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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 25, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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viol, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> breaking news is in fremont a deadly hit-and-run accident involving a car and a pedestrian. police say the driver later returned to the scene and a southbound lane of the boulevard is closed during investigation. >> says say the car hit the man while walking on fremont boulevard near old warm spring roads at 6:40. our reporter is there and join us. >> this is an active scene in fremont as investigators try to put together what happened. if you look behind me, we are
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long fremont boulevard in the warm sprints district of fremont. this scene, the results of a vehicle versus pedestrian accident early today. as we show you video from sky 7, this all happened at 6 4:00 this morning as you said, police say that a man was found lie on the shoulder of the roadway suffering from major life threat ening injuries. >> police say if there are any witnesses, please contact them. >> so, if you are traveling and hitting the road today you could hit snow in some parts of california and sky 7 was over mount abdelhamid abaaoud near san jose. look at this, a light dusting of freeway powder with levels dropped below 4,200' peek. the big story is interstate 80 north to the sierra this video shows plenty of fresh snow falling in blue canyon. if you are headed that way going eastbound or on 50, trains are
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required. also, pack your patience. some people who headed up there yesterday say that the commute was really rough, about 5 1/2 hours to get to done neither summit which is good. it can take you longer today, up to eight hours. for more on conditions in the sierra and what to expect we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning to you, it is a nice day out here as far as not having to deal with precipitation but we have a bite breeze from the blast. we. show you what it is doing, the air is going to get progressively more dry today and the lips will be more dry and your hands and your air, also, in the house if you have the humidifier, grab it. here is the radar from lake tahoe, you can see we have snow falling up there. and good news if you are headed toward the grapevine, nothing. a little deficit a dusting this morning but it has melted. we will use lake tahoe as the background to show you, we still have snow up there so carry the chains and the snow showers will taper when the sunset setting at
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5:00, back at host, sunny but you need the sunglasses with the heavy coat and the grapevine, showers are possible, but it is lacking dry if you are headed down to southern california. >> thank you, from weather to travel to shipping and more, stay up to date through the thanksgiving holiday with our abc news app it is free to download on the smartphone or cab let, and make sure ton able push notifications so you can get updates any time the we will visit slash apps. >> from san rafael, sky was above the sketch of an apartment fire as you can see, fires had to chop holes in the roof to let the flames escape. the sheriffs hoped the residents evacuate and the fire break out in a second floor unit at 9:00 this morning with no causes released. everyone got out in time and no injuries were reported. >> four california lawmakers are urging governor brown to be ready to declare a disaster for
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dungeness crash industry, because of the high level of toxins along coast. last year the son was valued at $630 million, a closure will impact the coastal communities in central and northern california and the state's economy overall. >> also, from holiday travel to holiday shopping, we look ahead to black friday. how you can get the most out of your technology to get the best democrats. >> a thanksgiving day trip to remember for some california t
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>> this is a big travel day for the thanksgiving day holiday if you are headed to sierra, this is what you will be joy. but you have to get there. a lot and lot of snow for the first time. >> if you see something suspicious, say something. that is always helpful. >> otherwise, americans should go abut their usual thanksgiving activities. speeding time with family and friends celebrating our mess -- messing. >> and amy hollyfield is in emeryville and now matt keller at san jose. matt? we saw rain early this morning. but it could not an better day to fly, very few delays across the bay area and this could be a
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holiday miracle. >> time is everything, at san jose international airport, 5,000 more people than normal are expected to pass through today and it seemed like many of them arrived just after 5:00 a.m. >> usually long today. >> i was expected long lines. but my husband was very gracious, too, because had was an early flight. so we are here. we are still if line. >> one the rush was through a break from the crowds. >> we try to avoid sfo as much as we can because of the traffic and everything else but this is great. >> avoiding sfo if possible is a good idea. today, 30,000 more passengers than normal are expected there. surprisingly, today is not the busiest travel day for airlines during the travel-day period, the friday before thanksgiving and the sunday after thanksgiving brings most crowds. reality? you going to see family or friend, you need to get there. all you can hope for is a little
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luck. >> we were worried about lines and the traffic but so far we are lucky. >> for those hoping to avoid the crowds by flying back on monday it could be a perfect storm, holiday travelers, business travelers and you also have all of the fans who are attending the 49ers game on sunday. >> the holiday get away drive is underway with a new study that shows san francisco has the worst get out of congestion in the up, this is a look at interstate 680 in walnut creek and you can see cars are flowing smoothly but that will not be the case tore long. amy hollyfield is emeryville with information that can save you type. amy? >> yes, beautiful from here at a distance. right? so lovely of the look at this gorgeous morning. i get out of the way so you can see upclose, it is busy on interstate 80 and it is only going to get worse.
