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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon, and thank you for joining us. >> we begin with developing news in pittsburgh with a 2-year-old child has been killed in a car crash. it happened just before noon on power avenue near case drive. investigators say the woman driving the car was speeding away from a previous accident that she had caused. during the get away, she drove into a light pole. her 2-year-old child was thrown from his car seat and out of the vehicle. police say the driver did not have a license and is at the hospital right now. abc 7 news reporter is gathering additional details at the scene and will have a live report on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> we're learning more about the
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college student who stabbed four people before police killed him. >> the 18-year-old lived in santa clara and graduated from high school last year. melanie woodrow joins us live now from santa clara. melmy? >> larry, he graduated just five months ago. he was an advanced placement student. people here described him as just having a few friends and being very quiet. that's why they say they're so surprised to learn what happened. >> this person had far greater intentions to do harm. and because of the actions of everyone involved yesterday, that did not occur. >> it's very different from the student high school officials say they previously knew. >> we know that he was a quiet student and wasn't highly ininvolved on campus, but he was a good student. >> wednesday, he stabbed and
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killed two students. the incident began in a classroom where he was a freshman computer science and engineering student. a bomb squad neutralized his backpack. >> in the backpack were two clear bags holding vas lean, petroleum jelly. also in there was a night vision scope. >> the sheriff says there was also a hammer inside and duct tape. the petroleum jelly could have been used as an explosionive. family members were shocked. >> you just never know. it's too close for comfort. >> officials say they have not identified muhammad's motive. >> there was absolutely nothing that they could find that would indicate that he was doing anything other than being a college student. >> his college room mate said he was often alone. >> every time i would try to say something, he just ignored it. >> the high school had counselors on hand today.
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>> this is really just a shocking tragedy for a community. >> 31-year-old byron price is one of the construction victims. he heard screaming from inside a building and ran to help. students went running by him telling him leave, now. that's when he came face-to-face with the suspect that stabbed him with a knife. >> there was so much going on. >> despite his injury, price kicked the stabbing suspect in the head and got away. he drove himself to the hospital to be treated. he needed nine stitches to close his wounds. >> hundreds of students held a massive demonstration today. they were angry over a racist message on a school library computer that threatened violence against african americans next month.
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the message left students shaken. >> you don't know who it came from. you don't know for what reason it is. it kind of puts fear into a black community and puts fear into a lot of people. >> students are upset it took administrators about eight hours to put out a notice about the threat. this isn't the first racist incident at the high school. last year, a noose was found hanging from a tree on campus. >> a reminder. when you see news where you live, take a photoor a video. share it with us and we'll show it on the air or at today, city leaders are addressing violence. >> we learned one city leader was seriously injured.
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katie? >> tension turned to violence as an assistant city manager tried to prevent protest. at that point, the two stangled. the protester is now facing felony battery charges among others. it was all caught on camera and, perhaps, overshadowing the larger issue of increased rent in this city. >> the city hall showed a community divided. half landlords, half renters, with the landlords arriving first. >> when one side is largely outside, literally outside a door. >> trying to squeez their way into a packed council meeting. >> he comes rushing in, basically running, full speed ahead and the city officials basically holds up his hand and the gentleman is pushed to the floor.
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>> somewhere in the tangle, the city manager breaks his hip. the 64-year-old was also arrested. >> the mayor, a renter herself, says essentially, the violence was a step back as council was trying to take a step forward by passing the moratorium. >> i think we stepped up to the plate. >> 65 days of no rent increases of more than 8% within a 12-month period. and no-fault evictions are on hold. >> the hard work begins now. >> city leaders and rental advocates look for long term affordability solutions. police are reviewing new officer body cameras. >> this is the first time something like this has happened. but we have many videos that we're sorting through. >>. >> abc 7 news.
