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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> oh, the snow is really coming down in the sierra. check this out, this is video on highway 267. the snow is heavy x but it is still passable. >> the snow is falling and chains were required earlier today. bru if you're heading into the sierra on i-80 or highway 50, you're in luck. the roads are plowed and no more restrictions. >> great news for ski resorts. fresh snow has been pelting our lens all day long. >> there's even some snow on bay area. sky 7 hd was near san jose this morning.
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a dusting of fresh pouwder ther. >> this is a live look outside right now. another one, atop a chilly evening as more cold weather moves in. >> all right, larry. a winter chill has certainly settled in. this morning was especially cold. we have clear skies all across the bay area. as you pointed out, it's chilly. a look back at this morning's lows. 28 degrees at napa. 26 at lake port. even lows in the 30s at places like fairfield. very, very cold this morning. it looks like we have some more cold mornings coming our way. well, temperatures in the low 50s right now. san francisco, oakland and half-moon bay. as we give you a live view, we see 56 right now in santa rosa,
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55 in navarro. blue skies at golden gate. here's our first forecast, crisp and clear this evening. another freezing cold morning tomorrow. and then, tomorrow afternoon, a wintery chill again. high temperatures ranging from 51-56 for thanksgiving day. a look beyond thanksgiving day in just a few minutes. >> all right, thank you so much, spencer. another day of sloshing through mill valley's highway one today. king tides floeded the roadway again. the water didn't stop locals from venturing out on bikes or a walk through the rising tides. look at that, the higher-than-normal tide did catch unprepared tourists. >> you can stay up to date on the weather and more with our
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abc 7 news app free to download on your phone or tablet. make sure you enable the push notifications. >> one man is dead after being hit by a car in fremon. >> it happened on fremont boulevard. abc news reporter live with new details and a plea from neighbors in the area. >> larry, police are still trying to determine what exactly happened out here in fremont. the victim has been identified as john willingham, iii. they are hopeful that witnesses will come forward to share what may have happened this morning. >> they say today's early morning accident was no surprise. >> people are just not paying attention. they're going way too fast. >> a woman driving a lexus sedan struck a pedestrian. she initially drove off.
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but after examining her car, returned to the scene where police say she cooperated by providing a statement. the man, a 57-year-old transient was rushed to a trama center but later died from his injuries. >> we don't know if he was jaywalking or walking in the roadway. we're not sure. >> those familiar with the area say people need to slow down. >> they're thinking like a freeway to commute on. as opposed to a street in the suburb. >>. >> it's taking like half an hour to get from one side of fremont to the other. >> in fact, police tell us a couple of drivers may have seen the accident happen but just kept on driving.
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this is the city's sixth traffic related fatality of the year. we have an update now to a breaking news story we brought you on abc news at 1 we brought you last night. a woman was injured when someone fired at a car on i-850. the person was hit by broken glass, not a bullet. three people were n the car, including an 8-year-old who was not injured. >> san francisco officials say the shooting of an oakland artist high lights once again why new legislation over gun security is needed. >> police say the gun used in the murder of antonio ramos was stolen from a law enforcement agent's car. carolyn tyler joins us live where that theft occurred. >> reporter: well, alma, this is not a new problem. this is where that theft occurred but we looked at a
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federal report that analyzed data from 2006 to 2008. they found that 179 guns from customs or immigration ajentds were lost or stolen because the officers left them unsecured. marquise holloway is being held without bail. police recovered the handgun and now detectives say it's the same weapon stolen in september from a parked car stolen in san francisco. now the question is how the law enforcement weapon police say he stole ended up in the hands of an accused killer. >> people have to understand. people that break into cars are criminals. people that break into cars and come up with a firearm are now armed criminalings. >> reporter: the city has a problem with car burglaries and has put law enforcement on notice.
