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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc 7 news." >> that is the sound of the biggest storm to sweep through the bay area in more than a year. good evening. i'm eric thomas. the storm has caused widespread damage. trees have come down in every part of the bay area. power lines are also down. thousands of pg&e customers are in the dark right now. slippery roads made for treacherous conditions. chp responded to more than double their usual calls. the heavy rain started this afternoon, but just in the past couple of hours, the brunt of the rain really hit. team coverage tonight of this major storm starting with abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. >> we knew this storm would be wet and windy. the storm moved onshore in the early afternoon. heavy rain, strong winds.
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the good news, live doppler 7 d hd. the winds have calmed down. the heaviest of the rain has pushed off to the east. we're dealing with residual effects of this rain. this one 50 is starting in sonoma county north of petaluma. we are starting to see some flooding in that area. take note of that. another flash flood warning south central napa county. we are seeing flooding in that area as well. we'll take you to the south. this flash flood warning goes until 2:30 in the morning at castro creek at hayward. there's flooding happening in this region. if you live in this area, know that we are seeing some creeks rise above their flood levels. an entire regionwide flash flood watch is in effect. the only exception, the city of
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san francisco through 4:00 tomorrow morning meaning there is the potential for flash flooding across the region. this is part of the reason why. look at the numbers. over an inch of rain in many locations. santa rosa over two inches of rain. an inch and a half in san francisco. an inch, over an inch in san jose. wind gusts, mt. diablo, a wind gust of 88 miles an hour. we're not done yet. sunday, here comes another storm moving in for the second half of the weekend. we'll detail that and go hour by hour on future weather and show you what to expect on sunday in your accuweather forecast. >> drew, thank you. we pick upper team coverage with lisa amin. you saw numerous downed trees tonight. >> reporter: to give you an idea of how wet it's been out here, this is a glove i've been wearing all night long. it's filled with water and
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drenched. the rain is making life miserable for many tonight. in walnut creek, a 40-foot eucalyptus tree fell across two lanes of traffic. the driver of this suv tried to avoid it but couldn't. >> when they turned on the left, they hit the tree and were struck from behind by a separate vehicle. >> neither drive was hurt but this car had a lot of damage. the wind and heavy rain brought down this massive tree on los valley drive. it took out power lines leaving nearly 80 families in the dark. >> jack, this is mimi. i'm out in front of the house. >> reporter: they are communicating through walkie talkies and getting updates from one another. with the tree blocking the only road out of the neighborhood, getting information would otherwise be nearly impossible. >> i haven't been out because the wires were clear across the
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bushes and my driveway and the firemen were here and they said don't go in the house. >> we're staying warm. >> pg&e called in extra crews to work on the downed lines. parents figured out a way to manage the unpredictable situation. >> started parking on the street and walking through. about the only way to get out. people are going out and catching their kids and stuff like that. >> and i just checked in with some homeowners. they tell me they'll hopefully get power restored by 6:00 tomorrow morning. live in walnut creek, lisa amin gulezian. this map shows dozens of power outages throughout the bay area. at the height 53,000 customers were in the dark. at this hour about 16,000 are without power. the orange dots show the areas with the most outages. pg&e has more than 200 crews spread out around the bay area to handle the outages. san francisco is fighting
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water with more water. abc 7 news was at 17th and fullsome in the mission where public utility crews have put up these temporary plastic flood barriers filled with water. this is an area prone to flooding. the hope is they'll protect the buildings. the city could order more for the next storm if it works. bay area coastal communities got rain and gail force winds. serg sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: winds took down tree branches. the winds kicked up even more, up to 48 miles per hour in some places. it's caused power outages and triggered other emergencies. a large part near pillar point harbor went dark including an indian restaurant that had to finish the day by flashlight. residents took shelter at the local seafood house near the pier where there was still power. >> i don't like the wind at all.
