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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m., good morning, thank you for hanging out with us. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. thursday, january 28. we do need to get a quick look at traffic starting with sue hall because this is a major problem on bart.
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>> they are say equipment problems fremont to hayward, major delays, meaning more than 30 minutes. heads up for bart riders if you are up and out. muni's downtown san francisco is re-routed due to super bowl city expect delays. caltrain is a great way to come to san francisco. we will check back with a look at the bay bridge commute coming up. >> we look at live doppler hd and if you use our app you could see a few radar returns across the north bay and sprinkles at past. the air is so dry under. we will see increasing clouds today and after a cooler start we are go to be mild this afternoon, at 39-50 at 7:00, high clouds and sunshine and nearly 60 at noon, low-to-mid 60s by 4:00 and a cool evening, grab a jacket for mid-50s. >> you are looking at super bowl city in san francisco and it looks like verizon store this is change on the embarcadero, the
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temporary structures getting bigger and bigger. it will feature entertainment and shopping, open to the public, just two days from now, saturday morning, at 11:00. >> when it comes to the super bowl we me that it will be hard to get a ticket but what about regular games or big concerts? do you have a hard time getting a decent ticket? it is not just you. the results of a three year investigation has shown less than half of tickets sold are available to the public. >> we on thed a copy of the report that shows that ticket price fixing is a big problem. systematically it affects concerts to sporting events such as the nfl. new york attorney general has been leading the three year investigation looking into how big a problem it is and how to tackle it. they discovered that people like you and i are at a huge disadvantage. this are a lot of tickets placed on hold for insider sales but
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they are also competing against brokers using illegal software to grab as many tickets as they can in a short amount of time and they are sell them for a markup of up to 49 percent and up to 1,000 percent. if you check out stubhub tickets are going for $3,700 and up to $20,000 to get a seat inside the stadium. the new york attorney general and other attorneys general are hoping those behind the illegal ticket situation will face tough criminal prosecution and calling for sites to only work with licensed ticket dealers in order to crackdown on this problem. >> thank you, janet. san francisco police say everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings during all of the super bowl festivities especially in light of a female tourist being pepper sprayed and robbed at twin peaks near the views of the city yesterday.
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paramedics are washing out her eyes after she was attacked. the% snatchers were a man and a woman in their 20s. >> san jose is preparing in the event of mass casualty situation during the super bowl. we are at regional medical center where though set up the triage tents in the parking lot. a hospital spokesman said the tents are there just in case there is a overflow of patients. >> for people would live and work in san francisco are blaming the super bowl for homeless camps popping up to their neighborhoods. this is under highway 101, officials were quick to disagree saying that the illegal cans were there well before the have been. people staying there say get into shelters is very difficult. >> a super bowl city opened there will an big demand on data as fans try to stream concerts and post photos on social media on their phone. cell phone providers are upping
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their game with cell on wheels, and sprint and verizon have parked cows around the city and each can handle an extra thousand users. service could be spotty. >> i help they will make changes in order for it to improve. >> we have designed this to handle three times the capacity of a normal event like a parade. >> the cell phone companies have spent $100 million to permanently upgrade and expand their networks in downtown san francisco. author adding more cell service at the terminals at sfo. count on us to let you know of the ongoing impact of the big game. get prepared now and download the abc news app and enable push alerts. >> court documents are revealing disturbing new evidence of a man accused of killing his co-worker in san jose.
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steve hlebo appeared yesterday in court charged in the death of kyle myrick but his body has never been found. our reporter described what police found inside of a vacant building next to where the men were working. >> 39-year-old steve hlebo of los altos made a brief appearance in court. four days after police say he killedly co-worker, 2-year-old -- 28-year-old kyle myrick work at -- sports in san jose. what prompted the attack is unknown. according to documents, police found a severed ear and blood on the walls and floor inside the building next door. kyle myrick's body is missing the prosecutors say they have a strong kiss without it. >> we are confident in the charges we have filed. >> workers at again sports are devastated. kyle myrick was well liked willing to do any job.
