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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am filling out my ballot. >> as we speak. >> you can fill out yours on >> we are celebrating the friday before the oscars and mike nicco has the forecast it could be good one to stay inside. >> it will be cooler. with clouds. but in rain. that is mainly in the forecast today this afternoon. high clouds are streaming in. it is milder outside. check out our temperature on the 12-hour day planner most of us in the 50s. a few 40s. 44 to 54 at 7:00. 60 to 66 with increasing clouds at noon. 56 and cooler at the coast to 66 for the rest of the discuss this evening is when the sprinkles set up 56 for 60. sue? we are headed to san jose looking at highway 897 slowing
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-- 87 slowing past the shark thank at s.a.p. center and no delay all moving nicely with a few headlights. friend is good and no problems and road work, and this research if the oakland area from the transition from westbound 24 to westbound 580 everyones closed because of road work and it is throwing drivers through a loop so there is a detour in place so look at that and make sure you slow down with a couple of exits down and it is a ten-minute delay. >> happening right now, time such for people living in a homeless encampment in san francisco, for weeks, neighbors and business owners have complained about this growing camp under 101 and now the city is forcing them out. we are at camp this morning. amy? >> there are still tents and people say they are feeling
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nervous as the deadline approaches but they want to stand their ground and stay here. people have left since the mayor's office issued the warning they have 72 hours, as of tuesday, to clear out. some estimate the homeless encampment on division street is less than half the size it was. the deadline is to move by 5:00 this afternoon. critics call this move by the city unfair and a new city popped i last night. advocates are here to help the homeless with food and water and port-a-potty and will want as the crews force them to leave. >> everyone should be anything about what it is like to live on the street and not have 24/7 access to a toilet. they are human beings like you and i. >> this is where the city said they can go, a new shelter at pier 80, the city is offering
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counseling out there along with health services and said what is currently happening out here on division street is unsanitary and it must come to an end. >> fremont police say they will not be able to confirm for a few weeks whether the torso and body parts found near the dumbarton pier belong to this woman, shelly titchener reported missing two week ago by her husband, paul titchener, and he committed suicide on tuesday night by jumping off the bay bridge. police say paul titchener was not name add suspect but was a person person in the wife's disappearance. >> until we resolve every lead and get every fact we will be willing to accept any conclusion whether it is one person or more than one person. >> neighbors say they did hear the couple fight in the past but police say there was no documented history of domestic violence. d.n.a. evidence is needed to positively identify the torso. one of the two sons is asking
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for privacy and posted on social media that both of the parents passed away. >> san jose police are investigating a shoot that sent a 16-year-old boy to the hospital. we do not know his condition. the shooting happened near cabernet vineyard sickle. three men were seen leaving the we scene in a red car. >> tenants from the mission district will protest angry because they could lose the right to their units now the city has ordered the landlord to tear down the building located at 22nd and mission. 60 people were dismissed and 18 businesses, and many tenants have been priced out of the rental market in the mission. >> ingly will back apple in the court battle with the if file overrife phone security after asking apple to hack into a locked iphone used by a san bernardino shooter and apple opposed this order filing an
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objection. google will file a friends of the court previous on apple's behalf in the next week and a friend of court is someone who is not a party to a case but offers information or support regarding the case. microsoft, twitter, and facebook and yahoo will support apple. >> apple loses in the under all of companies will be subject to a government mandate and may not be appropriate from their perspective. >> f.b.i. said the government owns the victims' families to conduct a thorough investigation and some family members and survivors of the shooting have said they will fill a brief of a government's position. >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has order employees to stop defacing black lives matter slogan on the signature wall of the company senting a memo after staff scrawl add logan and replaced it with "all lives matter." the staff is only 2% black is investigating the incident.
