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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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police in the east bay are still looking for the gun they say was raised by a man who plowed his car into dozens of others. this is video from sky 7 hd of his arrest. police say he was involved in a bizarre hour-long chase that began near east 23rd street and finally ended in berkeley. laura anthony joins us live from oakland police headquarters. laura? >> reporter: police are calling this a massive crime scene because of all the mileage the suspect covered and because of all the damage he left in his wake. police are still trying to figure out the motivation of this man, a 37-year-old from berkeley who investigators say went on an hour-long rampage, smashing into dozens of cars, including police vehicles. >> several dozen we. at some point, he was going the
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wrong direction on the roadway. >> this was a car that was weaving in and out of traffic, coming down coolidge, and proceeded to sideswipe her car but the car in front of her. >> reporter: it started at and uber driver had just up a passenger when the mi mitsubishi hit his car. >> when he hit me, he got a flat tire. >> reporter: the suspect then abandoned his car and ran into the neighborhood. >> i'm glad the police didn't use lethal force, because i heard they hit him with some bean bag rounds to calm him down. >> reporter: investigators brought witnesses out to the
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scene. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc7 news." weird story in hercules tonight. 200 tacks were found screen all over a popular dog park. visitors the the dog park found them on saturday at noon. the tacks were discovered in a creek, as well. it is the second kind of incident where tacks have been found at this dog park. a big meeting is about to get under way over the use of tasers in san francisco. the issue was reignited after police shot and killed mario woods in december. opponents of the proposal are expected to be out in force. lyanne melendez is there live. >> reporter: this is supposed to be the chief's night to present his proposal, but the meeting got a lot more interesting after
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the police officer's association, the union, came up with its own conditions. the union saying tonight that if we're going to do this, we're going to do it right and it's going to cost taxpayers a lot of nony. not knowing what san francisco police chief has in store regarding tasers, at 7:00 this morning, the police union came one a preemptive strike. this is asking that every officer carry a taser and trained in crisis enter sense. >> we want everyone to have a defibrillator available. if an officer deploys a taser and an individual needs medical attention. >> reporter: obviously, arming every one of them in a short period will cost the city an enormous amount of money. >> i believe members in government need to put their
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money where their mouth is. >> reporter: the police commission has rejected the use of tasers twice before. but following the mario woods' shooting by five officers, the mayor and the police chief are once again asking that officers be allowed to carry toewsers. -- tasers. >> it's enough for police to say their lives were in danger. as i say, their training is to use guns in such a situation, not tasers. >> reporter: no vote is expected tonight. lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." health officials are confirming that someone living in yolo county has the zika virus. health officials say the patient is at home and doing fine and nobody has to worry about the virus spreading here.
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>> the virus does spread by mosquitos, but this person got ininvestigated traveling outside of the united states. so we do not have any concerns. >> the virus has spread to at least 20 countries. there's currently no vaccine. and then there were seven. two more republican presidential candidates ended their campaigns today. carly fiorina made the announcement this afternoon on facebook. at a speech, yshe struck an entirely different tone last night. >> we feel very encouraged. you've given us wind at our back. so as i said to many of you as i walked through the room tonight, we are going to keep going. >> she struggled to keep up momentum following a pair of strong performances in the early debates. she directed part of her facebook announcement to women, to young girls and women across the country, she said, do not
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listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way because you're a woman. and new jersey governor chris christie suspended his campaign today as well. he came in sixth place in the new hampshire republican primary. this now leaves six republicans in the race. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush, and ben carson. what does all this mean for our primary in june here in california and whether it will still matter. a tiger at the sacramento zoo was killed this morning after a fight with a newly acquired tiger. the 15-year-old female tiger died from her injuries when a new male tiger was introduced to the exhibit before opening hours this morning. zoo officials immediately trying to separate them, but they just were unable to save baja.
