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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it will not last long. it is coming up on 6:00 a.m. so glad you are here. mike is trafficking the rain. a85 and 101, we see the boater radar. this. slide to morgan hill and we have a nice radar return from south san francisco through brisbane and san mateo and headed to belmont. it will slide down the peninsula. the fiscal year three hours we are going to continue to have waves of light showers moving through. by noon, our day planner shows a drying and clear trend with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s this afternoon. sue? >> we have sky 7 over the insurance citizen in san may -- incident in san mateo before the toll plaza and traffic is moving nicely beyond the scene.
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we are looking at the toll plaza and what is happening, the car want off the roadway into a creek and i thought i had sky 7 to look at this, the car went into a creek off the freeway, off 92, and the driver is in the car on top of the car in the water and c.h.p. is there with emergency crews. trying to get the car out of the roadway and traffic is flowing nicely, we will check back on the tuesday morning commute. >> bart officials are at white house today pushing for more money to improve the earthquake warning system. it is keeping commuters safe for years. here is what is happening this morning. >> the system that bart has, worked, senseers pick up activity and gives a warning up to 50 seconds. bart officials are inned with
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-- are in washington, dc to talk about this research nationwide. that can slow computers that send slow trains. bart is the first transit company to adopt this system and and part of the conversation happening in washington, the white house earthquake summit. the bart board director will speak with u.s. government officials after developing the system in 2012. i spoke with it radioers this morning and it is great that safety is the discussion. >> that is good. it is important. if we have an earthquake the public transportation is affected, especially if we are on the train. >> it is great they are working on this especially with trying to go on the ground a lot of people myself would be nervous if it was to happen. given the early detection
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system, the earlier we find out the better. >> the summit starts at 9:30 in washington, dc, and a goal is to secure the funding for additional research and technology. ann arborist and crews will examine a try that fell in san jose in berryessa state park killing a man. we were over the scene when the map was hit by a giant branch while riding his bicycle. ann arborist will determine if the tremendous was diseased or brought down by waterlogged roots. people are concerned because this are a lot of large trees in the area and kid play there all the time. >> this morning, hillary clinton is claiming victory in the iowa caucus but the democratic part said it is too close to call. hillary clinton is just four votes ahead of senator bernie sanders with one precinct left. bernie sanders is new hampshire
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feeling good. >> just got in from iowa [ applause ] now you can see the champagne being served on the ted cruz campaign plane. because of his unexpected victory in iowa. >> iowa has made clear to america and the world morning is coming. >> cruz beat trump by three percent who barely edge out marco rubio. >> people would work in san francisco schools could be prosecuted against eviction under legislation introduced today carding to the "san francisco chronicle" in the proposal, anyone from the pins pal to -- from the principal to the john tory -- john step
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-- to the janitor are protected. >> nfl officials will brief the media on field preparations for super bowl 50 doing everything to have the field gleaming by sunday. levi stadium's sod has caused problems for the 49ers but it is torn out and replaced. >> mayors from santa clara, san jose, oakland and san francisco got together to fully welcome people coming to town to enjoy super bowl 50. the mayor liccardo of san jose was asked if he and the colleagues are wearing the fancy pants styled by newton. >> we thought maybe we would wear the pants among all the mayors until we get another nfl bid. >> the collaborative effort is the reason why it is going so well. all the countdown to the super bowl continues at the nfl
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experience at the moscone center. there are will present and past players signing autographs. the experience lets fans passes and >> rather than a media day, this was a media might and miss universe could not attack as big a crowd as peyton manning. look at the side of 9 crowd. players met the media and fans in san jose. 18-year veteran manning was asked if game could be the last for manning. and newton talked about a star. >> it could be. it could be. maybe i get to play in ten more championships and if i do...eight will probably be against the patriots.
