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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> the world is mourning with paris today after friday's deadly terrorist attacks. and now a new effort is under way to stop another attack. good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> at least 129 people were killed on friday and that number could go up as 352 were injured, 99 very seriously. >> the islamic state behind the attack made a new statement. french president holland is calling to wipe out the islamic state. >> a national manhunt is under way for the man believed to have
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made the attack. >> explosions exo through the streets as the manhunt for is a la him they found out he wasn't there. authorities say the 26-year-old french citizen is on the run. one of his brothers died carrying out the attacks. another brother was detained and questioned then released today. mohammed abdelsalam say he is innocent. they don't know where salah is now. the home is also that of this man the mastermind, abdelhamid abaaoud. he's already accused of creating that foiled train terrorist attack this year. back in paris, the city stopped in silence to remember the victims.
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and tonight for first time the eiffel tower reopened, lit up in the colors of the french flag. earlier french president hollande confirmed that isis planned the attacks from syria. he'll meet with russia and the u.s. to coordinate the fight against them. >> what i saw is the face of evil. our goal, as i said many times, is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. >> and france's president said the 129 people who died here were from 19 different countries. he explained legislation will now extend the state of emergency here for another three months. marcy gonzalez, abc news, paris. students at cal state long beach paused today at a memorial for classmate nohemi gonzalez who was killed in friday's attack. the 23-year-old was an industrial design student at long beach and was spending the semester studying in france. >> parisians started their work
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week with sadness and apprehension but said life should go on out of respect for those who died. military police stood watch in subways and landmarks. >> the united states park police has increased patrols around the most iconic sites as people ask, can it help here. >> sergio quintana is live at the golden gate bridge to talk about what is being done to protect us here in the bay area. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the golden gate bridge authority tell me they've been on a heightened state of awareness since 9/11. and because there has not been a specific threat made against the bridge, they have not increased security personnel. but in san francisco and the bay area, there are certain spots where security is very present and obvious. some places are flying the french flag in solidarity. others have the u.s. flag lowered to half staff in honor of those killed in the attacks.
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but the biggest difference you'll see in fran is a noticeable presence of uniformed police officers in high traffic areas. >> but i'm sure that they're making a higher profile with law enforcement, a higher profile with security. because people get nervous. >> reporter: jack balentine is a large event security consultant and former police officer. his biggest concern about the attacks in paris were the terrorist efforts to hit soft targets, places that have little or no security. >> we always want to reach out to the people who are going to be touching them first. sometimes the people who are touching them first are in hotels, sometimes they're going to be parking. >> reporter: at this hotel tom swollen sweeney and his co-workers were on high alert all weekend. >> their luggage being out here. we've got doublecheck to make sure nothing's in it. right now you have to really alert for all of this. >> reporter: the paris attacks has several agencies on alert. the national parks service
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issued a brief statement about security levels in the wake of these horrific attacks, we've enhanced our efforts by increasing patrols around our treasured icons. sergio quintana, abc 7. we're hearing stories of survival out of the paris attacks including one bay area resident who was so close he could hear the gunfire. >> can you imagine? matt keller has the story. >> reporter: this wasn't a normal homecoming for brian morearty. his family greeted him sunday after attending the air bnb convention in france. on friday the software engineer was at dinner with co-workers in paris when the terror attacks started. >> we heard bang bang, bang bang bang. suddenly the restaurant got very quite. >> reporter: it took a few minutes before they were made aware of the attacks taking place around them. the closest was a pizzeria just
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a half block away where five people were killed by gunmen. >> i ended up finding out that i was not only half a block from the one restaurant, but about two or three blocks from the concert hall where there were a lot of deaths and also two or three blocks from the cambodian restaurant where there were a number of deaths. so it turned out i was basically right in the middle. >> reporter: as soon as brian understood what was going on, he texted his wife back in san carlos telling her he was fine and safe and, of course, i love you. brian updated family and friends on facebook detailing the five-hour ordeal where he was stuck in the restaurant. at 2:30 that morning the owner of the restaurant told everyone it was safe to leave and brian walked about 45 minutes to where he was staying. back at home his wife kathleen and his three kids were finally put at ease when he called. >> he sounded exhausted because he'd been up for 24 hours but hearing his voice, we all got to talk to him. >> reporter: brian said this was his fifth trip to paris.
