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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> i have not had any conversations of the such. >> two hours after the news conference the 49ers fired their head coach after a season ending victory. what's next for the niners? sports anchor mike shumann will join us in a few minutes. first, look at the activity on live doppler 7hd. this is the first el nino enhanced storm hitting the bay area, and we are expected to get two more stronger storms this week. light rain started around 8:30 tonight around the bay. this video is from marin county and this is the video falling in san francisco. the umbrellas were out tonight and you will need them all week. good evening. i'm eric thomas. drew has more on the timing of the storm. drew? >> the damp evening out there, live doppler 7hd gets i down
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to the street level and we are starting to see a couple of pockets of moderate showers picking up. this is around san mateo and even foster city getting into the moderate shower activity. light showers around san carlos and redwood city. we had light showers in the south bay and right now they are overcast sky around santa clara and san jose. we go north of san leandro. we are tracking more in the way of the downpour. a similar story picking up in san francisco. light showers around castro and sunset and into the north bay we go equally as damp. lucas valley and san rafael with showers at this hour. the wet weather will stick around for the commute. 6:00 tomorrow morning light showers and you do notice that temperature wise we are mild in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. this is a one on the storm impact scale. we are tracking a series of stronger storms on the horizon. we will detail the active seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. sergio is live in mill valley with a look at the warnings and the preparations.
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sergio? >> we have noticed there are already quite a few business owners who have their sandbag filled and ready next to their doors in case these storms do cause some had fluing. cause some flooding. >> by late evening there were light sprinkles throughout the marin county community, but this is a storm that is expected to deliver a sustained soaking of the region and clearly quite a few business owners have heeded calls to be prepared. we saw plenty of places with sandbags set up or they were packed and ready to put in place. >> preparation is key. you don't want to do this when the rain comes. you need to do it before. we have seen a lot of people preparing just in case. >> at the san rafael fire station residents can help themselves to sand and sandbags. the battalion chief says they haven't had to deal with any major floods so far this season, but they are ready. >> generally it happens when we get back to back to back storms. the rain causes us some
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flames, but so far that hasn't been the case. maybe this week. >> they are warning residents to prepare for the coming storms. the police department issued an advisory about forecasted strong winds and rain over the next several days. they are asking residents to get ready for extended commutes and other weather-related issues. and as drew mentioned, the more severe storms are expected over the next few day and authorities are reminding residents that there are still plenty of sandbags and time to prepare for those coming storms. reporting live in mill valley, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot, certainly yow. you can track the storm on live doppler 7hd and download the abc7 news app and enable the push alerts. developing news now and everyone knew changes were coming for the 49ers and tonight the ax came down on the head coach. abc7 news sports anchor and former 49er joins us and this was a matter of time.
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did you expect it so soon? >> i don't think anybody did. we all knew changes had to be made. he was either a great actor or the last guy to find out he was getting relieved of his duties. sources are reporting that he let his players know before the firing and that could have only happened during the coach's post game press conference. he didn't have a chance to succeed with this roster and who would have turned down 14 million and over four years to take on the challenge. he was being a good member by letting him go. they had to make a change at the top and this will filter down throughout the staff also. in today's game late fourth quarter and he decided to punt instead of go for a game-winning 54-yard field goal in regulation. gutless in some circles and sums up these rein as head coach. after the game when asked about his job security. >> i have not talked to ownership. i haven't had any
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conversations of the such. i wouldn't expect to until the season's over. what i would like to say to everybody is i'm not gonna make this about jim and me and jim's job status here today. >> the 49ers released this statement from jed york. we all know he is a man of high character and his contributions on the field and in our community have been greatly appreciated. this entire organization is proud and grateful to have worked so closely alongside jimmy. we all wish he and his family great success in the future. meanwhile the fans at the 49er game could see this move coming. >> i think he is one of those coaches that could just use a little bit more training. >> change coaches. we need a new one. we need harbaugh back or montana! he would be an excellent coach. >> well, she wanted jim harbaugh back and the former 49er coach who was fired on the final game of last season had this to say on twitter. do not de sis seifed.
