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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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examining paul tichner's truck. >> police were in communication with us several hours before that. >> reporter: police detectives have been looking for shelly since the day after valentine's day when she was reported missing. the husband said he last saw her two days prior. today, the pier was closed where sunday night fishermen found the torso. tuesday night, more body parts were called. should they have called you sunday night? >> i don't know that. >> we have a very strong feeling that it is, in fact, shelly. >> reporter: understandably, when it comes to a homicide investigation, a strong feeling isn't strong enough. it will likely take dna evidence to make the link. the coroner's office has the
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responsibility of identifying the remains. while all of that happens, detectives are processing evidence collected at the home. and at the husband's place of business. still no word of a possible motive. the couple filed for divorce in 2001. police say there is no history of domestic violence on record. breaking news happening in kansas, where a business shooting has killed as many as three to four people. >> we are now getting word the gunman is died and was an employee at excel industries, a company that makes lawn mower products. >> this is happening north of wichita. agents are on the scene trying to help in this investigation. a nearby college is under lockdown. >> we'll continue to stay on top of this breaking news story on air and online. for breaking news alerts any time, download our free "abc7 news" app and enable push
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alerts. tonight that showdown between apple and the federal government is only intensifying. the cupertino based company asked a judge to vacate an order requiring it to help the fbi hack into the locked phone of the san bernardino shooter, syed farook. the court filing says the fbi is seeking a dangerous power through the court system. on capitol hill today, the fbi director told congress this issue is the hardest question he's seen in government. >> i love encryption, i love privacy. when i hear corporations saying we're going to take you to a world where no one can look at your stuff, part of me thinks that's great. but then i step back and say, law enforcement, which i'm part of, really does save people's lives. >> we spoke with an attorney for san francisco based electronic frontier foundation. he says if apple is forced to comply, it could have serious ramifications. >> there's a lot the fbi can order apple to do. maybe they could be forced to turn on the microphone and iphone and track you that way or
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g.p.s. and there's no limit to what the government is asking for here as a legal matter. >> the electronic frontier foundation will file a brief next week in support of apple. the showdown in court is scheduled for late march. a pedestrian is being treated for injuries after a car slammed into him and straight into a building. it happened this afternoon in san francisco at 46th avenue. lyanne melendez is live at the scene. more could have been hurt. >> reporter: it's pretty incredible on the other side of that wall there was a 1-year-old playing. this happened just after 2:30 this afternoon. an elderly man apparently lost control of his car. he managed to get on the sidewalk. that's when he hit a pedestrian, a man in his 20s. he was taken to the hospital and is supposed to be okay. the car then hit a pole and finally came to a stop.
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his wife was also inside. they were both taken to the hospital. as i mentioned before, there was a toddler playing on the other side of that wall. the little girl and her mom were in the living room. they were not hurt. >> i don't think she has any idea. she knows she took a little ride and she just looked at me with big eyes. it was just like a couple of seconds, and we just looked at each other and i grabbed her and ran. >> reporter: very cute toddler. so in total, three people were taken to the hospital. the driver, his wife, and that pedestrian. the car was pretty banged up, and at this time, police don't believe alcohol and drugs were involved. i'm live in san francisco, leanne melendez, "abc7 news." a vintage clothing store in san francisco was raided this morning by investigators looking for illegal goods. this is video taken by the state
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department of fish and wildlife. agents inspected clothes at decades of fashion, they were searching for clothing made with furs or skin from threatened animals like leopards, african lions, sea turtles. investigators tagged several items but could not reveal how many were confiscated. a final tribute for a pittsburgh police officer. sky 7 hd was over the procession to the memorial service. people saluted as vehicles drove by. he served 22 years in the department and patrolled the city for 15 of them. he died of a heart attack while chasing a heart attack. he was working a second job as a loss prevention officer at macy's. a teenager is accused of sexually assaulting another teamer on school property. police say it happened on monday at dixon high school. they call it an isolated incident and say it happened
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during school hours. police arrested the accused student on tuesday. officials say there is no risk to other students. there will be a new trial for a former san jose police officer accused of raping a woman while on duty. last week, the jury deadlocked in the trial of jeffrey graves, accused of sexual assault on a woman at a hotel in 2013. he testified the sex was consensual. he was one of five police officers who responded to a domestic disturbance at the woman's home. the "abc7 news" i-team has new information about a controversial police shooting in san francisco two years ago. a witness claims the victim had his hands in his jacket pocket when police fired 48 shots killing him. officers said they thought he was aim ing a gun at them, but t was a taser. tonight, we have the inside story on the case headed to a jury next week. police in marin city are
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looking for this man, accused in a deadly double shooting on super bowl city. charles welsch had ties to several north bay cities and should be considered armed and dangerous. the shooting happened on cole drive. both victims had been shot several times. cook worked with a nonprofit organization performing stars of marin. a man accused of killing, stealing and injuring several house cats has pleaded not guilty. he's charged with ten counts of animal cruelty. he killed four cats and injured six others. one theft was captured on surveillance video. o our a massive homeless tent city that popped up in san francisco will be no more by this time tomorrow. tuesday, officials claimed the
