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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc 7 news." >> eight days later, the manhunt ends in san francisco. all three escaped orange county inmates are in police custody tonight. i'm eric thomas. two dangerous escapees are on their way back to southern california tonight after being captured near san francisco's golden gate park. melanie woodrow is live in our newsroom with more on what or who led police to them. >> reporter: eric, they were in san francisco county jail earlier this evening. orange county officials picked them up around 5:30 p.m. they'll be brought back to orange county jail tonight or early tomorrow morning. eight days after three inmates described as extremely dangerous used a makeshift rope out of lynnen to rappel down the orange
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county central jail. >> i told you we were going to capture these individuals. >> reporter: they captured nayeri and tieu saturday morning after a citizen recognized the white van the men allegedly stole following their escape. that man approached sfpd officers nearby. >> stop. lay down. hit the ground. get on the ground. he did. >> larry gray watched as officers approached the van. nayeri ran. >> captured him and then got the other one on the other side right there. >> officers found tieu hiding in the van. >> when we conducted a search of the van we found a .380 round inside. that's ammunition. >> reporter: this alameda motel manager said the men stayed here tuesday and wednesday night checking out thursday morning.
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one day later an inmate surrendered. it's unclear why nayeri and tieu were in san francisco or where they may have been headed next. >> the idea of how smart they were to stay out of sight but then i guess came a time when they could only stay in so long. >> reporter: the sheriff has said the next update will be on monday. it all started eight days ago when the fugitives escaped by rappelling down the side of a building. one week ago today, investigators say they stole a van which two of them used to drive to the bay area. they checked in to the alameda motel in san jose. police arrested one of the suspects and it all wrapped up this morning with the final two arrested. for updates on any major story any time download our abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notifications.
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super bowl city opened today. we had many cameras point at the beautiful fireworks show. serg sergio quintana was there. sergio, visitors and locals had plenty to enjoy. >> this was a pretty spectacular opening night event. super bowl city is pretty much empty. it closes down at 10:00. this evening around 8:00 p.m., there were droves of people here. lots of traffic as people were trying to find a spot for all those opening night events. the first night of super bowl city festivities started off with a bang. that show in the sky was the opening act for a show on stage by chris isaak. the first headliner of this week-long party leading up to super bowl 50 next weekend. ♪
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there were some fans who were disappointed at a lack of access to the main stage of the show. for safety reasons the fire marshal shut down entry to a large area right in front of the stage leaving it sparsely populated. most people had to watch on big screens nearby. down along the embarcadero, some of northern california's brightest political stars gathered for a show of their own. >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: they relit the bay light art project on the bay bridge. the foundation that launched the piece of public art donated the installation to the state of california. >> on behalf of a grateful state, we are honored to be here. >> reporter: the strings of lights will be a permanent part of the bay bridge. for super bowl fans, this is the first opportunity to take in this massive spectacle. >> this is pretty much what i had planned to check this out and hang out and get excited. >> reporter: all the fans we
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talked to said they're excites to see super bowl city but would be more excited if they could afford tickets to see the super bowl. sergio quintan aabc news. if you'd like to get up and close with the vince lombardi trophy, the nfl experience is the place to be. former san francisco 49er roger craig carried in the super bowl prize. he said he hopes niners and raiders fans appreciate the week-long celebration. >> it's a fun time. going to be great for all the people in the bay area. >> the nfl experience has a lot more that's hands-on. try a field goal or punt or quarterback challenge. tickets are $35 for adults and $25 for kids. muni put up news signs to help visitors find their way to the super bowl events.
