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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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appearance as soon as tomorrow. in the meantime, we've learned from those police records about a disturbing history at three locations. >> this is not the first time an assault has occurred at the campus. public records show that over a six-year period from 2008 to 2014, there were 35 reported episodes of violence between staff and students at three tobin world locations in antioch. >> she filed a police report on her 15-year-old autistic son came home with bruces and scrapes she says he could only have gotten at school. >> he was pushed down on the floor. and he had marks on his body, on
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his face. >>. >> she says police told her they couldn't prove her son's injuries happened at tobin world. meantime, the teacher's aide arrested for this abuse remains in richmond. the 26-year-old is being held on felony child abuse chashlgs. towers mother opened the door but does not want to answer questions about her daughter who could be areigned as soon as friday. in antoch, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> oak labd police need your help finding this man. they believe he's a gunman who was involved in a shootout. the man seen was shooting off three rounds and ran away. she has been released from the hospital.
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police are asking anyone with information to call them. this afternoon, a san francisco jury found a man guilty of hate crimes around town. prosecutors say 62-year-old john shi nel used orange spray paint to write no more chinese on properties in the bayview district back in september. surveillance video led investigators to the distinctive white pick-up truck. they found the orange spray paint used in a crime at his house. >> it happened around 7:30 p.m. both vehicles were traveling slowly. the officer and driver were not hurt, but a person in custody in the patrol car did suffer some minor injuries. >> the world stock market slide continues hours after wall
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street's worse one-day drop since september. we are one hour where the nikkei has been done 200 points. you can see the trend. china is the market that everyone is keeping a very close eye on. the chinese government suspended trading twice this week. those fears spread to the u.s. and sent wall street plunging into correction territory. china makes a little less than 1% of u.s. gross domestic product. experts say the average american investor should not panic. the dow closed down today 392 points. >> shares in yahoo are down tonight partly because of the rocky stock market. also because of a report that the company plans to layoff 10% of its work force as early as this month.
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that's 1,000 jobs. the company is reorganizing to get the business back on track. cuts are expected to hit yahoo's media business, european operations and platform technology harder than the rest of the company: yahoo has declined to comment on the layoff, but it has acknowledged changes are taking place. shares in yahoo are down just over 6% today. the stock market is dragging down apple, shares of the cupertino based company at $96 and 45 cent. the first time is below a hundred dollars since 2014. it mean less demand for apple's pricey smartphones. tonight, a big push to get ready for the onslaught of superbowl visitors.
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fans followed advisories to take public transit. but that meant that some had to wait hours for service to get home. david louis is live with some answers tonight. david? >> dan, lots of fingers crossed. planners are expecting a lot of people to turn out between san francisco in the south bay in order to take in the alicia keys concert, the meal can concert and other special events. all of that is happening even before superbowl sunday. >> cal train is just one of the ways people will get to the superbowl using the mountain view station to transfer to vta light rail. that means many ticketholders will need to drive, take busses or use limousines. the big concern will be the week leading up to game day and the fans who want to go to the superbowl in the city. that's on top of those who ride
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cal train in the weekday. >> people are really going to have to squeeze on the trains and we've going to have to warn our customers to be patient with us. it's going to be a tough week. they are not going to reimburse cal train. >> happy to provide additional support. but, without any question, the whole thing is over. >> paying full price versus the 40 to 50% discount. that will create revenue along with raising parking lot fees from $5 to $20 on game day.
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again, ridership is capped at 4,000. >> the latest round of storms is bringing encouraging news in the sierra tonight. the snow pack is roughly 110% of normal for this time of year. four inches fell in the last 24 hours. and all resorts are reporting great conditions for skiing. it's good, but there is still a long way to go. >> our best understanding of how many big elninos with need is about three huge years to bring us back in terms of reservoir replenishment as well as ground water replenishment. >> experts say the latest storms were enhanced by el nino. but they're hoping for a lot of bigger storms ahead. >> el nino is certainly behind today's big surf warning. sky 7 hd was at maverick's today where you can see all the action on the waterer. tweeting out this picture of what was happening when there was a break in the weather.
