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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> a lot of exciting things happening. this is natasha zouves and i am reggie aqui the rain coming. >> but today it is quiet. the next three hours show no rain. we see increasing clouds. enjoy the sunshine early. we will be mild this afternoon. we start off cooler at 39-50 so maybe a heavier coast and high clouds at noon hang around 60. sprinkles are possible across the north by at 4:00 and the rest of us are partly sunny and a better chance of light rain in the north bay. >> bart is expensing delays with the fremont lane line covering from early power identity averages and limited service from dublin to castro valley and into san francisco running only four car trains so expect crowds. a.c. transit a good way to go and not seeing any delays. here is the east shore freeway crowded to the bay bridge toll plaza and we have reports of a
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big-rig accident. >> we want to get to breaking news in the south by a c.h.p. chase ends in san jose. janet o is in sunnyvale where it began. >> this may have started out as a robbery at a sunnyvale apartment complex a couple of minutes from where we are. this is video from the citizen. the chase ended in san jose where a car was being towed from the area and you can see the c.h.p. sent the chopper up but in word on the suspect or suspects in this case or if anyone was arrested. c.h.p. confirms that they were involved in a short pursuit that started at 1:30 this morning and at this time all questions are being directed to sunnyvale police department who is a lead agency would we caused several times this morning the they are not giving any information at this time. we are continuing to gather as much as we can and pass long the latest information.
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>> thank yous janet. this is super bowl city in san francisco. it keeps changing and the temporary structure is getting bigger with every patting hour. this is along the embarcadero. crews are working around-the-clock to get it completed when finished and all the people are there even this early. it will be open to the public in two difficulties, saturday morning, at 11:00 a.m. >> heightened security around super bowl city will affect people who are not going to the event. golden gate ferry has random security screening. you have to approach the gate with a bag open so folks can expect it and starting on saturday, passengers heading to market street directly from the ferry are going do face airport-style security screening. >> san francisco police say everyone needs to be aware of the surroundings during the super bowl festivities in lights
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of a go mail tourist being pepper sprayed and robbed at twin peaks. robbery happened yesterday right near the views of the city. you can see paramedics washing out the victim's eyes after the thieves attacked her at 4:00 p.m. the victim told police that the brazen purse snatchers were a man and a woman in their 20s and she is expected to recover from the injuries. >> san jose is preparing in the event of a mass casualty situation during the super bowl and we were at regional medical center of san jose and they are setting up triage tents in the parking lot. a hospital spokesperson said that the tents are there just in case there is an overflow of maybes during the game. >> for people would live and work in san francisco are blaming the have been for helpless encampment pop up. this is under highway 101 and officials are quick to disagree, they say that illegal catches were there well before the super bowl. people staying there say getting into shelter is difficult.
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>> fans are expected to put a big demand open data as they try to stream live concerts and of course take the selfies the sprint and at&t and verizon are using "cows," cell site on wheels. you will see several parked around super bowl city. we talked to a man who was conditioned about service being spotty. >> i hope they will make changes in order for it to improve. >> we have designed this where we are to handle three times the capacity of a normal event like a parade. >> they are even soling these at the airport spend $100 million to upgrade and expand permanent networks in downtown san francisco. >> as the super bowl approaches you can count on abc7 to let you know about the ongoing impact of this event. be prepared now and down load the abc news app and enable push alerts. it is all free. >> we will turn to the latest on
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the dangerous zika virus linked to a severe birth defect with at least 21 cases in ten states across the united states including here in california. now, at look at this in geneva an emergency meeting just stating, this morning they will decide if the zika virus should be declared an international health emergency. an official with the world health organization said that we just don't know enough. the link is not 100 percent clear that the verse is responsible no a spike in babies being born with an normally small heads in brazil. but the level of alarm is still extremely high. >> congresswoman jackie speier is going to work with fema to get help for people who are watching the cliff side fall into the ocean. she stopped by an apartment building teetering close to the edge and compared damage caused by the pounding surf to super