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encampment a public health hazard and gave residents 72 hours to get out. many have already left, but anyone here after 5:00 tomorrow morning will be moved out by public works crews. vic lee spoke to one man who says he's not budging. >> reporter: are you moving? >> no, i'm not. they might take my belongings, but my [ bleep ], i'm going to stay. >> this comes after the city received months of criticism for not taking action. neighbors and businesses have been complaining about sanitary conditions and sidewalks so clogged that pedestrians had to walk in the street. it looks like we fell slightly short of hitting water conservation targets in january. urban water users overall used 24.8% water, just missing the 25% in cuts ordered by the governor. >> we want to meet that target,
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so i think it's because in some places in northern california, they see a lot of rain and snow. we haven't seen it in so long, they think it must be a lot, but it's not even average. >> this is the first time sense june californians have missed the conservation target. it starts raining and you feel better about it. much more to get to, including a bay area manhunt. plus, a memo is leaked. how mark zuckerberg is losing patience with some facebook employees. and why gas prices could jump 30 cents by this weekend. the ideal time to buy plane tickets. plus -- >> how one of san francisco's many attractions is inspiring the name of a
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a manhunt is under way for two murder suspects. the murder happened in south lake tahoe. two men have already been arrested. the search is under way for two other suspects. laura anthony has more. laura? >> reporter: this is just one of the neighborhoods that investigators visited today. they are trying to track down leads, talk to friends and family members to try and track down two bay area men wanted for felony murder. investigators from the county d.a.'s office were more today suited up, ready to head out in pursuit of two suspects. wanted for a murder at this
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south lake tahoe motel january 30th. >> what we know is that dennis wright, age 40, was in tahoe with his girlfriend. an altercation occurred, and gunshots were fired and mr. wright succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: it happened in the parking lot during a struggle after an apparent drug deal went bad. >> if you see any of these suspects, call 911. >> reporter: last week, police arrested two vallejo men, 18-year-old tristan and 20-year-old harvest davidson for they alleged roles in the murder. now they're looking for these two. 24-year-old dominic randolph and his cousin, 26-year-old. the two men are considered armed and dangerous. laura anthony, "abc7 news." facebook ceo mark zuckerberg ordered employees to stop facing the black lives matter slogan.
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the company, whose staff is 2% black, is investigating the incident. here's part of his memo. we've never had rules around what people can write on our walls. we expect everybody to treat each other with respect. crossing out something means silencing speech. you can forget about the cheaper gas prices right now. prices will spike by 30 cents this weekend. gas prices often go up in california this time of the year because we switch to a summer blend. drivers have had a break because supplies have been more than enough to meet demand. if you're looking for the best possible time to buy the cheapest plane ticket, try 54 days ahead of your departure date. it compared more than 1 billionaire fares over the last year. pretty good sample.
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a new warning about putting too much information on social media. michael finney tells us more. >> anyone who uses social media, be warned. what you post may lead thieves right to your door. police say a burglar was tipped off by social media. >> he was able to openly brous the different social media plat tomorrows. he would collect the gps coordinates from those photographs and he would police them on a map and drive to the victim's locations. >> here's something i've warned you about before, selfies taken at other locations, tip off burglars when victims are not home. police say they should delay posting selfies and avoid
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putting up photos of your home. nissan disabled an app used to control the temperature inside its leaf cars. it may be vulnerable to hackers. a flaw could allow hackers to control the temperature of someone else's car. the hacker would need the vin number of the targeted car. it wasn't clear why anyone would want to do it. questions to siri, you will soon have a new way to reach her. siri will soon be available on mac computers. siri will become part of the new mac operating system for 2016. she'll look like colorful waves on your screen.
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consumer reports is making a correction to the report we partnered with them yesterday. hidden sugar in your food. you saw it yesterday right here. asian noodle stir fry has four teaspoons of sugar, not four tablespoons. that's a huge difference. >> what do you call a baby penguin? >> generally, it's either chick or nestling. but now you can call the newest member of the penguins by his name. >> it was just announced today. >> his name is going to be parker after golden gate park. >> isn't that cool? parker is the sixth of his species to hatch in the golden gate park facility, which
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reopened in 2008. very cool. penguins on a treadmill, and it's all for science. a study has measured how bad they waddle. >> researchers from the university of london put several on the treadmill. the heavier ones leaned into their walk more, causing them to fall more easily. >> did they lose weight? that's the followup study. nice day to go for a walk. >> stunning and sandhya patel is here with the accuweather forecast. >> yeah, dan and kristen, it's just spectacular. people are out and about walking, soaking up the sun, working too, don't worry. let me show you how warm it got today. it was a record setting day in oakland, downtown at the museum. 76 degrees. it actually tied the previous record from 1992. 80 degrees in san jose today or here it. san francisco, 73. 74 in santa rosa.
