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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. morning to you, i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. it is friday, most importantly. meteorologist mike nicco has the friday and weekend forecast. >> mike? >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows you can put the umbrella away. it will be dry. residual wetness on the roads. sue will take care of that. golden gate bridge winds are five miles per hour. fog is going to develop the next couple of hours. temperatures are mild in the 50s and mid-to-upper 50s with sunshine at noon so add the sunglasses, increasing clouds at 4:00, light rain in the north bay in the evening and i will let you know more ahead. >> it is quiet right now, where still over water on the roadways and you can see a sheen and this
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is 87, from the expressway to the s.a.p. center, it is five minutes. we will look at mass transit in a little bit and the bay bridge toll plaza and what is hatching there. >> thank you. we have break news from hawaii, the united states coast guard is searching for victims right now off the coast of oahu after two marine helicopters collided midair. alyssa, what else do we know? >> the coast guard is searching for survivors, 12 military personnel were on board the aircraft when they collided. the search operation is happening off the north shore of oahu. they crashed two miles off the coast. so far, suspecters have found a debris field. according to cnn they spot add fire and an empty life rant. each was carrying six people and no one has been found. the coast guard is helping by air with assistance from the
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navy and the honolulu fire department sent out a rescue boat. the crash happened before 2:00 a.m. our time just before midnight in hawaii, so it is dark there. search eithers will continue throughout the morning and we keep you posted with updates. >> if you take bart, this could be a surprise: your safety is in your own hands. they want riders to self police after reports that many cameras on trains are fake or do not work. our reporter is at the pleasant hill bart station where she is getting reaction this morning. amy? >> yes, commuters are surprised to learn the cameras, many of them on the trains, are decoys and are not recording. you can seem then on trains they are everywhere but are the ones you are look at recording? the bart police is admitting they are not all functioning. he would not say how many or if
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any are actually recording saying that he is fought going do get into their security system. >> some riders say they had no requested that the cameras were just this for show. just this for show. >> >> there should be cameras. there should be...a bart liver on every train. >> this came to light because of a fatal shooting last weekend on a bart train. it appeared to happen in front of a camera but they does not capture the shooting because the camera was not rolling. the chief pointed out they got an image of the suspected shooter from the station cameras. he also asks if someone has a gun, is the camera really going do keep them from shooting?
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>> a palo alto schoolteacher is facing child sex abuse champions from more than a decade ago. counselors will be at the elementary school to talk with parents, students and offer support. mike arrow was arrested early this week after a former student came forward. the alleged abuse took place between december of it was two and december of 2005. the suspect was not work for district at that time but as a private child care provider at one of hty schools. there is condition right now that there could be more victims >> this morning the coliseum authority is holding a meeting to discuss plan force a new lease stepping for the raiders for next season with the lease expiring soon. the raiders owner surprised fan when he refused to commit to silver and black playing in oakland next son. he lost his bid for relocation to los angeles. the raids team president is
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scheduled to meet with the head of the coliseum authority next week. >> across the bay area, many homeowners are learning their properties are rezoned interest flood areas as pat of a federal update of maps to identify high flood risks so some homeowners have to bay flood insurance. downtown redwood city, for example, is part of a proposed change by fema which income passes the san mateo government come mess, c.h.p. redwood city office, and the residential area designateed at a historic district. >> when you my a property now, that is going to come up on the disclosure statement that you are in a potential flood zone which opens up another worms with insurance. it will be required insurance. >> fema has been working open reviving the maps for a decade now, for all nine bay area counties. redwood city is planning a public hearing with fema a week from now to answer questions. it is getting better for skiers
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in the sierra, with resorts receiving 6" of new snow the past 24 hours and more than 19' this son. >> a slow down in south carolina, republican presidential contends faced off at the final debate before the iowa caucus. everyones with fair game: hillary clinton, the president, even reach other. stehpanie has the highlights. >> seven going presidential candidates one debate stage conclusion no lack of attacks. first up, president obama. fresh off of the tuesday "state of the union" address. >> president obama did not so much as mention the ten sailors that were captured by iran. >> on tuesday i watched story time with president obama. >> this debate has the fewest number of candidates on pain stage, a high profile of the to persuade voters before the 151 iowa caucus. the gloves coming off between donald trump and ted cruz. this bromanc.
