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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> a bus caught fire at a gas station in san francisco. forcing evacuations from nearby businesses. good afternoon, thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. larry biel has the day off. chevron station at 9th and howard in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is there. >> reporter: the fire is out but the extensive damage has been done. take a look. really not much left here at this gas station, at least this section. the chevron station at 9th and howard. . you're looking at a 25-pass swr enger paratransport van. the van was completely
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destroyed. sky 7 hd was overhead after the engine compartment caught fire then erupted in flames. smoke and flames, at least the smoke could be seen as far as the east bay. witnesses caught the drama on cell phone cameras when the fire broke out. the van driver was not getting gas at the time we were told but had stopped for a drink. moments later the fire broke out. a quick thinking gas station attendant cut power to the gas pumps and the fire chief says that was exactly the right thing to do. >> the owners of the gas station did the right thing. they hit a switch that shuts off the gas pumps which eliminates that from being a hazard for us. so the only has start here was to the property, itself, and s dealt with appropriately. >> reporter: this is a very busy gas station. there's a food mart, a coffee place and also a burger king. the manager of the burger king saw the flames. he told his employees and all
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the customers inside to get out as quickly as they could. and everyone evacuated safely. a fire fighter, we are told, suffered a minor injury when he was injured by part of his own fire apparatus, but as you can see, there is quite a mess here. there is extensive damage to the pumps. extensive damage to the van which was run by metro transit. a gency in the bay area. we attempted to talk to the driver a few minutes ago. he walked away from us obviously still too shaken up. live in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> thank you, cornell. several images of the fire were sent to us by abc 7 news viewers. share your pictures by posting them on social media usin using #abc7now. we may use it on air orline at abc 7 sty sky 7 hd shows the truck
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tipped over by the house, happened on winding way this afternoon. the driver was rushed to the hospital with a severe brain injury. one person inside the house was not hurt. that person said a similar innocent happened two years ago. the family just finished remodeling from the last time and now this. >> wow. turning now to our weather, there was a big difference this afternoon. >> wasn't there? we had the fog roll in this morning and now some record heat. spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. >> all right, dan and ama, that fog rolled out then heated up in the bay area. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd on a day where we had record high temperatures. several of them. notice there is rain to our north, well to our north. it's not going to move this way at least not into the bay area. warmth has moved in. here's a view of the golden great bridge under mainly blue sky. those are record highs so far for leap day for february 29th. 71 in san francisco ties the existing record for this date. 73 oakland. oakland airport, 70.
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80 in salinas. all new record highs for this date. as you look at blue sky up north from sutro tower, here's our forecast, look for mostly clear to partly cloudy skies during the evening hours. sunny and bright tomorrow morning. a few clouds move in the afternoon tomorrow with highs ranging from mid 60 s at the coast to mid 70s inland and have a couple of rain storms coming our way in the seven days ahead. i'll have forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, spencer, thank u you. in richmond police are searching for a gunman that shot and killed a 14-year-old. >> terrible. happened near south 33rd street this morning. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live with the latest on a real tragedy, laura. >> reporter: it is, dan. this is actually richmond's fourth homicide so far this year and in this case, it was a young man, a boy, just a few months shy of his 15th birthday. soon after a 14-year-old boy was gunned down on the richmond greenway, emotional friends and family members arrived at the
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shooting scene and described the loss they could barely comprehend. >> he's a good kid. never fussed or argued with me or nothing like that. he was okay. he was okay. he never sassed his mama, nothing, his parents, either. when you're on the street, anything may happen, you know, anything may happen. >> reporter: the victim is xavier, a freshman at kennedy high school. the shooting happened after 9:20 this morning when classes were in session. happened on a path called the richmond greenway that runs next to the b.a.r.t. tracks and add j adjacent to the middle school. >> they saw people running from the area, our victim was down suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >> i heard five, six gunshots. >> reporter: this neighbor heard the shots but didn't realize until later it was a young teen who had lost his life. >> kind of hard because, you know, i got a sun that age, so, you know, just kind of makes you
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wonder what's going on in richmond really, because these are kids killing kids. >> reporter: police combed the b.a.r.t. tracks and surrounding area looking for evidence. they believe one gunman was involved. a person that got away. in richmond, laura anthony, abc 7 news. authorities have identified the man who was shot and killed on interstate 80 in richmond saturday morning. 38-year-old wesley graham jr. was driving near the hilltop mall exist when he was shot. he drove off the freeway and crashed into a ravine. the shooter hasn't been caught. this is the seventh such freeway shooting along the stretch of 80 since late last year. the highway patrol says shootings between berkeley and pinole have been targeted incidents, not random. the funeral for stacey aguilar will begin in a couple hours now. >> her father who arrived from mexico says he wants justice for his youngest daughter. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at the funeral home with more.
