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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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allen? >> reporter: ama and dan, this is an active crime scene. if you look over my shoulder you can see a blue canopy covering a car that is pocked with bullet holes. this happened just off of sonoma boulevard. let's take a look at a video of a man shot just before 4:00. we're told one man is dead. the man in this video, in serious condition. a woman, shot in the arm and a young boy, nine years old was grazed by a bullet. a neighbor tells me they were in their vehicle when the car was riddled with bullets just before 4:00. most of the crime scene markers represent casings from bullets. >> i was outside and heard rapid gunfire. i just came here right away.
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now, i'm here. >> reporter: what do you know about the people shot? >> i heard one is dead and three got shot, including a son. >> reporter: that man tells me the victims are a family, a mother, father, and son, they believe is younger than nine years old. the body of the victim is still here at the scene. and investigators are right now here questioning neighbors and gathering evidence. we'll have more information for you as it becomes available. i'm allen wong reporting live, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. and breaking news now from the east bay. the case of a missing woman in hayward now a homicide investigation. a 22-year-old disappeared saturday night. last seen at a party near jackson street in hayward. police believe aguilar was murdered but they're not
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revealing why. she has not been found. police say they have not arrested anyone at this point. we're hearing from the son of a man just released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. the son talked to abc7 news about the ordeal his family has gone through. luther jones spent 18 years in prison. he's now free, but troubles are hardly over, this time, his problems aren't legal, they're a matter of life and death. after 20 years of separation, this may the only good memory he has of his father. a judge exonerated him of a child abuse crime he did not commit. this was wednesday. it's been down hill ever since. >> how did that happen? >> sick, very sick. >> the ambulance delivered luther jones from the california department of corrections
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hospital, he, his family and father are on their own. >> i didn't know what to do for him. i'm not a doctor or nurse. i think the state should have been with him at my house, instead of just him and a box of medicine. >> the california department of correction cannot comment on the case, it's not uncommon for the men or women to walk out with next to nothing. the state owes them $140 for every day they spent behind bars. in the meantime, the son is trying to take care of the father. >> this is a well meaning son that lost his home in the lake county fire. now, they're trying to get things done in the back booth of a deny's in napa. >> what is the best outcome? >> my father getting better. and coming back home. and being able to see his
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family. >> reporter: to try to makeup for 20 lost years. in napa, wayne freedman, abc7 news. well, our el nino winter is going to look like it's on hold after tonight. there is no more rain in the seven-day forecast. here is a look at the conditions this evening from our roof camera. abc7 news was in el cerrito. our camera lens probably could have used something like that as you can see. we're working on that. and in san francisco, hoods were up with puddles on the street. spencer? >> if rain gives you a thrill, enjoy what little we have leftover. we have a few patches of green showing up here indicating a generally light showers, which were quite widely scattered earlier, now we have a little area over in the east bay. it's wet from antioch to
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concord. light rain is occurring there. there are spots of wet pavement. and this is the way things are going to be looking. you'll see measurable rain in the south bay. ama? >> thank you. >> a plane made an emergency landing in seattle this afternoon. sky west flight 5248 was flying for united express with 47 passengers and three crew members. the pilot reported trouble with a engine and decided to divert to sea-tac. passengers should make it the rest of way by tonight. >> family, friends and fellow officers filled memorial city auditorium today, there to say
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goodbye to officer gus vegas killed last week in his own home during a domestic incident. his colleagues say he never gave up on victims, they nicknamed him care bear for the compassion. his son said his father made each of them feel like the center of the world. >> he is my hero. my darling, my hero. and i thank you, dad. >> very emotional day. investigators say he was killed protecting his daughter and her baby. his family says he was killed serving another duty, as a father. another violent robbery has sent a tourist to the hospital in san francisco. this time, thieves targeted a man from the united kingdom and his niece. we're live near japantown with
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more. leanne? >> reporter: the man suffered life threatening injuries and he is in the hospital. police need your help. now, it happened right here and you know this business next to me has been closed for several years now. so it's kind of dark, not too much traffic here and i guess this could have happened to anyone. the robbery and attempted murder happened on post street between franklin and goff. a man visiting are from the uk and his niece, from southern california were assaulted. >> chased them down the street and subsequently able to steal his belongings a bag with contents inside. >> the victim was stabbed in the head. it happened at around 8:30 last night. witnesses gave police this description of the pair. >> we have a male black 510 with a heavy muscular build, hooded sweat shirt, and the female, a female black, 54 wearing a green and gray wool scarf.