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the owner say steve hlebo never failed a drug test but he seemed off the day of the attack. >> he looked tired that day, said he did not sleep...said he was a quiet guy anyway. >> police hoped to find kyle myrick alive searching the home after discovering the crime scene but friends and family say it is up to them to find him. >> look. take five minutes, take the dog for a walk, help me mind my brother. a plea by the family desperate to bring him home. >> congresswomanject spear will work with fema to get help for people watching their home slowly slide into the ocean in pacifica. we were at esplanade yesterday as she stop by an apartment building teetering close to the edge. she compared the damage caused by pounding surf to super storm san difficult that caused $62 billion in damage.
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>> we can make the case that storm storm is ongoing super storm sandy event providing the rental assistance could be difficult. >> pacifica can compete for $30 million in state disaster relief can has to be used for public facilities like the damaged seawall and pier. >> warriors are now three years away from opening a new arena in san francisco but it already has a name. you can now call it the chase center, j.p. morgan chase bank has bought the naming rights to the 18,000 seat building. they are not say how much they are paying but the agreement is probably worth more than the $10 million tell that was agreed to pay in 2012 to get barkley on the home of brooklyn nets. they agreed to pay $11 million on the name of the 49ers, way back in 1996, pacific bell agreed to pay $2 million a career to put their name on at&t park. it is a bargain, now.
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>> the new smart commuter train service is closer to becoming reality, and the dry run will likely start in june with a few onlying by fall. segments of track are being tested and when it is ready the system will link sonoma and marin counties. >> now, getting bark to the traffic situation. >> yes, we have a major bart delay and no service trains between fremont and bay fair because of a power outage on the tracks and they are not sure we have a call to bart, we are not sure if they will provide action transit service. they are not expensing delays but we get back with bart to find out the power situation and if they are going to provide bus bridges. they are saying "seek other means of transportation," both directions between present and bay fair. mike? >> calmer. quiet. our calendar, 22 of 27 days so
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far in january we have had measurable rain. i have rain today after the sun sets in the north bay with light rain possible. speaking of the for the bay you mainly in the mid-to-upper 40s until napa and american canyon and same in san francisco, daly city is 50, and check out san ramon, 40 right now and lafayette and cupertino is 43 and newark is 45 and san jose is 44. walnut creek shows it is clear. your afternoon, 62 to 65 inland, and 64 at coast and around the bay, 63 to 68 and san rafael looks clear this morning and we are go do have cooler temperatures to, low-to-mid 60s and the mid-50s for saturday with a scatter shower and sunday, another chance of light rain. we will look at that hour-by-hour forecast coming up. reggie and natasha? >> there is a t she about michael jackson in the work and the actor picked is causing a lot of controversy and will add
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fuel to the debate over diversity the. >> high profile silicon valley company that lefted vice president biden now is in president biden now is in trouble.
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>> an alert neighbor is credited with hoping walnut creek police catch a mail theft suspect after he was spotted looking into several mailboxes. officers arrested the 22 -year-old alexander philips. he was stolen mail and packages
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and is on payroll. aferguson, missouri, has a deal with the job to refm the police department after the deadly shooting of 18-year-old brown. it agreed to overhaul the local court system after seven months of negotiation and will likely avert the federal government filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson. >> los angeles police officers will not face criminal charges for shooting in the sent for the man christopher dorner. remember that name? this is back throw years ago, the officers fired at a truck they thought the suspect was driving. it turns out to be two women who were delivering newspapers. donor was a former l.a.p.d. officer killed four people. he died after a stand off. the two women received a settlement worth millions. ahealth inspectors give a bio-tech company ten days to
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deal with problems that most immediate job difficult to patient safety. the medicare and medicaid service say there are problems with leadership and blood system but they not say what is wrong. >> and another said they will submit a full correction plan in days and if not they face a fine $10 the a day. apresident obama is coming to the bay area on february 11, holding a fundraiser for the democratic national committee in atherton. the president is also weighing in on a hot topic in hollywood, the oscars diversity controversy express how he felt about the academy nominating only white actors say he believes when everyone's story is told it maybe for better art. all the industry should do what every other industry do, look for talent and provide