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you will reap what you so. what you sew. a not so subtle dig. when you fire a coach you better have someone in mind to replace him. the names being thrown around are saints head coach payton and eagles coach chip kelly and you have to put stanford's david shaw on the wish list. they will speak to the team at 9:00 a.m. and the media at 10:30. we will be there and have live updates throughout the day. is a you mentioned, i think we knew this might be coming, but not this soon. >> thanks a lot. the raiders may have played their last game representing oakland today. the raiders' owner mark davis is expected to file papers as early as tomorrow to move the team to los angeles. three teams oakland, the san diego charnellers and the st. louis rams want to move to l.a. the raiders plan on sharing a stadium with the chargers. the team played in l.a. from 1982 to 1994. oakland lost in kansas city today. highlights coming up in
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sports. a tragic loss in las vegas. a man popular in the bay area's jewish community killed in what police call a botched robbery. 42 yearly neil brian gansler lived in palo alto. he was a tech entrepreneur. he went to las vegas to set up a social media platform for people attending the consumer electronics show. one friend told abc7 news how she will remember him. >> somebody who is just a positive outlook in the jewish community. very friendly and very loyal. >> these two people face charges of first degree murder and armed robbery. police say this surveillance video shows the suspects driving moments before he was shot outside a 24/hour fitness. residents in the east bay community of kensington are angry and frustrated. a watermain break has flooded some homes.
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arlington avenue is where we find lilian kim with the latest. lilian? >> air -- eric, the east bay mud crews are here repairing the broken watermain. it ruptured sending water to four properties. >> gushing water in an instant and coming from a broken cast iron pipe installed 71 years ago. for one hour the section of arlington avenue looked more like a river. the water made its way down the block and on to several properties. >> it was extremely shocking. i never thought so much water could come cascading down the hill at once. >> he got the worst of it. his entire house was flooded. the water even seeped through his light fixtures. other homeowners saw the water entering the crawlspaces and making a muddy yeses sh -- a muddy mess of their yards. firefighters say the nearby hayward fault may be a factor. >> a number of these homes have the dirt that shifts on
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it. the watermain, a lot of these have been in the ground for a longtime. >> east bay mud says because of the ground movement some places are monitored with acoustic devices to find leaks. it is unclear if that was used here. nevertheless they are replacing 10 miles of pipe per year, but the goal of quad drew -- quadrupling that in seven years. >> we will see if they can really do what needs to be done to stop it happening again. >> until then, homeowners will be documenting the damage and filing claims. they are counting on east bay mud to reimburse them as they have done in the past. abc7 news. the search is on to find a person who is painting over the public art in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. you may recognize sights like this, murals on the utility boxes around willow glen. our media partner, the mercury news report it gray again
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after somebody spray painted them. it started happening before christmas. a city councilman paid are to the art work using surplus campaign funds. still to come on abc news at 11:00, a bystander caught in the cross fire from a gunman. and the seal on highway 37 in vallejo. and later, armed standoff. a militia group seizes the federal building. their message to take on the government. >> and tracking some light rain moving overnight. it is an appetizer for what's in store for the week ahead. stronger storms on the horizon. we'l ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming.
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campbell, all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> police in richmond are hoping somebody can help them catch the person who shot an elementary school teacher. claire duggin was driving when somebody shot her in the neck near 22nd street. the shooting and crash left her in critical condition. police say it was a random act and she was an innocent victim. the 52-year-old is in bad shape. >> her jaw was fractured and she was bleeding a lot from the neck as i understood it. the bullet is still there. >> police say another shooting on interstate five 80 on -- on 580 on saturday afternoon let that victim in critical condition. the victim and shooter knew each other in that case. they are looking into possible connections with the other shooting. new details on a happened -- hand grenade that brought the bomb squad out to the san rafael police station. someone saw it and thought they were doing the right
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thing by bringing it in that forced the evacuation of the building and the closure of streets around it. here is a picture of the grenade. it was harmless and it was converted into a cigarette lighter. if you find a potentially explosive device leave it where it is and call 9-1-1 immediately. starting tomorrow changes for people who drive the golden gate bridge. bridge officials say the current plan is not helping traffic doctoring the evening commute. so the crews will change the lane configuration only twice a week instead of every day. on thursdays and fridays, there will be four lanes north and two lanes south. and monday through wednesday lanes will stay the same with three lanes going south and three lanes going north. the largest container ship ever to visit the u.s. will leave the port of oakland tomorrow. sky 7hd was over the benjamin frank lynn as it arrived last thursday barely making it under the golden gate bridge. it is 1300 feet long and making it the 10th largest container ship in the world.