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vic? >> reporter: ama, stacey aguilar will be remembered at services starting at 6:00 here at this funeral home in san jose. now, her father, mahin aguilar, thank goodness, was able to make the trip here in mexico in time. but earlier today, to his frustration, a plea hearing for his daughter's accused killer was postponed. 23-year-old ezmed padraza shown in court on friday when charged with murder did not appear at today's hearing. we're sad, very sad, her father said afterwards. aguilar just arrived in the bay area from mexico on a humanitarian visa. he wanted to see his 22-year-old daughter's accused killer. >> translator: frustrated, we are feeling weighed down because we do know know what will happen. they keep changing dates on us. i would like the person or persons responsible to be punished. they took our youngest. >> reporter: aguilar's youngest
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was 22 years old, last seen as a house party in hayward february 13th. her body was found a week later in a rural area of fremont. padraza had attended the party his friend perez. when perez was taken into custody last week, he told police padraza told him he shot and killed the young woman the night outside the house. and that the two men then drove her body to fremont where they threw it down the hill. police also arrested padraza last week but he was already in custody on an immigration hold. authorities say padraza is in the country illegally and has a criminal history. stacey aguilar's mother could not make the trip here. mahin spoke on her behalf. >> translator: she is devastated. sad. and she does not know what to do. she wanted her remains to arrive tomorrow, but that won't be possible. >> reporter: aguilar's father says when the paperwork is done, his daughter's remains will be taken to the family's hometown
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in mexico. vic lee, abc 7 news. sky 7 hd over breaking news in half moon bay. take a look. that's where rescue crews are looking for a surfer believed to be missing near roosevelt beach. that's south of miramar and pillar point harbors. someone on the beach apparently saw a person get swept out by a big sneaker wave. cal fire crews were called out to the area at 1:30 this afternoon. they've been searching the waters ever since. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you more details as we get them. do follow us on twitter at abc 7 bay area for breaking details. police closed an elementary school in los gatos of a man described by family members as mentally ill crashed his car on their property and threatened sheriffs deputies with a large knife and gas can. authorities tried to negotiate with the man but moved in when he started pouring gasoline around the propane tanks and near his grandfather.
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>> the whole ground was really literally lit on fire and there were gas tanks, propane gas tanks right in the middle of it so we really had no choice but to move in quickly and subdue him. >> never any activity there ever. in all these years. so it's kind of shocking. >> deputies used rubber bullets to take the man into custody. deputies are investigating an unrelated case where the man allegedly made threats with a weapon. there was an important ruling today for apple. a judge says u.s. justice department can't force apple to provide the fbi with access to locked iphone data. this ruling was related to a brooklyn, new york, drug case. it follows an opposite ruling by a california judge who says apple is required to help the fbi hack the iphone of a shooter in the december 2nd terrorist attack in san bernardino. if you took caltran today you may have noticed the rides cost a bit more. fares went up yesterday across the board. the average adult base fare cost, jumped 50 cents.
