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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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bracing for another blustery storm with hail already falling in some places. a flashflood watch is now in effect for the entire bay area. i'm eric thomas. taking a look now at live dorply 7hd showing a large storm system approaching the bay area. drew tuma will have the latest in a few minutes. first, this story. former first lady nancy reagan died of heart failure in her home in bel-air. she was 94 years old. here's a look back another reagan's life. >> reporter: always by his side.
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in fact, nancy reagan said her life really began when she married ronald reagan. the love story spanned more than half century. when the first met, nancy davis was an actress. she performed in near lay dozen movies. one opposite her husband. >> she gave up acting to be a full-time wife and mother, but soon took on a new role as first lady of california, and then the nation. >> i congratulate you, sir. >> nancy was fiercely protective of her husband, and behind the escapes was said to be instrumental in hirings and fearings in the president's cabinet, her influence was caught on camera, as it was here when president reagan was having trouble answering a reporter's question. >> doing every we can. >> doing everything we can. >> concerned for his physical safety, nancy regularly consulted an astrologist to determine his schedule a practice which, when it became
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public, created a minor scandal. she also drew heat for her expensive designer wardrobes and for redecorating he white house while the nation was mr. a recession. most gave her credit for her crusade against drug and alcohol abuse. >> what should you do if someone offers you drugs? >> say no. >> this would be the letter that would change her life. a letter in which former president reagan would tell the world he was suffering from alzheimer's disease. nancy became his care taker, his standin at political events. nancy became an advocate for research into alzheimer's disease. when president reagan passed away in june of 2004 she was thrust into the spotlight. this time escorting her husband's coffin from coast to coast during a week of elaborate memorial services. it was a long and wrenching goodbye. it had been, nancy reagan once said, wonderful life. abc news.
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>> former secretary of state george shut new nancy reagan very well. we asked him how america should remember the former first lady. >> remember her as a very beautiful, gracious, support for her husband that turned out to be a really giant president. and she was very much a part of it. schultz served six and a half years in reagan administration and showed us this picture of him and mrs. reagan. she gave it to schultz after the two danced at a white house dinner. she said, dear george, my turn at last. president obama and michelle obama released a statement paying tribute to nancy reagan saying, quote, we remain greatle for her life, thankful for her guidance and prayerful she and her beloved husband are together again. now to live storm watch coverage. warnings, watches and advisories tonight. a flashflood watch in effect for the entire bay areaing a the second storm blows into the
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region. crews are scrambling to keep up with storm-related problems. saturated ground is giving way, trees toppling over, taking down pour lines. look are -- power lines. we look west from our emeryville camera. drew tuma is tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd, and, drew, we're in for several hours of heavy rain. >> that's right. just beginning to see our next storm move onshore. some light showers developing in the north bay, around santa rosa, sonoma, and san francisco. to the south, light green, light rained a vanning. but the strongest rain is yet to come. a lot of moisture and four lightning strikes have been detected so not out of the question having a thundershower with this system. a moderate storm, a two, wind gusts near 345 miles-per-hour, so time-out the storm. here's your key final, 7:00 to
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11:00, downpours and potentially damaging wind gusts. >> see how the bay area is getting ready for the second powerful storm system to blast through. cornell? >> reporter: rain is back in the bay area, and the wind is kicking up, too right here in san francisco. the second storm in 24 hours. locals don't mind the rain but don't want to see anymore flooding like in the past. they hope the barricades will help keep the water away, and so far they seem to be working. >> emel anyone know made a big come back. >> it brew off shingles from our, how power went out for a few minutes. >> betty and her niece, lisa, live in pacifica, where the storm hit hard. i brought down these utility lines. >> it was really scary,
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actually. >> the storm was churning up big swells along the pacifica seawall, attracting onlockers, strong winds blew down this fence. weather has now delayed the project. >> because of the tides and the swells we put it off until tuesday. >> the tree limb snapped and beach erow, already a problem during this el niño year, just got worse. san francisco's great highway was also closed due to flooding. the flood stop barricaded filled with recycled water artest project to keep homes and business from flooding like before. francisco garcia wasn't sure if he would find his restaurant flooded. >> any water in your place? >> no. no. it was fine. perfect. it worked. >> reporter: the next test for the flood walls, tonight, when the next storm arrives inch san