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>> that scarf was left behind. police are hoping they can identify the woman by any dna material left on it. police are trying to see if any of the surveillance cameras on the street can help identify the suspects. property crimes were up 20% last year in san francisco. >> maybe a community campaign so that as tourists come in, they pay more attention. i'm not saying that they didn't, but i know that criminals will target the most vulnerable. >> reporter: the san francisco travel association did not want to comment but several web sites now warn tourists about these crimes. after a series of robberies at the twin peaks overlook, this site posted amazing views, but you'll get robbed. another targeted area is lombard street. in san francisco, abc7 news. california lawmakers are weighing in on whether cell phone privacy is more important
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than public safety. this comes after the fbi asked apple to help them break into an iphone owned by one of the terrorists who murdered 14 people in san bernardino last year. apple is getting an extension to respond to the order, which moves the deadline to one week from today. apple's ceo, tim cook and the districtser of the fbi has been invited to testify before the fbi. presidential candidate donald trump called for a boycott of apple until the company complies with the order. and one california lawmaker is working on a piece of legislation that would require apple to cooperate with search warrants for evidence on smart phones. >> what apple in essence is saying if there is information on a phone for child pornography, human trafficking, homicide investigation, you can be assured that law enforcement cannot access it. even with a search warrant by a judge. >> the assemblyman spent 30 years as a captain with the sheriff's department. california's top educator
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went to livermore today looking to learn more about two charter schools. a local school district accuses those schools of being mismanaged and losing track of two students. laura anthony is in livermore. >> reporter: state school superintendent sent hip self on a fact finding mission to address a series of allegations against the tri valley learning corporation, which operates two charter schools in livermore. >> there were some, you know concerns raised regarding finances, delinquent assessments. >> reporter: among allegations that the corporation failed to submit an audit, repay a debt to a community college, achieve ethnic balance, and charts expensive tuition to foreign exchange students. there is a charge two chinese high school students were reported missing by a time by family members. >> a couple students ended up in
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stockton. i was assured by the police chief that they looked into things and there was no harm. the girls are back here in livermore. >> reporter: attorney derek austin represents the tri valley learning corporation. >> what about late audits? late payments? >> theys things will air themselves out and we'll resolve those issues. >> the school has been great. >> some parents tell us the allegations are concerning. . >> i hope the school district and city hall, and all of the parties involved can work something out because the charter schools are good for the community. >> he said he would return in a couple months to see if the issues here have been resolved. in livermore, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> a san jose police officer fired now has his job back. >> yes. today, abc7 news discovered three justifications that could
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explain why. we'll have details, next. and your guide to enjoying san francisco's chinese new year parade tomorrow. and a college blames the sheriff's office for the death of her father. an abc7 news i-team investigation uncovers the great lengths to keep him safe, and who may have dropped the bal four score and seven years ago, our [train horn blares]th-- to the continent -- ... a new nation. announcer: presidents day may be over,
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pressure on sidewalks... enjoy all of our classic footlongs for just $6 each. a police officer fired for threatening tweets has been reinstated. but the reason hasn't been
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released. abc7 news has been able to look into the rationale and is live at police headquarters in san jose. david? >> reporter: officer phil white contested this dismissal using the state police officers' bill of rights and returned to the police department in an administrative role nine days ago. that was not released publicly until yesterday. members of san jose's african american are upset. he was fired over a year ago for tweets saying he would kill anyone for threatening his family after criticizing protestors for damaging property during black lives matter protest. the president of the naacp, san jose. >> letting him back as far as saying a black person's life does not matter and the
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arbitrator confirmed that by putting him back on the police department. >> reporter: white was reinstated because he was provoked by states to his family, including a comment we know where you live because he had an unblemished record and because he was etcher sighing free speech off duty. san jose's independent police auditor says it could create problems for the department. >> if other officers see that you can say whatever you want to and there won't be consequences, though everyone who is seeing your social media account knows you're a police officer with the city of san jose, that is a real challenge for the police department. >> is not just returning officer right to work. it's about the rest of the san jose police department effectively working with him at a time when they are trying to build a bridge to the community, not burn that bridge.