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ride err errs going to the supe should get off at the embarcadero. ridership is definitely up from a normal saturday and ambassadors are on hand to direct riders. tomorrow's events include performances by the marcus shelby trio and oakland interfaith gospel. the fan energy zone at the s.a.p. center runs through super bowl sunday. it features motion capture games. and a super community concert and fireworks show is set for tomorrow in santa clara including a concert by heart and a food alley. and how is the weather looking for tomorrow and the rest of super bowl week? our meteorologist has more. >> clouds first thing tomorrow. if you are headed to super bowl city, mostly cloudy first thing in the morning. by the afternoon, the clouds will break down. as you head into the evening hours, it's going to turn breezy
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and downright windy as a weak system departs the area. we are tracking some light showers around the south bay right now. they squeeze in around san jose, santa clara, sunnyvale and palo alto. very light rain showers. a weak wave of energy scrapes by the bay area. it's really the south bay with the best chance of picking up any wet weather. tomorrow morning, 4:00 in the morning, even as we advance the:00 to 6:00, 7:00, it's around san jose first thing tomorrow morning that we could see light sprinkles. we'll time out the rest of your sunday and show you the other rain chances in the next seven days in the accuweather forecast. the fbi warned law enforcement to keep an eye out for somebody trying to sneak in to the super bowl from a stolen agent's i.d. the thief also took three handguns. there's a $5,000 reward for
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information leading to an arrest. protesters marched into super bowl city this afternoon calling for more transparency after the shooting death of teenager mario woods last year. we'll have more of the demands of the organization. police are searching for a man and woman accused of stealing two cars including a police cruiser. itsy ma rilo and christian hernandez rammed the stolen suv into a patrol car. officers were trying to arrest them for a series of bugularies and car thefts. police recovered the cruiser about five miles away in san jose. still to come on "abc 7 news at 11:00," going for it all. the super opportunity for homeowners to rent their house for visiting fans for big bucks. the local festival under way
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even without dungenous crabs. plus kicking off the celebration of the year of the monkey. and later, safe again. one of the largest animal ♪
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gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> fans coming to the bay area for the super bowl are finding super prices when they look for a place to stay. reggie aqui looks at what people are willing to pay. >> try to book a hotel room in the bay area for the super bowl and you may be shocked at the
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price. if you can even find a place. >> the hotels will be running 95% to 100% full. >> reporter: thomas klein is the general manager of a hotel. he says many hotels are charging as much as six times their normal rate. >> we start off at $1,500 for the regular room. suites go up to $10,000 a night. and we have a four-day minimum we require. >> klein says the price reflects the demand. >> certainly not the norm, and nobody that i have spoken to has clearly said we're going to go out to the market and price gauge. >> reporter: many visitors are looking for roomgs at a house to rent. air bnb reports more than 60,000 listings available. with the number of searches up 125% over average. >> we've got places that rent for $150 a night on home away that you can stay in. we've got places that rent for
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$10,000 a night for that weekend. >> home away is the world's largest marketplace for renting homes. >> the 50th super bowl in the bay area at a brand-new stadium. beyonce and coldplay doing the music. i don't think the stars could align for a more epic event. >> reporter: that's translating into epic demand for home rentals. >> this is our formal living room. >> reporter: especially in the south bay. >> i don't have to rent it out, but it's well worth it for someone if they are going to do it right. this is the place to stay. >> reporter: she's hoping to rent her four-bedroom home near levi's stadium for $20,000 a night with a four-night minimum. she's already getting calls. if she does rent the house, she know what she'll do with the money. >> our daughter is getting married in may to a wonderful young man. we'd love to rent the house to help pay for the wetd wedding. >> reporter: she also said
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she'll donate some to charity and spend some on a super bowl week getaway in hawaii. reggie aqui, abc news. a homeowner will have a remor remodelled place to host his super bowl. they worked on the place roddie richardson has called home for 57 years. the group rebuilding together peninsula provides repairs for low-income homeowners. his wife passed away and he's struggled to maintain the house on his own. >> they do great volunteer work. i'm pleased with it. i wish the whole world was filled up with people like that. >> the house should be ready for him to move back in next friday just in time to host a super bowl party. ♪ today lunar new year festivities began. a mini procession marched down
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the avenue. they marched along with stilt walkers, drummers and more. they got to see chinese opera and dancing. the big parade is february 20th. a lack of dungeness crab didn't stop them from celebrating the crab festival. abc 7 news was at the sustaining our seas seafood festival. they changed it from the crab festival in november after state environmental officials suspended crab fishing because of toxic algae blooms. >> i think this is a really good event. it shows we care about the ocean, and everything that's going on with it right now. >> instead of crab there's wine, local beerks food demonstrations, sustainable seafood, local artists and a lot for kids to do. sos seafood fest runs through tomorrow. it is true.
