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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the sky 7 is over san francisco with the breaking news where police are still arriving on the scene. a c.h.p. officer was just stabbed a short time ago. thank you for joining. i am natasha zouves. >> i am kristen sze. >> san francisco police have arrested a suspect while the injured c.h.p. officer has been rubbed to the hospital blocks away from super bowl city. wayne is at the scene. wayne? >> yes, kristen, they have the suspect. they also have witnesses. still sketchy on what happened. here is the scene, the best traffic has been in an hour since it happened at 10:10 this
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morning. a c.h.p. officer was stabbed with a knife. we do not know how many times or how severely. he was inspecting a series of homeless encampments on the on-ramp. we do not know what happened or how it happened. all we know is the officer is down. he was taken to the hospital. condition: unknown. suspect: instead. the area is still block off. there is in getting on the freeway at this point. no eastbound access to interstate 80. it will not likely open for a while. you can see police officers investigating two or three tent areas. it is still fluid. we will know more when we have more information. the most important part is the officer is down, officer injured, and access to the highway east 80 from this location is not going to happen. live from san francisco.
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>> back to the sky, sky 7 h.d. right now part of 4th street shut down between brandon and bryant. avoid this area and the surrounding street news are driving. officers are working to conduct interviews and gathering more information to figure out what happened. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage on the story. our breaking news continues on twitter with instant update. >> another insurance standpoint, market place at super bowl city was closed after a suspicious package was discovered. this is a picture take were by fred. he give us permission to use the picture posted on twitter. he saw the bomb squad patting by with 25 c.h.p. and san francisco police department vehicles. it was responding to a suspicious package. they gift all clear and re-opened the intersection after determining it was not a threat.
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>> bart trains can do something remarkable during an earthquake: they designed to brake before the shaking starts. the system is getting a lot of attention in the capitol. we are at the daly city bart city and spoke with a key seismologists. all the white house wants to put together a partnership to make this sort of earthquake safety technology possible across the country. >> the earlier we fine out better. >> bart and seismologists developed an early morning detection system. >> this model could play a big role in safety. they are in washington, dc, tea ing part in a session. >> this is slowing the response. >> bart riders i talked to are
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happy. >> i am glad the white house is looking into things like this. it is good to know they are focused on more than than war. >> we have anarch everything with public transportation will be affected. we want everyone to be same. >> president obama signed an executive to row dues the risk and lower recovery costs. this will make it easier phone earthquake affected community to bounce back. >> one of the goals of the seminar is to secure the funding to make this sort of technology and research possible. another el nino storm made for a rainy morning around the bay area. choke out this video along the embarcadero at 8:00 a.m. with umbrellas up, mist and light drizzle greeted people.
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>> and to the south people in san bruno woke up to a stormy morning and we were on san bruno avenue as drivers battleed slick roads and pedestrians had their umbrellas with them on the commute. >> storm clouds are hanging around in the east by, still, and here is a look from walnut creek camera along 680 with nothing coming down now and traffic is moving fine, but, meteorologist mike nicco is tracking our next round of rain. mike? >> good morning, everyone. from the top of the dry broadcast center of abc7, we go to live doppler hd. you can see how dry it is compared this morning. we have breaks in the cloud cover. you want sunglasses with you. there is a slight chance of a stray shower the next three hours. you can see a drying trend as we look at our radar returns. as we head through the evening, we are going to see more of the sunshine and clouds. so colorful sunset. i am sure spencer and sandy
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would love to see #abc7now. as we head into the evening, we will go cloudy do partly cloudy. the temperatures will drop into the 40's have a heavier jacket. another storm is on the horizon tomorrow. >> new details in san francisco: a demolition team now said they will start drilling a well tomorrow rather than today on a hillside where a home was torn down. engineers believe water caused the home to start slipping. drilling the well will help them find a source of the water on the slope. >> they want to see what is seeping in or certain depth, basically. >> city building ins ordered the home demolished. the new owners bought it for $2 million last fall. they never even moved into their new home. >> raiders fans are happy to hear this: it looks like the team. lay another season in oakland.