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>> steph curry is special. he does things you only see on video games. >> players and coaches will face the media got length this morning at their respective hotels. afans remain encouraged to dress up. by did they. they were represented by the gold super suit and another showed up in a ski costume and there was a blur of blue and orange and who doesn't love a mascot? dancing a little jig for a denver victory. >> there are details on traffic alerts and super bowl city and the nfl expense and enable the public alerts to get instant updates. >> bill cosby is in court in people opinion just arriving at the courtroom a few minutes ago with a cane. he is flank by security. the lawyers are expected to and
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a judge to dismiss sexual assault charges. the 78-year-old admitted he gave a woman pills before engaging in what he described as consensual sex 12 years ago. his lawyers will argue he had a deal with a former prosecutor he would not be charged in the case. the prosecutor will be on the stand. he has said the deal was never put in writing. >> a shuttered east bay high school could see new life. >> a baby snowboarder. her parents are racketing to the special skills. >> but, first, weather and traffic during the commercial traffic during the commercial break with a look
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53 to 57 and along the coast 54 to 56. the golden gate bridge, light rain, rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. thursday and friday, increasing sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60 by friday. up to 70 a start of the super bowl. down to 57 by the end of the super bowl. >> back to the approaches to the san mateo bridge, our camera beyond the scene at sky 7 h.d. over what happened, the tow truck and a car want into the creek approaching the toll plaza and roads are slick because the rain and more than likely the car skidded off the roadway into to creek so the tow is there and not a lot of delays but it is out of the creek. heads up, roads are slick the we will check in a bit with the bay bridge toll plaza. >> look at the baby if this video. she so cute. pacifier in the south and on the
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slopes all over social media. you probably saw it open facebook feed. her parents say they started teaching her to snowboard when she could walk. they eased her into it by putting her on a car president around the house and the backyard. not everything was smooth sailing, she ran into a problem with part her snow boarding gear. >> he bought her the smallest helmet and it is so big it covers her eyes. >> she has no hair! >> that is a problem. >> enough hair to be put in a bow in the video. >> the couple say she loves being active and the snow boarding videos are viral. there is more on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> she is better than i am. >> she is better than i am. new details on
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>> the storm impact trail. today the storm is level "1" so late rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safely. track the storm on the abc news
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app. >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is abc7 news. >> yahoo could announce job cuts today when it gets convert early awayings. the "wall street journal" said yahoo will announce a cost cutting proposal including closing some and laying off up to 15 percent of the workforce. the "wall street journal" said they will unveil the plan in an attempt to fight 506 investor uprising. that would amount to 1,700 jobs. yahoo shares were up slightlier. >> the raiders face an uncertain future the oakland mayor believes they stay in the city for the time being. she spoke to journalists covering super bowl festivityies and the report is that the mayor specifics the talks are extending the lease at the coliseum. mask davis confirmed that yesterday according to espn. >> he said the raiders are
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looking to secure a one career lease extension after the nfl picked the rams over the raiders to move to los angeles. >> now at look at "good morning america" at 7:00. amy? >> good morning. next on "good morning america" the race for white house and ted cruz on top in the iowa caucus beating donald trump and on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders tied the race too close to call. we are in iowa. >> we have to double check the calendar to make sure it is, in, groundhog day and not >> this woman is dressed as zebra trying to escape the zoo in tokyo. she an animal keeper at the zoo part of a drill to train how to respond. >> local police and firefighters
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joined in. this is after she was tranquilized. >> tranquilized. >> she is fine. pretend. >> reggie is making that up. >> a man wore a gorilla suit and this year it and about the lady in the zebra suit. this is unusual. >> are you critiqueing her act? >> she did not take the method acting approach. >> she is not doing i sake spear. ait is not "lion king." >> give her a break. >> we have rain? >> we will transfer. that was hilarious. >> not to fun is the rain. back to earth, east palo alto, down middle field road north shoreline boulevard, headed into mountain view across moffett
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field through the santa cruz mountains we have the best radar run show up and the snow on mount hamilton. in walnut creek we have drizzle and light waves of showers. mostly cloudy. another weak storm tomorrow afternoon and evening. it will feel like spring this weekend. the radar returns show nature a solid line of wet weather but pockets the light to dark green not only at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, but by noon it tapers and the afternoon hours you can see the white, the clouds, with sunshine and a stray shower bouncing along our higher elevations. fast forwarding to luncheon wednesday, you can see more solid line of wet weather through the evening commute and it starts to taper throughout the evening hours.
