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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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it's saturday, february 6th, glad to have you with us. let's start off the, weekend forecast, here's lisa tracking it all with live doppler 7 hd. >> good morning temperatures well above average today through tuesday, even wednesday. we have a beach hazard statement for the weekend, westerly swale, 8 to 10 feet. very dangerous out there and fog, petaluma, quarter mile visibility and two and a half miles in concord. the rest of the bay area featuring more sunshine and patchy clouds to start out and temperatures well into the 60s today. 70s arrive tomorrow.
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they'll stick around too. chris? >> lisa, thank you. we're just one day away from the super bowl there's just a few events left before kickoff but it's going to be hard to top what happened last night in san francisco. here's a live look from our visa everywhere skycam over super bowl city, it's calm right now but last night the joint was jumping. tiffany wilson joins us and no apologies needed from one republic, that he put on a great show for fans. >> reporter: they certainly did. they gave everyone quite a show and i'm sure that's going to be a hot topic of conversation this morning as some visitors start to make their way into super bowl city. you can see a few people here behind me. if you want to check out the exhibits without the crowds now is the time to make your way to super bowl city. but speaking of crowds, just take a look at this video of last night. the energy was incredible and
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many grabbed their cell phones hoping to capture the moment to share with friends and family back home. however, if you arrived fashionably late, you were most likely out of luck. so many people showed up for the free performance. police had to start turning people away around 8:30. fans didn't go far though, many listened to the music from in front of the ferry building, when the concert buildings, eyes turned from stage to the sky for a fantastic fireworks show over the bay. a perfect finale to a night many out of town visitors say they won't soon forget. >> it's crazy, i was here monday and it doesn't compare to this. way more crazy than monday and tuesday. >> and good news for all of you music lovers, the concerts continue tonight and crowds are expected to be even bigger. metallica and alicia keys starting at 8:15 and then for
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the late night crowd, the red hot chili peppers at pier 70. if you are heading here to super bowl city, you've got to get here early because as i heard last night, reached capacity and tonight they are expecting the exact same thing. live in super bowl city, tiffany wilson. >> awesome lineup, thank you. if you choose to drive to super bowl this weekend, watch out for rising parking prices, some of the lots near the ferry building doubled rates. it usually cost $18 a day to park along the embarcadero but yesterday it was 40 for the day. espn has a major presence in san francisco for the super bowl. last night the sports leader held a party in the marina districts and players and celebrities took time to speak with the media. >> i'm as much a fan as i happen to be here to perform. see curt warner, you have my
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childhood idols in front of me. >> the longer the game goes the better chance denver has it. when it's close, better chance that denver has it pulling off. with peyton and that defense, but as carolina gets a great start, that's going to be scary for denver. >> i think carolina is a better team, and i think usually nine times out of ten the better team wins but i'm rooting for peyton manning to finish up on top. >> this was espn's 12th annual super bowl party. santa clara is chock full of super bowl events at the university. beginning at 10:00 players will be signing auto graphs. at 1:00 this afternoon, same celebritiers will take place in a flag football game and huey lewis and the news and fireworks at 10:00. san jose is turning out to be the place for fans more player oriented.
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the parties and concerts in the city are nice but to get autographs, you need to head down to the south bay. >> reporter: squeezed against a barricade outside san jose's marriott hotel. the moment panthers fans pounced on. >> got him on his way to the car can be. >> reporter: carolina quarterback, cam newton. >> he was super tall, could still see him a little bit. >> super man. >> reporter: super fan, traveled from gilroy for a shot at super bowl history. >> it's kind of unique because it's the super bowl and to get their signatures is pretty cool. that one is jared ael len. >> reporter: broncos fans are bucked back from their players, marriott is highly guarded but the closest watering hole. >> we're this close to the broncos hotel.