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>> richmond city council voted to rescind a recently controlled measure. the ordinance would have made it more difficult evict ten nants. >> a labor dispute cost more than 500 nurses in the north bay to walk off the job today. the nurses held a one-day strike. they want increased staffing and additional lift equipment to lift patients. they won't let the striking nurses back to work until tuesday. >> a tourist from florida almost lost his life trying to take a picture of the golden gate bridge. they say he slipped after climbing a fence and fell 75 feet down a steep cliff. it happened near battery spencer. an unidentified man grabbed the
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tourist's wrist and held onto him 300 feet above the bay. >> lucky for him. don't climb over the fence. turning to the weather forecast snou we've got a nice, clear, little bit chilly day. up to our north, cold nights. we've had some chilly oneses, too. there was probably a little bit of frost at some spots here in the north bay area. 37 at santa rosa and nevada. here's how it looks now in the western sky from emoryville.
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check out the view over the bay, 64 -- actually, mid 60s in all of these locations. here's how it looks at the golden gate. mostly clear skies this evening. clear, bright and chilly at some spots in the early morning hours and mostly sunny again tomorrow afternoon. it looks like some rain may move in over the weekend. we'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> riders voiced their opinions during a public meeting today about paying higher fares and parking fees starting next year. >> it's just 50 cents, but at the same time, if you give a mougs mouth a cookie, it's going to want a glass of milk.
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>> never heard the give a mouse a cookie line before. more than 60,000 people ride it every day. bus passes will also cost a bit more. >> a public meeting will be held tonight to discuss san francisco's plan. the plan includes construction of dedicated bus stations along a five-mile stress from market street to richmond. enhancements could speed up dramatically along the chronically congested corridor. tonight's meeting starts at 6:30 at st. mary's cathedral. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at
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4:00, crab season delayed. what it means for all of those upcoming holiday dinners. >> serena williams was stopped and it was all caught on video. >> i don't want to be screamed at. it's frustrating as an individual. >> a facebook post from a restaurant owner is stirring up anger. why she says it was a mistake. sort of. >> a live look at the traffic situation in walnut creek. this is interstate 680 on oncoming traffic is northbound. that's usually the heavier commute direction at this time. you can see it's stacked up there as it filters towards us. and then on the right-hand side, a little bit better. back with more on
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well, it is official now. california's fish and game commission has delayed the recreational dungenes crab season indefinitely. a ban on commercial fishing is likely to follow. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman live with what is a lot of disappointed people. >> a lot of disappointed people. a disappointed fishermen who wanted to go out today. the ban is conceivably for as long as six months. commercial fishermen and sports fishermen are hoping it will be
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less, however. there are three keywords in this. until further notice. >> it is a seasonal enclave. the campground to pillar point marina where sports fishermen camp bumper to bumper. >> they went home and for a few days, there's nothing going on here. >> hence the empty crab pots and grumbling stomachs after an indefinite delay to the recreational crab season. >> you could tell it was coming. >> reporter: who could predict the warm waters encouraging an algae bloom that created a potentially fatal neurotoxin now found in crabs. >> it's not on the hen ewe today or ever. >> the same is likely to follow for commercial ones who sell to rest rants in san francisco.
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it will remain available, however: >> does it affect price? >> absolutely. >> it could also affect livelihoods. dungenes is a $16 million industry. >> it's huge to us. that's the majority of my time making money. >> or this year, maybe not. >> governor brown used state experts to study the oil and gas-drilling potential of his family's ranch near williams. the new information comes from state records just obtained by the associated press. it shows the governor choz to report back on any mining and oil drilling potential on his family's land. state law bars elected officials from using public resources for personal purposes.
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>> serena williams is known for her tennis court heroes but, today, is known for a different reason. >> watch serena williams make a beeline out of this chinese restaurant. what happens next is having some call her supersee reel that. >> reporter: she did notice when she abruptly left. >> everybody knew she was following this guy. >> i kind of thought she was sick or something. >> the 34-year-old was chasing down a thief who stole her phone. this all started when the 21-time grand slam winner was enjoying a meal when she suddenly spots a man standing close to her table. too close. watch carefully. you can see him swipe her phone off the chair next to her.
