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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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people found as they headed out for deal after 9 thanksgiving day meal. >> a big day for giants fans, tickets for next season on sale. with holiday deals you will want to know about. >> good morning, everyone, i an katie marzullo at 6:00 a.m. here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. first up, a check on the forecast as you may head out for the holiday shipping. >> good morning, it is freezing. that is why we have a freeze warning in affect for the santa clara valley and toward big sur and monterey. check out the temperatures, also in the east bay, 32 san ramon and freezing in mountain view and 35 livermore and los gatos and san jose close and with the temperatures still dropping before sunrise, the sun does not come up until 7:02 you will doctor a few more deaths. the north bay has wind. because of the wind you are warmer, so, the cold air from the east bay to the south bay, parts of the peninsula, this
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afternoon, though, everyone is sunny and well below average again with temperatures not moving out of the 50s. 58 should be the warm number. perhaps santa rosa and oakland and this afternoon. but, then, bit evening hours we are dropping quickly into the 30s and then we have frost with very little wind and this is going to last right through the weekend. what going on in the world of traffic? >> not a lot. >> black friday and san jose and we at 880 with a few people out this morning headed to where they are headed most likely shopping. we will take a look at the roads we have a fire in berkeley, with a restaurant, at 2025 shattuck avenue, though with traffic still in the area. avoid that if you can. southbound with a sig-alerts on the off ramp, 680 is not affecting the roadway itself and it should be wrapped up shortly. we will check back in a few. >> thank you, it is about 6:02,
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developing news from san francisco this morning, police are trying to find who is responsible for chaining more than a thousand baseball bats to string poles throughout the city. in some cases the bats have names protruding. officers found one on 19th and it look like it could be officials have collected them as evidence and the person responsible could face charges. police do not know why. we learned of the story by e-mail and you can tell us what is happening by e-mails us with more information. >> officials are investigating the cause of a two-alarm fire at a concord office furniture founded in 1939. the flames ignited at 7:00 a.m. at diamond way and challenge drive at sam clark furniture. firefighters were forced to battle the flames from the outside because it was too
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dangerous to go in. it took an hour to contain the fire and foes say the furniture fueled the flames in the warehouse. the corporate office was saved and no one was hurt. >> environmental group has decided to withdraw its lawsuit challenging a land for a coal shipping terminal in oakland. this allow st. toy focus on regulating of coal shipments to the mapped ten natural at the oakland army base. an environmental law firm was concerned that the transportation of fossil fuels would pose a health risk to residents but lawyers say officials revealed more information about the's on the cool issue in their legal response to the lawsuit prompting the attorneys to let the city proceed without the threat of litigation. >> shoppers are lined up around the bay area looking for black friday deals. we are at the premium outlet in livermore where hundreds of people are braving the chill waiting to line just to get in the tory burch store that opened
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at midnight only allowing a certain number of people in the store at a time. more than 100 million people are expected to shop through this sunday. sunday. abc reporter has more. with thanksgiving leftovers tucked away shoppers deep into black friday grabbing the best deals. >> this is the best deal. >> black friday kicked east shop dayshipping soap but now, thanksgiving day is the new tradition for some shoppers. in new york city, 15,000 shoppers made their way into macy's store in manhattan. nearly 60 percent of americans will head out to find gifts works 136 million planning to shop until sunday with day one, thanksgiving day, now over. >> even if you do not want to be out, you can cash in on the deals, online, with sales
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on-line it is almost like there is no point in being bombarded by other human beings in the stores. >> wal-mart released a statement saying this we focused on deals and valettibility and victim and valettibility and victim bright. >> a season of free parking starts today in oakland and the city is offering free parking today and every saturday until new area's day, so, no need to feed the meters. the offer is good at city-owned garages and parking lots. the goal is to give people an incentive to shop in oakland and support local businesses. >> holiday shoppers, police are wanting bay area residents to be watching for scam artists trying to sell fake gold bars. police say there have been two instances at a kehl's department store, with suspects working in groups of two or three and approach the patrons. the suspects tell the buyers