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oakland is one of a handful of u.s. ports large enough to accommodate the mega ships. a happy ending to the tale of the pregnant elephant seal who stopped traffic. she gave birth to a pup. they posted these pictures of mom and baby right after yesterday's birth. she kept walking on the highway 37. >> that's a sight. >> she wouldn't do that in the rain i bet which is what we are experiencing a bit of right now. >> we are a light rain and then stronger storms will work their way in. the next one coming tomorrow night with a series of storms the next seven days. here we go. live doppler 7hd is painting an active picture right now across the bay area. we will zoom in and about 15 minutes ago we had the heavier downpour move through san mateo and foster city along the peninsula. but as we widen out the picture, the scene this evening and overnight will be
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steady light showers. that's what we are seeing in the north bay from roanoke park and down to novato and san rafael. even into the east bay vallejo with some light showers out there. even into oakland we did have some light showers move through there about 15 minutes ago. you notice as we zoom into the street level it looks like peaked moppet on live doppler -- piedmont is seeing drizzle. as we widen out the picture and show you the south bay, we are dry. we have overcast skies. we will be in and out of the light showers overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. along with the light showers it is rather mild out there. we are so used to having the cold nights. not going to be the story. mid40s to low 50s. 50 in oakland and san francisco. 45 in san ramon and fair field is coming in at 45 degrees. this is a one on the storm impact scale. it looks like the heaviest of the rain is right along the coast. as we go hour by hour early tonight and tomorrow morning 3:00 on the time stamp. you have these light showers
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over us and they will continue through the morning rush. so it is a good idea to tune into mike nico. he will be tracking the light showers working through tomorrow. as we get you back to work and school you will need the wet weather gear. we will have scattered showers out there, but it will be rather mild. look at these starting temperatures above freezing in the low 40s to the lower 50s. and then our next storm moving in late on monday, this will be a stronger storm. this will be a two on the storm impact scale. it will have heavier rain and winds gusting 20 to 40 miles per hour at times. future weather picks it up monday evening at 6:00. likely we are tracking scattered showers out there. the main activity will come late monday night. 10:00, here come the heavier showers. by midnight early tuesday morning this is when the winds will gust near 40 miles per hour along with the heavy downpours. by tuesday morning we will likely see damp spots. the main event is pretty much out of here.
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we have a chance of showers by tuesday afternoon. in terms of total rainfall over the two storms i think three quarters to about an inch and a half of rain is likely across the region. we can see is set up for a longer period of time and could see close to two inches of rain. we have a winter storm watch in affect for the sierra monday into tuesday. we are likely seeing four to eight inches of snow around the lake level. our highest peek is one to two feet of fresh powder by tuesday night. overnight we will see the temperatures mainly in the 40s with the showers on and off light in nature. for your monday we will have the monday morning damp commute of the we will see a little break in the activity with scattered showers and then the heavier rain on late monday night. here is your seven-day forecast. we are tracking the late day storm which is much stronger than what we are seeing right now. strong winds early tuesday. tuesday evening we get a break and then wednesday another storm moves in with rain and wind. it could last until thursday.
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a break on friday and then another storm on saturday and sunday. this is an active pattern, something we haven't seen in a longtime. >> drew, thanks a lot. coming up on ab -- abc7 news, mark zuckerburg's
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that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo.
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jackpot is growing. nobody claimed the $334 million prize. this week's prize may exceed the size of the prize in the game's history. mark zuckerburg is making an ambitious new year's resolution. the ceo says his goal for 2016 is to create an artificial intelligence system. he posted on facebook that he wants to build a simple ai to run my home and help me with my work. thousands commented including
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one grandmother. darlene loretto wrote i keep telling my daughters to date the nerd in school. he may turn out to be mark zuckerburg. his response is even better is for them to be the nerd in school so they can be the next successful inventor. follow that advice. >> good advice. >> i don't know if you want to be a football head coach now a days though. the life span is kind of short. >> it is getting shorter every day. the 49er end the year with a victory over the rams. instead of celebrating afterwards they found out their head coach was fired.
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♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th! brought to you by xfinity. >> the niners tried to save
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their head coach's job with a win against the rams in the season finale and they pulled it off. but he was fired two hours later. can you imagine the locker room? a celebration after the win and then total shock that they lost their head coach. steph curry was at the game with his wife. he loves his popcorn and colin kaepernick going with the healthy apple. he threw for 354 yards and a touchdown. 33-yard strike to bolden. 7-349ers. but he also threw a pick. the pass deflected to eugene simms. watch him go. he takes it the other way and eventually somebody is gonna stop him. he is down at the niners' three yard line. on the reverse and wants to throw the ball. nothing is open. he runs it in four yards. 16-10 at the half. the 49ers go the it to over time tied at 16. he gets the game winner blocked and the niners get one more chance. a quick toss to patton. he will be a player.
