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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." final preparations are under way for super bowl 50. this is a live picture from sky 7 hd over levi stadium in santa clara as players, crews, and celebrities are getting ready for the big game. >> here's a live look from the visa everywhere cam over super bowl city where the fans are out in force today. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> we're on top of the abc 7 broadcast center overlooking the building next to super bowl city. and i'm larry beil. i tell you what, the super bowl is obviously the event in the bay area this weekend. the excitement, you can feel it building as you can see fans are right here.
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you can see for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, to friday, this place is more and more crowded every day. it is jam packed in here. let's whip around the bay area. we already did a little at the top, but i want to show you sky 7 hd in santa clara. earlier today, as they were getting the last-minute preparations done, and look what we found, lady gaga in shiny red. she was rehearsing the national anthem. if ama daetz could have repelled down from that helicopter, she's a huge fan, she would have been listening to the rehearsal. marley matalin will be joining her signing the words for the hard of hearing during the anthem. security, extremely tight around the stadium and all over nfl locations this week. sky 7 hd caught the tanks and other military vehicles driving into the compound. we'll take a closer look at the beefed up security later on
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during this hour. sky 7 hd spotted something else that was flying around the bay area today, and that is the good year blimp. an iconic staple over some of the most watched sporting events for more than 60 years. and the high rollers, the celebs, oh, yeah, they're arriving in the bay area in style, of course, for the super bowl. many of them on their own private jets. sky 7 hd was over the hayward executive airport, among six local airports which have set aside special parking spaces for private jets this week. thousands of fans are already here in the bay area. it feels like thousands are around me, right in here, getting ready for the big game. many more are flying in today, as well as tomorrow. and eric thomas joins us live from super bowl city, where it's got to be getting more crowded by the minute, eric. >> reporter: a lot of the people here are making a beeline for the nfl experience, as well super bowl city.
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you see how busy it is. a lot of security here, as well. people just coming into the city, want to get a flavor of the city, but their focus is still on the big game. the flight streamed from panther country. these fans are firmly behind their panthers. >> aim so excited to be here in san francisco, so excited to be from charlotte. >> going to see the super bowl and panthers are bringing home the victory. >> reporter: this fan says not so past. she has a special reason denver will win. >> want to be the truth? it's about to be by 50th birthday. super bowl 50, i'm 50, it's all coming together, so here i am. >> reporter: this detroit company won their super bowl tickets in a contest and they have divided loyalties. he likes denver. >> i've been a peyton manning fan, collecting cards, so i would like to see him go.
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>> reporter: his wife has a more esoteric reason for preferring charlotte. >> it's because i like their uniform colors. >> reporter: nothing wrong with picking the colors for a winner. again, lots of people behind me, and lots of security. periodically you see guys on the s.w.a.t. coming through with their assault rifles making sure everything is okay. and everything is okay, so far so good. larry, back to you. >> we are having a little discussion with security right now. so we'll get that sorted out right here. and dan and ama, back to you. >> charm them, larry. you'll see fireworks light up the sky along san francisco's embarcadero this evening. tonight's macy's super bowl fireworks show begins at 10:00 p.m. macy's says it is working on
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additional safeguards to keep debris from landing in the bay. items resembling fireworks washed up at aquatic park after last saturday's show. if you noticed b.a.r.t. has been more crowded, you're right, more than 486,000 people road b.a.r.t. yesterday, the fifth busiest day in history, that followed 471,000 on wednesday. >> whether you're going to super bowl 50 or somewhere else, you'll pay more to park on cal train stations sunday. they will charge $20 for daily parking passes at all stations. people who use monthly parking passes won't have to pay the $20 fee. cal train usually charges $5 to park. >> find all of your super bowl resources on we have pictures, videos and stories that we've covered all week. more super bowl coverage coming up. but breaking news. rescuers fear hundreds are
