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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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carolyn? >> reporter: this protest began about 4:30 this afternoon, lots of fiery speeches but it isñi peaceful. as you said, a lot of police here standing by. >> just because you're poor it doesn't mean you should not have access to housing. >> reporter: when the world is watching, protestors are seizing the moment. the homeless say super bowl is not so super for them. >> there is a lot of pressure because they don't want certain elements around during the super bowl. >> reporter: tonight, some advocates are making their presence known. the police are separating them from super bowl city, they hope to erect a tent city, protestind taxpayer dollars on the festivi festivities. >> we would like to have seen that money go towards ending
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homelessness. >> reporter: the protest is designed to grab tourist's attention, but those near the freeways know there is ajf cri. some might be persuaded to move into this 150 bed shelter that could open tomorrow. the director of human services says it's an effort to protect them from the coming storm. >> many have been on the street for a number of years, we need to get them indoors irrespective ofym whether there is a super bowl. >> reporter: he hopes this protest will capture attention and lead to more permanent solutions. >> we have a $15 million party there we weren't invited to. now, a live look from the visa everywhere cam, over super bowl city, everyone protestors and fans are hoping to stay dry.
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spencer christian is live with the coming rain, spencer? >> we've got scattered showers in the bay area now, it was looking like a fairly decent storm earlier is now dissipating. you can see over last hour, everything is shifting from west to east, pockets of light rain and showers, so at the moment we don't have a significant storm, but redevelop overnight. we do have high surf advisories until 7:00 a.m. friday, expect it to get higher, there is a possibility of large breakers and beachxd erosion. let's take a look at the forecast animation, mostly cloudy skies, there may be pockets of light scattered showers or rainfall during the late night hours and some may make it onshore. it's not looking like it will be a major morning rainfall event.
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>> to a story you'll see only on abc7 the cruiser comes up and i said they're that way. >> this is the man who helped lead san francisco police to two inmates. >> three inmates were on the run for alp week. >> friday in santa anna, one surrendered and the other two caught in the bay area the next day. >> reporter: the hero has been down on his luck, he's homeless, had to quit his jobs because of chronic back pain, he lives in golden gate park, and he gets his news from the papers in the bins, plus, he's got a keen eye. >> i come to mcdonalds every morning. i live in the area, homeless.
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>> reporter: but last saturday, noticed the white van police were looking for. the one that two fugitives stole, parked here at the whole foods store nextfá to mcdonalds >> i noticed people were sleeping in it because windows were steamed up, causingç condensation. i thought there are two people l&éq in a vanym many yearssago so, that is -- i looked at the plates, no plates. >> reporter: suddenly, oneht fugitive got out. recognizing ñinayeri, he says h has a photographic memory. >> i told myself, that is the u! dude, it's got to be the guy. a police car appeared from nearby park station. >> i'm like they're right there. you know? and i point. and he sees me, he's across the street i'm going because i'm behind him, i seen him.
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i go like this. body language. boom. that is the guy. he bolts. officer on foot bolts after him. another officer comes over in a cruiser and says what? i says they're that way. >> nayeri ran up to the last place he wanted to be. >> he went into the police station. that is all i saw. >> code four, we've got him down. >> then, chapman led police to the van, çinside,÷n$einx ÷úhi other fugitive,q both bustedñi thanks to this homeless man, who says he was only doing what was right. well, police told him he may qualify for $140,000 reward and if he gets it, he tells us he wants to use the money to start a new life and help his grown children who have also had some tough times. vic lee, abc7 news. thank you very much. new at 6:00÷ú san jose police arrested a school administrator
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for what he allegedly did with a student. authorities say theym 35-year-od girl at the school. he as been held on a charge of annoying or molesting azv child. and we learned a÷ú little b how police plan to keeplu us s during super bowl 50. how the federal government is getting involved. >> reporter: the fbi is coordinating and there is a laundry list of federal agencies involved along with local counter parts. but the biggest group out there includes you, the public. law enforcement will make use of an excessç of riches seen only during huge national events like this one. >> federal homeland security and law enforcement officials are
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enforcement to ensure a safe, andñi÷ú successful event. >> homeland security secretary telling usg# authorities don't know of credible threats to the super bowl or related events but are training hard&ñ in caseç o comes along. the fbi says up to 90 k 9 units will be on duty. dozens of bomb squad technicians will be at the ready, so will s.w.a.t. teams from different agencies, ready to respond on specialized personnelxd÷ú carri. there are radiation detectors at ñi a lot willpçó take place inh undisclosed location, where they'llxc all nfl sponsored events in the area, includingok to the one thg law enforcement fears the most.
