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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happening right now, preparation for a delicate process, a major section of the old eastern span of the bay bridge is coming down. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am natasha zouves. >> each section weighs 2,500 tons. they will begin the slow descent to the bay. we were overhead where the work will be done. amy hollyfield is in san francisco tracking the progress from the ground. amy? >> yes, natasha. this view behind me is about to change. it is going to be a gradual change. don't expect it to happen right away. right new, they are preparing to lower one of five trusses.
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they hope to have it down by tomorrow. >> they are the sections between the towers you used to drive on. crews have removed the as fault. the only thing left is the steel. officials say bringing them down is a delicate process. >> because of the leaning aspect of the towers, all of that is being considered in a step-by-step basis. that is what the contractors are accepting as to how slowly or quickly this should happen. it it is about 25' an hour. they have to secure by jack. level them. then lower. two remain was are waiting below to accept it. then transport to pier 7 in oakland. it will not happen as fast as the video shows, they are not worried about drivers slow down to watch. >> it is such a slow process it is not like six second
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implosion. it is so slow that it will not necessarily be obvious to a passing motorist. >> crews are aware of the significance of this politician. >> we are take down a huge bay fixture so it has sentiment value and a large number of the public contact us and share with us their spends. they have had family that, with ed oner remembering the old bay bridge. it is a sentimental aspect included here and we are careful in recognizing that. >> caltran will provide a live stream if you want to watch it at noon today. when should you watch it? she said probably mid-morning tomorrow but this could change. keep checking in. we have provided a link to the life stream open
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thank you. we want to take you to washington, dc, where president obama has welcomed the golden state warriors to the white house. though are celebrate the n.b.a. win. listen in. >> this senator is from what so, maybe you have some politics in his blood but we have: the one of the biggest warriors fans around, our leader in the house of representatives, d heard, nancy pelosi. [ applause ] we have the republican leader, mccarthy is here so it is bipartisan. [ applause ] >> the warriors beat the cavaliers to win the times in june. gold were state's first championship in 40 years. we have more coverage of the event later in the newscast and you watch it streaming live at >> in other news, the c.h.p. is
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investigating a deadly motorcycle crash in hayward. sky 7 was over the scene shortly after 6:00 this morning on southbound interstate 880 near the highway 92 interchange. a motorcyclist was killed when the bicycle crashed into a box truck. >> developing news in the south bay police are looking for more potential victims of a school administrator accused of me losting a student. the 35-year-old jose gonzalez had an point relationship with at least one student at james lick high school in san jose. he was arrested on tuesday. investigators say the incident with the 17-year-old happened in july or august at his home in san jose. school leaders learned of the allegations last friday and put gonzalez on paid leave. officials reported to the police and to the child protective services and sent a letter alerting the parents. >> san francisco firefighters are looking into the cause of a fire at a discount building supply store this morning. sky 7 shows us the scene on
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mission street in the south of market neighborhood that burned for 20 minutes before the crews were able to extinguish it. >> arson investigators are at general of an early morning fire in san jose. it began at a house under construction but quickly video to three other homes. now, we hearing for the first time from the neighbors who called 9-1-1. matt keller is at ellis avenue. matt? firefighters jut left scene. they put a lost water and foam on the hotspots before they left, more than 14 hours after the fire was reported. the biggest weapon of the investigation is the possibility that the structure could collapse. >> flame were huge last night on ellis avenue. this video from san jose firefighter photographer shows the bailey of the blames in a defensive position. the two homes next to it needed to the sended and one belongs to this family. awe are watching tv and my
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grandmother yelled: the how is open fire. >> it was running, grabbing the dog, heading cross the treat, the neighbors all collected us and the flames were literally already at that point to the top of the third story roof. >> the family's home was saved. some with the home on other side and then another fire on an adjacent street was burned. what started this? >> i prefer not to answer. aare you the foreman of the project? >> this man is the project manager. investigator say he was cooperating with them in the investigation. neighbors say the lot has been unconstruction for more than a year and in all that time it had only been framed. >> you have been working on this for a long-term. how come so long? >> i don't know the answers. >> arson said they will look into the continues and insurance policies of the owners.
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investigators also property a fire investigate dog who had interest in some spots. samples were taken but it is not uncommon to have these materials on a construction site. >> fire investigator are asking neighbors for any surveillance video they could have but a final conclusion on the investigation could take months. >> thank issue matt. we take you back to the white house where president obama is expecting welcome our warriors and you can see steph curry and dry monday laugh -- >> but a few years ago he pointed to the banner and said it is a lonely flag we need another. last year they got it, 67 win,
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16 straight at one point, and that used to seem like a lot until this year where they started off 24-0. ended last season with the first title in 40 years. obviously, a big part of that was league mvp steph curry it is a pretty good shoe. for those who watched the game against the wizards last night, he was, to use a slang, he was "clowning." jump young -- jumpin' up and
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down. by the way, for the record, i heard during this summer after our golf case that steph curry was using the secret service being intimidating for why he lost the match. that is not the case. but he will have another opportunity. obviously watchin' steph curry play is incredible and for anyone who enjoys basketball it is just a lost fun. but it is not just steph curry. there are the other splash brother, klay who dropped 37 points in a quarter, and whose jump shot is a little prettier. [ applause ]
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just sayin'. was showing us height other height and he is known to add a few words that i cannot repeat. and then you have a couple of unselfish all-stars in their own right, coming off the bench, andre and david. and the bench that was so good the opposing coach complained they have two starting lineups. in the final, they faced chief and a guy name lebron james and the coach shook up the we lineup and it worked and andre came off the bench, played great
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d and took home the finals mvp a perfect example of the kind of team this is. everyone is doing their part. everyone ready to seven up, unselfish play, folks looking out for each other and it is the same contained of selflessness they show in their community, as well. they have led the way for the commitment to my brothers keeper initiative, promoting mentoring in the bay area and around the nation, and i know they met with students in the white house mentor program earlier today. and this team is also supporting the city's oakland promise effort to help more kids make it through college. and you have had --. [ applause ] you have had players take a stand against gun violence. [ applause ] work with michelle on the let's
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move, and delivered christmas friends to those in need dressing up as santa and the first time i met stick technical is because he partnered with the u.n. foundation to donate three antimalaria mosquito notes for every three help pointer he make so last night that is 33 nets. so, keep shootin' steph curry not that he needs any encouragement, obviously. the point is, this is a great best team but it is a prosecution, a great culture and these are outstanding young men and some of them i have met before. >> so cool to listen to them. they are all suited up in the white house state dining room and president obama is just one of the guys, cracking jokes, clearly part of dub nation like we are. >> you can continue to watch this streamed online at we will go back to it after a short break. we know you cannot get enough of
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the warriors. stick an. a former 49 great goes public with an important message about his health and what lott is revealing. >> we will look outside at our camera looking at the golden gate bridge, clear and dry.