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after the july murder of kate steinle killed with a gun stolen from a federal agents car stolen in san francisco. >> the mayor and i got together and put a letter out to all the law enforcement agencies in the bay area asking them to adopt our policy. >> a proposed law he supports basically requires all gun owners to store their guns in lock boxes attached to their car. the co-sponsor of the legislation. >> if i take the time to secure my gun to make sure that it's locked away where it would be difficult to get to it, then i could be potentially saving someone's life. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> well, millions of people are heading out for the thanksgiving holiday, the president is trying to ease fears about terror threats. >> reporter: despite recent
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warnings about the possibilities of copy cat terrorism, there is no specific credible threat to the president and their security team. >> i want the american public to know that the combined resources are on the case. >> reporter: but everywhere there are signs that the nation is on a heightened state of alert. armed guards watched the crowd. >> we are working overtime to protect the homeland, to evaluate and reevaluate what we see. we also want to encourage the public at the beginning of this holiday season to be individual lent yourself. >> and the director of homeland security ordered himself don't change your plans because of the terror threat. >> don't even think about those things. i traveled every week. so you should think about that. >> at the iconic macys
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thanksgiving day parade in new york, spectators are expected to turn out in record numbers. >> additional mounted units, k-9s and helicopters. >> today and sunday are the two busiest travel days of the year. plenty of cars on the highway, the president reminds all of us to count our many blessings. >> e tra police in uniform as well as plain clothes will be riding amtrak into the bay area this holiday weekend. today is the busiest day of the year for trains. >> right now, there's no credible threat to our services. so we remain individual lent as we like to say see something, say something. >> capital trains carrying more
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than 3500 passengers a day. >> a 26-year-old construction worker was hurt when he fell from a two story apartment building. the man was repairing the roof of a building around 8:00 a.m. that plane fell about 20 feet to the ground. the man was transporpted to a local hospital in stable condition. >> sky 7 hd was above an apartment fire this morning. a resident had to be rescued from the flames of a second floor balcony. one unit there was destroyed. three others had smoke and water damage. fortunately, nobody was injured and no cause of fire has been released at this point. the red cross is trying to find shelter. >> still ahead, thieves sttarge san francisco's turkey trot. >> new at 4:30, are you ready to shop until you drop? big sales and why fewer people may be headed out to shop this year.
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>> it ee's a busy day. why the bay area is considered one of the worst places for holiday traflers. >> as we come up on 4:11 here, let's check out the traffic situation on the golden gate bridge. actually moving pretty nicely here on a cool day. back with more on
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47 million americans are expected to travel over the next few days. and lots of them, look, they're on the roads already.
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>> yes, they're all on the skyway. >> they are. >> i'll tell you what, coming into san francisco, or trying to get out of the city, this afternoon, it is just brutal. this is the maize which we could rename the parking lot this afternoon. oncoming traffic is eastbound headed toward berkley. that is just almost at a standstill. and even traffic making the right turn into san francisco on 80, it is just brutal. one more look. this is like a promising shot. >> now it just frozen. >> now it's frozen. that's normally pretty bad. >> that's kind of what it lacks like most days. >> but new studies on the bay area is the worst place to drive on the day before thanksgiving. enriq says our region the number one, even ahead of los angeles. even a southern california driver we ran across in the bay area agrees.
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>> we actually traveled yesterday to get here. so the day before the day, it didn't work. at least an hour and a half longer. >> the day before the day. according to the study, the worst time to drive. it's actually right now fweenl 2:30 and 4:30. it takes 44% longer than on a typical wednesday. >> you're much better off sitting right in front of your television. >> abc news reporter matt keller with the international airport. >> timing is everything. about 5,000 more people than normal are expected to pass through today. it seemed like many of them arrived just after 5:00 a.m. >> unusually long today. >> i was expecting long lines. but my husband was very gracious to book us for an early flight. so, yeah, we're here. we're still in line. >> we try to avoid sfo as much
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as we can because of the traffic and everything educational. but this is great. >> avoiding sfo, if possible, is a good idea. today, about 30,000 more passengers than normal are expected there. surprisingly, today isn't the busiest travel day for airlines during this travel period. the friday before and the sunday after bring the most crowds. in reality, you're going to see family or friends. you need to get there. all you can hope for is a little luck. >> we're worried about the lines and the traffic. so far, we are lucky right now. >> for those people hoping to avoid the crowds by flying back on monday, you've got holiday travelers, business travel everies and also all the fans attending the 49ers game at levis stadium. >> putting a big damper on the people who run and organize this year's turkey trot race. someone stole a 15 foot u-haul
