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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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take a look at what firefighters in oakland were facing this morning. this is a buddhist temple just up in flames. neighbors forced to evacuate. abc7 reporter amy hollyfield is
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live, monitoring this on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters hyped me are still putting out hot spots on the scene of this fire. the red cross is also here trying to help people who have been displaced by this huge fire that did so much damage. take a look at the video. firefighters say it started at a buddhist temple on east tenth street. there were four monks sleeping inside and one told us he thinks he knows what may have caused this fire. >> i think can for the buddhist -- buddhist celebration. >> reporter: firefighters will be looking for that cause. this did spread to two other homes. one was empty but the other had seven people inside of it. they have relatives who live across from them, so they have
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somewhere to stay. but the red cross will be helping the monks find a place to stay and also the people who live next door. their house is liveable but they suffered -- they have some broken windows and the power is out. they'll find a place for them to go tonight -- or this morning. three people were hurt. they took a man and two women to the hospital. they say they do not have life-threatening injuries so they are expected to be okay. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we'll get a quick check of the weather. hi, mike. >> hi clouds this morning. that's it on doppler 7 ac. you can see the lights and the flags on the ferry building, not moving. light offshore breeze. temperatures in the low upper 40s through 7:00. the rest of us, around 66 degrees at noon. mid-50s to low 60s at 7:00. let's find out about the
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traffic. good morning. >> so far so good. take a look at the bay -- pardon me, san mateo bridge. nice drive from 880 in hayward over to 101 in san mateo. 15 minutes across the flat section and the high rise to make your way toward the peninsula. here is the bay bridge toll braz. >> light this tuesday morning. no metering lights yet. we'll keep our eye on it for you. minor roadwork of concern here through the senol grade. construction will continue until 6:00 this morning. we had earlier b.a.r.t. delays. we are monitoring breaking news out of phoenix. an ongoing situation at a home in the north part of the city. you're taking a look at a live picture over the scene. we're told right now a family of four has been shot inside their home and that the shooter is still inside. at one point we understand the house had also been set on fire. now, crews were able to put that
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fire out. police are trying to contact anyone inside the home. looks like there's another picture we have from above the scene. no word yet on the condition of the shooting victims. of course, we'll continue to monitor this situation. we'll bring you updates as they come in right here and also on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. some in the community are making their outrage heard over an officer's reinstatement. officer phillip white was originally suspended and then fired over what some call threatening tweets over the black lives demonstration. we have a look at how san jose mayor's is now getting involved today. matt? >> officer white is back on the job here at san jose police department. the efforts to get him fired are not over. the san jose mercury news says the mayor is asking city council to challenge officer white's reinstatement. this came during a news
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conference yesterday while several organizations announced they would file a petition in court to challenge the ruling. officer white was fired after sending out threatening tweets to black lives matters protesters. that sparked outrage, leading to his firing. an independent arbitrator recently reversed that decision and he was assigned to a desk job. the mercury news says the only way to overturn the reinstatement is through superior court. on to challenge reinstatement has over 100 supporters. a 97-year-old woman forced from the home she's lived in for more than half a century now has major firepower supporting her in the fight to stay. marie hatch pays $900 a month to rent her college and shares it with her 85-year-old roommate. now the two are told they had to
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leave. the lawyer for the family says there's a trust that requires them to sell it this year. members of a high profile attorney group are promising to represent her pro bono. hatch is terrified thinking about what could happen to her. >> i don't have the slightest idea where i'm going to go. that's why i don't sleep good at night. >> the rental crisis with central stage last night. people in the meeting spoke about higher rental prices forcing them from the homes and communities they've been in for years. >> keeping on that theme, many san francisco residents face the challenge of finding affordable housing. today the board of supervisors will vote on whether to place a charter amendment on the june ballot. that measure would double the amount of affordable units. the city has only reached one-third of its goal of more affordable housing. developers say their bottom line will be hurt if they're required
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to build more. dozens of mission district residents want to return home. building inspectors red tagged their burntd out building more than a year ago after a huge fire. lillian kim shows us where that leave residents who may have just lost rent control. >> reporter: most have been living outside the mission for the past year. many in temporary housing arranged by the city. it's been more than 12 months since flames damaged their apartment building on mission and 22nd street, killing one tenant, displacing nearly 60 others. >> we're just up in the air. hope to be able to come back. >> reporter: they learn their building has been red tagged, set to be demolished wiping out their, quote, rights to return and rent control. they searched for options. supervisor david compost says he's exploring several, from legislation enhancing tenant's rights through taking over the building through eminent domain.