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caltrain says they needed to raise fairs because of the increasing cost to operate and maintain the system. commuters will still get a 15% discount using their clipper cards. sometimes waiting 20 minutes to pump gas can prove costly. check out the price at this station in mill valley. the price for regular $1.89 per gallon. minutes later it jumped 4 cents higher. prices are continuing to climb as summer blend pricing kicks in. that station is selling regular unleaded for $2.09, 10 cents higher from the last time we checked pricing there three weeks ago. >> you see that right before your eyes. tearful testing from sportscaster erin andrews as she takes the stand now years after a man was caught spying on her in a hotel room. plus, oscar buzz. the biggest moments still being talked about today on social media. new at 4:30, back at work. the warriors are gearing up for their next game of a
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and the oscar goes to -- "spotlight." >> you saw it here on abc 7, "spotlight" took home the big prize on hollywood's biggest night. "mad max" took home the most with six oscar wince. leonardo dicaprio finally took home a prize for the leading role in "the revenant. "most of today's reaction was chris rock's monologue where he
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took the issue of diversity head on. >> we want opportunity, want black actors to get the same opportunities -- [ applause ] -- as white actors. that's it. >> now the red carpet may be all rolled up at this point, but some of oscar's biggest moments are still making waves on social media. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with a closer look at who took home the gold in terms of generating buzz. >> here are the three most tweeted about moments on twitter, number one, leonardo dicaprio winning best actor, 440,000 tweets a mrng s s a min doubles the previous record when ellen tweeted her selfie. the second most tweeted moment, "spotlight" took third picture and third when "mad max" won its third oscar of the night. we tracked social media responses. . he says public opinions seem divided on whether chris rock went too far in his jokes about the oscar so white debate. >> a lot of the actors that i spoke to really wanted chris
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rock to deliver this type of performance. i think that hollywood was ready for a flogging, and chris rock was the man to flog away. >> the most awkward and biggest miss stake, sam smith won for onlial song right after lady gaga brought down the house with her song honoring sexual assault survivors. >> unbelievable, lady gaga just does this incredibly profound performance, tear-jerker, two minutes later she loses to sam smith who sings a song that's not that great, it's okay. >> ouch. lady gaga and the survivors who joined her on stage moved so many people to check out the website, it's on us, the site actually crashed. another moment, chris rock helping his daughter's girl scouts. he tweeted his video of vice president joe biden giving him 20 bucks to buy cookies and the girl scouts tweeted this picture of acton christian bale with the
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caption, yes, it's true, batman loves girl scout cookies. to see the biggest moments, fashion hits and moments, interviews with winners, go to one local education program is basking in the glow of the oscars spotlight. san francisco state university graduate is an oscar winner for his work on the pixar film "inside out." abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: there's a picture of jonas rivera hanging in the hallway of the creative arts building. after seeing the sf alum on the big stage last night winning an oscar, students and faculty here have a reason to brag. >> i really like that he -- >> it's cool for us. >> it's amazing and i'm really proud of him. >> reporter: rivera is a film producer for pixar and took home the oscar for best animated picture for the film "inside out." >> on this film, every single story board, every single frame, cut, line of dialogue, every
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single pixel was done by the amazing artists we work with at pixar. they should be up here with us tonight. we love them. along with our amazing cast, best cast ever. >> that's awesome. i think that's so great. like, my dad would be one of these people, i'm telling you, go to sf state, they have a great cinema program. that's why i also came here because their cinema program is great. there's crazy awesome. >> knowing that, like, you can get, like, a degree from here and do that, i think it's motivating. >> reporter: rivera spoke with abc 7 last week about the film calling it a simple idea about the struggles of growing up and how pleased he is that the film has gotten so much attention. >> it feels amazing. you don't make these with awards in mind, make then one frame at a time over five years with a big crew. when you're done, people like them. >> reporter: jonas rivera called going to sf state a big steppingstone in his career. in san francisco, amy
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hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> a sixth oscar if a graduate of san francisco state. they've had more than 1 nom 19 nominations in the past 20 years which is impressive. we turn to spencer christian with a look at our weather. >> we've had record highs in several locations for this date of course. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies with a few high clouds around and it's still really mild. check out the 24 hour temperature change. 12 degrees warmer in san francisco right now than it was at this time yesterday. 12 degrees warmer in palo alto, 10 degrees warmer in antioch and san jose. you get the picture. it's warmer everywhere. 71 in san francisco and oakland. 72 at concord. 74 in san ramon. 75 at san jose. 79 at los gatos. beautiful western sky looking westward from emeryville. these are forecast futures.