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>> it's going to be a lone wolf or violent extremistç at a sof target where there is ascrowd. >> reporter: if this sounds familiar, that isk1zñn purpose, they're hoping repetition means people who see something will say something. eric thomas, abc7 news. an oakland native here for the super bowl was sent home to denver. he was questioned in relation to ap prostitution sting,zm- but arrested. mike shumann joins us live with reaction from the ymbroncos.ym shu? >> reporter: seems like every super bowl, one player does something off the fieldht that a major distraction to the team. this year, it's murphy. kubiak said he sent the practice squad player home after being detained by police, investigating a prostitution
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ring. >> we moved on. you know? that was yesterday, disappointed for the young man, but we're focused on what we have to do football wise, we're going to work this morning with our meetings getting into our routine.zv >> reporter:?; members of the human trafficking task force yesterday followed a woman from a room p a motel six to a car waiting outside where murphy and his brother were sitting. murphy was detained, questioned and released and his brother was cited for trafficking. murphy growed up in oakland authorities have cited owe 10 men in the past week and very to say that four a super bowl, this has been relatively calm, and hopefully, this is the only situation we'll have for the week. >> thank you, shu. down load our news apf for
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incidentsñr and alerts, and be sure to enable push alerts. >> there is troubling news abouç the late formerñru! oakland quarterback ken stabler. juz discovered about hisjfht brain that could save t lives of young football players. abc7 news was first to discover aboutw3 cases of meningitis at santa clara university. plus... >> you wante1 to know how to ge people to trust you? with their money? >> the first trail of bernie madoff appeared tonight. next, hear from some of the bay area victims of his ponzi scheme. >> in san francisco, homeless advocates gathered to protest the city's treatment of the four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: don't wait until presidents day to get a better night's sleep.
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abc7 newsu was the first t discover two cases of meningitis at santa clara university. symptoms include fever, headache and stiff neck,vzu vomiting, r sensitivity to bright lightsxd d confusion.p abc7 news reporter david louie is live tonight÷úç with more. david?nbsvxç >> reporter: you can see how dangerous this is. one÷ú insuspects the cover arou the brain and spinal cord, and the other, around the bloodstream. oneñi of the infected students a residentrkvñ of swik hall, a story dorm housing mostly freshmanzv at santa clara
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university. the healthym officer says it's t known if there will be additional cases but focus now is to identify new cases and treat them. >> the infectionu! about6ly 10% thosexgn die. >> it's an awful time to get it now. we have mid terms. i don't want it. >> reporter: studentsr give the offering them antibiotics if coming into contact with the two students. >> they were offering it to anyone in contact with the person wednesday through saturday. so now, everybody is feeling better about that. >> what is your contact? >> just at a party he was at. i wasn't there long. >> the bacteria dies quickly on surfaces. >> i saw people in detox suits coming through andmy wipe down e stuff if the building. >> reporter: santa clarar university will offer free vaccinations tomorrow, two vaccines protect against a strain which one of the students
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has. campus health services first identified 500 students who may have been exposed but narrowed down the number. it won't say what that number is. >> it's difficult to find a number of students or identify who was present. >> in santa clara, david louie, abc7 news. ko; we have breaking newsxd n francisco, you can see from sky 7 buses just stuck there. no explanation yet from ac transit or other agencies about what is going on but social media is starting to light up with complaints and theorys about what is wrong. one of the greatest cons in history is the subject of a two-part mini series premiering tonight called madoff. bernie madoff is seïg 150çóç bernie madoff is seïg 15=)5 ou of millions of dollars.
