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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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friends we will get through this. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us today, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we heard from the family today of gus vegas. >> we are live with their heart breaking grief tonight. melanie? >> reporter: the family's grief is perhaps matched only by their faith. here on the church grounds offic officer vegas's wife tells me the family has already forgiven the person that is accused of shooting and killing him, and called him dad the family is holding one another up, and honoring him. >> growing up with a dad that was literally wear his shoes until the soles would separate just to make sure we had food on the table.
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>> reporter: this is a family whose love knows no limits. >> i can't help but think now that the compassion, the generosity and love we're receiving is a testament to that life that he led. >> reporter: the life, marked by service. >> the life as a police officer, that he devoted to protecting others and a life as a father and he ultimately sacrificed for protecting his family. >> reporter: officer gus vegas's life ended early. a father of one of his daughter's children is accused of shooting and killing him. sandra in fear, jumped from the window. officers apprehended vagua at his fairfield apartment. despite their pain, memories of
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happier times are still fresh. >> last sunday it was gus's family and my family that got together at my son's house and watched that super bowl together. man, did we celebrate. >> reporter: a win for this broncos fan, who will be remembered for a smile as big as his heart. sandra told me gus was her protector. she shared that she was the one that got to hear his stories every night. he loved being a police officer. the family set up a go fund me page where people can make donations to a memorial fund and that information is on our website. there is a warning for the california coastline this weekend. the high surf advisory is now in effect through saturday. beaches like the one next to the board walk will be busier than
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usual. spencer christian joins us with a look. >> the surf is rough and high. cloudy skies and mild weather conditions, and hour high surf advisory remains in effect, and 13 feet at monterey, swells expected to reach 12-15 feet and large sneaker waves are a possibility. it's a good idea to stay away from the coastline until things settle up a bit. great weather for maf vicks competition today near half moon bay. this morning they worked with the founder to layout buoys to keep boats at bay. and some of the top surfers in the world rode waves as high as 30 feet. we'll have a will being look at
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the thrilling competition. >> this is a great thing for the bay area, this is a contest attracting surfers are from around the world. they have 48 hours to get here. the winner from just miles south, his name is nick lab, starting to everybody mavericks at 14 years old. take a look at the greatest moment in his career. a kid from santa cruz is the king of the surfing world tonight after conquering the toughest waves in the world. >> any time this wave breaks, it's life or death. you know? like mount everest meets niagara falls. >> reporter: watch one of his rides. this is what visitors to the competition come to see. man versus a wave rolling thousands of miles across open ocean to be harnessed by a lone
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surfer. >> looking for both waves. >> not easy to see, the beach, closed. we have plan b. >> the event turned the community into a quiet city. restaurants and bars, packed. any television became a scene for the venue. >> when is the last time you saw this guy on the end? >> probably last time mavericks did. >> reporter: one thing they don't tell you about, the action is way, way down there. see the dots? probably not. now, watching from a distance along with a live feed on a hand held device. sitting down, having a beer.
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>> it's about priorities. from filler point, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> another santa cruz native had a serious wipe out today that knocked him out of the competition and left him with a blown ear drum. the face of a 30 foot wave collapsed around him. water started to pour into his mouth as the wave held him underwater and his ear drum just got blown out. he pulled the cord on his safety vest and that kept him from possibly drowning. two people were hurt in an accident in san francisco involving a muni bus and several vehicles. abc7 news is here with the video of the chain reaction, kristin? >> take a look at the video. four vehicles playing twister with a large muni bus around 11:30 this morning in front of
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city college. sky 7 hd catches onto the scene when a vehicle was rear ended and this was the result. a white pickup truck with its tail on the air on top of a sedan, pushing into the muni bus. officials tell abc7 news the bus was stopped, waiting at a red light. and neither was injured. you can see damage to the bus was minor. the driver is also okay and people inside this sedan. no additional injuries. muni was detoured in this area, but reopened after crews checked the lines and removed the wrecked vehicles. ama? >> thank you, kristin. a huge fire destroyed a
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house in pacifica today. this is video. the home is sitting on the edge of a crumbling cliff. the fire broke out at 2:30 today, taking an hour for firefighters to put it out. no one was hurt but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist this morning. they found this damaged red honda civic about two blocks north of the crash site at win chester boulevard and loma verde drive. no one saw the driver abandon the car. the restaurant owner called police this morning. >> i reported it and the police came in and said the car was involved in an accident, a hit and run. he said somebody was killed with that car. you know? that shocked me. >> he says police told him they
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found a bottle of beer inside of the car. south san francisco is about to begin a transformation. the city council has given an okay to this large housing development that is going to include 272 luxury apartments and town homes. some businesses are afraid this will bring traffic congestion. the port of oakland will soon stay open on nights and weekends. it's designed to compensate for the closure of the second largest terminal operator. it will stop service at the end of march because the company filed bankruptcy. commissioners approved the plan last night. >> more to bring you here, an app developed by uc berkeley scientists can help detect an earthquake and it just launched
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today. >> a window washer who fell 11 story ndz san francisco shouldn't be alive, but he somehow survived. the struggle he's facing and what he recalls are from that terrifying plunge. plus... it sucked me under and he ran after me. he gave his life for her. at 6:30 their story of love, and loss. stay with us. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: why not celebrate presidents day with a better night's sleep? through presidents day at sleep train get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train.
