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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> a soccer match fween germany and the netherlands cancelled before kickoff.
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the stadium evacwaited while at this game. a show against defiance against terrorists. and, after just reopening yesterday, today, the eifel tower closed again because of concerns that there wasn't enough security measures in place there. >> back here, a vigil is set to get underway in less than an hour at san francisco state university. it's an honor of the victims of the paris attacks that vigil starts at 5:00 p.m. >> a group of citizens trying to learn more about islam. >> for many of them, it's their first time inside a mosque.
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>> larry and a plrks ma, in the wake of paris attacks, it took on a new meaning. it was an opportunity to share with others why opportunities to learn from one another are so important. >> today at the mosque in palo alto, congress gre gags leaders offer a visit. >> our greeting means peace. >> so an in-depth confers covering everything from muslim culture and customs to the recent paris attacks by isis. what happened is so emotional you react emotional. >> news in europe and the news here, you know, we're all one big world.
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>>. >> i was quite impressed. it's different than churches or the synagogues. >> it's very important to know all cultures and all people. no matter what the color of their skin, shape of their eyes, broadness of their nose, you should get along with everybody. >> there was just so many similarities between how the muslims pray and the jews pray. they have a language of prayer. >> an opportunity to find some commonality in the differences that divide us. it's very important for them to know us and vice versa.
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>> great country from syria. we don't even know who they are. >> coming up at 4:30, the states refusing to accept roef ewe gef what the president is now saying. >> today in preparation for superbowl 50. the training kper was planned long before the paris attack. >> the nfl has lowered the boom on alden smith. the league suspended the raiders' line backer for one calendar year for violations of its substance abuse policy.
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this is his second major suspension in the last two seasons. he sat out nine games last year for violating the substance abuse policy. >> but that just came out of nowhere, didn't it? >> we were wondering when the initial incident was reported back in august. and then quiet for three months. they're trying to make the playoffs. this is a big setback for them. the raiders, they gambled and alden played well for them for half a season. now the question is for him, personally, can he stay out of trouble for a full cammen daryl year and then come back in the middle of next season and be an impact?
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that is going to be a major challenge as he goes forward. >> breaking news in san francisco where police are on the scene of a shooting in the district. sky 7 hd was overhead less than half an hour ago. officers found one person shot in the torso at the scene. there's no word yet on the motive or the victim's condition. >> three people remain in critical condition and twro are in serious condition following friday's crash. melanie woodrow has exclusive details into the city sightseeing tour company. >> well, we seem to be shadowing investigators all day long. running into them at soef ral locations as three work to
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determine what caused that crash. >> something that says the tour bus company was required to do. over the weekend, the wus driver's wife says her husband said the brakes failed. >> how were the brakes? >> they were fine. >> city's sightseeing last inspected the bus on october 25th. the state says that's not enough. they are also looking at bus 223, the run away bus crashed
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into. >> there's no way to know if a chp inspection could have prevented the union square accident, only that it was never done investigators say city sightseeing failed to do. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we have a new video showing one of the many wild incidents in oakland. you can see people jumping on top of a police patrol car. it's all happening at various intersections all weekend. drivers did donuts in the street and then fired guns. police issued 25 citations saturday. there were more on sunday. officers also shot and killed a man they say pointed a replica
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gun at them. >> turning now to the weather, a bit of a warm-up this week. >> censer christian is here with a live accuweather update. >> it's getting milder and is going to continue right into the weekend. we have some whispy high clouds and right now. 61 across the bay in oakland. a few wispy clouds over the bay from our rooftop camera. 60 in livermore. mainly clear skies over the golden gate. high clouds will linger to the morning hours. it will be chilly in some spots in the early morning hours. high temperatures are getting into the low 70s, but we are
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looking at a chance of some rain in the not too distant future. >> thank you so much, spencer. right now, san jose city council is considering a measure to ease regulations on tax sill drivers. taxi drivers want the same rule to apply to them. >> the san francisco municipal transit agency has approved a plan to make the city's controversial commuter shuttle program permanent. this 18-month private program lets the private shuttles use public bus stops for a nominal fee. >> still ahead, a bomb took down a plane over e jipt. >> and a bay area woman attacked in her own home. a growing probable south of san francisco.