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in fact, a tree, one of our branches broke, which made me sad. >> we're doing fine. we've done a lot of work on the house in the last year to make sure it was safe. >> reporter: the two flags blowing at the harbor master station are warnings for boaters. the first is a small craft weather advisory. the second is a gail force wind warning. on the pier, a windsock flapped, tarps were snap, and this man had to lean into the wind to stay oup right. along the coast, the winds kicked up before sun set. >> i probably noticed a change around 3:00 or 4:00. >> reporter: traffic along the coast was at a crawl. shoppers were walloped by the winds as they walked out of the supermarket. some sprinted with their umbrellas to keep them from blowing away. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. in just a few days these apartments will be gone. el nino storms have eaten away
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at the cliff side. there's an emergency order to tear down 320 esplanade. the property owner depolished the property next door. the owner declared bankruptcy and has not taken action. the demolition is set to start on tuesday. in western sonoma county, a large ridwood tree destroyed a home narrowly missing the woman inside. it happened on hampton way. the homeowner was with her two dogs when she saw the tree falling and quickly ran outside. she's staying with friends tonight. here's a live look at sfo. the rain and winds delayed more than 320 flights and canceled 70. there could be more problems tomorrow so be sure to check withior airline before you head out. right now there are chain controls for interstate 80 between ki-- drivers are taking it slow. and here's some video kirkwood
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resort sent to us. skiers and boarders enjoying more than ten inches of fresh powder with up to 20 more inches expected tonight. our abc 7 viewers are sharing pictures and video on social media. rachel posted this video on instagram saying a few weeks ago, i was walking in this creekbed. not today. fabulous. share your pictures and video using #abc7now. still to come at 11:00 -- we're continuing to track rain on live doppler 7 hd. meteorologist drew tuma is back with a full look at the accuweather forecast. plenty of problems here in the south bay. trees came down on roads, on cars and at least one house. i'm katie marzullo. a live report coming up. a rape on uc berkeley's campus. why they think it's related to
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police believe a man who attacked and raped a female cal student earlier this morning may be kecked to three other assaults. it happened just after midnight on etna street near dwight way. he grabbed the woman from behind and dragged her off the sidewalk where he sexually assaulted her. surveillance video shows a man wanted for three assaults. that's man attacked women from behind just like the attacker this morning. petaluma police are searching for thieves who busted through a gun store's front door. the store's owner said the thieves took $12,000 worth of guns. most of them semiautomatic handguns and one ar-15 assault-style rifle. police are looking for a light green 1990s era honda accord.
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police say wet roads and a speeding driver caused a fatal crash in the east bay that tore this car to pieces. abc 7 news was in san ramon just after noon today where witnesses say the driver lost control and slammed into several trees. the driver was the only one inside and was killed instantly. those are the sights and sounds of rain falling in the south bay. san jose getting its share of precipitation from this powerful storm system. katie marzulo continues our coverage from san jose. >> that heaviest downpour in san jose happened around 9:30. we were on the road at the time. it definitely felt dicey out there. the rain and the wind taking their toll on drivers and then some. with windshield wipers at full speed it's still hard to see through the driving rain.
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we caught up with the driver of this car after chp safely escorted him off 680. he spun out, hit another car and ended up facing the wrong way in the median. >> it was a scary moment. i had reflections of my life at one moment. >> we got down trees and downed power lines, car crashes. >> reporter: another driver was on the stevens creek boulevard on ramp as this massive branch came crashing down from high above. >> tree fell over the fence from somebody else's property. just goes to show you, you don't know what you're going to run into. >> reporter: another large branch came down and the sidewalk flooded in front of valley fair mall. you didn't have to be behind the wheel to be in harm's way. ethan was home with his family. a tree fell on to their porch blocking the front door. ethan called 911.