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i didn't know it. >> reporter: the beningan's is doing big business. >> this weekend 300% higher than a normal week. >> reporter: santa clara, san jose, san francisco. >> we came to get our hotel and go back up there tonight and tomorrow. it is a little weird that the disjoined places but we wanted to pick a hotel close to the stadium. >> out of town fans will find the action. players parties and the big game, even if it means traveling the bay. in south bay, abc 7 news. >> bruno mars is combining the lineup during the halftime show. his dancers rehearsed yesterday afternoon, cold play also got in rehearsal time. bruno mars will join the band on stage for the big show along with beyonce. lady gaga got in her last minute rehearsal time yesterday. her getting set to sing the
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national anthem. marlee matlin will join her signing the words. a gift or moral task? a san francisco couple actually found a pair of super bowl tickets. the story only on abc 7 news. christian and cory wong were at the moss koehne soew center for found a sealed black energy and two $1800 super bowl tickets. >> my reaction at first, i thought for some weird reason he bought them so i was upset. no, did you just now buy those tickets? i know you can't purchase them there but that was my reaction. and then he's like, oh, my gosh, we have to leave. we have to leave. >> what happened? >> he's like, i'm light headed, we have to go sit down. >> the couple notified the nfl but so far no one has come forward to claim the tickets. download our abc 7 news app for details on traffic alerts and
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super bowl city and nfl experience. be sure to enable the push alerts for instant updates. in other news this morning, there are more problems for santa clara county's jail system as two guards have been put on leave. our media partner, the bay area news group reports the guards are accused of beating an inmate so badly it left him permanently disfigured. rub an garcia told abc 7 news he was repeatedly punched and slammed face first into a wall in a metal bed frame. guards phillip ab sen der yoe and lee have been removed from their jobs. beating happened july 23rd of last year, a month before another inmate was killed. three officers have been charged with murder in that case. a chp officer is all smiles as he recovers from a stabbing that led to a manhunt earlier this week. chp san francisco posted this photo much officer andre sore renco on facebook. he's smiling and holding a badge
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returned to him yesterday morning. a man stabbed him in the back and they thanked first responders and for police tracking down the suspect. 8:09 the time and weatherwise, you're tracking a warm-up on the way for us. >> really getting started today but it's still cold in the east bay valley still in the 30s. 38 until san ramon and 39 in livermore. concord was 35 this morning. getting out of that cool frigid air this morning for a balmy springlike afternoon, the numbers and possible records ahead. thanks, lisa. also ahead, former 49ers owner will find out later today if he'll be inducted into the pro football hall of fame. what he needs to make it happen. >> touchdown. >> abc 7 news looks at the cultural evolution of the super bowl over the last 50 years. that's combing up.
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we're going to find out later today who made the pro football hall of fame this year, and 49ers fans and players hoping eddie debart lo is voted
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in. he treated players like they were his own family. this is his fourth shot at the hall. he needs 80% of the ballot to get in and it would be fitting if he were announced the same year the super bowl is played in the 49ers home stadium. we'll also find out if former raider great ken stabler will be inducted. it was revealed earlier this week he had cte, he died at the age of 69 of colon cancer. we talked to one of his daughters and she told us what her father shared with her about his symptoms. >> he shared recently that he was having headaches and issues sleeping and buzzing in the ear and there's one instance where he had issues even knowing what to do at a stop sign. >> stabler was named nfl mvp in 1974. he led the silver and black to a super bowl win back in 1977.
