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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> tonight we now know why a college student went on sta stabbing spree against his classmates at uc merced. >> we had an upset teenager because he got kicked out of a study group. >> good evening i'm dan. mohammad from santa clara and graduate from wilcox high school last year. >> the reggie is in the newsroom with new details released tonight on mohammad's elaborate campus plot. reggie. >> he was armed with knife but investigators say the student accused of the stabbings was really after a gun. his he lab are the plan to get to the gun would have gone to the grave with him but then the coroner checked the student's clothing. inside his pocket a two-page handwritten note. police say it's a step by step guide of how he wbted the attack on the campus to happen.
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>> he talks about going into the class romp and actually taking the students and handcuffing them with the zip tie. >>reporter: police say oh, month ham wrote out dialogue even specific timing. >> like he has a script. >>reporter: he established his 4 victims including student daniel. >> she's doing a lot better. she's on the mend. she was strong person so we are happy about that. >>reporter: investigators say mohammad was only using the stabbing to attract officers so he could grab one of their gun guns. how did he imagine doing that. the shave points to item found in mohammad backpack. >> squirt the petroleum jelly on the floor as kind of slip and slide. >>reporter: far-fetched plan to trip officers he never trie tried. possibly because construction worker interrupted him. >> i went to operate door to break it up and see if everybody was okay and they all screamed run. >>reporter: shortly after that police shot and killed the 18-year-old. sheriff estimates whole thing took under 2 minutes. police say he was mad
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after a study group rejected mohammad. his college roommate screens someone without many friends. >> every time i would try to say something it seemed like he just iing noyrt. >>reporter: people who went to wilcox high school with him here in santa clara where he grad 88thed just 5 months ago can only tell us he was very quiet and very smart. apparently very upset. this was a targeted attack. sheriff says mohammad listed classmates he wanted to hurt including the name of the first student he established. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you so much. sky 7 hd shows us hundreds of something police are investigating a as a hate cil. berkeley high school student not identified admitted posting sensitive message to african american on school computer yesterday. one message threaten a public linking. >> new tonight. we were over baker beach in san francisco as firefighters rescued someone stranded on the rocks. person
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was stuck 6 feet above the water. after about 45 minutes or so firefighters on rescue boat took the person away to get medical attention. >> also new tonight. san jose restaurant has received a green light to reopen after informed poisoning sicken more than 190 people. the until out brick for santa clara county health officials closed san juan restaurant no. 3. all of the 6 people ate there on either october skaechbt or 17th. the restaurant threw out all the food product. sanitized entire building and retrained the the employees. >> people in a pittsburgh neighborhood are devastated tonight after car accident left 2 year old boy dead. happened today on power avenue and case drive. police say the child's mother was driving and it was her second accident within minutes. tell katie has the new details. >> diane lived near the crash scene compelled to bring a
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candle stuffed toy to mark the spoychlt i didn't know them but i have lieutenants of grand children. >>reporter: corner of power avenue and case drive is practically his front yard. he saw the driver with a gruesome hand injury and the little boy dead. >> i'm a fat annie don't want any other kid to get a scratch let alone something like that. pretty horrible. >>reporter: police say the driver was involved in a minor collision down at that corner and minute later took off in this direction ultimately slamming into this light pole. with deadly results. >> the 2-year-old had been thrown from the car. the car was totalled. white suv also damaged. it took police seven hours to clear the scene after an extensive investigation at both locations. police don't know for sure why she left the fears crash but say she doesn't have a driver's license. witnesses were left trump tiesed at least one was manufactured to tears. >> that's a baby. that boy has not even lived. his life yet e-police say the boy's mother
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is a 30-year-old pit burg resident. she was taken to the hospital. in pittsburgh, katie, abc 7 news. >> mean time woman accused of driving drunk and hit twoing middle school boys in a crosswalk in san francisco is out of jail and facing 4 felony charges tonight. kirsten posted 230,000 dollars bail today. police say her blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. yesterday when she drove into the boys critically hurting them city officials announce plans today to put stop scenes up at the intersection in the marina district. >> homeland security officials are expected to ask for extra security steps at foreign airport for flights heateded to the u.s. as early as tomorrow. this follow mysterious crash of russian plane in egypt. increased security could include more baggage screening at u.s. airport and making sure checked bag belong to the people on the same flight. one traveler at sfo share fear about airport security over seas. >> recently i was in bangladesh
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and india over spring break early this year and all of the country i felt like did not have very high security measures. >>reporter: u.s. hasn't ruled out terrorism in the crash that killed 224 people. isis militant have claimed spornt i is. >> moving on. dogs can safely take a dip in the russian river once again. sonoma couldn't health officials say because of cooler weather the dangerous toxic blue green algae in the river is gone. dog died in late august after being on the river prompting warning scenes for pet owner. >> algae bloom in the ocean put the cb season on hold. the state fish game commission voted today to delay the recreational crab fishing season for up to 6 months. after tests revealed high levels of dangerous toxin. commercial,,u/ crab fishing coud also be delayed. some we know 0blind have been a known danger for 3 decade. >> but peekal says you can still buy them out there.
