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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> you can see heavy rain movinm east' terrain and northboundxdç wa] milton. right zv:oinow, we've gotç lig 3]wgd in the bigger picture, rainfallym totals over the nort bay around alp quarter inch, saa rosa just a foot of an inch and in the peninsula only a few hundredths of an nbht÷ú-.linch. and tomorrow morning's commute should be rain free. this weekend's storm ranks a onf
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on the storm impact scale. >> chain saws and bigger hardware that just missed a home in walnut creek. it came crashing downç and tod was the first time the homeowners were able to get >> we're very lucky that there >> a local nursery donated plants to replace÷úqjá#,t÷ landscaping. >> and it does not mean bay area water districts will be lifting drought restrictions. laura anthony is live with that story. laura? >> this district and others are leading to a drought. customers saw the lead of thisu homeowner, making conservation a
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way of life. thanks to a wet winter, some reservoirs were brimming and others not so much. rose is just half full. it's a fact not nñ&t on visitors like these, who thought it looked better a few years ago. >> it's it's kind of low to youm >> unlike other northern california reservoirs that directly benefit froms7 runoff there is a holding pattern at least for now. >> it ksr filled by water÷ú pum up from theç delta. for now. torage is looking good >> until the water district learns what allocations will be, it's drought management program
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will stay in place with it's 28% stateç mandated conser vacatio rate. and rebates for those who choose to rip out lawns in favor of drought resistant landscaping. >> we had a regular winter. still behind, right? so we've cut down usage by 50% to 60%. >> in indeed, customers have answered the call, conserving 35%. well exceeding the state mandate. in martinez, laura anthony, abc7 news. tomorrow, the city will hear from tenants hoping to stay in apartments on the edge of a crumbling cliff. the building was yellow tagged in january. the city declared it unsafe because of erosion and meant
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everything had to move out and tenants will appeal the city's decision. last week, the city demolished deemed unsafe and red tagged. what a few days it has been. bart is restoring train service between north concord tonight after a weekend of testing to a surge that damaged 50 train cars. we're live with the latest on this. melanie? part of the reason officials want people to take the train is that they want to be able to test the train with the weight of people on it. be train, no problems but addedymv
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údmix. and they told me they hadkt'ñxd problem and the second trainxdtd a u!xdproblem.çf÷úuf >>zvçx:"ñhere is a÷ú voltagexd between north concord and pittsberg bay point. passengers have had the option of taking the bus bridge or hopping on a test >> we're laying out every possibility and eliminating them. another team is working to repair the damaged car.
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weekend so commuters say buses are crowded. >> some people are upset, but should be happy. >> they should have had a better handle on this. >> this is going to take a while to pinpoint where it's at. >> or not, until bart ice yoel yates and fixes the problem, the commute will likely require flexibility. >> ifnb they can't figure it ou they may have to replacñ it. >> tuesday's commute will bring more changes from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. only a train runs every 15ç÷úó[çó÷úñiq minutes, 9:00 to 3:00, only buses will run. we invite you to joinñi the conversation andu%óslet bart your thoughts. share your thoughts and we may use them right here on abc7 news or online.
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and as the situation with bart continues to develop, the first to know what thebxd >> the contra costa county sheriff identified a child molestation suspect last week. an autopsy determinedç that a 49-year-old died from multiple gunshot wounds and says three officers firedñi their weapons. >> apple will not have to face off with the justice department. investigators saying they might not need apple's help to unlock the iphonezv belonging to one o the terrorists in san bernardino. prosecutors say an outside party prosecutors say an outside party has shown a way tov: opena sayed farook's phone.
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today, apple was busy with new product launches, however, and we'll have more from apple's cupertino headquarters at 6:30. a silicon valley titans, the former ceo of intel passed away. he was 79 years old, serving as president and ceo of the board during his tenure and regarded as one of the most influential figures in technology. >> president obama says it's a new day to end u.s. and cuba relations meeting with raul castro on the second day of his visit. >> what i have setzv president castro is that we're looking forward and not backward and do not view cuba as a threat to the united states. >> president castro says the relationship between the two countries will get better when
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the trade embargo ends. san francisco's small contingent of cuban americans talking about the president's historic visit. vic lee is live with the story. vic? you can see the popular cafe that is one of the spots here in the mission where cuban americans hang out. now, most of those we spoke with did not want to go on camera and those who did mraud the president's move. >> this is a good idea. no? >> this one block is san francisco's version of little what vana. and antonio lopez is now 61, only 10 when he escaped to the u.s.ç he thinks it should have been
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made already. >> my mother is still in cuba. she's probably dead already. i don't know about her. >> president barack obama, the first sitting american leader to set foot on cuban soil in almost nine decades. one famous cuban american is the city's district attorney. his father fought for the revolution. >> it became obvious it wasw3 nt a democracy, we left. >> he's been back, once, three years ago. he took his wife and their >> they have enough money to pay for food and necessities for half of the month and the rest of the month they're struggling. >> gascone's mother is unsure about the bold move. >> more openness, morebpñr
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transparency. and the better it's going to be for the cuban people. >> this, he says is a good first step. vic lee, abc7 news. you know many people have been working in and traveling to cuba for years to help nonprofits. >> see how visiting just as a tourist for fun is about to become easier. and a wet road is one thing. next, a live update on whatxdiv what jahi mcmath's mother says about her daughter's health with this picture. >> just to lean over and brush my teeth, i could not drive without#g crying. the cutting edgeçózgmç tech to help parents with debilitating back injuries. stay with us.