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opportunity to everyone. the oscar debate is really just an expression of the broader issue of, are we making sure that everyone is getting a fair shot? >> he said he think california is an example of the incredible diversity in this country. >> the california senate is being asked to decide on a set of regulations that would governor help the fast growing fantasy sports industry. though approved a bill to localize games and require operators to pay fees to be licensed by the state. san rafael assembly man voted against this bill calling the sports a remain for of gambling that can only be approved by voters and has been the target of an industry ad campaign and wants more regulation. >> we have an update on the bart situation. now, sue has what is happening. >> yes, better news. power was restored ten fremont and bay fair. there are still delays on fremont line as they recoup from the early power outage. no other system-wide delays but
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just fremont line toward bay fair both directions. the problem has been fixed. that is much better news. a.c. transit, no delays. it should recover and be bag to normal in the next couple of minutes. we will keep following that. if the travels take you on the east shore freeway to san francisco, it is a nice ride with no metering light on the bay bridge toll plaza and we will take take a look in san jose beyond the s.a.p. center and light conditions here. so far, so good, with the exception of the bart delay on the fremont line. mike? >> yes. good morning, everyone. live doppler hd is see radar returns, to cloverdale on 128 and to lakeport and clear lake a few sprinkles are possible. the rest of us are leader and cooler. we are going to see increasing clouds, so not so bright and
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sprinkle cross the north bay and a better chance of anything measurable. two weekend storms, the best chance of wet weather tomorrow and sunday. we have weak storms next week. nothing, really, el nino-enhanced. at 4:00 this morning, all the way through the afternoon hours you can see the radar returns staying in the sonoma and lake county and as we head to the overnight hours a few sprinkles could develop to the south and we will wake up tomorrow morning and you will see the next cold front moving in with yellows and organizes. it could be moderate rain in the morning and when the morning commute ends it moves down and weakens through the rest of the neighborhood. there is president of light rain any time tomorrow. it could be a push in the evening. we will have rough surf at 4:00 this afternoon through 5:00 tomorrow morning. watch out for that. my seven-day forecast shows the storm impact scale is "1" for friday and sunday with rainfall
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amount light and the rain -- rain not aggressive. >> coffee bennett prices are fall -- coffee bean prices are dropping. unfortunately, though, the coffee shops are not likely to pass the sayings on to you. >> a lot of people are watching lyft has settle add lawsuit try to get the drivers to be called "employees," and will give drivers additional workplace recollection and in change can continue to call them independent contractors, but the lawyers are not ready to end a similar suit against uber. all the fcc wants to overhaul how the cable top boxes work. >> possible change coming to the
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came box. cable and satellite customers could purchase the devices. everyone must lease the box from the provider for $230 a year. weapon difficult's is investigating security breach saying it has the reports of unusual activity on the cards that recently were used as some locations. >> customers are asked to check bank statements. >> diet coke is hoping to refresh their brand with new graphics creating a program that has an explosion of color on to millions of cans and bottles with no two cans that is america's money. >> straight ahead the seven things you need to know to start the day. >> a big surprise for shaquille >> a big surprise for shaquille on jimmy kimmel
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>> 5:22. he are sting things you need to know before you go. breaking news in the south bay, police and c.h.p. are in san jose in a neighborhood after chase a driver there from sunnyvale. they have not said why. >> two, breaking news, the world health organization announced the zika virus is "exploding," around the americas and members are holding an emergency meeting to decide whether to declare an international emergency on the virus which is tied to birth defects in children. >> three, a tour sift recovering after two robbers pepper sprayed and robber her at san francisco twin peak as from reminder to be aware of what is happening around you especially in the super bowl festivities. four, court documents reveal disturbing new evidence of the man accused of killing his co-worker in san jose over the weekend, saying a bloody ear was found at the crime scene and the