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they are down on their luck and need to sell the gold bars for cash. police warn that the scams are especially frequent during holidays. >> if you details open victim of a brutal strong-arm robbery near san francisco's union square and police say the 54-year-old victim seen in the surveillance video being chased by two men was knocked to the ground and kicked several times in the face last month. it happened in the 900 block of stockton street. the father of three will need facial reconstructive surgery. on wednesday, officers arrested on wednesday, officers arrested the 19-year-old phone. >> just horrible. >> nine years old should not be doing that. on the streets. it should have no republican to attack others. if they want a job, if they want continue able to be successful we can help them. they don't have to turn to violence. >> police say both suspects were out on bail from previous offenses at the time of the
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attack. >> t.s.a. admitted they made a mistake when it allow as man to by pass airport security and nearly board a flight to oakland using a stolen boarding pass. the 61-year-old is a registered sex offer fender, the incident happened november 5th. police say he stole a boarding pass at the airport in salt lake city and tried to get on the woman's flight. he was stop weapon rightful own are tried to print another boards magazine and could not of the t.s.a. said that it was a major lapse in judgment at the check point and officials insist that no one was at risk. >> there was no risk in the sense that the individual went through a screening process. >> he was booked on physical any fraudulent hand goaling of a legal document. >> it is black friday for a last us but for joints fans, it is orange and black friday. >> got it. the team will begin el -- individual tickets for 2016
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season. tickets are on sale at 8:00 a.m. at at&t park and the giants website until christmas eve. tickets start as low as $9 for certain games. two special holiday six-packs include a game for each month are available coming with a are available coming with a almosted addition of >> and many frustrated season ticket holders are offering the seats below face value on stubhub for as low as $37 and packing passes are going for as let as $33. the 49ers struggling this season with only 3-record and a loss this season to the nfc leading cardinals by 40-points. >> now, over to lisa, a check on the forecast on this chilly
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black friday morning. >> it is really cold out there in mountain view and san jose where it is freezing at 32 degrees. still freeze warnings up for the sly nasa valley and santa clara valley and where it is not up you could have protected valleys with a lack of wind and numbers in the 30s. 35 in livermore, 36 in san jose, and from the east bay, parts of the peninsula and south bay it is really cold out there and in the north bay, the winds are up. we are looking at more mild temperatures, relatively speaking from novato to santa rosa and oakland is at 39. you are going to be shivering for the next several hours because temperature with the lack of wind will take a while to warm up and the cold, cold air mass. 53 in livermore, and veteran in concord and napa and 58 in santa rosa. with the 50s, breezy winds at the coast and freezing again tonight all over the bay area so keep that in mind through the weekend with 50s for saturday
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and sunday, changes come on monday. sue? >> at walnut creek, southbound 680, pass north main everyone is at limit and you can see a few cars headed in the southbound direction and the had lights are in the northbound direction toward 24, a few of the tail lights right there and if you make the drive all the way to the dublin/pleasanton interchange, 16 minute drive for you this morning. we will look outside and we have this problem with the fire cornell barnard is this but they have traffic blocked off 59 shattuck avenue so avoid the area. swell more on that in a couple of minuteses and a signature i letter blocking the off-ramp from southbound 680. >> thank you. breaking news from the east bay, our reporter cornell barnard is at scene of a fire at a berkeley restaurant. cornell barnard? >> the heat coming off the fire
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is very, very intense, and you are looking at what is last of the restaurant on shattuck here in downtown berkeley. firefighters have just protect were the property door down. a flood of water has come out as you can see. it is just cascading out. on top of the building, flames continue to jump from the top of the structure we are told the restaurant has been here for several years and it has been fully engulfed for the last 30 minutes. in fact, just in the last couple of minutes firefighters seem to have grained the upper hand but it has been burned out of control for at least 30 minutes this morning. we have several engine companies here on the scene here in downtown berkeley and firefighters are giving it all they can spraying water in front of this building on to the building on top of it, and from the hook-and-ladder trucks, as
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well, and who are sold that there are apartments on the back side of this restaurant with several evacuations and the red cross has been called in to see if there is anything that those people need. there are no injury reports at this point but, again, we have a lost firefighters trying to out the flames at the restaurant here in downtown berkeley. that is the latest from downtown berkeley, i am cornell barnard. >> thank you. >> why you want to keep a close eye on your bank account if you shop this holiday season. >> and a toxic algae bloom leaves something leaving from the thanksgiving day tables. the thanksgiving day tables. stay tuned.