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>> president obama just got his own golden state jersey. >> he did. back to washington, dc, where he now is meeting where of the representatives especially from the bay area, nancy pelosi, and barbara lee of oakland, also, there, celebrating the warriors magical championship season of 2015. you know president obama is a huge basketball fan. >> i already knew that but today, absolutely confirmed it. we listened earlier about the speech. he is a huge steph curry fan and had quite a few jokes to tell, and he made them laugh pretty hard. >> you talk about this team being all about teamwork and supporting one another, and that is the spirit. he weaponed machines -- he wants americans to embodies that spirit, they are good citizens in the community doing the volunteer work. and the work is fantastic, a sharing and supportive time on the court.
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>> he pointed out their volunteer work, and the team does support a lost really good causes and a lot of you have been watching this live streaming on we have been tweet out about it. our coverage conditions of the dubs celebration on you can follow long with us, as well, on social media. >> could not tell would was more star struck the warriors or obama. >> and ronnie lott may have c.t.e. after repeated blows to the cause which cause the brain disease were we were just talking about ken stabler had that. he is not showing symptoms but he admitted he can have a rocky road ahead as we mentioned this is a day after the doctors determined the late raiders quarterback ken stabler suffered from c.t.e. and some fans could be left without a way to get to
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>> if you are going to super bowl and you plan on taking uber to the big game you hey want did have a backup plan. thousands of drivers are threat being to block traffic around the stadium. they are protesting what they call low wages. this video from a similar strike in san francisco on monday. uber is the exclusive on demand car service for the super bowl with dedicated stops an the
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stadium. >> bart is reporting their sixth busiest ridership ever, 471,000 people hopped on the packed trains, more than 40,000 riders above last month's average. commuters take public transit to avoid super bowl 50 traffic plus the out of towners and they specific the numbers to climb closer to the game. >> what kind of weather will we have for the big gale on sunday? those numbers too climb as well. a heat wave? >> a heat wave. it happens every february and we are knocking upon the door. good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler hd. just a mixture of high clouds and sunshine. you can put away the you will umbrella, it will get a roast all seven daze of my forecast and do not town around there are other things to talk about such as chili nights on the way and a little bit of frost, and, yes, the near record highs that roll in on super bowl sunday and through next week. we have an issue moving forward through 7:00 tomorrow morning, that is the rough surf along the
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coast. can you see half moon bay is 17' there, and moving higher, than what the national weather service thought. be careful if you are out that way. a lot of people love to see the ocean and it is beautiful, but just a little angry today. temperatures are running 59 to spree close to average. if you are going to the super bowl city right now it is 56 and it will be 59 at 3:00. but mid-50s with clouds and stars as we head through the evening hours. tonight, we are going to drop down to the upper 30s to low 40s i land and low-to-mid 40s around the bay and to the coast. 47 in san francisco the warmest. super bowl sunday, temperatures are still about 73 at 3:30 and dropping do 58 which is closer to agency by 7:00. in fact, we will look at at the week heed in san jose, the average high of 61 and 74 and 75 and 73, mondays too, and wednesday, and flirting with record highs. that will be warm in lake tahoe,
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also, with temperatures nearing 50 by saturday and sunday. back here at home, my seven-day outlook shows the coast could get nearly 70 on monday, but pull back and the 60s while the rest us are still enjoying the 70's next week. it will be a prolonged period of dry weather and i necessity people are going to worry and well have rain in the back half of the month. >> thank you, mike. another look at the celebration of the warriors at white house and what you did not hear the president request from the team
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>> the super bowl has been invaded 9 bay area but it is more than football. we will show you how the nfl is give back to the community. >> back to the nab champs in washington, dc. >> the president welcomed the warriors to the white house. what you did not see was the president starting off by asking for the smallest member of the team. >> i was helping riley podium with me but i will have to get media training some other day. >> the warriors offered we the president a job saying when the white house duties are over the a end of the career he should
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come to the bay area and become the leader of dub nation. >> basketball fan in chief. >> so great. you can see the highlights of the warriors visit to the white house at >> if any politician were seen with riley curry the numbers would go through the roof the. >> take note, all presidential candidates. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us today.
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