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here is part of the memo, we have never had rule on what can be written on walls and we expect everyone to treat everyone with respect, crossing out something means silencing speech. >> the white house has confirmed that president obama will meet with senate leaders to talk about nomination of supreme court nominee. the governor of nevada does not wish to be considered. >> san jose district judge has been nominated to the 9th circuit court of appeals which is then for residing over apple and samsung case setting up a stand off over a federal judge pick. if confirmed. first korean american woman on the 9th. >> forget cheaper gas prices, consumer watch dog said that prices will spike by up to 30 cents starting this weekend. gas prices often go up in california this time of year
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because refineries switch to a more expensive summer blend required by the state, and in los angeles our sister station saw the worker rays prize i on the gas station by 30 cents and prices at the independence stations will not rise so quickly so go there. but keep in mind in a week or so, the prices will go up, too. we are looking for a chance of rain and on scale from light to heavy, barely making the light during the evening commute and, again, right around 10:00 to midnight. as far as what is go on right now, mid-to-upper 40s through the 101 corridor in the north bay with 51 in napa and san rafael, the warm spots and same in san carlos and san jose, and lafayette at 50, and brentwood behind at 49 degrees and the activity planner is good for walking the dog again today, but, dangerous waves are developing at our beaches, and if you are sailing this
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afternoon, they will be calmer an the bay. as far as looking at check crack right now where the temperatures are right around 48 under partly cloudy sky and looking south on 680 temperatures are coolest in san francisco at 62 and the rest of us in the upper 60s to low 70s and believe it or not that is not as warp as yesterday. saturday, we are in the mid-60s to 70, and sunday is a cooler day, mid-60s to around 70 degrees. taking the rain out of the sunday forecast we have it today, so i will give you the hour by hour look coming up next. sue? >> now, to the bay bridge we have no metering lights and traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco a benefit of getting up early is we do not have to deal with the traffic so much. metering lights usually click on at 5:30 and san mateo bridge, from 880, across the flat section, the high-rise to foster city, a 14-minute drive with the tail lights headed westbound, for the morning drive, and over all, our green roads are good, no delays to speak of this
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morning, and we have an accident in santa clara off to the right hand shoulder, a solo spinout, with the tow truck on the scene and that should be cleared shortly. road work late to pick up and we will among that in a few minutes. >> next, meet the man who said he could not stop playing guitar even after an illness made him lose his fingertips. you can see him perform later today. >> the lack of diversity in movies is causing a controversy movies is causing a controversy at the oscars and diversity is
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>> cupertino, wine country by bay. >> you can expect picket lines at sfo, with mechanics with united plan to protest at san francisco international if less than an hour. they will be drawing attention to their fight for a new contract. it is mirrored across the countries at airports. last week they voted to reject the airlines' latest offer over 9,000 mechanics in the bargain ing unit and 3,000 are at sfo. >> students in san francisco state university are trying to save several programs from the chopping block. they held a rally yesterday. hundreds of people filled the main square to support asian-american and american indian and latino and african american studies. they are looking to cut those programs by half. and lay off dozens of lecturers. >> we are not all ethnic majors
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but ethnic studies have backed our lives and education and we want to make sure our future generations come to places of higher education and lend of their history. >> san francisco bay said it is a budgetary decision with the ethnic studies running in the red. >> the best part of one of san francisco's most iconic parks is to be pulled out at the roots in order to coach you safe. there are signs that will be removed, 160 trees in the park will be removed, 10-12 older trees are in danger of falling and have to come down. >> it is sad. they are getting rid of them? i cannot believe it. >> the city will plant 40 new trees after the park is renovated in april. >> diversity or lack thereof is a heated topic this year, and now a couple of days best awe ares are handed out new research is showing that movies with diverse casts tale make more
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diverse casts make more money. >> ucla sociology professor studied hollywood box office numbers from 2014 and found that four out of the eight cast are not white films make more money. >> it makes sent, america is 40% people of color and people went did see their stories told and see characters they can relate to. >> the ethnic mixed film lucy which made $440 million around the world, and "annie," which made $119 million. ♪ tomorrow >> a disconnect define what is made. and what is out there. >> diversity is worse since "12 years of slave," and this year all are white for the second year in a row and sharpton announce nod he will lead a
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protest right outside the oscar red carpet on hollywood boulevard on sunday. and eva is asking the stars to wear brown ribbons to support more latino inclusion. last night, snoop dogg headed an award celebrating diversity in film. >> it is about love, showing love. when you do 400 movies a year in hollywood and only seven of them are targeting the african american community and out of those seven only three or four really are academy word they the numbers of slim. >> we are two days away from the oscars and chris rock hosts the oscars right here on sunday with coverage at 2:00 p.m. you can find a section on the oscars on there is an exclusive content on abc7 news app. if you download the app and enable push alerts you are set
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to get alerts on who winses as it happened. >> i have highlighter because we are filling out our ballots at we have been talking how they want to keep the show moving and cutting the acceptance speeches saying 45 seconds or you are cut. with subtimes that will criminal -- control the people they cannot mention by name. >> she us your ten second oscar speech and post it on >> we did this. >> this is such a surprise. i thank kanye me humble and the women for keeping my eyebrows okay.