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as the big game approaches, die-hard fans are focused on their teams and favorite players and maybe even a few friendly wagers. over the past 50 years the super bowl has transcended from a mere championship game to a national holiday. we asked abc news reporter wayne freed man to look at this day and meaning from a broader perspective. >> the more we change, the more we remain the same. look no further that america's winter pageant, the super bowl. >> it's a vehicle, a platform and ticket to create something so much more. >> to the right. touchdown. >> they are fighting and sweating and bleeding and taking territory. >> professor of sports history at saint mary's if he sounds cynical, he is not alone. as the super bowl approached we asked him and dr. michael goldman of the university of san francisco to talk about this event from the academic and
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intellectual perspectives. >> sports and politics in society are tightly interwoven and have been for centuries. >> what we have seen through 50 super bowls represents a half century of marketing and cultural evolution. the first super bowl between green bay and kansas city seems so innocent by comparison. but it was the seminole moment of what has become a single event now worth 500 million brand dollars as they call it. >> was it innocent back then? is it at any time now? ♪ and our flag was still there >> begin with the patriotic themes and red and white and blue. we see them every year. ♪ oh, beautiful -- >> last year we had america to beautiful from sea to shining sea, the military on display. these proud men and women assigned to active guard and
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reserve units. they are a constant at super bowls, a show designed not only for american audiences but how we portray ourselves to the rest of the world. >> the unveiling of the flag, the fly-overs. ♪ land of the free >> the moment of silence, this is a strong kind of indicator of what's important to american society and reflected in its most important event. >> so as watch the game this year, take a step back and look at the broader view. >> for many people the game doesn't matter as much as the rest of the experience and value they get from that event. >> reporter: it's about teams and heroes and winners and losers and role models but also a snap shot of this nation that a moment in time taken every year. ongoing culturing narrative. from san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> pro football star marshawn
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lynch is planning for a future off the field. he introduced first beast mode store and hundreds lined up to grab gear and take a picture with beast mode as well. lynch was silent towards the media but his mother said she's proud she's doing something positive for his community. it's the time of year when beer lovers gather to get a smeshl brew. every february the russian river brewing company it sentra rosa selgz to hundreds of beer lovers lined up for hours yesterday morning to get a taste. brewery owners say the lines are shorter than last year possibly because super bowl crowds scared them off. 8:17 the time. it might be a nice day to crack open a cold one. >> sure. >> or maybe an apple cider, perhaps. >> nice weekend. the warming trend getting under way now and will last through next week. the timing is great and we're looking at high pressure building in already getting some
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tweets from some folks saying that things are really drying up already in their backyard so all of the rain we had, we're taking a break from winter for a while. and as we look at live doppler 7 hd, you can see the storm track being pushed up to the north thanks to high pressure building in and today we'll start with north winds. then they are going to shift offshore. and with the radiational cooling in the clear sky we started out with a little poatchy fog and mile and 3/4 visibility in the petaluma. it's tons of son ten hours and 29 minutes of daylight. you can see haze but it's one of those days where you can see towards the fair lawns with the clear conditions as high pressure centers itself over the bay area through monday. 42 in morgan hill. 54 in half moon bay. the coast will get into an offshore flow tomorrow. some of the warmest numbers there through monday. san francisco has been sitting at 50 degrees and from pier 15,
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just gorgeous out there. look at the 30s still settled into the north bay out by the delta and even livermore at 39 and santa rosa. hold on, the warmth is headed your way and golden gate bridge, we're going to look at warm days here as well with temperatures spring like throughout the next several days and then the warm pattern lasting through tuesday, the coast is going to cool first and records will be possible. let's start with the bad news, the dry next seven days. this is certainly not what we want to see for february but the good news is if it has to be dry, we're going to enjoy it, right? with temperatures into the 70s. so this is monday. where records are possible in san jose, forecasting a high of 77. oe oakland would have to get to 77, perhaps shy of that. 75 for napa, and 74 in petaluma. santa rosa 76 and you could see tuesday, quite warm although the coast begins to cool as we get a wind shift on tuesday and then
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by wednesday, just like we do with a little bit of a heat wave it's the inland valleys that start to cool. still retaining the heat through much of the middle of the week for the inland valleys. and we look at san jose in particular, we're forecasting mid-70s beyond the super bowl and then not until next friday will we cool off. we're hoping for rain then but have to wait and see. super bowl saturday with temperatures in the low 60s at 2:00. then by 6:00, the sun just about setting. it will be at 7:12 but upper 50s. it will be chilly the rest of the bay area enjoying more mid-60s from richmond to vallejo, 67 in concord and you heard about it but why not talk about it some more, super bowl and low 70s at 3:30 in santa clara. spring like warmth monday and tuesday, still very mild and above normal wednesday, thursday, we're holding on to a few 70s and maybe we get back a weak little system on friday.
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we'll have to wait and see. >> we'll enjoy the warmth while we have it. super bowl sunday the golden opportunity next. michael finney shows us what to take advantage of tomorrow that has nothing to do wi caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever.
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we are deep in super bowl events and the big game is yet to come. not everyone loves football.