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you can see the green outside. spencer has the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> speeding drivers and those that use cell phones are among top concerns on the stretch of highway between campbell and santa cruz. >> we areu/j live with that sto. chris? >> it's been called one of california's most-dangerous roads. as more people take to highway 17 than before, drivers tell us they continue to be worried
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about their safety. turns and curves... .tçó line. highway 17 altogether i'm looking forward and÷úçó backwar . going to happen. >> last year, the california highway patrol responded to 660 crashes on the highway. the largest figure over the past decade. >> spinning out, driving too fast, running into someone. trying toyjcut someone off. road rage. you know it. it goes on. >> officer lee says more people before. and thatf'm withxdçrioçu! disd be to blame. >> it's incumbent to everybody to keep distractions out of the car. very easy to become complacent. >> tony makes the drive on highway 17 from santa cruz to
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san jose and said he's been seeing commuters who don't pay attention. >> you see one hand on the wheel, one on phones. and they can't focus on the road. >> drivers we spoke to are pleading for others to slow it down. >> nobody wants to go to a funeral. nobody wants to see people crying. >> cal trans trance is working on widening certain parts of the roadway. all aimed at reducing collisions on the highway. chris nguyen, abc7 news. the windshield today. you can seeht the results.zvl4 this morning. the rock came off a hill and hit the driver in the shoulder,
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forcing him to veer into a tree. but$f amazingly he was not more injured. >> that is incredible. lucky guy. it will be near limb possible to drive through a portion of the mission ççdistrict. there are muni only red lanes and no left turnsxd and drivers heading downtown won't be able to use÷ú mission street. >> we've preserved parking and with righthand turns it gives access to local businesses as well as makes it safe for people that use the core door for walking. >> what are you supposed to do? we're told you should use van ness the mta claims the changes should improve travel times with the mission 14 bus line. te dealing with another blow
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tonight. one ofzv the çótop-shooting gua from the country withdrew hismy commitment because of the uncertainty at cal. last week assistant coach was fired for violating the sexual harassment policy. new develop manies, tonight. basketballouáéñ÷ú announced the shooting guard will not be÷ú on the team next ñi÷xwbçyear. theç star tweeted given uncertainty, i have decided to $jtmy intention and reopen my recruitment. last week, the team's assistant coach was fired over allegations ÷ freshmen made decide to turn pro. jollyç committedçio to cal in spring of 2015, then, again,xd( the university released this highlights videnç of the xñ freshmen.
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statement. a student athlete has the right to change his or her mind during the procession, that is not unusual and it does happen. >> it's not good for the team. they probable hi wanted this guy. but there are other guys that they can get. >> the team and school course, we're a great school. we have a great >> the uc president now wants to implement newççó measures when dealing with÷ú]ixd the issue o campuses. at uc berkeley,
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>> >> looking at more showers coming this way. and all though much of the bay area, most of the bay area is in the receiving rainfall at the moment, we still have dark clouds and pockets of precipitation moving through. and in the north bay, we can see from dark clouds visible we have little light showers pushing through. it's 56 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 59. 57 in mountain view. and 55 in morgan hill.ymv: concord, 58. 53 in livermore, here is the view. the clouds getting darker and darker. clouds moving over san francisco. this view over our camera. isolated showers in the morning, sunny skies and warmer weather
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byp next week.çó byt( 10:00 we'll see showers fairly widely scattered. just pockets of light rain. that pattern continues overnight into early morning commute. there will be less rainfall than we'll have during the evening hours. there may be wet spots. just take time by early morning. the showers and drying out bit. on we go to conditions overnight. partly to mostly cloudy skies. pockets of showers developing here and there. mostly light rain. but there could be an occasionally heavy down pour lows in the mid to upperq 40s. high temperatures upper 50s on the coast. anç mmw to low mid-50s on the
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bay. and we getd;rçkovmtañ warmer ñ at the weekend. >> doesn't look like it's hopping with joy. >> right. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next what makes this doodle worth $30,000. >> and, phone companies track your data usage and texts but can't stop ymrobo calls? consumer advocates say enough is enough here. >> michael finney investigates, tonight on abc7 news at 11:00.