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box truck and it was loaded with refreshments, t-shirts and signage. the race director says they've filed a police report. orgers obviously really want the items back. if run will go on as scheduled. thankfully, the turkey mascot costume was not stolen. >> the event has become a drop for some elite runners. the silicon valley leadership raised the event hoping to raise a million dollars for charity this year. >> helping the less forchew nats means carving up hundreds of turkeys. the mayor got in a little bit of a dig before his annual car buff. >> i've got the police chief on one side, the fire chief on the other. it's about two big turkeys egos
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and how i can keep professional. >> okay. the salvation army will deliver 3400 meals to seniors and home bound people in san francisco tomorrow. >> our weather is pretty nice. it's chilly, california chilly, but it's nice out. >> yeah, it's not like iowa chilly. >> the inside if it was iowa chilly. >> very few things are iowa chilly. you other right. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's a lovely day before the day. over in the sierra, lake tahoe, the snow is tapering off. still cold, though. across much of the state and up to our north, a freeze warning in effect from midnight until 8:00 a.m. from an area just northwest of clover dale. but, again, that expires 8:00
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tomorrow morning. blue skies and these are our forecast features. dry sunny days. but then skies get a little bit cloudy on sunday. there's a chance of rain early next week. here's the satellite radar come poz sit picture. you can see the passage of scattered showers pass through. behind that, just a surge of cold air and a series of freezing nights and early mornings. let's start with tonight's lows or tomorrow morning's lows. lows at 27, 28 at napa. how about friday morning? pretty cold. not quite so cold as tomorrow morning. 32 at liver more. mainly low to mid 30s in the inland valleys. colder than that with some more upper 20s popping up there. and then on sunday morning, plainly inland valley lows are just above freezing.
4:20 pm
so, again, tomorrow, look nor sunny skies thanksgiving day. it's going to be a beautiful, crisp and cool thanksgiving day. mid 50s around the bay and inland. again, a series of sub-freezing mornings at least in our inland valleys. and then we get increasing clouds on sunday and a chance of rain on sunday. notice it gets a little bit milder. high temperatures getting back to or just above 60 degrees. you won't see that until next week arrives. >> by the way, spencer, while you were talking, i checked the low in des moines for tomorrow. 27. i mean, that's not so bad. we're just as tough as they ever. if you want to be in des moines, you know, there it is. you've got to be tough to be in des moines. >> thank you, spencer. well, up next, nud details
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about the conditions that frank gifford had shortly before his death.
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putting on a show, beat the lakers last night for their 16 thd straight win, setting a new nba record. the warriors have now won 230 straight regular-season games going back to lags year. the all-time record is 33 in a row set by the 1971 lakers of jerry west and wilt chamberlain. and if the warriors keep winning, they can tie the record on christmas day. they face the cleveland cavaliers, lebron and the cavs, the team they defeated to win the nba championship last
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season. that game will be played at oracle arena. if you've been good, perhaps santa will award you with a couple of tickets. we want to see you warriors pride. share your photos or video with us on 7 and you may see them on the air right here or on line at >> a study of the brain of frank gifford revealed signs of the degenerative disease chronic traumatic enself lop thi. they say gifford suffered from unspecified cognitive and behavioral systems over the years. they decided to have his brain studied. >> time now for today's gma hot list. the biggest and the best moments of info from our friends at "good morning america." >> here's your 60 second hot list from gma today.
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>> daughter of a presidential candidate. do you ever disagree? >> i'm a daughter, not a clone. of course there are times when i've disagreed with him. >> how does that usually go for you? >> i think it goes pretty well. i'm pretty convincing. >> new dancing with the stars afterparty and our gma ballroom bash. here they come right now. >> all right. look at it here. the mirror ball charm. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> vindy and derrick are not the only ones with a mirror ball. >> you're competing against each other. >> the famous movie features an iconic dance. the movie is? >> "pulp fiction." >> all right. >> a brief encounter with some old time rock and roll in what hit movie? >> "risky business." >> all right. ♪ >> we have the winnersfuls. >> and that's the gma hot list
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from today. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> and you can catch the rest of the good morning america team weekdays following the abc 7 morning news. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. coming up, more details about that crash in san francisco. >> plus, a very warm welcome for the pope. his first visit to africa and his words of wisdom today. >> and a krap kra ♪ starting thursday, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [ quickly ] the news is good! [ quickly ] sports win! [ whispers ] let's go shopping! doors open thursday, 6pm at target.