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>> it's a tragic situation but my hope is out of challenge comes opportunity and we can turn this tragedy into something positive for this community. >> reporter: tenants left encouraged, knowing their elected leader and the community are behind them. they say coming back to the neighborhood where they were raised and where they would like to raise their children means everything. >> i know everybody. >> reporter: adds for the property owner, efforts to reach him were unsuccessful. lillian kim, abc7 news. a former teacher in lafayette accused of having and distributing child pornography is set to be in court for the first time this morning. he worked as a substitute teacher at two private schools in contra costa county. when they tried to arrest him, he threw a laptop out of his second-floor bedroom window. investigators found child pornography on that computer. dungness grab season hasn't started and that has hurt the
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bottom line for fishermen. crabbers can learn about applying for low-interest disaster loans. a toxin in crabs has delayed the start of the season, which usually begins in november. the loans can help fishermen pay bills and resume normal operations once crab season finally officially opens. nine minutes after 5:00. check out cool temperatures on peninsula. some draining into men low park, 42. foster city, redwood city, 45. everybody else, yeah, pretty much in the midto upper 40s. san carlos, 48. same in hayward. napa, 42. half moon bay, 46. san francisco, 53. here's your activity planner. it will be good all day for walking the dog. a little chilly but it will be dry. the beaches will be good. watch out for that moderate amount of ultraviolet radiation and light breeze. walnut creek, about 43 degrees under a partly cloudy sky.
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low to mid-70s today and tomorrow. low to upper 70s tomorrow. heat peaks thursday. a chance of rain in the forecast and cooler weather for the weekend. i'll have that coming up. >> we still have b.a.r.t. delays of about 20 minutes from the daley city station due to earlier equipment problems. b.a.r.t. says thes are recovering. hopefully that will show up shortly. train 1 got out on time. the 6:30 bay link ferry out of vallejo is canceled. they'll put buss in place of that. live look at 87 up toward the s.a.p. center. a brisk nine-minute drive as we take a look at 101 in san jose -- sorry, 880, not the bay bridge. those headlights headed north. we have an accident on 101 in san francisco. the battle between bay area dog owners and the national park service takes a big step today. the leash law washington wants
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golden gate national recreation area. the plan calls for dogs to be off leash in seven different areas, including ft. funstone. leashes are required in other spots and some are required leash-free. it would remain the most dog-friendly park in the nation under the new rules. police are trying to identify a body found near the dunbar ton pier. no word on how that person died or how long that body had been there. alameda county coroner is investigating the cause of death. for the second time this month, u.s. and russia are attempting to broker a cease-fire in syria. the two countries announced their working together. president obama says making sure the syrian opposition respond positively to this plan. syria's information minister said today, there is no such thing as a cease-fire. today the pentagon will
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submit president obama's plan to congress to close guantanamo bay prison. the president is trying to make good on a promise he made when he took office back in 2009. there's still 91 prisoners detained there. some would be sent back to their homeland. others would be housed at maximum security prisons in the u.s. the plan will likely meet stiff resistance from republicans. bill cosby's wife, camille, will be back in the hot seat next month. she'll continue her testimony in a defamation lawsuit against the comedian. the suit filed by seven women claims cosby's lawyers labeled them as liars after going public with sexual assault allegations. camille cosby's deposition began yesterday. it's going to continue march 14th. it's been nearly 40 years since rocky won an oscar for best picture, but actor sylvester stallone has never won an academy award. that could change this sunday with his nomination with
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"creed." brandi hitt reports. >> reporter: rocky balboa with strength and heart. created by a man known as win of the most humble in hollywood. >> sylvester stallone. >> reporter: back in 1977 stallone did not win the oscar for best actor or for writing "rocky "but after shadow boxing with mohammed ali on stage, he was still appreciative. >> it's something i'll treasure for the rest of my life. thank you very, very much. >> reporter: and now nearly 40 years later -- >> i never thought i'd be able to see -- be able to cross this threshold again. >> reporter: -- stallone is back as rocky, nominated for best supporting actor in the sequel "creed". >> everything i got has moved on and i'm here. >> reporter: with his daughters by his side, the hollywood heavyweight won his first golden globe.