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firefighters cleared the path to the front door but someone will have to come out and take away what's left. no one was hurt inside the house or in either of those cars. that's the good news. of course a good reminder to always be careful out there. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. to the east bay where high winds knocked over a large tree. abc 7 news was on maraga road near lafayette elementary. the tree blocked the road and it took a couple of hours for crews to clear it out of the way. this was the scene in oakland on i-580 east at coolidge. crews responding to a downed tree there. this was one of many in oakland. it blocked the i-5 80 at chatham. let's get the latest on where it is. >> the good news is the heaviest rain and strongest of the wind we experienced today is out of here. live doppler 7 hd. a tour around the region. light scattered showers at this
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hour. into the north bay, light greens from petaluma north into novato. light rain falling at this hour. the east bay, a little pop of yellow to the east of hayward. that's about the biggest downpour at this hour. we're dealing with light showers from redwood city to san jose. take a look. when winds very strongly moved through san francisco, gusting over 40 miles per hour, this picture taken by justin to my twitter page showing you a tree came down on a car. this is one of several storm reports we've gotten when the storm moved through over the past several hours. the winds have relaxed compared to earlier today. most areas less than 15 miles an hour. along the coast half moon bay gusting to 18 and sfo gusting to 23 miles an hour. temperaturewise, a south wind right now. it's rather mild out there for thus time of night and time of year.
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56 in hayward. same in san jose and santa rosa. 54 degrees. we're tracking another storm quickly on its heels. the storm impact scale. rating them from 1 to 5. 1 is light, 5 is most severe. our storm coming on sunday is a 2. it's a moderate storm. it will pack a punch once again but this is something sunday evening. there is a chance of a thunderstorm but the difference with this storm compared to today's storm, it's not going to be as windy. future weather as you go hour by hour through your sunday. 7:00 sunday morning, not out of question there could be an isolated downpour. there could be a crack of thunder. midday on sunday, we may see a bug break in the activity. a lot of cloud cover overhead but not many showers popping up. that quickly changes. by 6:00 on sunday, here's our next storm moving onshore. the heaviest of the rain will start in the north bay.
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the pop of yellow on the screen. by 9:00, 10:00, downpours working through vallejo, even onshore along the peninsula and into the south bay. and then that heavy rain could continue through early monday morning. by midnight, pockets of very heavy downpours developing across the region. and then it's out of here first thing monday morning. by 6:00 monday, looks like scattered showers out there. wind forecast. not as strong as we saw today. some good news there. rather breezy out there. anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour will be our peak wind gust. additional rainfall. this is going to be a good soaking. a lot of spots may see close to an inch if not over an inch of rain by sunday evening. we still have some snow heading towards the sierra. winter storm warning through monday afternoon, 4:00. watch those numbers rise. as we go into monday afternoon, nearly three feet of snow in some spots. 26 inches in tahoe city.
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38 inches of fresh powder in kirkwood. 30 inches in donner. certainly will see a lot of snow the next 36 hours. overnight tonight back in the bay area, winds on the calm side. still the chance of a scattered shower out there. overnight lows, not too far from where we are. upper 40s to 50s. sunday, much of midday on sunday it looks to be overcast skies. in the afternoon and into the evening, that's when the heaviest rain moves in. we'll get into the lower 60s across the region. here's your accuweather forecast. tomorrow, showers. chance of a thunderstorm. much of the activity will be on sunday evening. by monday, a morning shower possible. a break in activity tuesday into wednesday before we track another storm. first into the north bay on thursday. rain and wind areawide on friday. 2 on the storm impact scale. and by saturday, scattered shower lingers. certainly the worst of tonight is over. >> that's good to hear.
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check out abc 7 news anchor reggie aqui hosting "wheel of fortune." many trying out today have dreamed of spinning the wheel on tv for years. >> i remember watching it with my grandmother, my mother. i'd love to go. i grew up watching this show. >> we used to sit around and watch wheel of fortune as a family and try to solve the puzzles. >> you need to be 21 to enter. the wheel mobile will be there from noon to 4:00 tomorrow. mike nicco will be there. details at
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you can watch wheel of fortune here weeknights at 7:30. ♪ you may recognize this gentleman. dan ashley turned into a rock star. abc 7 news was in walnut creek. reo speedwagon was the headliner. it raises money to help children. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the event. let's move on to sports. here's larry with more. >> i saw some of the clips coming in. dan had like 12 costume changes. a very elaborate show. very well done. cal back in the top 25. they want to improve their position heading into the pac-12 tournament. a win in the desert would get
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my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth. that's what they say. is it? cleaner than my mouth. backed by the service and security of american express. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the cal bears just snuck back into the top 25 this weekend. trying to finish strong visiting arizona state in the regular season finale in the pac-12. cal kind of hot. won 7 of their last 8. goodman, oh, he's good, man. look what he did. bears chip away. tyrone wallace. scoop to the hoop. cal down six. jordan matthews to wallace. for the jam. and then mathsus for 3 of his 18. cal is back within one. wallace sticks a triple. game high 24 for him. bears win 68-65.