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he and his wife actually honeymooned there. i asked him if this would discourage him from a future trip. he said not at all. he wants to bring his three kids next time. matt keller, abc 7 news. just an hour ago the french consulate held a moment of silence for the victims of the paris attacks it was held next to the consulate on kearney street. it has set up a book of condolences in its lobby for people to leave messages of support and sympathy. >> the # pray for paris is still trending with so many people showing their support. we posted this badge on our abc 7 facebook page. you can share it to express your support for the people of france. >> for the moment, we'll move on now. the san francisco district attorney and police are investigating the two alameda county deputies shown in a video repeatedly beating a man with their batons. >> since the story broke, the fallout has been quick. vic lee is live in the mission
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where the incident took place. >> reporter: this alley is where it took place. stevenson street near clinton park. and that video has gone viral, but that may not be the only video we'll be seeing. because alameda county sheriff's deputies are required to wear body cams. presumably they were turned on as part of the investigation. abc abc 7 news first showed you this camera footage friday. after chasing an tackling him in this alley in the mission. they had chased him from san leandro to san francisco after he reportedly stole a car and rammed a sheriff's vehicle. the baton blows after it appeared the man slowed down when an officer yelled for him to stop. police and other deputy sheriffs finally arrived. that's when the two stop striking him. >> his arm's crushed.
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his head broken. >> reporter: petrov's mother olga saw her son yesterday at the hospital. she told us her 29-year-old son has had mental and physical ailments since birth. petrov was overcome with shock and disbelief when she saw the video. >> what kind of words you can put together, what kind of eloquence are you supposed to have to define this? to just define the joy to beat somebody who is on the ground? >> reporter: alameda county public defender also visited petrov at the hospital. he said petrov's face was swollen from his head injuries. >> his arms from his elbows down to his hands were bandaged. they appear to be in soft casts. they were swollen like he had bones broken in both of his arms. >> reporter: the state attorney and the u.s. attorney to investigate. the san francisco district
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attorney and city police are now reviewing this tape in their criminal investigation of the two deputies who have been placed by the sheriff's office on administrative leave. vic lee, abc 7 news. mechanical failure is being looked into as the possible cause of friday's san francisco union scare tour bus accident that was so terrible. it was reported on saturday the bus driver told his wife the brakes on the open-top double-decker bus simply failed. today the public utilities commission tells abc 7 news that the bus that crashed wasn't registered with the state as it is supposed to be. 20 people were hurt in the crash, 6 are still hospitalized. coming up at 6:00, what we've learned about the tour company that owns that bus. turning now to our weather. the winds are finally starting to die down this afternoon. >> yes, spencer christian is here with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> nice change right here, dan and ama. but let me give you a look at
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live doppler 7 hd. you can see how clear and relatively calm our weather is. but remember the disturbance that moved through here yesterday? the national weather service confirms an ef-1 tornado touched down yesterday afternoon northeast side of dineer, southwest of modesto. back here in the bay area, a wind advisory in effect until 6:00 p.m. winds could gust 25 to 35 miles an hour. right now winds aren't too strong. we have gusts at 21 miles per hour. oakland and rivermore, 24 at half moon bay. blue sky over san francisco and the bay as you can see from the tower. here's our first forecast, bright skies, chilly in spots. it will be a mostly sunny afternoon tomorrow with pretty mild days ahead before our next rain event. i'll have that a little bit later. still ahead, an east bay
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with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. oakland police say they were tipped off to the possibility of side show activity this past weekend, and they prepared, but what they got was something much bigger. >> and it was a violent weekend
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in oakland capped off by a fatal police shooting. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in oakland with the story. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan, on one hand city leaders are saying these side shows are unacceptable. but they admit with hundreds of people coming from as far away as fresno, they're hard pressed to stop them. it was a weekend of massive side shows in oakland, and an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead. a 48-hour period that left the city's top leadership shaken. >> the city of oakland will not tolerate side show activity. >> reporter: prior to the weekend we did develop some information about a group of motorcycles possibly coming to the city. >> reporter: oakland police and the chp say they were aware and prepared for some side show activity, but nothing like what they saw. >> in the case of having 700 vehicles, we are dramatically