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i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e
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gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. >> if you are headed out the door take us with you with our
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news app with personalized alerts on your smartphone. most residents who helped to complete their holiday dinner with crab were out of luck. this month, state officials announced the crab fish season would be delayed because of unsafe levels of toxins because of unprecedented algae bloom that is toxic. the crab on sale right now is not local so that means it is priced at a premium and local crash fisher men take a big hit the. >> they have house payments and bills like everyone else. i have the same thing but i my own special gig. >> rockfish and cod are being caught instead but they make less money. >> first lady will welcome the christmas tree this morning and this is video from last year's tree. the 18 1/2 foot tree from
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pennsylvania is on display in the blue room. buster's christmas tree farm has been supplies the white house tree sin 1966. >> on sunday, our wet anchor spencer christian and the favorite disney characters bring you the magic of the season with a special look at pier 39 tree lighting with the celebration featuring our friends from disney resort, airs on sunday at 6:30 p.m. right here on abc7. it should be a great time for the young ones and the young among all of us. >> always very festivity. and beautiful. and beautiful. 6:17. and south bay with a lack of winds the santa cruz valley and salinas valley temperatures dropping at or around freezing with no wind. live doppler 7 hd does not have
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anything to show you in southern california, though, they have rain. visibility is fine. because it is clear and dry in the bay area. if you headed to the southland there are rain showers and mountain snow. a burst of snow here and there in the mountains but nothing in the short term. the long term looks more promising, mount tam shows sun coming up at 7:00 with the coldest temperatures around sunrise. the numbers will probably drop another degree or two, 38 in mountain view and san jose at 36 and morgan hill around freezing so, certainly some forecast on the winds and the plants hopefully have been protected. livermore is 35, and concord is 38 and the 40s with the north wind from santa rosa and napa to novato. you are pretty cold from palo alto through san jose mountain view and livermore and san ramon and castro valley. elsewhere it is not so bad but 39 in oakland is chilly and winds are gusty in the north bay
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and winds along the coast will keep it cool through the day. we are showing afternoon temperatures below average with sunshine not helping too much today so chilly for black friday shoppers and freeze, code tonight and right through the weekend, with winds picking off and we do it again, crisp and sunny days the next several days. the rain, best chance in the north bay on monday. elsewhere, not is great on monday but the rest of us could join in on wednesday and thursday. it will be cold for the short-term and in san francisco the same thing, we are looking at a slight chance on monday, a better chance the end of week. bundle up today. 57 in oakland, 56 in palo alto, through the weekend, cloudy and warmer and maybe some rain next week. >> we have slight conditions for you, not bad. no need for metering lights at the bay bridge with a beautiful sky.
6:20 am
no problems, a little bit sluggish on the span itself, and no major delays, we have a new accident to report to you, in oakland, eastbound 580 near broadway, two lands are blocked with debris in the roads, so give yourself extra time if you are headed eastbound 580, the fire shows cornell barnard there at shattuck avenue and berkeley, with traffic control in the area, so try to avoid that near the berkeley bart station and it looks like the sig-alert we had in the east bay is lift asked we have word that they finally cleared that car out of the off ramp. not affecting the freeway. >> thank you. >> next, details on a new type of scam that could impact your bank account this holiday season. >> new effort to make buses safer in san francisco after a tour bus crash in union square with call for change.
