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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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bee hayed
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the breaking news is from the middle east. jihadi john is dead. tonight sources say the man who scouted americans and broadcast them for the world to see was killed by a u.s. drone strike. good evening thanks for joining us. >> we are in the newsroom with breaking details on this story. >>reporter: jihadi john is in fact dead as u.s. officials believe it's the end of more than year long mission for the military to track down and kill this executioner. it's a big deal because for most of us he is the face of isis. >> we begin to slaughter your people on your streets. >>reporter: this is how jihadi john looked in the execution video. sort of mascot of evil. behind the mask mohammad a british citizen born in kuwait. pentagon officials said u.s. military targeted him in the
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capitol of isis syria. they used a missile fired from a drone as he got into a vehicle. he has been a huge target for the u.s. after officials saw him oversee the killings last year of american journalist steven and james foley. he's also accused of killing british and japanese citizens. the washington post reporting tonight another isis member may have also been hit by the missile. we are waiting for confirmation on all of this. now become to you. >> thanks so much. now to developing news from east san jose where the hunt for escaped fugitive funnyally over tonight after an hours long swat stand off. all happened tonight on garden place way. alan is near that scene tonight. alan? >>reporter: tonight police arrested the same guy who escaped from their lobby if handcuffs last month. then they learned he was in this neighborhood so around 4:00 o'clock this afternoon they
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surrounded the house. the fugitive and known gang member was one of 5 people who tried to escape by jumping a fence. police arrested one but the rest ran back inside and the standoff began. just before 9:00 o'clock police threw flash bang grenade and rushed in the house. they took 4 people into custody including the fugitive. 29-year-old david nong of san jose wanted for several burglary and assault with death penalty deadly weapon. >> we have been hit city wide with a lot of rash of burglaries. we are hoping tha that, again, take by taking this cell off the street that will prevent any other burglaries from occurring e-miss say he and woman who used a guitar as distraction were caught on surveillance video robbing this house. he was arrested last month by a bounty hunter but escaped from police department while he was being taken in. needless to say police were very anxious to
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get this guy and they did it tonight without firing a shot or injuring anyone. reporting live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thanks. new at 11:00 90-year-old walnut creek pedestrians was killed after being hit by a car while crossing tooit valley boulevard just before 6 tonigh tonight. victim in the crosswalk. police say the driver is cooperating and darkness was a factor in this. and there's this also new at 11:00. minor fender bender along kirk pass road near pittsburgh turned deadly. 3 35-year-old san bruno woman was exchanging information with the driver of the other car when she and her passenger were hit by an oncoming car. woman die died. her passenger was critically injured. fears on 7 news disturbing new accusations in the berkeley balcony collapse that killed 6 college students in june. more than a dozen lawsuits filed today reveal large mushroom were his growing on the same deck years before it collapsed. >> now the lawyers call that a
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red flag that the apartment complex owners chose to ignore. >> dan first broke news of the lawsuits today and he's back with new information from the family of the only bay area victim, dan. >>reporter: 13 lawsuits filed today. the same disturbing cushion ins each. difference? the name of the victim changes. . lawyers for the family of the 6 college students killed and seven others seriously injured filed lawsuits today against the apartment complex's developer, builder, current owner, propertyman manager and dozens more. complaint focus on something i reported on the day in june when the fourth floor balcony collapsed. water damage dry rot was responsible. we saw support beam crumbling under a worker fingers. >> that indicates that the extent of the wrought which is pretty severe. >>reporter: pretty severe in your opinion. >> yes. >>reporter: between october 2,000 8 and summer of 2010 lawsuits allege tenants
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observed large mushrooms growing from multiple locations on the surface of the apartment balcony. unambiguous red flag warning that the wooden joist were rotting and that the balcony was at great risk for collapse. >> if the plaintiff can demonstrate there were red flag that they failed to pay attention to, that they ignored and complaints just like the ones we are talking about, that puts those defendants in serious risk. >>reporter: ashley done hoe is the only bay area victim. she died as did her cousin and 4 other students from ireland. the family attorney said they want to make sure that those who were responsible for the tragedy will be held accountable. wheel the civil litigation is proceeding our office will do everything it can to assist the da in the criminal investigation. >> i'll keep track of the investigation and the progress of the lawsuit and get back to you. now no comment tonight from the mainly companies involved. but an engineering firm tells me they will be dismissed from the case because their work played no role in
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what happened. >> okay thanks very much. we have new deals tonight in a rash of incidents involving laser and airplanes. faa revealed tonight people have beamed the laser at pilots 20 times in the last day alone. as katie tells us, even our very own sky 7 hd pilot has been a target. >> the pilot chris smith was struck in the eyes by a laser. >>reporter: the crew of sky 7 hd had a close call monday night over san jose. >> i sit in the back seat. so there's no way for me to jump up and help him. >>reporter: it happened to 2 airplane monday as well as they made their way here to sfo. >> if you can't see your instrument to control the out pilot you have a problem. if you can't see the landing the aircraft you have a bigger problem. >>reporter: san jose airport has seen nearly 100 laser incidents this year. sfo it happened 78 times. and at
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oakland airport 69 times. 18 of those since mid october. >> these devices are becoming very cheap. they are readily accessible. easy to buy and even as the prices come down the power has gone up. >>reporter: but also improving the ability to catch the bad guys. >> some of the resolution on law enforcements cameras is tremendous. they can identify the people. definitely get the location. >>reporter: if caught a person can face up to 5 years in prison and fines topping 250,000 dollars. at sfo katie abc 7 news. >> all right. popular infant car seat is generating some concern tonight. >> mechanical jones us with 7 on your side investigation. >> parents contacted me when shocked to discover a big safety worry with the car seat. take a look. their young baby is unbuckling herself. she's not the only one. wait newly hear the company's response to this concern.