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this is a "1" on the storm impact scale so less than quarter-inch of rain and light winds from the storms. when we are beyond that the seven-day outlook shows it looks like spring with 60 to nearly 70s saturday, sunday and monday. >> our bridge drive time if you are headed out this morning, the richmond-san rafael bridge is raining and a good drive to marin and san mateo bridge is delayed. a car went into the creek and the tow truck pulled it out but it is not an issue. we do have slow traffic. couple dumb bridge is continue minutes on highway 84 and 9 metering lights were on at 5:31 and rain on the camera leaderships caused slick roads from hercules through el sobrante into the macarthur maze at 2350-minutes. back and looking at san mateo bridge in a couple of minutes
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with the early incident. all the excitement continues to grow for super bowl 50, zooming in you will see our viewer who snapped this photo of a super bowl 50 signs in san francisco this week and this is open market. you can post your photos # #abcnow. >> if you rent, there is important advise to hear this morning. >> terrifying fall caught on camera, this professional surfer camera, this professional surfer described the moment three fell increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along.
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with each for 150 calories or less, try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one. >> look at screen. this pro surfer, falling off of his board 40'. hitting the wave in hawaii. right after this happened, he spoke to a surfer magazine and said it felt like being in a car crash. look at the impact. this video was recorded and posted on instagram by bruno. he will keep surfing and is fine. hawaii has been hit by enormous waves. challenging for even the most seasoned surfers. >> i don't have amazing video like that but i have an important recall if you are a mazda owner, recalling 260,000 cars over fuel leak concerns impacting 2014 through 2016
6:26 am
suvs. the fuel pipe could rupture during a crash causing a fuel leak. they know of no reports of accidents or injuries related to the recalled vehicle. if you are concerned about driving the cx5 can cabinet the -- can contact the dealer for a loaner. >> with the storm storm -- el nino we wonder what will happen if our apartment is damaged by the storm. >> if director apartment tech your apartment and car are dam by a tree falling on them by the storm is the apartment manage liable? >> people will be surprised, but consumer group said the apartment owner is responsible for fixing the building but not responsible for your stuff in the building. that is why you may want if get renters' in
6:27 am
>> you can post your questions using #askisn'tany. askfinney. agothesuperbowl-- fan frenzy takes over. arborists are set to work after a tree fell killing a person. >> we will look at the toll plaza and you can see the drops plaza and you can see the drops on our screen, a wet
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. if you are headed out the door, grab an umbrella or waterproof jacket. showers are falling making for a wet commute. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. meteorologist mike nicco, how long will this last? >> we have a chance rain and right now the best radar returns are from the valley down to 80 into cupertino and all the way over to downtown san jose and the next three hours you can see there is go to be a tapering after the morning and we can call it dry but look at the golden gate bridge where it is
6:31 am
raining right now with the 12 hour day planner temperatures in the 40s so dress warmly and low 50 to mid-50s at noon and low-to-mid 50s at 4:00 and cool this evening in the mid-40s. >> expect slick roads if you are driving with an early incident before the san mateo toll plaza with a car off the roadway into a creek and that is cleared but look at the slow traffic from 880 in half hard to foster city, 25 minutes now, so get out there early and give yourself extra time. rain is potential for the drive this morning and we had an accident westbound four at railroad to the right shoulder and debris mocking two lanes of traffic. we have another accident on the east shore freeway near powell and in sacramento we have a major accident and road closure. >> crews are inspotting trees at a popular spark in the south bay where a man was kill by a falling tree yesterday. matt is there near berryessa
6:32 am