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>> in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. the floats are finished, the bleachers set up, and crowds, eager to celebrate. >> yes. san francisco issed for the chinese new year parade. the event promises to draw huge crowds. >> maybe a million. and kristin zee is here with what you need to know. >> reporter: long before the bay area super bowl there was the chinese new year parade in san francisco. it started in the 1860s. and this year, it will feature 100 marching units and oaf 600,000 firecrackers. the year of the monkey will be celebrated in style tomorrow night. you're looking at the star attraction. a 270 foot long golden dragon, lit up, carried by 100 marshal artists. another highlight, 20 gorgeous
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floats. today, abc7 news was invited to watch crews at pier 54. the floats are prepped for any weather. after months of working hard, the builders expect things to run smoothly. >> it's going to be easy. we're going to enjoy the art work we did. if we didn't do our jobs we're going to run around with drills and putting things back together. >> reporter: you can see barricades are ready for the crowds tomorrow, possibly a million. i want to show you the parade route. it begins at second and market, goes on powell, sutter, ending around 8:00. there will be street closures if you go, remember, it does get cold out there. trust me on that. my friends and i marched in this parade in high school.
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and perhaps we know someone we can slip this red envelope to for a dry forecast? >> that is an interesting idea. >> can he be bought? >> probably. >> for the right place proois. >> less with money, more with wine. >> wine is money. it looks like it will not rain on your parade this year. kristin looks adorable in that picture. some things never change. >> it took an envelope to say that. >> there are pockets of light rain now, but today's storm such as it was, is winding down. so it's currently 52 degrees in san francisco. most locations have temperatures in the low 50s. looking westward across the bay,
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mild pattern beginning tomorrow, record highs next week and there is a slight chance of rain. looking at satellite notice to central valley, some areas of fog lingering into mid morning hours and giving way to sunny skies. a batch of high clouds may pass through as temperatures about 58 degrees and dropping to 54. and high temperatures here this time of the year is 61 degrees. by monday, a high of 71 here and
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warmer in san jose, a high this time of the year around 63 degrees. notice the record high for san jose, next tuesday's date is 76, near record for virtually all of next week. that is the kind of warm up the bay area will see. tonight a cool down. and then, tomorrow, look for mainly sunny skies and will be milder tomorrow. low to mid-60s around the bay and most inland locations will warm up into low to mid-60s. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. lots of sunshine next week, mid to upper 70s inland and some bay side locations. we'll see more clouds and we'll have a slight chance of rain. you can enjoy the weather. >> coming up, why
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the one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscious, harper lee passed away today at 89 years old. today, students just read her book. >> i feel it's a very inspiring novel. there is just so many things that go on in it. harper lee is -- she was just amazing. >> indeed, the long awaited second book was published last summer. students from a stockton school have been invited to the white house to learn about ray charles, the students are part of a mariachi band. these pictures are from stockton unified school district. the school launched the band in
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2014 thanks to a program called turn around art, aiming to use art education to help struggling schools. the event is part of a series called in performance at the white house, celebrating the legacy of ray charles and feature performances. >> tourists can have dreams of going into space. >> yes. next on abc7 news at 6:00, the star studded unveiling in california for the new rocket that can take you there. i just keep on thinking how my dad felt. how terrified it must have been, just being in jail. an investigation reveals the great lengths family and friends went to, to keep this man safe. and who may have dropped the
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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see what spam can! do... at a college student blames the sheriffs office for the death of her father. despite warnings, deputies
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released him, an alzheimer's patient on his own. >> he wandered for several miles and died after being hit by a car on 880. dan noyes is here to explain. >> reporter: this is a tough one, yet another story to come from sources inside of the santa clara county sheriff's office, they've been telling me for months that the problems are very serious. in this case, it cost a man his life and broke his family's heart. christina was wrapping up her first semester of college. her mother called with terrible news. >> she said my dad was no longer with us. and i just -- didn't question it. i just grieved. >> she thought her father succumbed to alzheimer's, but now, an i-team investigation can reveal what happened that day. inside sources tell me it comes down to poor decisions by jail deputies and poor management by the sheriff.
6:31 pm
april 6th of last year, he gets a ticket for trespassing in a jewish community center. the officer wrote he does not seem to understand and told me he was jewish so he can go there. prosecutors filed this misdemeanor complaint and requested he remain in jail due to the defendant's incoherent condition. they kept him in the mail jail's psychiatric ward. family friend was there november 5th when the judge through out the charge and ordered vladimir released. >> i swear i was saying those words. don't they leave him on his own. i'm going to pick him up. >> he couldn't get cooperation or information from the deputies. he says he stayed at the jail for hours waiting for vladimir, he went for food and returned at
6:32 pm
9:00 to shocking news. >> an officer says oh, he has been released. when and how? nobody called me. >> he drove the neighborhood searching for vladimir, but couldn't find him, now, the sheriff's office tells me despite what that deputy may have said, they held him overnight and released him the next morning. >> i was thinking how my dad felt, just terrified he must have been. >> reporter: vladimir wanders in the street and walked on to i-80. >> there is a man on the 880 freeway. >> drivers called for help. >> he is in between cars. >> before police could arrive, a car mowed him down. >> i was on the freeway, someone jumped in front of my car.