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also ahead. advanced automobile that can't avoid the cops. tonight google self driving car has a runen with the law. here's what's coming up tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks. spoiler alert here's what is happening on our show tonight. >> so i made the reservation. i get there and i say hi i'm julia roberts checking in and the girl went oh, why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun.
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gift the best sleep of your life to your whole family. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. the girl went oh. t. popular new infant car seat is in the spotlight tonight. some parents say their babies can get themselves out of the harness.
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>> michael joins us now and michael the car seat is still on the market. >>reporter: yes right now you can buy it right now. parents can. and many love them. however martinez couple came to me when their 11 month old kept unlatching the harness. they contacted the company. and were shocked at the response. >> i thought i'm a terrible faishingts ray noticed it right away when he took little serena out of her car seat. >> the latch was unbuckle. >>reporter: he thought i forgot to unbuckle it. >> i thoyvts the worst dad. make sure she's latched nishtion he drove her again. >> i look in the back real quick. i notice it was unlatched. so i pulled over. latched it again. few second i got back on the road i hear click. >>reporter: look back. the clip was open again. serena's mother tammy blamed herself to too. >> i saw it unlatch and i thought did i forget to latch it. >>reporter: ray and tammy finally shared the stories and
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could 11 month old serena open her own harness. >> so we put her in the car seat and noticed she was playing withv?mz it and unlatchd it herself. >>reporter: he shot the video showing her little fingers pushing the button until pop. >> god forbid something happens and i'm by myself driving on the freeway and somebody hits me what happens to my kid. she's not fully restrain. >>reporter: he contacted the company in massachusetts and asked for a better latch. >> there is a recall extra a fix on this all they told me is they have heard about it one time but throws no fix. >>reporter: they blame serene 8. they said you could have a really smart daughter. okay. that's almost a lame excuse. >>reporter: ray contacted 7 on your side. sure enough we watched her press that button until she got the latch open. looking very pleased with herself. so we started investigating. turns out other parents report the babies opening this clip, too. mother in kentucky complained of consumer product safety commission saying 6 month old
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unclipped it numerous times. another parent reported the problem to the nh tsa and this mom said her 5 month old was unbuckling his chest strap that. button looked unbelievably easy for the baby to open. >>reporter: emily of the calf public interest research group says it could pose a safety risk. >> there are very good reasons why we use what are called 5 point harnesses. buckle over the chest and in between their leg. >>reporter: i first reported on children unbuckling the chest clip 15 years ago. back then i showed you toddler whose were easily escaping their straps. the federal government back then said the clips were not a priority. and still today the government does not require or regulate this buckl buckle. spokesperson said parents should contact the company with concerns. up a baby tells us an open chest clip is not a safety concern. the clip is used only to help with proper positioning of the
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harness. company told us while the child seems to be decks trust for her able based on the video the safety concern is that this consumer is not properly using their rear facing car seat. up a baby says serena's harness was too the loose. >> wasn't necessarily super alarmed. >>reporter: consumer report safety expert jennifer the stock burger agrees the chest clip is not intended as major restraint. still she says if it's open a child might try to wiggle out. just like the kid were doing years ago. >> would i certainly say that the up a baby that parents need to make sure the harness is quite tight. >>reporter: ray and tammy aren't taking any chances they have stopped using the seat. >> worst possible scenario can happen. take it out of the equation. put her in a safer car seat. i don't want to deal with what if but certainty that she'll be safe. >>reporter: we asked up a baby if it was considering changing the latch. company said that information is proprietary.