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trapped following an earthquake in southern taiwan. some buildings collapsed after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck around noon our time early tomorrow morning in taiwan. you can see some of the destruction and video broadcast by taiwanese television. so far 123 people have been rescued, but officials have not said how many are hurt. rescuers have heard screams coming from one toppled building. in new york city, video captured the moment a crane collapsed in downtown manhattan during the morning rush hour. check that out. the crane was being lowered as a precaution, because of the wind. one person was killed and three injured, two seriously. the crane crushed parked cars in the tribeca neighborhood. the person who was killed was sitting in a parked car. >> we're instructing right now all 376 cranes to be secured. whatever is the most secure position for them in a wind condition, they've all been
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ordered to be secured immediately. >> take a look at this picture. it's part of the crane that went through a window and landed on someone's desk in a nearby building. >> just terrible. let's come back now and focus on the weather. a gorgeous sparkling day around the bay area. >> just a light breeze coming through. spencer christian is keeping track of it all. >> a lovely day as you see on radar. mainly sunny skies, a few thin, high clouds. a stunning sunset last night. this picture was sent from my son, jason. it was absolutely stunning. thank you, dude. here's a look at conditions along the coastline right now. we have some rough search. so we have concern about large swells and breakers and possibility of strong rip currents. but the weather is stunning. here's the view, looking out into blue skies, 61 degrees in san francisco. san jose, morgan hill and half
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moon bay. check out this view of the western sky, mainly sunny, a few clouds around. pemts in santa rosa, fairfield, concord, 59 to 61 degrees. and here is how things are shaping up for super bowl. clear skies, cool conditions. come on out, all your friends and neighbors will be there. san francisco police are being accused of turning in an undocumented man to agents last year in defiance of the city's sanctuary policy. >> cornell, new documents have surfaced. do they explain what happened n in? >> reporter: these documents appear to show that police blew the whistle on an undocumented man. moments after he walked out of the police station last year. >> i just want to say, my apologies. >> reporter: san francisco
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supervisor john alvalos delivered an apology. figueroa, who is not a u.s. citizen, says he was arrested without cause last december after being contacted by san francisco police that his stolen car had been found. when he got to the police station, it was discovered he had a warrant for his arrest. a short time later, i.c.e. agents was turned over to him. figueroa's attorneys provided these documents from the department of homeland security, which show san francisco police contacted an i.c.e. duty officer december 3rd to say figueroa was hat the southern police station where he was arrested on a deportation warrant from 2005. >> in the absence of a criminal warrant, they should not be holding someone and they should not be communicating with i.c.e. >> reporter: in the statement,
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the mayor said he spoke with department of homeland security officials recently, expressing his concern that figueroa was being held. >> i don't believe this is a pattern, but it can be if we're not careful about put thing fire wahl between law enforcement and immigration. >> reporter: figueroa has an 8-year-old daughter and child on the way. a deportation hearing is scheduled for the future. we just got a statement from police. it says the department has launched an internal affairs investigation to determine what happened and the there were any violations of procedures. the chief has told the mayor that figueroa should have never been taken into custody by i.c.e. agents. >> all right, cornell, thank you. a police tactical center for super bowl 50 was closed off this morning for a medical officer. traffic on 16th street was shut down while paramedics tended to a san francisco police officer who collapsed. the agencies are using the command center to coordinate
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security for super bowl activities. >> pacifica city council will hear a request on monday to spend more money to fix damage caused by el nino powered waves. crews filled this sink hole with concrete. engineers are still working to fix the first sinkhole that hope opened up three weeks ago. stay here with us. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, the new guidelines out today. the warnings to help prevent the spread of the dangerous zika virus. >> and the celebrities streaming into the bay area today, ahead of sunday's big game. four score and seven years ago, our [train horn blares]th--
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this is "abc7 news." more santa clara university students received vaccinations against meningitis today. two of the infected students are still in the hospital. some students waited up to two hours to get vaccinated inside the basketball arena yesterday. 1500 were vaccinated yesterday. today, the university brought in 24 health professionals. double the number from yesterday to vaccinate students against meningitis. new government guidelines were issued on the zika virus. men who have been to a zika outbreak region should use condoms with their pregnant partners. zika has a possible link to birth defects. it's mainly spread by mosquitos.