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as 7 on your sitd michael finney reports, those folks are not forgotten. >> sign, sign, everywhere a sign. the super bowl is here super bowl city. super bowl fans. super bowl traffic. all because two super bowl teams will battle it out super bowl sunday. what if you want to get away from super bowl everything? >> people come and tell us they are here specifically because they don't want to watch the game. >> it turns out they are plenty of nonfootball things to do on sunday and fewer crowds doing them. >> it's sort of a oasis of calm. >> reporter: you can't get less football than this. lush gardens, warm air, trains chugging around a pan pacific replica at the conservatory of flowers in golden gate park. >> don't throw footballs because we're a glass house. >> reporter: across the street it's free admission day and the california academy of sciences.
8:25 am
>> usually free museum day is really crowded. >> reporter: not on super bowl sunday. penguins and dinosaurs without the crowds. or join amateurs and pros dancing on skates to disco music in the park. down the road from levi stadium, anyone can become an athlete instead of watching thex. annual river run in san jose includes races for kids and adults along a scenic path. elsewhere you can take in a showing of cabuki theater and learn to make chai tea or watch a performance of midsummer night's dream cajun style. for a more far flung escape, snow should be plentiful and crowds light at tahoe ski resorts with many giving
8:26 am
discounts on bowl day. >> i posted links to all events and many more on our website, abc 7 i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> i'm excited. i'm a little nervous. >> catching a touchdown pass is easier than make ag beautiful braid. >> he's giving me a dad do. >> it comes from the heart. >> this commercial is taking the internet by storm and inspiring dads everywhere to get in the game. it's part of pantene's strong is beautiful campaign. it is inspired by research that shows girls who spend quality times with their dads are more self-confident and successful in school and their careers. it's fashion meets football, these fashion footballs were dreamed up by fashion designers of merkz. 50 designers including tiffany and rachel zoe produced their own bizarre and glamorous take on the brown leather ball. each piece is being auctioned online and proceeds go to the
8:27 am
nfl foundation. twitter put together this map as a color coded view as which team is tweeted about in most state. the panthers have the advantage, including here in california where they are mentioned 55% of the time compared to broncos. much more ahead. a stream of military vehicle rolls into santa clara as super bowl security hits a new level with the big game just a day away. >> there's gop debate night in new hampshire, we're three days away from the first in the nation primary. coming up, i'll i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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it's half past the hour on this saturday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. we're expecting warm conditions for your super bowl weekend. here's lisa tracking the conditions where you live. >> you have to look outside your window and see how sunny it is but it still feels chilly in our inland valleys the visibility is looking good and it's improving where we've had some fog. it's 39 santa rosa and napa and 37 by the delta. with high pressure building in, we're going to see the warm-up really get under way and this is santa cruz where it's going to be a beautiful day with temperatures on the coast reaching 70 as soon as tomorrow. around the bay today, look for mid-60s to upper 60s bayside. inland we could see a 70 degree
8:31 am
reading and at the coast the winds out of the north will be switching offshore and that means records are possible in the days ahead. chris? >> thank you. we're just one day away from one of america's biggest spectacles, local police and several federal agencies have a game plan to keep super bowl visitors and rest of us safe. >> after months of anticipation law enforcement officials say they are ready for super bowl 50. every division of the san jose police department has been assigned to work uniform patrol, 12-hour shifts with coverage around the clock. >> managing risk quite frankly in today's new era and new age and we feel we're as prepared as we can be. >> as a south bay prepares to welcome the world, the department of homeland security is ready to respond. visitors flying into san jose international airport are greeted by this. >> coming out to come get our bags, there was a couple of officers at the top, couple officers down at the bottom, k-9 officer. >> they caught this scene at
8:32 am