11:30 pm
stops at the five yard line. that sets up the game winning field goal. the niners win it 19-16 and end the year 5-11. coach who was not fired yet praised his team jie. what you saw, the fight and the work, that's what we see monday through saturday with that group of guys. >> the biggest thing is i don't want to make light of the fact that we got a win today and that's against a good division opponent and we don't take wins for granted and i want that to be the focal point. >> raiders and kc where smith threw two touchdowns and this one to macklin. second quarter and a pick six and 24 yards the other way. great pick up midseason. raiders trail at the half. out of bounds and that's a safety. kc got the ball back and to harris and 23-10kc. two minutes left in the game. derrick carr. to michael cab bree and
11:31 pm
oakland down 6. they got a lot of time left. the chiefs keep them in bounds and 40 throughy-17 the -- 43-17 the final. they will remain their head coach, but not sure where they will play next season. men's hoops hosting utah. after today they won't be ranked anymore. jordan matthews 14 of the bears and cal out shot utah 44-39%. he throws down the alley-oop and off the wallace pass. cal improves to 12-3 and 71-58 the final. stanford hosting colorado. buffaloes lead by 10 at the half. stanford out scored them in the second half. he helped erase a 16-point deficit. marcus alan half court and not gonna happen. colorado wins by one. stanford 1-1 in the pac-12. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. we will update the playoffs
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coming up. steek around. still to come, a tense militia standoff in rural oregon. what caused this takeover? and a california couple's new year's eve vacation turns into a nightmare. their unexpected
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you see a lot of interesting things on the job.
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>> good evening. the san francisco 49ers are looking for their new head coach in three years. he was fired after a win in the final game of the season. jed york will speak to the team at 9:00 tomorrow morning and then the media at 10:30. live doppler 7hd shows rain falling across the bay area.
11:36 pm
the first el nino storms will bring light showers overnight and a wet morning commute. heavier rain is predicted on monday night. drew will join us in a few minutes with a team line of those storms. east bay mud crews are working overnight to fix a watermain break in the east -- east bay community of kensington. homeowners say this is the third time it has happened in seven years. firefighters say ground movement from the nearby hayward fault may have caused this mess. well, the new year is off to an unsettling start in rural oregon. armed protesters have seized control of a national wildlife refuge. candice gibson tells us what is happening. >> with grievances and with guns , dozens of armed militia members have taken over the backcountry. >> this refuge is rightfully owned by the people. we intend to use it. they moved in on saturday. >> it is the duty of the
11:37 pm
people to put that government back in its place. >> one of their grievances is the sennence iting of two local local -- the sennence iting of two local ranchers who are in a dispute over land rights. >> the principals we have here are based on the constitution of the united states. >> bundy along with his father the nevada rancher cliven bundy were in a standoff over grazing rights two years ago. bundy says they have come with generators and other supplies preparing for siege-like conditions. the protesters will stay put until the local government gives the two ranchers a safe haven. local schools are closed for the week and local law enforcement is urging people to stay away. they issued a statement accusing the militia of an attempt to overthrow the county and the government in hopes to spark a movement across the united states. tensions are running high. >> bringing in a mill tapet view and say -- a militant view saying we will rise up if we don't get our way. we will use armed resistance
11:38 pm
and that's not right. >> they say they will turn themselves in peacefully on monday. candice gibson, abc news, new york. governor brown will attend a private memorial service for the victims of the san bernadino shooting in ontario. employees of the inland regional center will return to work for the first time since 14 people were shot to death at a holiday luncheon on december 2nd. the councilors -- counselors will be available. the conference room where the shooting took place will remain closed indefinitely. president obama is back home after his holiday vacation in hawaii. at the top of his agenda, how to reduce gun violence. the president plans to meet with the attorney general loretta lynch. abc news learns the president plans to announce on tuesday executive actions including strengthening background checks required for gun purchases and an idea that republicans strongly oppose. tensions are growing between two muslim countries in the middle east. saudi arabia has cutoff all
11:39 pm
diplomatic relations with iran. this after the embassy was attacked. the iranians were reacting to saudi arabia's execution of more than 40 people accused of terrorism including a prominent shiite cleric. today there were more protests outside the saudi embassy. a spokesperson for the u.s. state department says the u.s. has no plans to sever ties with iran saying diplomatic engagement is essential. overseas we are getting a look at the damage done in northeast india after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit today. police say at least four people were killed and a hundred others were injured by falling debris. the u.s. -- the usgs says it hit near myanmar and bangladesh. residents say the shaking lasted 45 seconds to two minutes. this is a first look at the sunken cargo ship el faro. they released this video from 15,000 feet below the surface. investigators are launching a new search for the vessel's
11:40 pm
black box. the hull is badly damaged and the navigation deck was found near the main parts of the ship. the el faro sank during hurricane joaquin near the bahamas. it was headed from jacksonville, florida to puerto rico. all crew members on board died. a dream vacation turned into a nightmare after a southern california couple uncovered bedbugs in their hotel in new york city. you can see the bedbugs shot inside his room at the manhattan astro on the park hotel. the insects bit his girlfriend too and they ruined the couple's plans to watch the ball drop in time square on new year's eve. >> on my birthday i am in a hospital, and i am washing the best clothes that i brought and that i own for this vacation. actually during that process many of our clothes became damaged because they are not meant to be dried. >> bedbugs were just part of the bad luck.