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joining us live along the coast now, wayne? >> above taking it all in. >> this would not qualify as your typical day at the beach. >> people like to see people do amazing things. >> they did today. this is the pacific ocean in an angry mood or maybe a sporting one for those who look at 60 foot waves as a personal challenge. >> you can feel the fear. >> which is why frank solomon ventured into the water today. >> i don't know.
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they are ready for world class championship. >> jeff clark began the contest in 1998. he's ridden the unruly waves of surfing and business and now in the wake of el nino storms. what they dealt with today flirted at the intersection of sport and danger because these 60 foot waves came in way too choppy. if you get tossed by one, they say it's like surviving a car crash. >> they said it was a bomb and he got into it he didn't make the landing and the thing just came down. the bhoel building landed on him. >> so, no, it's not just another day at the desk, in the office or at the beach. from maverick's break, wayne
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friedman, abc 7 news. >> more to come, governor jerry brown lays out his record high plan for california's next fiscal year. >> this budget, relative to the budgets of the last decade and a half is in good shape. >> the $122 billion budget. >> emergency crews are very busy around yosemite. >> and a bay area woman has to be air lifted out of the park. we'll tell you what happened. >> also, ahead, which scale will replace? these days,
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most -- every program you're going to hear about in the next nine months will be good and will help people.
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but we also want to look at what's the capacity of the state and what's the willingness of taxpayers to pay more. >> the governor has laid out a record $170 billion budget plan for california's next fiscal year. it includes increased spending on social service and health care programs. and a one-time $320 million. also looking for higher vehicle fees and fuel tax to help the state repair crumbling roads. abc 7 news reporter live in the news room with the impact possibly on your child's classroom. >> the dwov nor, once again, putting money back in the system. >> this budget, relative to the budgets of the last decade and a half is in good shape.
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>> those are magical words for any teacher who spent years suffering through california's budget cuts during the great recession. today, governor jerry brown announced he would spend more on students. >> the growth per student is about $3600. that means if the budget passes, the next school year, the state would spend $10,591 on anthony. let's compare. in 2011, 2012, at the tail end of the recession, the state spent proxly $6991 on mad lynn. what does that extra money help fund? take san francisco unified. that extra revenue has been used to increase the teacher's salary making sure they stay in san francisco. it has also funded additional support services which include those from low income foams. technology in the classroom has also received a financial boost.
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>> we're making a lot of really good progress in terms of modern software application for our educators. >> other needed programs will be funded like sizes in eighth grade math. >> if you don't remember anything else, just remember, everything that goes up, comes down. >> the governor also wants to put aside $2 billion in the rainy day fund. >> listen to this, boulders are size of cars are blocking one of the entrances to yosemite national park. it's closed highway 140 heading in to yosemite. the entrance has been closed all day. still not clear when it's going to reopen. that's because geologists need to examine the hillside before workers can haul away the rocks.
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this is the same area, keep in mind, where the so called dog rock fire burned in october, 2014. that fire and two days of heavy snow and rain loosened the soil. the slide has left many visitors stranded. >> my friend got a cabin here and we were thinking of going to the trails, but i don't think it's going to happen. >> a 63-year-old palo alto woman is recovering from a possible broken back. she spent the night out doors accompanied by a serge and rescue team. >> stepping on the scale
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frequently can motivate all of us to shed it off. >> a look at which scales are the superscales. today's digital scales do so much more than simply weigh pounds. >> when it comes to your weight, more isn't always better. the same might be true of your scale. consumer reports tested six scales which not only measure weight, but also things like body mass index and fat. >> these scales work by passing a very small electrical current through your body. it passes differently through fat and muscle and, based on the amount of current, can determine your position. >> they measured body fat using a highly sophisticated device. festerings used this scientific benchmark for each volunteer at
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reporting body fact. none of them came close to the numbers for all of the volunteers. >> they weren't very accurate in measuring body fat. but they were consistent. if you want to track your body fat composition over time, they are useful. >> that said, provides the best combination for accuracy for weight and con sis tense for body fault. >> it's useful to know how much body fat you have. but a better indication of your overall health is body index. >> another good reminder that sometimes less is more. >> your body mass index can be a good indicator of obesity. you can calculate your bmi with
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a simple formula and you can find that on our web site, although you might want to wait a few more days. >> you know we saw a little sunshine today. >> we did, indeed. but we're getting more much-needed rain. >> yeah, there is much-needed rain on the way, dan and christin. right now, behind me, just a few puffy clouds. we'll talk about when that rain is coming. it will be here for part of your weekend, but not the entire weekend. here's since sunday. take a look. over a half a foot. just over 2 1/2 inches, over two in oakland. about 2 1/2 concord, livermore. so we did receive much-needed rain and snow in the sierra nevada.