6:33 pm
wow. >> hello? >> this didn't need to happen. >> christine ferry served as the jail's mental health director 18 years, she tells me the front desk deputy made a serious mistake turning away the friend and that the custody staff has deteriorated since sheriff laurie smith took over the jails five years ago. >> there some who are just mean. they're mean. that comes from the top. compassion can be taught. the sheriff sets the tone. the sheriff makes things happen. >> sheriff smith issued a statement that says his release followed establish procedure and declined to be interviewed because christina filed a first step toward the lawsuit saying he negligently discharged vladimir, leading to his death. >> what do you miss about your
6:34 pm
dad? >> trying not to cry. his laughter. humor. i was a daddy's girl when i was younger. and he was definitely my best friend. >> this is also a horrible ordeal for people who saw what happened on 880, including a 25-year-old woman, the driver who hit vladimir, a tragedy on many levels. coming up at 11:00 i investigate why authorities failed to clean up the run down booth in sauce letta for decades. >> it's a very big political football. it comes flying back at you. >> with other areas, the number of the boats called anchor outs are increasing in the area, i watch a 75-year-old sailor struggle with a beached boat. this is a look at the drama just off shore, tonight at 11:00. >> what a story. >> yes. >> it happened there.
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it's a hidden secret. >> yes. >> and there is the drama. >> virgin galactic toured the space ship unity in the space port. professor steven hawking named the rocket. the new craft is the size of a small corporate jet. >> enabling people to go to space and look back on marvelous earth, that is earth changing for those people. >> the company plans to begin flight testing soon, there is no time line yet for when tourists can go into space. flights can go for $200,000 a ride. >> i'm on the top of the waiting list. >> yes. >> way up high, in the air.
6:36 pm
a pet shelter has just a few months left before it must close doors. >> the animals need somewhere to go. what it will take to find homes for nearly 300 cats. >> this is launching in just over a month. into the international space station. >> from the bay area, to beyond. coming up, meet the 3 d printer will enable astronauts to
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a no kill shelter will temporarily close it's doors. >> chris nguyen explains how you can help and more on the shelter's famous resident. >> reporter: after eight years, the nine lives foundation is searching for a new location, meaning 275 cats at the current shelter will need to be adopted. >> it's been a wonderful location but we've outgrown it and our lease is coming to an end. this is a good time to make a move and make changes. >> reporter: the foundation gained attention last fall for rescuing this little guy. smurf, after his previous owner died him purple and left him to
6:40 pm
be used as a doggy chew toy. >> he comes into your lap and purrs. >> jessica michelle has been a foster mom on the road to recovery. >> smurf is this crazy little boy and has seen the worst of the worst sides of human kind. yet he's still one of the most lovable cats i've ever seen. >> these days smurf spends time with his best friend, a blind kitty named wanda, rescued. >> it's incredible what they're doing here, every day, it's inspiring. >> this summer, the foundation plans to open a clinic in redwood city and will need to raise $1 million which will go towards building a new shelter. volunteers hope the community will help. >> one little shelter, now it's a family of thousands of people that support us. it's been amazing. >> the lease for the current building will end in june. on the peninsula, chris nguyen,
6:41 pm
abc7 news. it's deadline day for anyone who owns a drone. they must register with the faa which should make it easier to track down those responsible for crashes. registration costs only $5 and lasts three years. astronauts on board the international space station will be soon able to create everything they need. >> that will be thanks to a 3 d printer created by a bay area start up. next, a sneak peek announcer: through sunday at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday.
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about 10 minutes from now, the international space station will pass over the bay area. it will be visible starting at 6:56, next month a new 3 d printer will be sent up to the space station. jonathan bloom got a chance to see what it can do and why it is small potatoes compared to what comes next. soon, this will be one of two ways to put something into space.
6:45 pm
>> if you give us the digital file, we'll launch and print it out. >> it heads to the space station next month. >> we actually get to take the printers into 0 gravity our saefls. >> bay area start up made in space. >> back scratchers, turns out you just want to scratch your back. >> for scientists, it means fewer delays. >> being able to manufacture that now, rather than wait for the next part to come up on the next flight. >> but building things is barely the beginning. the goal is something that looks less like a printer and more like a space craft. they're calling it arkonaut. they want to 3 d print in the vacuum of space. >> this looks like it's pulling objects out of the belly or climbing the object.