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>> when i realize that family is everything and that's the greatest award you can get. you get one chance at life and you better fight to keep it. >> people seem to be sheer chooering for sylvester stallone. they to want see him win because he's somebody who has worked so hard and for such a long time. >> reporter: when rocky won best picture, the film's producers are seen pulling stallone on stage. >> i would like to thank you for sharing your dream with us. >> reporter: sunday he may climb the stairs again but for his own oscar. his star on the hollywood walk of fame has been here for 30 years. brandi hitt, abc news, hollywood. >> hope sylvester wears that wide collar again. abc7 is your oscar station. comedian chris rock hosts the big award show on abc7 on sunday. you can see how chris rock has redefined himself over the years, from stand-up comedian to actor, to film maker and now
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oscars host. we have a link on our website, >> i hope they play that iconic music. even though it's for "creed," i hope they can play that dish. >> so he can run up the stairs. >> he's a fan favorite. >> nostalgia going his way. let's take a look at what's going on. i rain in our forecast would be nice. these aren't the clouds you're looking for. these are high clouds, way up in the sky, made of ice crystals. they are not going to rain down on us. makes for a beautiful sunrise. #abc7now. a look from our east bay hills camera. we'll have cool nights and warm days ahead. we could be rewriting the record books. a weak system will knock our temperatures down. could bring a chance of light rain friday and saturday to the north bay. let's go round robin and see what our microclimates are doing. 74 to 76 in the south bay. san jose, cupertino, san jose, around 75. one lone record, mont view, 76
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degrees. milbury will tie that. daley city about 70. same thing in downtown san francisco. everybody 70 through 73 through the north bay valley. east bay shore, 75. 74 in livermore, one of the warm spots along with antioch at 75. tonight the cool temperatures, about all of us in the 40s. here's a quick look at what will happen friday. 10:00 in the morning, dry and same counties likely wet saturday. a little drizzle is possible. maybe a light shower across northern sonoma county. it knocks us down 5 to 10 degrees saturday and sunday. >> good morning. hot spots already this early tuesday morning at 5:19. let's go straight to san francisco. we have an overturned vehicle blocking two lanes of traffic
5:20 am
and the right hand shoulder. northbound 101 just before vermont street. i'm already tracking slow traffic headed northbound beginning at about 280. hopefully we'll get that cleared out. we'll be following it for you. also in solano county before 680 a semi was side swiped by a sxar the car overturned. semioff to the right hand shoulder. just before the 680 junction at cordelia. we also have a b.a.r.t. delay we'll check up on later. less to worry about at tax time if you're not a millionaire. >> here's this morning's money report. >> topping america's money. shares of lumber liquidators could be under pressure after new warnings. >> the cdc says the cancer risk from certain types of laminate flooring is three times greater than original estimates. the company believes the cdc is overstating potential health risks. >> there may be another 70 to 90 million recalls of takata air
5:21 am
bags. that would quadruple the number in the u.s. >> they can explode and send shrapnel at the people in the car. can you believe it? there's a downside to being a millionaire. apparently it boosts your chances of being audited. >> last year irs audited 10% of those making more than $1 million, a significant increase from the year before. also ten times more than the average for all returns. >> i'm willing to take my chances. >> yes, we are. >> have a great day. >> thanks, guys. if you suffer from migraines, here's welcome news. a new treatment can literally freeze the pain away. it's relief that can last for weeks. stopping a migraine without drugs tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. straight ahead, the seven things you need to know. >> also, the appeal san francisco's police chief is making to law enforcement officers who carry weapons in the city. also, how you can turn high also, how you can turn high school girls in
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it's 5:24. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door, here are the seven thing you need to know. breaking news in east oakland. look at this. a fierce fire rips through a buddhist temple near tenth street and 5 nd avenue this morning. it also jumped to nearby homes and cars. a heads up if you drive through that area. right now several streets are closed. number two, we are tracking breaking news in phoenix where there's an active shooting situation inside of a home. a family of four is already believed to be shot inside. authorities have several blocks closed off. hayward police have arrested a man they call a person of interest in the death of stacy aguilar. we know her boyfriend has been arrested for domestic violence but not called a suspect at this time.