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on november 21, 2014, people were shocked to hear of a window washer falling from an 11 story
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building only to survive. one reporter has spoken to him about his astonishing ordeal. >> when you hear the story, the word miracle comes to find. perez was in the hospital for months then, a rehabilitation center and came home a year after his accident and talked to us. i met the man who was supposed to be dead. november, 2014, california and montgomery streets. emergency crews rushed to the scene of an accident. >> one individual fell off the window washing apparatus.
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>> he's unconscious. >> he lost his balance and fell from the top of this 11-story building, 120 feet, landing on a moving car. >> i don't remember nothing. >> reporter: that is common with people who suffer serious brain trauma. he remembers waking up in the hospital three days later. he had broken his pelvis, lost all feeling in his right leg, and severed an artery in his right arm, today, he has trouble lifting. >> reporter: what do you think happened up there? >> i felt sure of myself and i felt i had a lot of experience. >> reporter: this is a demonstration of what cal osha concluded. t the lan yard was connected to a safety point but he briefly
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disconnected it to attach to the roof. he was in the process of areafaching when he lost balance. >> many times, i would think if i ever fell, i'd be nothing but broken pieces. >> reporter: this passing toyota camery helped break his fall. >> nobody survives a fall from that high up. >> reporter: have you seen the car? a picture of the car? >> just a little bit. i don't want to see it and i don't want to remember nothing about that. >> reporter: the driver had his share of luck that day. it would have been a different outcome had perez landed on his windshield. because the accident still haunts him, he refuses to drive into downtown san francisco. >> i was making a left turn, thinking something is going to fall or hit me. >> reporter: the two have never met.
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but he was glad to know perez was recovering. still, something as easy as putting on a pair of socks is a struggle. >> i think it's going every day, better. >> reporter: he is 59 and spends many hours doing physical therapy to relearn how to walk and strengthen his body. he's never going back to being a window washer. the family won't let him. >> okay. work is over. >> it's over. >> reporter: some people think wow, i got a second chance. now, i'm going to do this. so finish the sentence for me. >> i want to help other people. thank god i'm alive. if i live a year or two, that is extra time. >> reporter: he loves to laugh. the company perez worked for, century window washing was cited for a number of violations
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including not having full protection equipment and were fined $12,000. all medical bills have been paid for but the family doesn't have that extra income because he's not working. >> it's tough on the family. >> reporter: so happy he's alive. today, president obama designated nearly 2 million acres of california desert as national monuments. they're now officially national monuments. >> interesting. >> well, the weekend is upon us and weather looks fabulous. >> yes. holiday weekend. yes, and valentine's day weekend. it's going to be a weekend to love. we have high clouds but mainly clear skies and it is mild and pleasant. let's take a look at temperatures, 59 in san francisco. 67 across the bay and oakland.
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67 inland and a warm up begins on sunday, valentine's day. we may see record highs around the bay area, monday, tuesday, that is how warm it's going to get. it's going to turn cooler around the week and rain is on the way. right now, two big warm air masses dominating our weather picture. and these two warm air masses team up and let's take a look at the projected highs for the week ahead. sunday, 75 degrees and 79, almost 80, but temperatures drop off wednesday. similar pattern seen in san francisco. warmer in the summer and temperatures drop wednesday.
