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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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police have only calle called te woman a miss person, but, for the first time, a relative is now saying that she is dead. her son, last night, he posted a facebook message saying "my mother, shelly, and father, paul tischner have passed and i hope you will respect the privacy of my family and i. than you to everyone who supported us in the certain." police have not said if the torso found on sunday near the dumbarton pier is hers but they can unlawful rule identity it. on tuesday her husband killed himself by jumping off the bay bridge and it turns out police
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say he was a "person of interest" in her disappearance. neighbors described past arts they have heard coming from their home. >> yes, but not...just shouting. no...nothing violent. just shouting. raised voices or raised voice sort of thing, not...nothing crashing or becoming or slam slamming. >> the 57-year-old wife and mother has been miss for a week and a half and her husband, paul, reported her disappearance two days later. reporting live from the brisbane police department i amy hollyfield. >> right new we bring you breaking news from southern california, a wildfire that is burning in malibu and we will take you to a picture to our sister station in los angeles. they are currently fly over the fire. it broke out about an hour ago
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and it has already burned several acres. there are no homes or structures that are burned but evacuations are underway right new and you can see it is really taking off there and we will continue to monitor the situation. we bring you any updates as they come in and of course you can follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. back in san francisco, a man is dead after being hit by several cars on northbound 280 last night. he was walking in traffic near the monterey boulevard on-ramp before 11:00 and he was hit by several drivers. authorities issued a sig-alert while investigating. the lanes re-opened before 2:00 a.m. all the north by a 19-year-old man is recovering from a gunshot wound this morning after being shot near a popular movie theater. this happened near the parking lot of the these they last night at 7:00. moviegoers were told to stay inside while the police searched for the shoot ir. >> on related to the movie theater and much pore this end
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of the lot closer to the building and we don't know what it was about but alonging for a suspect vehicle and it is black, s.u.v., and a crossover type car with an his pack male and an african-american male inside. the victim was taken to marin general hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. >> isis has a new target: two prominent heads of tech companies right here in the bay area, facebook founder zuckerberg and twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey. isis is mad at social media. >> a group of isis supporters direct threatens the two tech c.e.o.'s showing figures of the two men sprayed with bullets much the 25 minute video calls out zuckerberg and dorsey by first names for suspending and deleting social media accounts linked to the group. isis uses social media to recruit and to reach out to
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supporters, a message appeared on the screen of the video and if you close one account we will take ten in return and your names will building erased after we delete your sites, they claim to have hacked thousands of profiles spreading isis propaganda and twitter remove the more than 125,000 accounts. facebook has taken an active approach to remove terrorist activity from the platform. zuckerberg and dorsey have not commented on the threat. >> pawents in south san francisco could choose to keep their teens home school for a good reason, police are investigating after someone sent a letter reporting threats against students and staff at south san francisco and high schools and the position have not confirmed if the threats are valid. students who stay home get an excused absence if the parents
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notify the school first. >> this hayward man will be in court on charges of murdering his girlfriend. his girlfriend stacey aguilar disappeared after leashing a party with him. the body was found shot several times in the east bay hills own saturday. alast people talking about this, apple c.e.o. tim cook is explaining his stand by the endescription controversy with the f.b.i. cornell barnard has more on the one-on-one and the message for the victims of the san bernardino shooting. >> what would you say to the families? >> they have our deepest sympathy. >> apple c.e.o. tim cook say he knows victim families in the san bernardino massacre are angry. >> what made them -- no one should have to go through this. apple has cooperated with the f.b.i. fully. >> but apple refuses to help the f.b.i. unlock the iphone of farook. authorities believe he used the
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cell phone to communicate with his wife and accomplice that could hold information on other plots or terrorists involved in the san bernardino attack. >> david, if we knew a way to get the information on the phone that we have not already given, if we knew a way to do this that would not expose hundreds of millions are other people, we would honestly do it. >> he said it is a matter privacy and public safety. apple would have to write new software to unlock the encrypted phone. >> we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it is bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. do you have any concern that you might be able to prevent a terrorist attack by breaking into the phone? >> some things are hard and some thing are right and some things both. this is one of those things. all the national debate continues.
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>> coming up on 4:37 we will look at what is going on around san francisco and portrero hill the cool spot is 52 and several areas of 56 and glen park and sunny side is coming in to the ferry building at 55, and 53 in san leandro, and belmont is 51, and richmond is 52 and all of us running a couple of degrees warmer than we were yesterday. the activity planner is a mild morning for walking the dog, the benches, the waves are gone, enjoy the warm sunshine and tree pollen is high if you are jogging, a wind at seven, but, clear at the golden gate bridge and we will be in the low-to-upper 70s today, notice significantly cooler in some areas tomorrow like san francisco is ten degrees cooler with a slight chance of rain in the big profit and saturday is dry with the update on the chance of sunday's rain, also. sue? >> a couple of cars are stacked up as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, those are cash-paying folks, and otherwise, not a bad ride into san francisco at all. over all we are looking light
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and good, green is good on the road sensors we have areas of road work so we will get to that, northbound and southbound 680, lanes between walnut creek and danville and, again, i am not seeing slowing, and the eastbound 580 ramp to westbound 980 is closed due to the road work that should be open in another 20 minutes so we will keep our eye on that and road work, eastbound and westbound 580 between the maze and 35 what various lanes and again i am not showing any slowing with the sensors we have more road work to cover in a few minutes. >> what a difference a few weeks of rain and snow make with the center water we will get from the state in the summer. >> targeting trump, the last best chance. ted cruz and marco rubio will have today to slow the have today to slow the billionaire positive march to
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>> fremont, palo alto, north by and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> santa cruz police want you to look at the surveillance images, two men robbing a 7-eleven store on mission street yesterday morning. the clerks dog confronts the men and a be woulder point as gun at the dog. the worker called it back before anything happened. the men got away if a white mercedes or lexus with cash.