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outnumbered. that's why it was so difficult to do the enforcement action. >> reporter: at one point a group on interstate 880 jumped on and vandalized a police car. sunday there were more side shows. and as oakland officers were preparing to tow some motorcycles they encountered a man with what turned out to be a replica pistol pointed in their direction. >> the officers then scattered and four officers discharged their firearms at the person with the replica pistol. >> reporter: it was oakland's seventh officer-involved shooting this year, fifth fatal. >> from a commonsense point of view, it makes very little sense for somebody to pull out a replica gun in the presence of hundreds of police officers. >> reporter: the 39-year-old man died at the scene. his name has not been released. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a panel of federal judges heard an appeal from the woman convicted in the deadly 2001 san francisco dog mauling case. marjorie knoller is trying to
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overturn the murder conviction in the death of her neighbor diane whipple. two presa canarios attacked her. her lawyer at the time nedra ruiz was intimidated from doing her job. her current lawyer says knoller wasn't fairly represented when ruiz notified her she could no longer object. >> i will throw you in jail if you defend your client. this is an important case, there's a lot of layers about how a technical court can review a state court proceed iing. >> the case was tried in los angeles rather than the bay area because of the intense publicity. authorities are working to determine the cause of a fire that gutted a richmond grocery store. a fireman captured this video on his gopro as crews worked to get the fire under control. it broke out on barrett avenue this morning.
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the first floor where the dwroesry store is located suffered significant water damage. an effort is under way to help the employees of a tire shop gutted by fire last week. the obserwner of rolling stop t set up an account for his employees. it's the least he can do for people who helped build his family business over the past 27 years. if you'd like to help in this effort, we have a link to the effort on you can now use your smartphone to pay for a ride on muni. the muni mobile app launched today allowing people to pay for bus, rail and cable car tickets on their phones. they get a ticket on their screen which they show to the driver. signs promoting the app are now up at muni station. the goal is to speed up boarding. it's the first system-wide public transit mobile ticketing app. let's talk about the weather as we head back to work. >> definitely.
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spencer christian with our accuweather update. >> clear skies, a little breezy, but not the kind of wind we had yesterday. that's moved to our south. here's doppler 7 hd. you can see how crystal clear skies are in the bay area. but look at the conditions to our south, north and east of los angeles. high wind warning in effect until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. and there have been some powerful winds today. santa clarita reported 70 mile-per-hour winds. and ojay 64 mile-per-hour winds. here's the view over the bay from mt. tam under calmer conditions. 59 in san francisco, 51 in oakland. morgan hill 5. half moon bay, this is how it looks at sfo. blue skies there.
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napa, novato. fairfield and livermore. here's the view looking west ward from emeryville, nice view of the golden gate. a chilly start to the air tomorrow. we'll see milder days with cooler conditions developing next week, maybe even some rain. high pressure the controlling factor will bring us dry conditions for the remainder of this week. 11:00 this evening, cold air settling in with clear skies and patches of fog developing near the bay. now, let's skip ahead to our overnight lows. see generally low to mid-40s but down to upper 30s in some parts of the north bay. looking away ahead, next monday, november 23rd, we may have a little bit of rain moving in. hints of rain developing now. looking farther ahead to
4:21 pm
thanksgiving, looks like lingersing clouds. same range on the peninsula. 60s on the coast and in and around san francisco. north bay highs, mid to upper 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. nice dry mild pattern wednesday through saturday with inland highs in the low 70s for much of the latter part of the week. then cloudier skies next monday. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up next, everything old is new again. at oracle arena. >> oxford names its official word of the year. but this is no word. the unusual choice coming up. >> a look at the san francisco skyway. oh, my, not a good monday. as sticky as you can see in both directions the cars coming at you are trying to get on the bay
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well, back to the future for the warriors. they tweeted this image of the new design on the hardwood. for the first time the warriors have converted the center court logo to the old city logo for tomorrow night's game against toronto. that logo will be used oton throwback uniforms. the warriors use the city logo when the team played in san francisco until 1971. the logo is not sitting well with some oakland residents who are already unhappy with the team's planned move back to san francisco in 2018. one group isn't giving up its fight against the proposed warriors arena in san francisco. they filed an appeal of the rushed certification appeal.