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look at the weather forecast. >> out there right now, a lot of cloud cover and a storm system that has its sights set on los angeles. it's scraping by the southern sections of our viewing area. we are tracking a few light sprinkles around san jose. pops of light green on the screen near santa clara, cupertino. very light showers at this hour stretching as far north at fremont and union city. the best chance over the next 12 hours for any wet weather will be the south bay. a live look at the embarcadero. we are dry in san francisco. beautiful bay bridge lights are back. we welcome super bowl 50 to the city. the forecast calls for the scattered shower. and the best chance is going to be the south bay. we'll turn browsy to downright windy sunday afternoon to sunday evening. even though we have chances of rain, there's no blockbuster storm on the horizon. minimal rain the next seven
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days. current temperature 49 in oakland. 52 san carlos. 51 in san francisco and napa.48 degrees. future weather as good for the next 24 hours. here comes that storm system to our south. right around san jose. the best chance to see any wet weather first thing tomorrow morning. by midday, the lunch time hour. likely seeing a good deal of sunshine. into the heating of the day, the air becomes unstable. could see an isolated shower pop up tomorrow afternoon but it will not be widespread. most areas will remain on the dry side. just want to show you how most areas will be dry. the farther east you are, that's where you have that's chance to pick up light showers. first thing tomorrow morning. behind this system the winds pick up. wind gusts by tomorrow night, a lot of locations gusting over 30 miles per hour. even along the coast, gusts over 40 miles per hour. this wind direction out of the north.
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it's going to usher in cooler air as we start the new work and school week. here's that chance of an isolated shower first thing. best chance in the south bay. a few clouds by noon. dry and lots of sunshine. by 4:00, include another chance of isolated shower with that storm passing just to our south. and in the evening, we turn downright breezy. we have a weather advisory. highest elevations could see a foot snow. overnight, most areas drop into the 40s. chance of wet weather on palo alto and san jose. and highs for your sunday. showers first thing likely in the south bay. lots of sunshine midday. a chance of a sprinkle in the afternoon. high in the 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast. a few clouds on monday. groundhogs day tuesday. slight chance of rain. and then another slight chance of showers on friday. the next seven days is looking very dry on the seven-day forecast. >> drew, thanks. still to come on "abc 7 news
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at 11:00," barking for joy. a dog rescued during last we
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back now live with a look from the visa everywhere cam over super bowl city. quiet now but sure to be another busy day out there tomorrow. one person out enjoying the opening of super bowl city today, you see him right there. joe montana. four-time super bowl champion. arguably the greatest quarterback ever. tweeted this picture today with the caption, toasting super bowl 50 with my favorite girl. this definitely won't be the only celebrity you see around the bay area this week. lots of sports stars. tah-dah. >> that was joe before every game. >> warriors hosted by the worst team in the league. easy win, right? wrong. it took harrison barnes'
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last-second three-point shot to snag a
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abc 7 sports. >> the warriors have six times as many wins as the sixers entering their matinee today in philly. these two warrior fans got a front row seat to the best show on earth, steph curry. it was the other brother feeling it early on. klay, the three. led the warriors at the half.
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32 in the game. draymond green. double-double. going to show off his guns. 10 points, 13 boards. warriors. andrew bogut for the alley-oop. up 19 at the half. isaiah cannon with the three and one. two-point game. 76ers a 15-2 run. smith, the steal. tied. the ws. curry to green. the warriors survive with a 108-105 victory. >> we probably should have lost but if the gods delivered what should have happened, we probably should have lost because that's what's happens when you mess around with the game and with the ball. harrison bailed us out and draymond made a good pass at the end. that was pretdty ugly. >> whoever it was that got the ball and decided to make a play. just collapsed and made that kick to the corner. just let it ride. college hoops. utah trying to avoid being lost in the snow.