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>> so good. >> post them on instagram page and we will peck our favorite on monday. >> is that how instagram work, >> is that how instagram work, post it on your page and >> my name is irresistable. >> i did not make the connection but your nickname was a motivation. >> now, here is what is going on as far as our satellite and radar you can see the increasing clouds which are not drawing much precipitation and from the exploritorium camera, it is going to be dimmer sunshine and a cooler breeze and chance of evening sprinkles and maybe a stray shower and warmer again next week. now, as far as today's temperature we are low-to-mid 60s along the coast and 64 to 69 for most of us an the bay and
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inland and the warm spot is livermore and antioch at 70s degrees. tonight, we are look at and feeling temperatures milder, upper 40s to a few mid-50s under clouds. a lot of clouds increasing from lunch to the 4:00 hour and tracking light showers and only green right there across the north bay and they will video into the heart of the bay and sprinkles, maybe drizzle in our higher elevations as we head from 7:00 through 9:00 midnight fall apart and tomorrow morning, the clouds will break up with the possibility of fog forming tomorrow morning. the written full amounts .0 1" in hayward and san francisco and novato and the big winner santa rosa at .0 3" parched for february. right? the seven-day outlook shows coolest oscar sunday with low-to-mid 60s and mid-70s by tuesday.
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or wednesday. >> we have drive times coming up if you are driving from highway 4 to walnut creek, just over five minutes and on 24, walnut creek through the tunnel you are looking good at 10 minutes and tracy to dublin is budging up, and walnut creek from pleasanton hims, beyond north main to the 24 junction moving at the limit, and only 5:19 and this is as it should be, san jose, past the 17/280 overcrossing a seven-minute drive and a last head lights but moving at the limit. green is good. slow traffic from tracy is typical with in stalls or accidents and we will look at mass trend it options on friday morning in a few minutes. >> the guitarist is making a musical come become tonight mark stanley stopped playing after losing his fingertips 15 years
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ago to meningitis. doctors said eight fingers and six toes would be an state asked he had to reteach himself to play differently using knuckles. >> i played when i was sad, happy, all the time. hours and hours and hour as day. i had to figure out how to do this. >> there is the sound. stanley get a job as a teacher's aide and teaches 40 students to play guitar and will perform at a fundraiser in pleasanton hill tonight called "come together," the subject of a new documentary called "living in the life." >> people are excited about the show "fuller house," with the netflix debut. >> major reversal by mercedes, the luxury automaker replacing robots with humans, saying robots can not keep up with the level of individualization of some of the millions.
