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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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breaking developments tonight. the bomb theory and now the intercepts from isis. u.s. authorities say the conversations specifically about a bomb. president obama just weighing in and tonight, security at airports here in america, with thanksgiving approaching. new details tonight about the officer who staged his own elaborate suicide. authorities say he's been stealing money and now questions about what his wife and son knew. the race for 2016, donald trump tearing into marco rubio for using a republican party charge card for personal use. home repairs? tonight, we have rubio and his response. the boy stolen from his mother 13 years later. how he discovers it himself. the incredible feat. it's a bird, it's a plane. no, it's two people flying beside that jumbo jet.
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and "made in america" is back tonight. something home grown, now making a lot of money. good evening and we begin tonight with the investigation into that russian jet that fell from the sky, breaking apart, killing everyone on board. and, tonight, counter intelligence officials focused in large part on terror intercepts. conversations between members of isis. those conversations came after the mid air catastrophe, and authorities said they could be heard talking about a bomb. president obama weighed in saying he believes there is in fact a possibility that this was a bomb. and another breaking headline as we come on air, u.s. authorities taking action in the next 24 hours at airports across the country just as millions prepare to travel for
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thanksgiving. we begin with abc's chief investigative correspondent ryan ross. >> reporter: u.s. and british officials tell abc news, the strongest evidence it was a bomb comes from isis itself, from electronic intercepts of terrorists talking specifically about a bomb. tonight president obama weighed in for the first time. >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board and, we're taking that very seriously. >> reporter: yet, there is still no hard evidence of just what happened to the russian jet and u.s. intelligence officials told select members of congress at a classified briefing that the bomb theory is still far from certain. >> well, i think it's going to take a forensic examination of the wreckage of the plane. examination of the bodies, and a full investigation at sharm el sheikh airport. and the focus tonight for u.s. and british intelligence is on security or the lack of it, at the airport in sharm el sheikh and fears if it was indeed a bomb, isis had an insider here with access to a luggage hold. >> if isis has been able to do that at that airport, how many other airports have they been
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able to get into, infiltrate, or, are they working on right now? >> reporter: tonight thousands stranded as british and german flights were canceled. the head of airport security here was reportedly removed or promoted. alex marquardt is at the airport tonight. >> reporter: security here clearly making a show of being extremely thorough, padding down little kid, telling everyone to take off their shoe, far stricter than normally. >> our thanks to alex marquardt. brian ross with us now. back to the intercepts, because you've reported that they could hear conversations about a bomb. but these came after that plane came apart? >> that's right. they are trying to assess if they are boasting or gloating or knew what they were talking about and future attacks. >> brian ross, leading us off tonight. brian, thank you. and abc's bob woodruff the only american journalist to sit down with defense secretary, ash carter, who also acknowledged it bite be a bomb, and bob asking,
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could it be isis? >> do you think there's a possibility isis could have been involved in this? >> well, there's always a possibility in this case. and in fact, isis is now metastasized around the world, both by having branches in very just places as it has with cyanide. but i don't have any information to share with you on that. it gives us an independent view. >> bob woodruff with the defense secretary. this, as millions of americans get ready to travel for thanksgiving. britain concerned because they take direct flights from that region. even here, there's word the u.s. is beefing up security in the next 24 hours. enhanced security for planes coming to america from other parts of the world. abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: tonight with airlines estimating more than 25 million americans will fly over thanksgiving. and they expect to send that directive to increased security requirements for handling package inside the u.s. >> the obama administration is
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reviewing a number of different steps that we can take to enhance security for commercial flights bound for the united states from certain foreign airports. >> reporter: with airlines estimating more than 25 million americans will fly over the thanksgiving holiday, will they see changes in security after the egypt crash? security here is often very different than overseas. in the u.s., carry-on bags are screened. and in atlanta we watched checked bags heading to a special tsa underground screening room. each bag run through an explosive detection scanner. each day, more than a million checked bags in the u.s. are checked. >> but you can't stop everything, can you? >> you cannot stop everything. that's why we need a system of aviation security that is dynamic. >> reporter: gaps in tsa security were exposed this summer with inspectors hiding materials on their body were missed 95 percent of the time. the author of the report says progress has been made since then. the other concern "the insider" remember this case in atlanta. an airport worker using his i.d. to get around security and
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allegedly help smuggle guns. atlanta now says the vast majority of workers are screened there is no national standard, although the tsa recently took action to improve security. david? >> david kerley with us, thank you, david. now to the stunning case the veteran officer who staged his own suicide but authorities are now calling the ultimate betrayal. tonight new questions here, what if anything did his wife and one of his sons know. that veteran cop, nicknamed g.i. joe, a father of four. his wife seen overcome after his death. and tonight, our abc station, wls, reporting that authorities are now investigating that mother and one of their sons. and you're about to see some of the officer's own text messages. abc's alex perez is outside of chicago. >> reporter: tonight, our abc affiliate wls reporting police are investigating the widow and son of lieutenant joe gliniewicz in connection with the scheme to steal thousand of dollars from the police youth program he ran. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero.