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body of kyle myrick has not been down. the suspect said he was drugged and does not remember the details of the day. five, off to a quiet start with dry weather of the can you see 20 percent chance of rain increases through the next seven days. i will let you know where and how heavy. >> six, we have delays with fremont lane on bart however, it is recovering, and power has been restored teen fremont and the bay fair station but expect delays on the fremont line with no other bart delays this morning. seven, controversy is growing over a white actor cast to play michael jackson in a tv movie. he said he was shocked to be picked for the role arrests fans who call it "outrageous." >> the field at levi stadium is taking shape right now at super bowl 50, with the second number painted yesterday the first time the nfl has not used roman numerals for the game, because a
5:25 am
numerals for the game, because a roman numeral for 50 is different end zone. >> innovation is sue supreme at google with over reason to brag after technology pioneered did nothing no computer has done. >> google developed intelligence capable of beating the best human player at the complicated board game "goh," which champion 5-0. goh is a game where you move black and black& stones. >> shaquille announced h
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be honored with a statue unveiled during the 2016 season but does not know until he appear on jimmy kimmel. >> do you see this? >> yes thank you is a surprise to you the lakers asked me to mention it, the statue of there they are putting up at the staples center. [ applause ] is not a joke. swear. swear to god. >> that is a cool surprise. >> shaquille played eight seasons for the layingers teaching up with kobe bryant to win the championships in 200, 2001 and 2002. >> has this ever happened to you? a concert you really want to go to and you cannot get tickets. >> if you said yes and you probably did, you are not alone, the ticket fixing scandal being exposed. exposed. >> 22
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. coming up on 5:30. it is thursday. we are glad to be here. we are almost to the weekend. >> we are. i am natasha zouves. the weekend is literally in sight. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning. digging for my umbrella. >> that is right. >> probably going to need it tomorrow. in the north bay sprinkles. a better chance of measurable rain after the sun sets with increasing clouds and look how calm it is on the embarcadero, weather-wise and super bowl wise. 7:00 this morning, our temperatures are ten degrees cooler, high clouds and 60s at noon increasing clouds with low-to-mid 60s at 4:00 and mostly cloudy this evening with light rain across the not bay and mid-50s. how is the commute?
5:30 am
>> rough for bart riders, but recovering from early power outages on the fremont line. expect delays with the fremont lane and metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:26 and traffic is stacked to the overcrossings for 20 minute ride from golden gate field into san francisco. it is looking good for san rafael south from highway 37 in novato and beyond the civic center and the mall into san francisco. we will check back with bart open delay in the next report. >> more now on breaking news in san jose. police activity in the neighborhood where a c.h.p. chase came to an end. officers were pursuing a suspect out of sunnyvale and we do not know what the pursuit was about. our reporter is head right new to the scene and we will continue to update the story by putting out update on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> we spent thousands of people
5:31 am
to stream into the bay area female tourist was pepper sprayed and robbed at twin peaks. amy? >> yes, they are busy here work ing around to clock to get super bowl city ready working all night and day to have it ready for saturday's opening and it is expected to attract a million people into the city. police have been busy behind the scenes working on a plan to make sure the people are safe while they are here. as we saw yesterday tourists are often a target, two people robbed a woman at twin peaks yesterday afternoon attacking her with pepper spray and they grabbed her purse. police say there is something you can did to maybe yourself less appealing target. >> if you have a purse always make sure you carry the strap across the chest, don't hold it on the side where it will be easy to access. they would have to rip the body
5:32 am
if it is across the chest. the suspect would choose a so ther target than a quick grab. >> your purse will be searched at super bowl city. you also is to pass through a metal debtor. it will be like entering a stadium. they say you are a big part of the security plan. if you see something it is p to say something. >> it is all happens on deck for the many law enforcement agencies in charge of keeping super bowl fans safe. san francisco police are canceling all time off for their officers. the city is activating the emergency separation center on saturday and san francisco's fire department has planned how firefighters and paramedics will respond in included areas hick super bowl city. you may see fire department members on foot and ride around
5:33 am
in golf cart-like vehicles. >> this giant sign is coming down. the verizon ad violates city law because they are too big. >> san francisco hosts the equivalent of 18 super bowls every year. if we -- even if it were in our power to say we will let you break the lay we have to do that for everyone. >> part of the sign showing the game logo and lombardi trophy will stay and we first questioned the legality of the sign when an architect said they violate a voter approved ordinance. >> tomorrow you can forget parking at the golden gate bridge visitor center, closed to car from 11:00 to 5:00 control the tourist. to us buses and taxis and
5:34 am