11:30 pm
22-9. a first round bye next week. pac-12 tourney. cal women shocking the pac-12. lowest seed ever to make the semis facing ucla. mckayla with a long pass. bears up by as many as 13. cal by three. carrie korver. missed the free throw. in o.t., it's all ucla. jordan canada, the bruins end the cinderella run by cal. the sharks and canucks very familiar with each other. facing off for the third time in six days with the sharks winning twice. come from behind third period rallies. on alumni night. a ceremonial puck drop. it's been 1,800 days since michael hailey scored his last goal. newly acquired backup goalie
11:31 pm
rimer made the initial save but it was knocked in to tie it at one. burns, tied it at two. canucks on the power play. dan hamhuis beats rimer. the final, 4-2, vancouver. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. warriors and lakers here tomorrow at noon. and tip-off is 12:30. pregame at noon. and also two shockers in the ufc we'll tell you about in the second half of sports coming up. >> looking forward to it larry. super saturday in the race for the white house. how did the front-runners do. and meteorologist drew tuma tracking our heavy duty storm. we'll have the full accuweather forecast when we come back. checking out these wet roads in richmond. be careful out there.
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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> here's the breaking news. residented are evacuating low-lying areas in santa cruz county because of rising waters. an evacuation center has just been set up at jade street park in kapatola. santa cruz county is evacuating residents at felton grove and paradise park. flooding there is imminent. punishing winds and strong rain. it's been a day and night where you really needed to hold on to your hat. the most powerful winds today up to 88 miles an hour gusting on mt. diablo. i'm eric thomas. tonight's headlines are all about the strongest storm of the season. too many toppled trees to count. this one brought down power
11:36 pm
lines. rain and wind gusts took down tree branchs in half moon bay. a power outage left a large portion of el granado in the dark. they are working to restore power around the area. the heaviest rain moving out of our area. a live look from our emeryville camera shows the rain coming down. drew tuma tracking what we can expect. >> light showers out there. live doppler hd. you are seeing sporadic light green on your screen. that's some light showers. there's this blob of bright reds and oranges and heavier showers pushing off to the north and east into modesto away from our region. that heavy rain is not going to get near us. showers down to street level. just some light showers. live doppler takes a toll around the region. a similar toll around dublin.
11:37 pm
showers about to move in. light sprinkles. and a similar story in concord, clayton, alamo. really just some light showers after what was a heavy dose of rain for much of the afternoon and evening. still a flash flood warning for portions of the region. this is sonoma county north of petaluma. we're seeing an area around this region. willow brook and penn grove park. take note of that. the entire region under a flash flood watch. the only exception, the city of san francisco through tomorrow morning. and a watch means the potential is still there. small streams and creeks in the area could see flooding. look at these total rainfall numbers. a lot of locations saw over an inch of rain. oakland saw nearly 2 1/2 inches of rain. a lot of rain in a short amount of time. here comes our next storm on sunday. this will move in and it's going to move in in the evening hours on sunday. our storm impact scale, rating
11:38 pm
this storm sunday evening. this is a 2. a moderate storm. not as strong as the storm we just saw today which was ranked a 3. and the primary reason the winds aren't going to be as strong between 20 and 40 miles per hour and less rainfall is going to be with this system. we'll go hour by hour and show you what to expect with our sunday system coming up in a few minutes. >> drew, thanks. we've been getting pictures and video from our abc 7 viewers. keep on sending them in. we'd love to share them on air or on our website. #ab #abc7 now. dozens of residents got a chance to share their development ideas for the oakland coliseum site. a town hall meeting was held. the coliseum is redeveloped, they want a seat at the table to discuss what happens with the land. organizers said it's important these voices are heard. >> decision making for our city should be rooted in the community and this is what we
11:39 pm