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taxing taking a look at headlines, president obama is urging americans to go about their business and travel ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the president says there is no specific incredible intelligence that suggests there's a plot to attack the united states during the break. some 47 million americans are expected to travel through the holiday weekend. many will set out by car. the california highway pa tlol is warning everyone to be patient and expect delays on crowded bay area highwayings. officers will be out in force looking for drunk drivers and other violations. popular destination for bay area residents will be the sierra, where there's lots of fresh snow waiting to greet them. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is there today. she's giving us a look at the roads and the slope.
4:30 pm
she's going to join us live coming up at 5:00. >> all right, alma, a russian navigat-and-a-half gnavigator c telling the truth about that incident. the navigator says they did not violate turkish air space and never received any warning. the navigator made the claims today. he and the pilot ejected safely from the plane, but the pilot was shot and killed by gunfire from the ground. >> a bell june government minister avoiding an imminent attack in brus sells. all but one was released the next day. the official refused to elaborate on what kind of attacks the government believed to have been planned. today, businesses and schools
4:31 pm
reopen four days after it was raised to its highest level. >> the african nation says it will open as soon as possible. today, molly wrapped up three days of mourning for the nine people killed in the assault. again, today, following a graphic release of a video showing a chicago police officer shooting a teenager 16 times. this is video of protest underway right now. while the victim's family is pleading for calm, the community remains on edge chlts. >> a call for answers and accountability. >> not only shocking and sad, but infur rating. >> this from community leaders and act vitss. relating to this dash cam video, the video captured the moment opened fire on 17-year-old mcdonld. we see the video here, but even
4:32 pm
after the collapse, van dike kept shooting. 16 bullets in 15 seconds. >> it is unfathomable and unacceptable that it would take a year when all of the facts in this case were known the night that it happened. >> the shooting occurred more than a year ago. it began with police responding to a report of a suspect with a knife wraeking into cars. the shooting shows another officer kicking a knife away from mcdonald's body. mcdonald never threatened the offices. at the end of the day, i'd rather take my time and get it right. than rush to judgment and get it wrong. >> calling the investigation complex on tuesday, prosecution anounlsed murder charges the same day a court order led to the release of the video. but some upset protesters are now demanding the city's top cop to resign.
4:33 pm
>> meanwhile, van dike's attorneys are arguing this is not a murder case, maintaining the officer opened fire fearing for his life. >> st. lewis ram's receiver is in critical but stable condition. police say he and four others were sitting in a car just before 9:00 when someone pulled up and opened fire. investigators are now looking for a motive. the 25-year-old is currently serving a four-game suspension for violating the nfl substance abuse policy. >> pope francis is wrapping up the first day of his first-ever visit to africa. he's spending six days on a trip that will visit uganda and the central african republic. today, pope francis gave a short address the work on peace and forgiveness. >> we have new developments involving the bus company that operates the double decker sightseeing bus that crashed
4:34 pm
near san francisco's union square. abc 7 news reporter joins us live from union square with the story. >> good evening. that bus has been looked at for a long time. part of it is a a matter of routine. it comes on these inspection reports. today, going all if way back to 2013. they tell an interesting story. >> nobody was talking today about thesighted seeing san francisco. that this is a company under increased skrutny from the highway patrol which has been by to conduct unscheduled inspections. that agency was not in a position to comment today. >> can't confirm that yet. once we have information, i will be happy to tell you that. >> but the public does note that one of the public tour buss crashed in san francisco's union
4:35 pm
square, it injured 20 people one of which is still in critical condition. the driver said his brakes failed. inspection, we always choose a random sampling. >> the reports detail a random inspection of 2013. all of those buss passed with satisfactory rankings, even though the highway patrol did identify minor problems which included a loose part on the driver's seat, a cracked windshield, brakes that pulled or had minor loose or worn parts. the chp never examined the bus involved in union square for one simple reason. the tour company never reported it to the california public utilities commission. so the chp could never draw its number for one of those random inspections.