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thousands of stores sell them. >> yes these blind have dangerous cord. tonight for the first:c)h time bay area fay that knows the threat of the blinds all too well is sharing her tragic story. >> new fight to ban the window treatments. also ahead tonight. "star wars"fan with a dying wish finally find out if it will come true. >> the here's a system that will bring us rain this weeken weekend. i let you know when up. >> thanks sand yeah. first a look what's coming up tonight on kimmel live right after 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks. here's the latest master piece we hope you hang on to your refrigerator e.first lady tiply ty peck out a few china pattern. >> tiply. >> would you still do
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>> as you know if you have watched us over the years michael has reported for years on the staggering number of deaths caused by window blinds. >> the government estimates 1 child dies every month from being strangled by cords. >> michael is here to explain what may finally after all this time change. >>reporter: yes. the stunning enough. i have reported on all the new industry standards that were supposed to stop all the tragedy. they haven't. now state lawmaker wants california to be the first state to ban the sale of blinds with dangerous according. the federal government is trying to sweep them off the market nationwide. now i'm about to show you one local family tragic story. hard to watch. important to know. >> she was a happy baby. he
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was would good if a room and whole face would light up. >> this is jacob hawk. 16 months old. just hours before he died. >> dreams still of the way i found my son. >>reporter: michelle huck of tracy put her triplet down for a nap. jacob, erica, tyler, giggling in the nursery. then the scream. >> it was like a frantic scream and i ran up the stairs really fast. >>reporter: little erica somehow knew her brother was in danger. >> i open the door and i saw jacob with the cord of the blind wrapped around his neck. >>reporter: she found him hanging from the blind next to his crib. >> i yelled his name. i took the blind cord off his neck and i laid him on the floor and. >> the trauma of it, it really hurt us for a long time, he was flown to children hospital in oakland and put on respirator.
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two week later no sign of life. >> that's when we made at the time tragic decision to let him go. he was brain dead. he wasn't going to have a life. >>reporter: that was seven years ago. only now our michelle and jessie able to share jacob opposite story in the hopes this never happens to another child. consumer product safety commission has been warning about the dangers of these window cords for 30 years. this is safety alert from 1985. hawk were aware and protected jacob from the pool porch. >> difficult what the blinds told me to wrap it up out of this reach. >> they didn't know about the inner danger. the inner cord that's what he pulled maybe trying to stand up. cord can dmil a matter of seconds. babies unable to cry out. over the past 3 decades records show 4 05 children were strangled by cords. the horrifying stories crowd the web site of parents
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for window blind say. i see decades and i'm talking decades about children once a month getting hanged to death by the product. it's got to stop. >>reporter: chairman elliott kay is making it top priority to ban window blinds with accessible cords. already 2 major retailers target and ikea have stopped selling them. with mart, home depot and lowe pledge to ban them by 2018. but the industry is pushing back. >> paying high price lobbyist. getting out there. spinning it in the immediate why to try to convince people that it's present parental. item parents to blame. parents are not to blame. >> these are parents who did everything they could to keep the children safe. >>reporter: after hearing jacob's story state assembly woman susan of stockton introduced a bill to remove dangerous cords from store shelves in day care centers in california. that was in february. this is what the bill looks like today.
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>> the manufacturing industry seemed to think the business model was more important than children's lives and so we got stopped. >>reporter: window covering manufacturers association decline to go on camera but disputes the government number numbers. it says death went down when the blinds were made safer. they say a ban is more dangerous because cordless shades like this one cost more. people will keep older blinds to save money. she isn't giving up. the hawks aren't either. jacob is never far from their thoughts. >> we still put his stocking out every christmas. and we release pwroons every year around their birthday. then when the kid have their milestones i think i wish jacob was here. he's not. he's not. >>reporter: consumer product safety commission will begin hearings next year on whether to ban dangerous cords and assembly woman egg man try once again to get support for a ban
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here. >> what they have gone through. >> i know. hearts go out to the family. thank you michael. he collaborated with brian ross on the report. tomorrow see what happened hen brian and his team went undercover to shop for blinds. the results of his investigation tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. on good morning america that's after the abc 7 morning news. >> now to abc 7 news i-team investigation into a confrontation between south bay student and his school van driver. boy accidentally recorded it and his parents were stunned to see it. >> made me sick to my stomach. you know. to me it sounded like instead of being an adult he was being the the the the fool he shall. >> we see the recording and exposes whether drivers 7 enough training. that is tomorrow night on abc 7 news at 11:00 right here. hope you tune in for that. for now we need to turn our attention to the weather. >> yes. sandhya is here with the forecast. >> yes. i want to show you something that you may or may not have had a chance to see.