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cooler tomorrow, sprinkles developing up north. rain likely wednesday night. stronger weekend storm is possible. so let's take a look at what's coming our way tomorrow starting at 4:00 -- at 4:00? 8:00 tomorrow morning. it will be a sunny start to the day but we'll see a few high clouds move in later in the day. there's just a chance of sprinkles late tomorrow night. i mean, just a slight chance. here's our storm impact scale. we are ranking every storm this winter numerically. the next storm approaching us ranks 1, that's the one coming in wednesday night into early thursday. we expect maybe up to half an inch of rain in the north bay, less than a quarter of an inch elsewhere. forecast animation, beginning wednesday morning at sock, notice clouds thickening and showers or rain moving in. wednesday afternoon and evening. the rain will move southward and eastward late wednesday night into thursday morning. then it will taper off and by 10:00 thursday morning, we expect rainfall totals to be less than a quarter inch in most locations, but up in the north
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bay we may see up to half an inch at places like santa rosa, .4 or more at napa. low temperatures tonight will be generally in the mid to upper 40s. we'll see a few low 50s in places like richmond, oakland and san francisco. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies early. a few clouds later. upper 6 0s at the coast. low to mid 70s at the bay and inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so that first rainstorm wednesday into thursday. that ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. gets cooler toward the weekend. our second storm comes. that looks a bit more vigorous, rainfall, perhaps stronger winds. that ranks 2 on the storm impact scale and will remain cool through the weekend going into early next week. finally some changes, and finally some very, very much-needed rainfall. dan and ama? >> we need it badly. thank you, spencer, very much. up next, taking a big leap for leap year. how people are celebrating february 2th. let's take you outside for a
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look at the traffic as the evening commute gets under way in earnest. this is san jose and 101. headlights coming toward you are going north. traffic facing away from you going south. as you can see, this time of day it usually is pretty sticky in that direction. stay with us. ama and i will continue with more at 4:00. in honor of black history month we're using our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed to celebrate the people making a difference where you live. today we recognize wayne substitutsutton, founder of silicon valley tech inclusion, dedicated to making sure african-american voices lead tech conversations. more information on our
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today is february 29th. leap day. something that comes along every four years. so what do people do to remember the date? got married. abc 7 news was at san francisco city hall where couples were eager to dive in on this special day. they don't mind not having a wedding anniversary for the next three years. >> it's just a fun, different
4:25 pm
type of thing. >> make it more special. >> yeah. >> may not have to get presents every year. >> or it's four times the presents when they do roll around. >> marriage has been tied to leap year for some time. at least in ireland. according to irish tradition, leap day is the one time women could propose marriage to men. a group of sky divers went to extremes to celebrate leap day in kansas city, missouri. the red bull air force sky diving team took a giant leap. it was 5,000 feet gown to the national world war i museum and memorial. also get a lot of deals on leap day as some of the best ones steep discounts of up to 29% off regular prices on travel wednesday ek expedia, pizza hut a free one topping personal pizza for those who have a birthday on leap day. subway customers can finally rest assured their foot-long sandwiches will actually be 12
4:26 pm
inches long. a judge granted final approval to a settlement of a class-action suit filed against subway in 2013. that's when an australian teenager posted an image of a sandwich on facebook that was only 11 inches. subway agreed to institute practices to ensure it's bread is at least 12 inches long. all right. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. coming up, the highest honor in the nation for a navy s.e.a.l. what he did to deserve the medal of honor. plus the candidates rally support ahead of super tuesday and donald trump back tracks on his answer to an earlier question about support from the klan. more to come. >> the abc 7 news app on the go on your schedule. on one screen. all the weather,
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> the news making headlines at 4:30, a murdered mother from san jose will be laid to rest tonight. police say stacey aguilar's boyfriend shot her to death earlier this month. he faces charges in the case. aguilar's father came in from mexico to attend padraza's court hearing today. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweet this video of the scene in richmond where someone shot and killed a 14-year-old boy this morning. laura will have the latest in the investigation in a live
4:30 pm
report on abc 7 news at 6:00. lake view elementary was closed after a standoff of a man who crashed his car into a nearby home and threatened officers with a knife and gas p can. he was taken into custody. he may suffer from mental health problems. an accused cop killer faced a judge today, killed a wife and rookie officer one day after she was sworn in. abc news reporter elizabeth herr has the latest from new york. >> reporter: ronald hamilton arranged twice this morning on two murder charges remains in jail held without bond. >> i want to be clear, do we have officers involved in a shooting? >> three officer have been shot. >> reporter: according to authorities three officers shot respond to a 911 call reporting domestic abuse in prince william county, virginia. officer ashley guindon did not survive killed in the line of duty out on her first street