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storm sandy that caused close to $62 billion in damage. >> unless we make the case that el nino is ongoing super storm sandy event providing the rental assistance could be difficult. >> pacifica can compete for $30 million in state disaster release but that money has to be moved for public facilities like the damageed sea wall. all the new smart commuter service is closer to picking up passenger. a dry run starts in juan and the full opening as soon as fall. segments of track are being tested we when it is ready, the commuter smart train the link sonoma and bay area. arebound is coming to the bay area hold be a fundraiser for the democratic national committee in atherton at the home of venture capitalist. the president 8 weigh in on the hot topic in hollywood, the
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oscars diversity controversy express how he felt about the academy nominateing only white actors again this year saying he believes when everyone's story is told it maybe for better art. all the industry sudden do what every other industry do: look for talent and provide opportunity to everyone. the oscar debate is just an expression of this broader she of, are we making sure that everyone is getting a fair shot? >> president obama said he things california is an example of the incredible diversity of this country. >> next, a christmas picture that may have saved a three-month-old baby's life, what this revealed about his health. >> what facebook plans to give >> what facebook plans to give users more way
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on friday eve, 22 of the 27 days so tar with the measurable rain and we will have light measurable rain in the not bay so we will start the trend again today. 39 in san ramon, dublin and pleasanton, and low-to-mid 40s throughout the rest of our inland east bay neighborhoods and the same thing ofry where until san francisco and pacifica at 50, and a look at san jose and 87 where the temperatures are in the low 40s we. hand out in the low-to-mid 50s with increasing clouds and watch out the coast is going to be
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cooler, and a look at san rafael, no fog to speak of as we look south on 101, rain tomorrow, scattered height showers and another chance of rain on sunday, and notice the tells are ten degrees cooler this weekend. i have an hour an hour-by-hour look at the storm. aand lincoln southbound slow lane a stalled big-rig. we had reports of an accident involving a big-rig here at the toll plaza which is moved to the right shoulder and metering lights came on this morning at 5:23 and traffic is stacked up beyond the macarthur maze and we will look at mostl no major stall or accidents and you go below 20 miles per hour and you pick it up identify the altamont pass and it is better into dublin/pleasanton and bart updates we will have in a second with power shes most of the morning, and we will get details from bart. >> new this morning you are looking at a photo that may have saved a baby's life.
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do you see right there a white flash in a baby's eyes? an arizona mother mentioned it to the pediatrician and the doctor look and sent the babe to a specialist. it turns out the baby suffers from a rare eye cancer and he now is undergoing therapy. if it was undetect the it would have spread to his brain. >> a lot of people are talking about this on social media, facebook users in the united states have more options than just the like button when they respond. six new emoji are tested, angry, sad, wow, ha, yeah and zuckerberg said there are a few kinks to, with out but they will surface in the next few weeks. >> still ahead often the only news, the new alternate for parents for organic bread. >> a last minute push to be all >> a last minute push to be all star reserve by klay thomp
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i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage, get two breakfast croissants for four bucks. >> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:15. an alert neighborhood helped
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cautious a e-mail suspect with a man looking interest several mail boxes on tuesday. the officers arrested the 20-year-old alexander philips after stealing other packages and is on parole. >> ferguson, missouri, has a deal to reform the police department and this is after the deadly shooting of 18-year-old michael brown in 2014. brown was not arm. ferguson agreed to overhaul the local court system and this is important, the agreement comes after seven months of negotiation that likely averts the federal government failing a civil rights lawsuit against the city of ferguson. >> a gruff los angeles police officers not face criminal charges for a shooting in the sent for the man you see were at screen, christopher dorner 89 the officers fired at a traffic accident they thought dorner was driving and it wasn't him. in fact, it was innocent people, two women delivering newspapers.