4:25 pm
there are still questions about traffic, parking for vehicles. the group's interest is selfish. they want the land for themselves. san francisco's board of supervisors may consider the appeal when it discusses the project december 8th. good morning america is celebrating 40 years on television. and our own spencer christian is a big part of that history. >> yes, he's here live today. but he'll be somewhere especially later this week. >> that's true. i'll be returning to my old home, gma joining the current family members along with older family members like david hartman, joan lunden, charlie gibson about the broadcast will be at the regular time, 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. but leading up to the thursday broadcast there will be live streaming on wednesday. from 1:00 to 2:30 eastern time i'll be on with david hartman, joan lunden, charlie gibson talking about our favorite
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memories. then 3:00 to 4:00, they're calling that the wh hour and i'll be on with sam champion and ginger zee and we'll be talking about our crazy assignments covering the weather. that will be fun. thank you, spencer. >> congratulations, spencer. abc 7 continues. a very special honor for former giant willie mays. the distinguished group he's joining. >> a man carries a loaded gun cross country on an airport and no one noticed. the investigation into what happened. >> our continued coverage of the tragedy in paris. the new call to ban syrian refugees. >> when you see news where you live take a photo and share.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> an international manhunt is under way for a man investigators say is the master mind of the paris terror attacks. abdelhamid abaaoud is a belgium isis fighter. his last known location was greece. the attacks have renewed an effort to put limits on encryption technology that prevents the government from tracking texts and e-mails. jonathan bloom tweeted about the debate.
4:30 pm
hear their opinions on abc 7 news at 5:00. wayne freedman tweeted this picture of a bay area mother and her son returning from paris. they arrived there just moments after the attacks, learned of the violence and headed right back home. wayne talks to the family. he'll have their story only on abc 7 news at 5:00. today the governors of arkansas, illinois, indiana, massachusetts, mississippi and texas are joining alabama, louisiana and michigan in banning syrian refugees from their state. >> reporter: after meeting with world leaders in turkey, president obama condemned those who want to deny some refugees entry into the united states. >> that's shameful. that's not american. that's not who we are. >> reporter: officials say at least one of the attackers in paris came to europe through greece as a refugee. since the syrian war started more than four years ago, million ofs of refugees have
4:31 pm
come to europe. governors from michigan, alabama, texas and several other states say they'll refuse to take in any more syrian refugees after last night's attacks. >> the federal government has made clear they do not have the capability to distinguish between those refugees who can pose as terrorists and those who may be innocent. >> reporter: republican candidates jeb bush and ted cruz suggest refugees be screened so that only refugees who are christian be allowed to enter the u.s. >> they should be resettled in the middle east in majority muslim countries. >> we don't have religious tests to our compassion. we do not close our hearts to these victims. of such violence. >> reporter: ben carson is calling on congress to terminate federal funding for resettling refugees from syria. >> allowing these refugees to enter our country without
4:32 pm
knowing who they are is foolish. >> reporter: president obama argues that denying it feeds into the extremist goal framed not as a war against terrorism but islam. and people pause for a minute's silence across france and europe in memory of the victims of the attacks. hundreds gathered in front of the bar where people were killed. they stood in front of stacks of candles that have been left there since friday's assault. >> muslims are speaking out after isis claimed responsibility for the paris attacks. many are turning to social media and revitalizing the not in my name campaign to show how the islamic state is misrepresenting islam. it is one of the organizations taking part in the campaign. they produced this video of muslims holding up signs with the # not in my name with the hopes of spreading the word.
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>> social media is serving a greater role than ever to connect families. people can check in online to tell people they're safe. twitter began posted missing people that were retweeted tens of thousands of times. >> david muir will be live in paris coming up at 5:30. and you can get breaking news on twitter. federal authorities are investigating a georgia man's claim he made it through airport security with a loaded gun in his carry-on. blake alford says he accidentally left his pistol in his backpack when he boarded a flight at atlanta's airport to chicago. he wasn't trying to test security or make a name for himself. it was just an honest mistake. >> my backpack up on the thing. it goes through the scanner. it's loaded and i just drop the magazine out of it. i had a loaded .380, still an automatic, in my backpack.