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we encourage you to send your pictures, hash tag abc now. don't forget your weather video, as well. 23 inches in the past week and some in california, anywhere between 1-4 feet in the last 72 hours. high trip advisory remains up until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we're going to continue to see the high surf, so just be careful. we want to show you this camera. we're just going to pan around. we see leftover clouds right now. there is rain coming. a look at the temperatures. low 50s from san francisco to 48 in half-moon bay. another lovely view looking across the bay there. upper 40s, navarro, fairfield, livermore. a live look from san jose where it is clear. getting chilly overnight tonight. a light storm and then more rain is coming next week.
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all winter long, we've been rating our storms, 1 being light, five being severe. it's a one, it's a light system. less than half an inch for most areas and most will fall in the north bay. light rain approaching the coast in the north bay. a very light band of showers. light to moderate rain moving across the bay area. 5:00 a.m. saturday morning, you'll notice widely scattered showers. and then those showers will wind down by saturday afternoon. as far as rainfall totals, very light, except santa rosa, picking up possibly over an inch of rain. but some other models are going far less than that.
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40 in san jose, afternoon highs tomorrow, mostly in the low to upper 50s. as you take a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, going into early saturday, it's a one on our storm impact scale. another system, light rain monday. bright tuesday. every other day you're getting the rain. wednesday, some more rain. it's also a one on our storm impact scale with some light rain coming up. >> tell us a little bit more about what spencer is doing. >> i've worked with spencer for years. and i don't even know everything about spencer. so, hey, here's your opportunity. you want to know more about our veteran spencer christian? you'll want to join him tonight at 7:15.
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he answers your questions live on abc 7 you can ask spencer anything, absolutely anything. >> remember, the question never gets you in trouble, only the answers. >> that's right. >> all right. we're going to tell you more about that. also, more from the who's who at tech titans. find out why next. and 5:30 on world news with david murrer. >> stocks plunging, the worst start to the year ever. pledging allegiance to isis. 26 earthquakes in this country, the last 24 hours, what's going on. >> a mother overcome with emotion. the necknology that's making the world a
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major players will meet with local tech ceos to discuss the use of social media by terror groups. director of national intelligence plans to take part in this big meeting. reports say administration officials will try to trade executives to do more to block terrorists from using the internet and social media sites to recruit and incite violence. >> the democratic front runner has won the backing of leon panetta. he's served as cia director for president obama. two local fundraisers tomorrow, but, first, san francisco by
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. coming up new at 6:00, reforming the san francisco police department's use of force
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policies. tonight, how the mayor wants officers to react in crisis situation. also, see how some private businesses are driving the effort to make it easier to get around the bay area. from 7 on your side, a great prize turns out to be a bad deal for a local man in more ways than one. alma, thank you. it is a bird, it is a plane, no, it's a car capable of going 277 miles an hour. the 2000 horsepower car can go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and can run you almost $2 million. actually, the customers in that price range are looking for something like this. >> if you want to see the nemesis in person, the auto-show runs through sunday.
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>> that's all for now. world news is next. i'm dan ashley. >> have a great night. breaking news tonight. donald trump's new attack. the scathing video about hillary and bill clinton. the massive lines at this hour for blocks, hoping to see trump. and bill clinton tonight, pressed several times on donald trump. what the former president said this time. the attack foiled. the man armed with meat cleaver, pledging allegiance to isis. gunned down by police in paris, and we're on the scene. breaking news here at home. the stock market plunges. the worst start to a new year ever. what it means for your money tonight. the rescue. miners trapped 900 feet underground. the deepest salt mine in america. the race to get them out. and, no longer powerball fever, a full-blown outbreak. the new jackpot tonight, $700 million and counting. why the sudden huge paydays?


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