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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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coming up on 6:00 am, i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we are a day closer to the have been and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. waiting outside, with high clouds and milder temperatures in the low-to-upper 40s? over next three hours there could be a few sprinkles over the ocean and that is it. the air is clear from the east bay hills camera, a beautiful bay bridge and the embarcadero center, and, also, all of that for the backdrop to the 12 hour day planner showing mid-to-upper 50s by noon, and nearly 60 by 4:00 and grab a jab coat this evening. the commute this morning? sue? >> yes a couple of hotspots. i love the shot of san francisco at the embarcadero center and brake lights on the eastern portion of span and a backup at the toll plaza with meeting lights on at 5:29 and you are
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looking at a good solid 15 minute wait with the traffic map looking green and that is slow traffic which is typical out of the central valley, tracy area, with an accident westbound at the dumbarton after the toll plaza, black pickup truck blocking the fast lane. we are going to be back with a look at some of the mass transit options in a minute. >> thank you, sue, angry uber drivers are threatening to protest during the super bowl congesting highways and roads an the levi stadium. it could moan a nightmare for fans on sunday. our reporter is at the stadium in santa clara. amy? this would be a huge stage for uber drivers to make a statement. but drivers could will stand to make a lot of money on sunday. because of surge price. that is the issue facing uber drivers right now. what to do. there are 40,000 independent uber drivers and this is the
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turnout they had early this week for a drive from sfo to the uber headquarters. drivers are complain about what uber pays saying they work for less than $4 an hour. a spokeswoman said the company dropped prices to attract more customers, and said they have been doing hourly agains during the slow post holiday season so paying them what they would be making during a peak time where they drive. drivers are not back down calling for a strike here during the super bowl. now, the spokeswoman sa service is never impacted by a protest. traffic getting in and out of the stadium is known to be tough with protesters blocking the streets during the super bowl would add a new legal of congestion. >> thank you, with the have been now just three days away, san francisco officials are hoping to open a winter encampment for
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the homeless today or tomorrow? >> that is 24 hour shelter that holes 150 people and officials insist this is not an attempt to hide the homeless from visitors. hundreds held super bowl city. >> the difficult has a bigger priority than put on this fiasco. >> super bowl road closures combined with the profit last night made the evening commute a slow crawl especially as you can see for bus passengers. >> check this out, national park service officials say they believe last saturday night's super bowl 50 fireworks show along the embarcardero is responsible for all of the debris that wash ashort in san francisco. the national park service employee spent eight hours filling trash cans with debris and please's put on the fireworks show say they do not
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think it was from the festivities, and another fireworks show is scheduled tomorrow night at 10:00. >> on sunday, if you have too much to drink can you get a free ride home anywhere in the bay area, and that is because of aaa's special program, free, and available to anyone not just aaa members and the service starts at 6:00 p.m. on sunday and it runs through 6:00 am on monday on. >> fans are up lows -- are up close and personal with professionals for the in experience. a jaguar player and a buffalo bills players everyone there to sign autographs. the event is this afternoon at 3:00 and department each day through super bowl sunday. j.j. watts is there and 49ers line backer bowman is this at 7:00 people, and cowboys hall of famer emit smith is appearing at
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five o'clock people tonight. we will have all super bowl-related news and alerts with push alerts for the latest instant updates. >> a south bay high school interim voice prince am is in interim price vince pal is in jail. he had an inappropriate relationship with one student, at the high school in san jose. it was with a 17 year old girl and happened in july or august at home of gonzales. leaders learned of the acknowledges on friday and put gongs on paid leave. officials reported it to police and china protective services. they also sent a let are to the parents, and gonzalez was arrested on tuesday. >> a man akilled of stabbing a c.h.p. officer in the folk is scheduled to be arraigned. the stabbing happened when the officer confronted the man near a homeless encanment in san francisco on tuesday morning.