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s)sq of the victims are here in the bay area. looks like the'7 life. sm. who knows what your neighbor might be going ym éónw.s/tthrou? we?;/+ñ checked in susan after had been comfortable investing notorious name. >> yes.g to 150ç years in#wz prison fo9 masterminded the most fraudulent ponzi scheme in americanwoñzvñd sounded like it was very exclusive. so it was like myç best friend best friend's father's best friend is friends with madoff and that is why i got in. a government appointed a trustee to get back the billions
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and he succeeded to a point. >> everyone thinks this was anb hollywood ending. hollywood ending. >> it turns out susan hada withdrawn theç money from thei common account, as part of a divorce settlement. he got the cash back that he pud in. she got labelled having taken a profitviç í÷ i applied and got÷ú nothing >> now, she lives a different life style. trips to the movies, expensive clothes, forget them whatever[o% booksç she readsmy come from t public library. >> i don't want to give the impression i was rich. i just felt secure. and now, i don't. now, i worry. >> reporter: it has been said that those of us who measure wealth in how many money we have may never be wealthy. there are many among us, maybe even next door, who have learned that lesson the hard way.
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in mill valley, wayne freedman, abc7 news. sentence, his wife ruth lives im a rented apartment in connecticut. the government allowed her to keep $2.5 million. ruth was never charged with a crime and did not visit him in prison since their son, mark, committed suicide. their other son died ofñomç ca. the event starts tonight at 8:00 right here on+ abc7. taking a look at the golden gate bridge, where the road is dry right now after the storm fell apart. this morning viewers capture someçw3 shots of the sun rise. check this cout.ñjú this photo tweeted3wññi during commute. these images, whilee1 posted wi the #abc7 now, chec[ç on tomorrow's sun rise is going to be spectacular. out a÷ú little bit.
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>> we can have a storm like that tomorrow. it's not delivering theç punch we've expected. we've got clouds around the bay area, and rain drops falling in the north bay. this is mainly skaderred rainzv steadier rain but it's notçó wide ç éi]nbv: 55 in fremont, low topbqji mid- our emeryville camera, looking westznxd acros bay.i(-these forecastñr feature light showers tonight, clearing trendxdçfá beginning p4oññrçt lug# week, as a matter of fact, let's start at 11:00 tonight, we'll stillç have a little bit of height rain or scattered showers up in the north bay andjfñr along the nor coast. and looks like getting into early morning hours around
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5:00 a.m. or so, there won't be much in the way of rainfall. there is just local morning drizzle likely at that timemy=÷ later in the day we'lljsw3 it" sunshine breaking through clouds tomorrow and we'll have a dry day. rainfall totals projected now willçó reach into the 1 to 2/100ths range for moeflt of the bay area. things could change overnight if ú lookingw3 at super bowl city, expect a dry day now with partly cloudy skies to partly sunny skies to mostlyw3 sunny skies, maybe. temperatures mid to upper 50s in the middle of the day dropping into low to mid-50sçó in night time hours3;g tomorrow, on we go super bowl sunday, which will be a warm, sunnylp lpçrwkone. levis stadium,çzv fá3:30, kick time, sunny with 72 degrees and warmer weather to follow.
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ói. and will be a partly cloudy day, xkd 60s into mildest locations around the bay. we have quite a warming trend beginning over the weekend. inland into mid-70s and around the bay as well, as a matter of fact, might havekpk÷a5 recordu for those dates next week. it's going to be much, much warmer. >> çósunday, beautiful weather. there is some sporting event happening. >> right.ç right. >> for the first time, president obama visited a mosque in the u.
