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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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alma and larry, some people have been waiting a long time, in some cases, up to 10-15 years and with the possibility that the door may now shut on they want that has them very concerned. by other islamic forces in syria and iraq. now, she must go online and explain to decembsperate famili that their hopes and dreams may be put on hold. >> young children whose husband has been killed and suffered so much. and, now, having this hope of immigrating to a civilized country and they can live in peace? it's very difficult. >> one of those refugees goes by the name hanan. we see her in silhouette to protect her identity. she has been waiting to come to the u.s. or canada for 13 years.
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>> margaret petros, we are very saddened about the category of terrorism in the wake of the terrorists. >> republican state senator supports a hold on immigration from syria and iraq. >> i'm not convinced that refugees have to come to america. if you're coming from a hot bed where terrorism has existed, then maybe those refugees can go somewhere else. maybe nay can remain in the middle east. >> the convoys were interseptembered by the insurgence just before entering the city. my brother was searched, taken to a remote place, tortured and then shot to death. >> for the latest breaking news on paris any time, download our abc 7 news app and enable the
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push notifications. you can get our app for free in your phone's app store. >> a judge has ruled against a san francisco woman fighting to save her frozen embryos. they signed an agreement to destroy the embryos if they ever divorce. a judge today ruled that since the two divorced, the embryos must be destroyed. but the judge put his order on hold to give lee a chance to appeal his ruling. lee is a breast cancer survivor who is now infertile and she still wants to have children. >> now, a dramatic story in santa clara county. >> three people were arrested in a human trafficking bus. chris wynn is live in saratoga with the story. >> you can call this a modern-day form of slavery. investigators say it happened at this restaurant behind me where some of the victims who all came from spain received little to no
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pay for their work. >> in the town of saratoga -- >> i can't imagine there was people in here held against their will. >> reporter: a form of slavery we typically don't see. >> it could just happen across the street from where you are every day. >> reporter: last night, investigators executed search warrants at two local businesses, atop of the restaurant and the salon about two miles away as well as a home in san jose. three people were arrested and charged with human trafficking and wage theft, married business owners and their restaurant and salon manager. investigators say there are six victims, three men and three women who initially came from spain on vacation. the sheriff's office began investigating in july of this year. >> we're still looking into why they were in debt to the people that ran those businesses. >> some of the vick at this
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particular times victims have been in the u.s. since 2011. >> you hear about human trafficking but don't know how it's happening or where. it's an interesting thought that it might be happening elsewhere locally. >> the suspects are being held at the santa clara county jail and will make their first court appearance friday. >> a five-year-old boy and his father are recovering from a drive drive-by shooting in richmond. they say shots were fired between two cars, the father in his 30s uz driving one of those cars. he was shot in the torso. his 5-year-old son was also hit but not seriously hurt. >> richmond's police chief revealed that he sees new career challenges after accepting the top job in arizona. there's no one simple answer to
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dealing with that. i think we put in place a lot of good strategies to reduce that kind of violence. and, overall, especially when we look at it over the last zef sel years, the results have been pretty amazing. >> he will take over in january after tucson's current chief retires. >> police believe this woman is a suspect in a violent crime. investigators say the woman took this photo from a cell phone that she stole from a high school girl who was walking home two weeks ago. the woman allegedly punched the girl in the fact and then took her phone and backpack. but get this, the victim spotted this photo a few days after the attack. it was up loaded onto her online cloud storage. and the victim immediately called police. >> all right, it's time to get to a cherk on our accuweather today. >> alma and larry, it's quiet, clear and it's going to get cool overnight. live doppler 7 hd showing you it is crystal clear. we're scanning the bay area
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coming up empty handed for the time being. a live look at our emoryville camera. 62 san francisco, 64 san jose, mor beg morgan hills, 59. for half-moon bay, just a few sir russ clouds out there. 72 the warm spot out there for santa rosa. elsewhere, we're just in the 60s. showing you lots of sunshine, that sun going down at about 4:56 this evening chlts we'll drop into the 50s tomorrow morning. some spots cool, starting in the 30s, a blast of sunshine for the aver noon. we are tracking our next storm system that could make for tricky travel near thanksgiving. >> all right, thank you so much, drew. >> abc 7 news was at the cpuc building in san francisco as a pg&e executive testified. it's a big issue.