4:34 pm
>> he said he didn't figure out he had the gun until he started to unpack. san francisco police are investigating an attack on a transgender woman. this is the second violent attack on this woman this year. carolyn tyler joins us live on the eighth street south of market. >> reporter: well, ama. san francisco police say their officers were on routine patrol when they came upon this altercation last night. now they're investigating it as a hate crime. samantha has a swollen jaw and a bruise under her eye, the result of a beating last night while walking on eighth and mission streets. she was with her fiance dara hopwood when a couple started taunting them with homophobic and trans-phobic slurs. >> telling us we needed to get the hell up out of here. >> reporter: according to police, halsey, a transgender woman, became the victim of a violent hate crime. >> hot coffee was thrown in her face and there were punches to
4:35 pm
her face and threats against her. >> there seems to be a very common misconception that just because there's some trans people in television portrayed in a positive light that everything's all fine and dandy now. >> reporter: in fact, for halsey, this is the second attack this year. in january she was harassed by a man on muni who stabbed her in the chest when they got off the bus. a report by the lgbt center found that even in san francisco's progressive environment, 68% have experienced violence. >> it's not okay anywhere, but here we have a reputation for being accepting. >> reporter: police say one witness tried to defend halsey. tonight two suspects are in the county jail on several felony charges. identified as 36-year-old duane kemp and 42-year-old rebecca westover. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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well say hey, giants hall of famer willie mays will be awarded the presidential medal of freedom. he was one of the first african-americans to play major league baseball. he then served in the army and won the mvp after his return. just 25 athletes have received the medal over the years. other recipients include yankees catcher yogi berra, who passed away recently, singer james taylor, barbra streisand and stephen sondheim. still to come, new details about a face transplant considered the most expensive transplant surgery ever. >> i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your question on twitter and facebook. i will actually wear my microphone when i'm answering those questions which i'll answer coming back in just a moment. i'm spencer christian. looking at the western sky from our east bay hills camera.
4:37 pm
you can tell this is one beautiful sunset. take a look at traffic in san rafael. as you can see, it's moving not too badly right now.
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4:39 pm
it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in denmark. the tivoli gardens were lit up.
4:40 pm
it took more than 10,000 hours to set up the lights. there are more than 1100 trees and 60,000 ornaments. if you're lucky enough to be planning a trip to denmark, the annualtive tivoli activities. caution because of snow as low as 4,000 feet. this is video shot on i-5 along the grapevine. a lot of snow but enough to cause problems for drivers if they're not careful. cleanup is under way after a tornado touched down yesterday in the central valley. it hit a church, ripped roofs off homes, knocked over trees and fences and took down power line. this new video of the damage, jenna cole in our abc 7 now community posted this dramatic video showing debris just flying around. we're glad to tell you no one was hurt. >> that's good to hear. our weather is pretty spectacular right now.