will he vi stadium. >> we're accessible to everyone else, which is part of the challenge. with the additional security, we have to live our lives. we can't really live in fear. >> coordinating a joint operations center at the secret location close to the stadium, monitoring threats and emergency response. >> we came down to enjoy what's going on in downtown san jose but the extra security has made me feel comfortable walking by myself and around town. >> police say they'll also have extra patrols after tomorrow saes game as fans head to bars and restaurants to celebrate. >> football fans from all over are pouring into the bay area right now. that includes lots and lots of broncos and panthers fans who are obviously full of optimism. >> going to see the second super bowl and panthers have been in and bringing home a victory. >> super bowl 50, i'm 50, we love the broncos, all coming together. so here i am. >> airport officials say they expect about 1.3 million people to pass through sfo during the
8:33 am
super bowl week, the busiest day should be on monday. >> caltrain is adding special trains to get people to and from the super bowl. yesterday abc 7 news spotted family and staff taking the train to san francisco. >> we're going to go to super bowl city, nfl experience zpl we're going to fisherman's wharf and ride a trolley. >> caltrain will charge $20 to park in their lots on super bowl sunday. they normally charge just $5. b.a.r.t. officials expect to set a new ridership record today. officials say preliminary figures show b.a.r.t. carried more than 526,000 riders yesterday. today would be the third straight day of increases in b.a.r.t. ridership. later today, 49ers wide receiver boldin will find out if he's the walter payton man of the year. one of three finalists for the award for outstanding achievements own and off the field. eli manning and benjamin watson
8:34 am
or the other nominees. >> it's an honor to be recognized but that's not why we do it because we truly want to be a change being made. i'm sure those guys will tell you the same thing. we didn't start the foundation thinking of -- it has to be in your heart so we want to do things like this. it's time consuming and it's money that's being spent out of your pockets but it's all well worth it. >> the man of the year will receive a $50,000 donation for the charity of his choice. >> today the nfl is honoring our nation's military. all current and former military members will be able to buy up to four tickets to of the nfl experience for half hour. you just need to show your military i.d. usaa the official military appreciation sponsor of the nfl is sponsoring the event. >> today nearly two dozen players will be signing autographs or taking pictures with fans at the nfl experience, including 49ers quarterback at
8:35 am
2:00 p.m. raiders lun running back, murray at 2:00 p.m. and bills hall of famer thurman thomas. you can find all super bowl resources on one page at abc 7 50. we posted traffic detours and videos and stories we've covered all week long. 8:35 is our time to politics now, tonight abc news will host the republican presidential debate from new hampshire. the granite state's primary is on tuesday. and it's a contest that could lead to several candidates suspending their campaigns. live in new hampshire with the story for us, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, chris, we've made our way inside to the spin room for the gop debate. the big question, what will happen tonight for this big presidential debate and i can tell you that all eyes will be
8:36 am
on donald trump and ted cruz. donald trump because he's xpeked to be here after skipping out on the eye wiowa debate. >> it's the final push for support in new hampshire. >> i don't want anything. just want your vote. >> donald trump was in south carolina, kept out of the granite state due to bad weather. still bitter about his loss to ted cruz in iowa. >> i don't think i came in second, i think i came in first. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> the winter storm didn't keep others off the trail. the supporters were on the ground walking door to door, even 90-year-old former first lady barbara bush braved conditions for her son before the debate. marco rubio surging in the polls made litd of the recent gop controversy, the cruz campaign accused spreading rumors that ben carson was dropping out of
8:37 am
the race on the night of the eye way caucuses. >> you get a call tuesday night saying i dropped out, it isn't true, it is a lie. keep voting. overnight bernie sanders got a rock star reception at the democratic fundraiser in manchester. hillary clinton was also there undeterred by recent polls which showed the neighboring vermont senator with a whopping lead for tuesday's first in the nation primary. >> new hampshire has never quit on me and i'm not going to quit on you. >> reporter: and clinton, who is expected to try to take those young supporters from bernie sanders, she's got three events today here in new hampshire. while those top gop contenders are prepping for tonight's abc news debate. reporting live here, kenneth moan ton, abc 7 news. >> you can watch the new hampshire republican debate moderated by world news tonight anchor david muir and chief
8:38 am
global affairs correspondent, coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. still ahead, some estimates say 1 million people will be in the bay area for super bowl week. sky 7 hd shows how some are arriving in style. next a look at how local airports are making room to park all of those private jets. here's a look from the visa everywhere skycam. you can expect big crowds later today. lisa will have your full accuweather in just a few minutes.