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beautiful time lapse of the setting sun. high cloud passing through. sun goes down. 5:07 look at the sky line. where you live it was absolutely stunning t.breath taking pictures sent to me by twitter with the hash tag abc 7 now. this is a have your who basically said it was fire in the sky over sutro tower. i would call it that. gorgeous picture there live doppler 7hd showing you clouds have departed and we are going to be in for another frosty cold night. interior portion of mendocino county going under frost advisory midnight until 8:00 a.m. here in the bay area no advisory. still going to be chilly but not as chilly as last night. part of the reason is the humanity in the air has come up just a little bit so temperatures are in the mid to upper 40's for our coldest inland valley. live look from the sutro tower cam are and item just absolutely beautiful view of the bay lights. san francisco. chilly morning again tomorrow remaining dry friday and saturday then showers likely sunday and
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monday so we have some rain coming. unfortunately latest computer model not giving us very promising view on how much rain. first frontier bump no the ridge it fizzle. second system we are watching coming out of the gulf of alaska. it will drag the cold air in with it. that's biggest thing you notice sunday into monday but as the front arrives on sunday you will start to see some wet roadway. so saturday afternoon just some cloud cover. sunday morning 6:00 a.m. north by starts to get some light rain. that light rain shifts at 10:00 a.m. across the heart of the by area and then around 4 or 5:00 o'clock monday morning you have a few scattered showers. why did i stop this wanted you to look at the pink north of ukiah. hills there could be seeing mixed precipitation that's how cold it's going to be. so we are expecting the showers on monday and sierra nevada this will turn into snow. rain fall total have gone down. now less than a tenth of an inch for most areas by 5:00 a.m. monday. in the biggest thing snow levels at
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around 6000 feet sunday. coming down to about 3500 to 4000 feet monday and that's why you need the chains. ski resorts like mammouth open today. beautiful scene and they will be enjoying some more snow as we head towards sunday into monday. tomorrow morning when you take the kids to the bus stop 37 grow ins nap a.38 in santa rosa. still chilly. livermore low 40's. 45 san jose sow need to bundle them up. afternoon high low 60's to low 70's sunshine spire bay area and accu-weather 7 day forecast call for cooler weather this weekend. cloud cover increases. sunday the light rain. monday morning some cold showers and then it's back to dry. i guess you can look at it this way. better than no rain at all. >> that's true. >> thank you. >> all right still ahead here. "star wars"fan with a
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i. >> this "star wars"fan received his dying wish. daniel fleetwood suffers from rare form of cancer. >> the texan worried he wouldn't live long enough to see star force when it debut ins december. his doctors said had he 2 months to live back if accept. >> now fleetwood family says disney and luck as film set up a private in-home screening today. disney is the parent company of abc news 7. >> we have sports to talk about tonight. >> larry is here as always who call the play for the 49ers discusses why kaepernick is going to the bench. plus patrick marlo.p[nsing in on milestone in
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>> good evening. sharks have a new coach. new goalie a.lot of uncertainty early in the season but one constant is patrick marlo and when marlo is playing well usually team teal is doing well. shark panther in the tank. nhl before the shark became a franchise here. he's ancient at 43 and=t still in te league. 6ment n.burns rips it from the blue line. flash. 1 nothing sharks. 2-one in the second. watch marlo take the puck away skate in and thinks unbelievable, he's 36 years old. younger than yager but still 64s on montoy a.mary lo 3 point aweigh from 1,000 points in the career. late second period. goldman with feed to mark edward for his first goal of the season and sharks drug leg as of late get a much-needed win by score of effective-2. well the blame game has turned into the blaine game. kaepernick he gets some
11:29 pm
of the blame for the forty-niner 2 and 6 star. he goes to the bench. niners start blaine against atlanta weather any more success behind the poor offensive wlin a bunch of journey men running back it will bem14w difficult. offensie coordinator talk about the change of quarterback today. nobody expected him to be the savior but phoning some consistency would be nice e.i think it's important that we all understand that just because blaine happens to be in there we are not detroit tiger to say lose qb. blame qb. tape at 11. it's a moreover oyching thing he we have to get things solved and willing to try anything including a new quarterback at position to try to get us going. >>reporter: tape at 11. stealing my line. browns bengals thursday night football. you weren't using that camera were you there? essentially knocked it down. johnny football. johnny mansel. yes. he's back. johnson 12 yard touch down.
11:30 pm
mansel 168 yard passing. browns down 14-10. dalton threw 3 passes look at the lead blocker. not making contact with nebraska but he was out there he was giving it an effort. leading the way for mohammad on 25 yard reverse. since he wins 31-10 and stay perfect. cal bears started out 5 and o now 5 and 3. 1 win away from bowl eligibility for the fourth straight week. saturday. bears visit oregon. he remembers this last visit to the stadium freshman back in 2 2013. this is what sand why would call godzilla like el nino. the rain was coming down. he kept fumbling and fumbling turning(4 it over. the the klein is the name from the past. 90 percent chance of rain on saturday. and is se says he's ready. >> 5 learned anything last three years you can't really control some stuff. some stuff will happen in the college career. i have played 30 games
11:31 pm
but i'm excited to go back up there and have a chance in austin and do something special and hopefully get a win. >>reporter: nobody would have guessed that game with all the rain and everything that he would turn into the player he is today. 7 sports brought to you by x fenty. >> wasn't there a flag on unness roughness on the camera. interesting to see if he gets fined. it looked intentionally he didn't need to knock the camera down. >> cost a pretty penny. >> 200,000 dollar camera probably. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our 7 must app. >> check that out. our next ♪ ♪
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