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the suspect was arrested an hour later. the officer underwent surgery for life threat being injuries and now is in stable condition. the suspect was booked on attempted murder, aggravate assault and resisting arrest. >> a san francisco man stabbed in the tenderloin last week has died. homicide is looking for witnesses to the fight that led up to the death. the attack happened outside a fit club at sutter and take already -- taylor street. the victim is 25-year-old joseph razzo, 29, people analyst and popular deejay. so for police have made no arrests. >> look at the screen, police need your help to find this man, joseph b-o-r-j-e-a-n-n. seen leaving his home, a white man, 7-year-old, 5' 7" and weighs 200 pounds wearing a white shirt and tan or brown pants. he drove away if a broad 2004
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four door nissan with california license plate 5fkf889. he suffered from a medical condition and may have become disor beyonded. call police if you have any information. >> there is renewed effort to remove the homeless people living along train tracks in sonoma and marin counties and keep them away. that is according to the press democrat. the issue is gaining urgency because commute rail service is set to resume in the north bay later this year and local officials say they are trying to prevent unnecessary problems. the rail transit authority is working with the police and homeless advocates for months now, and the transit authority has installed fencing along the significant stretches of the rail line to discourage people from wandering too close to the track. >> tense times for thousands of people in colorado. a hospital technician may have exposed them to hi and -- h.i.v. and hepatitis. >> an even that will have people line up today. >> at look at san jose 280,
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>> we are back. san rafael is 50 degrees. under partly cloudy sky the can you sea in fog. we will tack about what will happen this afternoon, it will be brighter inland, 58 to 61. above average around the bay, 60 to 64. for the coast be the dangerous surf is lurking, at 57 to 59. now, a look at san jose, it is 45 degrees. that is 280 and 17. we are in the low-to-upper 60s from san francisco to inland neighborhoods friday, saturday, nearly 70, sunday, low-to-mid 70s. i am still going 73 degrees for our kickoff temperature. dropping to 58. check out the temperatures next week in san jose, we are nearly record highs with mid-70s. sue? good morning, bart is the great way to go with 48 trains getting out and on time for super bowl and the festivities adding extra trains so good news there. buses downtown san francisco at least are away the foot of market and mass condition center
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-- mass condition -- moscone center, re-routed, and have rail and buses in santa clara. san mateo bridge, a nice drive 880 to 101 with several problems on 880, itself, with a call to c.h.p. to try to clarify two separate motorcycles one just before 92 and the other before ten >> love in the time of social media, a couple would never met in person had a spontaneous wedding seconds after meet. >> the couple kind of met over instagram a year ago but never in person until friday when theyually saw each other face to face, kissed and had an instant marriage ceremony the at airport. they said it was the friends who suggest they get married is art popped the question. >> i said, yeah. why don't we get hitched? there was a three-minute pause.