creek park if san jose. ayou can see the tree is lying across the path in the park. yellow tape surrounds it. neighbors say they heard a huge noise yesterday afternoon. >> you could hear something breaking. a loud "boom." you could hear the branches on the floor. >> this video show as neighbor called 9-1-1 and first responders say they discovered a man killed by the tree. family told them their family was on a bicycle ride officers good not know if he was a victim but comforted the familiar. the victim will be identify. ann arborist will examine the tree but it could be man thing including water, the age of the free and wind. expect the path to be blog the off until they can get the tree reof intoed from the >> breaking overnight, a fire gut add home near the oakland zoo and firefighters say no one
6:33 am
was home weapon the fire break out before 11:00 last night. flames caused extensive damage inside the house and crews pulled out of the house because they feared the fire weakened the structure. investigators are looking into the cause. >> hillary clinton and senator ted cruz are declaring victory this morning. the don't side saw the closest iowa caucus in history. officials are not calling it for hillary clinton. the iowa democratic party said votes still need to be coupled and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are separated by only four votes. the hillary clinton said more results do not change the outcome. >> senator ted cruz won the republican caucus by 3% over donald trump. candidates are now if new hampshire the site of the first primary happening on tuesday. >> the super bowl fun continues
6:34 am
at the nfl experience at mascone center with something special for fans. we have been seen amy's aggressive throwing arm with details and high lights last night. >> there is a lot to do and see and a lot of interactive stuff. you can go up against a defender, see the miami dolphin, and it is fun to try. here we go. i missed. shoot. look, i got my own more time, i am not getting drafted any time soon. if you don't want to be embarrass assed and you want to take in the sight here are other features orange the locals give us a nod although we did not
6:35 am
make the san francisco, raiders super bowl is here to sign autographs from 6:15 to 7:30 just returning from the pro bowl and is here for the fans. 49ers line backer bowman is here signing autographs from 3:00-5:00. there is still something here for the locals. >> we have autographs all day on a couple of locations at the nfl experience and a lot of 49ers players and raider players and other players through the nfl and if you are a fan or raiders fan, there is plenty to do that gets you exciteed. >> lombardi trophy is here and that is a popular feature. the advice is to hit that first, get in that line and super bowl rings are on display to check out. the autograph stage is fun feature. and more advise is to try the
6:36 am
quarterback challenge a throw game. i will not be going to the super bowl challenge. can you see y i do not believe near a football. i will be watching from the side s lines and cheering foreign else. it opens from 3-10:00, and costs $35 for adults and $25 >> go amy! >> what bet way to get attention of the best football players then to put a beautiful woman in the mix. that is miss universe at nfl opening night reporting for insided dig and, also, learning to do the dab. whatever that is. with the panthers and broncos. she was asked about the steve harvey mixup thing and she said and i quote, "i'm not thinking about that anymore, it has been over a month."
6:37 am
>> san jose took center stage for nfl first, super bowl opening night, including the traditional media day hoopla, thousands of reporters from all over the world crowding the floor at s.a.p. center to ask questions. fans got to watch all of this happen in person. i am loud and proud showing i care. i was born and raised in denver, my family is there and die hard fans and fun to see him up close. i heard they were coming i cried i was so exceeded. >> you almost wore that. it would be embarrassing. all the game will air if dozens of languages and in 170 countries. >> hundreds of volunteers are coming together to build a lay ground for kids in san jose neighborhood that is located at the blossom river apartments.
6:38 am
national nonprofit is organizing the event. we are proud to be a part of the team along with espn and disney our parent company, the housing authority for santa clara county and players from the 49ers and rateders. rain or shine, the playground build kicks off at 8:30 this morning. down load our app for one-stop shopping all things super bowl from traffic alerts around the venues to special events. >> california highway patrol officer is recovering from injuries he suffered in an accident involving the broncos team bus yesterday. the team was head down what 101 to the hotel and another driver made an unsafe lane change. that caused three team buses to collide and a c.h.p. motorcycle to go down. here is a bus being towed. we are told c.h.p. officer has minor injuries. >> police are investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian.