11:41 pm
then fested room happened to be the third they occupied. the first two rooms didn't have any heat. he got a refund, but the hotel isn't commenting. >> people are going to the emergency room after hover board mishaps and now another fire is being blamed on a fire near sacramento. it broke out near folsom. firefighters say the hover board was plugged into an electrical outlet and being charged when it caught fire. yesterday's fire caused about $5,000 in damage. federal investigators are looking into other fires involving hover boards across the u.s. california has several new laws that apply to hover boards. you have to be at least 16 years old to ride one in public and you have to wear a helmet. the hover boards can only be ridden along specified bike ways and highways with speed limits less than 35 miles an hour, and you cannot ride hover boards on sidewalks, vowed ways or trail -- roadways or trails. the laws apply to motorized scooters and skateboards.
11:42 pm
still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a post holiday surprise. how sunday church changed one east bay woman's life. and tech support is making house calls. the bay area company helps you figure out what is going on with new gadgets and gizmo's. >> i am tracking some light showers out there overnight. that will make for a damp monday morning commute before the stronger storms move in over the neck couple days. all of the details in the accu-weather forecast jie. when it happens where you live -- >> we'll move to our next top story. the storms flooded highway one. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> from tracy -- >> your story. >> if it wasn't for channel 7 i don't think we would have gotten to this point. i'm so happy. >> your everything. >> this is something i like about this job. identifying that something that needs to be fixed and pushing public officials to get it done. >ú choose the news that matters where you live. choose a
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new way to get around. they were in antioch when she started her ford taurus. gray belongs to the church of antioch and the parishioners had to write letters saying why their families needed a car. >> and now that we got a car we can get here and try to keep my family together. you know, kids, we are losing our kids. i don't want to lose mine. we need jesus. he gave me this gift today. >> we were able to just byway
11:46 pm
of our criteria to know when we read that letter that she was the one. >> she won in the letter writing contest. church leaders gave out more than 500 christmas gifts to children today. this can be a busy time of year for tech support after the holiday. many of us can hit a snag setting up the new gadgets. jonathon bloom has a look at the local start up that brings the genius bar to your front door. >> anthony garcia is not here to make a delivery. >> how is it going? >> nice to meet you. >> he is here to deliver sampson from the clutches of a math book. >> i saw a white screen and i thought what is that? >> he works for a start up called convoy like uber's one touch transportation. >> we have people who are window specialists and are mac specialists and android specialists and we do data recovery. >> he got the idea from his
11:47 pm
father's tech disaster. >> he called microsoft support and tried to go through the geek squad and it got so bad to the point i had to fly down to l.a. and actually help him. >> baby boomers like his dad are among convoy's biggest customers. >> i didn't grow up with these things like the new generation has. >> he found an iphone and apple watch under the tree. >> you get the gift. it is what you wanted. of course the neck thing is what will i do with it and how can i set it up? >> you put the pin right here and it pops it right on out. >> the appointment costs did is 139 and lasts two hours. for most of the convoy contractors this is a side job. >> i am in school right now and i am a computer science major. >> it could mean a new chapter in the economy of on demand employment. >> the neat thick is we are -- the neat thing is we are taking a model and applying it to jobs. >> convoy is live throughout
11:48 pm
the bay area and just launched in sacramento. no surprise that monday after christmas was the busiest day yet. jonathon bloom -- >> i feel bionic. >> he was a million dollar man. >> abc7 news. >> if you are bionic watch out for rust. >> you have to keep them dry. >> we are tracking light rain and heavier showers. that is so true. i have broken an iphone. just so you know live doppler 7hd is tracking light showers. as we press in closer on live doppler 7hd, light showers are across san francisco. and it is more moderate showers into the east bay. it is moving into emeryville over the next hour. steady light showers from santa rosa and we are seeing light returns on live doppler 7hd. we are watching and you can see this little plume of moisture right here. that's going to lift to the north and bring us more light showers on the way. this is a one on our storm
11:49 pm
impact scale. overnight mild and in the 40s with the light showers. first thing tomorrow morning it will be damp for the morning rush. temperatures holding in the mid50s before we track a stronger storm. that's a two on the impact scale. it shows you that it lengthers into tuesday before we track another storm wednesday into thursday which brings more rain and more wind. >> all right, drew, thank you very much. so jim is out of a job, but $14 million doesn't hurt. >> i'll take that severance pay any day. 49ers end the season with a victory and are rewarded with their head coach being fired. he was let go two hours after the game. after a 5-11 season, it is one and done. now they are searching for
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
of the 49ers after one season. jim avoided the subject in his post game press conference saying he had not spoken with jed york about his future. jed let the players know before the firing and that could have only happened during the coach's post game press conference. he did not have a chance to succeed with this roster. he was being a good soldier after firing jim harbaugh the same way last season. a 5-11 record.