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>> i tried to comment back and lost my internet comment and it said "failed," and her post was "we are waiting." >> art is going interest this...full steam. he quit his job as a chef in new york and packed and bought a one-way ticket to california. they still need to make the instant marriage legal and plan to do that soon. >> good luck. >> though message back and forth private message or direct memorial on instagram for a year so maybe they know each other. >> that is enough? >> she is -- new calls to disband a state mission that keep our out it wills case and some say it needs to be broken up. >> what google hopes to learn in washington state about self driving cars. >> tonight do not miss second part of two night movie event the story of before any madoff
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the story of before any madoff the biggest
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cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> colorado police are investigating whether a former surgical technician exposed hundreds of patients to h.i.v. or hepatitis. this happened at a hospital near denver. the hospital will not explain how it happened. it is related to an investigation into stolen medication. 2,900 people are urged to be tested. >> an attempt to check with amy and what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> next on "good morning america" we will have the latest on the zika emergency, brazil is ground zero. they are struggling to contain the outbreak shoulded olympics be canceled in rio de jane >> see you at 7:00. >> legislators are calling for the breakup of the public utilities commission. we it is too big to succeed. two-thirds of the senate and the assembly sign off on the public utilities reform act, it heads
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to the ballot. voters will get the final say on whether to force the mission breakup by july 2018. the call for refinancial comes as the commission has been blamed for lax monitoring of pg&e prior to the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. in santa rosa people are expected to line up to be the first to try what some people say is the best beer in the cup, we on sale tomorrow morning at 11:00, butted by the russian river braking company where it is only available on tap and only for the next few weeks. some calls it the best i.p.a. in the country providing only about 200 kegs. a year. >> so, we will see what is happening with the traffic outside this morning. sue? how are we doing? >> we have a serious situation happening in the hayward side of things and i will tell you a motorcycle accident that was down we mentioned this in the last break, it is confirmed now, fatal accident, to lanes are blocked, and c.h.p. is
6:19 am
requesting a hard closure and a sig-alert. expect delays if you can take 580 that is the best way to go, this is probable going to be there some time as they regulate. we will follow in and the let your morning commute with the metering lights on and we will check in a minute. mike? >> yes, good morning, everyone, although we up to eight degrees warmer than yesterday we have 41 in danville and san ramon and dublin to concord at 47, and concord is the outhigher and most of us are around 42 to 44. you can see oakland and mountain you have at 47. we have san jose, vallejo and napa at 45 and pacifica is 47. san francisco is about 50, the warm spot. now, live doppler 7 hd showing thick are high clouds rolling across our sky, and that is good keeping the fog from forming thickly and widespread. here is a look at exploritorium, from pier again, a beautiful shift the embarcadero center and a dry pattern developing today and that is the next 12 days.
6:20 am
we will have cool nights with foggy spots sunny and warm next week and we could push the record highs with the clouds thinner as we head to lunch and into the evening hours. all the way through the commute. expect to need the sun glasses, from around 59 in san francisco to san jose at 63 and we will have upper 30s inland, and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40s. my seven-day forecast starting with have been sunday 70's are in the forecast. sue? >> this is the lake tahoe report, a lot of snow, at most all of the we major resorts, and squaw valley has a good base and a great drive with in chains required on the sierra roadways at this hour if you are headed out this week, alpine is looking great with 125" base and heavenly is reporting 3 hour and 20-minute drive and the summit at donner is looking good and kirkwood, too, 98" and sugar bowl 137" base with great drive
6:21 am
on 80 if you can sneak up it is a great idea. that is the lake tahoe report. >> we if you have been trying to get through all of the traffic near super bowl city it can be a nightmare. michael finney had answers to make it easier. >> mcdonald's sticks are not >> mcdonald's sticks are not made of the cheese they
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> google self driving cars are hitting the road and heading out of california. after years of testing in silicon valley, google announced plans to start testing in washington. google said the seattle area is perfect for testing the cars in a wet and hilly area the google cars should head to washington this month. >> we will talk to michael finney about traffic. >> michael has great information for any of us trying to get around san francisco during the super bowl. >> with everything going on with the super bowl and the kitment in -- excitement what app do you use to get around? >> you have come to the right place, we have a lot of resources of traffic closures and transit options during the have been festivities. that is on our website.
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also, we have a partnership with waze that gives you great real time traffic information. to get all of this go to we have a special section. >> thank you, michael. if you have a question record it on your smartphone and tablet and send it to the maim on the -- on the e-mail on the scene. your question will be answer right here on the morning news. ariverside county man is suing mcdonald's over "fake cheese," inside the company's cheese sticks. he is asking for his $1.27 back. seeming damages for united states customs would were misled. mcdonald's website describes the cheese sticks as being made with 100 percent real cheese and the compliment said they use starch add different and other fill are ingredients. mcdonald's has you haved to fight. >> vegans raise the spoon to ben
6:26 am
& jerry's with fur flavors using a certifyied am mop make base. two are not dairy verifies of chunky monkey and coffee carmel fudge are brand new. >> through warning for those heading to super bowl, don't bring your drones. >> san francisco police are under pressure on how they deal with violent encounters with a controversy weapon the chief said the officers need to carry to save lives much. >> a fire damaged several homes in the south bay and it spread to a home two blocks away. stay tuned.