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as soon as she notices, she leaps up and chases after him. the surveillance footage shows it all. >> she said that was the best approach so she could avoid any conflict with him. >> serena confronts the man asking if he mistakingly took the wrong phone. he picked it up because it was so confusing in the restaurant. serena posted the whole ordeal on facebook and gave her 3.8 million followers some advice. always listen to your super-hero inner voice. just because you're a lady, don't forget to step up to any challenge. >> we checked around 12,000 shares on that facebook post. >> the san francisco police department tells us they do not have a police report on this case. they're hoping williams will
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call them to report the incident. >> someone grabbed a phone from a child yesterday near turk and gothem in san francisco. a bicyclist was able to go after the thief and get the phone. >> the u.s. marine corps needs your help to spread the joy this holiday season. >> the giving season kicked off starting today through sunday, december 6. the marines will get those stories to a child for the holidays. four million toys nationwide have been collected since 2004. >> time to check on our weather a really nice fall day outside. >> a little crisper. spencer christian is outside. >> but my inner superhero tells me that i should put on the coat. >> good advice.
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>> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's getting pretty chilly. but we've had some cold over in our morning hours lately, as well. this is the view from our rooftop camera looking out over the bay. and the forecast features are these. we'll see a chilly morning again tomorrow with the low temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. remaining dry friday and saturday for the most part, but clouds thicken late saturday and a wet day on sunday with showers following on sunday. we have two systems approaching us that will simply produce some high clouds which we're seeing right now. that will be followed up by this second front. saturday afternoon at 4:00, we'll see clouds beginning to expand. the rain will arrive overnight about 2:00 a.m. sunday or so. and it sweeps southward by 6:00 a.m.
4:21 pm
we'll see rain moving down south of the golden gate. at some points akroz the east bay. by mid-morning sunday, we'll see rain in most of the bay area. it will be a wet day with a little bit of a break sunday night. so by 10:00 sunday night, we're projecting totals ranging from about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. there will be a little bit more to follow there on monday, as well. back to the bay area tonight, clear skies, cold conditions in the north bay valleys. over at fairfield, lows to 39. lows 40s in other inland locations and around the bay. tomorrow, mainly sunny and crisp. highs ranging at the coast to near 70 in the warmest locations.
4:22 pm
here's the seven-day forecast. cold showers on monday and then a nice, pleasant, dry, mainly sunny span of days. maybe up to about 70 by later next week. >> you need your super-hero umbrella. >> super-strong one. winds accompanying the rain. >> up next, the surprise winner at last night's country music awards and which as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken. it's finger lickin' good. but when it came to medicare, ig was glad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid and robert called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare supplement insurance plan that fills the gaps in medicare coverage, without waiting. now they can focus on other important decisions.
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and you saw it here on abc 7. picking up three big wins, male vocalist of the year, new artist of the year and album of the year.
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one vocal group of the year and their sock . >> i tried that, i tried this ♪ >> now, some of the top female music artists are cashing in big on their success. a new ranking out today shows exactly who's raking it in and how much they're making. according to forbes magazine, singer katie perry is the run away winner pulling in $135 million this year. taylor swift always up there, earned $80 million. the women of fleetwood mac earned nearly 60 million combined and beyonce rounding out the top five with just over $54 million. >> a wish to see the new star warz movie before he dies. according to buzz feed, director called 32-year-old ashley
4:26 pm
fleetwood to tell him that he will be granted a special screening of the film "a force awakened". he's a huge star wars fan suffering from a rare form of cancer given just two months to live. he watched an online campaign for the special screening. it took off on social media. there's no word when the screening will take place. >> a nice gesture. >> yes, very nice. good move there. >> abc 7 news at 4:00, a boy missing for more than a decade. >> plus, the war of words over what happened to that russian plane in egypt. >> and a popular san francisco restaurant. they want your business, but not your kids. the co ♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births.