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what police are doing to try to make it safer for you. >> the new app for 30, a
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♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you everything. ♪ complete your thanksgiving table at target. get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. ♪ come on-a my house >> a rash of home burglaries has police and neighbors worried. the intrude eres are becoming increasingly brazen. >> one occurred over the weekend on lamedas avenue. vick? >> reporter: well, larry, south
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san francisco police will hold a neighborhood meeting come thursday to talk about the string of burglaries. they don't know if it's one group that's kmiting these crimes, if they're local, if they're from out of town. by the way, other neighboring cities, daily city, san bruno pacifica have also been hit. >> they're happening in the afternoon in san jose. they pry open a sliding door in the back. among the 14 burglaries this month, two have been home invasions. this 79-year-old homeowner happened to be sleeping when burglarer broke in. >> somebody poked me in my back shoulder and said give me your money. i want your money. and i said to him, i don't have any money.
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and he covered me with the quilt and i just stayed down. >> reporter: the neighbors stumbled upon three burglarers. >> sbhwhen she went out, there another one in the living room and took her -- i'm not sure if it's her purse, but pushed her down. >> reporter: in both cases, the residents weren't hurt. >> rather than leaving the home, they continue to steal from the residence and then leave. >> everyone we spoke to knew about the rash of burglaries. >> this is what they do. we're at work and they're vandalizing us.
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>> san francisco general hospital is nearing completion. today, abc 7 got a sneak peek inside. the er has it own x-ray and ct scanners to make diagnoses quicker. >> we have the ability to do x-raies that need to be done so that patients don't need to be transported to other parts of the hospital. they can be done here. >> and there's other parts like a rooftop garden for visitors. . silicon valley entrepreneur is donating $10 million for a new autoimmunity research laboratory. the lab will seek to develop new diagnoses. parker is the president of
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facebook and co-founder of master. his foundation donated $4.5 million in june to help fund an initiative to help eliminate malaria. right now, steph curry and the gang, 11-0. tonight, they go for win number 12 at oracle. clay thompson, by the way, is expected to play, despite some back problems. tonight, you'll notice a different look for the squad. home jerseys will match that. it's the first of eight hardwood classics night at oracle arena this year honoring warrior's legends. >> show us your warrior's pride. take a photo or video. we may just show it on air or at abc 7 news dot com. >> talk about a warm up. >> yes, it's going to feel spring like, not summer like,
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but spring like for the rest of the week. who's complaining? mainly sunny skies right now. that's the pattern we've had. check out the soon-to-be-setting sun. these are our forecast features. chilly overnight. that's been part of our pattern lately as well. let's take a look and show you the current alignment of systems. notice it looks like rain moving in late tuesday and wednesday and maybe to early thursday before clearing out in time for most of the thanksgiving day. interestingly enough, two are in sharp disagreement of what we
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can expected. next thursday, the bay area will have received 1-2 inches of rain. obviously, we're looking 8-9 days ahead. it's goimpk to be another chilly niegtsd overnight. we'll see lows right around mid 40s in the bay. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies with a few clouds around. upper 60s and low 70s are likely. here's the seven-day forecast. upper 60s around the bay.
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little change on sunday, but then we get cloudier skies on monday. and the cooldown will be even cooler on tuesday with a chance of rain tuesday and a chance of rain on wednesday. and depending on which of those models are closer to accurate, it could be quite a bit of rain. >> are you warming up the harley? sq squl. >> you can see that, right? >> up next, oakland legends helping oakland schools. the star power and what they're doing for students. >> and then new at 4:30, a totally different kind of
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some famous musicians and athletes are writing a positive message to oakland students. abc 7 news is at lafayette elementary as youth sports
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school at an assembly. one time, tower of power's front man, lenny williams and former oakland as second baseman encouraged students to respect their elders and stay in school. >> you are my future. you are why i'm here. i am here to help you any way that i can. yes, i have made it to the top. and i can show you how to be successful. >> the school district plans to make these regular events and even includes some workshops with the students. >> good time. >> good morning america is celebrating its 40th anniversary. and they are doing a 40 hour marathon. . >> at the anchor desk with their usual team of reporters. >> from now until thursday morning, you can tune in and see history making around the clock. we've got a live look.