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>> first, east bay hills camera is giving you a wide view of both sides of the bay and the bay bridge. more news and weather and more news and weather and traffic after
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>> jetblue is trying something new, the airline is looking to create their own training program for pilots, which is awaiting approval from federal regulators.
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the program would be the first of its kind in the united states and it should start early next year. >> if you plan to shop this holiday season want your bank accounts. there is a new type of malware extremely sophisticated hiding in some cash register credit card machines. when it and in the system it steals the credit card information and encrypts it to hides theft. experts say the information is taken after a customer swipes their credit card and warns even the new chip enabled card read others are vulnerable. the best way to protect yourself is notify your bank immediately if you spot any suspicious activity on your account. >> if you plan to spend more on yourself this holiday season, you are not alone. according to the national retail federation, 60 percent of us plan to self gift this area spending an average of $132 up from last year. over all it is expected people will spend $800 this year on
6:25 am
gifts. >> now a look at what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> a holiday scare at the white house yesterday, a man jumps the finance while the first family celebrated thanksgiving day, and the white house placed on lockdown for hours. we were this with the details just ahead. only on "good morning america." >> thanks. we will see you at 7:00. >> a bay area legislature is calling for tougher regulations on tour buses after a crash last eight people injured two weeks ago. stated senator hill wants more frequent inspectionses of tour buses especially those with a problem. and hike the fee which now is only $15. the state taxpayers have been picking up the difference whichs is not been increased since 1986 so this is not enough so we do not get enough inspections.
6:26 am
>> he wants to raise the fee to $70. the bus that be asked in november had not been inspected by the c.h.p. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> to deadly crashes in the east bay overnight leaves two people dead. what we are lending of the moments lead up to the accident. >> we will be back with traffic and weather together and everything you need to know before you head out the door especially if you head out the door to go to lake tahoe. look at that, snow on the ground, snow in the sky and just ground, snow in the sky and just a few look at halfenly.
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break abc7 news begins with breaking news. right new in berkeley, firefighters are battling flames at a restaurant. >> cornell barnard is at the scene. cornell? >> yes, better news from here. berkeley firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the fire although heavy smoke and flames can be seen in the restaurant still burning. firefighters spraying all of the
6:30 am
water they can from the ground from hook and ladders. and at top we see some new flames have just erupt on the left side of this restaurant. this is the mandarin garden restaurant at shattuck. look at the video we shot a short time ago, fire broke out in the 5:00 hour and it quickly went to two alarms and firefighters got here as soon as they could, several dozen firefighterd on the scene and the fire quickly engulfed the restaurant and it burned out of control according to a firefighter for 40 members until the firefighters could douse it with all of the water they could muster. and the monday garden stunt at shattuck and addison with an apartment complex to the right of the restaurant which has been
6:31 am
evacuated and red red called. the apartment complicate has not been dam by the fire. however, the structure on the left side of the restaurant has sustained heavy smoke and water damage at this point the fires appear to be gaining the upper hand but the fire can still be seen burning inside the restaurant. unfortunate at the holiday. thank you, cornell barnard. >> it is cold. what about the winds? are they affecting the firefighters in berkeley? >> we have calm winds in the east bay right around berkeley and oakland. the temperatures are 8:00. at 39. also, the calm winds allow the numbers to drop near or below freezing. mountain view is 31 degrees, 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. 32 in respond. 36 in san jose.