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and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30. glad you are with us on thursday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. we have a major traffic alert. sue, what do you see? >> fatal motorcycle accident. it is fought looking good. this is southbound 880. near 92. c.h.p. is on the scene. they have requested a full closure. be aware you need to take 580 to get away with two lanes blocked.
6:30 am
there is a sig-alert. sky 7 is headed over to look. if south san francisco northbound 101, three cars involved if if a accident blocking a lane of remark and possibly two lanes the one car has flipped on top of another vehicle. again, this is a problem spot if you can take 280 to get into san francisco it could be your boast bet. we will take a check back and hop any sky 7 will be over the accident in hayward. mike? >> yes, good morning, everyone, weather help wise it is quiet this morning. check out our sutro tower camera look open beautiful bay bridge with no need for umbrella, and live doppler hd shows it is ben dry and it will be for 12 days. today is transition to dry pattern where haze and patchy fog and milder this morning at 42-48 and bitter conditions through the day, and mid-to-upper 50s for lunch, and 4:00, 56 to 60 and grab jacket when you head out at 48
6:31 am
to 52. guess would has the news of day? natasha and reggie? >> investigators will look at a fire in san jose that spread through a maybe and started at a house unconstruction and jumped to three more homes. our reporter is if san jose. matt? >> yes, the arson investigators are waiting for day height to get a better look at what took place at this home under construction. can you see how badly dam it is with day light so they can see exactly what took place here. and what started the fire. in the video you can see the flames under construction. the fire was reported before 78:15, and it turned into a three-alarm fire and the two adjacent homes were damned. the fire department photographer shot this video when he arrived on scene and firefighters say the people initially over evacuated and the homes are okay. an hour later, a roof on another home caught fire from embers that floated away from the
6:32 am
original scene. in the end, four showers were damned. everything was prosecute under control an hour and 45 minutes after the first call. we her the red cross was helping a woman with shelter. firefighters are parked here on the scene. they have been keeping an eye on the structure and paying sure that there are no flare". >> developing news in the south by police are looking for more student victims after a well liked vice principals with arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl. we are at the high school with the details. >> yes, jose gonzalez interim vice principal but a basketball and baseball coach so official are concerned could be more victims. this morning, san jose police are asking for anyone with information to come forward. the school listened of the alleged inproperty relationship
6:33 am
between the 35-year-old gonzalez and a 17-year-old female student often friday and notified the police and chide protective services. gonzalez was arrested at the home open tuesday and charged where molesting a child under the age of 18 the school district has placed him on paid leave pending the investigation. police say the incident took place at gonzalez san jose home last july or august. he, worked at the high school in 2008. >> he had access to a lost students and the ability to have a position of trust and leadership and authority. >> leader suspect this letter home to parents and they are bringing counseling service are are -- severals for students and faculty at the school. >> thank you. homeland security secretary jay johnson said there is no credible security threat target the super bowl or red events but they are train hard just in case
6:34 am