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francisco, abc7~news. >> at least two deaths are blamed oner to rep shall rains flooding parts of california. a woman drowned in cube ya county. the driver of a car she was in went past a road block in olive hurst, north of sacramento, and drove straight into floodwards. the driver, who survived, faces charges including dui. the woman was trapped under six feet of water. another person was killed in orange county in a car accident blamed on slick streets. >> looking at storm badge in the north bay, large oak tree fell in sonoma county. no one was hurt. on that same road a small rockslide caused problems with traffic. also a little hail storm this afternoon near santa rosa. many tree came down. this large tree crashed on to a car. the oregoner says he is grateful no one was hurt. >> the storm uprooted a tree anywhere, knocking it on to a
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bridge in alameda county. the roots were pulled clear out of the ground while water gushes underneath. dozens of neighbors in the east bay have been trapped in their homes without power for more than 20 hours now. a tree fill near villa lobo and quail ridge load in lafayette, the only road out of the neighborhood. the fire department had to open up the fire road. the tree tore down a power pole. 63 customers are still in the dark. the tree had to be cleared out before work could begin. >> unbelievable. i have a sick kid at home. i brought her home from san francisco so mommy could take care of her. there's now nothing i can do. i can't make any food for her, can't use the microwave, can't get the garage door open. we can't get our cars out. so basically i feel like a pioneer. >> pg&e estimates the power will be back on by tonight. we just checked with pg&e
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and hundreds of customers across the bay area are without power right now. 880 customers in the north bay in the dark, 630 in the south bay. in the east bay, that number is 380. on the peninsula, 245, and in san francisco, seven customers are impacted. you can use the free abc7 news app to track weather powered by el niño, enable push alerts to get breaking weather information, and drew will be back with the fill forecast in just a few minutes. still ahead, how our stormy weather is impacting flights at airports in the bay area. a first of its kind endorsement for
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>> i want john kashich to be the next nominee of the republicans and also the next president of the united states. >> actor former california governor arnold schwarzenegger today endorsed john kashich for president. he says kashich is a, quote, action hero in his own right. schwarzenegger is take over for kashich's rival, trump, on "celebrity apprentice" this year. san francisco, saturated rated soil gave away. abc7~news was at twin peaks and you can see a truckload of rocks in the roadway near christmas tree point road. traffic was able to get by. our weather is causing delays at sfo this hour. this is live picture or san francisco international airport. according to the faa right now some arriving flights are delayed an average of two hours so call ahead if you're flying out tonight or if you're picking somebody up. no major delays to report right
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now at oakland or san jose airports. people across the bay area are taking a spin to get on one of the most popular game shows in the country. we look ahead. our storm's impact on ski resorts. it's not all good news. of course we're tracking the latest round of rain on live doppler 7hd. what this will mean for now
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plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new. wheel of fortune fans got a chance to audition today for the show, and mike nico got people excited. the wheel mobile is touring the nation, searching for contestants and wheel fans started young. >> how long have you been watching wheel of fortune? >> since i was two, no, as long
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as i can remember. sitting on my grand rapids' floor when che used to baby-sit. >> you can watch wheel of fortune right here on abc7. back to the weather now and the snow falling at tahoe. this video is fridays squall valley, al mine meadows. yesterday's storm dropped 28-inches of snow and a winter storm warning is in effect toll 10:00 tomorrow morning. holiday winds are affecting upper mountain lifts and we have high winds in our future as well. >> tracking high winds and heavy rain and still about three hours away from the heaviest of the rain and gusty winds. live doppler 7hd right now, our next storm is just moving on shore. over the city of san francisco, light rain. that 0 light rain is moving across the bay and now entering berkeley and oakland at this hour. a similar story along the peninsula. san mateo, redwood city, a light
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sprinkle. in the north. light green, light showers being reported. we're widen up the view. see all this cloud cover off the coast. a lot of moisture funneled into the bay area over the next six hours. also noticing a few lightning strikes within the storm system. not out of the question we could have an isolated thundershower tonight. flashflood watch in effect the entire bay area, after last night's soaking, additional downpours tonight make it very easy to see flooding occur overnight. a wind advisory in effect the entire bay area as well. winds gusting near 45 miles-per-hour, so i do think we'll have report's downed trees. on the storm impact scale, rating from one to five, one light, five most severe, the one tonight is a two, a moderate storm. not as strong as the storm yesterday, which was ranked a three. it's less impactful but still we'll have heavy around at times