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big first half for the cardinal. led all scorers with 15. roscoe allen. a nice jumper inside the arc. last five minutes of the half, utah pull away. a three in transition. utes by nine at the half. utah pulls away. the exclamation. 23. 4-5 in conference play with a 96-74 loss. to stockton. st. mary's had a good one. t.j. wallace gets the friendly roll. st. mary's battles back. 63-62. he had 13. same score, 2 1/2 to go. st. mary's. landale works its way inside. gaels go up one. last chance. off the rim. randy bennett is one happy camper. they improve in the wcc with the victory. trying to take down gonzaga
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in spokane. watson trying to keep the dons in it. finished with 11. gonzaga so tough. very balanced scoring tonight. wilshire and one. he had 15. sabonis with the slam. five guys in double figures for gonzaga. 86-48, your final. coming up, super bowl city, nfl experience and actual super bowl players talking about the big game. stick around. we'll see you then. >> thanks a lot. super bowl city interrupted. what officials did to respond and why this could be a familiar sight in the next week. also two days until iowa. the last-minute campaigning by the front-runners as hillary faces new heat on her e-mails.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc 7 news." >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, two inmates who broke out of an orange county jail are in custody and headed back to southern california tonight. they were arrested near golden gate park in san francisco. police in santa ana arrested the third fugitive yesterday. super bowl week kicks off in san francisco tonight with fireworks and the lighting of the bay bridge lights. the fireworks lasted 12 minutes with an explosive finale. the lights were turned permanently to the bay bridge after a non-profit raised $4 million to bring back the public art piece. fans also lined up to get into super bowl city. the fan village has food,
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activities and sports history. chris isaak took the stage. as crowds descendod super bowl city, san francisco police were busy trying to keep a group of protesters from entering. janet oh was there and has the report. >> reporter: protesters left the streets of san francisco determined to take their message to super bowl city. >> we're protesting because we are representing black and brown lives. because our lives matter. >> reporter: protesters say they won't rest until changes are made starting with the firing of san francisco's top cop. this all started when a young black man was killed in a heated confrontation with officers last month. police quickly assembled into a line stop progtesters in their tracks. after what seemed like a long standstill they were casually escorted to super bowl city. they took pictures, enjoyed the
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festivities but still held on to their signs. the group even made their way on to the stage but quickly got off. it was by all accounts a peaceful event that didn't seem to bother nearby super bowl fans. >> we're not here to confront the super bowl. we're here to say that these people have to -- >> they did that at a place they could be seen and heard. janet o, abc 7 news. in denver, a large motorcycle show has been cancelled for tomorrow after one person was killed in a shooting. police say 10,000 people were inside the city's national western complex when members of two motorcycle clubs got into a fight. police say there were shootings and stabbings and they believe there was more than one shooter. seven people went to the hospital. one of them died there. police have made -- haven't made any arrests but are talking to a person of interest. in less than 48 hours, the iowa caucuses will be under way. donald trump is ahead by ted
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cruz and hillary clinton locked in a statistical tie with bernie sanders. the candidates are all over iowa tonight in search of every last undecided vote. abc news reporter brandi hitt has the latest from des moines. >> reporter: the countdown in iowa is getting ugly. >> ted cruz, who was not born on u.s. soil. it's a problem. >> reporter: donald trump and marco rubio both attacking ted cruz. >> he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end on things he's saying. people see through that. >> six weeks ooh everyone was attacking donald trump. now everyone in the field is attacking me. >> reporter: all the candidates are criss-crossing the hawkeye state. democrat hillary clinton joined by both bill and chelsea. clinton also addressed the state department's decision to declare 22 e-mails sent from her private account top secret in this interview with sncnn. >> i didn't send or receive e-mails tharpt classified.
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>> reporter: each town hall critical. >> i'm looking for the genuineness that's maybe you can only get from seeing them in person. >> reporter: bernie sanders is drawing big crowds, confident he can win monday and in november. >> many of the polls out there suggest we can beat people like donald trump and beat him pretty badly. >> reporter: the clinton and sanders campaigns are going back and forth about whether they should debate again next week ahead of the new hampshire primary along with possibly adding three more debates through the spring. brandi hitt, abc news, des moines. we're getting our first look at some of the more than 600 animals rescued from deplorable conditions in north carolina. the aspca posted new video from the private no-kill shelter. many pets were injured, malnourished and living in filthy cages exposed to the weather. the owners are charged with several counts of cruelty to animals. we have a link to help them on our website.
