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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> breaking news for you all happening in berkeley. >> sky 7 is over the scene of a massive demonstration. hundreds of students at berkeley high school walked out of class today. they are protesting after learning of a racist emergency found on one of the library computers. >> we are at berkeley high school with the latest on the walkout. >> that is right. this all happened because of what appeared on one single computer in the school at the
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library. again, we are talking about berkeley high school. the computer had a mock screen, if you will, a mcwebsite, with racial slurs and toward african-american students attending berkeley high school. that was found yesterday afternoon. the principal of the school quickly sent out an e-mail to parents. this morning, the black student union urges other students here at berkeley high school to march with them. right thousand they are standing in front of the old city hall not far away from the school. though left the school earlier marching over here, marching around this area, around the neighborhood, saying how they feel to be african american students attending berkeley
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high. again, saying that this is not tolerated and that is the same emergency the principal of the school has told the constitutes and the parents. none of this will be tolerateed. they will be, they are, currently, looking into this. again, really, bad racial slurs, african-american students here too mad to often talk about it over the continue. the students here are talking. they are marched. we will keep you posted. we are not sure when they will return to the school but, again, the principal of the school wants this to be a moment where they can release some of the anger and talk about what has happened here. >> thank you. as we continue to look at sky 7
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over the berkeley student rally we move to the next story, developing news in the stabbing almost page. >> the suspect's identity has been confirms as an 18-year-old freeway man from the bay area. the merced county sheriff held a news conference where four people were stabbed yesterday. uc merced is closed this morning. a smart time ago the sheriff conferralled the suspect, who was fatally shot by police, as a teen from the south bay. >> i am here to announce the suspect in this case identified as faisal mohamad born in 1997 out of santa clara. he is the decedent and the suspect. >> for more on the suspect we go to our reporter, matt keller, at his former high school in santa clara. matt? it want that long ago the stabbing suspect was a student here at wilcox high school. the santa clara afternoon filed school district said they learned of the devastate news and are trying to take care of
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the needs of the staff and students. it look like any other day at wilcox high school in santa clara but (l) are deceive, students and staff are telling with the reality one of their own is the uc merced stabbing suspect. the unified cool district confirmed 18-year-old faisal mohamad graduated in june this year. >> it is scary. zairey. i have a where that goes there and it is scary. anything can happen. >> counselors are made available on the wilcox campus. a revenue knew of faisal mohamad. >> he was just quiet, never mean, just kept to himself. >> classes were canceled at uc merced. one of the four roommates, andrew, was in the room when police raided the place. he said faisal mohamad did not talk muched and decide him as antisocial. >> i would try to say something
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but he would ignore and not talk. i for saw him walk with anyone, walking to class with anyone. >> a school district spokesperson told me they are calling all the parents to let them know of the news that could be upsetting to their child. we are hearing from a victim this morning, look at buy he heard commotion 2409 us was a fistfight. >> i went to open the door and break it up and they all screamed "run," as i open the door. >> the suspect wearing a black hooded sweatshirt charged at him with an 8-10" knife that went deep into the bone. it was hot. really warm. it did not hurt because i was --
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there was so much going on the. >> with the injury, price kicked the stabbing suspect in the head, got away and drove himself to the hospital to be treated. >> price now recovering at himful the other three stabbing victims are expected to recover. one student has been treated and released and another student remains hospitalized but is set to refer. a staff member who suffered a collapsed lung is also recovering after undergoing surgery. stay with abc7 on the continuing coverage on the stabbing with news starting at 4:00 and follow us onripe at, and twitter@abc7newsbayarea. there are more details when they come in. the fish and wildlife in sacramento voted to declay the opening of the crab filibuster season because of a deadly toxin that has been detected in dungeness crowd. the vote affected recreational crashing season which was set to begin on saturday. the department of fish and wild
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life said a decision comes in a couple of days which can be fatal in some cases. >> what is unusual the recent tests are showing an unusual persistence in the toxin and that partly prompted the department of health to sane their request for recommendation to close the fishery. >> some of the guys original do this. they live down here and literally have nothing to do. it was a rough salmon year for a lot of the guys and they bank on the crab son. >> crab son will remain closed until state health officials deem the crab safe. >> advocates escorted pedestrians across a marina district intersection in san francisco the site of a drunk driving collision that seriously injured two middle school students yesterday. the problem is the drivers go too fast and be too inattentive and extends across the city.