4:31 pm
patrol. >> couldn't be any worse case than this in my opinion for a police officer, i'll always call this an officer's worst nightmare to go to a routine call and wind up dead. >> reporter: as the community mourns, new details emerge about the 28-year-old rookie officer. we're told she spent six year as a marine corps reservist and her passion for public service dates back to 2011 when she interned with the police department. >> she did share with us when we rehired her that she felt like she still wanted to this job. she couldn't get it out of her blood. >> reporter: her accused killer an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon has also been charged with murdering his wife, found dead inside they're home. his 11-year-old son was also home but not hurt. the two other officers are expected to recover. as for the suspect, he's due back in court on april 19th and facing first-degree armed capital murder charges makes his eligible for the death penalty if convicted. abc news, new york. a 14-year-old has been
4:32 pm
arrested after a lunchtime shooting at an ohio school today. police say the boy walked into the cafeteria and suddenly opened fire. a 14-year-old and 15-year-old were hit but they should survive. shrapnel injured a third student and a fourth was hurt trying to run away from the gunfire. police tracked down this suspected young shooter. he's been charged with two counts of attempted murder and making terrorist threats. recently released e-mails suggest michigan governor rick snyder's aides knew something was wrong with flint's water as far back as october of 2014. reports say e-mails show the aides discussed switching the water supply back from the flint river to lake huron. the exchange is dated six months after flint started using its own river for drinking water. a spokesman for the governor says the aides were expressing preliminary concerns before they knew about the lead problem. all right. to politics. candidates for president are crisscrossing the country trying to rally sport on the eve of super tuesday. a hugely important contest. tomorrow voters in a dozen states will vote.
4:33 pm
abc news reporter marcie gonzalez is in texas tonight. the state with the most delegates at stake. >> reporter: today the jabs flying. >> in florida where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >> reporter: in the last-minute pitch for super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and regular. >> reporter: covering as much as they can. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> reporter: to reach voters before the biggest day of the primary with voting in 12 states with 1,610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: while on the gop side, trump looks to surge ahead even further with the latest national polls showing 49% of republican voters support him.
4:34 pm
>> get them out. get them out. >> reporter: the front-runner today brushing off protesters and the controversy sparked by these comments on cnn about his endorsement from former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. >> do you say unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you're talking about. >> reporter: this morning trump explained he didn't hear the question and said he has disa w disavowed david duke. he's polling behind here in texas the biggest super tuesday state where senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will bring him a much-needed win. marcie gonzalez, abc news, austin, texas. tv sportscaster and "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews testified today she's suffering from some aspects of ptsd after the 2008 peeping tom incidents against her. andrews took the witness stand today in the civil suit she filed against michael barrett and marriott. barrett spent 2 1/2 years in federal prison after admitting
4:35 pm
to stalking and secretly filming nude videos of andrews three separate times. today andrews described what happened when she saw herself on the front page of "the new york post." >> my girl friend is calling he telling me she's running around so bad. it's just crazy. >> he says he targeted andrews because she was trending on yahoo! and believed he could make money by selling the videos to tmz. president obama awarded the nation's highest military honor to a navy s.e.a.l. who participated in a daring rescue of an american hostage in afghanistan. apologize. this is not the correct video for that. we want to talk about cosby right now. a judge did not rule today on a motion to dismiss a defamation lawsuit that was filed against comedian bill cosby. model janice dickinson who you saw in the video accused cosby of drugging and raping her in
4:36 pm
1982 in lake tahoe. she sued cosby in may over his denial of her claims. cosby is seeking to have the defamation lawsuit thorown out, his attorneys say dickinson's accounts have been inconsistent over the years. let's go back to the story ama was talking about, president obama awarding the nation's highest military honor to a navy s.e.a.l. who participated in daring rescue of an american hostage in afghanistan. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. is the sixth navy s.e.a.l. to receive the medal of honor and the 11th living service member to be awarded the commendation for their actions in afghanistan. the president calls byers a consummate, quiet professional. >> today's ceremony is truly unique. a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that so often serves in the shadows. >> byers participated in the 2012 rescue along with members of the navy's famed s.e.a.l. team 6.