want to see. jobs, affordable housing, healthy environment and acceptable transit. >> those in attendance will compile a vision and present it to city leaders. police were investigating a break-in at an islamic center. it happened some time overnight. they busted through a glass door using a rock and stole donation bins with hundreds ever dollars inside. they have a good relationship with the community. they hope it's just someone looking for money. >> the rhetoric in the media and politics today with the presidential campaigns, yeah, you are definitely concerned. we hope it's nothing more than some sort of burglary. >> the building has security video that will be reviewed by investigators. to politics now. today was super saturday across five states. hillary clinton and donald trump are still the front-runners, their main rivals had big nights. >> everyone is trying to figure
11:40 pm
out how to stop trump. >> reporter: and senator ted cruz did that once again. the super saturday showdown started off with a big win by cruz. the texas senator swiping voters by a 2-1 margin in kansas and also taking the state of maine. >> the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> reporter: while cruz's wins made headlines, donald trump with victories in kentucky in louisiana. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night. and personally, i'd call for him to drop out of the race. i would love to take on ted one on one. that would be so much fun. >> reporter: it indeed was a super saturday from gymnasiums, long lines snaked around caucus and primary locations across kansas, nebraska, kentucky and louisiana. and a victory lap for bernie sanders. the vermont senator securing delegates with wins in kansas and nebraska. >> we want to be sure a republican does not go into the
11:41 pm
white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton in michigan touting her victory in louisiana. >> i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us, but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> reporter: undoubtedly a disappointing night for marco rubio and john kasich. both are looking ahead to be victorious in their respective states. the democratic primary in maine happening tomorrow. in new york, ray romundi. look at this incredible video from a whale watching vote off the southern california coast. that's a humpback whale with a buoy and rope entangled around its tail. eventually the whale gives it a strong flip and the line breaks. then the animal lifts its tail high out of the water to show it is finally free. abc 7 news at 11:00 continues. up next from a hospital bed to running like any other kid. the story of how a life-saving
11:42 pm
transplant transformed one little boy and how it could help inspire others to make a difference. it's clearing now but it's been a nasty night out there. drew is back with a final check on the weather and when you can
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
tragedy can bring people closer together. earlier this week i met two families. one whose loss helped give life to the other. maggie cole and this family look
11:45 pm
like they've known each other all their lives. they've only known each other three years and all because of this energetic little boy. >> it does my heart so much good to see that. and i love to see him running around. >> reporter: but it wasn't always that way. when he was just a few months old, matthew would get sick, really sick, and really often. doctors found a rare disease was destroying his liver and kidneys. >> when you hear end stage renal failure, it sounds so final, so scary. >> reporter: his parents had to drive from antioch to san francisco six days a week for matthew's dialysis. he wouldn't survive without a transplant. three times they were told there was a donor. three times it fell through until an automobile accident took the life of this 22-year-old army veteran. brandon burnett was that donor. she's happy that part of him lives on in matthew. not just that, the two families
11:46 pm
instantly became very close. >> find out the similarities in our lives and how close we live and just so much going on. it was such a blessing. >> reporter: maggie has a son who is a chp officer. matthew's dad kelly is a retired police officer and mom christy was a cop for ten years. >> my hero. >> reporter: when he grows up, he wants to be a real life superhero. but i think he's already there. in the past few weeks, doctors have begun lifting some of the restrictions on his diet. last week he had his first ever doughnut and his mom says he pronounced it the best thing ever. just in time for snow in the sierra, uber can help you get to your ski resort. they launched uber ski. it offers skiers and boarders rides in vehicles equipped with ski raks. it will be the same as uber plus a $5 surcharge.
