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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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learned about the suspect and officer who died
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. tonight authorities identified the gunman who shot and killed three people including a veteran police officer. it was at a colorado springs planned parenthood. the gunman is robert lewis deere in his late 50s and from north carolina. thanks for joining us. >> dan and ama have the night off. police said deere surrendered uninjured. he was lead away in a white t-shirt and happened cuffs. the shooting went on for hours making it hard to get to the victims. ambulances had to wait before the medical eke its could -- the medical techs could get to anyone. >> he was on the university of colorado springs police department for five years. now more about the deadly attack.
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>> it was chaos at a strip mall on the busiest shopping day of the year. reports of a shooter at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. >> we are taking fire. we have two hits. >> this was the scene lines of ambulances, s.w.a.t teams and tactile units trying to contain an active shooter situation. >> we have to stop this guy. >> the alleged suspect firing at officers outside while others were caught inside. he spoke to her by phone. >> there were some guys shooting. >> did you see them? >> yeah. >> what did you say about them? >> nearby businesses were told to shelter in place. karen was working at the super cuts. >> i heard gunshots and everything and i heard an officer go down. >> after nearly five hours police convinced the suspect
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to surrender. they saved untold lives according to the mayor. >> while this is a terrible, terrible tramming de it could have been much worse, but for the actions of the first responders and the police officers involved. >> five members of law enforcement have been transported to area hospitals. all are listed in good condition. abc news, washington. >> planned parenthood clinics are on high alert. we are not aware of specific threats, but caution is the watch word. they have been following the events in colorado and keeping in contact with planned parenthood in the city jie. we have been in touch with manned parenthood and we are offering assistance if they have any concerns. >> san jose police are making sure their officers are aware of the situation. they are conducting checks on the planned parenthood site. they told us that they never
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discuss their security strike that strategy. you can get updates by downloading the abc7 news app and enabling the push alerts. a neighborhood in lafayette is being flooded with clean water after the pipes burst. it was discovered near oak boulevard late this afternoon. alan wang tweeted video as it ran down the street and he joins us from lafayette. what is being done to cap the leak? >> it has caused a huge, muddy mess. 35 customers are without water. the east bay mud crews have stopped the water from flowing through the intersection. they are cleaning it up and meanwhile another crew is trying to replace the broken pipe that could take 16 hours to fix. the 16-inch watermain turned the road near olympic boulevard into a water fall. >> it was just coming down so fast and so much.
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>> the pipe broke and the road buckled around 4:30 in the afternoon. thousands of gallons of water rushed to the surface carrying rocks and mud through the neighborhood at the bottom of the hill. >> i came home later on and i had to walk through basically a flood on the street. >> the city contract crews built a dam with sand bags to divert the water flow away from the home. >> it was going good. people know the road is closed and there are detours and stuff. >> it seems to have worked. it caused only exterior damage to seven homes. the east bay municipal utility district says they are not sure what caused the break, but the pipe that burst was old. >> it is one of the oldest pipes. it could have been corrosion and it could have been age. >> the valves were shut off, but the water is expected to flow until the pipes bleed out. the meanwhile the crews will dig up the old pipe and hoping
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the muddy water does -- doesn't freeze while they are working. the plunging temperatures will not make it easy to fix. they are one of the areas without a freeze warning. drew has a look at how cold it will get. >> and we are in store for one of the coldest nights. alan wang is reporting live in lafayette at 36 degrees. 35 in walnut creek. san ramon has a chilly temperature right now of 33 degrees. as we widen out the picture and show the wider view, we are at 39 in oakland and 38 in mountain view. a chilly 33 degrees in napa and temperatures are gonna get close if not below the freezing mark across the bay area. for that fact we have a frost advisory in affect for the immediate bay area and around the bay notice the overnight lows dropping into the low and mid30s. once you get away from the water it is chillier. a freeze warning in affect
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until 9:00 in the morning with overnight lows in the mid20s and 30s. that's not even the coldest air. we will detail that accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> see you in a few minutes. an estimated 100 million people joined the black friday frenzy hoping to take advantage of sales. the malls were packed. difficult to find a spot at the premium outlets. some shoppers are having to sit and wait just to get to the parking lot. meanwhile in oakland small businesses were hoping to attract attention with a black friday alternative. they call it plaid friday with unique gift ideas. there was a rush when the stores opened early on thanksgiving, but many wanted to skip the chaos and they shopped on-line instead. on-line sales topped $1.7 billion yesterday. that's up 25% from last year. this year adobe systems says more than a third of on-line shoppers use their mobile
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devices, but it could leave them vulnerable. sergio is live in union square to explain. sergio? >> that's because hackers are getting quite a little sophisticated now that the shoppers are moving to their mobile devices. there are a few strategies that consumers can adopt to keep from becoming victims. >> the shopping rush is on and a few people say they will do most or all of their holiday shopping on-line. >> all of my shopping is on-line. >> really? >> this is his. >> on-line shopping comes with a few risks. cyber security experts say hackers are pulling out all of the stops to try and trick consumers and steal their information. they discovered a fake app embedded in an e-mailed link. >> effectively you are installing a trojan horse on your phone. >> consumers should shop only on mobile apps downloaded from the google play store.