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>> lights on and a bright jacket so it is evident to the driver and the pedestrians and bicyclists that a pedestrian was crossing. >> 30 year old was arrested on tv i,&er ecck teen girls killed while riding in a friend's car that slammed into a tree usually on sunday morning in martinez. the friend, the 16-year-old driver, survived and said show fell asleep at the wheel. tonight's candlelight vigil starts at 6:30 p.m. at high
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school. >> for fashion lovers, waiting in lynn all day and all night for the opening of new h&m clothing store and crashed the website looking for designer items at air fordable prices but they can cannot get enough of the collection. our news reporter joins us with more. >> yes, people are still in line and the store opened at 8:00 a.m. and these are the lazy people. they got here at 6:00 this morning, and they did not camp out all night long but there is still merchandise available for them and that is because h&m criminals how much shoppers could buy. >> it looked like a game show inside san francisco's h&m store, shoppers scooping up as many pieces of clotting as they could in a element amount of time. >> they raced to buy pieces from the collection of designer closes at discounted prices. h&m let in small groups for 15
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minute intervals and original put out a certain amount of merchandise for each group. >> the program fors were put in place to meet this demand, wrapped an the store. shannon got here yesterday at 9:00 a.m. >> the kardashians wear it. a last famous people wear it. he is a great designer. >> h&m m has continue designer collections before but this is the must popular. the fact that he addresses the kardashians could explain the popularity the famous family is very service you have at social media. the witness crashed as soon as the collection want live. pieces are already on ebay for twice the price. >> how much will you get for that? >> maybe $1,300. >> how much do you pay for it? >> $huff. >> shannon is keep all of her fined her $299 will appear in the family portrait and the shoes are out for date night. she is glad she slept on the
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sidewalk for this. >> it was worth it. i got everything i possibly wented but when thing is i am satisfied. >> would you do it again? >> absolutely. >> it is pretty picked over. there is not a lot left. some topples available but the men's collection is again. >> thank you. serena williams showdown with a thief. >> it happened in san francisco and all caught on camera. what we are learning from people would were inside a restaurant in the mission when it happened. >> breaking news in berkeley continues and we were covering this a massive walk out at berkeley high school over a racist emergency that appeared on the school computer in the library. we have the latest on twitter. >> a look outside right now with the beautiful bay area and clouds up there. the forecast is. coming up
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>> serena williams is then for her tennis court heroics but is a hero for a different reason. >> we have exclusive video of williams in san francisco when a man tried to steal her cell phone and she jumped into action. >> a lot people tag about this. she is not just a superstar on the court but a super hero off
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the court when a thief tried to steal her phone she chased him down. >> she made a beeline out of the chinese restaurant in the mission district. what happened next has some calling her super serena. >> i understand no idea who she was. >> the waitress had no idea inside the dimly lit mission chinese restaurant superstar serena williams and a gift ordered fried rice and chicken and squid noodles and pork belly but show noticed when she left. >> everyone knew she was following this give. >> i thought she was sick or something and ran outside and i did not know what was going on. >> the 34-year-old was chasing down a thief who stole her phone. this started when the 21 time grand slam winner was enjoying a meal and a man was spotted close to her table, too close. watch carefully you can see him swipe her phone off the chair next to her and as soon as she
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noticed she leaped up and chases after him. the surveillance video shows it all. the people in the instrument were shocked. >> she thought it was the best approach to a void a conflict and i said, good job. >> look what happens outside, she con fronted the man asking if he mistakenly took the wrong phone and he admitted he picked it up because it was so confusing in the restaurant. >> she posted the ordeal on facebook and gave 3.8 million followers advise, always listen to your inner voice just because you are a lady don't be arrayed to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a her re. >> the message of empowerment is spreading far and wide. we checked around 12,000 shares on the facebook post. >> meteorologist mike nicco is up next the forecast and we keep an area on the bragging news in