6:39 am
the unidentified man was hit last night before 7:00 on sonoma boulevard near highway 37 and was not in crosswalk when hit. the driver who is from american canyon stepped and cooperated with officers. alcohol or drugs were not factors in the crash. >> class goes on. as scheduled. if san francisco at a high school despite a possible arson fire last night. it started in the basement of george washington high school in the outer richmond at 6:00. someone set cardboard boxes of plates on fire. rotc group was evacuated. school leaders are assessing how much smoke and water damage it caused. >> highway patrol officers hope you can learn more about a shooting along the east bay freeway. you can see the aftermath of several cars tangled together in the middle of the scene the the off-ramp in concord. people in a fee son opened fire at another car yesterday
6:40 am
afternoon and the nissan hit four other cars. officers want to find the car originally targeted. >> it is unknown vehicle and we do not have a vehicle because they have not step forward and so far there is no gunshot parents admitted to local hospitals. >> all they people in the nissan were hurt. c.h.p. arrested them and officers found a gun if their car. >> happening today, work crews begin drilling a well on a crumbling san francisco hillside dotted with multimillion dollar homes. a low-to-mid was demolished before the homeowner had a chance to move in traced to a leaking water main capped by the city. crews hoped this will determine if this leak is the only cause. >> will we have six more weeks of winter? >> we rely on meteorologist mike nicco for a question like that but today is groundhog day we
6:41 am
turn to a famous forecaster. >> there is no shadow to be cast an early spring is my f >> punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning in pennsylvania. this means we could be in for the usually spring. >> flipping a coin could be as accurate. it groundhog has been right 13 time asked wrong continue time -- wrong continue times and the original groundhog day involved eating the groundhog. >> wow. >> that is a fact. >> bleak. >> they say we are young but i do better than he does for forecasting. he needs to go back-to-school. >> cupertino down to saratoga on 280 and 85, 280 headed into san jose and toward alum rock and around san mateo to belmont and to san francisco out highway
6:42 am
4 where we see last push of widespread showers and the north bay has scattered light showers. in san rafael it rained but not a lot. not seeing any spray coming up but seeing the reflection. in the north bay, coldest at 52 and everyone else is 55 to 56 with clouds. if you head to nfl or super bowl city mostly cloudy in the afternoon and mid-50s and around 49 this evening. dress warmly. >> busy with slick roads and a look at emeryville camera and a stream of headlights beyond golden gate field to the macarthur maze and into san francisco it is a 50 meant drive. an accident at cleared. green shows where the commute is affected. if you are driving to sacramento we have a major road closures,
6:43 am
shut down to a major accident so your way around that is through the 80 commuter loop or 50. >> the fiscal year time you fly it could be back to the future for some services missing in recent areas. all the market opened. we are already 236 points down. rough start to the morning. rough start to the morning. we will check with
6:44 am
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>> today's storm is level "1" which is light rain. keep an umbrella handy. you can download the abc7 news app now. >> bart officials are at the white house today. they will show off the earthquake warning system keeping the commuters save for several years. the system is the first in the country. our reporter is at the bart station in millbrae with more. >> bart's early earthquake detection system is the first of its kind. it could be use as a model for a nationwide system. the board director is in washington, dc to talk about it and funding for technology. we cannot predict when the earthquake will happen but sensors give bart enough warning
6:47 am
to slow down the trains so they are not going at a speed that causes greater injury. the system has been tested, twice, during the napa earthquake and during a small earthquake last year. both times the system worked as planned. the summit is happening in washington, dc, and it started this morning at 9:30. >> thank you. super bowl 50 has hotels around san francisco charging prices like we have never seen. this morning, there is one special place still unclaimed, as for as we can temperature it is the most expensive room in this city's history. come with me. to the million dollar suite. >> anyone can walk in the lobby where presidents and prints have -- princes have and you can sleep where they very for $1 million. >> the penthouse at the fair moment san francisco. over 6,000 square foot. it has three-bedrooms, four-bedrooms, a library, bill
6:48 am
yesterdays, dinning, kitchen, beautiful parlor and a balcony. >> that will do. >> normally this can be yours for $18,000 a night. this weekend's million dollar price includes 22 super bowl tickets and a gold sweet at the stadium. you get luxury ride with private chef and bartenders and tickets to v.p. pairs and $150,000 charity donation. also, four nights in the suite. >> every president has stay here since truman include john f. kennedy. we have had mick jagger and gorbachev. >> on the second floor there is a hidden feature. >> a secret door we to the -- doorway to the roof. >> unbelievable room for unpress continued super bowl price. in this residence of presidents. >> have physical physical -- have until close of business today until the million dollar
6:49 am
deal goes away. if no one buys it they will reconsider but the total package is not available if you want to write me a name is spelled aqui. >> few of us could be able to afford this after today and we will check for traying on wall street at 242 points down for the dow right now a rough start. we are at the nasdaq with the money report. >> good morning, twitter is popular but, also, financially challenged. and private investor have considered acquiring part of twitter according to a report on a tech sigh but he is said not to be interested in twitter but twitter shares rallied on the speculation and another report said that number of tweets is now cut in half since august of
6:50 am
2014 the month of the world cup so we would expect it to be down but it is a big drop. >> united changing course announcing they will again allow families with young children to board early starting february 15 children two and younger can go with their families and board before others. american airlines back to the floor days, bringing back snacks for some flights on economy and pizza hut is putting in we new things with $100 worth of geld on a pizza for the anniversary of game playing in the goalen state. >> stocks are under a lot of pressure. oil is down again. china was higher with good an ings from exxonmobil but oil is down 1 percent and the dow is down 250 points.