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one person has more advice. she sticks to familiar websites. >> i want to go to sites i know are true and i purchased things from before. >> unfortunately most on-line shoppers don't have a secure buying strategy yet. >> i probably should be more concerned and i know it is an issue, but i haven't done anything to protect myself. >> they put together a tip sheet encouraging people to be cyber smart shoppers. beware reof free wi-fi hotspots. it can leave you vulnerable to hackers and free wi-fi offered in stores can sometimes be used by the stores to track your browsing. in san francisco, abc7 news. parents may want to think twice about the new hello barbie doll. it could allow hackers to spy on your children. the latest model of the popular doll is wi-fi enabled and that makes it possible for barbie to have a two-way
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conversation with her owner. the conversations are recorded and stored on servers maintained by toy talk. they are the company responsible for the technology. they can have barbie say what they want. an update on the stolen truck full of supplies for the thanksgiving turkey trot in san francisco. the u-haul was found in oakland. there is no sign of the t-shirts , signs or refreshments valued at $20,000. the charity race went on despite the setback. still ahead at 11:00, barbaric weapons left around san francisco may be a prank, but police are not laughing it off. the serious charges a person could save. >> and why they want celebrities to disappear from a christmas parade from one southern california community. >> and the popular bay area events that means the holidays are now in full swing. >> first here is a look at "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> here is the latest
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bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, san francisco police need your help to find out who chained two dozen baseball bats around the city. we broke the store at 11:00. some of the bats have nails sticking out of them. the most recent discovery was at fisherman's wharf this morning. 27 bats have been found. since they could be used as a weapon the person responsible could face felony charges.
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>> the magicians penn and teller have been named the grand martials of the christmas -- grand marshall of the christmas parade. the fact that penn is an aethiest people are asking if penn was the right choice for a christmas parade. our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> hohoho. can it be? is christmas under attack? okay maybe not physically, but metaphor rickly? if you listen to the folks upset about coffee cups you get the feeling that starbucks hates christmas. the company's holiday cups were just red. >> well darn them. >> it's a cup. >> they better get in the christmas spirit. >> they don't need reindeer on the cup. >> they need glitter. >> you don't need santa claus' picture. >> a something, something on it. >> are you still going to drink starbucks coffee? >> yeah. >> well then how is this for a cup of trouble? one of southern california's most famous holiday event, the
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hollywood christmas parade has been picked for the grand ma -- grand marshals, penn and teller. they are known around the world for their comedic magic act, but penn gillette, the tall blustery part of the team is a well known atheist and the author of this book "every day is an atheist holiday." >> oh no, he has to go. >> gillette tweeted about the irony of his selection as grand marshall. >> yeah, x-mas. you got a problem with that? and his tweet, christmas is a secular holiday. >> penn and teller were unavailable for an interview and we couldn't get anyone from the christmas parade to talk about this. but parades are all about the street. we talked to people on the street. >> i don't like an atheist being in a christmas parade. >> just celebrate and have fun. >> abc7 news. black friday is the start
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of the christmas shopping season and tree lighting. >> three, two, one. >> it is so beautiful. abc7 news was in san jose where hundreds of people gathered at plaza de caesar chavez park. it is known as christmas in the park through the holidays. they were overhead at the very moment 33,000 led lights were switched on to illuminate the gigantic christmas tree. hundreds of black friday shop -- shoppers stopped to snap photos of the tree lighting celebration. some took to the ice skating rink and others hoping out with santa and listened to live music. it was chilly and it is going to get chillier. >> that's right. let's check in with drew who is in for sandhya. >> we are about to get into a cold start for saturday and sunday morning. live doppler 7hd right now is giving us the all clear. it is a perfect night for sky
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7hd to take flight. it is showing us a beautiful view of the wayneing gibbous moon. the clear sights will continue over the next 48 hours. look at that shot over the east bay hills. if you like the cold temperatures like we had today and the chilly nights like we will have tonight, you'll love what we have in store for the weekend. current temperatures, it is getting chilly in spots. 39 in oakland. down to 38 in mountain view and 48 in fremont. it is currently 40 in san jose. a live look outside and we are showing you not a cloud to be seen and we will have a clear, crisp and cold night on the way. that's where we have the frost advisory and freeze warning in affect. this is the time of year you want to protect your tender vegetation. the next chance of rain is coming on thursday. live doppler 7hd along with satellite. the wider picture is a dome of cold air. the cold air is dense and settles near the surface and it is hard to get rid of it
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quickly. that's why we have the freezing night and the chilly days over the weekend. bundle up as you have the extra blankets. 28 santa rosa and 27 in napa. 30 in concord. 41 in san francisco. then after the cold start it will be on saturday. 56 in san jose 56 for napa. it is coming sunday morning. lots of 20s. it will drop to 33 in hayward and the freezing mark in san jose. from then on there were not as many 20s and 30s. you do notice if it was about 44 in sausalito and dropping to about 39 in antioch and 35 in fairfield.