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also told us it received a government rating for ease of use and the parents say it's too easy. if you have had a similar experience i want to know about it. please tell me about it throughout this web site. >> it looked easy. >> another special report tomorrow night. >> another interesting one. millions of dollars have ke keyless ignition to turn off the car without the key. there's a silent killer associated with key fob connected to 13 death. what you need to know to keep you an your family safe on 7 news at 11:00. >> okay thank you michael. celebration. remembrance. a lot of hope mark colorful walk if san francisco tonight. >> we were at at&t park as thousands of people gather net for the light the night walk. annual event to raise money to fight blood cancers. survivors carried white lantern t.this
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event is so personal it brought one cancer survivor to tears. >> could you just feel the love in the air sew motional. everybody here has such hope and memories and item a good night. >>reporter: we are proud to have a walk team and sponsor of this terrific event an it was just one to see so many people out there there's our tee. were you out there walking with everyone. what a nice night great vibe i immanuel. >> yes, it was really wonderfulen expiring and the weather was perfect. >> on that subject let talk to sandhya about a gorgeous night and changing forecast. >>reporter: that's right. we are going to be seeing some rain around here very soon. let's check out live doppler 7hd right now. clear conditions but that will change. see the storm system? moisture stretching all the way across the pacific? it is going to dump heavy written across the pacific northwest. we are talking inches. could be about 6 to continue inches in the mountains by saturday night. piece of the energy will break
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off and we'll get rain from that but not to the same magnitude. i'll explain in a moment. storm system will be generating big surf along the coast line. beach hazard sat afternoon and sneaker waves and strong rip current in case spending part of the take at the beach on saturday afternoo afternoon. now we could be seeing a lot more storms this winter that really soak the bay area. let look at why. el nino continues to develop. very latest from noaa near the equator in the pacific. here's what we are expecting. continuation of el nino this upcoming winter to peak. this event rank among the top 3 since 1950. what does it really bowl down to? above average rainfall likel likelytor california that we welcome at any point here. how does it compare to previous el nino. this is one of the strongest el nino on record. you lock at ours it was the sec strongest. current one third
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strongest since 1950 so it's really now in october the sea sfoos temperatures are tying in with 82-83. if the trend continues hopefully we'll get soaked in california. tomorrow morning it's going to start out dry. chilly low 40's to really temperatures will be in the low 40's right now so they are dropping down even a little bit further towards the morning commute exploratorium camera with clear view of san francisco. chilly in the morning. sunny in the afternoon. rain arrived saturday night and there is more snow in store for the sierra nevada. so here's a look at what is ahead saturday night. rain starts in the north bay at 10:00 p.m. starts to slip south ward as we head into midnight most of the north bay parts of the east bay and san francisco getting wet. 2:00 a.m. sunday morning you notice that light moderate rain covers parts of the east bay. south by. peninsula. and at 4 a.m. sunday when many of you will be sleeping the written will be winding down with partly cloudy skies for your sunday afternoon. so entire weekend not a wet one but
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much-needed rain most areas 1500 to third of an inch wore talking mountains snow levels passes will be impacted sunday so carry the chains. tomorrow morning starting out with some patchy fog and frost upper 30's for the coldest location to the 40's and physician afternoon high under sunny sky 60's, 70's, accu-weather 7 day forecast much cooler this weekend. rain coming in saturday night into sunday morning. sunday afternoon going to be windy. >> all right perfect thank you. more to bring you here on 7 news at 11:00. >> google the new self driving
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>> here's something you don't see every day. police officer in mountain view pulled over a google self driving car today for going too slow. >> the vehicle was going 24
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miles per hour on el camino real which is a 35 miles per hour zone. officer made contact with the operator to learn more about how the car was choosing speeds along certain roadway to educate them about impeding traffic. don't do that. >> motorcycle is about as big as the car. on to sports. great night for the warriors. >> larry has that. >>reporter: steff curry amazing. he was the mvp last year. he's even better now. he's a lot better. somehow. warriors we hope out a record that stood for 55 yea
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st is . good evening. another ho-hum game for curry. mvp tosses in a routine 46 points as the warriors set a record 10
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and o to start the season. they brick the mark set by chamberlain 1960 philadelphia warriors 9 and o. nine tonight in minnesota game of cat and mouse. back ing.7í the 2009 drt they could have chosen curry. tragic error. steff came out shooting 25 footers like it was a joke. you can't leave the best shooter on the planet alone in the corner. curry feeling it. double teamed. not a problem. gets 25 at the half. look at the passing by golden state. steff to green to andrew with authority. and the bench is loving it. hold me back hold me back i'm jason thomas. time ticking down. steff weave go through. toying with them not fair. third quarter. miller will slp at the ball on the way up and steff recovers it and hivts. of course it d.for example
11:30 pm
points. 1 twoyn-116 win. now 10 and o. >> talk about where we are chasing record season and all. that that will be noise and hopefully where we are but can't fast forward to april right now. we have to stay in the moment and when april comes around we hope to be the best version of ourselves and ready to go. >>reporter: ridiculous. thursday night football former jets coach ryan returning to buffalo. sec quarter. smith returning the kick off he fumbles. buffalo says thank you very much. late fourth quarter jets with chance to take the lead fourth and 4. fitzpatrick and that is way over thrown. incomplete. rex would be slightly happy. bills win 22-17. surprise 2 month after winning arena bowl the saber cat may be no more. the family that owns the saber cat decided to pull out. afl
11:31 pm
trying to find new owners and saber cat most successful team winning 4 championships. next warriors game is saturday against brook wren. nets are 1 in 7 so i call it 11 and o right now. go out on a limb. >> exciting. >> item amazing fun to watch. all right. 7 news does continue now on line on twitter on fees box and on all the mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. >> our next newscast it at 4:30
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