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is over with a testy change over accusations that cruz may not be legally able to serve as president because of his canadian roots. >> you have great constitutional laws that say you cannot run. >> i will not take legal advise from truck trouble. >> cruz forced to defend a report that said he did not tell the federal elections commission about a million dollar listen from wall street banks for his senate campaign. >> i made a paperwork error disclosing it on one piece of paper rather than other >> he threw more jabs at donald trump achieve the conservative credentials by saying he represents new york values. >> not a last conservatives come out manhattan. >> he called this insulting and praised new york's response to 9/11. >> when the world trade center came down i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> attacks on d presidential candidate hillary clinton everyone also in full force but
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she was on a different stage: with jimmy fallon. she heads to south carolina for the next debate on sunday. >> we have a new look at fires rescuing a plumber who was trapped in an oakland trench for 13 hours. alameda built fire shared the video of of crews pulling rogelio esparza out of the trench on wednesday morning. the retaining wall collapsed while he was ok'g on -- working on the sewer line. the state is investigating. >> nice to wake up to dry skies for the last commute of of the week. our a little bit of moisture out there but the windshield wipers were not running and you did not need to grab the umbrella. low-to-mid 40s through most of the north bay until you get to san rafael, mill valley, tiburon, vallejo temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s. we are still in the low-to-mid 50s because of the should cover at daly city at june to alameda and redwood city at 55
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and lafayette and san ramon at 50 and san jose at 53. from the exploritorium, gorgeous downtown san francisco and temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s with greatest amount of sunshine in the south bay and we will saw see some from time to time, and in walnut creek it is dry with temperature running around 49 degrees and we have a chance of scattered showers tomorrow and rain could be heavy at times on sunday night into monday. we will look at the hour by hour profit coming up soon. >> we are looking at mass transit on friday morning and it is light for 5:10. bart has 40 trains all run on time, and golden gate transit and muni on schedule, as well, andly remind you monday has a holiday so mass transit will mostly be on the saturday schedule and bart is on saturday and muni is on saturday and golden gate is running a regular week day services but there are shuttle buses not run on monday and toll plaza is stacked up for the cash-paying folks and, still, a first ride and no metering lights and hire winds
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on the bay bridge. so extra caution. we will look at the north bay and golden gate. >> thank you. imagine falling interest an ice-covered canal amazing effort to same a couple from a bone-chilling situation. >> you may have seen them popping up on streets in san francisco: the controversy that francisco: the controversy that the francisco: the controversy that the here in vineland, home of progresso,
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fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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look at this precarious situation emergency officials in ukraine saving two people would fell through the ice in a canal. they used inflatable boat and ladders do pull themselves across 100' of ice to save man and woman. the rescue tale took place before they were taken to the hospital. >> bad news for ice skaters on the peninsula. another ice rink is should down. belmont iceland will shut down at end of april after 60 years in business. the owners blame the upkeep, they have to spend $1 million to replace the floor and fix the refrigeration plant leaving the ice skaters and hockey play others scrambling. >> i am sure the risks that are open are right now being... inundated with people trying to figure where they can skate and what though will do to keep going. >> 10,000 people use the rink each month. 500 kids take lessons there with the closure, redwood city has
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the last remaining ice risk in san mateo county. >> 25 surveillance video on san francisco streets have people worried about privacy issues and some around market and the ferry building which is where super bowl city is going to go up. san francisco's municipal transit agency said though are not for surveillance video but an expansion of a program to monitor traffic conditions and it has nothing to do with the super bowl. the age stresses they do not have the ability to record video because that would actually be against city law. >> this morning the warriors are getting back on a plane for a tough three game road trip in the midwest. >> they everyone doing well face the lakers and kobe bryant for the last time at oracle arena. steph curry led with 26 points including eight three pointers and a break away, and pulled away in the third and cruised to 116-98 victory, the 37th straight regular season win at