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now, this cool air was ushered in by a storm system and it brought snow to the sierra. one year ago barely any snow on the peaks. fast-forward to today and look how much snow has fallen. the estimates are some of the deepest snow piles between 20 and 40 inches. great news there for the snow lovers this early in the season. it is going to be cool in the morning tomorrow. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. we'll do it all again on sunday. sunny skies in the afternoon. the chill hangs on for one more day. then on tuesday it is milder. wednesday the clouds will thicken and we go to the upper 50s to the lower 60s on thursday. there is the chance of rain and that could mean a little snow in the sierra and by friday mainly cloudy and temperatures are rebounding to average. >> thank you so much.
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university of michigan. offender number one wears blues and khakis. we are talking about the michigan head coach jim harbaugh who walks the sidelines in the $awol mart khakis. $8 wal-mart khakis. his wife called them dad pants. today there was a traditional resolution. he crossed out every m in it because michigan equals bad to them. he isen urge cking people not to -- he is encouraging people not to wear harbaugh's trousers of choice. you can watch the game tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. here on abc7. in sports, the warriors add to one record and setting yet another. bombs away in the desert. they are going for 17 in a row.
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brought to you by xfinity. >> some wondered if the warriors would experience a post game let down after the suns in phoenix. no worries. they set an nba record with 15 three's in the first half. dub nation in phoenix. steph curry makes ronnie price miss once and then twice on the fly by and hits the three. they are laughing on the bench. 15 three's in the half. he finished with 41 points. warriors up 18 at the half. here is a concern. he rolled his ankle. barnes with a left ankle sprain. could be out awhile. warriors up double digits.
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attacking the rim. one shy of the nba record. he is five of five from defense. warriors roll and it is 17-0 now . they will host sacramentowú tomorrow night. college hoops stanford and arkansas. marcus alan taking it to the rack and gets a goal tending done. they hit a couple of free throws. they dig deep for a 69-66 victory. after losing last night cal facing richmond in the las vegas invitational. we call that with authority. left handed through the rack. for the second game in a row cal collapsed late. terry alan had 34 points and the spiders made 31 free throws and cal loses their second straight 94-90. the san jose state football
11:30 pm
team will be home for the holidays and that's the problem. the spartans had a chance to be bowl eligible with a win over boise state and could not get it done. late second half and san jose say the was down 6-3. fourth and 6th and going for it. kenny potter to his man freeman who takes it in for a 35-yard score. spartans lead 10-9 at the half and poor tackling killed sparty. he ran through, over and around. 88 yards there and finished with 192 yards and three touchdowns. the spartans fall 40-23 and finish 5-7 and will to the be bowl eligible for a third consecutive year. >> it is disappointing for everyone, especially the seniors. that was our goal was to get them another game and it is a shame we couldn't do that. >> miserable cold and rain as baylor and tcu -- look at those cheerleaders, the poor girls out there in a monsoon. the rain caused problems, but here in the second overtime boykin took it.
11:31 pm
baylor needs to answer on fourth and one, but he is denied and so it is tcu with the upset 28-21. abc7 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the news continues on-line, twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 5:00 a.m. we'll be right back. ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx.
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watching. >> for dan ashley and ama daetz and drew touma who is here. coming up next on "jimmy kimmel live",ly yes, ma'am hlmsworth from "the hunger games" and happy shopping.
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>> be safe on you there. be safe out there. and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, liam hemsworth. from "black-ish," tracee ellis ross. and james bond. and it's mashup monday with music from jewel and the gang. with with cleto and the cletones. now in person, here's jimmy kimmel!


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