are allowed. the closure runs through super bowl sunday. we will keep you in the know on how it will impact all of us. download the abc7 news app and enable push alerts. >> if you have hopes of getting affordable ice coats to the super bowl, depth hold your breath. the average fan has no chance of getting a ticket at face value the determination of a three year investigation obtained by abc news. the new york attorney general found less than half of tickets are reserved for the public and they are snatched up by ticket breakers who grab up hundreds or thousands of stick coats at a time that are then marked to 1,000 percent. all the future of solar power will be voted on if san francisco, with commissioners urged not to call rooftop solar
5:35 am
customers center fees. utilities like pg&e argue that the users are not paying their fair share for maintaining our electrical friday. the commissioners are expected to back the solar industry. >> big win for berkeley for drove dangers. a judge ruled the city can require retailers to warn customers of possible health risks include how they exposed to radiation that exceed government standards by carrying phones too close to their body. this ordinance was set to take effect last june but a trade group blocked it with a lawsuit over a disputed wanting. the city removed the warning and the judge approved the ordinance. >> come to the tv and hurricane at the video -- and hurricane at the video, a rescue at sea in the middle of the ocean. here is the video of sailor now safe. >> crew members on this cargo ship from man ma "modern
5:36 am
expression," ran into trouble on tuesday after nearly tipping over 150 miles from land. sailors had to change to the decks of the ship to escape being swept to sea all in the middle of gale force winds. the spanish coast guard helicoptered in with the guard on the deck of the ship where the sailors are lay down next to each other and one by one they were hoisted into the air. this all happened as the ship was crashing up and down in the waves. obvious relief as every sailor made it into the helicopter and back on to land. one rescuer giving a thumb's up. we will bring per spottive in map shows the path of the ship leash northern africa heading to san francisco but right here in the middle of the bay, 150 miles from anything and the spanish
5:37 am
coast guard had to make the rescue and the distance from land made it difficult and that ship carrying 3,600 ton of wood and construction equipment. >> incredible video. >> happening today, most of the republican white house hopefuls will meet for the final debate before the what with caucus next week. "most," is the key word because donald trump is not there with the other g.o.p. contenders the fox is air the debate and donald trump is embroiled in a feud with fox. trump will hold a special event for veterans at drake university. >> we will switch to north bay politics, sonoma county supervisor has announced he will not run in a third term. the santa rosa press democrat reports that he said he wants to spend more time with his family. the 3-year-old was seen as a rising star and two alcohol-related arrests and
5:38 am
accusations of peeping on a woman prompted calls for him to reseen. >> governor brown will push for a ballot initiative to shorten prison sentences for some inmates and change how juveniles are tried. i would give prison officials the authority to award credit to inmate whose have undergone rehab and give nonviolent felons the ability to seek paw roll and require judges to decide if the juveniles should be tried as adults. brown helped create strict sentencing laws in 70s and 80s and now said he regrets that decision. >> and the family was 13 when disappeared 27 years ago while walking home from school in 1989. in is $100,000 reward for information leading to arrest of those responsible for her disappearance. had walk is at 7:00 at wells middle school and ends at
5:39 am
st. raymond's catholic church. a security guard is under arrest for pretending to be a police officer identified as 22-year-old gregory calisopa saying he was a liver and tried to handcuff another driver during a road rage incident on tuesday. the driver had a son if his car and was suspicious and called 9-1-1. the defendant was arrested after that. >> we are get closer to rain. mike? >> we are get closer. you asked open twitter and i answer here and here is where we stand for the son am rain null. the san francisco is above average at 103 and san jose is best at 116 and moffett field is 108 and everyone else is below average so we need more rain. 50 at berkeley and alameda and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40s along east bay more and inland to castro valley at 44 degrees and lasten
5:40 am
and livermore at 40 and an together and brentwood at 42 and san jose is 44 and 50 in san francisco and pacifica at june and novato is 53. a light breeze from the northeast but no fog and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s with increasing sunshine and a few sprinkles in the not by as we lack from mount tamalpais we have a chance of light rain on friday and another chance on sunday but saturday may not be cop meetly dry also. sue? >> we have if you bart issue us, with ongoing power problems this morning with a problem with the fremont line is recovering and now there is limited service between dublin and castro valley a continuing problem. expect delays. dublin and castro stream and the fremont lane. muni is good but for downtown san francisco with the routes being redone because of the super bowl city activities and a.c. transit if you travel on the east bay to san francisco could be a good option for the bart delays.