5:25 am
huffington police want to know if you recognize this man on your screen. detectives say he's one of the three thieves who violently robbed shoppers at the stone ridge mall this weekend. both victims suffered minor injuries. number five, record high temperatures possible tuesday, wednesday and thursday. tuesday being today. then, look, a slight ever so minor chance of rarn and some cooler weather. i'll show you where the best chance of that rain falling is going to be. and number six, off to a rough start. a sig alert in solano county near kor delia junction and chp just now issuing another sig alert in san francisco. we'll update in a couple of seconds. number seven, there will be protests today against the fbi in its battle with apple trying to unlock an iphone belonging to a san bernardino attacker. apple supporters will be at stores in san francisco, and palo alto starting at 5:30 tonight. san francisco's police chief are calling for officers in all
5:26 am
agencies to adopt his department's policy that requires offduty officers to secure their guns in a lock box. >> we don't want to go looking around for people that have guns taken. >> this call comes after a federal i.c.e. agent drove off friday morning in the engel side neighborhood with his loaded handgun on top of his car. i.c.e. says its officers go through 32 hours of training, including reporting requirements. armed officers receive yearly firearms training. high school prom is a rite of passage. sometimes that dress is too expensive. >> project princess to the res sxup each year the nonprofit sxup each year the nonprofit gives away thousands of prom dresses. dresses must be gently used, in good condition, dry cleaned and on hangers. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news,
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including a plan that would allow your high schooler to cast their own ballot. their own ballot. a ♪ their own ballot. a ♪ ♪ their own ballot. a
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we're tracking break news in oakland. take a look at the wall of flames firefighters confronted. they're still battling hot spots from this inferno. you're looking at a buddhist temple burning. >> amy hollyfield is leave on the scene near the coliseum. amy, was anyone hurt? >> reporter: firefighters are watching this one closely still. they're worried a hot spot could kick things up all over again. they say these wood structures burned quickly and this one spread fast.