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and winds gusting between 35 and 45 miles-per-hour. so future weather hour-by-hour, 8:00 tonight, this is when the very heavy rain moves onshore and the gusty winds. you do notice by 9:00, 10:00, the heaviest of the rain has shifted east. the north bay is starting to dry out, and by midnight, tapering to isolate scattered showers, and by midnight we could see a rumble of thunder. wind gusts at 7:00 this evening, between 35 and 45 miles-per-hour. once the system gets out of here monday morning, watch as winds really relax, except right along the coast, where they may gust to around 25 miles-per-hour. so, monday morning, on the storm impact scale, this storm gets downgraded to a one. a light storm. tracking scatters showers monday morning. future weather shows you 5:00 in the morning, hit or miss showers out there. they quickly diminish by mid-day. we're dealing with mainly cloudy skies. not oust the question by monday
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afternoon, an isolated shower could pop up. total rainfall map, good soaking, anywhere from half inch to inch and a half in some locations and that's white we have the flashflood watch in effect. horse the accuweather seven-day forecast, track the storm as a two tonight, downgraded tomorrow. dry tuesday, and then another storm moves in, and that storm is a two on the impact scale, brings rain, wind and even wet for the second half of next weekend, by tonight, 8:00, the heaviest of the rain and at the strongest of the winds. >> he'll follow on live doppler 7hd. i belt the warriors wish they could have rained out inside the staples center today. >> something, anything, because what happened was just shocking. in los angeles. surprise, surprise. kobe bryant says goodbye to golden state, and the result was
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a final score you will not
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good evening. one that nobody saw coming, the warriors on perhaps a record-setting season, facing the last-place team in the west, the lakers, and the warriors played their worst game of the year by far. kobe and steph entering staple center. kobe took a chopper inch warriors lethargic early and then the touchdown pass to steph curry. draymond green to curry. warriors up by five.
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larry nance, jr., remember his daddy? who is your daddy? learsen in, sr. 22-21 lakers. they're fired up. 20 turnovers. look at the pass here. to brandon bass for the jam. lakers up 11. we keep waiting for the warriors to break out of this or wake up. curry on the reverse. kobe's final game against the dubs. the warriors 4-30 on 3s, barbosa rescuing an air ball. fourth quarter, when swaggie p is hitting you're in big trouble. then jack nicholson exiting with a fist pump. lakers stun the warriors. warriors are 55-6. >> the best team in the nba faces one of the worst team this is not the result we expected. afterwards asked steph curry
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what it was like to play against kobe for the final time. >> great energy and environment here. nice that he played, and next year won't be kobe, so kind 0 of a weird conversation, the last time, despite the loss, kind of a fun atmosphere to be in. >> every game, just try to appreciate it more and more and more, and just got out there and compete and do the best you can, and while soaking it all in. >> while kobe walked away with a victory in what will say is the passing of the torch. reporting in l.a., abc7 sports. >> san francisco opening against colorado. and ex-quake with the rot -- shot right here. nil-nil at the half. to the second half. ahead. the header for his 110th 110th career goal to make it 1 or quakes. that turns out to be the final,
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as son jose state -- how cute is this. little emerson. adorable. the quakes at portland nexts. >> we kind of saw this coming before at the broncos want super bowl 50. peyton manning will officially announce his retirement. he spent 18 years in the nfl this league's all-time leader in passing touchdowns with 539, passing yard, just sigh of 72,000. tied with brett favre with most quarterback wins and owns the single season touchdown record. i could go on and on. becomes just the second hall of fame quarterback to end his career with a super bowl victory. the first was his nose denver, the gm, john elway. so few athletes get a chance to go out where they call the shot go out on top, and peyton manning has the storybook finish. we'll have the initial announcement tomorrow. warriors are back in action tomorrow. the home-winning streak
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continues enthough they had the stumble in l.a. i'd like for a better effort against orlando. >> they better. i think steve kerr is getting the pipes warmed up. >> we'll be right back.
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coming up at 6:00, the storm is approaching. a look at the powerful winds and rain. and a rare sight at the monterey aquarium. what marine biologists say they've never seen this close before. and we're getting a look at the storm's impact from your eyes. an abc7 news viewer posted the picture showing a downed tree and paullines during his drive to san jose. take a look at reflection's the past in sonoma county, and artist tick take of yesterday's storm. here's saratoga creek. share your video and pictures using the hash tag, "abc7now" and we'll fine them on social media.
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that does it for us here at 5:00. see you at 6:00. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." remembering nancy reagan. the former first lady, passing away at her home. for president ronald reagan, she was his most trusted advisor. their lasting relationship, a love affair spanning five dec e decad decades. redefining the role of the first lady. a political figure herself. her legacy as a powerful force behind the scenes at the white house. tonight, barbara walters on nancy reagan's condition in these final months. and our team on a first lady who will be remembered. a special edition of "world news tonight" begins now. good evening. great to be with you on a sunday night. we begin with a nation remembering a first lady, nancy re


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