5:41 am
back with more often the bart situation in a few minutes. >> how many horses is too many? next, the zoning battle in the east bay pitting neighbor against neighbor. >> only on abc a look inside against neighbor. >> only on abc a look inside uber headquarters.
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>> new developments in the armed stand off in oregon. three more militia members are in custody after leave the compound after the leader told them to leave the refuge and go home. five others were questioned and released. bundy was arrested with several other members on tuesday night. one was shot and killed during a confrontation. >> san jose police are asking for your help to find four men who stole thousands in merchandise in a nike store in south san jose. this was five days before christmas. they ran out of the shop with as many items as they could carry. witnesses saw they got away in a bronze-colored hyundai. they face grand theft charges when caught. >> question for an east bay neighbor how many horses is too many?
5:45 am
it is pitting neighbor against neighbor. they agree about one thing accusing alameda county of misleading they. people are riding their horses around the district but the neighbors have stretched the rule on how many horses he have. zoning laws allow two horses an acre but some have up to continue horses much that has led to complaints. >> the smell. in the summer. it is tell. the flies, too many. >> we moved here we purchased the home and we were told we could have animals and now they say the county made a mistake. >> last night the county officials reject two requests to allow additional horses to be account on people's property. the folks now have 180 days to find new hopes for the horses. >> we know what caused trains to
5:46 am
toppling cars. the device failed after pigging up other cars. as you can see, the remaining cars fell on to their side. no car leaked. >> uber is making it easier for fans to get between san francisco and santa clara. for the first time the company is expanding the car pool service out of the the city from now until the big game. this will be a special drop off and pickup election at super bowl city and levi stadium. there is even a new partnership with caltrain. we we will use pool train to take uber pool to and from any caltrain station. >> the uber pool is obviously going to take you a little bit longer because you pick up more people but the fares are significantly lower. uber is the official transportation network of the super bowl. >> super bowl city opens on saturday at 11:00 a.m. and many people will come in.
5:47 am
are we rained out? >> not saturday. this are sprinkles possibility maybe drizzle in the morning but manage to weapon you from expensing something like that. >> sunday, more daysy. the rain could be further to the south but as close as we are to the ocean we get drizzle. we will keep an cry on it and work on the forecast graphic and break it out in the show tomorrow. here is what is go on the next three hours. pretty quiet, a sprinkle chose the no pay and as we lack from our exploritorium camera to downtown it looks nice. clouds increase today, highs are mild again with a lot of spring fever and people talking about it on facebook and trimming roses and just a nice day to be outside. rain on friday is? end and possible showers on saturday and cooler next week. our storm impact trail is "1" light, to "5" severe and the next storm is a "1" because the rainfall amounts are light at half an inch or more in the north bay. the winds are light.
5:48 am
here is how it play out. you can see not much is going on and through the day we see the clouds increasing with a few clouds. anything measurable is going to fall in the evening and overnight. tomorrow morning, during the morning commute light-to-moderate rain in the north bay until 9:00 and the rest of us have a chance of waves of light rain through the afternoon and maybe heavier during the evening hours and tapering as we head to saturday morning. the problem along our peaches though, will start today at 4:00, until pack tomorrow afternoon and high surf advisory . nickel and dime stores are possible but sunday more of a target in the south bay than in the north bay. friday and tuesday are "1" also. >> bart is experiencing more problems this morning: power issues with limited service between dublin and castro valley because of power problems all the way to san francisco only able to run four-car trains. it will be crowds.
5:49 am
get this usually. there was an early power outage at fremont which is restored. service on the fremont line is getting back to normal. if you come from dublin/pleasanton to san francisco on bart expect shorter trains, bigger crowds and limited parking. more people are crowding on there. muni in san francisco is re-routed around super bowl city. we will look at the beautiful bay bridge with traffic stacked up behind the toll plaza with 5:23 when the metering lights went on. >> toys 'r us is give an 70ive to get dangerous children's products out of your home. they will accept trade ins of recalled merchandise through february with discounts town 30 percent on a new purchase including recalled kristens
5:50 am
cribs and strolls and playrooms. >> look at this face, those dimples. >> this adorable 15-month-old is the new gerber of year, from troy, michigan and her photo was picked from 170,000 entries. her cheeky smile and "awesome hair," that did it. mom and dad will receive $50,000 in prize money and the parents are still dividing whether to make her a baby model in the future. >> she should decide. >> she has decided plame. >> a holiday tradition my have saved a baby if life and what a pert revealed about its health. >> u.k. engineers have created a new fitness monitorren like any you have seen before. >> social media star stipulating -- stepping up to make sure that tim stays a san francisco giant.