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take a look at a $30,000 doodle. the winner is a high school girl who will receive a $30,000 college scholarship. how great is that, right sf. >> yes. >> and a tablet and a trip to google in mountain view. >> birthday week for today's bay >> twit$f is celebrating with
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that video and there are parties at offices around the world,ç including here in its head quarters in san francisco. right? it lost 7% of it's value in, a year, down 65% and went public in 2013. the dow:sip joes closing at 17,. we have had big news from apple today. >> next, the details on new devices that rely on some of yourym old favorites. >> thezv announcement has been made for reestablisiug directv flights. >> travelling toxdi] cuba is ab to become a a lot easier.u!zvw next, what to expect aft
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>> i think if you meet cubans here and cubans meet americans and they're meeting and talking and doing business together and going to school together and
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lear#mym from each other, they'll recognize, people are people. >> that is president obama speaking during his visit to cuba. >> he's the first sittingg# president to visit in nearly 90 years and soon, it÷ú will be easier for all americans to make the trip. >> cornell bernard explains what to expect. >> reporter: it's suddenly the world's hottest destination. and about to >> you can fly through mexico or canada but for the most part, travel restrictions are still in place. >> you would have to fly charter, which are easy. >> experts say the flights offered by groupsha/eb/q!e best options, beware, your tab
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options, beware, your tab still spotty and this is eastern cuba. + nine nina and her husband have been traveling this for years. and have barted bay area cuban alliance, helping bring clean water and clean energy to cuba >> new openness with the u.s. and cuba will make the jobbiyer. >> we can send things and have a bank account and work with people on the ground there. a new cuba and a new
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beginning. a new photo of jahi mcmath was posted last week with a message that reads in part jahi is healthy and beautiful as ever. mcmath was declared brain dead at oakland's childrens hospital the hospital sought to end support of services and after legal battles her family moved her to new jersey, and she remains on life support. >> happening ymt(v:x'omy 2014, officers responded to a call about a man who may have had azv gun in vernal heights park. officers fired when they say he appeared to draw a weapon.
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he used a taser for his job. witnesses gave conflicting statements and officers fired a total of 59 shots. two weeks ago a fed jury did not use excessive force in this case. the officers never faced charges. in cupertino, apple made a big announcement gadgets. >> it looks nearly identical and has guts of the newer and bigger 6 s is to this a good move? >> yes. >> she says there is a reason they're the older models. >> some people do like that smaller size.
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apple made something else smaller. >> the second member of the family. >> apple is bringing new features to an old form >> there is a keyboard and problem is it's big and heavy. >> the new pro starts at $599.ç keyboard and pans yil cost extra. >> top selling smart watch in the world. >> if you look, it's fit bit. >> there are two sides of thm! coin. >> it's possibly the biggest story in the country over the past month. >> customers supported apple's fight against the fbi. >> we believe stronger that we
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have a responsibility to help you protect your data and privacy. in cupertino, abc7 news. the littleá piggy is going home, abc7 news was at animal care and control center picking up the little piglet found running scared and >> she wasn'ti] lagging. >> and muggingçó for the cameraú
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janice will be visiting schools. she's very sweet. >> cute. >> just bonded. >> yes. >> faster recovery and all benefits of a new back procedure. >> hear from a patient that went through it and the
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thesh["o= ] h professional business women of california will be changing the game tonight and tomorrow. that is the theme of the conference, empowering women through networking and skill building and abc 7 is a proud sponsor owe of the event founded byym congresswoman jackie speie. williams. that should be really interesting. >> bay area surgeons are kudoub
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down on surgeries. >> reporter: for kimberly, a painful back injury made backç movementsw3 excruciating. >> i could not drive without crying. >> it caused pain in the÷ú righ arm. >> san francisco back surgeon says she was actually suffering from disc injuries in both upper and lower spine. he says common repairs include spinal fusions. >> the patients have to move their whole body he recommended a relatively uncommon procedure, inserting two replacement discs in different sections of kimberly's back and neck. the devices mimic thet functio of the damaged discs.