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that will be the pattern around the bay area, 1:00 p.m. wednesday, cloudy skies, rain arrives and it will be a period of wet weather. tonight, partly cloudy skies, low expected in san francisco and tomorrow, look for low 70s in san jose. on the peninsula, mainly upper 60s to around 70. mid-60s on the coast and in and around san francisco tomorrow, north bay valleys, highs 71 in santa rosa and napa. 68 over petaluma. east bay highs, 70 degrees in hayward and fremont. and inland east bay.
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here is the accu-weather forecast. once again, you can see the big warm up beginning on sunday, valentine's day. approaching 80 degrees inland and around the bay. a sharp drop on wednesday and rain storm coming in on thursday. and this is a light storm that wril produce wet conditions and we'll give you more on that information. >> perfect. >> thank you. >> thank you. very much. >> with your help we're going to change the way we do seismology. >> there is a new kind of cell phone network. >> yes. how can can help create a earthquake early warning system with a smart phone. stay with us.
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your smart phone could become part of an earthquake early warning system thanks to an app. that is the goal of the app. >> california, 500 or so. >> designed in california. >> yes. peru. puerto rico. >> developers await data from
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earthquakes. >> it's jittery now, too. >> lous is working with uc berkeley to turn your mobile phone into a quake sensor. say i'm standing on campus and my phone records an earthquake. that could with sent to people in san francisco to warn them. >> so this allows the phone to sense motion. >> the value is that on the usgs i might have a thousand sensors. there may be 16 million smart phones. >> data will be compared to an official usgs reading. and. >> in countries, any other
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country around the ring the fire for which they're not so well financed, this could be the primary means of early warning. >> it's not yet available on iphones. we'll post a link on >> today a new app debuted to help find wines that provide good flavor and is available for apple devices. >> today, the pontiff made history. a pope met with a russian patriarch. >> next at 6:00 see the preparations underway. >> there were 3, 4, huge waves.
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>> how a walk along the beach ended tragically. >> the store gives her merchandise to someone else. i'm michael finney. find out
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abc7 news was at ocean beach today where several public safety agencies held a mock water rescue. they wanted to raise awareness of the dangers. >> these waves can jump up without warning and pull people off piers, rocks, and sweep them out to sea. >> it happens in an instant. authorities say right now el nino is powering the waves and will continue to make beaches dangerous through april. the recent death of a 61-year-old man. >> he drowned trying to safe his wife, who was caught in a sneaker wave. >> reporter: the waves were big and rough. coast guard choppers seemed to come out of nowhere.
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>> he gave his life for me. >> reporter: chauda and larry had been married 20 years. >> he was my husband, my friend. he was my mentor. we were everything to each other. >> reporter: tuesday, 63-year-old claudia lost her husband, larry to the turbulent sea. they had been walking along the beach. she decided to wade out in the water. >> there were 3, 4, huge waves. the sand was gone and i fell, like a 200 pound man pushing you down. it sucked me under. and i know that is when he ran after me. >> reporter: the rip tides were too much for the 61-year-old, a physically strong man. >> there is no way a strong man can get through that. >> reporter: the coast guard spotted larry and were able to
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pull him out, a waiting ambulance transported him but it was too late. separated from her husband, she was able to ride swells back up to the top of the water, two men swam to her. >> they were able to get me out and we crawled out, but it was very strong. >> reporter: claudia hopes by talking about this tragedy, she can prevent others from misjudging the seemingly placid waters. vic lee, abc7 news. the man convicted of killing chandra levy will be retried. she was linked romantically to former california congressman gary condit. he was ruled out as a suspect and lawyers asked for a retrial because they say a key witness gave false testimony. police say tonight that the deaths of 215-year-old girls
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found shot this morning in a high sool in arizona was likely a murder suicide. police in glendale, phoenix arrived on the scene and found the girls bodies near the administration building at independence high school. each with a single gunshot wound. >> the two young women were found next to each other. there was a weapon beside them. >> detectives later learned they were close friends and appeared to be in a relationship. some parents expressed frustration about not getting information quickly enough. >> 17 years ago two high school seniors went on a rampage on campus, killing 13 people. tonight, the mother of dylan klebold speaks to 2020. >> i thought how i would feel and one of their children shot
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mine. i would feel the way they did. i know i would. >> you can watch the interview on 2020 tonight at 10:00 right here on abc7. then, at 11:00, the hidden world of emojis. what your kids are saying when texting those symbols. experts explain what parents should know about. >> be sure to tune in to that. >> pope francis met with the head of the russian orthodox church which never happened before. >> his holiness landed about an hour ago. the motorcade traveled through mexico city. >> david ono from los angeles has the story. >> reporter: security is obvious here in mexico city. police, barriers in place but no visible metal detectors and nothing like what we saw in the u.s. a far lighter security presence than unprecedented measure the