4:36 pm
that's the responsibility of the company. >> meantime, there's that extra inspection with results still pending. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> remember this guy? okay, it's kind of hard to forget. now he's getting something even sweeter. we're going to tell you how he's spending his thanksgiving. >>. >> just a few clouds lingering under and otherwise blue sky. >> it is the fwraet wednesday get away before thanksgiving. a live look in walnut creek. this isn't that bad. it looks pretty similar to most
4:37 pm
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4 pounds and he won. no surprise, really, when you hear where the turkey was raised. >> if farmer who personally raised the turkeys in california's central valley. america is, afterall, a country of second chances. and this turkey has earned a second chance. >> raise'm big in the central valley. both abe and honest will spend their lives living peacefully on a farm. >> a just desert. >> i love patty labelle. shout outs for patty labelle. i want the patty labelle pie. >> she even sang on the video. and it was all on response to a negative post about the pies. the $4 pies have sold out at wall mart. and the entertainer has now invited him to her house for thanksgiving meal. labelle promises to make some
4:41 pm
special dishes and you can be sure that that sweet potato pie will be on the menu. >> have you ever tried it? >> i haven't had hers, but you know i love sweet potato pie. >> spencer christian? >> everybody likes sweet potato pie. can't turn it down on thanksgiving. we're going to have lots of cold turkey on thanksgiving. it's quite cold. here's live doppler 7 hd. clear skies and temperatures overnight and into the early morning hours below freezing. what we're posting here is height and times at the golden gate the next couple of days. whenever we have these king tides, there is the possibility of overflow in low-lying areas. across the 48 contiguous states, a rather stormy day with a mix of snow, ice and rain from the great lakes down into the central plains. but the remainder of the nation will be mostly dry.
4:42 pm
and most of the state of california will be dry. that is most of the bay area and our rain chances over the next seven days are pretty slim through the weekend, but bumping up to about a 50% chance of rain on monday. bring on the rain. >> thank you so much, spencer. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. fewer people are spending big. i'l
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>> a lot are matching now with online promotions. you don't have to worry about going to the store and finding that elusive tv. >> but how do you know if you're getting the best bargains? adobe crunched the numbers on 55 million products at 4500 different retailers and found the best days to shop online. for jewelry, shop thanksgiving day. for electronics, thavngs giving and black friday. for clothes, thanksgiving and the days following siebler monday. and for toys, get clicking next monday. use an online shopping tool like shop genius or invisible hand. in general, tis the season for the deepest discounts. for black friday, this 49 inch tos toshiba $289 off at best buy. and the lowest price of all, this 32 inch roku tv, $125 at
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walmart. >> you can load apps on your phone to help you comparison shop to get the very best deal. >> if you want to get an early start, lots of stores will be open on thanksgiving day. walmart is open for 24 hours. but its black friday sales will start at 6:00 p.m. best buy is opening at 5:00 p.m. along with toys are us and jc penny. also opening at 6:00, macys. big lots will open bright and early at 7:00 a.m. >> the company that came under fire for hiking the cost of a life saving drug is now reneging on its pledge to cut the price. touring pharmaceuticals now says it will reduce the price tag for hospitals only. the drug treats a rare parasitic infection and mainly striking pregnant women and hiv patients. the ceo raised the price from
4:48 pm
$18 to $750 for the pill shortly after he bought the rights to that drug. >> wow. touring pharmaceutical isn't the only drug company facing questions. >> if you think you're paying a lot more for drugs now than just a couple of years ago, you're probably right. a study has found an average cost of 19 drugs has risen 500% in just six years. those prices far out pace the range of inflation. the drug companies justify the price hike based on drug acquisition costs and the availability of generics. those companies also cite discount coupons and rebeats saying hardly anyone pays full retail prices. the price hikes lead to high co-payments and deductibles.
4:49 pm
the worldwide recall of air bags made by takada continues with another 1.6 mill john air bags today. most of these recalls are in japan, it italy, britain and spain. the personal savings rate increased 5.5% in october. it's the highest increase in 4r78 three years and translates to an extra $40 billion in savings. a study found the commerce department found americans are spending more carefully. let me tell you where some deals are going to be tomorrow. on yourp mobile device, after you eat dinner. there are going to be extra deals there. i'll guarantee you, the stores are all going to be bored talking to our family and we're
4:50 pm
going to be shopping. there will be deals. >> okay. anything but talking to your family. >> well, a key drug is approved that could help people suffering from lung cancer. >> and light treatment that will work on nonseasonal depression. >> the u.s. food and drug administration says it approved eli lily's new drug in combination with chemotherapy. it may prolong survival. four in ten of us know someone who is addicted to prescription painkillers. a poll revealed that 16% of americans know someone who has died from a painkiller overdose. more than 16,000 painkiller overdose deaths occurred in 2013 there the united states. rotisserie chicken salad has been linked to an outbreak of e. coli in 7 states that has sickened 19 people so far.