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president obama did something today he's never done today. >> he visited a mosque at a time of increasing hostility toward american muslims. >> kristin zee is here with president obama's message and reaction. >> you know they say gestures speak louder than words. how is this for a gesture? today in baltimore, president obama visited a mosque for the first time in his presidency. he said americans can not blame muslims for the violent acts of
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a few extremists. >> we have heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans. >> president obama was emotional describing letters are from muslim÷ú children, telling him they are afraid. in september a 14-year-old muslim boy showed a teacher a homemade clock and his invention was mistaken for a bomb. in december a woman allegedly threw coffee in the face of a÷ú pus limbç man praying in a par and donald trump wants to temporarily ban muslims from the u.s. as a way to fight terrorism. >> as muslims, this is a time for loyalty to our country of residence. >> reporter: president obama held a small round table today with ñistudents, doctors and a fencer who will make history
6:26 pm
this summer, at the real olympian to compete in a hijab. >> thank you very much. >> san francisco officials say they're not trying to hide the homelessok during super bowl 50 >> but new video is raising questions about police tactics. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, advocates tell us why they think police are making things worse. plus... >> i think it's going to be good. it's going to get them talking about questions. tool for student athletes being tested here in the bay
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several months after the death of former raiders can be ken stabler there is new information on theu! toll his years as a football player took on his body and brain. >>÷ú abc7 news has more tonightn the findings atlw changes that you can seexd at theç high sch level. snake. he can çrun.ç
6:30 pm
broncos qb looked up to him. >> lost÷ú a great legend. >> the defense could not catch up with him, something else did. stabler agreed to have his brain examinedb. after his death. the diagnosis? mqpwhatmm6v we how many hits resultym in cte? what are the other factors? >> javier cardenof is visiting the bay area to teach about them. >> the highlight there is blood and swelling. >> he says brain injuries are less common in quarterbacks. >> most occur while playing defense, during tackling. >> a concussion isn't always obvious. diagnosis involves a trip to the doctor. >> we're looking at your ability to focus. >> now, a group of high
6:31 pm
willxd tryout a program to determine whether a player has a concussion. >> if you angle like that, that is a point. if you step out, a point. athletes can feel like they're ready to go on the field. but it's that second injury that can land them here. >> it affects you for your life. there is no brain transplant. >> trainers will have an online course for athletes. >> it's going to be good and getting them to open up. >> it could save lives, but after what happened to ken stabler. >> we don't know the factor that's cause cte. >> in redwood city, abc7 news. >> we have an update now on a growing protest across from super bowl city. designed to draw attention to san francisco's homeless7s cri. here is a live look now around a small tent citymyhwñi and office
6:32 pm
serving as a barrier, protestors have not attempted to cross the street. demonstrators are?xhrotesting city tax dollars being spent on super bowl festivities. homeless advocates accuse the city of shoving people out of view so tourists won't have to see the homeless. >>ñr our i team cameras have se crews clearing streets again and again. >> the sweep begins well before dawn. homeless people found shelter for rains on the 101 freeway need to find a new lpspot. police and city workers have been clearing camps way from key areas like this onramp. overnight, streets that looked like this, now look like
6:33 pm
>> gather your stuff and throw it in, if you will. >> kathy used to own a three bedroom house, but divorce landed her on the street. we wanted to askw3 mayor lee abó his plans for the homeless. we met him at the opening of super bowl city. >> is there a special push to hide the homeless for super bowl? >> no. i don't think we're hiding anybody. this is a city of a lot of tolerance. we want to get people off the streets. that is our goal. >> homeless advocates say it's having the opposite affect. dustin edwards got a $100 citation. >> the police showed up. and basically just told me i was here on the sidewalk. >> he doesn't know how he'll pay.