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a virginia woman got to publicly thank the firefighters who saved her dog's life during last weekend's blizzard. milo fell through the ice 30 feet from the shoreline. he weighs 130 pounds which made it difficult for them to get him out. they had to hop into the water with specialized safety suits on. they hoisted him up and brought him safely back to shore. >> milo is our baby and we came close to losing him. so thank you guys. >> animal rights group peta gave the firefighters a special award during a public presentation on friday. tonight there's new concern over the zika virus. colombia and venezuela say they're seeing a jump in cases of the rare and sometimes paralyzing syndrome. the world health organization is calling an urgent meeting. the chief correspondent has the story from brazil. >> reporter: the world health organization is meeting in
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geneva to discuss how best to control the zika outbreak spreading across the americas. the key to controlling this outbreak is getting rid of the mosquito that is spreading the virus. we look here on the ground how that's happening in brazil, one of the hardest hit. in this slum town, people store water in and around their homes. and that is where the mosquito is breeding. we went out with the military that's visiting each home once a month. putting out larvavic toe try to kill the eggs of the mosquito. that could mean an end to this outbreak. dr. richard besser, brazil. vin scully plans to call his final game on television here in san francisco. the dodgers close the season against the giants october 2nd. the 88-year-old is in his 67th season with the team. he does not plan to travel outside california to call games this year. only on abc 7 news, we take an exclusive look inside uber's
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bay area headquarters for a big announcement. the new partnership the ride-sharing company is making just in time for people trying to get around during the super bowl. plus -- ♪ a super bowl preview. coldplay's new music video starring beyonce. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a few light showers in the next 24 hours. who has the best bet to see the
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area. this is "abc 7 news." >> an announcement from uber could help ease the pain of extra traffic leading up to the super bowl. the company is expanding its discount carpool service from now until the big game. jonathan bloom got an exclusive behind the scenes look at uber to learn how the service works. >> the super bowl will mean traffic jams, crowded buses and surging uber prices. >> in a week like super bowl we'll expect really high demand because of all the people coming into the city. >> uber is the official transportation partner of the super bowl. >> this is the first time any ride sharing company is partnering with the hosting company. >> that means uber drop-off and pick-up locations. and a new partnership with cal train. >> you can take uber pool to and
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from any cal train station. >> it's the discount train option normally just in san francisco but for super bowl week people outside the city can use it to share rides to and from caltran. while the concept of car pooling is simple, here there's a whole team devoted to the task of making it well. you need more than drivers and passengers. you need lots and lots of data. >> we can take all these requests happening and on demand search all of them to figure out who is going the same way and the same way back. >> it's always a tech company and indeed it's turned carpooling into a math problem. >> which am i more sensitive to? price right now or time right now? >> the goal is a slightly longer trip for a significantly lower fare. as the math gets betters the routes get more complicated. >> we pick up the first passenger, second passenger, drop off the first passenger and pick up the third passenger
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before picking up the second. >> that's one step toward the perpetsual trip. carpools chained together so there's always at least one person in the car meaning the driver is always getting paid. the super bowl means one thing. more data. >> it's a great experimentation platform. we're super excited to have this win, win, win. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coldplay is out with a new music video starring beyonce. could this be a super bowl preview? ♪ the music video posted on youtube this week is set in india with beyonce appearing as a sort of bollywood figure. they'll headline the halftime show. beyonce will make a guest appearance. meteorologist drew tuma is here with a final check of the weather. >> we'll preview the super bowl forecast.