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here are the headlines now at 4:30. investigators say the bay area freshman went on a stabbing spree motivated by personal hostility. the county sheriff announced he does not have any ties to terrorism. he was a student in the class where he attacked yesterday. but they don't know if he was targeting somebody specifically. muhammad attended wilcox high
4:30 pm
school. he was a quiet student who did well in school. muhammad stabbed four people before campus police officers shot and killed him. the victims are all recovering. police in berkley are investigating a hate crime that sparked a walkout. brand new nfrgs about who was behind the fake web site that sent hundreds of students protesting in the streets. a boy from alabama missing for 15 years has been found in ohio. abc news reporter carla explains how he solved his own missing persons case. >> this is an age-progressed picture of what he could look like today. a teenager getting ready for college. >> when he started the process, that's when things started coming together that that wasn't who he was. >> the discovery came after the
4:31 pm
school counselor couldn't verify the teen's social security number. a closer look showed the ohio teen was the little boy who had gone missing in alabama 13 years ago. authorities are ecstatic to share the news with his mother. >> it was just great for me to be able to tell the mother after all of this time, he has been alive and is doing well. >> investigators say the boy's mom reported him missing in 2002 when his now 53-year-old father left a note saying he had taken him. after 13 years of dead ends, the search finally ended here at this small, white house in cleveland, ohio. >> oh, my god. i'm shocked. i'm totally shocked. >> this neighbor who didn't want to show his face says nothing they did ever raised any red flags. >> you know, father and son, out there cutting the grass and whatever else they were doing. >> bobby now facing charges with
4:32 pm
tampering records in ohio. police say he'll probably face more charges once he's extrad e extradited back to alabama. >> there may be more trouble ahead for the family of an illinois police officer who authorities say killed himself after embezzling money from the youth program he oversaw. authorities are now looking at the wife and son of lieutenant charles glenowitz to determine if they were somehow involved in a scheme. there's also a report that he tried to hire a hit man to kill an administrator he feared would expose him. >> officials for who is in and out of next year's debate. christi and former arkansas governor will both be appearing in the undercard debate in a day.
4:33 pm
poor polling numbers also pushed senator lindsay graham from the field. >> on the democratic side, former secretary of state hillary clinton held two events today and is making an appearance tonight on abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> now r if the latest on the mystery over what brought down a russian praen in egypt. russian officials are pushing back against u.s. and british claims that terrorism may have been a factor. >> russian, egyptian and other international teams continue to investigate. the question is still looming. what caused the jet carrying 224 vacationers rushing to break apart in the sky. >> in an exclusive interview,
4:34 pm
agreeing with u.k. officials, that the plane was more likely than not downed with a bomb. british officials saying much of the same. >> my job is to keep british people safe where ever they are in the world. >> now, frens has banned its nationals from visiting the sheik. >> egyptian authorities firing back saying these allegations are meant to hurt their tourism, adding the plane had to see what information they provide. also, pushing back is russia's foreign ministry saying the u.k. has yet to share any evidence that the plane was bombed. the white house saying the u.s. has taken a close look at air port security around the world. >> the obama add min strax is reviewing a number of different
4:35 pm
step that is we can take to enhance security for commercial flights bound to the united states from certain foreign airports. >> if it turns out it was a bomb, an isis affiliate is a prime suspect. they posted for a second time that they are responsible. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> one of the passengers removed from a spirit airlines is nanding an apology and also threatening a lawsuit. she and others took cell phone video of a dispute between a flight attendant and a passenger over a broken seat. and that eventually led to the passenger's removal. she's now claiming discrimination since heeverybod removed from the plane was black. >> wait until you see the crazy price one parking spot is going for back east. >> i love a beautiful sunset and
4:36 pm
there's a lot to love about this view. we've got sunny skies with a few clouds and another day like that tomorrow. we'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> wow, that is spectacular, spencer. this will probably be spectacular in just a few minutes, if it's not already. the goldengate bridge,
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but when it came to medicare, ig was glad i could get a little hp.