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the east bay, a massive student walk out in berkeley and it spills on to the streets. so far, it is peaceful but they are in the streets. stay
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>> halfway through the week of the it is beautiful. >> it is warming up. meteorologist mike nicco? it feels warmer. good morning from the to which the broadcast center. the winds are not so biting as they were yesterday. we will look at our lows because of the lack of wind we had the frost advisory in the north bay and we dropped down to 34 in napa and 35 and 30's in fairfield and an that roar and
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livermore and cupertino and the rest us in the 40s to nearly 50 and you can see how much calmer the bay looks, thanks for the slower breezes and warmer than yesterday continuing through saturday the our next storm arrived on sunday. if you have outdoor plans get them in on saturday. here is the high pressure dominating our forecast, shoving the jet stream away from us and keeping the air drive so another chilly night is on the way, and i don't think well have so man high clouds helping us cool off tonight. today we top out in the mid-shifts 60s at half moon bay and san rafael at 68 and san francisco is 64 and look at the 67s, napa, antioch, and palo alto. here is a look at 20's temperatures, 30's in the deepest inland valley, and maybe a little deficit fog around the bay shore when we wake up and head tout work or school or the gym in the morning. here is a look at saturday you can see the cold front moving down and increasing high clouds will make for a very colorful sunrise and sunset like we had this morning and sunday, it
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moves through and there is the possibility of light rain developing cross all of our neighborhoods and you can see monday morning, looking at the possibility of a wet commute after the cold front and showers and thunderstorms will dissipate as we head to the evening hours. almost a repeat of last week, at least timing wise and the system coming in from alaska but only .1" not south bay and possibly half an inch in the north bay, notice the temperatures next week, 50 and 60, and the 70s are again after saturday. delightful out here. hope you get a chance to come out and enjoy it. a massive student walk out at the berkeley campus and if the streets of berkeley they are getting closer to the university of california campus and all over a race effort threat found on the computer in the library at berkeley high school. >> the traffic advisories are in fact but no police presence involving the walk out and demonstration. we will monitor from sky 7 and
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on the group.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> breaking news in berkeley a massive student walk out in protest by berkeley high school students, they are rallying
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against a racist e-mail that was fund on the school computer in the library you can see what is happening, sky 7 over berkeley. >> walking on shattuck avenue we have a message from the principal here that he posted on the berkeley high school witness say this is a hate crime and messages such as this will not stand in our community. we are giving this investigation the utmost attention and that is what the students are seeking. they want this heard. >> the rally started on campus and it is moving through the streets of berkeley but it has been peaceful. they are headed to uc berkeley right now. >> follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> later today, baby on board? at a san francisco restaurant the growing anger after the owners say parents of young could should accept their fate and not go out to nice restaurants. the best and worst airlines, can carriers take to the sky with flying colors at 5:00. >> the season to be charitable
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and bring joy to local kids. the marine corps kicked off toys for tots this morning starting today law sunday, december 6, customers can drop off new unwrapped toys at any toys 'r us or babies are us and you can donate cash on the line or in the store the 12th year they have hosted this. four million toys have been collected since 2004. you do not have to wrap the toy, just deliver it, drop it in and they will get to a kid. >> it is the wonderful thing they did each year so we applaud them for doing it. so many kids are need. thank you for joining us. >> would wants to be a millionaire is next. we lack outside from sky 7. this is it a massive walk out demonstration by berkeley high school students all due to a racist and hailful emergency threatening violence toward african american students
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discovered on a library computer at berkeley high school yesterday, obviously the story is developing as they are marching so you will want to stay with abc7 throughout the afternoon.
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