6:46 pm
>> the reason is compelling. a space craft on earth has to be able to launch on a rocket. >> so we do this origami, right? >> but build it above the earth. >> this is an example of a structure that would be difficult to launch. but this enables us to produce on orbit. >> the first step is a test and could soon change communication satellites and pave the way to mars. >> if we're going into the final frontier, space x is building the covered wagon. we're building the pick axes. >> a record of 18,000 people applied this year to be astronauts. with those applications the number of slots is very limited only 8 to 14 people.
6:47 pm
>> and i know one person hoping to be among them. loves the thought of going into orbit. >> if there is wine involved. >> they can lure him. >> i feel the way going into space the way i feel about work. i love watching other people do it. we have only light scattered showers in the bay area now and rainfall is tapering off. there is light rainfalling in the sierra. this is not expected to be a big deal snowfall event. statewide tomorrow, sunny skies, highs in the mid-60s and 70s in the l.a. area. in the bay area, mainly sunny skies tomorrow, high clouds, temperatures from near 60s to low to mid-60s inland and around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to get milder next week, mid week, we might see record high temperatures around the bay area near the bay and inland. and next friday, looks like our next chance of rain. but it's just a slight chance. >> thank you.
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>> and we have shu in for larry tonight. >> warriors basketball. >> finally back in action. first of two back to backs on this road trip and a nine-day span
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i work here at my namfive star auto care. in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california.
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a 48 and 4 record going into the break and need to set a new record currently held by the bulls. in portland, the all star game, then, i'm sure they'll be ready to roll. the team continues to play back to play nba titles is their goal. it would be nice to eclipse the record in the regular season. starting against a feisty blazers squad. and a series of six road games. >> some points you're pushed hard. this is a tough stretch for us. >> you have the same expectations and that will never
6:52 pm
change. >> tomorrow, warriors taking on clippers in l.a. and stay tuned after the game. it will be nate thurman. >> and pitchers and catchers in full swing and what a starting rotation they can have if everyone would be healthy. there is a deeper starting rotation than he has had in years. and in spring training. >> this time of the year it's time to try to figure out how they like to pitch and build that strem ji that is important. >> this is what it's all about.
6:53 pm
these guys bleed baseball. just get things sad news, jim davenport passed away at age 82. he played in the 1962 world series and won a gold glove. he spent 51 years with the giants one of their own, tony phillips died the of an apparent heart attack at age 56. he spent eight years in oakland and he was a valuable utility player and ended his career in
6:54 pm
1999. sharks won three straight games on the road. first period, hurricanes get on the board. chris terry slicks it out of mid air past martin jones, cool shot. that is worth another look. and sharks equalize seven minutes later. second period, joaqim nordstrom, not expecting that. hurricanes go on in that streak. this has been brought to you by bank of the west. all of us are looking forward to the warriors getting back on. >> join us tonight at 9:00. a city is on alert after lions escaped from a wildlife park.
6:55 pm
>> then at 11:00 the case of a missing woman in the east bay is now a homicide investigation. the new details we're learning about the twist in this crime investigation. here is tonight's prime time line up. last man standing comes on at eight. be sure to join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. if you drove your car today, it probably happened to you once. maybe three times. hit any pot holes lately? spencer told me he hit three. the state of the roads in our state is deplorable, among the worst in the nation. they're like cobble stone streets, it's shameful. around town are crumbling roads that are costing us a lot of money. in san francisco, the maintenance cost to individual drivers is over a thousand dollars, twice the national average. yesterday, we reported a new study that top 28 most traveled bridges in the country
6:56 pm
considered structurely deficient are all in california. this is a big state, but a wealthy state, the 8th largest economy in the world and our roads are a big part of that operation. what really matters, california's beat up roads cost us something else, too. lost luster. for a state that prides itself on being a shining example of how things can be done. that is a price we cannot afford to pay. let me know what you think. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. >> we're going to leave with you a look outside because the international space station should be appearing over the bay area right about now. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor.
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we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables. make it progresso.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a journalist and documentary producer from denver, colorado... a digital marketer originally from austin, texas... and our returning champion, a data conversion manager from ogden, utah... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. sounds like we're gonna have fun today. we have three competitors who seem to be working
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in the same general area, so you'll have the same kind of knowledge. let's find out if i'm right or wrong as we start the jeopardy! round of play. here are the categories... next... followed by... ...coming up in each correct response. each response in that last category will be a current or former currency of a country. tim, start. let's go with rock me gently for $200. tim. what is coldplay? right. rock me gently for $400. pat. who is barry manilow? he's the one. let's do literary quotes for $200.


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