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home. >> warriors road trip begins on saturday in detroit and then the cavs on monday and the bulls next wednesday. >> we said they who wins, they did. >> you said they who wins. >> each holiday we play the cavs >> amazing. hmm...did they do that on purpose, the nba? purpose, the nba? now, the weather. quiet it is right new and there is...that was an zoom. we dealing with fog and it is developed and east side road, right near the airport, here is san rafael, you can see it is very localized as we look south open 101. the highlights through the forecast headlines, dry now but rain tonight. we will have our heaviest rain
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on sunday into monday morning and more chances of light rain next week. our storm impact scale is pegged at a "1" from "1" to "5", delight severe and tonight is "1" at lows than half an inch of rain and light winds, normal winter storm. you can see the clearing taking place through the morning hours and during the afternoon hours, the high clouds will stream back in ahead of the system at 7:00 light rain is developing in the north bay and by 10:00 it is moving into the heart of the bay and it comes in waves of light-to-moderate rain heading through the overnight hour, tomorrow morning at 8:00, you can see it is breaking up by 3:00, and by 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow it is over. the rain chill in the peninsula at .1" and the rest of us are around .25" to .5" of rain in the north bay. my seven-day forecast shows the next storm on sunday into monday expect heavier rain and gusty wind. >> golden gate bridge is fog free and not seeing delays over
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the waldo grade through the robin williams tunnel and next, only one headlight coming through the screen. if your travels take you from novato through san rafael, mill valley into san francisco, 21 minutes is not bad. this is the south bay, the headlights 101 in the northbound direction passing the 880 overcrossing, it is getting busy here but everyone is still driving at the limit and the overall maps, pretty good, and it looks like friday light at 5:18 in the morning not bad. the drive from antioch is 22 minutes from antioch to concord. back with a look at the b bridge in the next report. >> head to santa clara if you are looking for a job, great america is holding a job fare and looking to hire 2,500 people with seasonal rates starting at $11 an hour. the john fair is from 1:00 to 7:00 today or stop by great america tomorrow or sunday to
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apply. >> we have our first hook at the new vta flex service with buses pulling up to the squares, they are buses that work like uber and lyft and start with an app that temperature you the fare after you put in a start location and request a ride and the app gives you walking directions to one of the 100 small bus stops in the three-mile wide pilot area. when you get this the bus could be a hint or two away. >> we will then schedule the bus if real time to come and get you and pick you up to go where you want to go. >> planers think the new flex buses could be perfect for silicon valley where dense new pockets of housing are springing were but things are further apart. >> interesting to see how it works >> the biggest banks is hit with a multi-billion dollar fine. >> here is member's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, goldman sachs'
5:20 am
deal with the government paying $5 billion for peddling toxic norths. penalty is the largest in history but less than what other big banks paid. >>ally post taking a drastic step following the series of food poisoning outbreaks closing all of the doors for one day february 8 to talk to employees about food safety. the closure is expected to last several hours. >> you might soon see a lot more driverless cars with the government spending $4 billion to develop the technology. >> it is believed the cars could eventually eliminate most deadly conditions and could lessen gridlock. >> this will save parents across america so much time dug drop off and pickup soccer practice looking better. >> does it improve the skills? >> pluto is more mysterious with nasa releasing a new image revealing what is thought to be
5:21 am
a huge ice volcano which do not erupt like volcanos on earth but erupt in icy slush that includes ammonia, water, and nitrogen. >> not the kind of shrubby i want. >> seven things you need to know to start your day. >> recognition for two bay area film makers and they could earn an oscar. an oscar. stay tuned.