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the business of the time of the day hasn't even happened yet. >> so many cars, so company places to go, especially the day before thanksgiving. >> we are going beyond sacramento. >> a new study came out naming the cities with the worst traffic during this time of year. can you guess which city topped the list? >> san francisco. >> that is correct. san francisco bay area is at the top of list of worst thanksgiving traffic and we often beat los angeles the a man who drove here from southern california said he is not surprised. >> i can imagine. coming if last night and going out was crazy. >> according to the search the worst time to travel in the bay area is the day before thanksgiving between 2:30 and 4:30 it will take 44 percent longer than if you were driving on a typical wins. from what rick experienced the problem extends beyond the
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wednesday before thanksgiving. >> we traveled yesterday to get here but it was still the day before the day, it didn't work. out of los angeles or orange county, at last an hour and a half longer than we wanted. >> because of that we fund a local who going to travel on thanksgiving to avoid the traffic. >> it is usually lighter on the holiday in my opinion. most people go on wednesday and friday coming to or from the family houses. >> and those who have decided not to go anywhere. >> lot of relief why have to travel and sit in the highway traffic. justin joy thanksgiving at home. >> i have two things to be thankful for: one, the waze app. you can download and it gin the abc 7 group either from apple app and google play. then, gas prices, this is the lowest we will pay for gas at thanksgiving since 2008.
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thank you for that advise and whether you are ready to hit black friday or sales there erics. security experts are offering tips to recollect your money, personal information, and your gifts. first, watch out for your surrounding, busy shopping malls are prime target. use one credit card for holiday purchases so it is easier to monitor for possible fraudulent charges and look it up, always lock your car no matter how quickly the we rand and keep valuable in the string of the car and out of the plain sight and think before you click. if an maim deal sounds too good to be true it reasonable is. >> the national retail federation estimates half of all holiday shipping will be done online this year but with the price comes changes. how can you make sure you are getting the best deal? rebecca reports on the app promising to save you big bucks. >> yolanda buys most gifts
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online and has her hands full with the wish list. >> i want an ipod and headphones. >> laptop. >> and consumer saveings expert said, first, use a price compare son tool lake shop genius or invisible hands. they run in the background while i were showing around online. if what you are about to buy is cheaper at another retailer they alert you before you purchase. the laptop for her daughter we first found on amazon for $330. but insaysible happens found it on best my for $279. next up, electronics on the list? name your own price with a company that negotiating with retailer for free. the headphones for her husband were $99 and now they are $72. >> finale, did you know the savings do not have to stop when you have made the purchase.
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websites work to get you money back on stuff you have already bought. if the price drops, you get me the refund. thank you is right. simple. >> you give them access to your e-mail and they will scale an your sales receipts and if they fund a better place they file a claim with the retailer for a price match. your account is automatically refunded. they take 25 percent of whatever savings they find you. >> if you whoing for a way to give back this holiday season,ingly's droid pay has an 18 while you shop google will donate a dollar for every transaction you to $1 million. the money goes to the charity on donors with $2 for every purchase on black friday. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> good morning, from the to which the broadcast center. temperatures are seven degrees cooler now than they were yesterday and this is just the beginning of the arctic air
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mass. i will tell you how long it will last and how frigid it will be when you shop in the inland neighborhoods and the next chance of rain. >> the history making situation for the
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> today is the day before thanksgiving and usually is a big day for businesses and restaurants long san francisco fisherman wharf. crab is a tradition. but a worker said that sales are not hooking good. although the price is the same as last year, $16.95 a pound.