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the cdc says pregnant women should postpone trips to zika areas. pregnant women who do travel to those areas should be tested 2 to 12 weeks after returning. in the u.s., there have been about 50 cases of travelers diagnosed with the virus, including three pregnant women. our coverage of super bowl 50 continues. larry beil is live here. i want to till you in what was going on. nfl security were concerned we were broadcasting on their frequency. they let us know their concerns. it's all good. everybody is on their own frequency. and we continue with nfl commissioner roger goodell, who held his annual press conference today and spoke about a wide range of subjects. but the big focus locally is the stadium situation for the oakland raiders as well as the san diego chargers. the commissioner says the goal is to keep the raiders in oakland.
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>> my pledge to dean stanos, to mark davis, to the mayor of oakland and mayor of san diego is to do everything possible we can to support them, to try to get the right kind of facilities long-term in both markets. mark davis has a lot of options. the league supports both of these teams. but we're working very hard with not only the teams but the communities to try to find a solution that works for everybody. this has to work for the communities and the teams long-term. >> he also announced the raiders and the texans will be playing monday night football november 21, in mexico city. it's the first game in mexico since 2005, when the 49ers played the cardinals. talking niners, their wide receiver antoine boldin spoke today.
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eli manning and benjamin watson, all three will receive donations to the charity of their choice and the winner announced tomorrow. >> for me, it's an honor to be recognized, but that's not why we do it. we do it because we truly want to see a change being made. and i'm sure those guys will tell you the same thing. we didn't start seeking attention. i think it has to be in your heart to want to do things like this. it's time consuming. it's money being spent out of your pocket. but it's all well worth it. >> i tell you what, he's a monster on the field and he's impactful off the field. back to dan and ama. many celebrities in town for the super bowl are sharing their experiences on social media. >> kristen sze is a look at how they're enjoying the bay area through their own pictures and
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tweets. >> reporter: judging from their tweets and pictures, celebs are leaving their hearts in san francisco. check out these pictures just posted by bruno mars. this one confirms the rumors yes, he will be playing in the halftime show with beyonce. so you heard it here first. other celebs you can see, former green bay quarterback brett favre tweeting a picture of himself, and alyssa milano here greeting fans. if you want to see celebs, go to super bowl city. we spotted jamie foxx, and donnie wahlberg behind the mike. he comes along and he properly introduced himself and says mr. so and so and locked
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in. >> today we saw adriana lima from -- >> victoria's secret. >> but the celebs showing you the most love for san francisco, one republic. the band tweeted about their crazy good dinner last night. and they admire the beautiful painted ladies. one republic headlines tonight in super bowl city. dan and ama? >> so much fun. thank you, kristen. >> the weather is showing them some love with everybody coming into town in droves now. >> spencer is here with what's ahead for the weekend. >> yes, the weather is showing us some love. we have bright, sunny skies, just a few, thin, high clouds around and getting milder as we head into the super bowl weekend. temperature readings in the low to mid 60s around the bay. so going to be milder in the days ahead.
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here is a live view from golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing nicely. this warm pattern continues into next week. there's spring-like weather expected sunday for the super bowl and a chance for record highs next week in several bay area locations. for some, sunshine in the early morning. sun soaked sky in the afternoon. temperatures in the low to mid 60s in san francisco tomorrow. clear skies in the evening. i was talking about the possibility of record highs. highs around 75 or higher in san jose on monday and tuesday. if temperatures hit that level, those will be record highs for those dates in san jose. looking ahead to super bowl sunday conditions, kickoff time is 3:30. sunny and warm, temperature of 73 degrees. and let's get back to the record high. as i mentioned san jose, on monday, if it's 77 in san jose,
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as we're projecting now, that will be a new record. 72 for monday, that would be a new record high. wednesday, temperatures moderating a bit and things will gradually cool off into the week. overnight, clear skies, cool conditions. chilly in the inland valleys where lows drop into the upper 30s. tomorrow, highs in the upper 60s to near 70, and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. check this out. monday, tuesday, wednesday, highs inland and around the bay, low to mid 70s. temperatures up to about 70 on the coast. those two days as well. so beach-like weather. as we get into the end of the week, a few clouds move into the picture on thursday. friday, partly cloudy and a slight chance of rain. rain, what's that? haven't heard that in a while. >> hope we hear it again soon. thank you very much. up next, the day after. what happens the monday after the super bowl and why it's so bad for the american workforce.