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>> if you details now on a string of animal poisonings in sonoma. a woman says her horse and dog died from being poisoned by tainted biscuits. the sheriff is now getting dozens of calls all from people would think their pets or animals were targeted. they are trying to determine if they are linked. deputies suggest people walk their prosecute and lack for anything out of the ordinary. >> neighbors in san francisco's bay you have district are getting a chance to tell federal officials about concerns with police. >> abc was at the high school when activists called for the firing of the police chief anger to police has grown since december when officers shot and killed mario woods after they say he refused to drop a knife. as you can see, cell phone video captured the shooting.
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>> you eye to deescalate this but it did not happen and the boy tried to talk, you cannot pay no attention. >> the justice department has launched an independent review of san francisco police. >> state judges blocking governor brown's ballot initiative to reduce the prison population siding with a group of district attorneys who say it was not properly filed. brown wanted to collect signatures to put the measure on the november ballot and wanted to strip prosecutors of their power to decide how juveniles are tried and allow early parole for nonviolent felons. >> republican presidential candidates hold a debate tonight, the last before super tuesday's primary and donald trump is again making headlines. this time, for his comments about his tax returns. we explain. >> trump was a no show for republican townhall on fox news, the candidates leaned up as they work to take down donald trump.
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all four republicans promised to release the tabs runs -- tax returns and mit romney called on this. >> people decide they do not want to give their taxes it is because this is something they don't want you to see. >> he attacked, tweeting mitt romney who totally blew an election that should have been won, and his tax runs made him look like a follow, is now playing tough gay. >> hello! >> fewer fireworks on the democratic side with hillary clinton making the case head of the saturday south carolina primary. bernie sanders is struggling with black voters there moved on to super tuesday's state we drawing 9,000 people to his rally in oklahoma. >> donald trump said this is no bombshell other than he pay as lot. republicans will debate on cnn and the super tuesday state of texas with the governor just endorsing his senator ted cruz. >> el nino-glued storms have allowed the state water property to double the amount of water it
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expected to deliver this career. according to the department of water resources the project will deliver 30% of the amount requested by customers. that allocation was only 15%. officials say the amount would have been higher if we did not have such a dry february. >> that is good news? >> yes. >> but not what we need? >> february fizzled. compared to john. i will show you february of 1998 compared to this february you will be astonished how dry we have been. that is in the next weather the we will focus on our chance of rain and fog during the weather. dense fog advisory for the vietnam, and that began at 4:00 and will go through 9:00 this morning. the winds are blowing offshore. some of the fog could make it through gilroy and toward the monterey bay and interest our inland east bay neighborhood and the north by. walnut creek is looking hazy but not too much fog as we lock south on 680. warm sunshine for all of us so have the sunglasses ready and
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another day of spring-time temperature and a chance of light showers tomorrow afternoon and evening and that will knock our temperatures down this weekend and they are not quite so warm as today. we are in the mid-to-upper 60s along the coast and san francisco and richmond at 70, and san jose and antioch, the warm spot at 75 degrees. tonight, temperatures are run in the 40s again, mid-to-upper 40s in many areas and a few 50s richmond and san francisco and san mateo and possibly san jose, and cooler day as we look at noon tomorrow and you can see the showers scatter moving into the north by by 4:00 and falling apart as they head and the south by by 7:00, over by 10:00. here is a look at the storm impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe, and storm impact scale on this although it could not be any weaker. with spotty and light showers less than .1". my seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the 60 to birdly 70 -- to barely 70 this weekend and warmer next week. sue? the zipper truck is moving
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on the golden gate bridge with the behavior moved so you can have four lanes southbound. when i watch this, it is gas-- fascinating. four lanes southbound, and two lanes northbound. speed limit is 45. the barrier makes you feel safer the peed is at 45. very height at this hour if you are up at 4:47 at least the roads are clear. road work to update eastbound 580 through castro valley, two lanes are closed. this is road work. it is eastbound. disney on ice tonight, "frozen," in oakland at the arena with light traffic 880. 66, as well, to the arena. that will change. $4 to perk at disney on ice fy >> google cyber is coming to san francisco, a company bringing their fast internet to part of
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the city but it is not clear where. google said it will be to permits and condos and affordable house units. google guy better is in four cities around the country. they will offer the network in many more including san jose. >> u.p.s. is investing in same day delivery service in menlo park founded four years ago as a same day delivery start-up and drops off items from macy's and kohl's and raised $28 million from the mall operators and u.p.s. competing with fast shipping as shoppers expect to get things now. >> spring forward is the way all of us remember when to change the time on the:s for daylight savings time and why a state lawmaker wants do do away with all of it. >> if you are along the bay, keep your eyes out for the huge visiter pulling into the bay. first, stocks are under a dollar in america's money report. >> topping america's money,