d.c. knits, swat teams and 90 police dog units are in duty. >> federal, homeland security, and law enforcement official are working overtime along with the nfl and state and local law enforcement to ensure a safe and successful super bowl event. >> the f.b.i. had a top secret egypt operation center in place in the south bay. it is 3-4 security set up the. >> bring your lucky jersey, face paint and spirit, but leave your drone at home. thank you is a new one, the f.a.a. p.s.a. for super bowl 2350. the drones are banned coming 32 miles of the stadium. no drone zone starts at 2:00 p.m. and goes until midnight. violates could face jail. >> philadelphia hosting the first of women's summit today in san francisco. the focus is on how playing
6:35 am
sports can positively influence young women personally and professionally. expected to take part are serena williams, belly -- billy jean king and jordan sparks. we will streak it online so head to >> football fans are flying into the bay area and we heard southern action sents at sfo and a father and son aived from charlotte, north carolina, spending $8,000. >> we bought the plane tickets the day afterred that had and put that whoopin' on dallas we knew we were going to super bowl. that was it. >> thanksgiving day. big loopin'. sfo expect the busiest day is the day after the super bowl brace for 30,000 center passengers on that one day. >> a big thank you to all of our abc now community sharing great photo of the super bowl
6:36 am
activities around the bay area and we would love to see more of your super bowl picks so use #abc7now to find them, see them on air or online. download our app for one-stop shop on everything you need know about super bowl 50 from fan evens to traffic alerts and more. enable push alerts to get instant updates. >> quick work by fairfield police and a man suspected of two violent attacks is now in custody. this is william king of vallejo arrested a day after latest attack, investigators thing the 19 year old attacked a person at the township center and is thought to have hit a woman in the head with a hammer in critical condition with head injuries at a wells fargo bang. >> police chief suhr will reduce the controversial issue of stunned guns an dissipated in the wake of the mario woods
6:37 am
shooting the he believes if the five officers who shot the 26 year old had tasers he would still be alive the. they had no choice but do use lethal force because people more spray failed to persuade to drop the knife. >> happening today, a south backlog offers vaccination to students after two confirmed cases of meningitis. an infected student lives at santa clara university and the two students were admitted first on new, the second on monday. the bacteria dies immediately on the surfaces but university crews cleaned the dorm anyway. students are conditioned. this is a bad time, week five, midterms, why -- i don't want it. >> it is believed 500 students were exposed and now the actual number is fewer, but they will not say how many. meningitis is spread through saliva and deadly. early sink tops are similar to
6:38 am
the flu. >> president obama will honor the warriors at white house. steph curry visited the president a year ago promise molingant malaria program and last fit he had a precursory to the white house facing the wizards in the capitol scoring june points for 11 three pointers as they beat the wizards 134-121, for straight victory improving to 45-4 on season the ceremony is 10:55 a.m. our time streaming it live on our website so check it out while you are at work. >> we have a major traffic alert in the east bay. sue? a fatal citizen, motorcycle -- a fatal accident, motorcycle down. southbound 880 under 92, two last lips are, monthed and the investigation is showing the backup all the way in to the
6:39 am
oakland area, take 580 if you can, they will be there some time with investigators. now, a look elsewhere slow traffic out of the central valley with no stalls or citizens and after hayward antiwe have another one in san francisco and this is not an official sig-alert but slow north 101 near grand and four cars are involved one flipped on top the other so expect the slow traffic, take 280 to get around this coming into san francisco. we will update the fatal accident in hayward and more in our next report. >> it is dry one. almosted fog. it is going to remain dry the next 10-12, possible 14 days. we are taking a break. livermore and san jose and moffett field the only stayings with a surplus and when we get through this dry period, we will be in a deficit like everyone else.