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for the first time, apple is accepting banged up iphones as trade-ins for people who want to upgrade. the new policy only applies to iphone 5 and later models. until now, credit was offered only if it was working with an in tact screen. apple pays up to $350 for uncracked screens, depending on the model. this is a huge weekend across the country. a lot of fun, but super bowl fever could sideline some on monday. >> jane king has today's wellness report. >> good news for those in the high bmi crowd. a new study found some 54 million americans who are labeled as obese or overweight are actually healthy. the findings published in the journal of obesity could saddle people with high health insurance cost based on a flawed
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measure. half of those considered overnight as measured by the body mass index were actually healthy from a metabolic stand point. a new study, more than a fifth of licensed employed lawyers drink at a level consistent with problem drinking. also, an economist says the cdc's latest guidance on drinking and pregnancy is crazy. the cdc recently suggested that sexually active women of child bearing age should not drink at all, ever. it argues that alcohol can damage an unborn child even before the mother knows she's pregnant. but some are saying it's unrealistic, and unnecessarily restrictive. an estimated 16 million american workers will miss work the day after super bowl. about 10 million have already requested the day off. others will say have a bout of the super bowl flu.
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from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. still ahead as "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues, the effort to put an end to human trafficking. >> you'll hear from one woman able to escape a life of prostitution. plus -- >> i'm marci gonzalez in new hampshire, with how all of this snow is impacting the campaigns today. that story coming up. and i'm larry beil at the nfl experience. we'll talk security and i can attest it is very impressive at this venue. we'll talk about that and last-minute preparations as we
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." here are the headlines now at 4:30. police in new york city want to know what caused part of a construction crane to fall this morning, killing a man. the man was just walking along the sidewalk in lower manhattan. three others were injured. new warnings about the zika virus. the centers for disease control says men with pregnant partners should use condoms if they have traveled to and from outbreak regions in central and south america. one case in dallas is believed to have been transmitted through sex. there are at least 54 people infected in the united states. the majority of those in florida.
4:30 pm
"abc7 news" reporter wayne freedman talked to a group of people suing the city of san francisco to remove an open air urinal. that's coming up at 5:00. and san jose's police chief talked about the unprecedented ways his officer also be keeping super bowl fans safe leading up to and after sunday's game in santa clara. security is really tight, just about everywhere because of the super bowl. >> larry beil has more now from the nfl experience. i guess you encountered the security firsthand. >> yes, we did. it really is impressive what they have going on. when you come into this venue, everybody has to go through a metal detector. but they have eyes in the sky watching everybody. surveillance is tight and there's a lot of different military organizations that are here. a lot of these guys are armed with ar-15 assault weapons. they are taking no chances. i feel safe. i'm not worried about anything
4:31 pm
going on. let's take you live to santa clara. two years of planning by the city are going to be put to the test this weekend. you're looking live at sky 7 hd ov over levi stadium. they are ready for every and any contingen contingency. david has more on how the neighboring residents and businesses have been impacted. david? >> reporter: larry, you're right about the security. security planning has been a big deal here in santa clara, as you can imagine. don't try taking pictures of military personnel in uniform, you might be stopped. local businesses say some of the local customers have elected to stay away. tighter security and more road closures are making it more difficult for neighbors and businesses near levi stadium. the owner of butter and zeus said his regular customers can't get there.
4:32 pm
but there's one bright spot -- >> it has been quite an uptick in foot traffic, including i'm thinking construction workers at the stadium. >> reporter: private events will require food and beverage for tens of thousands. visitors say they've been blowing their budgets. >> we've spent more than we budgeted. but the super bowl is once-in-a-lifetime, so hopefully we'll be able to get tickets to get into the stadium. that's what we're working on. >> reporter: a realtor told us some buyers may avoid looking at houses on sunday. >> i haven't had a single iota of an inquiry. so that's a total bust. >> reporter: the mayor will shake hands during pregame reception but decided to skip the game. >> i had seats offered to me. so many people wanted to go to
4:33 pm
the game when i'm not a football fan. so i'm excited for other people. and david mentioned that you're not supposed to take pictures of the guys who are working security. i found that out firsthand. i was going to snap a photo of a guy in camo. he looked at me, looked at the rifle and back at me. i said you know what? we're good. a live look from the visa everywhere camera perched above super bowl city. if you haven't had a chance to see any of the super bowl concerts, there are more opportunities to get your fix this weekend. one republic is playing at super bowl city tonight around 7:00. it's going to be a super bowl gospel celebration at 7:30 at the paramount theater in oakland. nick jonas will be at the espn party at ft. mason in san francisco around 8:00. allen wong will be there live tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00.