4:41 pm
>> spencer christian is back with the full forecast. >> a good word, i like that. that's what we'll call it. clear skies over the bay area. right now a few clouds looking dark northwest. let's look ahead to statewide tomorrow. you'll see some clouds and showers moving into the northwestern part of the state way up around eureka. the showers won't make it to the bay area. we'll have high clouds. and down south, 77 in palm springs. here in the bay area we'll see highs from the low 60s at the coast to mid and upper 60s at the bay and inland. here's a look at our rain chances. almost zero chance of rain here in the bay area through saturday. but into sunday you see just a slight, slight maybe 10% chance, greater chance on monday and then on tuesday. so it looks like our next best chance of rain is early next week. dan and ama. >> spencer, thanks so much. we appreciate it. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, the new 21st
4:42 pm
century disease and you can blame it all on technology. >> and the word of the year that isn't even a word really. what made the top of oxford's list. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. i'll hav
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as anwhy sometimes i'm justson, too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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it's finger lickin' good. venetia, san ramon and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. a team of plastic surgeons at new york university have performed the most extensive face transplant ever. a warning, some of the images we're about to show you may be considered graphic. the patient was 41-year-old patrick hardison, a volunteer firefighter who was badly burned in a mobile home fire in 2001. he received the face of a 26-year-old competitive bicyclist who died from a biking accident on a oakland street. the surgery happened in august. after months of recuperation, he's ready to be discharged just in time to spend thanksgiving with his wife and children. >> all the obstacles that we were not expecting we handled well, without difficulty. >> the procedure is considered to be the most extensive face
4:46 pm
transplant ever performed in terms of the amount of tissue transferred. it took more than 100 specialists 26 hours to perform that surgery. amazing. >> incredible. we wish him a lot of luck. let's move on. you feeling a little woozy. it might actually be cyber sickness. >> and should baby food be gluten free? a peculiar side effect of the 21st century is something called cyber sickness. it's something medical experts say stem from a basic mismatch between sensory inputs. in other words, you see the movement on a screen but don't actually feel them. and that can make someone queasy. the health officials say a record number of smokers in the u.s. quit in the last decade. the cdc says there's been a 17% reduction in smokers over that time, but the exact cause isn't clear. some could be better insurance coverage to help smokers quit and stricter laws prohibiting smoking. the american academy of
4:47 pm
ophthalmology says the cost of treating eye injuries has gone up 60% since 2002. most eye injuries are caused by falls and fights with young people most prone to being hit in the eye by a wayward fist. and new moms with a family history of celiac disease may want to consider going with gluten-free baby food. consumption of gluten-free up until 2 years of age doubles a child's risk of developing celiac disease if they're genetically predisposed to the condition. i'm jane king, here's to your health. it is time for ask finney. michael finney is here answering questions sent in by facebook and twitter. the first one comes from david l. who e-mails, if my credit card expires and i receive a new one with an expiration date, can a company charge that card and just guess the expiration date? >> they're not supposed to do that. good luck getting any -- police won't show up and do anything to
4:48 pm
them. but here's what probably happened. they didn't make up a date. they may have subscribed to a service. not only credit card companies do it and not all companies subscribe to the service. but when your card number changes because of an i.d. theft type situation or if, you know, and it's applied to the same account, or if you get an expiration date and they switch over and you go from, you know, 2015 to 2020, they have a list and some companies subscribe to those lists. so that they automatically change your credit card information. and that's why when you subscribe to a magazine or whatever, they keep rolling it over. >> that happened to me recently because of i.d. theft. it's a number i had memorized. >> had to start all over again. >> stan h. asked by facebook, i live in santa clarita valley, my property tax went up more than 25% from last year. i've not done any home improvements. is this legal? >> oh, yeah, you bet ya.
4:49 pm
here's what happens. you set your rate when you buy your house. and then after that -- so let's say your rate is $10,000 a year. after that they can only go up 2% a year. now, if the worth of your house drops, is what happened to a lot of us, then they have to drop your taxes. let's say you go from a $600,000 home to a $400,000 home, then it starts going up slowly, but then when you have a big jump like we just had, oh, no, boom, it goes right back to your former high. >> so then 2%. >> yeah, thank you for clarifying that. yeah. so from your high to how much money you lose and then when it pops back up, they're allowed to do more than 2% a year. after that it's 2% a year. >> a viewer tweeted help, i own a vw jet ta tdi. what do you suggest i do? >> hang tight. there's a lot going on. we can see legislation, we can see some settlements.