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power lines caused hundreds of fires a year. state senator jerry hill wants more oversight into what utilities are doing. >> they're supposed to trim the trees to make sure there's a safe barrier twreen the wild brush and their equipment so that we don't see those shorts in that electrical equipment can do the damage. >> pg&e says it inspects 132,000 miles of power lines every year. it also uses imaging equipment to detekt daed trees. they paid a $28 million penalty for failing to trim trees near power lines. >> a redwood city library is closed for nearly a month. the library had minor fire damage and a you will poer outage due to the fire in a nearby house and it will reopen on december 1st. >> it was a busy afternoon for several fire agencies in the east bay. they took part in a live
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training operation at sicamore grove park. it will also help the parks manage vegetation and remove noxious weeds. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a wild chase from gill roy all the way to san jose. it ends in the death of the driv driver. we'll tell you what started it all. >> could eating meat with antibuy otices create a superbug? >> michael finney will answer your questions live in just a few minutes. all you have to do is search michael finney or facebook or twitter to ask finne. >> traffic is moving in both directions on your right-hand side.
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a cal student has come forward to publicly expose the man she says raped her. the man is a former student who's no longer enrolled at cal, but he wants to be reinstated. abc 7 news reporter leig leigh anne menendez is live. >> reporter: i have never seen one where there's so much support for an alleged rape victim. now, i want to make it clear that both the young man accused of this and his lawyer have not made themselves available to the media.
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>> thank you all so much fwr the tremendous support. >> stephanie dwar see ya wants her name known around u uc berkley. she has accused her former students of attacker her in 2014. >> i've had devastating tolls on me, but, today, i feel more empowered than ever to come here and speak on behalf of my experiences to let the university know that justice has to be served today. >> today, the accused and the hearing before the student code of conduct on the allegations. >> this will set a precedent for this university and universities all across this nation to know that there is a new standard. yes means yes and no means no. >> garcia supporters showed up at the hearing and tried to disrupt it with their chants. university officials will not say if the student in question
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was expelled but confirmed he left school sometime in the fall last year about the same time the alleged incident occurred. >> this is crucial. i mean, when it comes to student safety, this is key matter for the university. >> uc berkley police handed the case over to the alameda county district attorney's office. but that office refused to press charges against the former student. now, garcia awaits the decision made by the student code of conduct. the tiburon council will take a vote to prohibit rentals for fewer than 341 days was reverszed in september. a special committee was formed last month to review the issue and brought back to the council for recommendations. those in favor say short term ren xxs create neighborhood disturbances including noise and parking problems. >> a new look for a national treasure. san francisco heritage unvailed
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the newly restored house today. it's the first exterior repair in two decades, thanks to a $250,000 grant from american express and don edwards. the house was built in 1886 and survived a 1906 earthquake with only minimal damage. it's one of 64 structures designated as a national treasure. >> thank giving came a week earlier. the deliveries take place every wednesday, but this week, the bags included something special. a whole chicken, some gravy and even some rice pudding. >> this is for those folks that can do a little bit of cooking on their own.
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>> the drivers will be out next week taking turkey meals to 2,000 seniors who will be alone on thapgs giving. >> a dozen kids chose to eat french toast instead of the traditional pancake breakfast this morning. it was their way of sending their thoughts to parents in the aftermath of friday's paris attack. the event was hosted to help fund recreation programs for children in need. >> sugar bolt ski resort opens this weekend. they're not allowing drones to be used on the property. one of the biggest damages is to people who are on chair lifts. just about every ski resort is banning drones with one exception. they can be used to look for a missing skier. >> spencer, by the way, is off
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in new york celebrating the gma anniversary. >> larry and alma, i think next week is a good chance for the ski resorts to add to their snow totals. for now, we've got a couple nice days setting up into the weekend. we'll show you what's going on into the evening. really, live doppler 7 hd giving us the all clear. the camera showing you on the horizon, some thin clouds, lots of sunshine out there. and the forecast with these clear skies we're going with overnight. it's going to allow temperatures to cool off rather rapidly. a real nice sunny streak heading stlu the weekend. and then our next storm tracking through monday and then we'll bring a drop in temperatures a bit, as well. a string of sunny days on the way. thanks to high pressure anchored right off the coast. that stays there tlooesz through the weekend. we'll fast forward future weather and our long range into next tuesday.
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next tuesday, it does look dry. we'll see increasing clouds. and then by wednesday, we'll see our storm drop from the north. that brings us a chance of showers into wednesday itself. it looks like it's a quick mover. a preview that looks dry, part le cloudy and it's really looking nice. so how it looks right now, showers are likely next wednesday. and, of course, that means slicker roads. and that is a heavily traveled day right before thanksgiving on wednesday. generally, a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. this forecast will change so you'll want to stay tuned as we fine tune the details over the next couple of days. overnight, the only thing you have to worry about, how many blankets you've got to put on your bed. 51 in san francisco and 50 overnight in oakland. highs thursday, in our mic microclimate, morgan hill, 68, as we head towards red wrood city, cooler, 59 degrees.