6:34 pm
>> kelly cutler has been doing homeless outreach 15 years. >> we're encountering people with citations. >> iñi gotzv >> what happens is they can't play them, they lose their place on the wait list. it's closed so you can't get backñi on. >> and if they don't pay, think face higher fines or jail time. >> if you decide you want to be on the street we're going to ask you this area has to be used for super bowl facilities to make money for the general fund and provide services we pay for. >> homeless people have become more of a problem, i guess we sort of represent the city not as successful at housing
6:35 pm
everybody and so, if tourists don't see it, all the better. >> though the city has many programs, it leads the state in antihomeless laws and several studies have put san francisco in the top 10 of the meanest 49ers running backfá important to him, that should be for the rest of us as well. abc7 news was at oaklandish where waters met sand. money raised will go to first place for cyou. it's personal for waters. >> i wasñi adopting myself, it' my young son and we live in and i mentored a lot of youth and i
6:36 pm
can see the benefit. >> first place for youthñi award the super bowl game changer award. the group has 500,000 and plans to expand to santa clara county. >> that is terrific. >> it is. >> teenagers spend six and a half hours per day staring at a screen. >> coming up, on abc7 news at 6:00 the documentary produced here in the bay area that looks at the effects of the screen time, plus... >> i was at first i was kind of in shock. you know? like can they do that? >> michael finney gets involved wp(y'o9r:h man's super bowl
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6:39 pm
one man's excitement about getting great tickets to super bowl turned into disappointment in 30 minutes. >> if you're assuming he bought counterfeit tickets, you're actually wrong. >> you'll be talking about this in the morning. the menlo park man bought the tickets at stub hub for a great price. they said the seller made a
6:40 pm
mistake. >> andrew is a footballç fan a attended super bowl 47 in new orleans three years ago. his earliest football memory goes back to super bowl 19, at stanford stadium. >> my dad took us to tail gate, because we couldn't afford to buy tickets. >> andrew can hardly believe what happened when he scored tickets for $600 each. the going rate is $3300. >> i said we're going to super bowl. she told her co-workers and texted me back, very excited. >> that didn't last long. a phone call, and e-mail from stubhub cancelled the sale, we're sorry it didn't wnbk out, stub hub said, telling him the price was too low. >> i was in shock, like can thei do that? >> this isn't the first time stub hub cancelled a sale, it cancelled one from a laker fan
6:41 pm
who bought tickets to the last game. 18 games after, kobe bryant announced retirement. the game would be his last game of his career. stub hub later backed down, offering substitute tickets. we reached out to the company to get a clarification on its policy. they told us it believes the seller made an honest mistake because the user agreement states sellers may not cancel to relist at a higher price, we're providing him with replacement tickets. stub hub refunded his money and given him a $600 gift card towards a few tour purchase. now, to see my reports online go to our website and he ended up with the original tickets. >> wow. >> good work. >> he got to keep them. >> good. >> good. >> stuck in front of the scene.
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matt nathanson will perform at super bowl city tonight. abc7 found fans who have been lined up to see him since 9:00 this morning. and here is a look, he will perform at 7:30 on the city stage. >> tens of thousands of fans taking part in super bowl events across the city are sampling sa francisco's amazing cuisine. this results in food that is never consumed so food runners teamed up to keep left overs out of landfills and give them to the hungry. >> they link great food that would go to waste to people when
6:46 pm
need it. i think of it as a super bowl with food in it. >> food runners recovered 17 tons of food and redistributes it to those in need. one out of five people that live in the city. >> inside super bowl city, sponsors are paying thousands to be part of the action. kw are thousands working it for free? >> everybody just wants to be part of the event. >> is just wanting to volunteer enough? find out the law at 11:00. a documentary looks at the how smartu! phones and tablets affects a child's development. >> solutions around drugs and alcohol are out there, there is a9ñ conversation going on. but there isn't a conversation about screen time5a and how mu
6:47 pm
we use it and what can we do to limit it? >> the mother of two works as a producer here at abc7 news, the screening is planned for wednesday at the clay theater in san francisco. we have information on how to get tickets at >> is that is a great top wrik for discussion. >> we've been watching a little bit of rain. >> spencer christian is here with the latest. >> we have a littvex wanna-be storm system here moving through right now. some pockets of light rain sliding eastward now, moving from napa towards solano county and fairfield. no reports of rainfall. look for dry conditions with a high of 70 in los angeles. here in the bay area, after a chance of showers, high temperatures in the low 60s and
6:48 pm
we're going to have a warm up. look for high temperatures 3f moving into mid-70s next week. here is the accu-weather forecast. thank you, spencer. >> larry is back in the building. >> he'll been out doing super bowl coverage. >> and weather, too. tracking a storm. we're going to pause the coverage for just a moment because steph curry isñi lighti up the nation's capital.a.s
6:49 pm
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i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california.