11:48 pm
mike shumann will love what we're going to say. we'll be trend iing trending dr. there's very light in nature. part of the reason we're seeing these showers, a weak rip elg of energy passing by to our south. a bigger storm system will be impacting l.a. tomorrow. this is the fringe of that system. plan out your sunday. 12-hour planner tomorrow shows you first thing in the morning. isolated shower. more onny in way of sunshine by noon. by 4:00, a chance of an isolated sprinkle. it will turn breezy with wind gusts over 30 miles an hour. fast forward to the super bowl forecast in santa clara. trending dryer. sunshine and clouds throughout the day. accuweather seven-day forecast, an isolated shower and clouds on monday. groundhogs day tuesday, a slight chance of rain. another chance on friday but
11:49 pm
neert neither of those storms looks organized or has a lot of moisture associated with it. >> thank you. appreciate it. more sports action. super bowl hype has begun. >> it has. you can tell in the city. >> tell me i don't need an umbrella for the game. >> i think you'll need suntan lotion. >> for the players, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and maybe peyton manning's last rodeo. we'll hear from the great one next in sports.
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there's at least one 49er player involved in the super bowl. signing autographs. both were full of nfl fans. great time for the family getting to bump into their favorite players and get a feel of what it's like to be a big leaguer. tory is taking it all in himself
11:53 pm
while he still can. >> one day people will not come and see you. so i appreciate all the love for my fans. some of the best in the world. a lot of 49ers fans even thougheer not in it. >> the denver broncos and carolina panthers land in san jose tomorrow, one week before they'll square off at levi stadium and super bowl 50. it will feature the likely mvp cam newton against the likely mvp peyton manning. the broncos counter with the best defense in the nfl that blasted tom brady early and often in the afc title game. panthers are a six-point favorite. >> we put ourselves in this position. denver put themselves in this position. we deserve every single thing as well as they do. it's hard work. you have guys that stay countless hours, sacrifice so much. we have a guy that broke his arm. trying to find any way to play
11:54 pm
in a game. >> no question we can improve. we can improve, and we would like to improve. i can assure you that our efforts and will to prepare and want to improve is certainly there. could this be peyton manning's last rodeo? after his afc championship win, manning was heard telling bill belichick that this may be his last rodeo. the expectation is that manning will retire following the super bowl 50. he was asked about that comment earlier this week. >> it's not been confirmed. what happened in a private conversation on the 50 yard line. they just don't exist anymore. no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are on to carolina. >> future pros at a colorful senior bowl. kevin hogan and tyler irving getting a chance to play together.
11:55 pm
hogan standing strong in the pocket finding the open man. this time it's ohio state's player. irving on fourth down showing even though he's only 5'10" he can get the tough yards. the south went on to win 27-16. lebron and the cavs hosting san antonio earlier tonight on abc 7. kevin love spots up. drains the three. love, 18 in the first half. second quarter, tony parker out to kawhi leonard. three of his own. leonard led the spurs. kev be love takes the rb bound away from two spurs. cavs up 14. manu ginobili gets rejected. he's going to go up for the layup. cavs win, 117-103. they've now won four in a row under their new head coach tyronn lue.
11:56 pm
nate pawelski with a pass to jagger. check out the celebration? they did not win the breakaway challenge. they represent the pacific division in the game tomorrow. they are debuting their new three on three format. a little golf in san diego at torrey pines. second shot on the par 5 8th. why would we show you something like this unless it rolls right into the cup for an albatross. that is a 2 on a par 5. double eagle. first of his career. just what he said. what a way to end the day. golf clap a little louder than that's with that shot. gore five back of the leader. scott brown and k.j. choi tied at minus d going into the final
11:57 pm
round. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. everybody is talking about the carolina panthers. they're going to run away. this is going to be a wash. any time that's happening, it's usually the other team that comes back and bites you. >> it's the sheriff. >> everybody is pulling for peyton manning to get one more before he may retire. >> i think you are right. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow evening.
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her husband worked for a super-secret spy agency operating outside the command of the united states government. called b613. you need to shut this down, rosen-- now. i'm not gonna shut it down. what? you gave me those files. you said, "go get the bad guys." i'm going to get the bad guys. [ camera shutter clicking ] jake: what's this? david: an immunity agreement. you agree to testify against command,


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