11:47 pm
the drivers have been trained on how to load equipment on to ski racks without damaging that gear. >> we have a winter storm warning in effect until monday afternoon. two to three feet is possible there. we're tracking a couple of lone downpours. this one you see yellow on your screen. just moved through half moon bay. we slide to the north. some light rain around there with light greens on your screen. it's really just hit or miss light snow showers at this hour. that's going to be the theme at least as we go through sunday morning. tracking our next storm on the storm impact scale from 1 to 5. tomorrow evening, this is a 2. it's a moderate storm. it's not as strong as the one we just went through today. still we'll have some effects on the region. half an inch to inch of rain. lightning possible. winds over 20 miles an hour. as we go hour by hour, hit or miss light showers out there. by midday, it may be rather
11:48 pm
quiet. overcast skies. much of the region does not see any shower activity but that quickly fills back in. sunday evening, 6:00, that's when showers increase. by 10:00, heavy rain moving through. that continues until the midnight hour monday. in terms of wind gusts monday. we'll be tracking winds from 25 to 35 miles per hour. on the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll track that next storm moving in. showers and thunderstorm possible. morning shower monday and then we'll track our next storm moving in thursday night and into friday. by friday, that will be two on the storm index scale. >> at least a couple of days to dry out before the next one. larry beil is here with more on sports. >> warriors getting set to face kobe bryant for the final time tomorrow. we'll hear from the ws in l.a. they get set for one last game against the five-time nba champion.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the warriors play the lakers tomorrow. this will be the last time the warriors face the great kobe bryant. it's actually unclear if he's going to play, as well as andre iguodala. mike shumann has a preview from los angeles. >> it was the last time the lakers and warriors face off with kobe bryant on the roster. he's questionable with a shoulder injury. hard not to get sentimental when you have a passing of the torch. it will be interesting to see. even steve kerr played against kobe bryant in his day. that's how long he's been around. >> i do remember his rookie year, the playoff game against utah where he shot those air balls. i remember being impressed he had the guts to keep shooting. and as a young kid, 17, 18 years old. knew he had guts.
11:53 pm
and probably his second year when, you know, started to realize how good he can be. >> every year, never satisfied. had that true killer instinct on the court. learned what it means to compete every single night and try to win. that's what he's all about is winning. >> we'll be here live on after the game after tomorrow's lakers/warriors matchup. >> warriors/lakers which you can see right here on abc 7. the tip-off is 12:30. the st. mary's gaels won the west coast conference regular season crown. may not be an ncaa lock. hard to believe. st. mary's shaking tonight against loyola marymount. randy bennett's club a sluggish
11:54 pm
first half. trailing by four at the break. early second half, the dream shake right there. 19. lmu up six. the gaels make a run. emmett narr with a jumper. to joel rahon. double-double. gaels start to pull away. narr draws and kicks. calvin hermanson. lefty three ball. knock it down. he had ten. they'll take on pepperdine monday in the semis. usf taking on pepperdine in the other quarterfinal. i gave away the outcome. he thrilled a triple. game high 33. pepperdine with jeremy major. he had 28. lamont murray jr. remember lamont murray sr.? starred at cal. usf goes down. they finish the year at 15-15. more from vegas in the wcc
11:55 pm
tournament. santa clara needed three points to pass steve nash on the all-time scoring list. got it there against byu. bron broncos, a rough day. nick emery from way out. santa clara fights back. the broncos down 42-41. byu holds on. kyle collinsworth to kyle davis. broncos lose, 72-60 finishing at 11-20 for the year. stanford wrapping up the regular season at number 18 arizona. steve kerr's jersey there in the rafters. arizona, a big one early. gave them the key. nine threes. 32 points in this game. michael humphrey with 14. stanford down double digits much of the game. second half, caleb karzewski.
11:56 pm
that guy is enormous. now it's on to the pac-12 tournament for them. baseball spring training action. the giants mack williamson, two homers against the rangers. the first off cole hamels. mack made his major league debut late last season in the hunt for the fifth outfield spot. giants lost this in split squad action. the brewers and a's play to an 8-8 tie. ufc, holly who we thought was unbeatable, lost to misha tate. and nate diaz who took this fight on just two weeks notice shocked connor mcgregor with a second round submission. mcgregor got pounded in an outcome that almost nobody saw coming. nate diaz, the pride of stockton, a winner tonight. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.
11:57 pm
>> rough way to make a living. >> it is. and that's it for don't. i'm eric thomas. we'll be tracking the storms all weekend. join us for the abc 7 news tomorrow at 5:00, 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. you can also enable push alerts for weather updates. for larry beil and drew tuma, thank you for joining us. have a dry evening, we hope, and enjoy yourself. we'll see you later.
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