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plenty of sunshine in downtown san francisco. 66 tomorrow and 60 in daly city. a warm spot, santa rosa. 6 69 in valejo. sun-soaked at 68. 67 in union city. inland, upper 60s to lower 7 0z. so the seven-day forecast, a cooler breeze kicks in by wednesday. look at those temperatures right there. we're only in the mid 50s as we track those isolated showers moving through. just keep it in the back of your minds that you have to travel on wednesday. we'll fine tune those details as we get closer, guys. >> thank you so much. up next, celebrating 40 years. a live look in at the "good morning america" 40 hour marathon. >> some shocking video of a >> some shocking video of a lawyer being taken down by a with a 100% electric nissan leaf...
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>> some shocking video of a lawyer being taken down by a what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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. good morning america's celebration is still going on chlts it's 26 of 40 straight hours. >> they're doing a story on the ultimate star wars collectors. if you have not tuned in -- well, why not? they've been on for 26 straight hours, for goodness sake. >> there's still time though. >> a look at what you've missed so far. >> 40 years in 40 hours. >> we've all got excitement ahead. >> we've done a lot of big things. >> it's unpres dented. >> i want to show you right behind me here, this large perimeter that's been set up.
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this is so cool. spencer christian is part of the celebration. >> you can watch the gma 40 for 40 coverage on our livewell
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network. that's digital channel 7.2. you can access the live stream through our web site at >> a frozen case in russia. the extingt animal coming to life. >> a
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in headlines today at 4:30, the washington post is reporting that during yesterday's massive raid in paris, police killed the suspected master mind behind the attack. the woman who blew herself up with a suicide vest is reportedly his cousin. officers detained one other woman and seven men. president obama tweeted a statement today in support of allowing syrian refugees sbroo the u.s. he says, "slamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values." >> abc 7 news reporter vick lee is in san francisco federal court for the murder and racketeering trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow.
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what he had to say ahead in a live report on abc 7 news at 5:00. a high speed chase ended in a deadly crash. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story. >> this wrecked, white honda accord doesn't tell the whole story of this high speed chase. before it ended here with a crash at 3:57 a.m., the driver of the car led chp officers on a wild ride when they spotted the vehicle speeding on 101 and gilroy. the car may have gone as fast as 125 miles per hour during a 28 minute ordeal over several freeways. the driver tried to exit southbound 280 of winchester boulevard but was going too fast. >> i was unable to negotiate the turn due to speed. he went airborne and landed on the shoulder rolling one time before coming to rest. >> the female passenger had
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minor injuries. the male driver was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. the chp vehicle was also damaged at the end of the pursuit. a father and son team had minor injuries after they lost control coming off of the winchester boulevard exit. >> the chp vehicle was the first vehicle in pursuit. they struck the curb there on the shoulder and struck that wrong way sign, hopped back over this curb right here and you can see the damage to the patrol car. >> the santa clara medical examiner's office has identified the fatal victim in this crash. chp says the female passenger is an 18-year-old who is expected to be released from the hopt today. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> sky 7 hd is live right now over the scene of breaking news that is snarling the afternoon commute in sonoma county. a serious accident involving a
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big rig has blocked eastbound highway 37. this is just before the junction of 121 right near sonoma riceway. you know how it is with one lane in, one lane back out. many kmuters use highway 37 to get to interstate 80. and, as you can expect, they're expecting major delays this afternoon and into the emping. a pedestrian suffers surs injuries after she was hit by a car in freemont this morning. the driver is cooperating with police. just yesterday, russia announced that a bomb did bring down that plane over egypt killing 224 people. explosive experts say it's
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likely it was detonated by somebody on the plane. the terrorist group is responseble for three more suicide bombings in nigeria. authorities say the attacks killed at least 49 people and injured dozens of others. they came on the same day a global terrorism index listed it as the most deadly extremist group in the world. deaths attributed to the group by 300% to more than 6 6 00. about 600 more than usis. you may remember the group for its kidnapping of 300 nigeria schoolgirls last year. >> some incredible winds in colorado reaching nearly 100 miles an hour. look at the wind blowings that woman's skirt. abc 7 news reporter brandi hit. >> a dramatic high-water rescue by tractor. this wrom was soaked and
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freezing when pulled from her car seen here underwater in washington state. >> freaking out, i guess. i tried to get her to calm down and told her help was on the way. >> it's just one of several flash flood rescues in the last 24 hours. >> a deadly storm system dumped heavy rain across the pacific northwest, where wind gusts of more than 100 miles per hour, toppling one tree after the next, crashing down onto buss and several homes. >> it sounded like a bomb. >> at least three people have been killed by falling trees. the driver of this suv lost control of the wet road and slammed into a busy daycare center. >> they sleep right there. it's a miracle that nothing happened to them -- to anybody. >> in the south, heavy downpours have hammered parts of arkansas, mississippi and tennessee. with reports of severe weather touching down.