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u.s. took in september, when thousands never made it into mass because they were stuck in line. >> now, you can see mass is underway, here is the sad part. come to the balcony. that is the check point. look how many people are still in line. even after waiting for four or more hours, most of the people will never get into mass. the hope will perform a mass for mexico. that is where the pope will be performing mass here tomorrow in mexico city. and it's going to be an enormous event. guardrails have been set up and the crowd will be held back in this direction. all of this space here is going to be kept free because this is where the pope is going to be driving down waving to the crowd on both sides going into the basilica. >> reporter: this group is from el salvador. now, one lives in baton rouge. >> we were praying as a family
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and came here as three generations. >> reporter: still mellow here because the crowd has been chased out of the area, they'll be allowed back in at 3:00 in the morning to start preparing for the pope's giant mass. reporting from mexico city, david ono, abc7 news. no one ate lunch alone today. >> that was the goal of a national program that had a start here in marin county. hear what students learned when making it a point to change the lunch table. plus... >> it was like, go home. you know? go home. i can't go home with nothing. a lay away mix up. michael finney steps in to help a mother after her childrens' christmas gifts, that she paid
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get up to four years interest-free financing announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train. it's going to take a come from behind victory for a uc berkeley student, nicky peters to win "jeopardy" tonight. last night's total will be added to tonight's winnings to determine the champion. >> it's difficult being a
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teenager, but some are helping fight isolation and bullying through a program called no one eats alone. abc7 news reporter has the details. >> reporter: rather than spend time on their vices, students socialized in person. >> they're playing games on paper and everyone is doing something. >> it was part of no one eats alone day, an event to include everyone. schools across the united states are doing the same today as part of ab antibullying campaign because who knows who is going to be your next bff. no. you're going out of your way, not sitting with your usual people. that helps you become a better person. >> angela flores says eating
6:40 pm
alone at lunchtime can be painful. >> we got to sit with people and it's nice. >> the class president said it was part of her campaign. >> you want to go here to have an experience to make friends and memories. i want that had to be the mind set people have when they went to school. >> reporter: last year, 700 schools participated and this year, the numbers are expected to be higher. in daly city, abc7 news. nice to see the smiling faces. >> an oakland mother says toys r us gave away
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all our handcrafted february is huge for us. classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon."
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with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway.
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. a mix up almost left a family with two children with no presence under the tree this christm christmas. >> the mom called 7 on your side. >> it's hard to imagine.
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an oklahoma mother bought toys on lay away and after making the final payment, toys r us said they had no gifts. >> i wanted this christmas to be very special because it's a 10-year-old and 2-year-old. >> she hoped to give them everything they wanted, putting $650 worth of gifts on lay away with toys r us, including this cottage house, a gourmet kitchen and a karaoke machine. she made the final payment december 11th but they were not at the store. >> four guys were like we gave you your stuff. no. you did not. >> tiffany says the store reviewed footage and discovered the gifts were given to another family. she says the store clerk suggested she go home while toys r us investigated. >> i felt helpless.
6:45 pm
i was crying. and they were like go home. go home. i can't go home with nothing. >> reporter: her children tried to console her. >> i am all right. take my money and buy me something. i still appreciate what she did. and she is a good mom. >> reporter: tiffany managed to give some of the gifts and as for the money she paid, she said toys r us denied responsibility. >> they never gave me a refund. i don't know nudging. >> we contacted toys r us and the retailer agreed to reimburse her for the $645 she paid. >> thank you. >> reporter: if you have a complaint, let me know about it. i can help. go to and select 7 on your side. there, you can contact me and i'll check. >> great work, thank you.
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>> let's take a look at pope francis, check him out traveling through mexico city. he does have a five-day schedule there in mexico. and this is his first visit to mexico as pope. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> that is right. >> looks like a great weekend. we'll start with live doppler 7 hd. snow pack is okay. at 100% of average and so it's moving in the wrong direction. we need snow. statewide, sunny, mild to warm. in southern california highs from mid-60s at the coast and down in pebble beach, round three of the at&t pro am.