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>> reporter: the community embracing the officer's family amid the massive manhunt for his supposed killers. for two months, his widow melodie dismissed speculation it was suicide. >> there were things that were happening in our life that people who are going to commit suicide would never do. >> reporter: his son, d.j., pointing to the dangers of the job. >> he's told me many times. he'd sit down in his car and be like i hope i go home. >> reporter: but yesterday, that revelation, joe glinoweitz had staged his own death, shooting himself twice in the chest, over and under his bulletproof vest. >> glinowitz committed the ultimate betrayal. >> reporter: police say he thought the new city administrator, ann marrin, was about to expose him as a thief stealing thousands from that youth program he ran with his wife. in a text message to an
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unidentified person, glinowitz wrote -- "she hates me." and "she has now demanded a complete inventory of the explorer program." today, investigators tell me he even looked into hiring a hitman to kill marrin. >> that he wanted to speak to this high-ranking motorcycle gang member to initiate a hit op the village manager. >> reporter: the hero police officer, once honored with signs around town, now a villain. and, david, an investigator on the case tells me he can neither confirm nor deny whether the lieutenant's family is part of the criminal investigation. so far, through their attorney, the family said they're cooperating with authorities. david? >> alex perez on the case tonight. thank you, alex. we have new developments for the race of 2016 the two men leading the republican field, dr. ben carson and donald trump, now under secret service protection. and it comes as trump getting ready to host "saturday night live" even after protesters hoped to stop him. and this evening, trump in a
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heated war of words with marco rubio over rubio's personal finances, and rubio's use of a republican party charge card for personal use. abc's jonathan karl one-on-one with rubio, getting his response tonight. >> reporter: donald trump's limousine parked outside the snl studios today the candidate was deep in rehearsals. >> donald has promised for the whole show he is not going to brag or say he's the best at anything, right donald? that's right ceceily and i'm going to do the best job anyone's ever done not saying it. >> reporter: but now trump isn't just selling himself "onstage." he's also out with his first campaign ad. >> if the people of iowa vote for me, you'll never be disappointed. i don't disappoint people. i produce. >> reporter: and he's attacking the man who is rising in the polls, marco rubio. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. >> he has a very bad record of finances. all you have to do is look at his credit card. >> reporter: he's talking about rubio's use of a state republican party american express card while he was speaker of the house in florida.