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this is a special dancing with the stars rehearsal here. >> yeah, that's going to be coming up. coming up at 7:00 tonight, one direction will perform songs from their new album, made in the am. you can see the clock counting down the performance on the side of the screen. you can also access the live stream through our web sites, abc 7 news dot com. >> the 40 hour marathon, she's one of the dangsers, also includes live with one of their reunions from year's past and our own. >> check this out, we have eve heard on our abc news talking about his days at gma. and spencer joins us live now, but, of course, he's going to be somewhere special this week.
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>> i'll be there tomorrow and thursday. the live streaming tomorrow and in the afternoon, i'll be there. we have what we call the leather hour. the funniest stuff is 457ing to us on the air, as well. thursday morning is the actual broadcast, on the air. and i'll be a part of that, as well. so i'm excited and i just can't wait to get there and see all of my old buddies and family members. >> i'll be tweeting and posting facebook. i'll be all over the place. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. the city's new plan and why not
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everyone is behind it. >> the growing refugee backlash. the politicians joining the nation's governors in trying to ban syrian refugees from entering the country.
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in the headlines at 4:30, police say they found cell phones that could provide a break in information into those attacks in paris. investigators have identified a second suspect on the run. in preparation for superbowl 50, the f.b.i. is hosting a training exercise. abc 7 news reporter david louis is on that story and tweeting this picture of a military helicopter flying over the stadium. more than 100 participants involved in that exercise. that rollyn tyler says this tweet of graffiti that is now painted over at the french school of san francisco, carolyn says it's a muslim symbol. she'll have the latest on a live report coming up at abc 7 news at 5:00. nation governors are trying to stop more syrian refugees
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from entering the country. this comes after a passport was reportedly found near the body of a suspect. abc news reporter megan hughes has the story. >> reporter: refugees from syria moved to michigan in april. the kids enjoyed playing outside. their father says life is easier here for my kids. in one of paul ryan's first acts as house speaker, he's joined a growing choralous. >> we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. >> voting on legislation this week wasting no time that a revelation from last week's attack may have been a syrian refugee. meanwhile, the attorney general is under fire for the vetting process. >> do you disagree with the f.b.i. director when he says
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that veting syrian refugees is extremely difficult, if not impossible? >> we do have the benefit of having that significant and robust screening process in place. the process in europe has not been able to set up. >> millions of syrian refugees have relocated to europe since the country's civil war began. during that time, a little more than 2,000 migrated to the u.s. too many. they were republican presidential candidates. >> refugees are pouring into our great country from syria. we don't ef enknow who they are. they could be isis, they could be anybody. what's our president doing? is he insane? >> at this point, more than half of the nation's governor is blocking these refugees from entering their states. it's still unclear if they have the authority to do it. megan hughes, abc news, washington. >> stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage. world news tonight anchor is live in paris. he'll have the latest on the search for the ninth suspect coming up tonight at 5:30.
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>> russian president has ordered to cooperate with the french military. this comes after 224 people on board were killed. isis claims responsibility for downing the plane. >> we concur there is an explosion that brought down but we're not privy to their investigative information. but it's not conclusive. >> russia is offering a $50 million award for information leading to the arrest of those responsible. >> massachusetts state police restrained a drunk passenger on a british airway's flight tonight after that woman tried to open an exit door mid flight. it did land safely right around 10:30 this morning pacific time.
4:34 pm
police say there are no known connections to terrorism. >> just as it was taxiing for takeoff. authorities moved three men and a woman after a passenger reported they were acting suspiciously. authorities didn't say exactly what they were doing. police cleared the remaining passengers and then searched the aircraft. the plane took off three hours after its scheduled departure. >> police are hoping surveillance images will help catch the killer. investigators released these images today of what they're calling a person of interest. they were taken by a surve surveillansurveil lens camera. today, her husband spoke publicly for the first time on good morning america about her wife and her murder. >> amanda doesn't have an enemy in the world.