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abc news, los angeles. >> when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo or a video and please share it with us. we may use it on the air or at >> check out a court room scuffle. surveillance video shows jenny mariah kelly speaking with the bailiff. she had asked kelly to leave the court after speaking with the bailiff for speaking loudly. >> we're engaged in a spirited discussion. that's part of being an attorney. it's part of the job. she did absolutely nothing wrong. she was speaking to another attorney. it was deputy brooks that did everything wrong. >> the sheriff's department says the deputy tried to court kelly out of the courtroom, that's when she resisted. he forced her to the ground and took her into custody.
4:37 pm
>> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, we're digging that tour bus crush. the new surveillance video and what the bus driver says happened. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is just awe head. i'll answer your questions here, live, a little later. >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist. that sun going down on the horizon. what you can expect within the next 24 hours with that accuweather forecast. >> and, at 4:37, we want to take another look at this breaking news and looking at terrific right now, this is the commute through sonoma county. a serious accident involving a big rig has blocked eastbound 37 just before the junction with 121. you can see everything all snarled upright there. this is near sonoma raceway. we are keeping an eye on this trying to figure out if there's any injuries at this point. we will keep you up to date on this. stay with us.
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to some, it may be the holy grail of superpower worship. the costume christopher reeve wore in the original superman. the cape, though, is not included in the auction. >> really? i think if i'm bidding, i kind of got to have the cape.
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the bidding, anyway, starts at $50,000. >> people magazine is celebrating its latest sexiest man alive was unvailed last night with a little audience participation. >> have you ever had a man bun. that is a really good question. have you ever had a man bun. >> yes, i have. >> david beckum. >> are you david beckum. >> yes, i am. >> there he is, the sexiest man alive, david beckum. beckum is now 40 years old and spending time with his wife and their four children. >> he's mighty purty. >> are you okay with that? >> i guess i'm agreeing with that. he's got a lot of ink. >> he does. if you want more clean cut, drew
4:42 pm
tuma is more on the line. >> well, my grassroots campaign is really for you, larry. it really didn't take off. >> larry and alma, a really nice night out here. live doppler 7 hd showing you clear skies out there. this is a gorgeous camera from santa cruz. just a beautiful postcard shot. really clear skies through the next cup of hours. you do know through 7:00 and 9:00, we're cooling off to the 40s and 50s mplts highs thursday, mainly in the 60s heading into southern california.
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we'll zoom on in to the home of the bay area tomorrow for thursday, lots of 60s on the board, 66 san francisco, the same san jose. santa rosa and a very nice 73 degrees. still ahead here, new concerns about the use of antibiotics. what the fda plans to do to keep you safe. >> when it comes to your personal information, how much is too much? and how much can you protect and how much can you protect from the internet tor: during ss "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on selected mattress sets, even tempur-pedic! get up to three years interest-free financing! plus, choose a free gift! but hurry, sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale won't last!
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new research from consumer report social security highlighting concerns about the overuse of antibiotics in meat and poultry. >> healthy animals are fed low levels of antibiotics on a daily basis. that particular method, we're extremely concerned about. >> scientists fear regular use of antibiotics in animals raised for food will lessen the
4:47 pm
effectiveness of the antibiotics in the future. healthy animals can still get them for disease prevention. >> theres are calling for a ban on drug advertising. >> abbey,which has become known as the female viagra, even though it works differently than viagra, is not selling well. as a comparison in the first month, pfizer counted 600,000 customers. the low-saelgs may have to do with high cost and the fact it doesn't mix well with alcohol. the food and drug administration with a skrutcrutiny of dietary.
4:48 pm
the american medical association called for a ban on consumer advertising. the association called for greater transparency and prescription drug prices and costs, as well. two studies says the number of cases of disease has fallen. the american medical asoeszuation says declines in screening could have significant public health implications. i had a security freeze with the three credit reporting agencies, but my bank gave me my fico score when i requested it. >> is that legal? >> yeah, what a lot of people don't know about a credit freeze
4:49 pm
is it stops new people from looking at your credit report. it doesn't stop those you're already doing business with. so credit card companies, banks, all of those people still have access. so they can look up your credit score for you. totally legal. >> is it legal to have so much of my personal information on the internet? >> sbt this frustrating? it is. it shouldn't be, but it is. there's absolutely no laws about what any information anybody can gather about you. and then put on the internet. so do you have a right to opt out? no, you don't have a right to opt out, either. federal laws are just completely blank. now, if you're an elected official, a police officer, if you've been the victim of a stalker or domestic violence here in the state of california, you can get a lot of that information removed. and only here. >> what is the law regarding sudden closer of credit cards.