6:32 am
freeze warnings through the salinas valley, and san francisco is 48. breezy along the coast. we have a couple of things going on, low-to-upper in nevada making snow showers for the sierra nevada and back home high pressure is being so we are chilly in the 50s today. sue? >> hello, everyone, we have light traffic conditions for black friday. in the richmond-san rafael bay bridge toll plaza traffic is getting by without any delay heading over to the marin county side of things and a couple of things to worry about an accident in the right lane eastbound 580 c.h.p. has mored the location and it is near highway 24 with the right lane blocked and there is debris in the lanes so extra caution you can see backing toward the macarthur maze in the eastbound direction we tinally have this incident cleared to alamo and the fire as we have been reporting at shattuck and
6:33 am
addison has traffic control in affect. >> in oakland one person is dead after a car accident at 98th avenue on-ramp. a sedan overturned. it landed back on its whiles. it was trying to get on the freeway. three people were rushed to the hospital. another was pronounced dead at scene the officers are working to find out how the car crashed. can you follows us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the c.h.p. is investigating a fatal crash in alamo at the off-ramp of southbound interstate 680. crews got to the scene before 3:00 a.m. they found an overturned vehicle fully engulfed. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. in other novembers were involved in the crash. the off-ramp is closed until the wreckage can be removed. >> fires say furniture packed inside a warehouse helped fuel flames in the east bay. the flames erupted at 7:00 a.m.
6:34 am
at the furniture on diamond rain way and challenge dry. firefighters bat emed the flames from outside because it was too dangerous to go inside. it took them nearly an hour to contain the fire. >> the area of the building that burned was the wary house section so that was piled in racks, in card board wrapped in plastic. when the fire got going it probably got going quickly. the corporate office was saved of the no one was hurt. >> another witness to the brutal beating of a man by two alameda county sheriff deputies is talking to abc. we broke the story and showed you a disturbing video two weeks ago. deputies took down and repeatedly hit stanislav patrov while on the ground if an alley. he was seriously injured. another man saw what happened. >> what i saw was a man not resisting arrest. a man was getting beat up.
6:35 am
and the only thing i saw him doing was trying not to get hurt. he was covering himself up. >> san francisco police are investigating the incident. their report should be complete ed next week and it will be forwarded to the d.a. >> in france, friend french is -- french president hollande is calling for a national ceremony for the 130 killed by the terrorists two weeks ago. the names of the victims were read outloud and after, the president promised he will destroy the army of fanatics responsible and asked country to hoist the blue, white and red national flag from the buildings, in patriotic solidarity. >> the subway system in belgium is back to full service as they ease the terror alert. brawls was under a warning of imminent threat since saturday. the city is home to the european union and nato headquarters. the justice minister said a man
6:36 am
wanted in connection with the paris takes is likely getting help. and he said it is unlikely that slaw shah could evade a two week long manhunt on his own. >> up next, a warn of a popular toy your kids could be asking are for this year, how the small balls are causing huge problems for parents. >> a reason to boy a new pair of shoes and zappos will help pets in need each time you make a purchase. purchase. stay tuned.
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we have a trees warring including the city san jose but check out san ramon and livermore. just as cold for you with low 30s to mid-30s and lack of winds. 37 in hayward, chilly in oakland. but the wins are up in the north bay. temperatures have not dropped. it is not freezing from novato to san rafael. in santa rosa, chilly enough with the calm winds and in the valley but the afternoon, it will be breezy at the coast at 55 in san francisco and fremont and 54 in richmond with an upper 50 in there toward antioch but, otherwise, it will be chilly and
6:40 am
forecasty nights continue the next several nights including the weekend all over the bay area we will talk about 50s with the 60s back with rain in the extended outlook. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we go back out to the 360 looking for black friday traffic jam near the mall, on 580 westbound we are not sighing any traffic here. but i am seeing the left lane blocked off here with cones and no delays as far as the traffic. in the opposite direction, where the sun is coming up, everything is looking smooth sailing we have a couple of problem areas and on the map i can show you we have an incident in oakland eastbound 580 near 24, you are seeing a backup to the macarthur maze and right lane is blocked, and we have debris not lanes, as you make the transition from 580 to 24, so, a heads up and the fire we have been reporting at shattuck in berkeley, traffic control in affect there. finally, the off-ramp here is
6:41 am
re-opened after an overnight fatal southbound 680 both directions of 680 looking good. >> thank you, a trendy must have toys have parents ripping out hair. >> new toy is flying off the shelves but it is causing kids to get tangled up. bunch 'em is a color building ball the size of a quarter that stick to each other, you can make different shapes and animals but the toy has legs that be squished and connected and stuffed in the hair. >> hair was in one direction and another and then it just tangle ed together. >> since receiving several complaints, bench emhas posted a complaints, bench emhas posted a how to untangle scissors or clippers. >> or peanut butter.