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redwood city, mid 70s. only a few 60s there. hope you enjoyed the warmth. we will see some changes tomorrow. but not exactly what we were hoping for. live doppler 7 hd showing you the clouds. there is a weak system heading towards us. the only sign of any el nino induced activity is this surf. we do have the waves that will build again. so high surf advisory to saturday 3:00 p.m. watch out for rip currents and breaker waves. and a lovely view here as we see a mix of sun and high clouds. low 70s right now in san francisco and mountain view. it's 69 in oakland. 61 in half moon bay. and a little hazy from our tower camera and we pan around here. we are going to continue to see the air quality suffer a little
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bit until we get some wind in here. 69 in napa and fairfield. and here is another view, you can see some of that hazy air there, as well. sprinkles in the north bay, partly cloudy this weekend. mild conditions next week with a chance of rain on thursday. if you were with us last night at 11:00, the models were bringing in the potential for showers. that's all changed. tomorrow, we'll see a cooler day, we'll see a return of more cloudiness and a few sprinkles for the north bay. cloverdale, you'll see rain, but it doesn't hold together once it runs into the area of high pressure. it falls apart, so we'll call for a few hundredths of an inch. we'll fast forward to next week. wednesday night going into thursday, it looks like we have another slight chance of seeing some showers around here.
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once again, it's still about a week away, so we'll have to keep you posted. first thing tomorrow morning, low forts to low 50s. high clouds with patches of fog. for the afternoon, a cooler day, mostly 60s to low 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up in just a moment. but we have to get to the oscar sunday forecast. on the red carpet, warm, 77 degrees, dropping down to 74 and sunny. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we are your oscar sunday station. the weather for the upcoming weekend will be in the 60s, 70s, still milder than usual. dry next week until thursday. that's when we bring in a chance of rain. even monday through wednesday of next week, it's going to feel more like spring. can't change it, so enjoy it. kristen, dan? [ no audio ]
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>> >> the 49ers may need a new quarterback after all. colin kaepernick has asked the 49ers for a trade. it was just 24 hours ago that the gm said kaepernick would be on the 49ers' roster on april 1. that would guaranty his $12 million contract. the 49ers new head coach chip kelly said he understood kaepernick would be back next season. now a report disputes that. the 28-year-old quarterback was benched in the middle of last season after throwing just six touchdowns and five interceptions. an east bay guitarist is making a musical comeback of sorts tomorrow in pleasant hill. >> a frightening disease cost him the tips of his fingers and almost his life. >> eric thomas has his story. ♪
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>> reporter: this isn't the way mark stanley learned to play the guitar. it's not the way he played in hundreds of concerts and several recordings, but the way he must play now, after accompanying his daughter on a fourth grade field trip in 2001. >> came back two days later from the field trip and collapsed on saturday morning with a fever and terrible sore throat. >> reporter: diagnosis? bacterial meningitis. and worse, it was cutting off the circulation to his fingers and toes. doctors told him eight fingers and six toes had to be amputated. >> it was like i went numb when i heard those words. >> reporter: fingertips are essential equipment for guitarists. without them, he got a job as a teacher's aide. but he never stopped trying to learn to play differently. >> first i learned a beatles
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song. it's only two chords. ♪ ellenor rigby >> reporter: mark says he's not the player he once was. he doesn't have the same dexterity. but he plays pretty well and even taught me a song. >> there's your a minor 7. ♪ >> reporter: mark will perform tomorrow night at a fund-raiser in pleasant hill called come together and the subject of a documentary called "living in the light." eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> good for him. >> yeah. they sound grade together. the gauntlet was thrown down in palo alto and one officer took the challenge. coming up, a pushup contest that might have two winners. >> that's next on "abc7 news" at 5:00.
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i'm ama daetz in the "abc7 news" room. coming up new at 6:00, crisis averted. the water is safe to drink after all at a local school. we'll explain why parents there still aren't happy after a lead scare. also -- >> it's going to come as quite a shock to my crew mates. >> and to nasa. >> science fiction and science
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fact. see how local space experts are making sure hollywood moviemakers get things right. and showing real heart. we'll have an update on a valentine, the injured colt and how close he is to finding a permanent home. all that, plus much more coming up in just half an hour on "abc7 news" at 6:00. >> thanks, ama. a palo alto police officer took community policing to a whole new level. >> it's a pushup contest. the department tells us an officer was patrolling downtown when several students came up to him, celebrating a friend's 30th birthday. >> the birthday boy challenged the cop to 30 pushups. palo alto police claim their officer won, but that could be up for debate. but that is great community outreach. >> "world news tonight" is up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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hope to see you again in half an hour. >> bye-bye. breaking news. we're on the scene, the deadly tornado outbreak. at least eight dead, including a 2-year-old. more than 30 twisters from texas to pennsylvania. homes destroyed. this truck blown over on the gw bridge in new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdown tonight. is this the last chance for the other candidates to try and take down donald trump before super tuesday? and the eye-opening new poll tonight from marco rubio's own state of florida. is trump unstoppable, even there? just 24 hours after our exclusive with apple's ceo, tim cook, the fiery moments on capitol hill today. and just in tonight, apple answers the judge. new reporting tonight after a passenger jet slams into a runway. the emergency evacuation. and sylvester stallone, coming back into focus.


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