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>> tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of pokemon that started back in 1996 showing no sign of letting up. >> a new game is due out soon and tomorrow events making the big birthdayed held around the world. awfuller house is new streaming on netflix. >> most of the original stars are back for the 80s classic but the olson twins say they do not act and twitter is on first with fan reaction saying they are staying up all night and all day to binge watch. those are the tech bytes. >> >> we are using our instagram feed to celebrate people would make difference where you live, including nuclear engineer
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warren f. miller who was president obama's assistant president obama's assistant secretary of energy
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>> mere are seven things you need to know. >> we have to change the pattern, no more record highs and cooler weather. we will have the hour by hour look at chances for rain today and more ahead. >> two, we are at the bay bridge toll plaza with no meter, lights and only a few carried stacked town pay cash. caltrain has news that you need to know in the next few minutes. 9 hayward man accused of killing his girlfriend, stacey aguilar will appear in court today after being arrested two days ago. the body was discover add week after show disappeared in the east bay hills. >> santa clara police say this man is responsible for the sexual assault of a woman and
5:25 am
attempted attack of another. flyers have been circulated where the attacks happened. a community safety meeting is scheduled. >> we are standing by because in an hour kansas officials will update the factory shooting that left four people dead including the dead man identified at cedric ford who was serve add restraining order from a girlfriend just before the shooting. >> six, marco rubio is getting rave reviews for his performance last might in the republican debate. the florida senator attacked donald trump at every turn. however, the performance may have come too late to help in the super tuesday primary. >> heads up if you take bart from berkeley and leave your car in the parking lot. police say catalytic converters were stolen from four cars in 12 hour span last week. >> kohl's. close 18 under performing stores by under of march with 40 stores
5:26 am
around the bay area and sacramento region. >> dunkin' donuts will make a debut in walnut creek over the summer. next week a developer will start building the first store near broadway. they will open ten stores stores around california. >> good news on the baby horse, valentine who is ready to leave the hospital. fremont police are close to finalizing a home for the little colt. the possible new owner has a horse who will have new colts for valentine to play with. rescuers found the horse at the bottom of a ravine. he was two long nights with a evening brotherren help but he did not need surgery and is recovering noisily. a lot of you raised funds to get him the medical care he desperately needed. >> become with another full 90 minutes of news including rising
5:27 am
gas prices and you may need to filleted right now. >> aen watching that may not have any victims. have any victims. a uc berkeley fraternity name
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> friday. almost 5:30. it feels like the end of the week. we are happy you are joining us. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is the friday before the oscars, our super bowl. >> mike? good morning, everyone. the next three hours, no rain,
5:30 am
on live doppler 7 hd, but this evening, i will have that coming up, an hour-by-hour look at that in 15 minutes. we will focus on what go on outside, clouds are increasing and temperatures are milder a last upper 40s to mid-50s and by noon become in the low-to-upper 60s and close to where we were but the clouds are increasing and the sea breeze is staying in the 60s with 50s at coast and sprinkles at 7:00. sue? >> yes, we will look at mass transit options. 40 trains on time. for bart. no delays. ace train one is off to a great start this morning. out of the stockton and ace train three is scheduled to leave on time at 5:35 a couple more minutes. if you travel caltrain fare increase as of sunday you will be paying adult fare 50 cents more and packing at caltrain stations is up and that is not until july so we will remind you before that. program. we see if the metering lights
5:31 am
are on at the bay bridge in a few. >> we are getting our look at the gunman would shot and killed three people at a kansas work place before officers shot and killed him. we are give you detail on the possible motive. >> we are learning more dill of the shooter including a possible motive. police and co-workers identify him at 38-year-old cedric ford, and not long's the shooting rampage ford was served a restraining order from a girlfriend. the "washington post" spoke with one of his co-workers who said they got into an argument with him on when night and thought ford was there trying to kill him. we know the suspect has a long criminal record in florida where he useed to live being arrested for burglary, battery, marijuana possession. this rampage was in kansas in a small town of hesston where he opened fire on the co-workers a won is reunited with her husband
5:32 am
inside. >> my god. my god. oh my god. >> you can come in here. >> the governor of kansas has ordered flags to fly at laugh staff to honor the victims, not yet identified. the gun plan was shot can killed by the first police officer who arrived on the scene being called a hero this morning, the sheriff said he saved a lot of lives. >> 's you head out this morning, you may want to swing by the gas station, a group is everyone welcoming us that bay area prices about to spike. john it is in milpitas and i her they -- hear they are talking about prices closer to $3. >> but they could go up by 30 cents just by this weekend. it could go up even more in southern california the it has to do with the type of gas we use to fill up our considers. consumer watch dog group said the search comes as refineries
5:33 am