5:51 am
>> when you see news where you live take a photo or video and live take a photo or video and we could use live take a photo or video and we could use this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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>> we remember exactly where we were when the space shuttle "challenger" tragedy happened. it is hard to believe but it was 19896 and now 30 years later. the "challenger" exploded 73 seconds after take off. the booster engine failed. today, nasa will pay tribute to the seven astronaut whose gave their lives including the teacher set to be the first teacher in space. >> hard to watch. >> you may hear more jets' you headed to airplanes across the bay area. hayward executive airport and
5:54 am
others expect to be swamped by planes contrary the rich and famous. a local congresswoman spoke of keep the noise down for the same much everyone. >> the f.a.a. is looking at alternative flight paths so the families in the areas, they not awakened at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. >> bay areas three major airplanes expecting to see a surge in passengers before and after super bowl 50. >> tim little cups day as a giant could be numbered but he will be back in the on and black in the spring if the cofound are of myspace has his way. he is such a big fan he has offered to payly salary to keep him in san francisco. anderson made the offer through a tweet, lincecum's salary was $18 million. there is no word if he will take him up on that. >> nice to have friends in high places. i don't know what it feels like but meteorologist mike nicco...
5:55 am
>> did you say high places for tim lincecum? >> no, i did not say that. >> jogging, good. sailing, good. garden, good. jokes? bad. from mendocino and lake county to lake tahoe scattered showers and mid-60s. mid-to-upper 70s in los angeles, palm springs. we have something serious, the western sleep of the sierra at 4:00 in the afternoon law 10:00 in morning, 3-5" to 5,000 feet and 1' higher, you can see more snow saturday and sunday. >> san mateo bridge, 92, drive this morning getting busy at 15 minutes and we will look at the south bay 280 beyond the 880 overcrossing toward cupertino and from this point
5:56 am
toward cupertino you are looking at seven-minute drive and bart spenting power issues with limited service from the dublin/pleasanton area and we will check back with bart if a couple of minutes for latest. >> thank you. uc berkeley engineers created the first wearable system to analyze your sweat instantly and wirelessly. >> provide us with a wealth of information about our body condition and this video features the engineer whose created the product. senseers are inside a sweatband measuring sodium, glucose, potassium, and to monitor health and warn of dehydration. >> a ohio woman cannot help but laugh when she thing of how much she has seen and how long she has been alive. >> her is 108! can you believe that will set she is celebrating her birthday
5:57 am
with her family in cleveland. show never had kids but was a foster parent for a long-term and she said it is about 50 kids. she said it was important to give them a good life and make sure they all had good education. here is her add vase: love one another and help others. longevity runs in the family. her cousin lived to be 114! happy birthday. >> new at 6:00 an update from the world health objection on the zika virus as officials decide if it should be an international health emergency. >> menlo park-based facebook shares are soaring, how much c.e.o. facebook c.e.o. mark c.e.o. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is worth and
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the bay bridge is different the lights all morning. we have firework on saturday.
6:00 am
all is right with the world. >> a lot of exciting things happening. this is natasha zouves and i am reggie aqui the rain coming. >> but today it is quiet. the next three hours show no rain. we see increasing clouds. enjoy the sunshine early. we will be mild this afternoon. we start off cooler at 39-50 so maybe a heavier coast and high clouds at noon hang around 60. sprinkles are possible across the north by at 4:00 and the rest of us are partly sunny and a better chance of light rain in the north bay. >> bart is expensing delays with the fremont lane line covering from early power identity averages and limited service from dublin to castro valley and into san francisco running only four car trains so expect crowds. a.c. transit a good way to go and not seeing any delays. here is the east shore freeway crowded to the bay bridge toll plaza and we have reports of a


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