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donor, a former l.a.p.d. officer, killed four people and he died after a stand off with police. the two women received a settlement worth millions. >> now a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning. >> g.o.p. front runner donald trump boycotting the republican debate and overnight taking aim directly at fox news and megan kelly, the latest from iowa this morning days away from caucus. >> thank you, we will see you at 7:00 a.m. >> the rollup icons will get a new addition, shaq who will be honored with his own statue during the 2016-2017 season he found it out along with the rest of the world on jimmy kimmel live. >> see this what i am showing you? >> yes thai is, and you don't know about this, it is a surprise to you the lakers asked
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me to mention it, a statue of you being put up. [ applause ] >> this is not a joke. i swear to god. that is it. that is what it will look like. >> he was genuinely surprised. he played eight seasons with the lakers dealing with kobe bryant so in the championship in 200, 2001 and 2002. >> warriors forward draymond green and guard clay clay will find out if if will find out if they are joining steph curry. steph curry was voted for the second straight year and the nab coaches vote for seven best players on each team with the all-star game february 14 in toronto. >> clay thompson tried to make the final pitch and he led the warriors against the 345 ribs scoring 45 minutes and the warriors 127-107 victory at
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oracle arena. it was the dubs 40th straight win at home tie the magic for the second largest home winning streak and the bills homed the record of 44 in a row. yesterday was a year since the warriors last lost at oracle arena, just amazing. the next game is saturday in philadelphia. >> we have had bart issues so we will check with sue. >> bart has been personsing power outans. the if news is it look like it is all cleared. we had problems dublin/pleasanton into san francisco and it is now longer trains and they are running only four car trains for a time and that is resumed and early delay on fremont is cleared so better news for bart riders as you head out this morning at 6:19. other mass transit, downtown san francisco for the super bowl city, those have been re-routed southbound 101 beyond the civic center in marin county a stalled
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big-rig in the right lane, the slow lane so be aware it does not look lake we are slowing too much. >> we are will back with the lake tahoe report in a few. >> i think you will like it. i will show you the light rain falling across the north bay more hike sprinkles because it is barely reach the ground because the air is so dry and that is how it will be. the rest of the us are starting out clear and cooler at ten degrees cooler. so tut to bright with increasing clouds and spring olds across the not bay and on storms this weekend and the best chance of rain is friday and saturday and saturday may not be completely dry but not a wash out. weak storms next week. not a real robust storm. during the only hours, in the afternoon hours, you can see the green the north bay and it is now until later in the evening and overnight the measurable rain is falling in the north bay at 4:00 in the morning you can see the yellows
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and an orange and the rain mainly staying in the either bay through the morning commute and sippings south and tapers as we hold throughout the day and you will reasonable need the umbrella after 9:00 outside the north bay. it will kick up waves, also, at 4:00 this afternoon to 5:00 tomorrow afternoon/evening we have a storm advisory. we have a scrapcy rain up to three-quarters possible in the north by with rough surf and light rain is why it is a "1". the storm hits the sierra in the evening hours with heavy snow through saturday morning and taper on saturday afternoon on sunday. the seven-day forecast shows a scattered shower possible on saturday a better chance of rain and across the south bay open sunday. >> a look at the lake tahoe report it is looking good with for change requirements in the sierra freeways or highways and a nice three hour and 15-minute
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drive and we have updated the base conditions to reflect the news they have from the last report last week and a great drive to heavenly with in restrictions. the roads are great and donner summit and clear and sugar bowl is looking good. have fun this weekend in the lake tahoe report. >> look at this incredible instagram picture. >> ready? reggie has it pulled up on the ipad a full noon over the golden gate bridge. >> you can post your pictures on #abc7now. next, "7 on your side" will answer your questions on mortgage companies. >> saving a family from an armed >> saving a family from an armed robber and what makes this
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>> believe it or not the three-legged pit bull is being credited with saving the wisconsin family from an armed robbery. the robber broke in during dinner last week and held them at gunpoint. the dog bark asked growled until the suspect ran away. but not best suspect fired the gun that grazed the dog's head. this is not the first brush with death. two years ago he tumbled down a trail and charted his leg while
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trying to save his owner's son and the leg had to be amputated. before that he was dog napped and survived and made it back. the dog wants to live. >> so sweet. so sweet. >> "7 on your side" is answer question about mortgage companies. >> when my mortgage was sold to a different company without my knowing, why weren't they communicating with each other and why were the temperatures different? >> that is a if question that is a big concern to me. the new mortgage company must have the same terms in the original contract which has not changed. only the new party has changed. it sounds like you may have some bad business go open or the possibility of it. i would report this to the new company and the consumer financial protection bureau.
