here is what the h&m website looks like, it is back up but all the clothes are sold out. i saw a few hand bags sill available but the signature pieces are gone. east coast stores obviously are already open. twitter is saying they destroyed the stores. we are finding pieces are on ebay so people have bought the cloths and are selling them on ebay, one dress on ebay for more than twice what they charging here in the store so that is why the people are in line. they think it is worth it. this store will be opening at 8:00, earlier than urge. 8:00, earlier than urge. they usually open at 9:30.
6:37 am
>> happen today, hillary clinton runs to the bay area if a fundraising event in sonoma county. the democratic presidential front run certificate on a two day fundraising trip to california and attended an event in los altos yesterday before heading down to los angeles, and according to lit coe, she has two more fundraiser, before she tapes a segment on jimmy kimmel and the former first lady heads to sonoma for an events at halls wife with tickets going up to $50,000. >> the new warriors arena is closer to being withing reality. the vote will take place today and allocate 600,000 square feet of commerical space to develop next to the arena. the commission members signed off on the final environmental impact report and gave the green light for further planning. a group called the mission bay alliance composed of stakeholders and concerned
6:38 am
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>> the snows are gone, the snow showers, but the snow is still left over. more is on way. we have to wait until sunday. partly sunny at 43 degrees, and high clouds and sunshine, and monterey is mid-60s and low-to-mid 60s in southern california and we can get from 1-5" around lake tahoe and to the south, possibly 6-12" by monday. here is the activity planner today, not so breezy at the beach and the water temperature is warmer than the air, and chilly to mild if you are running and same if you are walking the dog. 880 through oakland you will need the shades if you are heading to work right now, it is bright sun and taking a look at the northbound traffic move along just fine and other parts of bay area, not moving along
6:42 am
101 beyond 880 up to great america parkway an accident blocking the lane and jam traffic. mistransit and bart run on time and ace is on time and muni, at 19th there are mechanical problems and shuttles are sent out. there are big closures starting tomorrow for eight days near at&t park. get resume ready if you are interested going to outer space with the next round of senate training in december with politicians from december to february and you have a chance to maybe the crew for long awaited mars trip with 47 people in nasa's senate core and most recent was accepted in 2013. >> the new offering from netflix >> the new offering from netflix to make bedtime easier
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this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. new details this morning an a fiery showing by residents that
6:46 am
bed would in their favor. the city council passed a 6 a day moratorium on rent hikes after a meeting that ended at 1:30 this morning. tempers flared when landlords arrived early and monopolized the seats. many renters were upset including two men arrested. >> i had $300 increase and she is ask me to leave in 60 days, next month, during the holiday. >> restriction on ability to rent is like anyone getting a restriction on what they earn as income. >> the tenants pushed to limit rent increases while the city council examines the possibility of rent control. >> we want to check on trading on wall street the dow is up 21 points and not a huge step but climbing a little bit.
6:47 am
>> and now trying to take on airbnb in minute >> a deal is worth up $4 billion to compete against the whom rental businesses like airbnb which has cut into the hotel market. google has a smart new feature that replies to your e-mails for you and will be rolled out by gmail app this week analyzing the t of an incoming e-mail and offer free responses to choose as a quick rely. and five meant videos to help give parents a bedtime bargain ing tool by agreeing to another episode of the favorite show puts bedtime back by five minutes rather than the 30. there are always the kids would want to watch the same five minute videos over and over.