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something that will be spotted on super bowl sunday, the dui task force. dui saturation patrols will be roaming around during and after the game of the if you plan on drinking on sunday, please designate a sober driver to get you home safely.280 were killed in dui crashes. >> let's take you to the beach right now, temperatures bottomed out in santa cruz at 42. right now we're at 45. it was 65 yesterday. how about 68 today and mid 70s in your future. we'll talk about the rest of the bay area, the state and the
8:42 am
seven-day outlook coming up. >> that might be a nice get away. thank you. nfl commissioner roger goodell addresses the concussioni isish avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is wilson ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis
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in sports, all eyes will be on oracle arena. a match-up of two of the nba's top teams, you can watch it on
8:45 am
our sister network espn. as many as 50,000 fans are expected at the concert being held at 1:00 p.m., the warriors are encouraging fans to arrive at early as possible and take public transportation. parking lots will open at 4:00 p.m. for warriors fans. oracle arena doors open at 4:30. the super bowl hype is almost over. yesterday commissioner roger goodell gave his annual media conference before the big game. larry beal has the details in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody, nfl roger goodell gave his annual state of the league address, had a couple of raiders items that we'll share in a moment. here's the one comment he wishes he could probably take back regarding concussions. >> if i had a son, i'd love to have him play the game of football. i'd love to have him play the game of fabl because of values you get. there's risk in life. there's risk to sitting on the couch. >> that couch comment has not
8:46 am
gone over well at all. he con firnled the raiders will play the texans on november the 21st and first time an nfl game has been played in mexico since 2005. as for a permanent home for silver and black, they'll help the team to stay in oakland but offers no new details. >> no more media obligations for panthers and broncos as we count down to super bowl 50. nobody wants to miss because of an injury. you may never get another chance at the championship. thomas davis is going to start on sunday despite breaking his arm in the nfc, had surgery only 11 days ago to insert a screw and metal plate in the arm. he'll wear a protective brace and said he is ready to go. >> i'm not one of those guys that sits out. if i have opportunity and i'm able to play, i'm going to play. >> the super bowl is just adds to it. this is another opportunity for me to go out and compete with my
8:47 am
teammates and it just happens to be in the super bowl. i feel a lot better than i did a couple of days after the surgery and it just continues to heal every day. >> the broncos have got a lot of super bowl experience in the locker room and played only a couple of years ago but some players looking forward to their first big game. this is going to be peyton manning's fourth super bowl. he was asked if he had any advice to share with some of his younger teammates. >> i think this experience is so unique for everybody and it's very -- it's hard to tell somebody how they are going to feel on sunday. i mean, it can be extremely emotional and i think you want to avoid it from being overwhelming but i don't think -- i think you've got to be careful telling somebody how they are going to feel. they may have to make it natural. >> there is one other big game this weekend in the bay area, the warriors will host the thunder. okc third in the western conference and won 12 of the last 14 games but warriors, they crush the spurs and crushed the cavs and they are excited for first meeting of the season with
8:48 am
the thunder. >> they are always excited to play against great teams but there's no guarantee we're going to play like we did against the spurs or cleveland. we've got to be sharper than we've been. the road trip was good, playing all three, but we have to be sharper than we have been. >> that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, enjoy the super bowl. >> all right, no rain this weekend? >> this weekend i'm looking out 16 days, but it does look like valentine's day we could see something, yeah or before. so as we check out live doppler 7 hd, you can see the storm track. high pressure pushing the cloud cover or storm track well to the north, deflecting it not only out of the bay area but well to the north coast, that's where it's going to stay. we're looking very sunny out there and visibility improving as we go through the next several days. we have some fog this morning. here's a look at san jose, temperatures right now are in
8:49 am
the 50s, half moon bay, 46, morgan hill, it's 50 in san francisco. upper 40s in mountain view and oakland and emeryville, a few clouds for you but a beautiful afternoon on the way. temperatures above average everywhere, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average. sitting in the 30s by the delta and napa and santa rosa. golden gate bridge, beautiful day, a few clouds out there but sunshine will rule for the next several days. spring like temperatures and in fact this ridge is going to be hard to break down, slow to break down and going to take all week long. record highs are possible into monday, even tuesday and we'll show you why in just a moment. with that comes the dangerous surf. so the swells anywhere from 7 to 10 feet with the large breakers strong rip current and look already half moon bay in san francisco, up to 10-foot swells. ocean beach particularly dangerous, all the way down to monterey and bodega bay.