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i can't imagine any reason why. >> davy blackburn was at the gym when his wife was killed a week ago today. >> people in texas and kansas are cleaning up today after tornadoes ripped through both states. >> oh, my god. >> that's a storm chaser reacting to the tornado last night. the wild weather stretched as far south as ft. worth where strong winds knocked down power lines and debris everywhere. the tv station sky cam captured this video of a twister. several homes had windows blown out. another had its roof blown off. >> that weather created blizzard conditions in colorado.
4:36 pm
it stranded 100 drivers not far from denver. some areas forecasting to get as much as 18 inches of snow. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, california seyracuse could be flying high. why this turkey has the right stuff. >> does the western sky get anymore beautiful than this? some nice weather is coming our way as well. i'll have the ark ewe weather forecast in just a moment. >> at 4:36, you're backed up on the left-hand side. that is your southbound traffic. looking good going northbound. stay with us,
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oh, this is good. this is one father recording a vacation on a go-pro camera. the only probable, he had it backwards the entire time. all we saw was himts. he taught his father how to use it. aparentally, it didn't work. he posted the video on facebook and it's been viewed nearly a million times.
4:40 pm
>> a turkey from the central valley has the right stuffing, if you will. foxer farms announced today he's not going to be stuffed. one will receive the annual thanksgiving pardon. he beat out 20 other birds. he'll arrive with his own motorcade. the turkey pardon condition began in 1987 with president reagan. i'm not sure what you need as a turkey, but good for that guy. >> spencer is here now with our accuweather update. >> a pretty lucky turkey to be out here. take a look at our live conditions right now. still mainly clear skies. tomorrow, statewide, look for high temperatures of 67. 78 down in los angeles.
4:41 pm
that's nice and warm. generally, sunny and dry across the state. that includes the bay area. we'll have highs around 60 at the coast. a few locations like santa rosa will hit 70 or higher. but what are our rain chances? it looks like we're trending weather after sunday. 30% chance of rain on monday, about a 60% chance on tuesday. it's way too early to say conclusively how much rain we can expect, we can expect some wet weather leading into thanksgiving. >> thank you, spensers. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a lot of people are setting up camp outside berkley's city hall. >> porche is blaming paul walker for the crash that took the life
4:42 pm
of the fast and furious actor. >> 7 on your side's michael kinney.
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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a camp out at the old city hall in berkley, where city hall is poised to crack down on the homeless. >> laura anthony live with the story. >> calling themselves a come passionate city, they're making things the better for everybody. these people who call themselves freedom sleepers would say these new laws would push the homeless farther into the shadows. >> what that they want to do is dehumanize people. >> a set of proposed ordinances designed to control the homeless, ignore the people behind the problem. >> make them look like animals and in the mind of the voters, make people animals.
4:46 pm
>> declining to park a shopping cart and the ban on taking up more than two square feet of space on the sidewalk. >> if you have a backpack or a bike, even, it extends to your bike. anything you have. you take up more than that, they give you a tirk et. >> it's an effort to make things more civil. >> mayor tom bates supports the packages with the homeless and other services. >> this is a very comepassionate city, always has been. it's an important step forward. >> the city council will also vote on a separate measure to allow construction of a housing complex that some say will make it even harder to find affordable housing in berkley. >> a lawsuit accuses
4:47 pm
under-filling cans of tuna under its store brand. >> the suit is filed wi e ed by here in california. it comes from altose after a federal study found a big problem with brands of safe-way branded tuna. they're accused of shortchanging customers that didn't contain the 23full five ounces containe on the label. the similar lawsuit filed against starkist ended in a settlement with consumers eligible up to $25 in cash or $50 in tuna. >> london liquidators announced vinyl flooring made without plastic. it was pleased with the company's decision. testing found plastic is often
4:48 pm
contaminated with lead, cadium and flame retar dants and other toxic chemicals. auto-maker general motors is all revved up this afternoon over its car of the year. influential automagazine motor trend today named the chevrolet camaro car of the year. motor trend says the new camaro is one of the finest-driving vehicles at any price. >> audi is the hot car right now. and the bmw. >> you know, you think camaro and you just kind of think of the old ones. they're nice, but i think i'm safe. >> thank you, michael. coffee could help you live longer, which is fantastic news.