4:37 pm
he was the second s.e.a.l. to enter the building containing that hostage. the first to enter was shot and killed. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, the final hours in space after more than a year for two astronauts. i'm michaelty. ny, "ask finney" just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. search for michael finney. i'll answer your questions right here live in a little bit. i'm spencer christian on this day of record warmth, we now see clouds gather in the bay area sky and there's rain on the way. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. and let's take a look at live traffic now. you're looking at the san mateo bridge. as you can see, as we hit 4:38 almost on this monday afternoon, traffic is actually moving along nicely in both directions. stay here with us.
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u.s. astronaut scott kelly set to come home after a year in space. he and a russian cosmonaut will return to earth tomorrow. they each served as test subjects on the international space station so scientists could study the effect on the body to see if astronauts can handle a trip to mars. kelly spent the most cumulative time in space as anyone in history. 4-year-old boy in australia learned a valuable lesson over the weekend after getting his arm stuck in the vending machine. it took fire crews more than six hours to remove the boy's arm which became caught in the
4:41 pm
anti-theft mechanism. emergency responders had to anethesize the boy to calm him down. the father thinks leo was overcome with the allure of something he'd never seen before. >> i don't think he saw a vending machine before. saw the oreos and biscuits and other things. yeah, he's good now. >> gets anybody pretty excited. the boy's father couldn't compliment the first responders enough saying they were absolutely amazing. >> wow. all right. let's talk about this. heat and maybe some change. >> yeah, spencer christian sheer with the latest. >> for the last couple weeks i felt like my arm was caught in the anti-rain mechanism. i think i discovered rain now even after this day of record warmth. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have a few clouds and light rain to our north. that's not the next rain we're expecting, however. see on tomorrow's outlook map statewide, that rain is going it
4:42 pm
tree main to remain to our north. tomorrow, however, look for mainny sunny skies early with increasing clouds late. high temperatures still on the mild side. not in record territory. tomorrow we'll see upper 60s near the coast, low to mid 70s near the bay and inland. later in the week and into the weekend even, check out this weekend forecast animation. looks like the second storm in our seven-day forecast period will be coming in this weekend, stronger than the one we expect middle this week. measurable rain to all parts of the bay area for saturday and sunday. here's a look for our rain chances over the next seven days. 60% chance this wednesday. storm number one which we'll rank 1, relatively light or weak on our storm impact scale. over the weekend, 100% chance of rain saturday and 60% chance of rain on sunday. that's storm number two which will be stronger and ranks 2 on our storm impact scale. dan and ama? >> all right, thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a record-breaking weekend for the warriors and a warning for fans who want to go to the playoffs. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney.