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she had been at the zoo since 2002. she was the mother of five tiger cubs. mohan was acquired in december. the two were kept apart after he arrived but they were able to see each other. today was the first time they shared the same living space. organizers of the big wave surf contest scheduled today in hawaii had to be canceled when the 40 foot swells did not show up. that came swell is the one maverick organizers are counting on for friday's event. even so, organizers are saying the swell still looks good. "abc7 news" viewer phil sent this picture of ocean beach in san francisco, saying waves ar r per pekt for surfing now. now to a followup of a story
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we brought you last week. a bay area educator visiting the nfl experience found a pair of tickets to the big game. he tried to find the owner but never did. so instead, he turned it into a fool to help children. vic lee has the story. >> reporter: it started friday here at the festivities for the super bowl. chris and wong and his family were enjoying the nfl experience. they were buying t-shirts when he saw this black, unmarked envelope on a counter. thinking it was promotional material, he took it and opened it up later at lunch. >> i opened up the develop and it was too tickets. >> reporter: the rest of the day was tough. >> i'm just trying to figure out who i should invite to the game. but then i was trying to figure out how much money i could get for them. >> reporter: the ticket were worth thousands on the resell market. friday night, wong started
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getting anxious about doing the right thing. >> i didn't know who to call. i called you, the san francisco police department, the security center. >> i thought he bought them. >> reporter: "abc7 news" put them on the 11:00 news friday night. to fully understand the story, you have to know that city academy serves the children from the tender loin. 85% of the kids here live below the poverty line. he posted on his facebook that if somebody would give a scholarship to one student they could have the tickets. >> within 20 minutes they were gone. >> reporter: guy anthony and his wife bought them. it was a win-win for him. >> this is a blessing.
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news." >> such a great story. >> great karma all the way around. concern about the zika virus. tonight, michael finney looking at which mosquito repellant works best. today's big meeting that could chain the california coastline. >> and mike shumann goes hunting for celebrities at peb
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earlier we reported on the first confirmed case of zika in northern california. that patient contracted it out of the country.
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>> a lot of people are concerned about the zika virus, especially people with travel plans. >> michael finney is here now with more. >> the threat is still growing, and consumer reports wants to keep on top of things, so it's releasing ratings of mosquito repellants that can keep you safe. there's currently no vaccine for the zika virus or no drug that treats the infections. so the centers for disease control says it's essential that people avoid mosquito bites. consumer reports tests inspect repellant for their effectiveness against the type of mosquito known to transmit zika. >> products that carry the most deet were the most effective in preventing bites. >> reporter: these each contain
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20% pacaratin. and deep woods 8, which is 80% of deet. even women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can safely use these repellants if applied properly. apply to only exposed skin or clothing never over cuts. when using on your face, apply to your hands first, then rub carefully. don't let young people apply it themselves. instead, rub it on them. and it should never be used on infants under 2 months old. while no cases of zika have been traced to mosquito bites received in the united states, experts predict some spread of the disease as weather warms up. spectacularly in florida, texas, and other states where the mosquitos are most prevalent.
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in addition to using the right insect repellant, consumer reports recommends wearing long sleeve shirts and pants when outdoors. when people put on the repellant and put clothes on top of it, you can get rashes. the coastal commission is making waves over a proposal to oust the executive director. supporters spoke on his behalf. the commission is considering terminating charles lester, but are not giving a reason. is coastal commission plans and regulates use of coastal land and water. lester has been the executive director since 2011. people who want to protect salmon fishing are reviewing dianne feinstein's latest bill.
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the golden gate salmon association is still studying the bill but any proposal allowing more water to be siphoned out of the delta will harm the fishery. dogs seized from animal fighting rings in california may be spared from euthanasia. currently, california law states all such dogs are labeled as vicious and put down. lawmakers in delaware, florida, and rhode island have passed similar legislation. yahoo notified 107 employees in sunnyvale today they're being laid off. the cuts are part of plans to trim the worse fork by 15%. the company has been struggling to increase share of revenues.
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uc berkeley says it is bleeding red ink and will try to reduce its deficit of $150 million. the chancellor says cuts will need to be made. he's proposing consolidating departments, cutting spending on athletics and laying off staff. he says the future of the university ask in jeopardy. let's talk about the weather forecast. absolutely spectacular and sparkling out there. >> yes, indeed. but you can see a little bit of change in the air here. right now it feels cooler than it did yesterday at this time. certainly a lot of cloud cover, no rain out of these clouds, but we have a rain chance. we'll talk about when it just might show up. right now, we're seeing a thick layer of clouds and we do have surf advisory for tomorrow.
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starts at noon for high surf. fog will be building between 11 and 13 feet. so just be careful. rip currents and sneaker waves are a possibility. for the mavericks invitational, the breakers are expected to be between 25 and 35 feet. 53 degrees by noontime. gets up to 60 degrees on friday. hopefully they have better look. i know they have to cancel the actual competition in hawaii today. quite a bit of cloud cover and here's a look at the temperature. 68 in san francisco. oakland, 62 downtown. highs today in the mid 60s to mid 70s. san jose, 64 degrees right now. lake tahoe, dry conditions but a chance of rain and snow next wednesday.