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well, as you know, parking is expensive and at a premium in san francisco. but it's worse in boston, much worse. a single parking space is up for sale. $650,000. that's more expensive per foot than the 37 million tlars penthouse in the nearby millennium tower. the last space that sold in this garage was last month. it went for $390,000. >> well, parking isn't the only thing going up. girl scout cookies could cost you more this year. prices are going up to $5 a box in some areas. it's the first hike in herely a decade. >> you will pay for your thin mints, people. a sure sign that winter is coming. ski season has begun in southern california. the resort providing us with this video. that looks nice.
4:40 pm
it's the first california resort to open season. mt. rhodes opened yesterday. >> let's get to spencer christian who's outside. >> it is, indeed, nice. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd once more as this gives way to just a few more high clouds, making for a very colorful sun set. powerful thunderstorms have resulted in tornado watches being posted in much of eastern texas, parts of arkansas and southern missouri until around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, nationwide, look for a few showers in the same area, but not likely to be such a powerful outbreak as we saw today. across the state of california, mainly sunny skies. a little bit cooler than we've
4:41 pm
seen of late. highs to near 70 in the warmest locations except for down south. here, in the bay area, mainly sunny skies. lows 60s at the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay. a few spots will top out at about 70 degrees. that is our forecast fr today. >> thank you, spencer. shoppers camped out overnight. a big deal in designer duds. >> some good and bad news in the housing markt. i'm as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken. it's finger lickin' good. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung,h. it was serious.
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[announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars is ending soon. . it was a big day for fashion lovers. many waited overnight for the release of a designer line at stores. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: it looked like a game show this morning. shoppers scooping up as many pieces of clothing as they could in a limited amount of time.
4:45 pm
they were racing to buy pieces from the collection. design eer clothes at discounte selections. >> waited all night. >> the store has the parameters in place to meet at this demand. look at this line wrapped around the store. shannon johnson got here yesterday at 9:00 a.m. >> the kardashians wear it. a lot of famous people wear it. and he's a graet designer. >> this appears to be the most popular. the famous family is very savvy at social media. h&m's web site crashed as soon as the collection went live. pieces are already on e-bay for twice the price. >> how much can you get for this one? >> $1300.
4:46 pm
>> how much did you get this for? >> $600. she is glad she slept on the sidewalk for this. >> it was worth it, yes. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> if you're wondering, the men's collection, that one sold out first. >> we like our clothes. a new study says people in their 30s are less likely to be happy than their parents were at the same age. researchers found that only 33% of the 30 somethings they surveyed said they were really happy compared to 38% back in the 1970s. these findings come on the heels of another recent report that found that death rates of middle-aged white americans have been rising due to suicide and substance abuse. >> better eating habts have saved millions of lives. jane king with today's wellness report. >> when it comes to teens, the
4:47 pm
sex talk works, even if it makes you cringe. researchers looked at all of the studies done on this and found that it really can influence teen behavior for the better. the research found that the talk had the biggest influence on girls and it came from their mothers. yet, another study that shows that maybe we can exercise too much. that in the extreme, either by volume or intensity has been associated with high levels of article ti article tier owe sclerosis. and what's the difference between sugar and corn syrup? well, a jury will decide. it falsely claims its product is as healthy as sugar. and improvements in u.s. eating hablts have prevented more than a million premature deaths in the past 14 years. but the study also finds that overall, the biggest improvement
4:48 pm
was seen with reducing transfat intake. here's to your help. . >> a new report that the three major groups have not been able to take advantage of the housing rebound. >> yes, that's an interesting setting, kind of a depressing one. let's start with the good news, however. realty track reports that home sellers in san francisco are pocketing $463,000 more for their homes than they originally paid for them. normally, that figure is around 40, 41%. analysts say huge student loan debts can't afford down payments on a home. african americans and hispanics are approved for mortgages at lower rates. wells fargo bank will pay $81
4:49 pm
million to settle claims at jacked up, home mortgage payments without giving proper payments. the bank admitted it did not give timely notices to thousands of homeowners who were in bankruptcy. they did not have a chance to challenge. most of the money will go to 42,000 customers starting back in 2011. united airlines ceo oscar munoz is backing up his sites to improve customer service. the company launched a new program authorizing its employees to compensate unhappy customers with vouchers up to $125. customers whose baggage have been delayed will be eligible. frequent fliers will be eligible for $125 vouchers.