5:30 am
look at the huge fire they faced overnight. it took them 80 minutes to knock it down. it started at a buddhist temple in oakland and spread to two more homes. it spread to all three buildings. it also burned five vehicles. >> my truck, it catch on fire with the fire, you know, my pickup in the back. i just lost a pickup, pickup truck, and a motorcycle. lives are more important than material stuff. they can be replaced but not life. >> we're having some audio problems but in the beginning she said there were several people hurt but they have nonlife-threatening injuries. we'll get it back to amy in a few minutes. we're tracking weather. how is it looking, mike? >> quiet. a few high clouds roaming overhead. you can see how clean the air is
5:31 am
today. your day planner, 38 to 52. sun comes up at 6:50. by noon we're in the mid to upper 60s. hanging out in mid to low 60s and after the sun sets at 5:57, weep drop down to low 60s by 7:00. a couple of sig alerts? >> we're busy this morning. unfortunately, 531 and already we have two sig alerts issued. first to san francisco. both are involving overturned vehicles. this one blocking two lanes, northbound 101 in vermont street and traffic stacking up toward 280. tow is on scene there. westbound 80 before 680, also an overturn. that one a blue mustang flipped on its roof after side swiping a big rig. the big rig is on the shoulder. the mug tanning is in traffic and now we see traffic back up there as well. we'll be back with an update on this and mass transit earlier delays. >> thank you. protests against the fbi are planned at apple stores around
5:32 am
the bay area and the rest of the country today. this comes as bill gates takes a stand in this high-stakes, high-tech battle. abc7 reporter tiffany wilson is in the news room following this. >> reporter: bill gates compares the government's demand apple break into the san bernardino shooter's iphone to police getting records from a bank. tech insiders dispute that because apple says it doesn't have access to the encrypted information so engineers would have to create new code, which is unprecedented. gates' support for the fbi flies in the face of many other prominent tech figures who have rallied around apple. the ceos of facebook, twitter and google all support apple's decision to fight the government's order. just yesterday apple ceo tim cook asked the government to withdrawal its demand, saying the security of hundreds of millions of customers' data is at stake. gates says he believes this is an important public debate. >> well, the courts are going to
5:33 am
rule and it will be good to have that precedent. i do think people want the government to act on behalf of their best bet. they feel the safeguards are there. >> reporter: the digital rights group fight for the future is organizing protests against the fbi at apple stores starting at 5:30 this evening. you'll see people holding iphone-shaped barneys saying, don't break into our iphones. you can find a full list of the protest sites on our website, in the news room, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. san jose mayor plans to ask the city council to challenge a decision to give a fired police officer his job back. officer white lost his job in 2014 for tweets against the black lives matter demonstrations. some escalating to threats of violence. his attorney says they were in response to threats made against his family. an independent auditor recently reinstated white saying his tweets did not provide a reason to fire him.
5:34 am
naacp leaders say they're going to court today to challenge that position. hayward police want you to know there is no dangered to public following the murder of 21-year-old san jose woman stacy aguilar. her body was found, shot several times and dumped in a rural area along morrison canyon road in fremont saturday. police say her boyfriend is under arrest for domestic violence but they wouldn't say if he's suspected in her death. her mother in mexico tells abc7 news she is suspicious of her daughter's boyfriend. fremont residents can't believe this could have happened in their neighborhood. >> my heart completely dropped. i've been living in this neighborhood for 16 simpreerz a resident of fremont since '87 and this is something unheard of. especially right in your own backyard. >> aguilar leaves behind two children. a gofundme page has been set up to help with expenses. we have a link on our pablg.
5:35 am
a frat at uc-berkeley is at the center of a sexual assault investigation this morning. it happened after midnight on friday. police aren't saying which fraternity it is. this is the fourth sexual assault in berkeley in a little more than a week. police are still looking for the man you see in this video. he's suspected in three other recent sexual assaults near campus. this morning the santa clara d.a. is trying to decide whether to retry two former san jose state students for a hate crime. a jury yesterday found three men, logan, collin and joseph, guilty of battery. the issue of a hate crime bill was another matter. bumgarner was found not guilty as the jury dead looked on charges for the other two. these events go back to 2013 when the three white students roomed with donald williams, who is black. they clamped a bike lock around his neck, wrote the "n" word aa whiteboard and draped a confederate flag in a commons
5:36 am
area. >> we believe the evidence suspected these acts were motivated in whole and in part by bigotry. >> the battery conviction carries a sentence of up to six months in jail. the trio will be sentenced march 14th and san jose state issued this statement about it. it reads, much work lies ahead as we seek to treat a truly inclusive and state of environment for mechanics of our community. santa cruz police are stepping up patrols around two churches hit by vandals. the holy cross church near downtown. you see what's on the side there? blue paint all over the entrance. it happened sunday morning. police say the same person then smeared that same color paint on the front of a nearby church, the cavalry episcopal church. republican presidential candidates are in nevada today for the caucuses. front-runner donald trump is looking to cement his hold on the gop nomination. he'll be in sparks, nevada, today. he continues to lash out at his rival, ted cruz. yesterday he told a crowd of thousands in las vegas that ted cruz is sick and that there's something wrong with the guy.