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ower mark davis is finalizing a deal with the city of oakland for one year lease extension on the coliseum. this is after the nfl denied the raiders' bid to move to los angeles. >> video shows stepped up security you could see on the ferries during super bowl week. we were on the ferry from alameda to san francisco. two teams, one from homeland security and another from the coast guard were on the ferry with riders. there were bomb sniffing dogs around the local ferry terminals >> super bowl city shows three evens just opened up seven minutes ago and amy hollyfield has been showing off her impressive throwing arm on twitter and is at the nfl experience at moscone center. what can fans look forward to? >> there is a lot here. it can be overwhelming. i show you exactly what you need to see. when you arrive you go down the
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escalator and the south hall is in front of you and the flow of traffic suggests go that way. i am boeing to suggest you make a left turn and go ahead and start away from the crowd in the north hall. get your blood pumping with the quarterback challenge in the not hall a new feature at the nfl experience and officials say people like it. >> try each target. it is a challenge. it looks like it could be easy but it is harder than you think. >> next stop in the north hall the autograph stage, raiders quarterback and 49ers linebacker will be here today. then, before you leave check out the super bowl ring display, all 49 risks are fear -- 49 rings are here, bigger, more dooms and things like that it is cool to see how they have evolved. >> now the south happen where you will find the interactive games. you can throw.
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kick. and run through an obstacle course. >> people are breathing hard and sweating. >> and then there is the lombardi trophy with a line but officials say it isn't too bad. >> we are not talking disneyland type lines but, maybe, 30 minute s, maximum. it is worth waiting. >> before you walk in the door you can run 40-yard dash. it it oftenning at 3:00. you buy your tickets cross the street. then you walk over here. >> based on what we have seen we are about to lose you to the nfl. >> happening now, volunteers from the nfl and espn are busy building a new playground for
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hundreds kids in the south bay and matt keller is at the site in south san jose with all of the work and mightment -- excitement. >> we are at halfway point with the playground coming across nicely right now as you can see the people are hard at work and the goal of this is to get the kids out to play. what motivates 200 people to work outside during a cold morning in san jose? they are building a playground for 200 kids would live in apartments. our there was an old lay -- play ground out here and we wanted this tomorrow have a safe outlet. we are transforming it. >> i am grateful for all of people coming in to help. all the volunteers are from abc7, community groups and the raiders and 49ers, grabbing
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happens and drills. get your heart rate going and get them active. >> this playground was designed by the kids. when it is completed there will be a triple racer slide and play that is called "cozy cocoon." or a nice place to take a nap. >> you can download the app for everything you need to know about super bowl 50 from fan ever develops and traffic alerted and more. ought race for 2016 is heating up with what with caucus that was closer than ever with the newly declared winner between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> apple sets the date for the new launch. all the worse will
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. >> it is now official: hillary clinton has won the democratic caucuses in iowa. the former secretary of state was declared winner a short time ago after beat back a strong challenge from senator bernie sanders to claim the first victory in the 2016 race for president. donald trump said he is not getting enough credit for the second place win in the caucuses and ted cruz placed first in the contest. marco rubio came if a strong third. >> neither korea appears to have
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plans to launch a space satellite this month that could trigger spokesman outrage. the united nations and or critic s movie they could use this as a cover for testing a long-range missile. they are banned from testing missiles aimed at furthering the nuclear weapons program. the japan news reports that north korea "diplomatic channels would launch a satellite." >> new details this morning from apple about the ipad, iphone and apple watch. the cupertino-based company will host an event on march 15 to announce software updates and is expected to release a 4" iphone named the iphone 5se. it is not named a location because it could be just on-line >> mike, more rain? >> we saw rain this morning. the question is, what in store for the afternoon? mike? >> great question.