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if it is crazy i would get an attorney. >> >> right. if you have a question for michael finney record it and send it to the maim on your scene or post it on social media with the # ask15any. you could see the questions answers right here on the morning news. >> we have dramatic video of the rescue at sea and how the spanish coast guard saved two dozen sailors. >> super bowl commercials are $5 >> super bowl commercials are $5 million a spot
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:30. good morning. who are here to get you up and ready. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> the big story is on bart where we have had problems with power. now, straight to sue and the details she just learned. >> to delays, the power outage have been restored. all train, running on time. there were power identity averages early on the fremont line that had required shorter trains and no service at one poet on fremont line. all now is restored to normal. for the east bay commuters are those coming in from felt and
6:31 am
hayward everyone is looking good. >> still tracking sprinkles from bodega bay to petaluma to clear lake the i checked our rain gages and morning is tripped so my guess a lot is. can down or evaporating before it is coming to the ground. southbound from mount tamalpais, we have a limited amount of fog and temperatures up to 10 degrees cooler and we are in the low-to-mid 40s and 60 and clouds increase with sprinkles across the north by at 4:00, a better chance of height rain in the north bay and the rest of us are dry at 7:00. here is the news of day. >> a warning this morning as we expect thousands to vietnam into the -- thousands to stream into the bay area, we want you to be safe. a tourist was robbed and people more sprayed at twin peaks. >> good morning, they are expecting a million people to come here to the city to see super bowl city and the temporary exhibits are starting
6:32 am
to pop up with cries working around the clock, literally, not sleeping. working all night long to get it ready. there is a lot of work go on behind the scenes as police prepare to keep this place as secure as possible. a hot of tourists visiting and they can be a target as we saw yesterday, two people problems a women yesterday and sprayed her with pepper spray and took her purse, an ugly thing to happen at the most beautiful spots. you athis is a robbery, not good. >> criminals know there are tourists and they also know that it is rich when it comes with people with money and electronic devices like cameras and tablets and will be tops, so you need to guard your items very well. >> san francisco police announced they have been preparing for three years for this super bowl and they are ready. they will have metal accidentors at the entrance of super bowl
6:33 am
city and all purses are checked and bomb sniffing dogs are on duty and they done emergency drill on the water on a ferry to try and prepare for anything but police say you are a big part of the security plan and they want you to make sure if you see something, say something. >> thank you. it will be all hands on deck for many law enforcement agencies in charge of keeping super bowl fans safe. san francisco police are canceling all time off for their officers. the city is activate the emergency operations center on saturday and san francisco's fire department has planned how firefighters and paramedics will respond to emergencies especially in included areas like super bowl cities. you may even see fire department teams on foot and riding around in golf cart like vehicles. >> part of this giant sign hang off a high-rise next to super bowl city will soon be coming down. the city attorney said that the verizon ads at embarcadero
6:34 am
center violate city law because they are just too big. >> san francisco hosts the equivalent of 18 super bowls so even if it is in our power to say we will let you break the law this one time we have to do that for everyone. >> the lower part of the sign that shows the game logo and lombardi trophy will stay. we questioned the legality of the signs when architects say they violate a voter approved ordinance. >> starting tomorrow, you can forget about packing at the golden gate bridge visitors center closed to cars between 11:00 and 5:00 to control the expected crush of tourists, tour buss and taxis and uber and lyft are allowed in the parking lot but limiting it to criminal traffic -- to control traffic. bicyclists will be allowed. this will run through super bowl sunday. as the big event haves are
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underway you can count on abc to keep you in the know on how this could impact us. you can download the abc news app and enabling the push alerts. acalifornia's public utilities commission will vote on the future of solar power in san francisco. solar advocates land to rally out of the meeting and are urging commissioners not to charge rooftop solar customers extra fees. out estimates like peg argue that the users are not paying their fair share for 's electrical grid. the commissioners are expected to back the solar industry. a big win for berkeley in fight against potential cell phone danger with a judge ruling retails can be warned of possible health risks. specifically how they could be exposed to radiation levels that exceed the government standard by carrying phones too close to the bodies. this was set to take effect in june but a trade group blocked it with a lawsuit citing a disputed warning. the city removes that warning, the judge has approved the