8:50 am
far northwestern corner of the state maybe a few showers, the coolest day today in the northern sierra then mid-50s all week long but overlight lows will be good for snow making in the teens. los angeles is in the 70s. so let's give you layittle bit look at here, ponder this sunday and monday and tuesday in san francisco, near 70 degrees. we're just going to get warmer each and every day from the peninsula with mid-70s through tuesday the south bay, we're talking records on monday and tuesday and 70s everywhere. so as the ridge shifts to the east on tuesday, then we'll get that onshore push and things begin to cool. as for today, beautiful day in san francisco, low 60s at about 2:00. those north winds keeping it very pleasant out there but radiational cooling tonight, chilly with 50s overnight lows and 68 in fremont and 69 in san jose and 65 in san rafael.
8:51 am
60s for the evening lose and overnight lows in the 30s and 40s, storm impact scale where we rate stormgz from one to five. by the end of the week we have a one there. that's a weak system and could bring some light rain into the bay area. that could happen so that's good news we like the nice sunny weather but it's not right for february so, we'll try to fix it. >> always good information. arriving in style for the super bowl means traveling in a private jet for some elite football fans. six local armts have parking spaces set aside for private jets this week. the bulk located at oakland airport. jonathan bloom has a look at what flying is like if you're living the high life. >> reporter: the sound is unmistakable and at the hi hay ward airport means the big game is coming. >> we've been planning about 12 months. >> reporter: well over 100 small luxurious jets will land over the weekend moments after touching down, guidepostsed into
8:52 am
their parking spots just steps from fancy rental cars and passengers are handed luggage and ushered into a plush temporary terminal. >> we used a corporate aircraft hangar, emptied it out and put high end furnishings in because we expect a larger crowd than normal. this is where pilots and crew members might watch the big game while passengers see it in person. while the airport can't tell us who's arriving. >> we're having vips and sports figures and people you would probably recognize. >> reporter: some of the jets are privately owned and others like this one are chartered, hired specifically for the super bowl. >> this phenom 100 for jet suite. >> seats are made of mercedes interior. we also like i said, a lot of passengers do work on flights. we have these pull-out trays to set up computers. >> the plane has wi-fi, satellite radio and electrical outlet's. >> head sets for the passenger if they need more quieter
8:53 am
inside. these are noise cancellation headsets. >> reporter: not unlike the pilots wear. the cockpit stays open to take care of their customers. >> there's no coach class? >> no, it's all first class. and we treat them like first class. >> reporter: jorge was headed south to pick up another super bowl guests, one ever several trips before game day. as for his super bowl plans. >> we don't know where we're going to ends up on a certain date. we go with the flow. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> still to come, super cuteness in san francisco, where you can still
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
check this out, nothing cuter than puppies. on the embarcadero, going through practice scrimmages for the annual puppy bowl. our abc 7 news 360 cam can give you every angle of the puppies and you can follow us on facebook for more 3 60 video an manipulate the angles itself. they are being taped for the animal planet special airing just before the super bowl. all are adorable and adoptable. >> get some babies in there -- >> can't help but smile. >> also smile about the forecast. >> why not? we have to enjoy it. let's look at the next serve days in san jose. today 69 degrees, 73 for the super bowl, mid-70s records like hi monday and tuesday, really
8:57 am
cooling not until the end of the workweek. the rest of the day today around the bay, 64 in vallejo and accuweather 7 4-day forecast, warmth and we could see rain coming our way next weekend in times for valentine's day. looks like a weak system, a one on our storm impact scale. >> for now it feels like spring. >> does it ever. >> thank you and thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. abc 7 news continues at 4:30, t 5:00 p.m., the new hampshire debate. the news continues online, twitter and facebook and all mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. let's live you with a live look outside from the visa everywhere skycam. be sure to share videos and photos with us using #abc7now.
8:58 am
make it a great day, everybody.
8:59 am
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