switch from win toker to summer blend. it costs more to make but it is better for environment. prices go up this time of year but not by this much. refinery had an oversupply of winter blend so we all the lower prices. some were expecting the prices to go back up. >> we do not have much choice if you don't want to use the transit and drive your sell. it it is fortunate i am only 11 miles from work. >> the average gas price with 30 cent increase, in san jose it is at $2.34 and it could be $2.64. oakland is $2.34 but could be $2.63. san francisco is $2.50 but it could jump up to $2.80. look for the independent gas stations and bulk like costco for cheap are prices. >> san francisco's homeless
5:34 am
facing a dead line right new to pack up and go, on tuesday, the city gave people living at a large tent city under highway 101, 72 hours to clear out. this is a look right now, with the encampment part of it is still there at decision and harrison street right now, and several homeless people have said they will resist any attempt to move them out. city fore say they are not being heartless just it is a health hazard and needed to be cleaned up. >> flooding in vallejo after a water main break with a general in the road with a front tire stuck in a sinkhole. the main broke at 2:30 near the elementary school with this word on the cause of the water main to break. >> police are trying to determine why a man was in the road in south san jose when he was hit killed by a car happening around 7:15 on the ramp from southbound highway 87 to northbound 85. the message workers tried to save the victim but he died at scene. >> the hayward map accused of
5:35 am
kill his girlfriend is set to make his first court appear an today. police arrested the man two days ago. the woman disappeared after leaving a party with her boyfriend a week ago. her body was discovered on saturday afternoon in the canyon of the east bay hills. >> a san jose teacher is enjoy accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student. yesterday, police announced they arrested 29-year-old zach drew a teacher at summit charter school. police were alerted to the program when a concerned parent contacted them a rumor. >> teen in solano is accused of sexual assault on another teen on school property. it happened on the map on monday at dixon high school north of vacaville which was isolated but during school hours. police arrested the student on tuesday. the official say there is in risk to other students. >> santa clara police resume their sent today for a man who sexual assaulted a woman and
5:36 am
tried to attack another woman in their own home. look at this sketch, flyers of the suspect have been circulate ed where the attacks happened. on saturday, february 13, detectives say the man sexually assaulted a man who lives at the apartments and the following saturday, he broke into another woman's apartment down the street but showing inned to scare him off. >> it is a concern especially when i walk by myself in the morning and in the evening. >> do you feel it is safe? >> of course not if there is a rapist around. >> because of what happened there will be a community safety meeting at the apartments on march 10. >> san jose police need your help to track down the men in this surveillance video wanted for breaking into a storage unit on sunday at 6:00 a.m. officials say they broke a lock, damaged a surveillance video and took two bicycles. they are believed in their 20s call san jose police if you have
5:37 am
any information. >> expect a morning of donald trump calling in to the news shows hit back after a debate full of insults aimed at him. presidential candidates had a last chance to debate before super tuesday. we listen how they took that opportunity to throw it down. >> this morning, republican frontrunner donald trump is calling the again debate a good one spending the night under attack and hit back. >> donald trump flank by ted cruz and marco rubio, the rivals. >> this guy is a choke art deficit had guy is a liar. >> marco rubio is the favorite and unloaded the opposition playbook on trump. >> we are losing so much with mexico and china. >> your tie and clothing are made in mexico and china so you are starting a trade war against your own ties. >> you don't know anything about business. >> on the tax runs. >> i want to release the tax
5:38 am
returns but i cannot while i am under an audit. >> he doesn't want to do it because this is something in there that is bad. >> analysts say marco rubio won the going debate and trump lost but that may not be enough to impact the billionaire's momentum as we head into super tuesday. >> democrats will hold a primary in south carolina tomorrow and that is where hillary clinton has such a large lead at this point that bernie sanders is pack up, and in longer campaigning there, and the california demonstrate convention begins today in san jose with more than 3,000 expected to attend, with vice president biden and senator boxer. >> we had a large lead in the year with the snow totals across the year and it is again by the wayside on february. what is last behind is mild temperatures this morning, and upper 40s and redwood city and menlo park and palo alto and woodside at 46 and low-to-mid 60s for foster city and belmont and san carlos and the
5:39 am
entire east bay shore in san jose and los gatos at 57, and ten degrees cooler in san ramon and mill valley and santa rosa at 47 degrees and what half at 48. 48. in san bernie particulates are moderate, and how it looks in san jose at 50 at 280 and 17 with high clouds. evening sprinkles and hours. temperatures are cooler today but mild. mid-60s at the coast and nearly 70 for the rest us. same temperatures tomorrow, a little more sunshine. and mostly cloudy for oscar sunday. a cooler day is low-to-upper 60s with warming trend coming on in the seven-day outlook and hour by hour look at the rain next. sue? >> yes, the drive through san rafael is 20 minutes from novato through san rafael on to san francisco so not bad. 5:31 meetering lights are turned on and these are the car boom
5:40 am
lanes, cash lane and fast track. everyone is pretty were but for the car pool lanes at the same pace getting through the toll plaza and when you are beyond the metering lights, it and moving nicely into san francisco for an eight-minute drive beyond the metering heights and the sunday. green is good with the slow traffic from tracy to the altamont pass and otherwise we are looking at friday light so far, though, only 5:40 and we will look at south bay drive in a few. >> this you have to see to believe, the lodge the waves ever on hawaii port north shore with a new record in the surf competition. >> the warriors roll and steph curry makes history against the magic, with the new number magic, with the new number record he now is