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5:24 am
helicopters have collided. a total of 12 people were on board. >> a palo alto elementary schoolteacher is facing child sex abuse charges. the san jose mercury news reports that mike arrow, a 4th and 5th grade teacher is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a child more than 10 years ago. the student now is 22 years old. >> check out our chances of rain over the next week. no less than 50 percent. we have plans, i. let you know when there is a window to get outside. >> friday lite at this hour, and we have the steady stream of traffic headed into the macarthur maze from golden gate fields to the city at 12 minutes. we will see if the metering lights are on at the golden gate bridge when we come back. >> bart passengers are raising safety concerns after the agency's police chief said he expected riders to police themselves days after a deadly shooting on a rain and revelations that many security
5:25 am
cameras on board are decoys are broken. >> today is the last day on the job for outgoing san jose police chief. next month he starts the new job at chief with tracy police. the assistant chief will take over as interim chief. >> no sign of the winners of of record $1.6 billion jackpot. three winning tickets were sold three winning tickets were sold in chino hills, southern ten and >> that is a good video. the famous hard level globetrotters away at alcatraz making trip shots over bay. they posted this video, the 930th year play seven games in northern california start tonight in san jose. good job, globetrotters. >> completely surreal, don't you
5:26 am
think? totally surreal, incredibly exciting. >> major recognition from hollywood for the two bay area filmmakers nominated for an oscar for short subject with "last day of freedom." about a map's struggle after his brother commit as crime. >> also going for oscar gold, for a visual affects company. >> fantastic day, deeply honored, amazingly honored to be part of this incredible event. >> they got five nods for "star wars" and "the force awakens" and a thousand people worked on the visual affects of "star wars" and boy does it show. ilm was nominated for "revenant," owned by disney, parent company of abc7. >> can you watch the oscars
5:27 am
hosted by chris rock february 28 right here on abc7. >> we have another 90 minutes of news including a warning for people coming into san francisco starting next week and it has to do with the super bowl. >> and mike has been telling you there are more storms ahead on the way this weekend and how the way this weekend and how some bay area residents the way this weekend and how some bay area residents again! again! again!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:30, so glad you are here. >> so glad you are friday. >> now a check of the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good news. live doppler 7 hd is quiet. let me show you the next six hours. it will remain quiet. you can put the umbrellas away and grab the sunglasses. dill not be totally sunny. we will see the breaks. milder this morning, and do not have to dress so warmly, 44 to 52 with fog forming,
5:30 am
mid-to-upper 50s at noon and mid-50 to around 60 at 4:00 with increasing clouds and rain in the not bay. i tell you when it gets to the prosecute of our neighborhoods coming up. >> the drive times for the bridges this morning, we see 580 richmond-san rafael, six minutes from the east bay to the marin side, and the san mateo bridge, nice ride from hayward to foster city in the dumbarton, and eight minutes, and we will look in on the bay bridge, no metering lights yet but it is getting crowds. if you can car pool the car pool lanes are whizzing right by. we will check back and see, they have taken away the high wind advisory so better news on the bay bridge. breaking news from hawaii, the united states coast guard is searching for victims off the coast of oahu, two marine helicopters collided midair. what do we know new.
5:31 am
>> there is an active sent for two of their chinook helicopter, the largest military helicopters. telephone personnel were on board all still missing. it happened two miles off the north show of the island of oahu, a massive search effort is underway, called in around 1:30 a.m., and each helicopter was carrying six people so they are looking for 12 people total. searchers have discovered a debris field off the coast. according to cnn they spot add fire and empty life raft. they sent out a plane and helicopter to scour the water for survivors and navy is assisting. a rescue boat has been sent out, search efforts continue throughout the morning. it is dark this and we will keep you posted with updates. >> thank you. a peninsula elementty school teen certificate accused of sexually abusing a girl a decade
5:32 am
ago with the alleges just surfacing now. he is on unpaid leave this morning. here is how it unfolded. >> counselors are here at the elementary school, to talk with the students and listened their support after a well liked teacher was arrested early this week. according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news, mike arrow has been charged with one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child and three couples of lewd acts on a child. the suspect was working as a private child care provider at an elementary school at the time december december of 2002 when victim was eight and december eight of 2005. he starts as a third grade teacher at an elementary school in 2008 before transferring following year. he was placed on unpaid leave and the district started the process of firing him. in a letter to parents, the
5:33 am
direct superintendent said that read details of this investigation i could not by any stretch of the imagination have any child in this class. there is enough to dismissal. there is the possibility of further victims. >> we will tack about the weather pattern. west. dry. wet. dry. every day. 'ry day people are flocking to rei to by the rain exercise. it is not so great if you run a business that is in the car wash industry. this is in novato. despite the slow down the owner said they are keeping it open during the storms. >> if you are in business you have to be open rain or shine and look at temperature. at nnie "the sun will come up tomorrow," and it is a reminder to go out there and buy panchos
5:34 am
and other water waterproof clotting. >> the ground water tables are low in california and will remain that way for sell years. according to the drought monitor, more than 87 percent in california are facing sever drought with no improvement from the stemples we have each. it self didn't at lake mendocino where the water level is up but below the ten year norm and at lake sonoma it is accumulating only half of what is needed. >> police hope the wet weather does not bring more of this, this weekend, this picture yesterday shows a rain change that involved several cars on the slick roads and the good thing is that no one was hurt. >> it will be tough going this weekend if you are headed to the sierra and this was the scene last night at interstate 80 at 20 meals west of lake tahoe and chain controls are in affect there and across the entire lake tahoe region with more snow in the forecast be careful if you are headed to the mountains.