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it was meant for republican party business expenses but rubio acknowledged using the card to pay for things like home repairs and a family reunion. rubio admits this was a mistake but he tells us he always paid for personal charges out of his own pocket. >> every month the bill came to my house and i would review it and if it was something personal i paid for it and if it was something that was political the party paid for it. >> reporter: and on the trail rubio gave it right back to trump. >> i find it ironic that the only person running for president that's ever declared a bankruptcy four times in the last 25 years is attacking anyone on finances. and jon karl from new hampshire getting the one-on-one with rubio on his finances. did rubio tell you himself when he plans to release those charge card statements? >> he did. rubio tells me he plans to release all of the records of the american express card for the four years he was speaker of the house and had the republican party card. he said when he does that, he'll see all of the charges for
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personal expenses he paid for himself out of his own pocket. >> thanks, jon. and dr. ben carson making headlines of his own doubling down on a controversial theory about the egyptian pyramids, carson believed used to store grain in ancient egypt and not as commonly believed as tombs for egyptian pharaohs. and also weighing in for transgender rights saying they should have separate transgender bathrooms saying it's not fair to make everybody else uncomfortable. we turn to a former president. another war of words. former president george h.w. bush and what he said about donald rumsfeld. a new biography giving a scathing review of his two sons' closest advisers while george w. bush was in office. dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. tonight, rumsfeld is firing back, taking aim at the elder president bush's age. here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, now. >> reporter: it is a book of
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love, war and just plain gossip. according to "the new york times" the elder president bush rips into the two men who hyped guide his son into the iraq war, calling vice president dick cheney, just iron-as, hardline, a man who built his own empire. and former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld -- >> i don't do quagmires. >> reporter: -- an arrogant fellow who served the president b badly. rumsfeld fired back saying the 91-year-old bush is getting up in years and misjudges but when talking about cheney's influence, father bush said it's the president's fault. the buck stops there. the younger bush responded today saying he was grateful for both cheney and rumsfeld for their good advice. >> and presidential candidate bush? >> i love my dad, he's a good guy. i think the book will be worth reading. i recommend it. >> all right. martha raddatz. live from washington. martha, the biographer used diary entry, including things george h.w. bush wrote about his own wife. >> that's right, david. diary enthere's talk about
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tensions between barbara bush and nancy reagan. nancy does not like barbara, he writes and there's much more, quite a history. >> simply put. thank you, martha. >> we turn to the wild weather across the plains, 17 million in the storm zone. severe storm watches, flash flood watches and tornado watches in parts of texas, oklahoma and arkansas. let's get to meteorologist rob marciano tracking the severe weather tonight. >> hey, we have a huge contrast in temperatures, snow in the denver area. and heat in the east. right now, we have flash flood in dallas and missouri and central texas. look at the storms firing in austin, stretching across houston, getting into louisiana. two to three inches of rain where they don't need it. and fueling this. heat in the east. 10 to 20 degrees above normal. again, tomorrow, temperatures will feel like summer in d.c. and new york, near 80 there. >> all right. rob, always great to have you. we've reported on the growing threat. thieves targeting your
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smartphones. tonight the video, serena williams, when it happened to her. sprinting after the thief. he chose the wrong woman. >> reporter: tonight a another victory for serena williams that's her on surveillance video in a san francisco restaurant, just watch what happens next. the man standing near her table casually reaches down swiping her cell from a chair. he heads for the door, she heads straight for him. asking if he, ah-hem, mistakenly took the wrong phone. she had her cell in hand and was back at her table in a minute flat. how's that for a grand slam? >> i am blown away because she's such a big star and i feel like she just acted like a pro. >> reporter: from this cyclist's clean grab in a busy intersection to the subway. many people never even see it coming. one in ten americans falling victim but most not as fast as serena. they never get their phones
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back. her message on facebook, always listen your superhero inner voice. always keep your things close. fight for what's right, stand for what you believe in. from superstar to superhero. and police say running after the thief is not the right thing to do. it's way too risky, david. best advice, don't leave your valuables out to begin with. >> and don't go after serena williams. kind of dumb. >> she's got us all beat. up next the boy stolen from his mother 13 years later. how he discovered it himself. take a look. this is what he looked like at 5 years old, and tonight, this is what he would look like now and the major clue that revealed the truth to him. also the new diet making headlines tonight. the one simple step, something they actually put in your stomach. and take a look at this. a bird, a plane? no. that's two people in the air flying next to that jumbo jet. we'll show you how they pulled this off, coming up. this off, coming up.