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all right. the warriors are gearing up for tomorrow's matchup against the atlanta hawks at oracle arena. this comes after saturday's big win where steph curry showed once again he just may be the best player in the nba. hae here's abc news reporter ron claiborne. >> oh, what a shot from curry! >> reporter: oh what a night. steph curry had game for the record books with his three pointer from 35 feet out with the game tied in overtime. >> curry, at three. oh! it's good. >> reporter: the golden state warrior breaking the nba single season mark for three pointers and tieing for the most three-pointers in one game. >> curry, another three. oh! >> reporter: watch again as curry steps and shoots with less than one second left on the clock. sealing the victory for the warriors over the oklahoma city thunder. >> curry fires away. >> reporter: curry got started early hitting four from behind the three-point ark in just the first half. >> another.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: in the third quarter, it looked like he would be sidelined after rolling his ankle. his ankle was taped and he went back into the game. but it's that game-winning shot that is blowing up the internet. curry tieing kobe bryant for the most three pointers in the game. nba legends past and present tweeting out in disbelief. >> ron claiborne reporting. now that they clinched a playoff spot the warriors are warning people about fake tickets. only buy from the team and legitimate resellers. hundreds of fraudulent tickets were sold during last year's warriors playoff games. peep like people like to take advantage. warren buffett is upping the ante on this challenge, offering $1 million a year for life for any employee who fills out a perfect bracket through the sweet 16. made a similar offer two years ago. $1 billion to anyone who could pick a perfect bracket. there were no winners. >> i have to work on my bracket
4:48 pm
now. 7 on your side's michael finney answering questions sent via facebook, e-mail. scott f. e-mailed, i'm trying to help an elderly friend find a reverse mortgage. do you have suggestions? i can i find a reputable -- >> i have to tell you, be careful out there. this is an industry that's getting much, much better, much, much safer. there are still bad actors out there. be very, very careful. let me give you four points i want you to think about before you start getting in the loan. right off the bat, does he want a reverse mortgage to pay for home repairs or property? if so, there are low-cost options out there. government programs you need to check around and ask about those. if you live in a higher-valued home and want one big lump sum or want monthly payments, well, there's a lot of options out there but a lot of expensive options. that's why you have to compare fees and costs. it is not easy. there are all kinds of weird costs. kind of like leasing a car. where you have a lot going on. finally, understand those total costs and loan payments.
4:49 pm
you know what i'll do is i'll put a link to hud on our website. housing and urban development. that's your starting point. i'll give you the exact page. go online. >> an e-mail, it appears at&t charges a $7 month router fee whether you use your own equipment or theirs. why should we have to pay a monthly equipment charge if we're using our own equipment? >> you sign up for it and that's part of the deal with them right now so you have to pay, i think it's 7 bucks. and it's just part of the deal. the cable companies are the same way. there is relief in sight. the fcc just started ruling that maybe you don't need the cable box. you can provide your own or more importantly most of the new tvs are coming with all those built into it. >> right. >> so you don't need it anymore. there's change coming. watch what you're signing up for, though. >> paul m. e-mailed i'm interested in learning more about trim to get rid of subscriptions that automatically renew. how do i contact them? >> that's great. this is a company called trim. they trim your monthly bills.
4:50 pm
you give them access to your credit card and bank account stuff. they look to see what's coming out and they cancel all the junk, the stuff you don't want. it's cool. i'll put a link on our website for that. we did a story two or three weeks ago. >> there's always something on those bills you don't know about. >> yes. >> thanks, michael. health news, a steady links excess weight to poor memory. if you vice presidehaven't cloud bread, you're about to. >> changes to the brain caused by obesity may harm memry. the small study out of eng llae participants with higher body mass index showed worst memory. obesity has a negative effect on learning and memory. have you heard of cloud bread? this grain free low-carb bread alternative is taking the internet by storm. the recipe calls for just three ingredients. eggs, softened cream cheese and
4:51 pm
cream of tarter. nutritionists say it's okay as a treat but not to eat it instead of whole grain bread which has necessary nutrients. explosion in painkiller overdo overdoses, doctors are changing how they treat pain. oxycontin and percocet, illegal ones like heroin were involved in 60% of drug overdose deaths. doctors are only allowing them to use them for a limited ti. what is the most popular plastic surgery? buttock implants. the american society of plastic surgeons say butt implants up 252% from 2000 to 2015. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> that's interesting. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next heading back to school. some students in san francisco are being followed, but it's all for a very good cause.