6:40 am
280 and 17 a color will sunrise developing over san jose right now and your temperature in the south bay will continue out at 6 2 and 61 at the peninsula, and san francisco and the north by at at about 59. super bowl city is cloudy. 54 at 11:00, 59 at 3:00. in the mid-to-low 50s through evening. no need to worry about rain. super bowl city will be low-to-mid 60s tomorrow. partly cloudy. more sunshine. mid-60s on saturday. total sunshine and 70s on sunday and record highs in my seven-day outlook with that coming up. reggie and natasha? the i.r.s. is having problems with their website. >> if you watch beyonce return to the super bowl on sunday, to the super bowl on sunday, thank brian
6:41 am
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>> a three part process dismantling the old bay bridge could begin today. here is what is left of the old span. it is difficult to make out. but crews will lower a 504' ban extending half a mile that weighs whooping 2,500 tons. it could take days to lower on
6:44 am
to the badges. strong winds and rain could postpone the protect. the third face focuses on demolition of the remaining marine foundations. >> angry uber drivers threaten to protest dug the -- during the super bowl. that could mean con justed highways and a nightmare on sunday. amy hollyfield is at the stadium in santa clara. explain what go on. >> it could be bad. uber drivers say this is the biggest same they could have. this is the moment to have a strike. can the independent drivers resist the money they could make with surge praising? that is the question. the town out early this week for a protest drive was from sfo to the uber headquarters. drivers want uber to pay them more say they work for less than $4 an hour. a spokesperson said they cut prices during the january because it is slow hoping to bring more customers to drivers
6:45 am
and they could make more money. the company has been guaranteeing to pay them what they would make during peak time an hour. the drivers are upset and using social media to build support for a super bowl strike. the spokesperson said an uber protest has never disrupted service before. protesters blocking traffic after the super bowl during an already very included situation would make it more congested and frustrating. we see what happens. >> we will keep watching that. now a super bowl surprise for a very special veteran. this morning, united states marine corporal is being honored by the hill man foundation and the foundation, pat tim man walked away to seven his country after the hen listen attacks and was killed by grandly fire in afghanistan in 2004. in the it will years since his death more than 400 military veterans have benefited from the
6:46 am
tillman foundation by receiving scholarships and this morning, reagan got another special surprise. >> we want to the make sure you had an opportunity to go to the super bowl. >> my gosh. >> enjoy. enjoy the game. thank you for everything. >> going to the super bowl. >> congratulations. >> two days after her service with the marines ended she enrolled at stop ford. she was diagnosed with cancer. now in remissions though, "good morning america" will have her story coming up at 7:00. ♪ you will hear me >> katy perry last year, cold play and beyonce this year, super bowl half time shows are trying to outdo the one from the year before. that has not always been the case. a year in particular was a turning point starring a big area gold medalist, 24 years later he does not want to watch it.
6:47 am
before beyonce, there was boitano. 24 years ago, boy family, the bay area gold medalist was a super bowl headliner. in 1992 super bowl 26 in minneapolis featured a winter olympics theme, and boitano and dorothy skated on platforms topped with fake ice which was plastic. >> my friends did not know and i said the super bowl half time show and i thought, really and they look it up on youtube and it is hilarious. >> some see it as the moment philadelphia had an entertainment change of heart. the area after this happened, we got this. super bowl 27, michael jackson. that is a big leap. big leap. >> the nfl has not looked back the when you see the big names at super bowl 50, you know who
6:48 am
to thank because of you, that we got beyonce. >> i will...i will take credit for that. it was in the master plan. >> boitano does not have the heart to watch his half time show but he still remembers the line. >> hi everyone i am brian boitano come on and feel the cold it is winter magic. ♪ family the cold -- feel the cold ♪ >> love looking at that, he still rains where i met him since 1992 he has not watched any super bowl laugh time show including his own. he has no idea who last -- left shark is. >> incredible. >> the i.r.s. is unable to accept many tax runs this morning because of a computer failure. last night, the i.r.s. said they experienced a hardware failure and was still trying to determine the scope of the
6:49 am
program. it was not clear if it was a temporary glitch or bigger but if you tried to file a lawsuit you could face a major delay. some agencies will be off line until later today. california is in the top 20 states for small business job growth even though we have seen a small decline. san diego was in the top 20 cities for small companies adding jobs along with san francisco and riverside. all the clock is ticking for winner of a big jackpot in california who has less than 11 hours to claim $63 million or lose it. it was purchased at a 7-eleven near los angeles six months ago. they have until 5:00 to come forward or it goes to public schools. this morning we are learning a man filed suit yesterday against the lottery saying he already turned in his winning ticket but he was told it was too damaged. it was rejected. he wanted the judge to legally
6:50 am
declare him winner. >> we will see what happens. now over to sue we have a serious traffic incident. what is happening. >> it is in hayward southbound 101 over the top of the fatal didn't under 92. big-rig and a motorcycle. never a good deal. there are a lost big-rigs on 880 and motorcycles. you can see the backup into oakland southbound 880 and northbound it is slowing so take 580 that is the best way to avoid this. it is a fatality. investigators are there for quite some time. we will look at south san francisco. we had four cars involved with an overturned accident near grand. traffic is stacked up to the peninsula. northbound 880 at woodside two lanes are blocked with an accident. we are starting to get very busy. traffic now is stacked up here. toward the san jose area.