5:37 am
trump is angry over an ad cruz's campaign has been airing. it accuses trump of being against turning over federal land in nevada to state control. trump said it's not a subject he knows anything about. turns out if you're a republican voter, there are now fewer of you in california. new numbers showed the gop is down 8% over the last four years. republicans now make up 28% of registered voters. the democratic party, meanwhile s at 43%. 24% of the state's voters are registered as independent. tonight the san francisco board of education will recommend voting rights for 16-year-olds. the move would give thoet those teens a chance to vote in school board and community college district elections in some california races. the supporters say allowing younger teens to cast their ballot would increase the chances they're going to vote again when they're 18 or older. 38 and 39 in petaluma, followed by nevada at 41.
5:38 am
nap ka, sar togeth san francisco, 53. ail meet yeah, 52. redwood city, that 51 seems aiflly warm. everybody else in the 40s. tree pollen is down a little bit. no weed, no grass, mold low and fine particulates low. let's take a look at what's going on. here we go, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. today, tomorrow and thursday we're looking at low to mid-70s, possibly low to upper 70s thursday. i do have a release of the heat coming in your forecast and a slight chance of wet weather. you're going to get me in trouble so i'm going to bring sue in here. >> not happening here. we had an earlier problem with b.a.r.t. delays out of daley
5:39 am
city. that has been cleared. good news this early tuesday morning. number three is getting ready to leave on time out of the central valley. number one is looking good already. we do have a ferry cancellation for the bay link ferry out of vallejo. 6:30 departure has been canceled due to mechanical problems. a bus will be in place. a couple of sig alerts in san francisco. a lane blocked with overturn. traffic slow back to 280. you might want to take 280 to avoid this. there is tow on scene. fairfield westbound 80 before 680, another yourn turn, blocking traffic. two sig alerts this early morning. we'll have an update and see if the bay bridge metering lights have been turned on. it's one of the most important things you can do to keep your children safe on the road. what you can do today to make sure they're protected. new details about a young girl saved from an ice cave in girl saved from an ice cave in the
5:40 am
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we're tracking developing news out of the netherlands where one person was killed in the train crash you're looking at. this happened today during morning rush hour. officials say it slammed into a
5:43 am
crane. it derailed 80 miles east of amsterdam. a local official says 10 of the 15 on board are injured. it's not clear what caused this crash. happening today in san jose, you can make sure your child's car seat is properly installed. traffic safety experts say 9 out of every 10 car seats are not and car crashes are the biggest killer of children under 14. today's safety check is happening at santa claire valley medical center from 8:00 until 11:30. tonight, san francisco's board of education is going to consider giving condoms to middle school students. high school students can already receive condoms at school. district officials say giving condoms to middle school students would prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseaseses. they estimate 5 to 10% of middle school students are having sex. students would need to meet with a nurse or counselor before receiving those condoms. a lawsuit in alameda county
5:44 am
following a man's death while held at jail. mario martinez suffered from asthma and other medical problems. he died in july. a judge ordered the sheriff's office and a firm hired to deliver medical care to provide martinez with specific treatment. his family accuses the sheriff and corozone health of providing substandard treatment. a high school junior is facing charges after police say he brought a gun to school. the 17-year-old was redwood high school yesterday. they found an antique shotgun in his car after a tip was called in. the gun was disassembled and the ammunition was not inside. he said he got it from a family member and planned to have it cleaned. the michigan uber driver accused of killing six people visited a gunshot hours before that shooting spree. a gun shop owner confirmed jason
5:45 am
dalton went to his store three hours before the first attack where he bought a tactical jacket but no guns or ammo. the shop owner says dalton stops there once a month on average. dalton admitted to investigators he took people's lives. we have sad news about the helicopter crash all caught on video in hawaii. a teenage passenger who was inside is dead. the canadian girl and her family were on board when the helicopter that was touring the area just plunged into pearl harbor last week. several people rushed into the water to help pull victims to safety. a girl from sacramento is safe at home after a scary and frigid ordeal in the sierra. >> a rescue team from the bay area happened to be in the right place at the right time. here's 10-year-old samantha white. she slipped while looking down a hole above a snow-covered crater near boreal over the weekend. >> i fell in and i felt one of my legs hanging.