6:42 am
>> a black friday safety wanting, what you should know before you head out to find the big deals. >> get in the holiday spirit when the lights will be turned on in union square at the iconic christmas tree. >> if you have tips for us, reach out to us even by giving reach out to us even by giving us
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get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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>> the crowds are as big as ever, with our reporter, amy hollyfield, inism, where early shoppers caused some traffic problems. amy? good morning. >> all-nighters. all-nighters. would you do it to shop? that is what is going on out here in livermore. they opened up last night at 6:00. it has been busy all night long. even the stores are open, there are some lines, including at the tory burch because the demand is so high they can only let so many people in at once. they are telling me there have been waiting in line an hour to hour and a half. they are offer 40 percent off inside so that is why it is worth it. that is what everyone is say, anyway. you are laughing?
6:46 am
trillion -- tell us your story. >> been here since around midnight and shopping all night. we have been to, maybe, like 50 stores. but we only bought from ten stores. approximately. >> tell us why you did this and what did you think of the deeds? >> i think the deals this year are pretty if, many stores are give 60 percent and even 70 percent off so that is a good deal. but that is only before, say, 8:00 a.m. so you have to be there the whole night. >> people in pa jam has are watching you and think you are crazy. >> it is a tradition. it is part of the magic, the thanksgiving black friday magic. >> have fun and get and sleep. >> for managers saying though saw a break this the action and it was notes last knit but the people are leaving to get coffee and go do breakfast and go to beds. this could be a good window, with the next crush of people around 9:00 or 10:00.
6:47 am
>> a it is 6:47, and we check wall street and see how the dow is going which is off 33 points down to 17779. >> a warning if you are headed out to do black friday shopping. >> jane king is at the nasdaq with that story and more in our money report. what did you get me? >> good morning. i am going out shopping to toys 'r us. do you went a exterminator toy? >> black friday. not only a big day for shoppers but a fruitful day for thieves. fortune reports that thefts on black friday away from the home are 28 percent higher than on any other friday for the year. that is according to the insurance company travelers with thieves zeroing in on vehicles, with clothing and apparel more likely to be stole on on black
6:48 am
friday, at 4 times and toys are three times more likely to be stole on black friday. if you want to skip the shopping and add a member to your family, zappos covers the cost of a dog or cat adoption this weekend starting today through cyber monday. they are in partnership with best friends animal society lets you adopt the animal of your choosing and call all of the usually required fees. >> stocks are mixed today. the doug and s&p 500 is lower and only half a day of trading so the lightest volume day of the area with half the normal trading volume today. >> thank you, jane, at 6:48. the macy's tree lighting ceremony takes place in young square tonight. >> san francisco tradition to celebrate the start of the holiday season starting at 6:00 tonight. >> i will say it is going to be
6:49 am
cold. >> you got it. >> you got it. >> you got it, katie. >> so, bundle up tomorrow. >> exactly. >> good morning, everyone, we are looking at temperatures around the bay at freezing, east bay, south bay, it is quit here, but we are looking at rain in the southern part of the state. southern california, showers, highs in the 60 and we cannot imagine, mid-50. check out the flag here, the winds are gusty in san francisco to parts of the north bay with a report of 35 in novato and someone else treat as frost delay in san jose with 32 degrees for the golf clubs out this. we are looking at wide variety of temperatures and winds. 31 in important hill and 46 at half moon bay and 39 in mountain view and 48 in san francisco and look how still this is looking.