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what is different? fresh crash crab is from washington state. >> no one here...i don't know what to say. >> we have been reporting on the dungness crab season being on hold in california because of the toxins if the water. one shop usually sells a thousands of pounds between today and tomorrow but expects to sell only 100 pounds. >> salvation army will deliver hundreds of meals to those in need. value materials were carving up all the turkeys. the police and fire chief and the mayor held out a -- television, the mayor said he was proud to see so many coming out to help. i i am thankful for police and fire staff and armed services. san francisco, for me, has the biggest heart in the world. >> 3,400 meals are delivered to seniors and home bound people in san francisco. >> two lucky central valley
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turkeys are at the white house for a special sermon that will get underway in a few minutes. the famous birds from foster farms in modesto left for washington, dc, on monday, officer san francisco international airport but only one is going to be the official thanksgiving turkey with the official par done from president obama. schoolchildren named them "honest," and "abe." which will it be? which financialcy gets honors? we will find out at 11:30 during the rose garden ceremony the at white house. both birds, though, will live our their years at a virginia farm, even the one that is not officially pardons. >> secret service and a limousine for the birds, my goodness. >> and meteorologist mike nicco. >> maybe next year the president can pardon the two chicks. >> they need a pardon. >> they need help. >> good morning, everyones i have rain totals. we had a expect wave move
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through and look who the go most amount, it started right around san mateo bridge and it hayward with half an inch, and went down to a third of an inch in san jose, and norly that at move field field and .2" in moffett field and the north bay, though, hat the leafed amount, with napa at .02" and fairfield at .03". you can see the clouds opening with the certain he is, and you can feel the chill in the air. check out our picture of oakland and how clean the air is as we look from across the bay in south beach, sunny and chilly and watch out for the dry air, cold nights ahead and frost likely the next several nights inland not just the north bay, but, also, inland east bay and cooler than average with lows and highs all the way through the weekend. nows back to 11 o'clock last night, can you see the low moving down with the scattered shores blowing through and stalling afarther lot behind right new, snow showers in the sierra and the prosecute of us are dealing with the chilled sunshine. look at the temperatures today,
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from 54 if livermore, to oakland at 58 a very narrow margin. and it is breezy along the bark zaire and more so along the cost. further inland you go, the less likely the pres are going to have an affect the right nows 10 tan rose and napa at freezing and other neighborhoods in the to the bay, and, also, the spokesman valley by concord and livermore at 33 falling to 30 or 32 and palo alto could have a chance of frost with cold air from the mountains. the only place locked into the 40s tore sure, is san francisco and richmond. and look at this, livermore, tonight, tomorrow night, saturday night, and sunday morning, we all have a chance, each of those days, of frost, now, the king tide, this is san mateo coast with erosion on the walkway pulled from the san mateo county facebook and we appreciate sending to them and our tides just happened in mill
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valley but, tomorrow, at 11:0 9 in the morning and 11:53 on friday we get the flooding an the manzanita park and ride and after that, saturday and sunday will be okay. now, a look at the seven-day forecast, and what you going to notice, temperatures are just not budging. this cold air mass is hanging around our longest snap of cooler-than-average temperatures. we should be in the 60s and we will be in the low-to-mid 50s through saturday and the models at left one of them hinting at the possibility of rain on sunday and monday and tuesday and i low pressure for all of the travelers that does not happen because you know rain and trying to get into sfo those not go anywhere together. especially on a busy travel day. we will keep an eye on it, have a great afternoon. >> the warriors now own the n.b.a. record for the best start to a season and it came at expense of their southern california rivals making it better. the dubs improved to 16-0 dominating the lakers at oracle
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arena and steph curry led the team scoring a game high 24 points and the warriors jumped tout 19-point lead and never looked back crawsing to 111-77 victory. the warriors return to action on friday night. >> will, an orphan kitty is getting a lot of tax an the world. corduroy is far from the average household cat. find out what
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>> coming up at 4:00, do you procrastinate, the mad dash at thanksgiving and the crowds filling up and what you can to do avoid the rush. the most and least loved cars which vehicles owners love or like. >> the oldest cat still enjoying life in oregon. tack at corduroy, he is getting his belly rubbed from his mother who adopted hip as kitten. >> but corduroy is 26 years old which is around 125 in cat years and holds the world report for oldest living cat. >> he has good genes. the key has been i have allowed
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him to be a calculate we kept his claws that allowed him to go outside and against himself and hunt. >> corduroy snip the only one who hit the jackpot his brother lived to celebrate his 19th birthday. thanks for joining us.
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