5:35 am
>> trust the abc7 news corner to get you the weather forecast on the go, and enable push alerts for immediate notification and severe weather alert. >> this morning, police are asking anyone who saw a shooting outside the bayfair center mall to give police a call. to machine fired at each other in the parking lot which is outside the bed, bath and beyond at 6:30 last knit. the men ran into the mall but they got away from police. officers say no shops were hit and they are checking hospitals for either of the shooters. police detained two membership for questioning. >> the pan accused of killing a hayward sergeant in july is scheduled to appear in court the previous hagueing in october was continued until today. 21-year-old has been charged with the murder of sergeant scott lunger after shooting the sergeant during a traffic stop. the sergeant was continue-year veteran of force. >> g.o.p. presidential contenders faced off for the
5:36 am
first time this year. the take away? the gloves are off. president obama, hillary clinton , both targets. which we expected. the candidates turned on each other. donald trump and senator ted cruz had a testy exchange whether cruz can locallien president since he was born in canada. >> you have great constitutional laws that say you cannot run. >> i will not take legal advise from donald trump. >> if there was a bromance between donald trump and senator cruz it appears over. they will face off in two weeks in des moines which is just ahead of the iowa caucus. >> san francisco young republicans host add debate want part last night. they say the candidates appeared to have a more afternoon united front, san francisco political science prefer robert smith was at watch part is he disagrees about candidates cohesiveness. he believes republican parties headed for a brokered convention if donald trump wednesday the
5:37 am
majority of delegates. >> i don't think the republican establishment will be willing to allow him to be the nominee. i suspect they will get together and deny him the nomination. >> the last time there was a truly brokered convention in which the part picked a candidate who did not run in the primary was the d convention in 1952. >> 49ers will intremendous zeus -- introduce new chip kelly. he was irfew the by the philadelphia eagles a week before the under the third season with that team. the philadelphia eagles were 10-6 first two seasons but disappointing 6-9 when he was let go. 49ers great steve young said he thinks that he can succeed with the 49ers. >> chip will be success: you look at coughlin. you look at shanahan. belichick. all struggles and learned. they fixed what was wrong.
5:38 am
>> he appears to be a perfect fit for kaepernick the many in the kaepernick would be trade or released by the 49ers and now, kelly could try to resurrect his career. >> cannot believe this story, the worst powerball prank, a nurse's son calmed to say she when and it was a bad joke. >> in a nursing home where a. with worked, and son hope she was win are because of the life story. it did not town out to be true. the owner of the the newing whom is saying that want funny. >> if this was a prank done by her son...and it is somewhat...detestable, i give him benefit of the doubt if wanting to make his mom happy. >> here is something the owner will do to make it better. he is giving the woman an all
5:39 am
expenses paid vacation for her family and they can go wherever they want. as for the ream jackpot winners is we are state still waiting. >> before we said the son likely not going. >> i don't think so. it depends on how forgive his mom is. >> 48 in orinda. otherwise, low-to-mid 50s on the east bay shore in 9 north bay it is clearing, and novato is friction. clearing around fairfield and concord and 46 and 48 and brentwood is 49 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s. as the clouds clear, specific the temperatures to drop more over next hour and a half and you can see the camera shows it is dry. we are partly cloudy in the south bay. warmest is 61. we will have brooks in the cloud cover. you will need sunglasses. up to 60 for the rest of us. walnut creek shows it is dry. we will have scattered showers
5:40 am
tomorrow. afternoon rain on sunday. morning rain on monday. the next storm is stronger than the one tonight. look at both those ahead. >> i saw the bay bridge and the sun and the brake its behind the toll plaza at the bay bridge. we will check back. i place money on that. highway 37, novato, to san francisco, looking good, no fog here in san rafael camera, and this is just after the parkwa exit so it is nice, no fog at the golden gate bridge and i will were what the zipper truck in the south direction not bad. we will look now in hayward with an accident just reported three cars, right hand shoulder and i don't see any slowing from highway 92 southbound. stay tuned. >> speaking of the morning commute, it is about to be more reliable for act transit riders with a boost in service ahead.