6:36 am
ordinance. >> we want you to check this out, video of a hair-raising ocean rescue. tiffany is here with the video. >> this amazing video shows the dramatic rescue of sailors from onboard the pain main an cargo ship that is called the "modden express," that nearly tipped over as the sailors were clinging to the fence as they held on during the gale force winds. you can see one of the guards rappeling to the deck of the ship. all sailors were laying down in life vests and they were hoisted into the air as the ship was crashing up-and-down. then, the obvious relief as every sailor made it to sift in the -- to safety and you can see
6:37 am
a rescue are giving a thumb's up and, now, we want to show you a map that in is the route right here leaving northern africa, heading to france, and this is where the "modern express," was rescued 150 miles away from anything making it very difficult for the coast guard. ship was reportedly carrying 3,600 tons of wood and construction equipment and right now a towing vessel isen route now a towing vessel isen route to retrieve rove huge stand off, three people surrendered after their leader told them to leave and go home. bundy was arrested with several others on tuesday night, and one person was shot and killed during a confrontation with officers. >> happening today, most of the republic white house hopefuls will meet for the final debate
6:38 am
before next week's iowa caucus. item truck will not be on stage. fox is airing this and donald trump is in a feud with the cage network so while other candidates match wits in des moines, donald trump will hold a special event to benefit veteran organizations at drake university. >> new this on, we switch to north bay politics and snow -- sonoma county supervisor will not run for a third term spending more time with his family. the 34-year-old was seen as a rising star. two alcohol-ruled arrests and accusation of peeping on a woman prompted calls for him to resign. >> governor brown said he will push for a ballot initiative to shorten the prison sentences for some inmates and change how juveniles are tried giving prison officials the authority to award credits to inmate who have undergone rehab programs and give nonviolent felons
6:39 am
ability for parole. joins and not the prosecutors will design if they are tried as adults. brown created the strict sentencing laws when he was governor in 70s and 80s and now said he regrets that. >> the family of a 13-year-old will mark the 27th anniversary of the disappearance while walking home from school in 1989. there is $100,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible for her disappearance. the walk begins at 7:00 and started at wills middle school and ends at st. raymond's catholic church. >> a santa cruz security guard is accuses pretending to be a police officer. he is 22-year-old gregory caliso perform a and said he was a liver and threatened to handcuff another driver during a rode rage incident. the driver had his son in the
6:40 am
car and was suspicious, took off, and called 9-1-1. he was arrested a short time later. >> now, a check with sue on bart. >> power outages earlier on bart, all recovered and pg&e power outans were to blame for the delays, major delays and in service at one point this only on the fremont line. but the good news is that is cleared. we will look at your drive times this morning and tracy to dublin is moderate with 48-minute delay. antioch to concord is 31 mes and san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes and here is a live shot at san rafael beyond the north gate mall we had report of a big-rig in the slow rain by link cop avenue and that is still out there and they weighing for a tow truck and metering lights were on at 5:23 and traffic is stacked up into the macarthur maze for 35 minute drive into san francisco. >> yes, good morning, much, i
6:41 am
was asked on twitter to talk about the rainfall amounts and you can see we are doing well in san francisco, limp, san jose, and moffett field along with ukiah and above average and everyone else is below average. we need more rain and don't have it in the south bay, around 40-45 degree if must areas and los gatos is at 50. the temperatures are 5-10 degrees warmer from yesterday, from novato at 41 and alameda at 49, and san francisco is at 50. at walnut creek receipt new, our temperatures are running around 42 degrees and level 60s with increasing clouds and a few sprinkles across the thought bay, and in fog in san rafael south on 101 but we will have rain tonight and it will spread across the neighbors tomorrow and another storm on sunday. hour by hour hook is coming up next. >> next, making even more money, how much facebook c.e.o. is worth and who he passed on the worth and who he passed on the wentest -- wealthiest list.