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>> there are discs that are developed for the lumbar spine and developed for the cervical spine. >> reporter: over two surgeries, he placed a disc replacement in kimberly's neck and lower spine and says it produced less pain, short recovery times and fewer complications. >> the patient can return to work in a week, or two weeks. >> with driving and hiking, kimberly says the results allowed her to do simple things as brushing her hair and teeth without pain. >> now, i'm almost back to normal. i don't think about it. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. now, we first profiled this replacement when they were considered investigational by the fda. most plans cover some but not all disc replacements.
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>> so >> next, wev: go behind the sces
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if you watch jeopardy and yell out responses this÷sd for you.ñr everyxd!uñ year,ñiçko 3,000 peç mind. we)=almost everyone. >>tu9:fá melanie? >> xd"ngood. >>5añ÷ú paul? >>ñi÷ú what is÷ú force field? >> yes. >> if you want to bejfd8 one of 400 who makexd it on tv everyc year, have you to beat out thousands who pass a test online.xd z you in the door.
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>> favoriteñ category. so any time he comes up,w3 it's just gold. >> you know what is weird?kl4?ñf same. nowherekoñi nowhere. >> what is ohio? >> then, the buzzer. >> been in8 a panic. >> the 'áe of÷ú the biglpu! boa show you when you can ring÷úxañ. l allen. i pray for a category in my wheel house. >> moviestunes, 600.
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>> what is despicable me. >> what is despicable me, two. >> yes. >> it gets me. >> she says title two fromçó th way with you were. >> i won't be on any time soon. >> keep looking. chances of they had been facing hñthe/7]xdçóçó music. abc7 news.÷úi] and another fun show at 7:30, "wheel of fortune". >> most of northern california z:xdxdçóñi a rainy >> scattered showers moved through the city and they6z ad
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color, oktoo.t(ht >> that isxd nancy. spencerú]ristian is back.,0çó% i like that one. >> dropped your microphone. >> someplaces had heavy down po poursa5 and÷ú east bay, near oakland, berkeley and winter weather advisory until 5:00 a.m., we expect 4 to 10 inches there. and some locationsnbñ might get more. here is a look at dark clouds we point out tree pollen is high now. allergy sufferers jfnoticed.
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tomorrow, partly sunny skies to m nu)(q the war week. sunny skies with high temperatures rising intoç inland. thank you. >> warriors haven't lost a lot recently. >> how do you balance that? warriors haven't lost two in a row this season. will this be the night? spurs lost and warriors have
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. good evening, in order for warriors to set the record they'd have to go 11 and 2 in their final games. trying to go all season without back to back losses, to keep that intact, they have to keep that in. every road game is like a super
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bowl. look at the finish here. t wolves have won of the high flyers in zach levine that is with authority. just before half time, curry misses the three. and draymond green has in fear. right now, 89 a piece in the fourth quarter, college hoops this is why we northern iowa turned itç÷úym o four times. and a and mq wins and are still stunnedhó
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stunned. >> i'm just shocked and so excited now. i can't talk.z,l% >> today, jamie=/ dixon leaving k dixon spent 13 years at pitt, went to the tournament 11kolp>2, tcuzv'c hasn't been to the tou in 15 years. they haven't been there since 1987. tournament action, right now, half.p collin kaepernick's options may be down to 49ers and broncos. and the browns say they're not activelyñr involvedymc in discus forzv kaep and only had preliminary çñi
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and opening day for the a's and giants only two weeksxdñg a's arep6z home against the wh sox. you're going to run into billy burns. hunter pens taking them deep in the fourth. his third of the zv÷ú the shark allowed six runs.6z >> baseball is a funny sport. there are times it's better than what it was. and times it's not as good. so i just know i'm doing the right work and
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exciting to see who can come out here, on top. >> yes. >> he may be okay with it. i think bocci is like let's go. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00. california billions in the red despite a budget. and how÷ú÷ú it'symç now being support reform at the state capitol?; çymoo. the fbi says it may not need apple's help to unlock theç iphone belonging tof one of th san berna$[ino terrorist. the next step for the feds and the cupertino company. >> that is all for the moment. >> thanks for joining us. you can get breaking news on abc7 news bay area. >> have a good night. for spencer, larry, we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants. an adjunct physics instructor and stay-at-home mom from des moines, iowa... an international development product manager from washington, d.c... and our returning champion, a leadership trainer from decatur, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny, thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome, everyone. another half-hour of answers and questions.
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steve, very impressive in his debut last week, but today he defends for the first time. let's see how things work out against kim and melissa. nice to have you with us. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round. we have one daily double in one of these categories. alex: of course we do. steve, you start us, please. mel brooks for $600, please. kim. -what is "get smart"? -that's it. around the usa for $200. steve. -what is maine? -that's the state.


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