6:51 am
>> thank you. >> now, a check with meteorologist mike nicco and it is raining. >> it is raining. i have live doppler hd and heading to the dumbarton bridge to east palo alto and palo alto and south of redwood city and heading to let -- let altos with the edge from danville through oakland to san francisco and north of that we have a pew scattered light showers. check out the snow on mount hamilton. hope we can get sky 7 to look. so far this morning, we have .0 3" in san jose near the shark tank. morning rain and cloudy this afternoon. wet tomorrow afternoon and evening. dry and warming for a super welcome. the storm impact trail is from "1" light, to "5" severe. that is what to expect.
6:52 am
today and when the storm is a "1" with light wind and less than quarter-inch of rain. we get to 9:00 and it is starring to break up and by noon, it is about over and mostly cloudy this afternoon and a stray sure is possible and that is mainly across our hilltops. at noon on wednesday, through the evening commute, it will be wet. here is my seven-day forecast, we get beyond that the 60s return on friday and mid-60s to 70 on saturday and sunday and monday. sue? good morning, we are going to the bay bridge to see the metering lights and they were on at 5:31 and drops on the lens and slick roads this morning, and the drive dime from golden gate field to san francisco 40 minutes. a lot of foe on the road. san mateo bridge we had an early incident before the toll plaza and that is long gone and now you are looking at 25 minute ride from 880 to 101 and a lot slow traffic this morning in the
6:53 am
green representing rain affecting the commute. before highway 92 we have an accident southbound 880, five vehicles blocking the slow lane and hire is a look at highway 680 to walnut creek, 24 through the down tunnel and an hour and 10 minutes out of tracy. >> back with seven things you need to know before you go. you can track the showers with our news app which is free on our news app which is free on the
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6:55 am
>> the seven things you know start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> live doppler hd shows you need patience and umbrella from san francisco and oakland and south for an hour. scattered showers possible through noon. clouds this afternoon and highs in the 50s. two, wets roads causing a lot of slow traffic. headed to work give yourself plenty of time. >> three, hillary clinton claiming victory in the iowa democratic caucus although official winner is not ruled. on republican side, ted cruz scored upset over donald trump. >> arborist and cruise are checking on a tree that fell and killed a man at berryessa creek we park. >> crews will drill a well on a waterlogged hillside in san francisco where a sliding home was demolished. is a leaving water main to blame? >> six, bart officials are in
6:56 am
washington, dc, pushing for funding for the early earthquake system. >> look at amy hollyfield, top of ball and scoring. >> that is the throwing arm. >> we see you in 25 minutes with an update. be careful in the rain.
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good morning, america. ted cruz scores a huge victory over donald trump. a major setback for the billionaire. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> record turnout helps the senator soar. trump humbled in defeat. >> i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> but still vowing to win the nomination. and marco rubio's late surge puts him within striking distance of trump. >> we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> riding a wave of momentum into new hampshire. >> the democratic race, a virtual tie. but hillary clinton is declaring victory. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> ber


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