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alarming sign on stocks the number of companies with shares trading under a dollar is at the highest point in 20 years, 360 stocks open for trading today at less than a buck up 38% this year. >> a survey of customer satisfaction in the united states gets high marks to nordstrom, costco and amazon despite low prices wal-mart was second to last in the survey and the least favorite retailer is abercrombie. the united states is no longer home to the most billionaires in the world. that goes to china, a new list saying that 930 new chinese billionaires moved to china interest first place and 33 more than the united states with mostly in beijing and new york mostly in beijing and new york city is
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> happening right now the mega ship is scheduled to dock at the port of oakland in two hours. this is a return trip for largest container ship to park in north america that carries 18,000 cargo containers. we captured it last december. your best you have of the docking will be from the port of oakland's middle harbor shoreline park. the ship will leave tomorrow for seattle before heading to asia. >> barely makes it. the federal government is in the bay area trying to help local
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businesses hurt by the delayed opening of commercial crab season. the small business administration will be at half moon bay today and tomorrow to offer crabbers low interest loans. we were at the wharf yesterday where they were signing up. a toxic come found in the crabs delayed the crash season which usually begins in november. >> a dramatic change could be coming to oakland skyline in the uptown neighborhood. the city council is asked to approve this sprawling 27 story high-rise. it is planned for a vacant city lot next to the fm theater on toll graph with a hotel, retail and 330 apartments. 50 programs designated as affordable. >> something that we are determined to do is to stop the dismissment and make sure that everyone benefits from the rising tide of prosperity. >> building would be the first oakland high-rise in continue
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years. developers are flocking to the city hoping to benefit from a hot real estate market. >> look at this, two snake catchers got a lot more than they bargained for on a recent job in australia hired to clear the building for demolition. the owner suspected a snake lived in the building but had no idea they were pythons. the men removed the snake without being bitten or or...swallowed. the rescue team has released this video of a humpback whale who is in the gulf of california trapped in a net. the rescue happened on friday and the footage from the conservation society they worked with the mexican navy for hours to get the whale freed. mexico has banned the use of these nets. this was used bay local fishermen illegal but the whale is free. >> springing forward and falling back could soon be thing of the past in california. a new bill authors by a san jose
4:55 am
assembly man wants to get rid of daylight savings line because it neither limits energy consumption or improves public health and safety which is the point. many in california say daylight savings negatively backs their live. if the bill passes it will go before the voters. >> 4:55 and i will throw this at you, 4%, 8%, 3% this is how much rain we have received in santa rosa, san francisco, and san jose compared to the 1998 el nino event. this february, big disappointment. snow pack is still healthy and looking at about 92% and 72% for the entire snow year helping april 1 but a record high is possible today in lake tahoe at 58 and mid-70's through the central valley and the mid-80s around lows anxious and even 87 in palm springs. here is my seven-day forecast for lake tahoe and what you will see is warmer-than-average
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temperatures. >> spring like conditions. now, in san jose this is 280 at the 17/880 overcrossing with headlights in the northbound direction and a few at a time so traffic is light. we are looking good with slow traffic from the central valley which is typical and up and over the altamont pass, and some slowing through am month with road work picked up shortly and northbound and southbound 680 define walnut creek and danville work is expected until 5:00 this morning. back with a look at the toll plaza and toll plaza in a few. >> a family spent four days driving across america only to have almost everything they own stolen in oakland. one of the items is irreplaceable. you can see the empty packing space where the 16' long vans with packed. the van was sparked on shattuck on tuesday night and it was gone yesterday morning. along with the van an urn with
4:57 am
the ashes that died. my daughter's urn, that is something dear to me and my family everything else can be replaced. if you can run it, that is fine. >> if you navy epa, oakland police went to hear from you. >> incredible rock-n-roll memorabelia can be yours, the i.r.s. is holding an auction after seizing property over failure to pay tacts. more than 100 items are for sale including an album of jimi hendrix and the i.r.s. is accepting mail in bids. >>abling in sunnyvale is the center of a big mystery this morning, next at 5:00 what apple has go on inside this has neighbors asking big questions. >> we are following breaking news in southern california where a wildfire is burning out-of-control and this is a
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picture of the battle that is fission the crew as we speak. next. >> free at last, only on abc7, the local man freed after 18 years behind bars for a years behind bars for a christmas three did not
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what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >> breaking news from southern california. this is a wildfire burning in malibu that broke out early this morning and it is currently raging out of control. >> good morning, at 5:00, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves.


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