5:41 am
>> you will not believe this cat. it is absolutely enormous. it is so big it is confusing neighbors would thing it is a neighbors would thing it is a
5:42 am
5:43 am
so what about this? your old technology... it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. >> the abc7 news app on the go for your schedule, news that lives without live. >> san rafael, south bay,
5:44 am
pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this is a look happening right now, a british astronaut will make history on the international space station. this is the spacewalk to a place apart from the criminal room. he is the first british astronaut to do a spacewalk, training for the excursion and has been training for weeks the he will install a valve and cable. he just is out of frame at the bottom right. >> you can barely see movement inside of the station and that is his hand. there you go. >> walk is expected to take seven hours. >> good luck. >> on earth, not so sweet a ride, good news for inwho rides a.c. transit. they are increasing service up to 14 percent. in june. authorities say the expanse will create a more reliable system. to launch the expansion they will hire bus drivers and mechanics and get new buses.
5:45 am
>> look at this cat. he can open doors. pretty impressive. he is making people do a double take in one san jose if neighborhood and not just because of the skills but the size. he is no ordinary house cat and hold him requires two hands and a strong lower back. the large main coon cat is 127 pounds and eat as pound of food a day and this is when you see the perspective he is 4' long. he requires a hot patience. >> like having a custody her we have to spot proof the house. all the decorations in the home are locked down with earthquake putty because he will attack them. he gets startled when people see him in the window of the home and animal control have come to his rose garden home plenty of times because neighbors and people who see him through the when think it is a wild animal and they are freshed out.
5:46 am
>> i don't believe them. i am scared of it along at the video. >> he is a softy. >> he. taunt my dreams. >> super bowl 50 is three weeks away and difficulty will b ahead with a last closings starting january 23 through february 12. most of the closures be around the foot of market street and mascone center to be aware. there. be problems. the big game will bring an extented million fans into san francisco and muni lines are re-routed and some changes will take place western the visitors arrive. >> we are planning in a way we have never planned before but we have good experience. >> how much is? going to confident? it will cost it is estimated an bout $4.7 million and they are expecting a huge economic pay off that will more than cover the costs.
5:47 am
>> look for more of these in san francisco, we were at alamo square park where a huge super bowl 50 sculptures want up in front of painted ladies, the third of ten planned for around the city and each is different. this is featuring the coins used in the pre-game coin toss and the n is keeping other sculpture locations a secret until they are unveiled. >> you know a few of the locations. >> in front of city hall, a great photo of way back. i like them. they are cool. >> i am looking at my weekend. i am blaming you. it look like i will be rained out. >> but since we are getting the free movies, so we can vote on the awards. >> i need to be caught up on my movies. >> everyone is invited to mike's house to watch the movies. >> we get to vote. find something to do indoors. we are going do have a wet weekend. there are witnesses opening up.
5:48 am
they were clearing the snow and i minute to take it out and now they fixed the camera on a chair lift. quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa, want out that is where it is thickest again near the airport and that is our report ing station and 101. here is san jose, 280 at 17, you can see it is dry. but cloudy. we will need sunglassessed to as the clouds open and umbrella, grab it, scattered showers are tapering on saturday so saturday afternoon through sunday morning is the time to be outside because the stronger storm is sunday evening through morning monday and we will talk about our storm impact scale from light to video veer letting you know what to expect with each winter storm. tonight is light. we will have less than half an inch of rain and light winds so no damage, no flooding. here is a look at clearing through 7:00, up to lunch and the high clouds will stream in, with difficult fused sunshine and we start the evening commute dry and end it at 7:00 with
5:49 am
light rain and 10:00 the rest of us get light rain and overnight, waves light-to-moderate showers tapering but late in the afternoon on senator saturday and more likely in the evening. rain-wise the peninsula in the south bay you get the rain shadow at .1" and the rest of us are quarter to half an inch. my seven-day forecast shows much heavier rain and breezy conditions on sunday night into monday and light rain on tuesday through thursday. >> checked and there are chain requirements still on 80 and 50 and on 80, from baxter to line. closer to home, from the capitol expressway to the s.a.p. center you are look at seven minutes northbound on 87 it is looking good in san jose. check it out, metering lights on at 5:39, typical pattern we they turn them on it is stacked up and we have a nice ride for car poolers from the become of the