4:52 pm
how it's expected to help their education. and kristen is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> dan, ama, thanks. coming up, the new push to reduce the cost of organic food. and a piece of history goes missing on the eve of a big name change at yosemite national park. and how the monarch butterfly is making a comebac what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪
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how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00 it's "the bachelor" follow by "castle" at 10:00. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, does it seem like everyone around you is already attached? there's an app that proves, well, that just isn't true. >> on the app, all these single guys everywhere. >> tonight at 11:00, 7 on your side's michael finney shows you two people who never knew they crossed paths until they looked on their phones.
4:56 pm
a local school district has embarked on a new mission to find out what goes on in the classroom from the perspective of a student. that information will then be used to improve the way kids learn. abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez tells us how it all starts with students being shadow shadowed. >> reporter: leah dixon is being shadowed by after all people the superintendent of san francisco public schools all day from 8:00 to 3:30. she's not sure that makes her the most popular kid. >> i want to see what it's like to be a sixth grade student, what's her day look like, what does her day feel like? if we say that we want to design environments, we want to design curriculum and schedules that benefit students, then it's probably really valuable to have thor be spectie er be spekpersp >> reporter: lee wra says students and teachers need to be more engaged with one another. >> explain what they're talking about so we can get it right in our head. >> reporter: the superintendent isn't the only one doing this.
4:57 pm
nearly 100 administrators from the district will also shadow students. these are people who don't spend time in the classroom. but the information they get will be of great value to the district and to stanford. stanford's school of design will then compile what they found so that changes can be made. >> if you really sink into it from an empathy perspective, you're able to see your school in a different way. >> reporter: for example, leah had kplcomplained to the superintendent some students distract others. he then experienced that firsthand when this student interrupted their conversation. >> what you're talking about, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: the message is clear, the way to develop empathy is by walking a mile in someone's shoes. or sneakers. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> that is going to do it for abc 7 news at 4:00 on this monday. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and kristen. >> coming down and swerving. >> a truck driver loses control and slams into a home. the homeowner just finished remodeling from a nearly identical crash. breaking news along the coast. the search right now for someone swept way by a rogue wave. also tonight three guards and the death of an inmate in san jose, gritty new evidence is revealed for the very first time. the last minutes of his life were absolutely horrible. >> plus the scary moments after a bus catches fire inches away from a storage tank filled with gasoline. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> a coast guard helicopter searching up and down the coast at half moon bay right now. the big worry tonight that a wave has swept a person into the water. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. somebody on the beach reports seeing a person believed to be a surfer swept out by a big sneaker wave. let's go right now live by known to abc 7 news reporter katie
4:59 pm
marzullo near the search scene. >> reporter: i'm not sure if you can hear the coast guard helicopter through phone lines but i'm standing on the cliff above the beach off young avenue here in half moon bay watching the coast guard helicopter now make a fourth pass in just the last 15, 20 minutes that i've been here. i've seen it go up and down the coast now a fourth time. there are also two coast guard boats in the water that you can see from shore and at least one rescue swimmer on a paddle board out combing just beyond the wave line where the waves were breaking. this all happened around 2:00 that the coast guard first received a call a man had gone into the water off young avenue. that person reports the man was struggling and tried to go in and help him but wasn't able to get him out of the water. the initial report was that the man was wearing board shorts but i was able to talk with the
5:00 pm
other master of san mateo county and his information, the person was last seen wearing a wet suit. this may be a surfer but definitely can give some hope that he's familiar with the water and that he's wearing the proper attire can maybe hold without while out there before he can be rescued. this search now going into its third hour. the search continues and the coast guard shows no sign of slowing as the helicopter goes up and down the coast and boats and rescue swimmers stay in the water. that's all i have from half moon bay. >> katie, it looks like they have good visibility for the search, is that right? >> reporter: it's clear out here. the sun is still up. starting to go down, though. the waves are big and looks a little choppy out there. >> looks like it from the air from sky 7 hd. thanks so much, katie, we appreciate it. of course, we'll stay on top of that story as kristen said, it's good visibility but the sun won't be up much longer. we are also following more breaking news now. the search for missing child in the north


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