5:41 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> bart police are reporting the theft of four catalytic converters if less than 12 hours in berkeley last tuesday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. according to the berkeley police that makes 23 converters stolen just this month around the system. authorities say the converters are targets because they contain precious met a.m.s like platinum. >> several bart stays will get makeovers, with riders seeing the biggest upgrade remodel of
5:44 am
the station includes new elevators and bathrooms and bart sent us this rendering of what it will look like. >> part is looking to replace the fare barriers and plans for a new pick rack in the works, and in san francisco, the powell street station is getting new ticket vending machines and new lighting, and, also, billion bepark station has new path ways and fares mostly finish by 2019. one fraternity at uc berkeley will complain about a campus crime alert wanting students that four female students may have been drugged at two houses over the weekend. the alert warns that two female students may have been drugged at the fraternity and another at a different fraternity on friday. the problem though is no victims have come forward which means that there is no official crime according to the berkeley police. the information comes from a
5:45 am
second-hand source. ait is something that can permanently damage the reputation of a house when they can not prove it happened. we will err on the side of safety and put the information out there. >> official say that stat late require the university to provide information about these type of allegations even if they have not been substantiated. >> the big ship is back, but it is scheduled to head out to sea again this morning, so not long to catch it. we were at the port of oakland where mega shape is docked in the mill harbor the largest container ship to ever dock at a united states part and a second trip to oakland, holding 18 the cargo containers and leaves for see allege at 7:00 a.m. and goes on to asia. >> these my friends are what you would doll gnarly waves at 60' high the biggest ever to hit hawaii. the best surfers took advantage of the massive breakers during
5:46 am
the competition yesterday. this gay is only 23, the youngest opinion ever to win the invitation, a giant storm is expected to generate more of the rare huge waves node hawaii -- waves here in hawaii and the west coast. >> steph curry now has hit a three in 128 straight games, and orlando coach is so impressed he does not think it will end because steph curry is too good. watch this, what in the...steph curry rages from half curt and nailed it. then he could only laugh. worse win again 130 to 114. >> the warriors have a bigger challenge tomorrow taking open western conference rival oklahoma city thunder with coverage right here at 5:00. we went to see your fan photos
5:47 am
and video using # dubson7. >> oscars are almost here, with only two days and you do not have to be a member to cast your vote just a known like us. >> like that. >> we have our ballots. >> filled out. predictive and ready. we tweeted owe the link to our website and we on the web site with the ballot. >> i am writing in films that deserve to be nominated. >> a lot of side commends and shame. >> lost craziness. >> can you help me with the foreign language film? >> no! >> we work on that. >> i fill in "inside out," when i don't know the answer. >> company man! >> now, disney is our parent company. >> good morning, everyone, february only give days with
5:48 am
measurable rain, john -- january had 26. we have a couple more chances. the increasing clouds on live doppler hd show from san rafael right now, down 101 where it is very comfortable with temperatures in the low 50s and clouds increasing not so warm today, and evening sprinkles to possibly a light shower and a warmer week is ahead at least for tuesday and wednesday and another chance of rain on thursday and friday nbc week. our temperatures today moments of us in the mid-to-upper 60s around around the bay and inland and livermore and antioch nearly 70s and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and half moon bay at 62 degrees and we have a dangerous surf. temperatures tonight are mild like this morning upper 40s to a left mid-50s. at noon you can see the clouds taking the sun and zipping it and induing the sea breeze that will bring us cooler conditions sprinkles to light showers in the north by at 5:00, and
5:49 am
sliding down the coast into the rest of the our neighbors between 7:00 and 9:00 and tapering as we head to midnight. what does this mean? you could get a little wet but by little i mean .0 1" in hayward and oakland and san regard lows and same if santa rosa. you may not need the umbrella. my seven-day forecast is coolest for oscar sunday and low-to-upper 60s, 70 return to the bay on monday and tuesday and wednesday and 60s on thursday with a chance of rain. >> in san jose, the sharks were lay tone at the shark tank at the s.a.p. center and now, traffic is slowing on abc7 and that will change by game time this evening. the san mateo bridge is lacking great, with no delays at industrial to the flat section beyond the toll plaza and the high-rise and looking at continue mints drive from the east bay toward the peninsula and slow traffic out of tracy
5:50 am
and 35 point drive from the 205 split interest dublin/pleasanton and now an accident is reported in san jose northbound 101 near oakland road off to the right hand shoulder and traffic is stacked up northbound from 280. >> people living in the central valley could not believe it when they saw what they thought was a unicorn. unicorn. >> neat something spooked her and she took off. people drive called 9-1-1 saying there was a unicorn running around. >> no. >> they d. >> she led the c.h.p. on a chase for three hours. she did not want to go back but they caught her. she is not a real unicorn.