6:47 pm
it will warm up into low to mid-60s. lovely day on sunday, climbing to upper 70s to near 80 monday and tuesday and get cooler wednesday with a chance of rain strange weather but good golfing weather. >> yes. i got back. >> looks like i've been away a couple weeks but another beautiful day. and the at&t pro am with a star from oceans 11. shot of the day, we have your average here next in sports. abc7 news sports anchor larry beil just landed in toronto. warriors staff steph curry participating. you can follow his updates on twitter on larry beil abc7.
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what is this miraculous invention? it separates our side of the room from theirs. listen. now you hear them.
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now you don't. every family deserves a two-room suite. yeah, it's pretty great. the beauty of the at&t pro am is you get a shot of three
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sources in one of the most-beautiful places in the world. phil michael son with a 29 on the front and a six under 65. jordan speith on ten in monterey. same hole, same floor, dustin johnson, dj two over and can celebrate with eagle. he's 11 back. actor andy garcia had one of the shots of the day and he drains it. warriors owner tied for and he needed that birdie for a 59. so at 11 under, lefty is one
6:52 pm
back and six at nine under. >> very pleased with the way i'm striking the ball. it's coming together. now, it's just a matter of being in contention and which i have. >> from football to golf to spring training. tomorrow, giants host fan fest and today, they met with the media and now, the talking about it and so are the players. >> it would just be a story, everything will line up that way to do it again. you know? that is our goal. that is what we want to do. >> it's kind of funny going from not playoffs, winning it all,
6:53 pm
not playoffs. >> so i miss the >> mark davis suggested a's were holding raiders back from developing a stadium. owner lou wolf responded today saying there is nothing in the lease that prevents the new stadium. he said a's are looking at potential baseball only stadium size throughout oakland. and nba all star weekend kicking off tonight, the warriors involved, steph curry andraymond green will take part. kobe bryant playing in his final all star game, some even bringing him gifts.
6:54 pm
and warriors are soaking up every moment. >> it's been amazing just to be part of this. you know? and just seeing how this works. >> it's a weekend for fun. >> having two teammates is special. this is a team game and it's huge. >> this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by bank of the west. he loves to go to all star game in new york, 20 degrees, and it landed so he's complaining about that just a little bit. >> yes. exactly. >> he'll be indoors. >> thank you. >> unless we get lucky in the end. >> and join us tonight at 9:00,
6:55 pm
a chp officer who crashed while escorting president obama to l.a.x. >> then, celebrating mavericks. a big party taking place tonight for the surfers. here are the prime time line ups. tonight. >> finally tonight, as we said, on 2020 tonight, diane sawyer interviews the mother of one of the nation's most notorious killers. on a spring day in klebold launched a deadly attack. the small town was thrown into turmoil and into the spotlight.
6:56 pm
i was on a plane to cover the story and was there for several days. the collective sadness in that community was beyond anything i have seen before. how could two kids and they were kids, become so filled with anger and hate and at such a young age? it made no sense to anyone. many were quick to blame the boys' parents. how did they raise such monsters? didn't they see the signs? diane's interview with dillan klebold's mother, sue, will help answer the questions. but what matters is how to respond to this gripping interview. perhaps it will challenge us to pay attention to what is going on with our own kisdz as that tragedy about 17 years ago. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we'll see you later.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. for the deciding game, here are the three finalists -- a junior at the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... whose cash winnings yesterday total... [ cheers and applause ] a sophomore at the university of california, berkeley, originally from boise, idaho... whose cash winnings total... [ cheers and applause ] and a senior at the university of pittsburgh from jamison, pennsylvania... who won $22,001 yesterday. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, thank you, johnny.
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y, exciting moment, right? it's been a long, long time since we've gone into the deciding day of a championship with three players so evenly matched. look at those scores! as you know, they will be added to today's total to determine our champion. good luck. here we go. keep it going as well as you did yesterday. here are the categories... oh... next... notice the spelling of "whirled" there. we're dealing with anagrams here. that's followed by... ugh. and... and, sarah, once again, you go first. sci-fi books for $200. sarah. what is disney world? that's it. sci-fi, $400.


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