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and at 10:00, ferrell williams will take the stage at pier 70. i know for a fact that ama daetz has been invited to at least one of those parties. >> really? >> but where's lady gaga going to be? that's what i want to know. >> that i can't help you with. >> thank you, larry. get the latest details on traffic alerts, super bowl city and the nfl experience where larry is on the "abc7 news" app. enable push alerts to get instant updates. >> lady gaga, if you're watching, call ama. some presidential candidates are toughing it out in the snow in new hampshire. but some of the gop hopefuls are taking a break before the debate. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: sloging through the snow, volunteers going door to door in new hampshire today, talking to voters. >> we need to wake up people to vote for ted cruz. >> reporter: with a big
4:35 pm
republican debate on abc tomorrow night and the primary just four days away, this is what donald trump called crunch time in new hampshire. yet the gop front-runner called off his only event here today, citing the storm. jeb bush taking a jab, tweeting to trump, my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. so too did both democratic candidates. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: on the trail -- >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to overcome bernie sanders' 15-point lead in the latest poll, with another poll showing sanders closing in on clinton nationally. and sanders would be on a much different stage tomorrow night, making his first appearance on
4:36 pm
"saturday night live" with host larry david who has played him on the show. marci gonzalez, "abc7 news," manchester, new hampshire. >> you can watch the new hampshire republican debate tomorrow night, moderated by david muir and martha raddatz. the coverage begins at 5:00 here on abc 7. still to come, santa rosa is brewing up something new just in time for the super bowl. >> and a look at the glamorous side of football. how's that? >> i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney. i'll answer your questions live later. >> and check out the western sky. you might want to get your cameras out to capture this. and stunning weather this
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i'm excited. i'm a little nervous. >> catching a touchdown pass is a lot easier than making a beautiful braid. >> my dad is giving me a dad-do. >> a dad-do comes from the heart. >> this commercial is taking the internet by storm and inspiring dads to get in the game. the ad is inspired by research that shows girls who spend quality time with dads are more self-confident, self-reliant, and more successful in school and their careers. >> that's a great message. let's go back now to larry beil.
4:40 pm
>> i was just going to say, dan, ama, that is a great message. i've got two daughters myself. strong, confident, and empowered is exactly what you want. fashion, fashion, a lot of fashion in football during super bowl week. we have fashion footballs dreamed up by the council of fashion designers in america, 50 designers produced their own bizarre, glitzy, glamorous take on the brown leather ball. each piece will be auctioned online until february 14th and proceeds will go to the nfl foundation. during the super bowl week, there's something for everybody, literally, including really fancy footballs and spectacular weather in store, guys. >> thanks a lot. >> spencer christian has the weather. >> here's live doppler 7 hd.