5:51 am
it is a fake horn. >> can you imagine? if someone put a hop -- horn on your head you would escape. she was mad. >> a battle that can change the future of your child's education and students are taking the teacher's union to court. >> we are no longer conserving enough water. enough water. >> penguin on
5:52 am
enough water. >> penguin on again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
5:53 am
>> sea world sent a worker to spy on peta, add pitting this after peta claimed an employee tried to insight violence among peaceful protesters while posing as an activist.
5:54 am
they suspended the up employee but the person is become at company. >> this woman is one of two bay area residents being honored at the white house this morning, the founder and c.e.o. of oakland based youth uprising group. other honoree is from san francisco nonprofit aim high. both are recognized as champions of change. it is an obama administration initiative honoring americans would make significant contributions to their community. the sir moan is at the white house at 7:30. in california we fowl short of hitting water conservation targets in john, and urban water users have used 24.% less water since mandatory conservation last year. that just missed the 25% mark in cuts the governor originally ordered. >> .2% under and we want did meet the target. it is because they see a lot rain and snow.
5:55 am
we have not seen it in so long they think it is a lot but it is not even average. >> this is the first time sin june california has missed the target. >> john was good water-wise but the rain has not appeared. >> february has been a couple of chances are rain in the dance. high surf advisory through saturday with breakers up to 20' and sneaker waves. the best chance of rain is crescent city and down to mendocino county with a record 57 degrees in lake tahoe and low-to-upper 80s from los angeles to palm springs and temperatures are above average until thursday. >> needed. more than spring this weekend
5:56 am
almost like summer. metering lights are stalled, and the car pool lets you avoid there. war on terror is running on time, and slow traffic is out of the central valley and not too bad, though, to the blocking the middle lane with traffic stacking up if it is not out quickly. we will head to the other accident, 101 san jose in the next report. >> do you know what you call a baby penguin? it is chick or nestling but you can cull it by his good given name announceed yesterday. all the decision was made he will be named packer after golden gate park where he is living here at the park. >> very sweet. this is the 6th of the species to hatch in the new golden gate
5:57 am
park facility since 2006. >> and our favorite video, a pepping win on a treadmill, studying why this penguins wall -- waddle more than others because of science, they put some on treadmill and the heavier penguins leaned into their walk more causing them to would be tell and fall >> poor guy. he looks and and he is like, guys, why are we doing this? >> a new twist in the fate of yahoo the tactic marissa mayer could take could keep control of the company. the company. >> and what mich
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is friday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> you made it to february 6, mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler hd because we have been talking about the chance of wet weather and it will be in the evening, dry for the commute with a few high clouds and a gorgeous sunrise, #abc7now if you capture it. milder at 7:00, through the definitely hour day planner, low-to-mid 60s at noon, and notice the sea breeze kicks in and puts us in the mid-50s at 4:00, and mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of us and mild this evening with a chance of sprinkles mid-to-upper 60s. >> if your travels take you to the golden gate bridge it is a breeze, with no delays over the waldo grade, you have four lanes in the southbound direction and traffic is flowing nicely, 880 overcrossing looking good but further to the south we have an accident with the cars off to the right hand shoulder, north 101 at oakland road you can


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