6:50 am
it is cold. it will stay chilly through the weekend. 38 in continue cord. livermore is 35. san ramon is close to freezeing. it is cold the fill stay that way. the air mass is over us. there are a couple of influences, including low pressure to the east. it is bringing down the cold north wind. high pressure is building. we have wind we have warmer temperatures from the north. cooler temperatures in the peninsula and east bay. all in all, we have a chilly weekend. and a chilly friday. with the temperatures out there well below average, it will take another air mass to wars us up and another weather system not coming until monday. chilly for shoppers and freezing cold foreign. crisp and sunny through the weekend. you are wandering about rainfall, it has not been great but 34 percent of normal at the oakland over 1" and pretty good. over 2" in the south bay and mountain view, so doing much better from the peninsula to the south by. we are freezing from santa rose in the 20s and next week we
6:51 am
hopefully have the rain and we will modify the air mass, 55 in concord and 56 in san jose and san rafael and the seven-day forecast shows dry and sunny and breezy and we will get into a slightly warmer day on monday, a slight chance of showers and better chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. hour the shoppers doing on the roadway is. >> the shoppers are busy in the malls but the roads are not so busy. we have our 360 camera, and through the castro valleyally westbound 580 beyond the bart station traffic is flowing nicely and the honest direction shows we see no delays, either, sun is remaining up and it is looking good on the roads. on the maps, we have a problem in oakland as we have been reporting to you. lanes are blocked. eastbound 580 near 24, debris is in the lanes. that is grabbing. well check back with c.h.p. to check out the status of that. and now, katie and eric.
6:52 am
>> okay. thank you very much. back with seven things to know before you go. >> first, it is miss a thing with weather and traffic through the commercial break. break. stay
6:53 am
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>> here are seven things to know before you go. >> number one, we have light traffic at the bay bridge. there are no metering lights this morning. black friday commute is looking good. all the way around. only one major accident to talk about. that is eastbound 580. it is near 24. that has several lanes blocked with an overturned vehicle. >> two, breaking news in berkeley. crews are battling a two alert fire at the mandarin garden restaurant at shattuck avenue starting at 5:40 this morning. several people would live behind the restaurant have been evacuated there are no reported injuries. >> there is a huge fire at office furniture store in concord with flames engulfing the building. it took an hour to contain the fire. >> someone clayed a dozen baseball bats to street polls in
6:55 am
the city and some had nails protruding. >> number five, we are freezing in the south bay, and the santa clara valley include san jose, and the east bay, and shown and livermore. wind is keeping the temperatures up in the north bay and san francisco but everyone is chilly with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. >> shoppers are looking for good deal on black friday. with hundreds of people are weathering the cold at the premium outlet stores in livermore where some stores opened last night at 6:00. more than 100 million people across the country are expected to shop through sunday. >> and amy hollyfield has her eye on a certain bag out there. >> the warriors will try to go 17-0 tonight in phoenix against the surgeons. early this week the dubs bay the first nba team to start a son by winning the first 16 games. >> they have won 20 straight regular season games date back
6:56 am
to last season with tick off at 6:30. >> it is black friday so, remember, to get a last friends -- lot of presents foreign your morning friends. >> go take a nap. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices and we will see you in 25 minutes. we leave but a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge and the sunrise from the rooftop camera.
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stand bahhh!ah hear! hmmm...i have an idea! and that's why we put syrup on our pancakes! denny's new rudolph pancakes. part of the new tastes of the holidays menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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good morning, america. a major holiday storm hitting the midwest. flash flooding near dallas, one officer washed away during a rescue. snow and ice making roads treacherous. hundreds of flights canceled. and millions more americans on high alert this morning. security scare. this man jumping over the white house fence while the first family celebrates thanksgiving inside. the secret service swarming within seconds, guns drawn. the white house on lockdown. how did he get over the fence? trump in trouble. the republican front-runner accused of mocking a reporter from "the new york times" who is disabled. >> oh, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> the newspaper is outraged but trump is not backing down. what he is saying this morning.


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