4:50 pm
coming up, tonight at 11:00, the danger lurks in millions of homes. window blind cords strangle one child every month. >> tonight, at 11:00, i continue decades of reporting on this. i'll show you the new push to band blind with cords. >> baseball season may be over, but at&t park will be filled with fun and games this weekend. >> hailing from the emerald isle, the riverdance is in the bay area. it's the golden gate theater in san francisco. it's all fun and games at at&t park this weekend. the carnival is back with exciting interactive
4:51 pm
installation. it's an event that focuses on steam rather than stem by emphasizing the importance of art. and national parks, i they're honoring with free national parks day. the bay area posts a list that includes yosemite and the san francisco maritime park just to name a few. for more information, go to our web site at abc 7 news dot com. >> up next, accept your fate. the growing anger after a restaurant owner says parents with young kids just shouldn't go out to nice rest rants. larry, the bay area city just crowned the richest in the country. plus. >> an outrageous break-in. and the eye catching amount of stuff that was stolen.
4:52 pm
and you're going to hear valejo native explab why he left the yankees so suddenly. stay right here, alma and larry wrap up the news at 4:00 in a moment. with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world.
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owner is being forced to explain herself. >> abc 7 news reporter chris wynn live in san francisco with her response. chris? >> after a long day a work, the owner wanted to unwind at a sushi joint in the neighborhood. but things didn't go as planned. >> i had a frustrating experience with several toddlers that were running around the restaurant, throwing food, hitting patrons, being generally difficult. i was frustrated and posted on what i thought was my own facebook page. >> but that post, seen here, accidentally ended up on the neighborhood facebook page for which she served as a moderator. this may shock you, but choosing to have children means you can't go out to eat for roughly three years. please, accept your fate. you're killing me. the comment, meant as a joke, was seen by hundreds of people, some of whom didn't find it funny. >> it makes me sad that we are
4:57 pm
all going to take our kids to restaurants wondering if others are judging us. >> she's sbieted to her opinion as an individual. >> but she said on facebook, which is something we've all done. >> the owner has since apologized asking not to penalize her employees. >> we have six highchairs, children's menu, every christmas i buy ornament kits for them to put together over brunch. >> in san francisco, chris wynn, abc 7 news. >> and that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl.
4:58 pm
>> from the ground and the air, a massive walkout by berkley students. school officials tell abc 7 news they know who did it. >> a terrible car accident claims the life of a 2-year-old. the crash and the chase just before it happened. >> this smiling student is the frighten details about his man fes sew. >> clouds behind me now, rain this week ebd i'll let you know what day coming up. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> a tragic story tonight. pittsburgh police say the woman who crashed this car killed her 2-year-old child in the process. during the day, police say she caused an accident ermier in the day, raced away from the scene and then crashed into a pole. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
>> this happened earlier today on power avenue near case drive. abc 7 news reporter live with still an active scene. >> just a very, very sad day here in pittsburgh. police are still investigating this terrible crash you see behind me. the four-door saturn which remains here on the scene. the driver, a young mother, is in the hospital. but her two-year-old son did not survive. police say the car struck a light pole on power avenue. minutes earlier, police say the 31-year-old driver was involved in a minor collision and chose to leave the scene without exchanging insurance information. she took off the opposite direction of the accident, made a u-turn and seconds later, crashed into the light pole. witnesses say the tragedy is just beyond belief. >> a life lost, careless mom driving reckless.
5:00 pm
i don't know what she was thinking. >> that's a baby. that boy hadn't even lived his life yet. the driver suffered critical injuries. police say she did not have a driver's license. live in pittsburgh tonight, cornell, abc 7 news. >> officials say they just found a student who left a racist rant on a library computer. that message compelled about a thousand angry students to walk out of class today. sky 7 hd was overhead as the crowd converged on city hall. and just a short time ago, the principal


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