4:50 pm
we know we have a half dozen lawsuits. you can go to the vw website. they have a package where they're trying to make up with all of their buyers. and you do not give up your rights when you accept this package of freebies from vw. sort of like a dpift, sorry about that, guys. >> thank you, michael. well, the force is now with disneyland fans. the theme park is temporarily transformed tomorrowland to celebrate the soon-to-be released movie "the force awakens." space mountain is changed to hyperspace mountain. the buildings have been remade into a "star wars" museum. star tours has been updated to reflect the new movie. disneyland owned by the parent company of abc 7. a woman says she paid a man thousands for a new truck but never got it. >> nothing, no. not one, nothing. >> see the confrontation with that man and how this local case may be just the latest in a long
4:51 pm
string of them. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. when news continues coming up next, from solitary confinement to shakespeare. the former convict who thanks the bard for helping turn his life around and get him into college. cheryl is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> dan and ama, thank you. stanford students surround the president's office. why they say this is the front line of climate change. plus a bay area's boy's unforgettable moment with bono, which was supposed to turn into a beautiful day suddenly becomes a life lesson. those stories and more. this thanksgiving, give where you live. join abc 7. >> we serve 82,000 people every month. >> we provide food to almost a quarter of a million people. >> 116,000 people. >> we're going to be able to provide food for more than 30,000 families. >> i've been doing this for 25 years, and i loved every minute
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here's tonight primetime lineup. dancing we the stars followed by castle then abc 7 news at 11:00. a young uc berkeley student has really turned his life around. clint terrell spent years in prison. he's now an english major with his sights set on becoming a professor. lyanne melendez has his amazing story. >> reporter: clint terrell is more than your average college student. now 30. >> rough, definitely put it rough. >> reporter: at 14 he had his first encounter with the law for burglary that landed him in juvenile hall. >> they would come in about 7:00 in the morning and take your mattress, your bed and take
4:56 pm
everythi everything. >> reporter: at 20 and addicted to drugs, he went back. this time prison. >> the same thing. i robbed a house and stole a car. >> reporter: when he was accused of inciting a riot, he was sent to solitary confinement for 18 months. >> there's a bed along one wall and a sing and a toilet and that's it. about a six-foot width. from fingertip to fingertip. >> reporter: what would you do to kind of keep sane, if that's possible? >> you have to come up with activities for yourself. exercise, write letters, draw. >> reporter: then one day an inmate introduced him to classical english and american literature. >> kind of opened up my mind. these are the type of books i wanted to read. it was hard to read, it was challenging. it was different. >> reporter: at age 26 clint terrell finally began to get his life together. with no job skills, a friend recommended community college. and to make sure to eventually transfer to a four-year university. enter uc berkeley. the university has a program called the underground scholar
4:57 pm
initiative, which seeks out people like terrell who have been incarcerated. >> there's nobody that's perfect, you know. and we all have our weaknesses, we all make mistakes. and you can still redeem yourself. >> reporter: this english major now hopes to eventually earn his ph.d.. at uc berkeley, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> an inspiring story. from a love of words to a lack of words. the oxford english dictionary's word of the year is just announced today. it is not actually a word. it's this, the face with tears of joy emoji. according to oxford the pictograph was chosen as the word of 2015. this particular emoji was chosen because it was the most used globally in 2015. now, actual words that made the short list include refugee.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> the terrorists would come up with their own home brew system. >> is the bay area giving a green light to terror? side show mystery. oakland police have their hands full for a second night as a man points a fake gun directly at officers. and to paris and back. a family flies thousands of miles only to never leave the airport. the wannabe rock star caught in the middle. ♪ >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel. crisp now, chilly in the morning. we'll look at the numbers coming up. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> flash bangs rattle the streets of belgium in the search for a man involved in the attacks on paris. there is an international
4:59 pm
manhunt under way tonight not just for him but his boss, the alleged master mind of this attack i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. police are searching for salah abdelsalam, believed to be the gunman who killed 129 people. they've identified abdelhamid abaaoud as the mastermind. they believed he planned the train shooting in august. he's believed to be in syria. >> now here in the united states at least 23 states say they will not accept refugees from syria. the white house says it will consider these concerns but is committed to safely bringing in refugees. >> we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism. >> california is one of six states continuing to accept syrian refugees. governor brown said they will be
5:00 pm
thoroughly vetted before being allowed into the state. tonight senator dianne feinstein is slamming silicon valley. the chair of the committee says that tech leaders are helping terrorists by failing to stop them from using social media to coordinate attacks. she says, i have met with the chief counsel of most of the big companies, i've asked for help and i haven't gotten any help. for more let's go to jonathan bloom live on treasure island tonight. >> reporter: this is the latest chapter in a debate with no easy answers. on the one side you have americans who want privacy from their government. on the other hand you have a government that says we can't protect americans unless we hand it the keys. the intelligence world calls it going dark, communicating with cyber space without leaving a trace. >> very interested to see what type of phones they were equipped with. >> reporter: they might not have theeded anything special. >> the i-message in the apple iphone is


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