5:46 am
i called my dad over and he gave me this keyhole to hold onto. >> by this time her hands and arms were completely over her head. i was supporting all her weight. >> wow. you see the video. 14 members of the marin county search and rescue team had just finished a training session in that same area. >> we had to figure a way with what we had to pull her straight up and out and then over. two of the rescue volunteers are teenagers. they gave her a hat and dry clothes to keep her warm. >> the right place at right time. >> and teens helping a young girl. worked out just right. >> glad we covered that. nice to hear. let's talk about the weather. we'll talk about record warm temperatures. hard to look at all that snow and thing, yeah, spring has sprung here. it's warm up in the sierra. i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up in seven minutes.
5:47 am
check out the beautiful picture from pier 15. mostly sunny, spring warm. a few record highs possible through thursday. light rain across the north bay is possible friday and sunday. that will knock our temperatures down to record territory. round robin, sunnyvale at 74. everybody else 75 in south bay. 76 in motevu. daley city, 70. a lot of upper 60s from south a lot of upper 60s from south sew lito to bow inland, our warm spot, antioch at 75. a lot of us at 72 to 73 degrees. tonight we'll hang out in the 40s inland.
5:48 am
watch the rain shield friday afternoon. saturday break in the clouds. sunday afternoon, completely misses us. it will drop our temperatures down about 10 degrees from thursday's high in the upper 70s to only upper sikt eper 60s for. have a great day. >> 5:29 this morning, when the metering lights got turned on at the bay bridge. clogged back for a 15-minute delay. the 80 approach is still great. if you can, the carpoolers, just streaming right on by. it's difficult, but if you can carpool, a great way to go. san francisco sig alert, overturn here. two left lanes are blocked. this is northbound 101 before vermont street, stacked up towards 280. if have you to come into san francisco, i would suggest taking the 280 extension to get around the sig alert. also in the fairfield area, westbound 80 before 680, another overturn involving a big rig and a blue mustang block the two
5:49 am
lanes. sig alert in effect and traffic stacked up to west texas. expect delays. we'll come back with the north bay delay and new sig alerts. michael finney breaking down issues people are having riding b.a.r.t. >> do you know what you would do when someone you love is having a heart attack? the critical app you can download in one local county that could make a difference. that could make a difference. old ship creates new that's a fact.
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but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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confirmed the proposal to raise the minimum age for buying toe back towco from 18 to 21. supervisor scott weiner sponsored the bill. he wants to see fewer young people smoking. similar laws restricting tobacco
5:52 am
already exist in berkeley and unincorporated parts of santa clara county. the full board will vote next week. heads up if you're in san mateo county. you can download a potentially life-saving app starting today. called pulse point. it's free. in the case of a heart attack, it can alert first responders that and use the gps on your phone to alert any cpr-trained strangers to come to your aid. it reveals the locations of the closest defibrillators. experts say every minute a heart attack victim waits for help their chance of survival drops by as much as 10%. pulse point is already being usesed by agencies in alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties. u.s. health workers will be in brazil today to study the zika virus. a 16-member team from the cdc will research whether the virus is actually causing babies to be worth with birth defect. world health organization experts will check out a major increase in those infections. president obama requested $2
5:53 am
billion from congress to combat the spread of the virus in latin america and the u.s. take a look at this. this wild scene high above the ground. this crane collapsing in half in australia. this is 12 stories tall. you can see it just caught on fire then. the giant arm of that crane folding straight in half. debris falling onto the people and cars below. this happened in melbourne. fortunately, no one hurt here. firefighters think all of that started with an electrical problem on that crane. let's take you down to southern california now. this massive fire just lit up the sky south of l.a. overnight. this is a warehouse in compton around 9:30 last night. you can see cars inside of that building just burning. fortunately, no one hurt on this scene either. oil escaping from a ship that sank 16 years ago is once again hurting marine wildlife off our coastline. those in fairfield have cared for nine oiled birds since december.