4:41 pm
clear skies, a few thin, high clou clouds. across the state tomorrow, sunny skies from top to bottom, with the exception of eureka, which will see clouds and look at how warm it's going to be. mid to upper 70s in southern california and 70s coming our way over the weekend, as well. maybe not tomorrow. we'll see some upper 60s tomorrow for sure, mainly sunny skies by sunday, monday and tuesday, 70s right around the bay and in inland locations. so super bowl city tomorrow, this is how the weather is shaping up. sunny, nice and child from morning to the afternoon, cooling down only a little bit in the evening hours. and here's the look at the rain chances over the next seven days. zero chance of rain next thursday, but a 30% chance on friday, just a slight chance, and we'll need it after all this lovely, warm and dry weather we've had the last several days. >> good for the game, but we need that rain back. >> no question. still ahead on "abc7 news"
4:42 pm
at 4:00, authorities shined a spotlight on human trafficking. >> cheryl jennings talked with a victim forced into a life of prostitution at just 14 years old. and how she got out. i'm michael finney. can you donate a timeshare, then
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4:45 pm
the upcoming super bowl is also unfortunately the type of big scale event that brings an increase in human trafficking. >> it is. cheryl jennings talked with young women who escaped from a life of prostitution, thanks to community resources that are helping them, not putting them in jail. >> i couldn't eat till he said eat. like if i didn't make any money that day, i couldn't eat. i would be up all hours of the day, like trying to make money. >> reporter: maury was just 14 when she found herself in a life of prostitution. she had been in foster care since she was 8 years old. she didn't have much, just a few
4:46 pm
pictures and a nightmare of a life. >> just about someone like owning you like property or if you leave i'll kill you. it's scary. >> reporter: i met her at this group home in san francisco, where she stayed after she escaped from the abuse. >> i ran away when he was asleep. i just ran until i couldn't run no more. >> reporter: she's now 23, and the mother of a toddler. she thanks this group home every day for her new life. 20-year-old stacey asked us to disguise his voice. he was just 14, a foster child when the first of many johns preyed on that young teen. >> i just ran from my group home, i didn't know what to do. i just went with him and went to his car and we drove around and parked in the parking lot and i
4:47 pm
had sex with him and he gave me $150 and we left. >> reporter: stacey came to the home group as a transgender teen. now she has a new life and new job. >> sometimes us being children, especially us being minors, we're brought into something not knowing how serious it can be and how serious the consequences are. >> reporter: 20-year-old mariah is also transgender, and lived a hard life on the streets, starting at 14. she stayed at the group home for five years. >> a lot of times they don't have clothes, so they get clothes, toiletries and i enroll them in school right away. >> we have six girls that live here. >> reporter: the counselors treat the girls like family. >> i look around and know they've had such a hard life. yet i see big stuffed toys, because inside they're just kids. >> they just want to be loved
4:48 pm
and heard. we can do whatever we can for these survivors. but as long as you have johns out there, it's not going to stop. >> cheryl jennings, "abc7 news." >> horrifying. "abc7 news" examines a critical question about our emergency medical response system as big super bowl crowds come in, they're worried about aging ambulances. >> we're driving on engines with 400,000 miles. we don't know what that might do with somebody with a spinal injury. >> will the ambulance be there when you need it most? that's tonight at 11:00 on "abc7 news." it is time now for michael finney, who is answering questions sent to him by viewers. michael, our first question is from rachel, who asks via facebook, my car is under warranty and the repairs will take over a week. the dealership says they will not give me a replacement car.
4:49 pm
can they do this? >> most of them will. it's a contractual agreement that you made when you bought the car, so you need to take a look at it. normally when they have that kind of deal, they make a very big deal out of it. fiat did it for a while. they may still be doing it. but yeah, they do not have to give you a loaner car even when fixing a warranty problem. >> john says, i've heard that owners of timeshares can donate their homes for fair market value as a tax writeoff. is this true? >> it is true. the problem is, you have to have somebody that will take it off your hands. right now timeshares can be a real liability. so you have two ways to go. some charities will take your entire timeshare off your hands. you've got to do real market value, not what you paid for, not what you owe, what the real market value is.