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0 degrees in santa rosa. if you've been enjoying the beach, you still have some more days to do it, but it will be cooler the next few days. mild to warm for valentine's day weekend. here's a look at what's going to happen tonight. high clouds continue to filter our skying. tomorrow afternoon, low clouds coming back near the coast and league clouds will be around. the week ahead, san francisco, average high of 61 tomorrow. 67 degrees. so cooler than today, san francisco today made it up to 70 degrees. that drop continues friday, as well. but it warms back up, heading towards the wmd and next week where we'll see the return of the 70s here. chances of rain, while we do have it, remember, we had a lot of zero percentages over the last several days. 20% chance on tuesday, 50% on wednesday.
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so about a week from today, we may be tracking rain. temperatures, low forts to low 50s. 52 in san francisco, 50 in oakland. most of the areas in the 40s. then in the afternoon, 67 in san francisco. 70 in santa rosa. many of these areas still running higher than this time of the year. 66 in half moon bay. 69 degrees in san mateo. tomorrow at pebble, the weather couldn't be better when they tee off. we'll be looking at mild conditions, going from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. cooling down in the evening. temperatures will drop a few degrees but so mild. breezy saturday. we warm up up for valentine's day and dry early next week.
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wednesday, we have a chance of rain and cooler weather. you thought you would never hear chance of rain, right? >> no. it will be nice to see when it gets here. so what was that streak? did you see it in the sky this morning? find out next. and then at 5:30 -- >> dan, kristen, is donald trump unstoppable after his big win? you'll hear from trump tonight. the hospital nightmare, the doctor who operated on the wrong child. and your credit new at 6:00, the blind man known as passenger one, and what he thinks s of
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three, two, one, and liftoff.
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>> a delta four rocket successfully launched this morning. it delivered a spy satellite into orbit overnight. the government is not releasing any details. it's a spy satellite after all. the rocket lit up the clear night skies. the concord city council will discuss whether to release a report about a possible misconduct involving the development of the shuttered concord naval station. the report focuses on a developer competing for the project who is accused of improperly lobbying city council members. the government event that is just as focused on personality as pros was today in pebble beach. mike shumann was there on the green. >> reporter: here at pebble beach, they do more for the fans than any golf tournament on tour. yesterday it was a 49ers-giants
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shootout. today, a celebrity shootout. they were all out to have fun and entertain the fans. >> fans are awesome. i was a little disappointed. justin timberlake is out here, so that ends my reign of being the only sex symbol out here. >> reporter: ray ramano has a secret for players in this event which falls on an important holiday. how do you get out of value valentine's day every year? >> this is my valentine's day present that she gets a day off from me. that's how it works after 28 years. >> reporter: a little good, bad, and ugly. >> you know, it's fun to do. doing five holes is just about enough. >> reporter: there was not a winner on all five holes, so it
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came down to a $100,000 chipoff on 18. and kenny g. wins it all on this shot. big fun today for everybody, including the players and fans. reporting in pebble beach, mike shumann, "abc7 news." >> fun enhanced by the spectacular weather. do you want to know more about larry beil? sure you do. join us tomorrow night at 7:15 as he answers your questions live at just submit your questions on social media. >> just buckle your seat belts for the answers. how do you know it is the start of the new lunar new year? still
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our ne i'm ama daetz in the "abc7 news" room. coming up at 6:00 tonight, the 2016 race for the white house, and the chances californians may actually have a say in who the nominees are. also, what's been found in a building at the state capitol that may force it to be torn down. and the award for a berkeley company working to help disabled children walk again. it is a big deal for them. all that, plus much more coming up in half an hour on "abc7 news" at 6:00. lunar new year celebrations are in full swing around the bay area.
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>> "abc7 news" was there as lion dancers entertained seniors. >> this is when people feed oranges and lettuce to the lion dancers. >> we shred it in pieces and spit it out. if pieces of lettuce fall on you, that wealth will be on you. >> the police department is the only one on the west coast with its own lion dance troupe. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that's great. that means may you get prosperous and that is a common greeting. >> bring me lettuce. >> there you go.
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>> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. breaking news tonight in the race for 2016. at this hour, two big names dropping out of the race. and can any republican stop donald trump? his major victory in new hampshire. also, the surprise in second place. one-on-one with marco rubio and his stunning admission. plus, clinton versus sanders, and the brand new battle tonight for the south. also breaking at this hour, from the justice department, a federal lawsuit against the city of ferguson. the list of troubling allegations against the police and the city, accused of outright discrimination. the new warning for airlines and passengers tonight. the explosion from batteries commonly carried in the cargo hold. the hospital horror. the doctor who operated on the wrong newborn. as we ask tonight, how does this happen?


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