5:54 am
they were rescued along monterey and santa cruz counties. they say the oil is coming from this ship. the cargo ship sank in 1953. it was hit by a freighter in heavy fog. all 36 crew members rescued. oil from that ship has been linked to spills and bird deaths dating back to 1992. take a look at this young sea lion pup rescued from the highway. he was wandering on highway 101 near moss landing when it was found yesterday morning. vets are set to give that pup a medical exam as soon as it avrs today. it will be arriving to spring like weather. >> definitely spring-like warmth today. not a spare the air day. from 9 to 13 degrees above where we should be. we'll be in
5:55 am
with all this warmth, our season to date as far as the rainfall, we're around 75% to 91%. we need it. not going to happen today. 82 in l.a. let me show you the tahoe forecast. 52 today. even warmer, some mid to upper 50s tomorrow through friday. i'll have a look at your day planner coming up. here's sue. >> two sig alerts at 5:55 this tuesday morning. we'll first go to san francisco. both of these accidents involving overturned vehicles. this one in the two right lanes, northbound 101 before vermont street. a couple of cars got into it. at one point almost six cars were involved. they're waiting on a tow truck here. traffic stacked up to 280. if you can, take 280 and avoid that backup. this one in fairfield involving a big rig and mustang. sig alert. traffic stacked up to west texas. we'll check your mass transit in a few minutes. a new report shows there's been a dramatic jump in the
5:56 am
number of women getting mastectomies over the last decade. meanwhile, breast cancer rates remain essentially the same. the rate of women getting mastectomies increased 36% from 2005 to 2013, according to the u.s. department of health and human services. the number may reflect changing attitudes twartsdz breast cancer. it seems more women are asking for mastectomies, especially preventive double mastectomies, even when a lumpectomymy is initially recommended. if you're having a bad day, you might want to think about chilling out before you get behind the wheel. a new study from virginia tech finds strong emotions can be nearly as dangerous as speeding or texting while driving. researchers say being angry, sad or even just agitated increases the risk of a crash by ten times. speeding increases that risk by 13 times. texting increases it by 23 times. try to breathe in and breathe out. you know, he walked us through the march of the penguins, drove miss daisy and
5:57 am
now actor morgan freeman can help you drive around. >> the american people are counting on you to drive. >> you know what, maybe that could calm you down. >> i like that. >> that would calm me down. the legendary actor is now available as a narrator on the waze navigation appear. the latest celebrity to lend his talent to waze. arnold schwarzenegger and stephen colbert already givening directions to lost people everywhere. next at 6:00, back to breaking news we're tracking in east oakland. a fierce fire that destroyed a buddhist temple. what we've just learned in the past few minutes from fire investigators. also, a plan to drastically reduce the area where dog lovers reduce the area where dog lovers can let their
5:58 am
everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. "could you double check "scothe envelope?"wins." "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is like a box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get."
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"we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." that break news is devastating for a group of east
6:00 am
bay buddhists this morning after flames tore through their temple overnight. look at this video. the fire is so ferocious, it spread to other building as long that block. >> firefighters are still on the scene near 52nd avenue and tenth street in oakland. that's where abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live as well. >> reporter: look at what's left of that buddhist temple here on east 10th street in oakland. the monk -- one of the monks who were living here believes a candle still burning from a celebration last night may be to blame for this fire. three people were taken to the hospital. one man and two women. they were burned. they are expected to survive. this fire spread quickly. it destroyed two other homes and five vehicles before firefighters could get it out. >> right now the temple is uninabtable as well as two other houses. red cross here assisting. there were 11 displaced citize


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