4:50 pm
and they have to be willing to take it from you. what is much more likely to happen is you can donate one week of it that you have per year, give that to a charity, offer to auction that off. you have to do it every year, but at least you're getting some use out of it. >> we have an e-mail question from jeanette. she says, i lost a money order. can i get it replaced or is it like cash? >> if it hasn't been cashed yet, you can go down to the post office and give them $6.10. you fill out a form, and if it hasn't been cashed, they reissue it. >> thank you, michael. >> good information. it is that time of year again when beer lovers gather in the north bay to get a special brew. every february, the russian river brewery company sells this
4:51 pm
beer for just two weeks. hundreds lined up for hours this morning just to get a taste. brewery owners say the crowds are smaller than last year, possibly because super bowl crowds scared them off. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. the big question for former 49ers coach jim harbaugh. >> when you look back here at the 49ers, is there any satisfaction seeing what happened last year. swh >> that's just ahead. then at 5:00, right in front of a bus stop, an outdoor bathroom? the san francisco view that no one wants to see. and the bay area company leaving a blood bath on wall street. that and more on
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announcersave up to $300train's on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. here's a look at the primetime lineup. "last man standing" at 8:00, "shark tank" at 9:00, and join us for "20/20" at 10:00. a sea hawk fan is trying to help
4:55 pm
me do my job. do i need help? >> no, you're fabulous. >> thank you. that was the answer i'm looking for. enjoy yourself at the nfl experience. you don't know who you're going to run into here. i just saw tony dungy and peyton manning. check it out, the nfl experience here. and matt keller, he was at the nfl experience, soaking it all up and he caught up with some already recognizable names and faces. 49er great ronnie lot and also checked in with former niners head coach jim harbaugh. >> reporter: nfl royalty filled media this morning. including ronnie lott. hall of famer derrick brooks and college and nfl superstar doug flutie. even big names from other sports are here, like former lightweight champion chuck liddell. >> i'm looking forward to it.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: and jim harbaugh is back in the bay area. he just finished up his first year at he is code at the university of michigan. he says he's pulling for some of his former players of the niners who are in super bowl 50. but he says he's focused on michigan football. when you look back here at the 49ers, you have any satisfaction seeing what happened here last year and the disarray? >> we're just here on business. you foe 'tis i wasn't looking through the key hole or under the doorjamb. i was concentrating on what we are doing at ann harbor. >> really shows the excitement and the experience of the super bowl, especially because it's such a milestone, and it's something that everybody can remember. >> reporter: you can find his artwork here at the super bowl.
4:57 pm
tonight, you can get his signature on his poster and new york joints running back rashad jennings will be here, as well. in san francisco, matt keller, "abc7 news." jim harbaugh still as crafty as ever, when dealing with the media. we've made more friends. where are you from? >> san francisco, danville. >> they're from everywhere and enjoying the nfl experience. the experience is open tonight until 10:00. tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. are you dabbing? don't hit yourself in the head, okay? and on sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., counting down to the kickoff in super bowl 50 at levi stadium, which will be at 3:30 in the afternoon. i think we've covered just about everything until this moment. we'll wrap it up here.
4:58 pm
thanks for joining us for "abc7 news" at 4:00. i'm larry beil. with all of my new best friends, "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now with dan and kristen. are you having fun? >> yeah! come get our bags, a couple of officers at the top and the bottom. >> armored vehicles roll into santa clara. sky 7 hd was overhead as authorities beefed up security in and around levi stadium. right next door to a busy street, an open air toilet. the san francisco view no one wants to see. plus, the line out the door for oakland's hometown hero. i'm sandhya patel. a big warmup for the big game. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> armored vehicles roll into santa clara.
4:59 pm
sky 7 hd as authorities seriously increased security presence around levi stadium as we lead up to the big game. >> david tweeted out this picture of the high tech tools in use. >> and here's live look where the focus is beginning to shift as the super bowl gets ever closer. >> earlier, sky 7 hd shot these pictures of what appears to be lady gaga wearing red leather on the field, getting ready for her super bowl performance. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. we're really getting busy now. we're overlooking the ferry building next to super bowl city from the broadcast position. >> and here's a look at what's happening on the ground. lots of people very excited about super bowl 50. >> here is a live look at a temporary military encampment from sky 7 hd. members of the armed force also be posted around the big game to
5:00 pm
keep the fans safe. local law enforcement will be working around the clock as well, obviously. ♪ >> reporter: as the south bay welcomes the world to super bowl 50, visitors flying into san jose international airport are greeted by this. >> coming out to get our bags, a couple of officers at the top and bottom, canine officer. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is ready to respond at a moment's notice. >> it's a good thing. it's a place where there are a lot of people and you want to feel safe. >> reporter: at the marriott hotel downtown, friends and family of the carolina panthers arrived on site and with them protection from the san jose police department. >> we're having daily meet wgs the federal and local agencies to make sure we're on track. >> reporter: sky 7 hd caught this scene over at levi stadium.


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