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. some will have to find new homes for their animals with zoning officials denying two requests to grant exemptions to a limit on horses per acre
6:45 am
allowing for two horses an acre. some property owners are keeping up to ten horses. others have complained of the odors and the flies. people on both sides accused county of misleading they will on the limit. >> the warriors are three years away from a new arena in san francisco but it has a name. are you ready? chase center. j.p. morgan chase bank has bought the naming rights to the 18,000 seats arena. they are not saying how much they are paying. we looked into it and insiders think the agreement is probably worth more than $10 million a area deal that barclay's paid to get their name on the brooklyn nets. and $1 million was paid for the home of the 49ers and in 1996 the pacific bill agreed to pay $2 million aee to put their name on at&t park which is of course home to the san francisco giants. >> it seems like a bargain now.
6:46 am
>> as we closer to super bowl 50 you could hear more jets above you headed to airports across the bay area. hayward executive airport and others expect to be swamped by planes carrying the rich and famous and a local congresswoman spoke of keeping the noise down for the sake of everyone. >> the f.a.a. is looking at alternative flight paths so the families in the areas are not awakened at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. >> the bay area's three major airports expect to see a surge in passengers before and after the super bowl 50. >> you knew you were not getting affordable tickets or any tickets to super bowl but what about other games or concerts? we find out why it is hard to get a for seat with the agency fan no chance of getting a ticket at face value. that is the determine ace of a three year investigation obligated by abc. the new york attorney general found fewer than half of tickets sold are remembered for the
6:47 am
public and they end up being snapped by the ticket breakers what use illegal software to grab up hundreds or thousands tickets seconds after they are on sale. the tickets are marked up by a thousand percent. the system is against us. >> it is. >> and toys 'r us has an incentive to get dangerous products out of your home. you can get a discount if you turn them in throughout february. return an unsafe rod and you -- products and you get up to 30 james off new problems including cribs and strollers and car seats and play yards to reduce the chance of re-selling an un safe product. >> look at this face, the dim dimples, a seven-month-old gerger baby of year, from troy, michigan, picked from 170,000
6:48 am
entries. the judges say it was her cheeky smile and "awesome hair." her mother and father receive $50,000 in prize money and the parents are deciding what to make her a baby model going forward. >> love her. i am glad we see a diversity of faces. >> now a check on trading with a look at big board, we are up 100 points. >> hope we keep bettering the numbers. jane? >> yes, reggie and natasha, the super bowl ranks the system most expensive day for advertising and this year is up to $5 million for 30 second ad. chan are you will see more puppies than girls in bikinis including the puppy love from 2014 was the highest ranking commercial of the past five years and a research firm said multiple family members of different ages watch the game
6:49 am
together so advertisers are more expensive about commercials. >> organic bakery has a launch of organic bakery kids available the first nationally made available for kids in white and wheat with small, thin slices a better size for children. >> facebook shares soaring up 12 percent crashing rest estimates. most important, the mobile ad business is strong, bringing in 80 percent of ad revenue. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg surpassed chairman to be the sixth richest increasing up to $46 billion network. and wall street is in the green across the board on earnings like this with the dow up 100 points at the moment.