5:50 am
line into the toll plaza, and it is 10 minutes. we will take an overall look right now and it will be slow from the central valley and we will update you on the hayward accident we had southbound 880 in the next report. >> new at 6:00, a warning for pregnant women with plans to travel, the virus that could cause serious health problems for your unborn baby. author one of 9 must popular and noisy tourist atraces and how to join in the fun as the city celebrates our sea lion. >> if you are headed out the door take us with you with breaking news and personal side breaking news and personal side ofs alert on the
5:51 am
breaking news and personal side ofs alert on the it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> fremont, appeal, -- palo alto , this is abc7 news. >> the two astronauts are outside of the international space station and one is the first british astronaut ever to do a spacewalk and this is expected to take seven hours. as they install the valve. and the cables. >> names of several areas of yosemite national park are going to be changes to avoid a trademark hotel. one change is majestic hotel, and another is going to be called big tree lodge and another will be named half dome village. a new firm will run the facilities and the old firm said that they own the rights to the names. and it wanted to sell them for $51 million. but it did not work. >> producers of the hit show
5:54 am
"shark tank," are in san francisco searching for the next entrepreneurs at stone valley galleria from 9:00 to 11:00 and given one minute to pitch your business idea. if producers lick it you could end up on the show so come prepared to dazzle with your pitch. a bay area contestant will pitch to the sharks. we wish her luck. action starts at 9:00 right here. >> mr. wonderful can be difficult. good luck. a celebration at the wharf today in honor of sweet faces. today is 26 years since the sea lions arrived at pier 39 and this morning they will kickoff four days of fun with the celebration through pend. what do dedo in the rain? good question. maybe we should check it out. >> lying around in the sun. >> walking the dog, being
5:55 am
outside is good, it is dry. not a bad day to sail it will be dry but cool. milder but dry. here is a look where the rain is in southern california with scattered showers and 71 in paul springs and mid-50s in sacromento and fresno is 60. at lake tahoe, get up there, with 1-3" possible to 4,500' and snow, in heavenly and my four day forecast is light snow on saturday and sunday and moderate snow on monday. >> if you go from hayward to foster city across the san mateo bridge, a nice drive this morning and it is more crewed but, sometime, moving nicely at 15 minutes to the toll plaza over to 101. look at the general drive from central valley, it is slow, a little bit here, and, also, in east bay we have three car accident and it is cleared to the right hand shoulder but southbound 880 is stacked up from highway 92. expect delays. become with a look at the south bay commute coming up.
5:56 am
>> this is cool county an oakland restaurant own is pay it forward to help oakland public schools. the chef is donating 5 percent of the customers' bill to the oakland education fund. he graduated from oakland technical and the chef is holding the fund raidser at all three of his restaurants. the money will be distributed man all oakland schools. >> this year i hope we. resolution a little bit more and my hope is to have other restaurants to latch on. >> dine out and give back goes through the ends of the month and last year he raised $9,000. >> very nice. this is 8:00, two new mountain lion kits in the mountains of southern california attracting a celebrity like attention. look lou cute they are. until they bite you. they are known as p-46 and p-47. they were discovered in december inside a den according to "los
5:57 am
angeles times" and this is where the stories get jerry springer-like. the mother had a previous liter fathered by her dad. the researchers thing he may have fathered p-46 and p-47 so as maury would say, you are the father! we will see if that is true when they conduct the d.n.a. test and they conduct the d.n.a. test and if p-46 have >> safety by bart is leaving passengers feel unease and what you should know before holding to the train. ahelping pet owners would need a ahelping pet owners would need a ride with uber and lyft.
5:58 am
one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. break. we start the half hour with breaking news in hawaii, a midair collision between two marine corps helicopters. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. this happened overnight off off the north shore of oahu. >> it will people were on board and all missing. the marine corps tweetedness saying they were two chinook helicopters, the largest aircraft used. the marine corps posted this video of a training exercise on facebook two days ago. it is unclear if this is a helicopter involved in the accident. a call came in on the downing five hours ago. it happened at 1:30 am, and each helicopter was carrying six people, so they are looking for 12 personnel totals so far, the searchers have covered a debris field off the coast of the island and they spot add fire and an empty life raft. the coast guard sent


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