6:48 am
>> we have stops higher and facebook is the big story, hit a new all-time high of $1309 a share. >> kids have had the ability to watch something over and over and over again. >> they do. >> >> the food drive is underway and it is your opportunity to help our neighborhoods in need. you will see the weather anchor reporting from the food banks the next few weeks. >> if you want to help out text "feed," to the number on the screen 8030-777 for $10 to help those in need. >> quick, simple, automatic donation. donation. >> we will check in with --
6:49 am
>> big story frost advise until 8:00 and the frost could damage the sensitive plants so keep them inside or keep them covered this will 8:00 and one of few areas we have fought looked at, 40 in cupertino, and campbell is 43 and sunnyvale and santa teresa is 44, and san jose is 45 and 50 around los gatos and alameda and 53 and san francisco is 51 and check out novato at 37 and danville is 38 degrees. heat are is running in man areas. the reason why, with the high clouds the lack of winds for the night allowed our temperatures to drop quickly during the evening hours and kind of hang out there all through the overnight hours and through the morning we are seeing a gorgeous sunrise with all of the lighting of the clouds. murky son and bow we are --
6:50 am
murky sun and lower breezes and a cold front will bring us wet weather on sunday and monday. area of low pressure is pulling away and we still have the high dominating the flow around us and with the clock wise flow it is bringing the high clouds in but we are keeping the humidity down with the temperatures below from 63 at half moon bay to santa rosa at 68 and napa and oakland and concord and palo alto and santa cruz at 67 degrees. livermore and san jose at 66, tonight we have 30's inland valley and most of us are in the 40's and a few 50s around oakland and richmond and san francisco and maybe patchy fall. increasing clouds and saturday is the warm of the day, 60s and soviet across the board and the rain rolls in on sunday and watch out if you have outdoor plans on saturday that is the better day and as we head to monday morning it could be a repeat of wet weather for the
6:51 am
commute like we had the past monday but the rainfall amendments are looking like . but the temperatures drop into the it is on sunday and 50s and 60s for monday and sunshine on tuesday and wednesday we are fall like in the 50 and 60. >> mobile 360 hitting the brakes into san leandro and it is busy. i will turn this around so you can see what the traffic looks like in the northbound direction, we have an accident ahead and it is going to our maps. starting with walnut creek, the drive here is sluggish away from condition considered to highway 24. the accident is right at marina boulevard, northbound side of 880 you can see the slowing away from 238, so you are going to be on the brakes. taking you right into san jose, nine miles per hour is the top speed and you can see it is causing pressure on 280 and 680
6:52 am
because of an early democratic at great america parkway northbound highway 101 egg is on the shoulder but what is normally just an 18 minute come not from 280 to 680 split to great america is now going to take you 40 minutes. >> back with seven things to know before you go. >> keeping an cry on weather and traffic through the commercial break so you do not miss a thing break so you do not miss a thing .
6:53 am
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>> here are seven things to know before you go, breaking developments in the stabbing rampage the suspect's identify is confirm as an 18-year-old freshman from santa clara, the sheriff is expected to hold a news conference shortly, follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. the city council voted for a 65 day moratorium on rent increases after a contentious meeting that ended a few hours ago, two men were arrested and continuants demand administrator inform while the city council examines the possibility of resident control. our in an hour state officials are scheduled to start an emergency meeting on whether to delay the start of dungs crab season officials say toxic algae is infected crab making it dangerous to eat. officials say crab is now sold in stores and restaurants should be safe because it is from out of the area.
6:55 am
the hospital is accused often dangering employees and the walkout starts in a few minutes and is only expected to last a day. patchy fog is possible, and the cool of the temperature is at 34 but keep the presidents and elements rocked not 8:00, with high clouds making for a colorful morning and manipulate 60s and not so breezy today. enjoy. >> it looks like san jose is very busy and we have delays away from highway 85, along 101 nobody because of an early accident at great america parkway so traffic is not great. it is bad if you make it out of san leandro into oakland, northbound 880 at marina boulevard an accident involving a big-rig with big backups. >> seven, outside san francisco h&m store shoppers are braving the chilly weather to be among
6:56 am
the first to get their hands on discounted designer clothes with doors opening in one hour. the online sale began at 5:00 and people would snagged on-line some are selling it on-line for three times the amount. >> we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. the mobile devices. have a great day.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily masterthe. good morning, america. new details about that passenger jet that broke up midair. intelligence officials now saying it was likely a bomb. flights have been suspended. tourists are stranded, and concerns isis may have infiltrated the airport. why this could be a new nightmare for u.s. national security. live from new york, it's donald trump. the gop presidential hopeful takes center stage on "saturday night live" looking for laughs. >> so, let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> but his critics are not laughing. calls for "snl" to dump trump right now. superstar turned superhero. serena williams leaping into action to stop a thief who snatched her cell phone. watch the chase in progress. abc news obtaining the video overnight, and now the message she wants to everyone to hear. ♪ i can


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