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>> it's the one aspect that could actually upon your health. today's wellness report. >> over use of antibiotics is making it harder for doctors to treat life threatening infections in children. the report is from the american academy of pediatrics. it says the widespread practice of giving antibiotics to healthy livestock is making the drugs less effective. drinking up to five cups of coffee a day could help you live longer. the risk of an early death from heart disease, parkinson's and type ii diabetes are reduced by moderate coffee drinking. drinking coffee also lowers the risk of suicide. now, whether or not the coffee contained caffeine made no difference. researchers notifies users if
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their guide dogs are distressed or sick. dogs usually express illness through breathing and it could be difficult for disabled folks to tell when the dogs are not feeling well. a new york music team is probably hurting our ears. according to osha, the healthy threshold is 90 decibels. but the classes are transmitting at 115 decibels. here's to your health. >> well, coming up tonight at 1:00, new c 11:00, new concerns about bay area seafood. >> one in four fish sold for human consumption have microplastic in it. >> why rezersearchers believe at of that plastic is coming from our synthetic clothing and how it's getting into the water. >> abc 7 news at 4:00, the
4:51 pm
stunning news from actor charlie sheen. but he may not be sharing everything. right now, he's facing a new lawsuit. >> a late word on a republican presidential candidate dropping out. we have more information on that. that's ahead. plus, cleaning up the graffiti. >> why this is especially a good day.
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tonight, on abc 7, we start out at 8:00 with the muppets. at 10:00, shark tank followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> more about the bomb shell from actor charlie sheen. >> lindsay davis has the story. >> reporter: once considered hollywood's baddest bad boy, sheen had attention for promiscuity. >> it's not like jagger looking like a droopy-eyed, armless child. >> what i can tell you is that murlt pl ex-partners of charlie sheen came forward via text messages and, in one case, a video recording in which they all concerned that they were exposed to hiv and they spoke of
4:56 pm
the horror at potentially being infected with this virus. >> sheen, who was, at one time, the highest actor paid on tv, once estimated he slept with 5,000 people. in 1995, he admitted to spending tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes. and in a 2011 interview, he talked openly about why he enjoyed the company of prostitutes and porn stars. they're the best at what they do and i'm the best at what i do and together, it's on. >> i'm not lying to people. i think there's more trouble ininvolved. >> sheen has known about the diagnosis for several years and the tabloid also says the actor, reportedly worth $125 million, has faced a number of lawsuits and paid millions to prerkt his secret. >> many of those women have
4:57 pm
legal counsel and sought settlement with charlie sheen. >> sheen says by talking about his diagnosis, he hopes to reduce the stigma and shame others still feel. the automaker denies claims made in a lawsuit filed on behalf of walker's 16-year-old daughter which say the porche he was riding in had multiple design flaws. porche argues the car was abused. excessive speed caused the fatal one-car crash on november 30th of 2013. >> thank you so much for joining us for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan.
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>> from the air and the ground, a security drill at levi's stadium takes on added meaning now. why the exercise almost didn't happen. >> painting over the symbol of a french american school. >> what was put out on instagram. >> and alden smith and how long he'll be off the field. >> i'll break it all down for you coming um. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast cent ere, this is abc 7 news. >> more retaliation from france today. that's the sound of one of ten fighter jets taking off. france will soon have 36 fighter jets in the region. >> police say serious plans for
4:59 pm
explosions force the evacuation of a stadium in hanover, germany. the soccer match between germany and the netherlands was called off less than two hours before game time. the german chancellor was scheduled to attend that game. among them, a massive show of solidarity. soccer team from england and france paid tribute to the 129 people killed in friday's attack from paris. ♪ >> the stands were colored in france's colors and blue, white and red were carried out. good evening, thanks for joining us.
5:00 pm
>> right now, mourners in san francisco are remembering those killed in the paris attacks. we can show you a picture of malcolm x plaza. organizers want to honor cal state's long branch student. she was one studying in paris when this tragedy happened. the other 16 are safe. she was studying industrial design. one of her professors say she's a shining star recently coming in second in a design competition. >> and as the wrorld continues to mourn and respond to the attack from paris, a massive security training exercise just wrapped up in santa clara. the preparation for superbowl 50 and was planned wreaks before friday's attack in paris. it takes on new meaning now. abc 7 news reporter joins us in santa clara. dafd


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