4:51 pm
the outbreak is concentrated in the western u.s. with six cases in montana, 5 in utah and one case each in missouri, california and washington state. used to treat seasonal defective disorders. but light therapy can also work to treat nonseasonal depression, as well. nonseasonal depression is much more common. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the last minute mad dash filling up the stores right now. cheryl is here with a look that's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, new details about the murder of an opened artist. the suspect's long rap sheet and you're going to hear from some other victims moving forward. find out just how far. >> an animated avatar.
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tonight on abc 7, "the middle" airs at 8:00. at 10:00, catch jimmy kimmel live. >> the last minute rush is on right now. at this hour, people are still running out to buy last minute goods for tomorrow's thanksgiving feast. >> live from a very busy and popular grocery store in san francisco. >> reporter: you know, i did some of my shopping this morning. but i will confess, i still don't have the turkey. and, apparently, many of these people don't, either. look at the long line. this pretty much tells the story. cars waiting in line to try to get into trader joes.
4:56 pm
by lats this afternoon, people were getting testy. >> i have to be careful not to hurt some people in there. a guy my size going around. >> i like it. it's the feeling of the good thanksgiving day. >> reporter: some were smarter and got their stuff delivered. >> we've actually run out of sizes already. i have a lot of my small birds are gone. a lot of birds i have left are 16-20 pounds, 20-24. >> pumpkin pies, a thanksgiving tradition, quickly sold out. yesterday alone, i have 232. pumpkin pies sold out. >> while some have been cooking thanksgiving dinner for years, it's always nice to meet a novice with great enthusiasm. >> i'm just going to spend time with my family tomorrow and cook. >> have you done this before? >> i haven't made so many things in one day. but it should be good. >> it never fails.
4:57 pm
something will be forgotten from the list. fortunately, some stores will be open tomorrow, at least for a few hours in the morning chlts >> of course, cal mart will not be open. you have until 7:30 to go to the store and get these last-minute items. here, they'll be open for a little bit. tomorrow, there's stores that will be open, safe way and whole foods. i promise i am getting my turkey tonight. for sure. you guys? >> yeah. >> i just wu in charge of the salad. >> thanks, leigh anne. >> there's no danger among these crabs. they're imported from washington state.
4:58 pm
still, one vendor said he expects to only sell 100 pounds of crab meat today. last year, he sold 3,000 pounds on the thanks giving holiday. >> we thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> i actually thought i was getting shot. >> a woman shudders remembering how she almost died at the hands of a gunman. tonight, a crime spree that stopped only after an art igs was murdered. >> what organizers are doing now that the annual turkey trot has been tripped up by thieves. >> what police plan to do abit. >> and a suburban street turns into a de facto free way. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist patel. i'll let you know how low temperatures will go for your thanksgiving plans. >> live from the kgo tv
4:59 pm
broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we are hearing for the first time tonight from other people police say were victimized by marquise holloway. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. the accused killer and robber was in arms today after he was removed during his profanity-raced out burst in front of the judge yesterday. >> today's courtroom appearance was an attempt to complete yesterday's arraignment. however, marquise holloway's attorney did not show up. there is a common thread with holloway's cases. they all involved expensive camera equipment and oakland murals. >> a bright must recall on oakland's 23rd street attracted
5:00 pm
new york-based musician. >> it was a beautiful scene. >> in early october, diane worked as an actress on the set of the music video. valuable camera equipment attracted thieves. >> i heard a scream and then i heard somebody say he has a gun. >> diane ran towards telegraph avenue. >> i actually thought i was going to get shot in the back when i was running. >> oakland police say marquise holloway, the murder suspect accused in the killing of muralist antonio ramos is accused in this case, too. >> i really hope that it's the same guy. >> detectives are connecting holloway to five robberies total. all happened within a week's time. >> my landlord came out front of the house. he yelled at the guy, the guy turned around


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