6:51 pm
>> update on our breaking news and the bus pack up. ac transit says it's due to the protest by homeless advocates we've been showing you super bowl city. with other street throw sures buses are stuck getting in and out of the terp nal now. they're working on alternate routes here, of ÷frcourse. >> good evening, warriors are iv
6:52 pm
washington, d.c. and tomorrow will meet president obama. stephsfeelingg# good from the moment he entered the arena. nine of his first ten shots, seven of eight from downtown. a ridiculous 25iñjp%9ts from t first quarter. steph currymy making itfá lpra. and withq the steal, is going. it helps if nobody is guarding you. 74-60 warriors at the half and the lead now only twomy points. and now, carolina quarterback kam newton smiles and scores
6:53 pm
touchdowns. that mick makes some people angry. his response is keep me out of the end zone and i will not dance. >> @int to know if the broncos brought kryptonite with them from denver. what about the other stuff? his touchdown celebrations? that big smile? is it all genuine? >> that is my quarterback, my friend, that is my dog. he makes sure everyone is good. he's one of the guys that is always going to look out for someone else before looking out for himself. i'm just proud to be his friend. >> since getting here he's been everything you'd hope.
6:54 pm
a good teammate, good to be around. and brings a lot of energy, a lot of life and energy to everything he does and it is contagious. >> he's going up against the sheriff. that would be peyton manning in super bowl 50. and shu, can they stop superman? >> defense wins championships. denver as the number one ranked defense in the league. they held opponents in 20 or less. and in that game it was dominated performance. denver nuggets have to step it up a little more. >> he isym fast and strong.
6:55 pm
and is super man, we've got to be great. >> you have to get pressure on him. not let him run around. he'll run when he has so. when not, he can get down the field. >> number one defense against number one offense. we couldn't ask for a better game. >> that is why they're in super bowl. >> that is right. >> this guy has a vacation game in denner. >> back to you. >> shu is that well off. >> thank you, guys. >> abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> that isxdt(çó a great match
6:56 pm
>> if he can find a way to cobble together points up there and give the dpeens something to work with, this could be very interesting. >> join usñi tonight at 9:00, tonight, the drug preventing aging in animals by 35%. the that is at 9:00. >> and san jose school administrator under arrest, relation÷ú was a student. the charges he's nowlp kofacing >> so hope you can tune in but that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time. >> from the entire new teams, we hope you have a great evening.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants -- a sophomore at mississippi state university from hunstville, alabama... a freshman at northwestern university from sandy springs, georgia... and a junior from the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. in our two games so far this week, we had contestants named emily, and in each of the games, emily came out the winner. so, michael, amanda, and sam, if one of you would like to change your name to emily...
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[ laughter ] might be a good time to do it. good luck. let's go to work. here are the categories for you in the jeopardy! round... followed by... we're... and so i will need a sub. sam, start us. let's start with hail to the chief for $200. amanda. who is grant? ulysses grant is correct. chief for $400, please. amanda. who is kennedy? no. michael. who is johnson? l.b.j. yes. hail to the chief, $600. amanda.


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