6:50 am
>> looks like sue has been tracking bart issues this morning. sue? >> yes, they have all been cleared and there was a pg&e outage that caused several bart power out amendments along the fremont line this morning and the dublin/pleasanton line, importantly, according to bart they have all been resumed and cleared. good news for commuters. no other mass transit delays but perhaps downtown san francisco around super bowl city if you take muni, be aair. and walnut creek southbound 680 if you make entire trip down the san ramon valley you are looking at 30 minute drive with brake lights beyond north main to highway 24, and 24 is looking good to the tunnel, and a new accident in marin county, southbound 101 and middle lane blocked here and the on you see on the screen could be fog limiting your visibility this morning. more on that, perhaps, with mike. >> we have been watching the san rafael camera and not seen
6:51 am
anything there but there is some in the cost in san francisco, also, tracking some moisture at 12,000 feet with sprinkles possible cross the north bay but it is probably evaporate. you can see the low clouds hanging over san francisco. right now. we will see the clouds increasing today with mild highs again and spring fever like we had yesterday the rain tomorrow and sunny with a chance of a light shower on saturday. cooler this weekend, and you can talk about the storm impact trail "1" is light and "5" is severe and the next storm is coming in to rain but a little bit of rough surf. first, though, you can see the clouds increasing from north to south with a few green dots. when we get to the evening and overnight you have a better chance of light measurable rain through 4:00 starting the commute tomorrow morning through 9:00, the best chance of
6:52 am
measurable rain and light-to-moderate rain and we sleep out of the north bay headed to afternoon hours and for the evening commute, it could be wet in some areas as you head home at 10:00 or 11:00 and tomorrow, it looks to be dry rough surf at 4:00 this afternoon, to 5:00 tomorrow afternoon and up and down our beaches. if you head to lake tahoe we have a few showers and tomorrow it will come in and be heavy and it will be breezy with heavy snow on saturday morning and taper on saturday afternoon and light snow on sunday. another weak storm on sunday and the bulk of that could fall across the south bay and another light storm on tuesday. reggie and natasha? >> we are working to updating the top stories including the police chase in san jose. police chase in san jose. >> if you are headed ou
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>> he are seven things you need to know before you go. one, we have an accident in novato before this scene. southbound 101. blocking a lane with traffic stacking up to novato. early bart problems are all cleared. no delays. two, overnight c.h.p. chase ended in san jose that may have started with a robbery that left a man injured. no word if the suspect or suspects are in custody.
6:55 am
three, the world health organization is calling for an emergency meeting to determine how to cop front the dangerous zika virus that is linked to severe birth defect. there are 21 zika cases in the united states including in california. four, we are tracking the next storm which will bring sprinkles to the north by today. it will bring rough surf to the coast this afternoon and increase our clouds elsewhere. temperatures are running in the upper 50s and my sick. low-to-mid 60s for the rest. five, two robbers pepper sprayed and robbed at woman a between's twin peaks a reminder to be aware of what is happening around you especially during the super bowl festivities. since, expect to face center security even if you are headed to super bowl-related events. golden gate ferry have random security scenings and saturday you have to walk through the metal detectors between the ferry and market.
6:56 am
seven, controversy over a white agentor chosen to play michael jackson in an upcoming t movie saying he was shocked to be picked for the role as fans call it "outrageous." >> closer to the super bowl. sunny? rain? >> chance of rain that morning. >> that morning. >> that morning. that could change. right now, that morning. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. donald trump standing his ground overnight firing back at fox. >> i was not treated well by fox. you know, how much of this do you take? >> and megyn kelly. >> i think she's highly overrated. >> ted cruz taunts trump daring him to a one-on-one debate offering more than a million dollars to charity. tonight's debate stage now set. trump still promises he won't be on it. >> breaking news. state of crisis. the dangerous zika virus spreading. the world health organization saying alarmt level is extremely high. it could become an explosive pandemic. more than 20 cases in the u.s. we're talking to one of the nation's top health officials. are we on the verge of an outbreak. breaking ove


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