11:53 pm
well, he felt like he had to make a change and it will filter down throughout the staff also. in today's game the late fourth quarter and he decides to punt and go for the game winning field goal. that sum up his rein as head coach. all right, the cardinals have earned a first week bye thanks to a nine-game win streak. russell wilson became the first player in nfl history with 4,000 yards passing. it was 500 yards rushing. he threw for 197 yards and the final td was 25 yards and they crushed the cardinals at 10 and 6. 36-6 are the final. no time left on the clock. the hail mary and they did not happen. they won the nfc north for the first time in -- since 2009. they ended the year against dahl discal.
11:54 pm
dallas. he threw for three td's. a nice catch by pierre garson. three yards away. 34-23 and he finished nine and seven. the panthers undefeated season hosted the bucks and cam newton and threw for two td's and ran for two scores and they finished 15-1 with a 38-10 victory. pan criers -- panthers are in the top spot. they travel to minnesota and the packers travel to washington. the patriots needed to beat the dolphins. they clinched a top spot in the afc. he goes to tom brady's leg and he stayed in the game and he is definitely sore. ryan tannehill threw for three td's. they finished with a two-game losing streak. >> they clinch home field
11:55 pm
throughout, but they have to beat the chargers. they hand it off to hill map for 23 of his 117 rushing yards. the broncos win the afc west. they get home field advantage throughout the playoffs 27-20 that final. it puts them in the play of yos. roethlisberger threw for 349 yards and three td's. 17 yards to antonio brown. the first player to have 125 receptions and con consecutive seasons. they clinch a final playoff spot. the jets are out with a 28-12 victory. they fired the head coach mike pettine after the game. a.j. mccarron threw for 160 yards and two td's. he says he likes to run and 145 yards on the ground and lead by jeremy hill. he had 9 -- he the 96 yards and the celebration dance was
11:56 pm
interesting. bengals win it 24-16. jj watt is a beast. he had a cast on the broken hand the last three games. three sacks and a forced fumble and recovered another fumble. he will be fun to watch in the playoffs. jackson steps in front of the blake bore tells pass. high steps it into the end zone. texas wins the afc south 30-6. afc wild card match up and bengals host the steelers. despite kc having a better record the broncos and the patriots earned a bye. chuck pagano will likely be searching for a new job. colts and titans and tennessee will be on the clock and they finish with the worst record in the nfl 3-13. pagano waived goodbye to the crowd and colts win it 30-24. the titans picked first and they have a quarterback in mariota. browns pick second and
11:57 pm
chargers third and 49ers will drop them to fifth -- from fifth to seventh. raiders will pick 14th. this report is brought to you by xfinity. this may hamper signing a big name coach because you will be paying jim $3.5 million a year if you want to pay a big coach seven you are paying 105 for your -- 10.5 for your coach. >> 14 million i wouldn't be walking. i would be running. thanks for joining us. that's it. for drew and shu, abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll
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[ camera shutters clicking ] how's that? abby: perfect. no teeth? no teeth. so, after this announcement, you'll kiss the rings of the leaders of the senate rules committee, do a roundtable of soft-ball interviews with the press, and then, come thursday, congress will confirm you as vice president with an overwhelming majority. are you excited? more nervous.


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