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abc's david wright on the clue that revealed it all. >> reporter: he was missing for 13 years and he didn't even know it! the 5-year-old boy from those 'missing' posters who loved fishing, watching movies, and eating at chuck e. cheese pizza, now an honor student applying to college. authorities say julian hernandez found himself after the social security number he was using on his financial aid forms turned out to be false. >> he worked with his own school counselor, and it was discovered that he was on the national database for missing and exploited children. >> reporter: 50% of abducted children are taken by family members. in julian's case, his father bobby hernandez failed to drop him off at his alabama pre-school and disappeared. they've been living here in cleveland for years under the alias of a real person. >> the name they were using was someone who was deceased as of about 2002. >> reporter: only last week did his mom in alabama learn his son was safe.
5:49 pm
that side of the family now asking for privacy. we're told julian and his mother are now in contact with one another. the father, already in custody now faces felony charges in alabama. david? david wright in cleveland what a story. when we come back the new diet making headlines because of the item used. also, that 9-year-old boy that collapsed at football practice. the cause has now been revealed tonight. and "made in america." something grown in the backyard. tonight on the shelves at target. and they're about to make a million dollars. so, the question, are you next? they're about to make 1 million. the question is, are you next? o. be the one with the crazy laugh. and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads that lock in moisture and odor.
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tonight, why he he died, word that he died of a heart defect. he had no other injuries. a new study tonight involving a balloon pill. apparently it fills with fluid making it hard to overeat. people use one-third of excess weight in three months. it's not fda approved. and it's a bird, it's a plane. nope, two daredevils, flying in formation next to the world's largest jumbo jet. this is incredible. 120 miles per hour they reached, wearing only jet pack suits, keeping up with that airbus 380. this was something. when we come back, made in america is back. and the home grown idea now on the shelves at target. they're about to me $1 million. could your idea be next? ♪
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finally tonight here, made in america. and the idea that saved the farm. >> the made in america team back at it tonight celebrating farmers across this country. remember the farm in california and their poblano peppers? the alalall american clothing company and farmer whose grow the cotton? >> hi, david, hi, america. we're the nickel family. >> and tonight we're headed to target. they added something new to the shelves. >> do you think you'll see the day when your sauce is at target? >> we did not. >> reporter: not just sauce, pancake and baking mix, salsa, salad dressing, all with their farm on the label.
5:58 pm
so we went to the farm, up every day at 4:30 with the goats and chickens, tomatoes famed mortgage lifters after first saving a farmer in 1929, saving them, too. >> we were going to use that as a way to pay off the mortgage on our own farm. >> reporter: and they did. they haven't forgotten the other small-town farmers who helped them get started, helping them now by using their ingredients, too. >> this whole display represents farmers across the country. >> it does. >> this is kate from sharon springs, new york. >> reporter: kate's basil inside of every braising sauce. >> leading me to increase production and grow my small farm. >> his granola on the shelf, too. >> we're adding four staff members to keep up with the demand. >> reporter: all small-town farmers, helping to save the farm, and each other. we love "made in it was extreme panic. i ran for my life.
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>> it could have been worse. we're getting late word on what a santa clara teenager that went on a stabbing spree at uc merced was planning. a mother making a mistake in the east bay. her 2-year-old daughter paying the price. and a hate laced computer message that led to protests in berkeley. poli plus, chaos in alameda over rising rents. >> he had an elaborate idea of what he wanted to do. >> tonight, we're learning the santa clara teenager who stabbed four people at uc merced was planning to do something worse. >> the 18-year-old was from santa clara.
6:00 pm
the photo on the right was taken recently. the sheriff revealed a hand written manifesto was found during the autopsy. he listed names of students he wanted to zip tie to death after being kicked out of a study group. the sheriff says he laid out the plan carefully, but things didn't go according to plan. >> his plan went haywire because people fought back. that is his bad luck. the fortunate part is that we have a brave construction worker that stopped this from going on. >> what may have motivated him? we live with melanie woodrow. >> reporter: the sheriff confirmed that that manifesto


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