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we are liking more dry and more dry the we have one more storm. an hour-by-hour look at when it will affect tomorrow past 70-degree weather comes into the forecast. >> and celebrate the n.b.a. champions in store for the
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>> breaking news in walnut creek where a car, the white one, crashed into a c.v.s. store. this is a look from sky 78. you see people milling around, and police are there at treat
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boulevard. one person has been taken to the hospital. they have minor injuries. no word on the cause of the crab. for updates on breaking news follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> san francisco leaders say they are not trying to hide the homeless but we have questions of police tactics. early morning sweeps by police and public works crews aimed at keeping homeless people out of view. the advocates say the police are recruiting a bigger homeless problem tonight at abc7 news at look. >> special coverage on super bowl 50 this afternoon starting at 4:00, when sports director broadcasts from pier 39. and espn is hosting a live broadcast at the sports center and the rest of the week look for them at san francisco's marine that green. >> we are doing the afternoon and early newscast from the roof so we are glad the rain is stopped. >> we sent meteorologist mike nicco up there to check it out.
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how does it look? hope they wore a coast. it is cool. but the sunshine is nice. at the golden gate bridges one of the many attractions people are going do go to today and it has cleared and the rainfall was most impressive north of that in mill valley at quarter-inch and sfo is nearly .2". everyone else is less than .1". napa and san jose from .08" to .04" so the storms came in as expected. live doppler hd over the last hour shows the radar has returned, russia ringing and moving away from us. expect more sunshine as we head through the afternoon hours. if we have a stray shower it will be the lower clouds bumping into our higher hills. it is 43 in fairfield. it is 53 in los gatos and san mateo and 54 in mountain view. as we look at sfo we still have delays, about an hour and 10 minutes. we clearing out, you may want to
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call ahead if you have people. showers and mostly cloudy sky and another weak system tomorrow and it will feel like spring this evening with. as far as today, we go from chairman at 51 to fremont and palo alto and san jose and santa cruz at 56, and tonight is another chilly one with clouds and upper 30s to low 40s and low-to-mid 40s for the rest us. our storm impact scale, a ranking of all of the winter storms as they come through to have an idea of what to expect we go from "1" light, to "3" which is stronger, and we do not want to have a "4" or a "5" because that is a last dam. tomorrow, the storm will be like this morning. at 9:00 tomorrow, light rain is developing in the north bay with showers ahead of it forest us and it looks like the commute will be most affected through the afternoon and thing hours. it starts to taper as we head to the overnight hours. rainfall amount is similar to
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this morning, maybe a little bit more in some areas, at .1" to .25". it is bringing scattered snow showers to the sierra today and tomorrow and we will dry out significantly on thursday. check out the upper sits on saturday, to nearly 70 for super bowl 70, and, again, on monday. we have a sense of spring back into the forecast. put our umbrellas away after tomorrow's storm. >> thank you, mike. dream season for the dubs leads to a special on from washington. how the world champions will be celebrating at white house. >> in on black history month where you can use our instagram find to celebrate people make a difference in where you live including the founder of oakland stop for artists and
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>> coming up at 4:00, if you thing you are a super bowl super fan, think again. the one man who has been literally to every single game. and getting money back from uncle sam at 5:00, "7 on your side" reveals the credit that often goes unclaimed. >> and we are in our dubs
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colors. the perks keep on coming for the gdping champs. they are invited to the white house. president obama will host the dubs inside the white house on thursday and if you have heard act like you have been there before, the head coach can offer some advice. he visited the white house three times after winning. >> and you can choose your player with the video games. >> who is your pick? >> i lay steph curry. >> of course. >> and draymond. the current squad. he knows more of the history. you know how kids are. >> from all of us, thank you pore joining us, bring your umbrella. the showers are back soon. we will show you the showers, our lens is still wet and you can see the drops on the camera,
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looking over san ramon. stay tuned. have a great day.
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>> hey, everybody. it's "bachelor" fan favorites week. every day we're playing with your favorite people from my other shows, "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." today, arie luyendyk jr. is back with is. he's already $50,000. let's see how far he can go, on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hi, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because we are in the middle of a great game. our returning contestant is a racecar driver from emily maynard's season of "the bachelorette." let's bring him back out here. from scottsdale, arizona, please welcome arie luyendyk, jr. [cheers and applause] hi, bud. who would have thunk it? >> i know, right?


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