6:51 am
if you come northbound on the peninsula give yourself plenty of time. take 280 to avoid the 101 citizens -- accidents. take 580 because it will be out there in the hayward area. mike? thank you. it is a relaxed forecast for the weather pattern. this morning we have cool conditions, in alum rock and santa clara at 42, and mountain view at 47, and same in redwood city and san pablo and novato at 42. warmest in san francisco at half moon bay, about 50 degrees. the fiscal year three hours show sprinkles off the coast and otherwise high clouds and sunshine as we see from sutro tower with the umbrellas away because they will be getting a rest for 12 or 14 days. try pattern develops today and deal nights and not widespread
6:52 am
we fog but sunny and warm next week so records will fall. today you can see the clouds thinning heading through the o until noon and into the afternoon and evening commute. highs today range from 59 in san francisco and san rafael and santa rosa and father's day and concord and half moon bay and san jose and morgan hill at 63. my seven-day forecast shows the 70s show up on super bowl sunday and spring-like warmth and record highs in the my 70s for monday and tuesday and wednesday. >> a san francisco store looking for the dinosaur. the statue has been outside the we store since 1976. a few days ago the mascot want missing. so men have been going into to ask about the dinosaur the owner put "lost dinosaur," sign outside the store. they hope the attention brings they hope the attention brings their dinosaur
6:53 am
avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is wilson ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at craig: laquinta!
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>> here the seven things you need to know. one, fatal motorcycle accident in hayward. this is southbound 880 directly under 92, the interchange. avoid the area if you can. take 580. we have an accident in the brisbane area northbound 101, four cars. take 280. two, a slow and delicate removal of a 500' band on the bay bridge is expected to begin.
6:55 am
it will be lowered to barges below at the rate of 25' an hour. it will take two days. >> developing news, three, in san jose, fires are still putting out hotspots after a fire at a whom unconstruction. embers damaged three other structures. four, interim vice principal is face molestation charges were the 35-year-old hose gonzalez has an inappropriate relationship with at least one student. >> a massive security effort ramping you now for super bowl 50 given a special event assessment rating of level "1" because it of is national importance. >> get ready for brighter and warmer day. we are talking above average temperatures around the bay today at 60 to 64. watch out for the dangerous surf through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at the coast upper 50.
6:56 am
>> people are going wild about the just release the video of the only wild jaguar in the united states explore his habitat near tucson. this is "the boss," so elusive it took three years to get 41 seconds of video. >> we continue throughout the morning and back in 25 minutes. soul look at what is happening with the terrible accident in hayward. see you in 25 minutes.
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let's get hitched. good morning, america. tornadoes tear through the south overnight. >> oh, my god. taking the roof off houses. >> are we going to die? >> sirens blare as twisters rip through homes and destroy cars. rain from nashville to atlanta. flash floods sweep up drivers, now the major storm heading east. overnight, an air scare for donald trump. forcing him to make an emergency landing. >> we have an inbound emergency. >> the gop front-runner now safe and launching a new attack on ted cruz. >> what he did to ben carson was a disgrace. >> the senator striking back. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like another trumper tantrum. >> as the democrats take a turn in the hot seat. just days to go till new hampshire and the campaigns are reaching a fever pitch. gop candidate chris christie on the attack and joining us live.


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