4:50 pm
>> this just happened to me the other day. i have a credit card that i haven't used in year and i got a letter that said apparently this car isn't working for you. they don't have to give you any notice what so ever, they're allowed to just shut it down. that happens to people quite a brit. they can do it for nonuse. there's a whole series of reasons. >> in nonuse cases, how long? years? >> shlly, they're hoping you're going to pick it up again. the first notice i got was that letter. tonight at 11:00, we've got a great report. some people are getting garnished for debts that don't belong to them. >> the woman is fighting the
4:51 pm
courts and the collectors and we're helping her. over a debt that's not even hers. this is going to blow your mind, what this woman is going through. >> abamazing discovery in the permafrost of russia. this is a fully intact cave lion cub. scientists discovered it on a river bank in siberia. they've never found this species so well preserved. scientists were working on the exact age of the cubs, but they've thought to have been frozen at least 12,000 years ago at an age of about 1-month old. up next, the ceo of the company blind last week's tour bus crash runs away from questions about the safety of his buss. what we found out about the
4:52 pm
invest gaigs. >> coming up next, how the man was caught. the f.b.i. agent who infiltrated the gang of a former china town gangster, the critical testimony about a life of crime and a big, wonderful surprise for a
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who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life. the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake.
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stotonight on abc 7. >> another patient there the union square tour bus accident has been released. >> tonight, for the first time we caught up with the tour bus company ceo, although he clearly wasn't happy to see us. melanie woodrow is live with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> i've been leaving messages for ceo since saturday.
4:56 pm
so far, he hasn't returned those messages. >> christian? hi, i'm melanie from abc 7. why wasn't the bus registered with the public utilityings commission? >> sorry, no comment. >> a lot of people were injured. why wasn't the bus registered? why wasn't it inspected by chp? christian? >> when we went into the fisherman's wharf public meeting, christian ran out. we ran after him. >> why are you running away from us? >> the bus driver's attorney wants answers, too. >> sharing the latest surveillance video. >> it was just a run away bus. >> a run away bus that started with --
4:57 pm
>> a boom. and the bust just started to accelerate. >> with no brakes, the attorney says kenneth tried to slow down some other way. >> the plastic blew away like papers. >> then, parked cars. >> which did nothing. >> and then, the one that worked, the scaffolding. >> i think he was quite a hero. >> his attorney says that's a multi-system failure. but he another not ruling out one other thing. he says this bus wasn't always a double decker. >> the attorney wonders how many more questionable buss are on our roads. >> we're all in danger. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us.
4:58 pm
>> abc 7 news at 5 kr:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> he feels already shot. he was trying to save his kids. >> police mark a spot where a father and his five-year-old son was shot. what the dad was doing just moments before. >> a big decision tonight for a san francisco woman. the stunning conclusion in a bitter legal battle over frozen em pree owes. >> also, tonight, the protest over an issue that could set a big pres dent. >> live from the kgo bro cast center, this is abc 7 news. >> a little boy and his father are recovering from gunshot wounds tonight. >> a son and his father injured in a driveby shooting.
4:59 pm
with e're joined in the richmond police department with the ratest. >> cheryl, that's right. the father and the son were sitting in their car when the assa ass assailants drove up alongside them opening fire. this morning, shattered glass from the victim's car window still littered the driveway of brother easterly kwor and markt. the owner says the father and five-year-old son were in the store just before they were shot. >> he tried to buy some milk chocolate for his son. he didn't have the money. he was going to go get the money and come back. >> i can't count how many shots. i just seen the victim duck and turn.
5:00 pm
>> when he hit this curb right here, he was already shot. he was just trying to save his kid. that's basically what he was trying to do. >> the only passenger was the little boy. and they're now trying to determine why his father was fired on. >> we have had some gunfire on the south side of richmond recently. this incident, we're not sure if he was targeted. >> it acknowledges violence is still a challenge. >> last night, we had an ugly shooting, you know, it highlights the fact that this is always going to be a work in progress in this city. i think we're moving in the right direction. >> he's just been named police chief in tucson. in richmond, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> a sa


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